Obama-Endorsed Occupy LA Protester: “Zionist Jews… Need to Be Run Out of This Country” (Video)

Occupy LA protester and Los Angeles Unified School District told Reason TV,
“Zionist Jews… need to be run out of this country.”
Via Vision to America:

Protesters Patricia McAllister:

“I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government… they need to be run out of this country.”

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  • Adi

    Lefties and anti-Semites ahem Zionists?
    Nah, that’ll never happen.

  • MrGoodWench

    the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks
    Now these would be the same Zionist Jews who have been giving millions and millions of dollars to Haseen and the Dems , right ? Right ? Like Soros?

  • Buffalobob

    Listen up Zionist Jews. What was the % of Jewish votes for obama last time?

  • Ipso Facto

    Yea, those Zionist Jews, I’m tired of them with all their Nobel Prizes. Why heck, they have such high college boards they are making the black people look silly – isn’t that some type of discrimination? And their kids, always with their heads in their books, they make terrible basketball players, we should start making them learn how to dribble instead of learning about things like economics and literature.

    Yessiree…we need to run them out of the country so that they will stop embarrassing us underachievers. Why the hell should we put up with the work ethics those Jews have? If only they would establish gangs and commit crimes that place them in the penal system like us, our nation would be better off. And by the way, we’re sick of them Jews with all their delayed gratification, why don’t they start living each and every day like it was the last day of their life?

  • Valerie

    Somebody should ask who gave her this information.

  • ouldbollix

    And dem dere blacks should be run back to africa.

  • MrGoodWench

    Valerie commented:
    Somebody should ask who gave her this information.
    Her momma Helen Thomas
    and her daddy trio of SharptonJacksonWright

  • arnonerik

    It’s a shame that those who know something about the sting and unfairness of bigotry are they themselves guilty of being ugly (character) bigots.

  • Conservative Ken

    Where is the love? Liberal’s constantly preach tolerance. We have to tolerate Gays in the military and a mosque at ground zero.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Oh, it’z them Joooooooooz, again. ‘Guess we should be glad that she made a differentiation between, Zionist Jews and “regular” Jews.

    Good G-d, the Left is really showing their fangs, aren’t they? The demonstration of disdain for civil society in general by many of these OccuPests and “pooptesters” is getting very scary. Now they’re adding antisemitism to the mix?

    Better stock up on food and water because the more the ante is “upped,” the more the danger of civil unrest.

  • rcl

    Black Nazis. Typical of the educators in America, ignorant tools.

  • Valerie

    Rich actor makes a fool of himself talking politics.

    So, when is someone going to ask this person how he “knows” this? Who told him?


    We feel perfectly fine asking a commenter here for a cite. Interviewers should try it.

  • gus

    But John McCain…….understands them!!!

  • progressoverpeace

    Not only does she work for the LA school district, but she proudly states so. Okey doke, there. I’ll bet she had this statement on her resume.

  • MrGoodWench

    Wonder what goes on in her classroom ?
    Poor kids, she is turning them into hateful bigots just like her and the kids don’t even know it .

  • gus

    GOODWENCH. That’s the PLAN. Commies say that the KIDS belong to THEM.

  • Robert

    they need to be run out of this country.”

    ‘And if they don’t get out fast enough, why, we should just …’

  • Valerie

    These aren’t Liberals. They are socialists, communists, fascists, anarchists and general idiots.


    Liberals do believe in tolerance, and in courtesy to other points of view; and, inconveniently for the abovementioned would-be tyrants, they also believe in the ability of people to make decisions for themselves. The Democratic Party has done its best to purge itself of its Liberals. That’s one reason why the TEA Parties have traction.

    If Obama loses the next election, it will be due to a whopping backlash from the Liberals and Centrists. I intend to help that process along.

  • Druid

    “Oh, it’z them Joooooooooz, again. ‘Guess we should be glad that she made a differentiation between, Zionist Jews and “regular” Jews.”

    Using the word “zionist” proves you are not racist, just like it used to be “anti-semitic” had nothing to do with be anti-jew. Err, until the “anti-semites” rounded up just plain ‘jews’ by the millions.

    Effed up thing is – s/he/it may very well truly believe s/he/it is not anti-jew or racist in any way.

  • jainphx

    She’s so afraid for her job, oh wait she gave her name didn’t she HHMMMMM do you think she knows nothing will be done. Why yes I do! What do you want to bet that she relays this shiite to her students! nah to far fetched.

  • Warthog

    Wow, so Zionist Jews run the banks and control all the money?

    Hm, yu don’t suppose they’re taking appliciations, do you?

    (I already got that circumcision thing done, I’d only have to get used to the black beanie…)

  • Steven San Francisco

    Hey look… Surprise…. She’s got a Chicago background.


