More Pay for Play… MO AFL-CIO Given Half a Million in Stimulus Cash

You scratch my back – I’ll scratch your back.

Barack Obama’s special guest at his speech to Congress in September was AFL-CIO President Thug Richard Trumka.

Obama is counting on the AFL-CIO to get him re-elected.
The AFL-CIO is counting on more taxpayer stimulus cash.

Barack Obama gifted the Missouri AFL-CIO Foundation with $527,529 in stimulus cash.

And, here we thought the Obama Stimulus was a jobs bill.
Boy were we duped.

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  • JoyO

    Well, is the Washington Post going to hop on this or have they sent all of their Wassilla JOURNoLISTS out to Texas to dig up dirt on Perry?

  • Midnight Rider

    Obama has been looting the system since day one. The fact is Obama could have never passed a real background check with any US intelligence agency. Yet there Obama is in the White House, actively and capriciously destroying our country from within. Does anybody in Congress or the FBI have the guts to stop him?

  • Sam Stone

    He is giving away the farm before he is indicted.


    Don’t forget the big union fat cats gotta eat you know. It would be awful if they had to skip a meal because their union dues just aren’t what they use to be. you know the recession and all just deciminated their ranks.

  • Ipso Facto

    Why, under any circumstances, is our government giving one-half a million dollars to the MO AFL-CIO? How much money went to the AFL-CIO in other states?

    What were those funds to be used for? What benefit did the taxpayers derive from this “gift”?

    This is just pure crap!

    Where TF is the main stream media on this?

  • donh

    If we fail to put these Union bosses in jail…Bernie Madoff should be released.

  • Valerie

    The Washington Post has embarrassed itself. Read this to find out what Texas Democrats say about Perry and that article:

    H/T Hot Air

    The difference between guys like Trumka (a Democrat) and a Texas Democrat is that Texans value the people in opposition. They know that the other side is going to come up with a good point from time to time, and they want that advantage when it comes.

    When a Texan says he wants to “take them out”, he’s talking about going for beers.

  • http://biggovernment gee!

    #2 bing

  • Another Green Failure
  • Ella

    #5 Ipso – I started some digging into this particular item on the website and they claim it’s for workers training. Supposedly.

  • Mark

    Dead silence on this and other payola. Thanks worthless Republican Party. The opposition, my a$$.

  • owl

    Don’t hold your breath if you waiting for our Elected Repubs. Overall, they are a spineless bunch if you don’t count a few like Inhofe and Issa. Too afraid to open their mouths, or we get the Collins/McCain spokesmen. Gee whiz, thanks.

    What’s a few million up against the billions, uh make that trillions?

    Find the enemy. He has waged war on us for years. Breitbart and Sarah Palin found him. He is called MSM.

    He prints a story about a painted, turned over rock. Sits back. Waits. Watches. SNL happens to have a rock. How funny, Jon. That’s some serious, disgusting stuff, View. Now we will just call him a rock. He is dumb. He is Sarah Palin.

    MSM should have been our #1 war from the beginning. Unless you are a political junkie or watch FOX, you only see and hear the enemy’s crap. You hear it on GMA with your coffee.

    These stolen millions? What’s the matter with you. He thought he was doing good for the working folks. Yep.

  • Freddy

    Dont forget these guys!

    Sub-Award Amount $340,649

    They donated too!

  • Freddy

    Also notice: The recovery website does not actually allow for stepping through the pages breaking down the giveaway details.

    I wonder if anyone has reported the waste, fraud, and abuse by the creators of the recovery website to them? Obviously, they did not test their programming.

  • Ella

    #14 – Freddy – not sure what you mean. You can drill down into a lot of detail…… What exactly are you not seeing?

  • Finncrisp

    Compared to the prehistoric rock on Perry property out in Texas – This story just doesn’t make the grade. Why would anyone want to know about this? Comon….

  • Whistleblower

    Illinois U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is protecting them all !

  • Joanne

    Herman Cain was on The View today – only reason I tuned in. I like that man more and more. Obama had no foreign policy experience either, so he took on Biden, the idiot, because he was suppose to fill that void – look how that turned out.

  • rampart ranger

    What’s the relationship between the AFL-CIO and SEIU, which sent thugs to beat up black people at Tea Parties?????

  • greenfairie

    This guy’s as crooked as Al Capone. But at least Capone understood economics.