Libya’s Transitional Leader Says Islamic Sharia Law Will Be the “Basic Source” of All Law

Here’s the latest on the Arab Spring.
The AP reported:

Libya’s transitional leader says Islamic Sharia law will be the “basic source” of all law.

NTC rebel leaders celebrated today as Libya declared liberation from the Gaddafi regime.

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  • Shrillary


  • Ella

    Have at it. Ask me if I care. There aren’t enough goats in Libya to take care of these “men”.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Oh boy islamic califate here we come.

    We are living in biblical times.

    powder is dry

  • StrangernFiction

    Who could have possibly seen this coming?

  • Captain Chaos


    I’ve been saying this for months. Those goat-“herders” are forming an Islamic empire. Just add blood and watch it grow!

  • Sickofobama

    Obama would be in that photo if he weren’t playing golf right now.

  • Timwi
  • Valerie

    Frightening, isn’t it? Remember how we must have looked at Valley Forge, and during the First Continental Congress. Not to mention the Civil War …

    Meanwhile, The Sandmonkey (Egypt) is up to something.

    Mohamed Salem’s feature campaign website. Check back soon!

  • Patty
  • Patty
  • Marmo

    Yay! Another islamic sh*thole for the world to admire.

  • Sparky

    Obama is subtly allowing Islamists to take control in the Middle East.

    Bush and Cheney would have stepped in immediately and cut the tide of these barbarians!

  • GUS

    I’m sure all of our LIBTARD LIBERATED LADIES will be most happy about this!!!

  • Jim

    WOW – Bush frees “them”, Obama enslaves “them”.

  • Ella

    Obie’s duty as a muslim is helping to establish a worldwide caliphate and it just so happens that he became President of the good old United States! Nobody knew where Obie was from and Obie was hiding it really good too, and for a reason.

    Now, Obie knows very well that we are so fed up with him that he will get booted out of office first chance we get, so Obie is doing literally everything he can to get that caliphate established, the sooner the better.

    One of Obie’s next targets may very well be King Abdullah of Jordan. Obie is in bed with Ahmadinejad of Iran, because if Obie had been an America loving president, Obie would have taken every opportunity to be in Ahmadinejad’s face. If Obie had been an America loving president, he would also have supported the Iranian variety of Occupy Wall Street, remember where that girl Neda got shot and killed, but Obie didn’t lift a finger there. Obie is very, very selective in who he supports and why…..

    But make no mistake, Obie is a muzzie and as such he is attempting, in his very powerful position as American president, to establish an islamic caliphate.

    Have a nice day.

  • Valerie

    #12 October 23, 2011 at 12:19 pm
    Sparky commented:

    Bush and Cheney would have some kind words for Mubarak, who stayed in power too long and who, in the twilight of his time in office, saw his friends and family, and police in particular, become increasingly corrupt. Mubarak also kept the peace for 30 years, and allowed Egypt greater prosperity than other ME nations.

    They would also have pointed out that Mubarak and the Army had recognized the legitimacy of the Jan 25 protesters concerns, and would have encouraged an orderly turnover of government power at the next election.

    A few kind, legitimate, words to both sides of the controversy in Egypt could have eased the transitions ahead for all these countries, and led to something truly different in the Middle East.

  • James

    Everything obama touches fails or is made worse. The only exception was getting bin laden and that really was obama just riding on President George W. Bush’s coat tails. Bush did all the heavy lifting as far as intelligence work that obama and the libs criticized and then when Bush’s intelligence apparatus catches us with bin laden, obama is given all the credit.

  • Nanna1

    Obama has taken sides with Rebels against any segular government, and watches the Islamists take over.
    This is also why he didn’t negotiate in Iraq. He know that Iran will move in and Iraq will be taken over by Islamists, as they have in Egypt, Libya, Uganda, and anywhere else he sticks his nose in.
    He is a Muslim, and remember he said that he would take the side of the Muslims, in his book.

  • RKflorida

    Sharia law???? I never would have guessed.

  • Meg

    Obama must be so proud. Wake up America.

  • bg


    Libya’s Transitional Leader Says Islamic Sharia
    Law Will Be the “Basic Source” of All Law

    and that’s what, like something new?? /s/


  • bg


    re: #21 October 23, 2011 at 1:13 pm bg

    Earth to everyone..