  • Robert

    Obama and the Democrat Party are causing this with
    their divisive class warfare rhetoric and demagoguery.

    Their constant reference to “millionaires and billionaires”
    is feeding the flames of jealousy, greed, and violence.

    Everything they touch starts to decay and rot.

  • jainphx

    Obama has kicked over the race barrel, and all the perverts spilled out into the streets. funny how those that were fooled by this guy don’t seem to see his evil.

  • Craig

    She has some points here.

    – The Federal Reserve Banks are privately owned.
    – The Rockefellers and Rotchild are a big part of the Federal Reserve Banks.
    – The Federal Reserve Banks should be audited.
    – The Federal Banks should be abolished.
    – The owners should be thrown in jail for their fraud.

    When you criticize a jew doesn’t mean your are anti-semitic.
    When you criticize an American doesn’t mean you are anti-anti-American

    When you criticize the US government, it doesn’t mean you are anti-American.
    When you criticize the Israel government, it doesn’t mean you are Anti-Israel

    Corruption exist in every government.
    Corrupted people exist in every country.

    Here is some good information about the Federal Reserve Banks

    The Federal Reserve Is A PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation

  • ogee

    So this ignorant, hateful and bigotted fat arsed woman is a teacher? Heaven help us.
    Did she get her degree for free via the ‘affirmative action’ program?
    For real.

  • Craig

    This women is not as dumb as you think.
    She has some points here:

    – The Federal Reserve Banks are privately owned.
    – The Rockefellers and Rotchild are a big part of the Federal Reserve Banks.
    – The Federal Reserve Banks should be audited.
    – The Federal Reserve Banks should be abolished.
    – The Federal Reserve Bank’s owners should be thrown in jail.

    When you criticize a Jew, it doesn’t mean you are anti-semitic.
    When you criticize an American, it doesn’t mean you are anti-American.

    When you criticize the US government doesn’t mean you are anti-USA.
    When you criticize the Israel government, it doesn’t mean you are anti-Israel.

    There is corruption in every government.
    There are corrupted people in every country.

    Here are some good informations on the Federal Reserve Banks:

    The Federal Reserve Is A PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation

  • ogee

    Here is her personal info:
    Patricia McAllister
    Report this profile
    Introduction: I am an introverted software engineer/teacher. I am a graduate of Chicago State University, and I once owned and operated a software development school in Chicago, Illinois. OccupationTeacher, Software Engineer Employment LACOE
    Teacher, Software Engineer, present Education CSUPlaces lived
    Los Angeles Chicago

    She doesn’t appear introverted to me. She obviously does not think for herself either.

  • olm

    What the hell is a Zionist Jew? Do they have their own syngogues?

  • olm

    Craig, here’s the problem. This chick is a far left loon. IF she truly wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve, or reform taxes or a whole host of other things she would actually find alot of common ground with Conservatives.
    She does not, she wants chaos and her boy Obama to continue on his socialist path.
    If she is not anti semitic she is drinking the kool aid and will not stop until King Obama is King.
    It’s close.

  • Patty


    Zionism, the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, advocated, from its inception, tangible as well as spiritual aims. Jews of all persuasions, left and right, religious and secular, joined to form the Zionist movement and worked together toward these goals. Disagreements led to rifts, but ultimately, the common goal of a Jewish state in its ancient homeland was attained.

    This coming from a black woman, really! Now, weren’t they discriminated against and then not. MLK, tomorrow and this woman has the audacity to say these hateful and discriminatory thing.
    What did her Momma raise. And what is wrong with this country and the hate. It is making me SICK!! I have to say, Obama is to plan when he condones the occupiers.

  • Patty


    Blame not plan!

  • Craig

    Olm, where does it say that she is a lefty? Did I miss something? Why do you say she is for Obama? Obama is on the FED side. Can you explain your thoughts a bit more? Thanks.



  • Patty

    I think people in America have too much Idle time. Maybe some are unemployed but these people, they aren’t even looking for work. And who is paying for their unemployment checks, WE ARE.

    We deserve lacking behind other nations. If this is what America thinks is productive then no wonder we are lacking in manufacturing and productivity. Waste of time and human life.

  • Patty

    She has the crazy eye! Now, I figure it out. THE LADY IS NUTS.

  • Patty



    Cain purposes electrified fence on Borders, Love that idea, and they do have it on some areas of the northern border.

  • Craig

    Patty, I heard there was no job left in your country…lol

    This woman is working, she is a teacher. The MSM puts everyboby in the same basket.
    There is 2 revolutions going on in your country: The lefties who wants socialism and the supporters of END THE FED.

    The lefties don’t tolerate the END THE FED protesters… to me, she seems to be an END THE FED protester, not a lefty at all.

