Confirmed: GADDAFI DEAD – GRAPHIC VIDEO …Update: Shot in Head

This is the image they are showing on Arab television.

The image was captured on a mobile phone camera by French photographer Philippe Desmazes for Getty.

He was reportedly shot once in the head and once in both legs.

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi died of wounds suffered on Thursday as fighters overran his hometown Sirte.

He sure looks dead.
(Graphic Video)

Gaddafi reportedly shouted, “Don’t shoot!” before he was killed.

TIME Live reported Gaddifi was captured and killed today in Libya.

UPDATE: GRUESOME VIDEO– Gaddafi captured alive, beaten bloody and shot dead by militants.

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  • Obama Nation

    Back Door Amnesty Alert!

    Napolitano: DHS Authorizing Illegal Aliens to Work in U.S.

  • Objective Analysis

    Farrakhan and Black Panthers are not going to be too happy about this. USA killing their brother. well….

  • Mark1957

    Good. He should have been taken out decades ago. May he burn in hell.

  • Well this means Debbie Washmeharder Shultz will never have a chance to get a date.

  • Warthog

    I’m conflicted.
    1- Gaddafi / Kadaffi was a tyrant who murdered the opposition, sic semper tyrannis and all that. It gets the Jefferson seal of approval. 🙂
    2- Muslim fanatics will seize power and run this place as an Islamic theocracy. 🙁

    (Why can’t both sides lose?…)

  • olm

    Exactly. There is no win here.
    Still wondering a. why we were there in the first place. and b. a bunch of Shiite rebels could take him out but NATO/The US couldn’t?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    When does Soros take control of their oil?

  • Conservative to the Core

    Thanks NATO!

  • Joanne

    Muslim Brotherhood taking over….1…2…3….

  • Mark1957

    Was he raped also? The jobs bill still hasn’t passed. 🙄

  • labwriter

    Interesting contrast. We get to see the “dead Gaddafi” photo, but “dead Osama” was too inflammatory or something.

  • ocrick

    Not one drop of American blood shed.

    Done for 1/3000th’s the cost of Iraq.

    No war profits this time GOP. It is making their heads explode.

    Well done President Obama.

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  • More Liberty

    Obama: “Days not weeks”

    Obama is just another warmonger like Bush was. We have one political party in this country – warfare/welfare.

  • dwd

    But you can’t see the Osama bin Laden photo, no no no.

  • Remco Kimber

    A bloody, grisly picture ending in death.

    An apt snapshot of everything that is Islam


    hey OCDICK…STFU and move along little boy…odumbo is a complete fukk up and the world knows it

  • chris

    Once in *each* leg, I presume. Or is English dead too?

  • James Crow

    #19 Chris:

    English is still in hiding.

  • john

    Great. Then, assasination becomes ok for our enemies as well.

    Not to mention that Ghaddafi had basically rolled over for us before the invasion. So what motivation does Assad and Aquavelvajack ( just cant get the Dennis Miller version of the guys name out of head) have to not contine to be dangerous aholes? We will kill them if they continue their ways or not just depends on opportunity.

  • Bill M

    “Great. Then, assasination becomes ok for our enemies as well.”

    I’m sure Russia and China are making a list and checking it twice.

  • Obama Nation

    Learn The Truth About Obama’s Plans For A Communist Takeover Here

  • Josheroo

    Who’s going to break it to Billy Carter?

  • bigkahuna

    It couldnt have happened to a nice Dicktator… To think this scumbag could have left and lived on the billions he raped the country of.

    Hopefully the morons in Libya will rule themselves by something other than Sharia.

    Half the middle East should be turned to glass

  • big L

    It is Lee Oswald;s magic bullet.
    Pehaps K-daffy now will join Ken Lay on some luxurious island, to goof off the rest of their days
    having beaten the rap.
    I think a lot of 70 yr old Libyan men could be dressed up to look like K-daffy. Check out the TIME Mag shots of Khalid Mohammed the terrorist. all cleaned up and wearing robes he looks like Osama bin Laden.

  • daryl

    This had to happen sooner or later.
    Muammar, you damned fool! That’s what you get for not “certifying” them yourself.

    Muammar Gaddafi’s Virgin Bodyguards ! – YouTube

  • bill

    so where’s the video? that’s just a pic.