  • sadsushi

    wowwww..i was with robert spencer from the very spring isn’t a spring at’s a winter and only will bring sharia law..the only true democracy in the middle east that will ever be is in Israel

  • jorgen

    No problem. Obama will without doubt tomorrow get NATO to liberate the Libyan people from the Islamists.

  • bg


    iow: the new religion is the same as the old religion , well
    i’m SHOCKED!! i tell you, absitively posolutely SHOCKED!!


  • Ella

    #22 BG – Sharia law was only partly applied under Khadaffy. Certain elements were adhered to, others were not.

    In particular, read the Post-Revolutionary Law paragraph.

    If you have another source stating that Sharia in Libya was completely adhered to, I’d be interested to read more about it.

  • SpideyTerry

    I’m sure Obama will praise this decision and announce more aid for Libya. Only afterward will he ask what Sharia Law is. And maybe then he’ll still support it.

  • bg


    can someone please name me an Islamic State
    in which Islam is not the official state religion??

    thanks in advance..

    oh wait, Freedom of religion in Iraq, at least it was a start.. as Obama
    is seeing to it that it not only never takes root in Iraq, but that Islam will
    be the official religion in the USA one day..


  • progressoverpeace

    bg commented:

    can someone please name me an Islamic State
    in which Islam is not the official state religion??

    There’s a difference in where supreme power actually lies, with a secular authority (as Turkey was fashioned and as the arab nations were after being swept by pan-arabism) or with the islamic mobs.

    What you are seeing today is the death of pan-arabism and its replacement by pan-islamism. This is also taking place in non-arab islamic nations (as I mentioned earlier with Turkey and their descent into islamic lunacy since their secular military was cut off at the knees by the EU’s laughable requirements imposed on Turkey). And, make no mistake about it, pan-islamism in the arab world is far more dangerous and destabilizing than pan-arabism (which was, itself, very dangerous and destructive).

    But, in the end none of this really matters, as the source of all threats to the West from the arab/persian/muslim world start and stop with their control of the gulf oil fields (that they all stole in the forced nationalizations of the mid 20th century). The oil fields are the only sources of arab/muslim power – financially, politically and strategically. Without control of the gulf fields, the arab/persian/muslim world would be almost totally defanged and rendered harmless. That is the end game – though most people in the West are happily ignoring this obvious fact.

  • bg
  • Ginger

    How come they are not wearing their dresses! They look to westernised with their suits on! 😀 I don’t see any of them bending over with their butts stuck in the air praising alla.

  • bg


    Ella #26 October 23, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    progressoverpeace #29 October 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    thank you..

    yes, i know, but one way or another, in all Islamic States, all laws are
    ultimately based on SHARIA, just not the Salafi, Wahabist, et al radical


  • bg


    disclaimer re: #32 October 23, 2011 at 1:45 pm bg

    i know for a fact that radical versions are often used in ie: SA (sunni)
    & Iran (shia), as well tolerated by a few others, however, it’s neither
    admitted to nor aired so to speak.. heck they use it here in America,
    but who listens to anti-Islamic Sharia Law Muslims?? /sigh sarc/

    oh btw, they have, do, and will continue to “collaborate” in the
    “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” vein so to speak, as Iran
    & Iraq did with both training & assisting the Saudi hijackers re:


  • progressoverpeace

    bg commented:

    yes, i know, but one way or another, in all Islamic States, all laws are
    ultimately based on SHARIA,

    Well, they all make that claim, at least, but states like Turkey and Egypt had very severe restrictions on islamic dress in public institutions. Now, I know that these dress codes weren’t strictly violating sharia (as sharia doesn’t really demand lots of the garb that islamic soceities force on their people) but these dress codes made it very clear that only so much public islam would be tolerated in the governmental institutions of those nations. Ataturk understood how important these little differences were (as I’m sure you are well aware) and knew that much of islamic scieties had to be cut from islam if they wanted to advance, at all. Otherwise, islam would always take over the power of state, in the end.

    You are correct that all islamic nations give lip service to sharia being the foundation of their “law” (even non-muslim nations have been giving in to adoption of sharia law for their muslim subcultures) but the difference is in how much of a free hand islam is given in gaining the power of the state. In the case of Libya and the rest, nothing is holding the islamists back, now. The West won’t support a military coup in Tunisia to keep the islamists out of power (as when they had won something like 75% of the vote in the 1992 Algerian election, IIRC) as the West just put all our power behind throwing out the pan-arabist military dictators to open the path for REAL SHARIA to spread through the arab world (and the rest of the muslim world) like wildfire.