  • Patty

    VADUM: Marxist mobocracy
    Let them protest and rage – it lays the groundwork for the GOP domination.


  • Patty


    She and all the other Occupiers and Communist are a big waste of time. I feel sad for the youth who are so disenchanted with America and its strengths. A quote from somewhere, Liberal at 20 and Conservative at 40.

    This woman is well past 40 and should know better.

  • Ron M

    No one’s going to even challenge the Ron Paul storm trooper. If you don’t challenge it, then you have no right to criticize Jews when they vote for Dems. I’m a die hard conservative Jew, and frankly I don’t blame them. Look at what is festering in the GOP under Ron Paul and his storm troopers, a bunch of hateful biggots under the big tent and it’s cool! It’s acceptable. Don’t have to run the Jews out of the country, you can throw them in Jail.

    All the work so many of you do to reach out, destroyed in one instant.

  • Craig

    “Don’t have to run the Jews out of the country, you can throw them in Jail.” Ron (#41)

    Right, throw the guilty ones in jail. Not all of them Ron, just the guilty ones. Like you would throw in jail anybody who is guilty of a crime… wether they are Jews, Christians, Whites, Blacks or whatever. Guilty people are guilty people. no matter where they come from.

  • Craig

    Here is an END THE FED protest:


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  • progressoverpeace

    “This woman is working, she is a teacher.”

    She’s an idiot. And your points have little to do with her tirade. But, you seem to want to ally with her.

    Next thing, you’ll be claiming that this idiot was referencing the Magna Carta …

  • Ron M

    Dear Craig. Don’t BS me. What are people guilty of, Banking? Working hard? Pursuing the American dream? Capitalism? The notion that Jews control the Federal Reserve is disgusting hatreds, it’s the oldest conspiracy crap right out the most anti semitic creeds that exist.. It’s the age old hatreds. Do we as a society highlight the fact that most people charged w/ crimes are likely Christians, of course not. Because that’s absurd. What difference does it make what religion someone is, it’s only a factor if you are seeking to tar people because one is a bigot using hatreds that are a 1000 years old.

    And yes, let’s be clear. Ron Paul was associated with the Aryan Nation types before it became politically inexpedient for him. Many Ron Paul supporters are fellow bigots, conspiracy nuts, illuminati, 9/11, the hook nosed Jews and the banks. Do you think Christian people don’t own banks? Do you think Christian people don’t trade on Wall Street. If you have some sort of problem, get out there and work harder. Nobody owes you anything – It’s time for people to stop blaming their lot in life and scapegoating Jews because they can’t process their own failings.

    I won’t be silent, Ron Paul will lose, retire, and the GOP will be a better place for it. BTW us Jews, we’ll still be here.

  • Craig

    Ron are you trying to be stupid or are you really stupid?

    Get some education in the link below, maybe you will see who is right or wrong… because now, it appears that you don’t seem to have a clue of what is really going on here:

    The Federal Reserve Is A PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Seems like it’s been National Brotherhood Week for 3 years now bahahahaha

  • Craig

    Ron, since you won’t read the link (I know you won’t, truth scares you), here is what is wrong with the Federal Reserve Banks:

    They print money out of thin air and lend it to you with interest. Than they created the income taxes for their protection, in case governments or people wouldn’t pay the interest on the fraudulent loans. This is a ponzy scheme and if we citizens would do what they do, they would throw us in jail immediately. Anyways, read the damn article so at least you will know about the fraud they are committing on people.

  • Sorry To Live in Illinois

    When is some of this crap gonna start sticking? When are people gonna wake up? When is an honest reporter going to report the news?

    Everything I believe in is under attack. Everything I stand for is demonized. I’m a racist for disagreeing with the prez. Now I find out that I’m a racist for supporting Cain. The country is INSANE!

    Is it time for us “normal” people to take to the streets? Is it time for the military to surround the Whitehouse?

  • gus


    LIBTARD MEDIA. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR etc etc etc etc. DECIDED that the TEA PARTY’S were VIOLENT, RACIST, etc etc etc.

    The MSM all of whom are themselves co-opted LIBTARDS, fashioned and DESCRIBED the TEA PARTY rallies, as something that they were NOT. The CO-OPTED LIBTARD MEDIA LEFT, now, have themselves a quandry and a problem. These LIBTARD JOURNALISM SCHOOL GRADS, these THINK ALIKE LIBERALS, now see a DIRTY, FILTHY, ANGRY, DYSFUNCTIONAL, LOSER, FREAKISH ….”uprising” of sorts. And the aforementioned LIBTARD MEDIA, is paralyzed.
    The LIBTARD JOURNALISM grads, see FRUITCAKES acting WILDLY out of control and dysfunctionally. And the SAME….Journalism Grads, CANNOT and WILL NOT, report these FREAKS as these FREAKS are!!
    The LEFTIST MEDIA, must by now, have realized, that the TEA PARTY PEEPS, are normal, honest, work-a-day, Patriotic Americans.
    But, the LEFTIST MEDIA, CANNOT and WILL NOT, be HONEST. They see it, but WILL NOT be HONEST about it…….Because………..their LIBTARD inbred BIASES, have been DEBUNKED.

