Horrible… Joe Biden Doubles Down – Stands By Rape Reference to GOP (Video)

Human Events editor Jason Mattera confronted Vice President Joe Biden on his disgusting reference to rape if Republicans don’t support Obama’s “jobs” bill.
Biden stood by his outrageous remarks.
Via Human Events:

From Human Events:

“I didn’t use, no no no…Let’s get it straight, guy. Don’t screw around with me,” Biden lashed out at HUMAN EVENTS. Then Biden confirmed that he indeed did talk about rape in terms of the President’s spending measure. “Murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise,” if the Democrats agenda isn’t passed, he added.

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  • patman

    This administration has lost it. It’s all just one big train wreck.

    Forget about the car in the ditch. Amtrack just went off the bridge…

  • Pretty funny there #1 ……….just waiting for a complete melt-down for all the public to see……………

  • Conservative Ken

    Can this guy ever open his mouth without tripping over his own tongue?

    He must have been talking about the OWS protest, that must be it.

  • Patty

    Biden: Because of Bush Administration and Wall Street ‘People Died’ and ‘Homes Burned’

    Biden: Because of Bush Administration and Wall Street ‘People Died’ and ‘Homes Burned’ By Elizabeth Harrington October 19, 2011 Subscribe to Elizabeth Harrington’s posts

    (CNSNews.com) – Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that “people died” and “people’s homes burned to the ground,” because the Bush administration allowed “God-awful Ponzi schemes” on Wall Street.

    Speaking at a rally to promote a piecemeal provision of President Obama’s jobs proposal, Biden told police and firefighters that the budget shortfalls of state and local governments were not attributable to state and local governments.

    “Those of you know it’s not really the fault of your mayor or your government,” the vice president said. “Some are more sympathetic than others, but the bottom line is they don’t have the money because of this God-awful mess we got put in.

    “In many cities the result has been–and it’s not unique–murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up. And folks, there’s a simple reason for that. It’s been a perfect storm out there from the God-awful Ponzi schemes that the last outfit allowed Wall Street to engage in, resulted in this gigantic collapse of the financial industry.”

  • KR

    Rape and crime are up in the age of Obama? 3 times?

    I heard the extended audio of Biden’s claims. He put on his tough guy voice. Phonies.

  • Patty

    Now, the blame Bush is on again. Knew the stupid and deviants had it in them.

    Just amazing how Biden seems to be Obama man he is turning to do use the B -WORD.

  • Beef

    That son of a bitch should been tarred and feathered out of Washington 23 years ago. The fact that he is America’s Vice President makes me sick.

  • donh

    What strikes me is the Code Pinko bitch in the pink blouse who starts nudging Biden’s shoulder . She bosses the VP in shrill voice ” We Gotta Go ” and suddenly the whole pack of people starts bolting. She then asks “who are you with ” in her Nazi voice….She is the one wearing the pants here. She must have wrote the Rape talking points…. Joe is just an angry puppet .

  • Patty

    The White House Warned Congress About Fannie Mae Freddie Mac 17 Times In 2008, Alone
    September, 21, 2008 \

    The White House attempts to set the record straight:

    (I’m copying this post from the White House webpage in it’s entirety because I want people to read the whole thing).

    For many years the President and his Administration have not only warned of the systemic consequences of financial turmoil at a housing government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) but also put forward thoughtful plans to reduce the risk that either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac would encounter such difficulties. President Bush publicly called for GSE reform 17 times in 2008 alone before Congress acted. Unfortunately, these warnings went unheeded, as the President’s repeated attempts to reform the supervision of these entities were thwarted by the legislative maneuvering of those who emphatically denied there were problems.


    April: The Administration’s FY02 budget declares that the size of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is “a potential problem,” because “financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets, affecting Federally insured entities and economic activity.”


    May: The President calls for the disclosure and corporate governance principles contained in his 10-point plan for corporate responsibility to apply to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (OMB Prompt Letter to OFHEO, 5/29/02)


    January: Freddie Mac announces it has to restate financial results for the previous three years.

    February: The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) releases a report explaining that “although investors perceive an implicit Federal guarantee of [GSE] obligations,” “the government has provided no explicit legal backing for them.” As a consequence, unexpected problems at a GSE could immediately spread into financial sectors beyond the housing market. (“Systemic Risk: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Role of OFHEO,” OFHEO Report, 2/4/03).



  • chachooga

    all i know is i just followed that guy on twitter….because the end of the video is freakin awesome….michelle malkin even tweeted about it….it might be voice over…but it is classic!

    How are you with??? (hag voice)

    Human Events (question guy)

    cue the bad mama jamma music….

  • Patty

    occupiers have no research what exactly went on and why this nation went down in flames.