  • Dave Mathews

    Obama didn’t kill Gadaffi, rebel forces killed gadaffi. Of course Obama campaigned on not getting involved in other countries issues like Bush did. Obama the hypocrite. I am glad he followed the Bush policies. Now will he be a leader or will he let the Muslim Brotherhood take over the government.

  • Doug

    I’m waiting for Obama to take credit.

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  • Todd F

    Black Panthers threaten to show up at voting booths and intimidate citizens. Oh, been there done that.

  • David V.USAF-77-84

    Good question #28 Bill. a video of a still picture. and Gaddafi Duck supposelly fled the country and then killed in country? and at the end of the supposed video, somebody can’t spell officially the correct way.

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  • Sparky

    Not sure why the US was in Libya in the first place. There were worse dictators than Ghaddafi who needed to be neutralized, like Assad from Syria.

    So, what was accomplished? Obama tries to take credit, again. And, Libya becomes totally Islamic, under Sharia law. Will Soros get the oil?

  • bg


    for whatever officially means these days, yes..

    is he really dead, i have my doubts, i
    mean, this wouldn’t be the first time..

    also still believe Osama was dead & buried near Kandahar back in 05,
    & Mammy’s chillin’ it at the Farrakhan compound.. but that’s just me..


  • Obama Nation

    Freshman Repubican Says ‘Evicting’ Illegals Opens Up Millions of Jobs for Americans

  • Meanwhile, Obama is moving into Uganda, but we’re not interested in their oil, no sirree.

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  • Skinner


    243 passengers and crew murdered, plus those Scottish civillians killed in Lockerbie when the jumbo ploughed into their homes

    REMEMBERING Sergeants Kenneth Ford & James Goins – murdered in the bombing of the Berlin disco in 1986, plus the other servicemen and civilians maimed.

    It is good to see him die this way, pleading for his life, and not of old age in a warm bed in a foreign country.


  • Finncrisp

    We can be glad that his terror reign has ended. Sadly, it wiil be replaced by another Moslem terror reign. Younger, hipper despots. At least he turned in his WMD’s before this happened.

  • SnowSoul

    Here’s the video of him, not just a still picture

  • BurmaShave

    One wonders what he saw as his life passed before him. I suspect it was not pretty.

  • Em

    The child predators still on the streets, in positions of authority and honor, wielding credentials that make them officers of the court are worse than anything Moammar ever did to this country.
    In 1969, Charlie Crist sexually abused a grade school boy, admitted that crime to his father after police had been to the Crist home looking for Charlie, fled town, came back and exploited the boy again probably introducing the boy to drugs which eventually led to the boy’s early death just a few years later.
    Did you know that Charlie Crist, the politician, is for gay adoption, but against gay marriage? Now, why would he be for gay adoption? Could it be that gay adoption provides access to male homosexual child predators? Could, say, a male homosexual adopt a teenage boy on the lamb from police and give him a new identity?

  • olm

    HUH? why the Charlie Crist post?

  • Darrell

    His is officaly killed?

    What a horrible way to go.

  • Darrell

    > HUH? why the Charlie Crist post?

    Crazed zealots never feel bound by relevance.

  • Em

    Oh, really Darrell? If you were the crazed zealot who overheard Charlie Crist’s confession to his father of what he what he did to that boy, would you want justice, or would you want to act like it never happened?
    The William Joshua Crist and Wanda Marie Scott Crist family included three sons and two daughters. Charlie Crist had two brothers and two sisters who know the truth about Charlie and where he is today.
    Do you care about slimy, predatory politicians preying on children, or is that irrelevant to you?
    I don’t really care what you think of me, but I do care about Charlie Crist being brought to justice under any circumstances, the sooner the better.

  • We can see video and pictures on national tv of this one, but no bin laden photos.

  • #5 #9 bing……………………

  • Ocrick: a typical tool of the Dem Party. All he can see in this event is glory for Obama. And he snickers gleefully at the thought of GOP supporters getting mad about it. But guess what? The leftist stalwarts are the ones whose heads will explode. Just watch. Their most holy saint, violating his own principles and acting like Bush!!! (And of course, there’s the inconvenient fact that it was the rebels who did this, not our commander-in-chief. Sorry.)

  • Bob Z

    So now we know why Hillary dropped in to Libya the other day.

  • Patty

    Gaddafi, DON’T SHOOT!! Tell that to all the innocent people you order your army to kill.

    Scared much!!

