Her Name Was Ruth

And Ruth the Moabite said to Naomi, “Let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone in whose eyes I find favor.”
Ruth 2:2

Ruth Ann Owens
December 29, 1956 – October 7, 2011

Lady Liberty

After several years of blogging my friend Midwest Engineer told me in 2009 that a reader and commenter had volunteered to help out at Gateway Pundit. Her name was Ruth. She had written Midwest Engineer and they spoke several times. She wanted to help out. She liked what I was doing. That’s about all I knew at the time. Ruth was going to help manage comments and send tips. She was a good conservative woman. She loved her country. She said she had the time. Ruth wanted to help out because she believed in what I was doing at Gateway Pundit in confronting the media narrative, exposing the truth and shining light on the corrupt democrat-media complex.

I met Ruth last year. I was invited to speak at at Tea Party in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Ruth invited me to stay at her home that weekend. When I first saw Ruth she was resting in bed. It took me back. I had no idea she was in poor health and could not walk. She never volunteered that information. She never complained about her situation. She never told me she was suffering. She told me about a successful career she had before moving to New Mexico. She only asked, “What can I do to help?”

Ruth continued to assist me this past year. Her user name in the comment’s section was Chisum. She started posting articles last year under the name Lady Liberty. She wanted to remain anonymous. She helped out when I was traveling or when I was out for the night.

This summer Ruth was so excited to tell me that her husband was helping her get into the pool for exercise. She was hopeful about her physical health. She was always so positive. But, then on July 22, 2011 her family called me. Ruth had suffered a horrible accident at the pool. She broke her pelvis, both legs and her upper arm. They took her by ambulance to the hospital… She called me from the hospital that week. We spoke several times. She even had her computer set up in her room. She never complained about the pain. Nearly a month had passed before Ruth finally told me that her cancer had returned. She was going to fight it aggressively. She had big plans for her life and for this blog and for her family. She wasn’t going to give up.

But, God had other plans. In September the doctors started to treat her cancer. But, after her first treatment she caught pneumonia. They had to sedate her and stick a tube down her throat to help her breathe. She was in a great deal of discomfort. Last week they took the breathing tube out and she struggled at first but then started breathing on her own. Then she started talking. Her family was so excited to tell me this news. But Ruth took a turn for the worse this past week. The doctors just couldn’t manage the pain and the family decided to discontinue her treatments. Ruth entered hospice on Thursday. My dear friend passed away yesterday morning.

Please keep Ruth’s family in your thoughts and prayers.
I will miss Ruth.
Thank you, Lady Liberty.

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  • Bob Z

    Sorry and rest in peace Ruth.

  • ohiochili

    Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains. ~Kahlil Gibran

  • RedBeard

    Very sorry to hear this. Why do bad things have to happen to good people?

    On the positive side, her legacy will live on. Each one of us, when we’re gone, can’t hope for anything better than to be remembered for good works.

  • Ginger

    NO! This is heart breaking! Rest in Peace SPECIAL LADY LIBERTY.

    Jim…We will miss Ruth too.

  • GrayRider

    Oh no, this is so sad. You are an American Patriot, Lady Liberty. May you Rest in Peace and we shall not forget you.

    God Speed and God Bless…

  • MAJ Mike

    Ruth, God bless you and may angels carry you to a place without pain and without hurt.

  • ER

    What a blessing Ruth gave us helping with the blog.
    May God comfort her loved ones.

  • Calamity Jane

    Very sad, indeed……….


  • Linda

    May God keep her in his tender loving care.
    Peace to her family.
    Many thanks Lady Liberty, you were a true patriot.

  • I pray her family is comforted by the Lord, they must know she is with Him now.

  • DaveinPhoenix

    God puts Angels in front of us sometimes, then takes them away to help Him with other work. God Bless You, Ruth, and her family…

  • MikeSilver

    Farewell, Patriot. We love you!

  • succotash

    May there be eternal peace for Lady Liberty,a true patriot.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I’m sorry, Jim. God is good, as hard as his timing may be for us sometimes.

    Chisum, you say? There’s a name I’ll miss in the comments here.

    She is home now, pain-free, and in the glorious presence of our Savior.