  • Redwine

    And now, the Establishment GOP-chosen Candidate of 2008, the Brilliant John McRINO, wants the US to bring down the Syrian regime so that another piece of the Islamic caliphate can be put in place. A contiguous swath of Iranian dominance will stretch from Afghanistan (and some of the other ex-Soviet “Stans”) through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the 2 “Palestinian” entities (Gaza and the West Bank). There’s more to come.

    Sen. McCain Says U.S. May Consider Military Action in Syria
    Read more:

  • bg


    progressoverpeace #29 October 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    the US us more trouble mthan the Middle East, they’re used to Sharia
    Law, here we have a sitting president doing all he can do to build the
    foundation for an Islamic, state.. that is, if he hasn’t succeeded already,
    and i for one believe he has, well, more than enough to cause serious
    ramifications for decades to come anyways..


  • mcc

    Sharia on the way…

    Who can forget the unnerving sight of the First Family together right after the fraud’s election…all that black/red sure gave me the creeps. It seemed a pretty loud shout-out to their pals.

    But then, oddly, the big one suddenly began to bare more body parts than any previous First Lady – some we’d rather not have seen, btw – but one wonders if she has any idea how it might be offensive to those pals – for another reason entirely.

    I find it mystifying. Maybe it’s her narcissism — like Barry: I’m above any law.

  • bg


    Redwine #35 October 23, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    frankly, i’d rather have seen the brutal, abusive, Iran/
    Hez supporting Syria Regime go vs any of the others..

    Iraq Calls for Change of Syrian Regime

    Revolution in Syria brings security to Iraq’s border

    Syrian Protesters Burn Iranian, Russian, and Hezbollah Flags


  • bg


    mcc #37 October 23, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    i surprised at you, didn’t you know rules only apply to the ruled?? 😉


  • bg
  • bg


    oh dip re: #38 October 23, 2011 at 2:17 pm bg

    dangit, i got in the first time, second time
    was a no go, but here you go, good luck..

    Iraq Calls for Change of Syrian Regime


  • Redwine

    bg (#38)
    frankly, i’d rather have seen the brutal, abusive, Iran/
    Hez supporting Syria Regime go vs any of the others..

    No, thank you. There’s nothing to prefer here. Iran is extraordinarily dangerous on a global scale.

    Their extremely strong proxy, Hezbollah, was instrumental in Iran-supported Syria’s former rule of Lebanon, until Assad had Rafik Hariri murdered. The Hezbo-nazis, once in control in the Shiite south of Lebanon, is no longer a regime inside a sovereign country, but now control Lebanon and its armed forces (still supplied by the US) and possess 40-60,000 Iranian-supplied missiles aimed at Israel.

    Iranian-backed Hezbos have established forward bases in South America, Cuba, Mexico and have deeply infiltrated the US.

    Iran is sending warships to the Atlantic to monitor the US East Coast.

    On a personal note, I know what it’s like to be under attack from Iranian-supplied missiles. I and my family ran in and out of shelters during the 2006 Hezbo-Israel war.

    Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, Shiite Iran and the new Egyptian-led Sunni alliance will work together until they don’t.

  • bg
  • Oh great. We remove one dictator and put in another.

    How much did all of those cruise missiles and JDAM’s cost for this one? I am not sure that the European and American taxpayers are getting such a great deal. If you think about it, it is like we removed a jackal from the sheep pen and replaced it with a hyena.

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  • Adi

    “existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified”

    Would that mean the kind of shariah NYT is rooting for, or the more Nigerian/Somali/Saudi variety?

    Because, you know there is always the “moderate” version.

  • kansas

    Another Obama success.

  • WillofLa

    What the Muslims are doing is removing all governments, regimes, administrations that ever had anything to do with other governments outside of Islam. They do not want their Islamic nations to have anything to do with non-Islamic governments that don’t give their nation the upper hand in all negotiations, treaties, talks, whatever, they want Islam to be what guides their nation now, and the lives of their people.