    The Tea Party’s have been very very very polite and Patriotic. The LEFTIST ABSURD CO-OPTED MEDIA, dishonestly tried ON PURPOSE to DESTROY the honorable honest Tea Party’s,because they are SCARED

  • Ron M

    Craig, we all *know* what is going on here… Please, spare me. Truthers are going to tell me I am scared of the truth. What a riot. Send me to more of your Alex Jones crackhead nonsense. You’re not on a Paul forum, this is Gateway Pundit. Some of the most informed conservatives out there. Thanks, spare me your ‘re-education’ plan.

  • Nancy

    Yikes! I can’t believe these people are saying this kind of stuff out loud. If I were to say anything a tenth as racist as this, I would be run out of town and shunned for life, and rightly so. So I guess being a leftist know-nothing gives one a carte blanche to be as racist, bigoted and hateful as one wishes.

    Who knew?

  • atticcellar

    Those who occupy modern day Israel are not Jew’s but Khazar’s. According to the “Jewish encyclopedia” Khazar’s are descended from a race of European Gypsy’s that converted to Judaism in the 8TH century. The problem with this theory is that the law of Mose’s (bible) requires any convert to Judaism to sacrifice blood in the Temple in Jerusalem. The temple was long gone by the time the “Khazar’s” had “converted. According to god’s word; No blood sacrifice in the temple, No conversion. The foreign Zionist that own the private Federal Reserve Bank are Khazar’s, not Semitic Jews. Jesus referred to them as “The Synagogue of Satan”. If they would accept Christ, the Lamb of God, they would become gods chosen people just as all Christians are. This is “The New Testament”. The “Jew’s” have forsaken gods laws. If you read the Bible’s Old Testament you will see over and over again there is no other way to God but through the shedding of blood (which pointed the way to Christ).. Due to the fact that these people are not descendants of Abraham they are not Semite.. The term anti Semite can not be applied to this group of thieves. They create money out of thin air and debase everybody else’s currency.. Debasing US currency is a Federal crime punishable by death!

  • atticcellar

    Talmudic Jews (nearly all of those who refer to themselves as”Jew”), follow the Talmud an ancient pagan babylonian religion! Not the Bible.. It is contrary to gods word!

  • Estragon

    Craig, let me explain a few things about the Fed, because you clearly haven’t been told the whole story. When the Fed was created, the US currency needs were determined by a private citizen, J.P. Morgan. Morgan was a super-rich banker, one of the first billionaires in the world, and he had intervened in a financial crisis to ensure stability, and after that the Federal government let him decide how much currency should be issued. He knew better than any government worker could, they recognized.

    But without any thought for the economy, Morgan died. We still needed to print money, though, because paper bills wear out fairly quickly on average. So the task was assigned to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, being the most knowledgeable financiers available.

    Now, the alternative to having an outside authority controlling the currency was to let the Congress and/or the Treasury (Executive) handle it, but everyone knew that was the worst possible outcome. So the Fed got the task, and for fully half a century and more, they shaded their monetary policy to promote the electoral interests of the incumbent President. No outfit appointed by the President, even if they had to be confirmed by Congress, was about to take any actions which might hurt that President politically, even if it was the proper economic course. If you want to call it a corrupt system, no one could argue the point seriously.

    But eventually reality caught up, under Carter, and under extreme pressure he appointed Volcker as Fed Chairman with the promise of the independence the FRB was supposed to have had from the start. Volcker did what a Fed Chairman was supposed to do, without regard to the political consequences. His tightening didn’t stop the recession, but it did ensure the excess was properly squeezed. Combined with Reagan’s tax policies, Volcker prepared the economy for real growth.

    Greenspan mainly carried on for Volcker in his early years, and the success of the policies Volcker and Reagan had set made Greenspan look brilliant for several years. Unfortunately, he began to believe in his own omniscience, and went his own way, assuming he was Master of the Universe. He wasn’t, but the economy was strong enough to withstand his mistakes.

    However, eventually his errors had to be paid, and the fall for his and the sins of CRA and Fannie and Freddie came due under Bernanke, who was a student of the Great Depression and most concerned to avoid a recurrence, even if that meant abandoning the sound principles which built our economy into such a powerhouse.

    But a bad Fed Chair or two is no reason to abandon the system. The alternative of giving authority over the money supply directly to Congress or the President is far worse. Someone must control the currency.

