Louis Farrakhan Says He Felt “Great Sense of Loss” at Gaddafi’s “Assassination”

Farrakhan also warned the West about the looming backlash from his overthrow.
CBS Local reported:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Tuesday that those rejoicing in the death of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi will come to sorrow and predicted that the U.S. is unprepared for the looming backlash from his overthrow.

Farrakhan told a Chicago radio station that Qaddafi’s death was “an assassination” and laid it at the feet of the U.S., Great Britain and France. Qaddafi was killed last week, two months after being ousted as Libya’s leader. His 42-year reign turned the oil-rich country into an international pariah and his own personal fiefdom.

Farrakhan, who considered Qaddafi a friend, said those nations’ establishment of a no-fly zone to stop Qaddafi’s planes and offers of humanitarian relief to the Libyan people were intended to help oust Qaddafi from power and gain access to Libya’s oil wealth.

“They succeeded in being the authors of the successful assassination of a sitting president,” Farrakhan told WVON-AM in Chicago, adding that it placed America’s interests in danger. “No one can trust the United Nations because it is a pawn of the Western world. No nation will give up their weapons of mass destruction like Qaddafi did, because it is the only protection they have against the wicked witches of the West.”

Farrakhan also noted that the people now claiming leadership of Libya are advocating Islamic Sharia law, something that he contends the U.S. has opposed.

Farrakhan earlier this year portrayed Qaddafi as a fellow revolutionary who has lent millions of dollars to the Nation of Islam over the years.

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  • Tom Smith

    I kinda liked Khadafi until this endorsement…..

  • ron paul is a neocon

    And then he boarded th ufo with the little green men and pink unicorns and flew away.

    bye bye weirdo…bye bye…

  • daryl

    FairyKahn felt a “great sense of loss” of the greenbacks Khadaffy supplied his cult. Nothing more. Look for him to take a little trip over there to see if he can reestablish the funding from the ‘new management”.

  • Arch

    Gaddafi killed a lot of Americans in the disco and the PanAm 107 bombings. He supported a lot of terrorists including the Nation of Islam, but I have always been uneasy about this War. If the US wants to exercise military power in the Middle East, Iran and Syria are much more logical targets.

    The Libyans gave up their nuclear weapons program and were cooperating with us to help track and kill al Qaeda operatives. To my knowledge, other than the Berlin and Lockerbie bombs decades ago, he never attacked us or our Nato allies. All his oil wound up in France and Italy, who have neglected to maintain more than boutique military forces. The US has no national interest in that country. Unlike Farrakhan, I will not miss Gaddafi. The question needs to be, who will replace him?

    The video of Qaddafi’s capture, rape and summary execution is not something our President should endorse.

  • pjean

    His “loss” is what he is feeling in his bank account. The relationship between Farrakhan and Kadafi has been a long and lucrative one. He and his Nation of Islam has receive millions in donations from Kadafi. During the Clinton administration, a $1 billion dollar gift from Kadafi to Farrakhan was blocked by that administration. Gee, I wonder why? I will be extremely curious to see how the Nation of Islam will be hurt by the death of its most generous donor.

  • Free Speech Rules
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  • Does this mean Odummer has lost Black Panthers support……………………they will no longer standing out-side voting places with sticks in hand………………….

  • Stuart

    A “great sense of loss”: No doubt, particularly with regard to your bank account Louie. What, no more big donations coming from Colonel Mohamar? Well that is a heartbreaker isn’t it. Well, perhaps your buddy Comrade Zero could send some “stimulus” your way to take up the slack.

  • mcc

    Look, Louie, I tried to warn you. You’ve got the trust thing all wrong. It’s not the West that turned on you. It was the malignant narcissist.

    You and he and even ol’ Daffy were buddies. He took what the Daffster was willing to give. That was the real fun part – for him anyway. But you gotta learn, Louie, for those unreliable MNs, when someone becomes inconvenient or when something better comes along, it’s “bye-bye good buddy.” And sometimes the bye-bye is real ugly.

    So, I’ll say it again: look out, Louie – just in case he may have to prove he isn’t still cozy with the NOI or MB.

    If it happens, I hope it won’t hurt too much. Ol’ Daffy sure ended up with some real sore spots before it was over.

  • Glen Stanish

    Farrakhan is the same guy who told the Daily Rash that the last time he was abducted by a UFO his captors were Jewish! http://www.thedailyrash.com/louis-farrakhan-claims-his-alien-ufo-abductors-were-jewish

  • Stuart

    Jewish alien captors. LOL LOL LOL Obviously Ed Wood has been one upped.

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