  • Em

    How soon do the taxpayers begin paying the Global Poverty Initiative to provide roads, schools, sanitary water and sewer, high speed internet, cable, health care, and educations so that American jobs can be outsourced to Libya? It takes American military power and American taxpayer dollars to build their village. Trading places with the third world is expensive…for Americans.

  • scott

    Isnt that the same ending that osama had?…”dont shoot”…splat!!!! hee hee..CYA!!

  • myohmy

    The fate of ruthless dictators staying too long in power. Sad.

  • YourMaster

    Who’s going to break it to 0bama… that his long time hubby & lover Gaddafi is dead?

  • There are few christans in Libya they are now in great danger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Obama has made a pack with the muslim Brotherhood…………

  • Bitter Clinger

    NOW where will Moochelle Obama get her wardrobe? Didn’t it come straight out of Qaddafi’s closet? I axe you? In the meantime, Calypso Louis Ferra-Con is in deep mourning for his brother from another mother. Didn’t Qadaffi called Obama his brother at the U. N. right after Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Pieces? When will the man-child tyrant of the USA come out and start pounding his tiny chest over this one? I axe you that, too.

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  • Cardkleener

    He is not dead. He is with elvis, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King on an island

  • Patty

    I’d like to hear thoughts from George W. Bush and George H. Bush.

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  • MJ

    I still dont GET why we are/were in Libya in the 1st place.

  • aprilnovember811

    It makes you wonder why he agreed to give back the Lockerbie Bomber, doesn’t it. If this was his intention all along.

    So to take responsibility for our troops over there, it is not actually troops, it is NATO. Now, with his death, Obama personally pulled the trigger? No, his friends at the Muslim Brotherhood did. The same Muslim Brotherhood, who is in our DHS and State Department. Don’t be fooled by this. This is not about National Security, it’s about Obama. I’m not going to play along with it. It makes me feel more disgust, if it’s possible in him, and what used to be the news media in this country. We have people who are fully grown adolescents running this country. We’re in enormous danger, and people are celebrating this?

    Does anyone wonder why we haven’t seen the Osama Bin Laden photos? Could it be, that he was actually dead years prior?

    You’ll have to excuse me, if I don’t celebrate, I want the ugly Muslim in our White House OUT!

  • aprilnovember811

    Don’t forget he’s also killing this, and this.

    SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 4:00 A.M.
    Labor Leaders Tell Obama: Stop Killing Jobs
    Even Big Labor is complaining about Big Government.

  • Spartan

    OK,,,,,so the rebels are fine with showing off the bloodied and shot up body of Qaddafi. So if the regime is fine with with him being gone,,,,,,release the bloodied shot body of UBL!!!! Will dear leader take a victory lap over this, too???

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  • Andreas K.

    And now they’ll get more sharia, more islam, more oppression than under Old Momo. And the US and EU helped them getting it.

    Mission accomplished.

    Yes, he was a bastard, but the devil you know… Tunisia is lost. Egypt is lost. Now Libya is lost. Syria may be next. Why the revolutions? Not enough islam, that’s the simple reason. The people want more islam, more sharia, more oppression. There will be no freedom, no liberty, no democarcy.

    And I ask, why do we even pay attention? Let these morons kill each other and let’s make sure they do it thoroughly.

  • Bitter Clinger

    @Spartan: Dear Leader will be coming out of his crib (our White House) to pound his tiny chest at 2 p.m. EDT. Let’s all count the number of personal references he makes. I, me, my , mine. Let the Idiot Bingo begin!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Now that this guy is finally gone, may the souls of the passenger of Pan Am Flight 103 rest in peace.

  • USMC Thomas

    Any comments from Gaddafi’s buddies Rev’s Fairykhan and Jeremiah Wright?

  • Obama Nation

    Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Are All of the Obamas Illegal Aliens?

  • Stuart

    “Don’t shoot.”
    Q. These were:

    A. Col Gadaffey’s last words.
    B. Osamma Bin Ladin’s last words.
    C. Che Guavara’s last words.
    D. All of the above.

    How interesting.

  • Clutch

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. NATO gets the props for assisting in taking Khadaffy-Duck out, not Obumbles the Klown.

  • Greg

    Get ready for the OWS Marxist/Socialist Puppet Masters to resort to incidents of manufactured violence to get the attention back on them. The multitudes of useful idiots stand ready to comply.