    Leaders who are so embedded in Wall street and did make trades that they knew were wrong did it anyway. Selling mortgages off and eventually the economy would meltdown.

    Frank and Dodd and Congress during the Bush term were not listening when many knew full well that it all would come crashing down. Frannie and Freddie are still apart of Obama administration. As is this dimwit Biden, he knows he is one big liar. And now, he is Blaming Bush?

  • Neo

    Vice President Joe Biden said … “murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up”

    Am I crazy or has this Administration just admitted that their law enforcement efforts are so bad that “murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up” ?

    Let me be the first to call for the resignations of Eric Holder and Robert Mueller. When any administration is this brazen about their inability to do anything, they deserve to be taken down.

  • Steve

    Truly a classless twit of a moron.

  • Patty


    January: Bank of America announces it will buy Countrywide.

    January: Citigroup announces mortgage portfolio lost $18.1 billion in value.

    February: Assistant Secretary David Nason reiterates the urgency of reforms, says “A new regulatory structure for the housing GSEs is essential if these entities are to continue to perform their public mission successfully.” (David Nason, Testimony On Reforming GSE Regulation, Senate Committee On Banking, Housing And Urban Affairs, 2/7/08).

    March: Bear Stearns announces it will sell itself to JPMorgan Chase.

    March: President Bush calls on Congress to take action and “move forward with reforms on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They need to continue to modernize the FHA, as well as allow State housing agencies to issue tax-free bonds to homeowners to refinance their mortgages.” (President George W. Bush, Remarks To The Economic Club Of New York, New York, NY, 3/14/08).



  • donh

    Yes…amplify that ” Who are you with ” nazi voice… The Reporter didn’t listen to Joe’s finger pointing threat to not mess with him….So his staffer wants to know who he is with in a nasty ” you are about to be fired ” voice. These people are worse than Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu .

  • TigerEyes

    Put him back in the cellar and throw away the key!

  • Patty

    The number of violent crimes in the United States dropped significantly last year, to what appeared to be the lowest rate in nearly 40 years, a development that was considered puzzling partly because it ran counter to the prevailing expectation that crime would increase during a recession.

    Wrong Biden and stop uses scare tactics to get your job bill plan.

    These tactics are making Americans sick and your trying to scare them is one of the most irresponsible things a seating VP can do.

  • Ginger

    What do you expect from a “this is a f…n good thing.”

    You got to feel sorry for old Joe he is so stressed from having such a stressful job that only requires him to “open mouth insert foot”

  • Patty

    Abortion thing:

    Here is Pelosi, women will die on the floor.

  • Jackson

    He’s lost it!

  • Patty


    Obama uses scare tactics against the elderly.

    There is a serious and nasty pattern and I for one want it to stop. They are taking the light off the F & F, Solyndra, Immigration all the pity poor policies of this Administration. 14 trillion is debt.

    Blood on this administrations hands for KILLING A COP ON THE BORDER, there is your murder Biden.

  • Patty

    uesday, July 26, 2011
    Michael Hudson: Mr. Obama’s Scare Tactics to Get Democrats to Vote for His Republican Wall Street Plan

    By Michael Hudson, a research professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City and a research associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

    You know that the debt kerfuffle is as staged as melodramatically as a World Wrestling Federation exhibition when Mr. Obama makes the blatantly empty threat that if Congress does not “tackle the tough challenges of entitlement and tax reform,” there won’t be money to pay Social Security checks next month. In his debt speech last night (July 25), he threatened that if “we default, we would not have enough money to pay all of our bills – bills that include monthly Social Security checks, veterans’ benefits, and the government contracts we’ve signed with thousands of businesses.”

    This is not remotely true. But it has become the scare theme for over a week now, ever since the President used almost the same words in his interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley.


  • Remco Kimber

    I know we’re approaching Halloween so a scare or two is in order.

    This knucklehead is the proverbial one heartbeat away from being our, gag, president,

    America, What have you become?

  • Earthmover

    They can run but they can’t hide. The internet and all the video captures the little
    nuances that would be missed otherwise. We got em on the run. “Who are you with?”

  • Scott

    Hey joe,

    How does it feel to end your career sniffing the farts of the Community Organizer in Chief…You know the cross-dressing islamic communist destroyer who happens to hate goddamn Amerika. You’re scum Joe…

  • Patty

    Obama must go home and then make a list of what he can say and his cohorts to put fear in the America people. He got Obama care passed which will be repealed. Yet, Obama has Holder mess, Jobless Rates, Policies Failures but Obama will just continue to do the opposite of what we want to get another plan passed. And everything he does is one utter mess.

  • Patty

    And whom ever than Biden to Scare Americans..Oh, the Gaffe man! Just can wait to see the two of them get their walking papers.