    See, they have hated the fact that the ideologies of other civilizations who are secular, non-Islamic, Christian, and those countries have INFECTED their nation and have influenced their people who have adopted those things other countries like and that Muslims consider are offensive to Islam. The leadership of Libya want the Koran to be what the people follow instead of Playboy Magazine. Islam hates anyone who believes they can run the lives of the people of countries who’ve been Islamic historically. It’s that history that belongs to the people of those countries that these rebels want to recover. They do not want to move ahead into a secular, perverted future like the countries of Europe, America, and elsewhere in the world have adopted.

    From now on when we regard those nations who’ve returned to Islamic governance, we’ll have to know how to do that according to the Koran so as not to offend these governments. As you should know, it is Islam that IS the political, societal, civilian, and religious guide and law. It’s just like in Great Britain where the British government has had to allow and assist in the set up of Islamic courts who operate under Shiria. Muslims are trying to do the same thing here.

    If you move to another country, you are supposed to recognize that countries laws and respect what establishes those laws. But Muslims move to your country and since they carry their law with them everywhere they go, it is Islam that keeps them stirred up when they are told that they are going to be tried under that countries laws whenever some of them commit a crime. They refuse the verdict under a law they do not recognize as a law they live and pray under. I look at it this way, that if a Muslim moves to your country they have to obey your countries laws. If they don’t they will be deported or asked to leave. It’s obvious that Muslims don’t have any intention to become, let’s say an American, and when they come here to America they have come here to overthrow our system of law because it is their desire to bring their law to replace our laws.

    We cannot allow that. And they are going to make their countries Islamic. What we have to do NOW, is to tell them that they do not have the right to come here and overthrow our system of law. They need to be told that if they come here they are going to have to obey OUR law. If they refuse, then they will be barred from entering the United States. These days that sounds “mean”, but if they are going to come here they cannot be allowed to live here. They can visit, go to school, whatever but what they have to be told unless you plan on becoming an American, you cannot think you have the right to live under your own laws. You will have to live under our laws, not yours. If they can’t do that, then they have to get out. That’s just the way it’s going to have to be.

    Muslims have to understand that since they have established Islam in their countries, they cannot expect all non-Islamic countries to observe Shiria as their law to, because it’s not and never will be!! What else can be said?

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  • valerie

    The law of the United States of America is sharia-compliant.

    Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights provides that Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, or restraining the free exercise thereof.

    Islam makes various requirements of its followers, and also provides that non-Muslims don’t have to do any of that. There are those people who seek to impose Islam’s rules on others. We call them Islamists, and they are wrong, according to the best Muslim scholars.

    This is, of course, in distinct contrast to the Hamas Covenant of 1988

    which included an advertising campaign to convince Muslims that they have a personal duty to kill their neighbors.

    Our government has taken the position that we should not even talk about these things in our internal documents, which is a colossally stupid idea, along with the other colossally stupid idea that radical Muslims such as those in CAIR represent anything worthwhile.

  • Ella

    #48 WillofLa.. Very accurate and well put.

    There’s some documentation around somewhere on the internet, and I’ll post it as soon as I can get my hands on it, that describes what we can expect from Muzzies as they gain strength in numbers. They will demand more and more until they get the complete upper hand. This is already in progress in Europe.

    We have a pResident IWonWTF who is one of them. This guy is NOT on our side. We have got to stop this disaster.

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  • bg


    Ella #51 October 23, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    here you go, been posting it for years..

    Boiling The Infidel Frog

    this one is rather new..

    The Boiling Frog Syndrome


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  • bg


    valerie #50 October 23, 2011 at 3:47 pm



    An ex-CIA agent and counter-intelligence expert has revealed in a special report that Barack Obama has quietly appointed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to key posts within the Administration. Dr. Clare Lopez, professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, wrote a policy paper in December of 2009 which details the systematic appointment of Sharia-friendly advocates within the State Department and other government agencies.

    Why is this relevant to 2011?

    Events which are currently unfolding in the Middle East are a consequence of the behind-the-scenes work of Islamic advocates within the Administration.

    According to reports issued by NewsRealBlog, RedState, and LaborUnionReport, secret documents released by Wikileaks indicate that the United States government has been in the process of planning social and political upheaval in the Middle East for at least 2 years–beginning during the waning days of the Bush Administration and continuing under Obama. The goal was to push moderate Muslim dictators out the door in countries such as Egypt, while advocating so-called ‘democracy’ which would then insure the rise of Muslim Brotherhood-supported Islamists to fill the power-gap.

    How would such a grand scheme be accomplished?

