Here’s the latest on the Arab Spring.
The AP reported:

Libya’s transitional leader says Islamic Sharia law will be the “basic source” of all law.

NTC rebel leaders celebrated today as Libya declared liberation from the Gaddafi regime.




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  2. Have at it. Ask me if I care. There aren’t enough goats in Libya to take care of these “men”.

  3. Oh boy islamic califate here we come.

    We are living in biblical times.

    powder is dry

  4. Who could have possibly seen this coming?


    I’ve been saying this for months. Those goat-“herders” are forming an Islamic empire. Just add blood and watch it grow!

  6. Obama would be in that photo if he weren’t playing golf right now.

  7. Frightening, isn’t it? Remember how we must have looked at Valley Forge, and during the First Continental Congress. Not to mention the Civil War …

    Meanwhile, The Sandmonkey (Egypt) is up to something.

    Mohamed Salem’s feature campaign website. Check back soon!

  8. Yay! Another islamic sh*thole for the world to admire.

  9. Obama is subtly allowing Islamists to take control in the Middle East.

    Bush and Cheney would have stepped in immediately and cut the tide of these barbarians!

  10. I’m sure all of our LIBTARD LIBERATED LADIES will be most happy about this!!!

  11. WOW – Bush frees “them”, Obama enslaves “them”.

  12. Obie’s duty as a muslim is helping to establish a worldwide caliphate and it just so happens that he became President of the good old United States! Nobody knew where Obie was from and Obie was hiding it really good too, and for a reason.

    Now, Obie knows very well that we are so fed up with him that he will get booted out of office first chance we get, so Obie is doing literally everything he can to get that caliphate established, the sooner the better.

    One of Obie’s next targets may very well be King Abdullah of Jordan. Obie is in bed with Ahmadinejad of Iran, because if Obie had been an America loving president, Obie would have taken every opportunity to be in Ahmadinejad’s face. If Obie had been an America loving president, he would also have supported the Iranian variety of Occupy Wall Street, remember where that girl Neda got shot and killed, but Obie didn’t lift a finger there. Obie is very, very selective in who he supports and why…..

    But make no mistake, Obie is a muzzie and as such he is attempting, in his very powerful position as American president, to establish an islamic caliphate.

    Have a nice day.

  13. #12 October 23, 2011 at 12:19 pm
    Sparky commented:

    Bush and Cheney would have some kind words for Mubarak, who stayed in power too long and who, in the twilight of his time in office, saw his friends and family, and police in particular, become increasingly corrupt. Mubarak also kept the peace for 30 years, and allowed Egypt greater prosperity than other ME nations.

    They would also have pointed out that Mubarak and the Army had recognized the legitimacy of the Jan 25 protesters concerns, and would have encouraged an orderly turnover of government power at the next election.

    A few kind, legitimate, words to both sides of the controversy in Egypt could have eased the transitions ahead for all these countries, and led to something truly different in the Middle East.

  14. Everything obama touches fails or is made worse. The only exception was getting bin laden and that really was obama just riding on President George W. Bush’s coat tails. Bush did all the heavy lifting as far as intelligence work that obama and the libs criticized and then when Bush’s intelligence apparatus catches us with bin laden, obama is given all the credit.

  15. Absoloutely!!
    Obama has taken sides with Rebels against any segular government, and watches the Islamists take over.
    This is also why he didn’t negotiate in Iraq. He know that Iran will move in and Iraq will be taken over by Islamists, as they have in Egypt, Libya, Uganda, and anywhere else he sticks his nose in.
    He is a Muslim, and remember he said that he would take the side of the Muslims, in his book.

  16. Sharia law???? I never would have guessed.

  17. Obama must be so proud. Wake up America.

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