  • Finncrisp

    The Canadian Barrymobile is heading towards the cliff, I can’t look…

  • OMB

    Class act, huh? Adds more fuel to the fire of why we should spend more time focused on this Administration and less time fiddling with ourselves in these GOP mass debates …


  • Carbon Pootprint

    Biden is such a Susan Sarandon.

  • Henry

    Is this a SNL skit?

    Please let it be.

    This cant be real.

  • driguana

    Not only did we get Obama….we got Biden! What a complete idiot! Anyone who voted for these two fools should be ashamed. This was despicable! What a sad state that these two fools are actually the leaders of our country and, as some would say, of the western world!

  • alacazaba

    Whoa! Jason Mattera has balls of steel! Yeah, you could see that Biden and folks were not really used to being challenged and reflexively set about bullying reporters when the questions got a little too pointed. Damn right Biden is trying to say no Obama jobs bill means women will get raped and the Republicans are to blame for it and damn right it’s something you’d get out of the mouth of some political hack not #2 in line for the presidency (a cringing thought). Mattera clamped onto Biden and wouldn’ let go, and he sure gave that dirty SOB a good chewin! To quote your frothing at the mouth leftwing kook, that is “SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER”. And the question lobbed at Mattera by a very perturbed assistant, “Who are you with?” HA! I’m surprised he could contain himself. “Who am I with? America – biatch!”

  • Timwi

    why not posting

  • Timwi

    Comment posted on Occupy Wall Street website at the lasted blog posting
    andrewpatrick46 (Atlanta, GA) 1 points 1 hour ago

    because cops are vicious virulent power-hungry a**holes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Line up ANY number of cops on a fence, give me a Machine Gun and I will, WITHOUT HESITATION kill every one of them for crimes against humanity.

    THEY USED TO “PROTECT AND SERVE.” Now, they just Oppress and Intimidate.
    reply permalink

  • Joe BiteMe

    Joe Biden Doubles Down

    Actually, a 200 pound guy was standing over me, forcing me to submit to doubing down.

  • murder, rape and burglary are up. what an advertisement for the obama administration.

  • Fuquay Steve


    Pleeeese tell everyone about your real estate transactions in Delaware.

    Transparent my butt.

  • Craig


    I know, I know, another OT. But since you people will never mention this, I will:

    October 18th CNN Republican Debate [Full Video & Poll]

    Who Won Tonight’s CNN Debate in Las Vegas

    Ron Paul (69%)
    Mitt Romney (13%)
    Herman Cain (9%)
    Newt Gingrich (5%)
    Rick Perry (2%)
    Rick Santorum (1%)
    Michele Bachmann (1%)

  • Molon Labe

    We’d better do as Biden says. He said that everyone’s hair would fall out, their teeth would rot, the seas would boil over, your mother in law would come to live with you, your brother in law would come round to borrow more money, Jessie Jackson would become King of Illinois, Rosie O’Donnell would become Miss America, the national Anthem would become The International, and The AFLAC Duck would be spit roasted if you didn’t pass the Obama agenda right now!

  • gus

    Biden was acting all tough and manly. With his CHICKEN LITTLE act.

  • Island Girl

    Craig -you cannot vote. Give it up.

    I read that crimes were down & thus this was a challenge to the ‘historical truth’

    I congratulate america for lowering its crime rate.

  • Voice of Reason

    I find videos like this very interesting because it shows our politicians more in a true light. In this case, Biden is smug and shows disdain.

  • gus

    If we don’t do A..B…or C…..and give OBAMA HALF A TRILLLLION MORE.

    We are bad. And people will die.

  • Patty

    People usually respect those in high offices but if Biden shook his hair finger in my face, he’d be told where he could get off.

    I respect the reporter for not doing that but Biden is a disrespectful moron…and NO MAN.

  • Jetmore

    Biden is fortunate that even in the most primative societies, the insane/or “simple” are not punished for their malfeaseance.

  • Voice of Reason

    The disturbing thing to me is most of the media kinda goes on like – No Big Deal!

  • Molon Labe

    Island Girl:

    You are wrong. Craig votes, and votes, and votes, and then gets the dead to vote. Its the Chicago way. Its Marxist democracy, why shouldn’t the dead vote.

  • ohiochili

    Craig, I know you’re probably in bed now having sweet dreams about Ron Paul, but I have a question for you.(I know trolls often return to their posts to see if they have attracted any attention, so maybe you’ll set us straight)

    Are you going the horror route this Halloween and dressing as the Federal Reserve, or are you going for the absurd and wearing last year’s Ron Paul costume?