    The reports expose a consortium of Leftwing organizations, Islamic groups, labor unions, and Obama-friendly corporations which would organize and fund a ‘youth movement’ in certain areas around the Middle East which would then take to the streets in protest against current governments.

    Some of the corporations involved are Google, YouTube, MSNBC, Facebook, National Geographic, M-TV, and Pepsi. In addition, the U.S. State Department, Columbia Law School, and various Islamic extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and others are central to the plot.

    The goal is to set in motion a domino effect, hoping that regime-change in Eqypt would spread to other nations in the Middle East, and eventually destabilize Europe, and ultimately, the United States.

    No sooner had Mubarak been ousted in Eqypt than demands were issued for war with Israel. Egypt’s government and Constitution were abolished by the military. The Camp David Accords, which has kept peace between Egypt and Israel since the 1970s, was discarded.

    Then, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi issued a call to the Muslim world to wage war with Israel. There is upheaval in Jordon and Lebannon as well–Israel’s closest neighbors.

    And while the Obama Administration rushed to jump out in front of the uprising in Egypt to praise its so-called ‘push for democracy,’ a similar uprising this week in Iran has been met with deafening silence.


    Perhaps some basic facts will provide clues.

    Obama’s top national security advisor declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is a ‘secular’ organization, non-extremist, and dedicated to ‘peace.’ Obama himself, in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, refused to refer to the Brotherhood as an Islamic extremist organization, in spite of the fact that the group’s own charter, and recent statements made by its leadership, indicate exactly that.

    And a Muslim board member of CPAC, of all things, declared in a news conference that ‘there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,’ despite the fact that the group issued a document in 1991 indicating its North American objectives.

    At the very least it is clear that things are not as they seem on the surface in Eqypt, Iran, nor within the Obama Administration and the American Muslim community. And, due to the fact that the mainstream media merely parrots the official Administration propaganda, the American people are being bamboozled.

    The administration refuses to utilize
    a strong opponent of radical Islam..

    i still say we suffer Doubting Thomas Syndrome.. *sigh*

    [btw: you is meant in general]


  • bg


    Redwine #42 October 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    you’re preaching to the choir..

    doesn’t mean the US should continue paying Assad to be a friend, all
    the whilst brainwashing the masses to hate both America and Israel..


  • Ella

    #53 BG – Yep, that’s pretty much the gist of it, thanks for digging that up.

  • bg


    Why So Many Got Qaddafi Wrong

    [Gaddafi was a genuine monster and mass murderer, of foreigners as well as of his own people. Unfortunately some of the aspects of his personality and dictatorial style that helped him retain power for all those decades also served to obscure just how vicious he was.

    The clownishness and the comic-opera costumes in particular made it harder to see him as a tyrant every bit as savage and cruel as more conventional third world dictators. We Westerners from countries with genuine elections tend to put too much faith in appearances. (It is why so many people wrongly assume that Syria’s Assads are not as cruel or dangerous as dictators sporting military fatigues and sunglasses, or wearing an animal pelt across their shoulders.) Gaddafi was indeed a clown but he was of the evil, John Wayne Gacy kind that inhabit nightmares.]

    i tried to tell you, i begged you do some
    research, but i know, i’m all wrong.. 🙁


  • Henry

    The dude was bad no doubt! but, could it be possible it took someone like him to keep these people under control? Just asking?”

  • bg


    Henry #59 October 23, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    oh yes, blame the brainwashed, atrociously treated
    in the name of America & Israel and i guess so.. /s/


  • Obama is spreading…………..Sharia law all over the world…………… fast as he can …………..who will be next?

  • bg



    gee, how did we miss this?? /s/

    September 26, 2011

    Saudi women gain vote for the first time

    aah, one small step for women, and they get to keep their foot.. /s/


  • Henry

    @ #61

    Scary isnt it!

  • Glenn Koons, LB, Ca.

    Gallup has Bama up to 44% approval over Libya. Now we see headlines that both Tunis, Libya , perhaps later Iraq, and Syria, all will become sharia-jihadist Islamofascist states. Yikes. Is this what voters thought would happen when Obama and the MSM were taking credit for the end of a tyrant??? So together with his failed economic domestic policies, if if if all this sharia stuff pans out, what happened to the fabulous Arab Spring that libs were praying for?????

  • Molon Labe

    Looks like Obama has chalked up another win to spread radical Islam.

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