    The whole “Audit the Fed” campaign of Ron Paul illustrates his cluelessness. He began this crusade even before the TARP and other interventions, when all the Federal Reserve branches were audited already and there was nothing else to audit. After TARP and “Quantitative Easing” there were additional activities of the FRB which needed audit, and legislation provided for that. It was a matter of routine.

    Bernanke’s done an awful job, but that’s not the system’s fault.

  • LobarPendulum

    Craig, perhaps not all who criticize a Jew are antisemitic Jew-haters…but you are.

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  • atticcellar

    Estragon: so how did that stability of the criminal FED work out.. Great Depression in short order.. Then the demand that all citizens hand their gold over to the thieving FED. Now our money is owned and controlled by the same criminals that got us into every major economic crisis.. This was to be no surprise as the author of our constitution stated “A Private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army”

  • atticcellar

    Then to add insult to injury they decorate the dollar with all sorts of satanic symbols.. Wake Up!!

  • If one were to make the mistake of using the word “niggardly”, a word which has no racist meaning, one would be summarily drummed out of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • atticcellar

    “Unlike those nations whose rulers use their country’s resources to seek conquest, to any on warring contest with one another, and consequently plunge their peoples into debt and devastation. Free societies are organized for the happiness and prosperity of the people, and this is best pursued in a state of PEACE!” Thomas Jefferson

    “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty” Thomas Jefferson

  • Bucky Goldstein

    And your welfar taking, bubble lipped ass should get on the boat back to Zimbabwe.

  • atticcellar

    “The central bank is an institution of their most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitution. I am an enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but coin. If the American people allow central bank to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”.. Thomas Jefferson.. Author of the Constitution..

  • Millitant Conservative

    Just replace the word JEW with BLACK.

    Doesn’t sound so good huh? You want a fight, fine, youre not ready but O.K.

    powder is dry

  • Granny

    #54 & 55 atticceller

    For chrissakemissagnes! Where the hell did you scrape this twaddle & BS from? Please go back into the cellar and stay there.

  • atticcellar

    “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, But for us who are being saved it is the power of God” 1 Corinthians 1:18

  • atticcellar

    The Jew’s have rejected the cornerstone “Jesus Christ” (Matthew 21: 42-43) and in doing so have no sacrifice available which is required for salvation (or conversion). The Rabbi’s have decided that they can change God’s law’s to suit their lies. No blood shed at the temple means no conversion. Jesus Christ has become the true sacrifice. Just as Abraham offered Issac as a sacrifice to God, God has offered his son, Jesus Christ as the only acceptable blood sacrifice.. He fulfilled the Law that the Jew’s claim to follow, but can not, as God has allowed the destruction of the physical temple and gave us a holy and unblemished sacrifice. The current occupiers of Israel are nearly all imposter’s (not being the seed of Abraham). A Rabbi can not nullify god’s word..

  • Michael Kelly

    Despite her racism, she’s right. The Federal Reserve controls inflation, which in turn causes prices to go up. That kind of influence over the economy should not decided by a small concentrated group of individuals with no congressional oversight or regulation.

    With that said, I think people like this using racist terms hurt the anti-fed movement.

  • Granny…most people store junk in their atticcellar.

    Craig and atticcellar have had this hatred boiling around inside them, and it just takes the stupid public comment of another hater to give them the permission to spew.

    One can only hope this LA school district employee hater/racist is only responsible for cleaning toilets.

  • squeaky

    “I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the ..” she thinks? who would have guessed…….

  • squeaky

    this could be her…..chasing down contracts that should have gone to african american vendors…….

  • uncivil & right


    Madison authored the Constitution.

    Now go f*ck yourself.

  • squeaky

    a linc from mc allister’s letter……..

  • Heads Up America

    It’s never racist when liberals do it.


  • Mattsky

    I hope Patricia McAllister works in that school district preparing lunches and isn’t a teacher.

  • Iconoclast

    Ah, yes, yet another example of the ‘inclusive tolerance’ of the ‘progressives.’

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  • Heads Up America

    The Most Transparent Presidency Evah?

    Obama Eligibility Trial Footage Withheld

    Learn More Here


  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    A history lesson:

    The left comes to power. Jews die. Repeat every 20 years or so.

    Why American Jews vote with the Leftards is beyond my ability to comprehend.

  • kansas

    Got a soliticitation from the RNC for donations. The minute I see that as an Obama campaign commerical. They get a few bucks from me. Until then I still remember McCain. “Oh no, you have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.”

  • here at gateway pundit the marxist, racist, violent behavior of these liberals is shown everyday. in american tass this is never shown.

    you need to pull up the coverage of the tea party by american tass to compare it to their coverage of the “occupiers.” THERE IS NO BIAS IN THE MEDIA.