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  • Pingback: Horrible… Joe Biden Doubles Down – Stands By Rape Reference to GOP (Video) | Liberal Whoppers()

  • Obama Nation

    Florida state official: 200,000 Social Security numbers stolen each year


  • Atlanta Media Guy

    Can anyone imagine what the press would have done if this had been Cheney, scolding a reporter? I think Biden is becoming a bit deranged. You’d think the media would begin to see what was happening in this country. The sad thing, the media is letting this administration get away with a lot of unchecked policies. Biden is looking a lot like that Delta Smelt the EPA is protecting. Very small indeed!

  • Who is more ridiculous, Joe Biden for never missing an opportunity to put his foot in his mouth, or Craig for pimping yet another Paulian triumph of unscientific poll stuffing?

    It’s about a toss-up. But since Biden is the sitting vice-president, and Craig is just a crazy foreign kibitzer who gets his “news” from conspiracy websites, I’d give the nod to Biden, at least in terms of relevancy.

  • Island Girl

    Sorry I did not know Craig was dead. thought he was Canadian.

  • KMDay

    he is the gift that keeps on giving!

    This is a PERFECT ad that can air in the last 6 months leading up to the election……….

    Over the past 3 years, UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION– according to Joe Biden Murders and Rapes are up………..

    Gawd he is stup!d!

  • smmtheory

    Yes, he should know. He’s part of an administration that will see to it that rapes increase if their ‘junk jobs’ bill doesn’t pass. He’s part of an administration that will see to it that murders will increase if their ‘junk jobs’ bill doesn’t pass. He’s part of an administration that will see to it that assaults increase if their ‘junk jobs’ bill doesn’t pass. It’s not like they have never telegraphed their true intentions before.

  • havok

    Biden…lost most Marxist Douche bags… can dish it out..but can’t take it. His “Numbers” or “Statistics” have been 100% proven to be outright lies… but then again if Biden ever told the truth about anything..the dem party would revoke his Che Guevara Fan Club Membership.

  • Obama Nation

    Freshman Repubican Says ‘Evicting’ Illegals Opens Up Millions of Jobs for Americans


  • DRH

    …… hide your kids … hide your wife… hide your husband…. they be rapin’ everyone up here….

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  • Just a thought:

    When was the last time you heard of the police PREVENTING or INTERRUPTING a rape in progress? Don’t they generally investigate the incident AFTER the fact?

    I’m thinking that women exercising their 2nd Amendment Concealed Carry rights have interrupted more sexual assaults than all government employees combined!

  • mg4us

    Rape?? “. . screw with me?”

    Does VP Plugs have sex on his mind?

    or is it because this is what he does to the average tax-paying American?

    MSM is a propaganda tool with an agenda. .

    Seeing the MSM and Obama try to compare the Occupy protesters to TEA Party Patriots is a joke. .

    They are polar opposites.

    Reminds me of the Disney Movie a Bugs Life.

    TEA Party Patriots are the ants. . The Occupy group and Commies/Socialists are the gresshoppers. .taking and eating from the labor of the Ants.

    And for years the Ants did their bidding. . until one day Flick stands up to the Grasshoppers. . but the quote he said was spot on. . and it went somewhat like this. . .

    The Grasshoppers need the Ants. .the Ants do not need the Grasshoppers. . . And there are far more Ants than Grasshoppers. . .

    in the end the Ants take back their colony and their way of life!

    Need to Restore America too . .2012 can’t come soon enough!

  • Neo

    Vice President Joe Biden said … “murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up”

    This Administration is admitting that their law enforcement efforts are so bad that “murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up.”

    But the truth is … crime is down.

    What kind of Administration admits to failures that don’t exist ? Only an SCOAMF.

  • Bob F.

    Communism is nothing more than a living death. These scumbags promoting this garbage should be forced to spend a month in North Korea just to see the awful truth. That whole OWS crap would end real fast. No, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. In fact, there isn’t any grass. Or sunshine. Or any birds. Or any visible signs of life. It’s only a dull, humorless grind where nobody laughs or smiles or speaks above a whisper. That is not living. That is death. Is that what you (they) really want?

  • “Don’t screw around with me.”

    Just who does Plugs Boy think he is? The man he’s poking at with that boney finger is a citizen of the United States, and therefore Biden works for him.

    Shut up, Joe. If you want respect, earn it. Do what any other employee would do, and do your job better. And drop the insubordination toward your employers.

  • Valerie

    I haven’t read the comments today, so this may be a repeat. I’ve signed this petition in support of the Republican Jobs Act – designed to arrange the playing field so that private businesses can do what they do better than any other entity — create jobs.


    This is the contemporary form of demonstration, not that old-fashioned, shambling mess that is Occupy Wall Street.

  • Eddie

    joe you make me sick

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