Occupy LA protester and Los Angeles Unified School District told Reason TV,
“Zionist Jews… need to be run out of this country.”
Via Vision to America:

Protesters Patricia McAllister:

“I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government… they need to be run out of this country.”




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  1. Lefties and anti-Semites ahem Zionists?
    Nah, that’ll never happen.

  2. the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks
    Now these would be the same Zionist Jews who have been giving millions and millions of dollars to Haseen and the Dems , right ? Right ? Like Soros?

  3. Listen up Zionist Jews. What was the % of Jewish votes for obama last time?

  4. Yea, those Zionist Jews, I’m tired of them with all their Nobel Prizes. Why heck, they have such high college boards they are making the black people look silly – isn’t that some type of discrimination? And their kids, always with their heads in their books, they make terrible basketball players, we should start making them learn how to dribble instead of learning about things like economics and literature.

    Yessiree…we need to run them out of the country so that they will stop embarrassing us underachievers. Why the hell should we put up with the work ethics those Jews have? If only they would establish gangs and commit crimes that place them in the penal system like us, our nation would be better off. And by the way, we’re sick of them Jews with all their delayed gratification, why don’t they start living each and every day like it was the last day of their life?

  5. Somebody should ask who gave her this information.

  6. And dem dere blacks should be run back to africa.

  7. Valerie commented:
    Somebody should ask who gave her this information.
    Her momma Helen Thomas
    and her daddy trio of SharptonJacksonWright

  8. It’s a shame that those who know something about the sting and unfairness of bigotry are they themselves guilty of being ugly (character) bigots.

  9. Where is the love? Liberal’s constantly preach tolerance. We have to tolerate Gays in the military and a mosque at ground zero.

  10. Oh, it’z them Joooooooooz, again. ‘Guess we should be glad that she made a differentiation between, Zionist Jews and “regular” Jews.

    Good G-d, the Left is really showing their fangs, aren’t they? The demonstration of disdain for civil society in general by many of these OccuPests and “pooptesters” is getting very scary. Now they’re adding antisemitism to the mix?

    Better stock up on food and water because the more the ante is “upped,” the more the danger of civil unrest.

  11. Black Nazis. Typical of the educators in America, ignorant tools.

  12. Rich actor makes a fool of himself talking politics.

    So, when is someone going to ask this person how he “knows” this? Who told him?


    We feel perfectly fine asking a commenter here for a cite. Interviewers should try it.

  13. But John McCain…….understands them!!!

  14. Not only does she work for the LA school district, but she proudly states so. Okey doke, there. I’ll bet she had this statement on her resume.

  15. Wonder what goes on in her classroom ?
    Poor kids, she is turning them into hateful bigots just like her and the kids don’t even know it .

  16. GOODWENCH. That’s the PLAN. Commies say that the KIDS belong to THEM.

  17. they need to be run out of this country.”

    ‘And if they don’t get out fast enough, why, we should just …’

  18. These aren’t Liberals. They are socialists, communists, fascists, anarchists and general idiots.


    Liberals do believe in tolerance, and in courtesy to other points of view; and, inconveniently for the abovementioned would-be tyrants, they also believe in the ability of people to make decisions for themselves. The Democratic Party has done its best to purge itself of its Liberals. That’s one reason why the TEA Parties have traction.

    If Obama loses the next election, it will be due to a whopping backlash from the Liberals and Centrists. I intend to help that process along.

  19. “Oh, it’z them Joooooooooz, again. ‘Guess we should be glad that she made a differentiation between, Zionist Jews and “regular” Jews.”

    Using the word “zionist” proves you are not racist, just like it used to be “anti-semitic” had nothing to do with be anti-jew. Err, until the “anti-semites” rounded up just plain ‘jews’ by the millions.

    Effed up thing is – s/he/it may very well truly believe s/he/it is not anti-jew or racist in any way.

  20. She’s so afraid for her job, oh wait she gave her name didn’t she HHMMMMM do you think she knows nothing will be done. Why yes I do! What do you want to bet that she relays this shiite to her students! nah to far fetched.

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