  • This is exacly what happened in every tea party demonstration. EXACLY !!!!!


  • David V.USAF-77-84

    Craig is correct. Congress is the one that has authority to coin money, not the Fed Reserve. per the Constitution.

  • unknown jane

    I’m just wondering how all these Jews are bankers — the ones who lived in my town were a teacher, a doctor, and a coal miner (later worked for the grain elevator). The bank was run by a Presbyterian.

    Guess they must have all been moonlighting.

  • Joe College

    Even the BBC can get it right.

    “An anti-capitalist protest in London’s financial district is continuing for a second day…”

    Yes, ‘anti-capitalist’. Thanks for stating the obvious, which the American media dare not do for fear of scaring away Obama supporters.

  • Benton Park Avenger

    Lets remember that the National SOCIALISTS started as a small rabble that battled in the streets and used the frustration of German people with the failure of the liberal Wiemar Republic to catapult themselves into power and damn near destroyed Western civilization. Don’t laugh at these people like they are clowns, one day you could be crowded into a filthy Warren Buffett owned Union Pacific boxcar wondering how this all could have happended. Get involved.

  • truth teller

    I don’t agree with the whole “Zionist” thing, but I do agree that the Federal Reserve needs to be dissolved.

  • truth teller

    She looks like her eyes are going to bulge out of her head…she needs to get her blood pressure checked. She may also have an issue with her thyroid.

  • David V.USAF-77-84

    She is correct, take the IMF, IRS, CFR, UN, FED RESERVE, either jail them or run them out of the country. Congress is the only one’s with authority to coin money in the U.S.A. per the Constitution.

  • Granny

    #87 October 16, 2011 at 9:24 am
    Benton Park Avenger commented:

    Lets remember that the National SOCIALISTS started as a small rabble that battled in the streets and used the frustration of German people with the failure of the liberal Wiemar Republic to catapult themselves into power and damn near destroyed Western civilization. Don’t laugh at these people like they are clowns, one day you could be crowded into a filthy Warren Buffett owned Union Pacific boxcar wondering how this all could have happended. Get involved.


    Hear, hear! And while you are at it, take notice that both the National Socialists (Nazis) and the Communists support these demonstrations. Don’t make the all too common mistake of thinking that Communists are “left” and Nazis are “right”. No such animal! Communists and Nazis are nearly identical except for one thing Nazis focus on nationalism, Communists on internationalism.

  • gus

    This is what 45 years of the GREAT SOCIETY has rendered. MORONS who cannot THINK.

  • progressoverpeace

    Don’t make the all too common mistake of thinking that Communists are “left” and Nazis are “right”.

    They are, in the European political spectrum, which tends to break on globalist/nationalist lines, not collectivist/individualistic lines, or omnipotent/limited government lines. SUch distinctions just don’t exist in any real way in European parliamentary systems and cannot be forced into it. There can be nothing like the American COnstitutional architecture in Europe since their governmental frameworks just wouldn’t allow such a thing. They don’t even have any permanent Executive branches (for the most part) and there is no independence among the branches of government. European politics and governance are nothing like American and that is where any comparisons of right/left break down terribly. In Europe, ALL of the nations have the [email protected] Euro party-oriented, tribalistic governmental architecture which is as different from the American system as night is from day. There are no European Tea Parties because the European governmental architectures just could not even implement what the Tea Party wants without totally changing their governmental systems (and political culture) which will never happen.

    The fact is that there is nothing else in the world like American Constitutional conservativism, because the American Constitution defines a governmental framework that is very, very different from all others – as it was at the Constitution’s inception and has remained to this very day.

  • Patricia McAllister would have been right at home in 1930s Germany. Her speech is exactly the same as those whipped up by Hitler when he turned the Jews into scapegoats for Germany’s economic problems. You recall how that wound up.

    Likewise, this will not end well.

  • Ruebacca

    The nation of Islam is having it’s impact.

  • Auntie Em

    She better never cry “racist” ever!! I hate the hypocrisy and the unabashed ignorance that the left wear as a pointy cap. She would make Martin Luther King, Jr. cry that this is his legacy. She is the epitome of hatred and ignorance…the exact thing he stood against. Deep down she must hate herself for being an “Uncle Tom,” not the way Uncle Tom was, but the left’s definition. Doesn’t she know the white men running this movement laugh at her degrading herself and doing their dirty work…to her own peril and not theirs?

    So sad. I would feel sorry for her, but I am not of the mindset that black people are too dumb to know better.

  • Andrew Edward

    I’m confused by the headline. How exactly is this woman “Obama-endorsed”?


    Andrew Edward is a pathetic libtard twat. He Andy Eddie, how does Obama’s ass taste??