  • Conservative to the Core

    “This is a victory for the president, the Obama administration but most importantly” for the Libyan people, McCain said on Fox News Thursday morning.

    Thanks RINO.

  • Rose

    Why do we get instant graphic photos of Ghadaffi and still don’t have them of Osama bin Laden?????? Very peculiar!

    Why is Obama so blatantly proud of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood take-over of a string of Middle East Nations?

  • Rose

    #77 October 20, 2011 at 12:41 pm
    Conservative to the Core commented:

    I ALWAYS said we would be worse off if we had McCain in the Oval Office – I stand by that.

    THAT is why it matters WHICH “ANYBODY BUT” that we elect in 2012. ENABLERS of Dim Policy are NOT “Better Than”‘s. They ain’t Lesser Evils, either.

  • Martyo

    Castro is next…bring on the cigars

  • OSweet

    Now the UN should get the corpse, and prop it up one more time in front of the lectern, let Gaddhafi give one more speech. Show all those leaders how smart and great they are. Show them who think they understand history, show them what history really does.

  • Bohr

    It is apparent that “ocrick” (Comment #12) measures killing by how much it costs. A Liberals excuse for the same killing of a dictator, pathetic.

  • mcc

    Calypso Louie can’t be happy about this — “who the hell do you think you are?” — or the good rev. Wright…if it’s true. Their pal…no more…

  • Millitant Conservative

    Anyone up for a global War??? Anyone ready for Jihad here in the U.S.?

    Coming to America all too soon. It’s already started, OWS is the trial balloon.

    Get yer guns and ammo while you can and stock up and be self sufficient.

    Obama regime does not care who they have to kill, even thier own citizens.

    powder is dry and oc prick is sick a puppy.

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  • Norway

    I’m actually glad Gaddafi is dead..

  • I love the tough guys here who are admonishing those of us who prefer Western justice to the rage-driven, hormonal justice of the barbarian world. Hey, we’re civilized here, remember? So take your rebukes and put ’em where the moon don’t shine. We’re Americans and that’s not our style.

  • Yusfaith

    We all have ono life, we come to live and we live to die. Gaddaf is dead. I pray may his soul rest in peace

  • Obama Nation

    The Bare Naked Islam Website Reports…

    Muslim Brotherhood Front Group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is sponsoring Islamic Prayer Day at Occupy Wall Street. FYI: It was the Muslim Brotherhood who orchestrated the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and now Syria. And it is Barack Hussein Obama who supports them all.


    Wow…he missed the rapture by one lousy day! Jesus will be pissed tomorrow.

  • Josh

    What is wrong with you people? First of all, The US/Nato CHOSE not to take him out. We didn’t “fail” at taking him out. Especially not the United States. At most, we scrapped a few old missiles. We chose not to show the Osama Bin Laden pictures, because the photos fell into the hands of professional American officials. Officials at this point had the option to release the photos to the media, which they chose not to. This video was taken by some rebel who gave the footage to Al-Jazeera. How does this not make sense to you people?

  • SsaNa

    You people are sick….and ignorant…
    i’am an arab muslim, and i don’t support the fact that they killed gadafi without trail… and you governement along side NATO are responsible for his death, bec they pay people to start the revolution in libya to kill gadafi, bec he have the experince of 42+ years in politics, and he dangerd your so called national security…. wich is in fact a poor excuse….bec the truth remins….all this war was for the Oil…..

  • Nalliah Thayabharan

    Gaddafi who was captured alive, should have been treated as prisoner of war and put on trial. But Gaddafi was indeed killed in the back of a truck. Killing of Gaddafi really raise some questions about the command and discipline of the anti- Gaddafi forces and what Libya is going to be like in future under the control of anti- Gaddafi forces.
    – Nalliah Thayabharan

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  • The Truth

    funny how people are posting with all these bold opinions and judgements against everyone from the rebels to obama. very convenient to do so in the greatest country in the world! freedom, democracy, and safety is what we have that this county did not. that country has like 40% unemployment, food and housing are pitiful. they needed this. yeah, sucks that death comes along with progress sometimes, but let’s not forget that our country spilled a ton of blood in the revolutionary war and again in the civil war to get us where we are today. so for the fools crying bloody murder while you are driving your BMW and texting from your iPhone watching their 60 inch TV. remember how OUR country got where we are and be a little bit happy for the poor innocent people that have been oppressed and fearful, some for their entire lives all b/c of this clown.

