Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” Slogan a Big Hit With Conservatives on Twitter

Bummer. It was supposed to carry him through the next election… Instead Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” slogan has been picked up by conservatives.

Republicans today co-opted Barack Obama’s latest slogan “We Can’t Wait” on twitter.
The Hill reported:

Republicans have again co-opted an Obama administration slogan to mock the president.

On Monday, the GOP used Obama’s #WeCantWait hashtag to criticize Democrats for the state of the economy.

“#WeCantWait to make @BarackObama a one-term president,” tweeted Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

The administration launched the social media campaign to buoy public support for a set of stimulus-oriented executive actions the president plans to announce throughout the week.

“Using the mantra ‘we can’t wait,’ the President will highlight executive actions that his administration will take,” said White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer in a blog post. “He’ll continue to pressure Congressional Republicans to put country before party and pass the American Jobs Act, but he believes we cannot wait, so he will act where they won’t.”

In mid-September, Obama’s campaign staff began using the #AttackWatch hashtag on Twitter to promote an attempt to fight misinformation. But use of that slogan also appeared to backfire when Republicans and conservative commentators used it to ridicule Obama in their own tweets.

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  • King Berry of Stupid

    We are the ones we can’t wait for.

  • zooomzooom

    We can wait til next November!!!

  • Stephana

    We can’t wait for the special prosecutor for fast and furious.

  • Wm T Sherman

    An OWS intellectual powerhouse in Zuccotti Park uses the human microphone:

    “We can’t wait.”
    “WE CAN’T WAIT.”

    “To get to a toilet.”

    “So pinch a loaf on the lawn.”


  • dries

    Yes We Can!

  • Adi

    #WeCantWait #AttackWatch to restart posting!

  • Patty

    We can afford to wait is more like it. What are we waiting for? More failed stimulus, More expletives to the Republican Party and the Tea Party, Exorbitant spending on green fail projects that were never investigate and risky ventures. Favors are Obama’s priorities these days. Those who he bailed out are now working for him on his campaign. Goldman Sachs for one and remember NPR, NPR host “temporarily” steps down while husband works to re-elect Obama. Obama’s a complete failure and every scheme emboldening more depression and more uncertainty.

    Obama is actually wearing his pants tighter and biting his lower lip as he smiles at the Ladies. Watch. And everything from his clothes to his policies are being detailed and speculating the best strategy for a win in 2012. The only primary action this president will take is campaign and continue to hold the Republicans feet to the fire and our economy will continue to falter.

    When Obama gets his failed Obama care repealed that will be the real turning point to a better economy. And this will the key to the elections.

  • Bunni

    I KNEW the minute I heard about O’s latest EPIC failure of a slogan that it would be
    non-stop fun and co-opting of it by Conservatives, ha ha ha.

    WE CAN”T WAIT until Obummer is kicked to the curb and we have a decent Prez in the WH!

  • Patty

    I see jobs when Obama care is debunked. This may be on the other hand a good thing for Obama because Plouffe is one tricky fellow.

    This guy and Axelrod have many dangerous and close to illegal plans in the next elections. This is just the beginning and I hope it isn’t the final end to this great Nation’s Prosperity. We are done if Obama is re-elected.

  • Clutch

    We can’t wait, put a fork in Obama; he’s done!

  • Patty
  • StrangernFiction

    Rule 5

  • jainphx

    We can’t wait until we get an American citizen as President. We can’t wait until Holder is perp walked out of the DOJ.

  • jainphx

    We can’t wait until farmer Moochelle puts down the bacon rinds and actually eats vegetables.

  • mg4us

    We can’t wait to Restore OUR Constitution and sweep the RATs & RINOs out of DC! (and Obama too!)

  • lucille

    we can’t wait….for Michelle to donate all her designer duds to good will…and for her husband to be kicked to the curb!!!!!

  • Valerie

    “Republicans and conservative commentators used it to ridicule Obama in their own tweets.”

    There were a whole bunch of Liberals involved, as well. Opposition to Obama is NOT limited to Republicans and conservatives. Neither are the TEA Parties.

  • Adi

    #WeCantWait @MichelleObama to start stuffing herself (again) with chicken wings.

    Bye-bye 7-stars hotels and gourmet cuisine – welcome chicken wings.


  • donh

    People are going to be camped out at the polls the night before just to be first in line to fire Obama when the polls open. .

  • mpw280

    I personally, can’t wait till it snows in Chicago and drives the loons off of LaSalle and Jackson. When it rains only the paid contingent is there, about 15-20 loons, but when it is decent out there are more so when the going gets tough I expect the loons to fly off. mpw

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  • ogee

    We can’t wait to watch him and his Islamo/fascist family board airforce one for the last time, that takes them back to Cheat town.

  • VengefulSpatula

    Haahaahaa! I remember having some fun with #AttackWatch on Twitter. Those were some good times.

  • squeaky

    a post someplace was reflecting back to the inauguration of obama and the atmosphere that bordered [understatement]on being disrectful to Bush. now that the obots are all unemployed and still having to worry about paying their mortgage/rent and putting gas in their car – if they still have one…..hey hey goodbye.

  • Spider

    This is all good. The message for the ‘pubs is really being honed.

    By the time the general population of America starts paying attention to the presidential race, sometime next year, the republican nominee will have a laser sharp message.

    Even Mittens is working on sharpening his stuff.

    Perry, Mittens, or Cain we will be hard to stop.

  • Spider

    These ‘Executive actions’ will backfire

    America likes the branches of government to balance each other out (kinda like the Constitution intended)

    They will not look kindly on unilateral/dictatorial changes that O makes.