  • #97 Obama has endorsed the entire OWS movement. He now owns all the hate and violence that goes with it. Plus, his puppetmaster George $oro$ is funding it. The end goal is to cause instability and possibly overthrow the U.S. government.

  • Andrew Edward

    Wow, that was mature. I guess you folks don’t like sincere questions over here on The Gateway Pundit.

    Many conservative leaders have endorsed the Tea Party movement. Are they also responsible for every single thing said at any TP rally across the country?

  • John

    Ya know Jews also built hospitals, child care units, have a Star of David (like the Red Cross)and are usually one of the first on the scene of tragedies like Haiti or Japan or Russia and even the USA and have given more of their own blood in this world than any other gender of people. I teach history at a university and in my travels I find that most people who belittle the Jews knows very little or nothing about their history. It is a sad thing that so many people of the world are lead by the news media who always has an agenda. Close the hole in your face long enough to teach your brain some truth of history… and no! I am not Jewish.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    #100 October 16, 2011 at 11:39 am
    Andrew Edward commented:

    Welcome Libtard. Try growing a brain.

  • KC

    Patricia, you and the Teacher’s Union have done what for LA schools?

    The National Center for Education Evaluation used the following criteria to determine which schools were eligible for the grants:

    (1) A school’s overall academic achievement level
    (2) whether there is a “lack of progress” in the school, and
    (3) for high schools, whether the school has a graduation rate below 60 percent.

    Of 15,277 schools deemed eligible across 49 states, a brain-draining 2,720 are located in California. And we can’t even blame it on the fact that we’re the largest U.S. state, because our percentage of underperforming schools is right up there in the Top 5 as well.

  • Buffalobob

    Pattie, Pattie learn to control your racist hate and bigotry in public. After all, if you are exposed for the vial hate speech you may not be able to corrupt the children you are purported to teach. On top of that your defenders are really being challenged to make excuses and justify or rationalize your despicable behavior.

  • Tom in CA

    Personally, I give her cash to move anywhere but here….

  • Craig

    So many people are not informed on this site. Just a few are, it is so sad. If you would only know the truth, you would think differently.

    Now I know you have intellectual laziness, you hate to rechearch, but I am not your enemy, I just want you to open your eyes to reality before it is too late for ALL of us..

    Here is a long video (3 hrs), but very explicative, interesting and documented video about the History of money on this Earth. If you watch it, you will understand the monetary system you are living on. Please make the effort to watch it, the future of this panet depends on people knowing the truth.
    ” People perish from lack of knowledge”. (Hosea 4:6).

    Here is the video:

    The Money Masters (Part 1 of 22)

  • Zoe

    Lady, are you serious? Of all people whom should understand racism, and the evil of it, should be you, a black woman from the USA.

    How would you like it, should I go out carrying a sign that read – “the Negro, wall street bankers are ruining this nation, and should be run out of the country, and sent back to Africa.” Would you be incensed, and take offense at something like this? Oh, hell yes you would. And furthermore, you would be yelling at the top of your lungs, and getting the clan with the tan, to yell with you, about your rights.

    You want free speech? Well then, here is some free speech from me, to you…

    Take your Ebonics speaking, lazy, fat, ugly black ass back to Africa, where you came from, you self serving, intolerant, bigoted, uneducated, wench.

  • “Are they also responsible for every single thing said at any TP rally across the country?”

    Nothing’s been said at those rallies other than to criticize the government. Spending, control, taxes, etc.

    Nice try, skippy. Now go play in traffic.

  • DohBiden[FormerlyKnownAsBaraka]

    Yes the zionists run the banks nice to know that Paultards are shacking up with the commies.

  • Andrew Edward

    “Nothing’s been said at those rallies other than to criticize the government.”

    Really? You believe that? How nice that you can simply ignore the reality that doesn’t fit your worldview.

    ‘Tea party’ protesters accused of spitting on lawmaker, using slurs



    “Libtard.” My, that’s creative. Especially while criticizing others for name-calling. I’m betting none of you even realize the irony in that, or care.

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  • MJ

    @ Buffalobob: ‘Listen up Zionist Jews. What was the % of Jewish votes for obama last time?’

    “Zionist” Jews are usually right wing, centrist or moderate. Leftist Jews will align with enemies, SOME are Israel friendly. I can safely say that about 28% of “Zionists” are either middle class, or upper middle class. They dont own banks. Think David Horowitxz, Pamela Geller. Mike Savage (yeah he is well off, but worked damned hard for it) Same as Mark Levin, Breitbart. They dont own ANY banks, and ‘throwing’ THEM out of this country would be a HUGE mistake.

    “Zionists” for the most part, are patriots, good Americans, tax payers, etc.