  • Zeply

    If what happend yesterday pleases the world, good but if you realy think about it as soon as one dictator is taken out, the next one takes his place. Think of recent events, Sadam Husein, Osama Bin Laden and now col M Gadaffi. So if thats anything to go with, it wont be long for the next one. Lets hope we can get rid of them all!!!

  • cuss

    History repeating.
    We back one bunch of armed savages to topple the ruling savages in return for our bussines.
    Sadam v’s the commies
    Osama v’s the commies
    Sadam v’s the Iranians
    Kuwait v’s Sadam
    Gaddafi v’s Al quida
    Locals v’s Gaddafi
    Dope lords v’s The Taliban
    round and round and round we go…… and still we get ripped off at the petrol pump.
    Let’s rise up against our own leaders, the robbing…… savages.

  • ebi

    hi!and goodbye terrible,terrorist,…
    i am happy over gaddafi died,and i sure all the kind of people of the world.
    i hope these are the sign to end of all the terrible goverenment in our world.
    the sun coms,back of mountain!…

  • traveller

    th americans suk, th british suk, th french wanna bees too.. ths wz a libyan issue n cz o thm, africa lost th gr8test pan africanst o th 21st cntury..n 1 o th best developmntal mnds too..ths guy hd a +ve inflenc in most afrcn c’triez..n thoz wstern pwrs ddnt siez fire as toks were goin on wth th AU..thr wz a mch beta way2 wards ths atleast4 th pple wh wnt dmocracy. n if u aint afrcn..,js mnd yo biz

  • traveller

    and yep..thy r in uganda cz thy wnt oil.. th guy they claim2 b trackn dwn z reportdly in cntral afrcn rpublic..n hez bin thre4 abt 3yrz nw?thts th perfct start..n whre were they anyway in yearz1998, 99, 2000. when tht guy practically cookd civilians bodyparts in big pots? n whn he uzd2 slice pples noses? thng z, th 100 troops thy r sndn arnt evn goin2 wt exctly z their job gvn th fact tht th oil wels r locatd close to th rgion in question?

  • Morning All. I am confue I saw they kill Kadofi was this right outing it on tge news for smaller Children too see this I was brought up not too kill or hurt People no madder who or what they are by my Parents I even got the belt from my Father meny of times on my bear legs as a small child. My Older Sister told me the same thing as well as my older Brother too but the 3 younger ones they didn’t well it hurt us very much but got us in not too lie too no one eather my Father was very well he tough us never lie or you get waped we never did. I guess us older ones where afred of him. Me mostly becouse I was the hiperactuf one. Well I hope all your children won’t go out & kill like they see it on TV or there Computer becouse I care for themmm???

  • that is not GADAFI that is lie gadafi he is in africa

  • joseph


  • Nicole Lee

    To those who don’t know why “we” were there in the first place. It began as a civil war, NATO were very reluctant to interfere hence the delay. Gaddafi threatened war crimes against his people. NATO then reacted, allowing the use of force. In making it an International Conflict International Humanitarian Law became applicable as under the Geneva conventions placing substantial burdens on all parties to protect civilians and to ‘fight fair’ as it were. For his breaches of IHL Gaddafi would have been bound for the Hague to stand trial as a war criminal. Though I’m no Gaddafi fan it is important to remember breaches of IHL including mass murder and despoiling of remains were made on both sides

  • Sahuma Sareal

    Watching a man who is part Negro continue the slaughter of the middle, east taking part in the the white man’s quest for superiority and control of the entire world is heart wrenching. Even a half black man should understand and not help these evil white people kill innocent people! When will the American Presidents be brought to justice in this manner for committing the same crimes? Who will be killed for the murder of Gaddafi as the special seals were killed for murdering Bin Laden? Is the suspense ” killing” you also?

  • what the Libyans did was wrong.i think they are going to SUFFER.wicked people.

  • Makaluza C. M.

    No matter how cruel he was, Gaddafi did not deserve to die like that. He should have been presented to the International Court of Justice for the law to take its course. However, I hope from today onwards peace and stability will prevail in Libya. The question is “who’s next”? If I were Mugabe, I would step down before it’s too late.

  • Obama

    It’s true I did command them to kill him.

  • Obama

    lol jk

  • Obama

    I had no part of this.

  • Jill
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  • francis elo

    we should not pay evil to evil