    This is an ill-informed black power idiot that must hate God, because GOD IS Zion. To Christians Jesus is the cornerstone OF Zion.
    So, that being said, I AM a ZIONist. To the Max.
    I stand with GOD. Period.

  • Craig

    So maybe the lady made a mistake. She shouldn’t have mentioned anyone.

    She should have said: “The criminals who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government… they need to be run out of this country.”

  • Heads Up America

    Freshman Repubican Says ‘Evicting’ Illegals Opens Up Millions of Jobs for Americans


  • Ron M. – You lied about Ron Paul in comment #46. Ron Paul has never been associated with the Aryan Nations — that is a blood libel. In fact, Ron Paul was previously quoted as saying that racism is an ugly form of collectivism. Your smear of Ron Paul only feeds negative biases and stereotypes about Jews.

  • Manny

    They’re filthy anarchists promoting euthanasia. See video from Occupy Boston last week: http://youtu.be/AHfFV6qqauQ A stroll through the encampment of dedicated anarchists, union thugs, and useful idiots at “Occupy Boston” on the afternoon of October 11, 2011.

  • atticcellar

    Regarding modern day Khazars (Jewish imposters)… http://talmudical.blogspot.com/

  • Ron M

    Anchorage Avtivist apparently you were alseep during the LAST presidential campaign when Ron Paul ran, because intense discussion of ties to racism were one of the main features of the race.

    BTW – That’s an interesting term you chose to apply to me:
    “Blood libel – is a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, usually Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays”

    Then you say my criticism of Ron Paul feeds negative stereotypes of Jews and biases.
    No Problem, here’s another for you. I supoport Ron Paul for President… Of The KKK.

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  • Rudy Baylor

    Referring to her as an Occupy LA information, and omitting the fact that she is not affiliated with the OWS movement creates a false impression to the public and is therefore fraud by the blogger who posted this here. Have a great day.

  • Rudy Baylor

    Referring to her as an Occupy LA *protester*, and omitting the fact that she is not affiliated with the OWS movement creates a false impression to the public and is therefore fraud by the blogger who posted this here. Have a great day.

  • Luis

    How ignorant to think that a few jews represente the The Jewish comunity. She said I’m here to represent myself ( this is a Lie and bias) She sure has talked to some racist socialist. The Jews have what they have becaouse they are hard working people, They are people of morals and standars of life. There is a lots of african americans with good morals as well and they are not there, complaining. Only becaouse a few african americans are inmoral, it does not mean that we are going to judge all as one. I see that 90% of this people protesting dont have a clue what they are protesting for. I wonder who is paying them to come out to create kaos. Look out people some one is banking on your effort.

  • #110: Andrew Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward for evidence. Never happened. No one spit, no one yelled slurs.

    Now go back to striking out at Singles Night at the Sheep Barn. Proof that even farm animals have standards.

  • #110 clearly rides the Short Bus of Life.

  • To borrow a phrase from Joliet Jake Blues … “Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!” You don’t think that if there were any evidence other than a claim from some state-run media hack, it would have surfaced in 18 months? Video evidence. Audio evidence. Anything.

    It hasn’t. Because it was a lie.

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  • Molon Labe

    Its hard to tell who the bigger Marxist/anti semite is, the Cellar dweller or Craig the faux Canadian.

    In the end does it really matter as long as the reader’s here realize what philosophy they expouse?

  • Adam Kratt

    Wait a second. I am Jewish and I am a Zionist, I mean really what self loving and self respecting Jews doesn’t support the 2000 year old Jewish dream (now a reality) of the Jewish return and self governance in their historical and national home? But.. I just want to know which Bank I control? And which bank did my dad control, can I inherit it since he passed? And damn.. for being in control of America because of my Zionist Jewish affiliation.. I make 35 Thousand a year rent an apartment and have a car that is over 10 years old?… can someone PLEASE tell me where I can go to get my millions and my corner office on Wall Street.


  • sam

    Jews who support leftist have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME

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  • fuanon

    I don’t know about all of you!!! but I am real happy to pay the jew rabbi’s to bless all my food, includding my toylet paper is KOSHER.

  • fuanon

    @heads up america. yuor head is up your a hole.

  • Esther

    Bet you affirmative action got her that job in the first place! She should be a huge embarrassement to the black community who know what it’s like in the plight to be accepted and treated as an equal in this country.She is an idiot and hopefully this video will make it’s way all over the states ensuring that she never get’s another teaching position again.

  • Modern “Israel”: the BIGGEST lie perpetrated on humanity in our day and age. Get JEW WORLD ORDER (Kindle, Pubit, Lulu) and help expose the REAL culprits behind ethnic n political uprisings the past 500 yrs., the Illuminati, world bankin/fianncial takeovers, terrorism, Communism, Socialism and the NEW WORLD ORDER ITSELF!