    I have a good friend who is probably, most likely, in her last months. Her husband and I and many others are working to finish building her house. While she goes to get chemo weekly. She is one of the strongest women I know, and her body has been made as frail as any 100-year old. It really puts things in perspective.

    God bless you Jim, and God bless and comfort Ruth’s husband, and all who knew her.

  • texas

    RIP Lady Liberty – A Tea Party Liberty Loving Patriot, who fought the good fight. 🙁

    Prayers and (((Hugs))) for Ruth’s family and friends.

    God Be With You Till We Meet Again – http://tinyurl.com/3e7zo6f

    (((Hugs))) to Jim and everyone on blog. 🙁

  • Tired Okie


    LADY LIBERTY—Fighting with all she had to save the good in our society.

    Wall street protesters—the dregs of our society trying to bring the country down to the
    squalor they live in.

    May God bless her and her family.

  • lizzy84

    Eternal rest grant unto Ruth, oh Lord
    And may the Perpetual Light shine upon her.
    May she rest in peace.

    RIP Chisum. My prayers and condolences to your loved ones and family. You will be missed.

  • Enough Is Enough

    Amen. She did NOT live in vain.

  • Sickofobama

    My sympathy, Jim.

    Another patriot who wanted to fight against what’s happening to our country has gone to be with God.

    Goodbye Chisum.

  • Thank you Jim Holt for giving us a chance to know the wonderful human being behind the nics. What a great team! She gave you encouragement and active support, you gave her a chance to reach out far far beyond the walls of her physical confinement, to let her great mind and heart touch many many people of a day. There is much beauty and dignity in how she dealt with her circumstances … an inspiration.

    She is with God now, safe and without pain. “Death hath lost its sting.”

  • Sara B

    My prayers are with you Jim, Lady Liberty and family. The measure of her strength will not only be noted in her words but how she handled adversity and pain. My you all take comfort in the memories of her great character and may we all take a piece of Ruth with us fighting for liberty and freedom each day.

  • Beth Worton

    With a heavy heart, I wish to say I am so very sorry for the loss of this great lady and patriot. God Bless you, Ruth. You shall be missed.

  • Bustr

    Cancer is a terrible thing that happens to very fine people.

    God be with her and her family.

  • RIP Ruth !!!

  • bobdog

    My very best wishes to her family. She was one of the good ones.

  • Dave-O

    My heart breaks to hear this news. Chisum will be greatly missed here and elsewhere as well.
    May we each be inspired by her strength and courage to pick up her torch and carry it forward into the darkness to light the way. May Ruth and her family find God’s peace. You too Jim. Thanks for sharing her story with the rest of us. Yes, she was one of the good ones. Lord knows, we need each and every one. She will be greatly missed. So very sad.

  • The grey rain curtain lifts, and then she sees it. White shores and a far green country.

  • Militant Conservative

    Many a good conversation with Chisum, that hurts.

    May the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob

    The God of your mother and of mine.

    Protect, Shield and guide you.

    Till next we met,

    that I might clasp your hand

    with a warmer and deeper meaning.

    Powder is dry, my eyes are not.

  • So very sad — my prayers go out to all that knew her.

  • Oh no! I remember her as Chisum. She was one of your excellent “regular” commenters and one of the people I rely upon to help me digest the news of the day for the past 3 years.

    Deepest condolences to Ruth’s family and friends on this devastating loss.

  • KLD

    So very sorry to hear this and for your loss. Truly very sad news.

  • retire05

    In our sorrow, we weep. We weep for those we loved, and lost. We weep for ourselves. But they are not lost to us, as long as they live in our hearts and our minds and we know that we will meet once again in the kingdom of of Holy Father.

    Rest in peace, Lady Liberty, until we meet again.

  • Meta Whirled Peas

    Condolences to her familey. May she rest in peace.

  • Midwestengr

    Many, many hours spent talking to this WONDERFUL woman. I have never in my life met a stronger person than her. My heart hurts for her family. She will be greatly missed. Until we meet again my dear friend.

  • Rest in peace, Ruth. You were one of the good ones…

  • Red

    It is with great sorrow that we read of this new. Our prayers and condolences go out to her family.

    May the Peace of the Lord be with Ruth and her family.

  • My prayers are very much with Ruth and her family this morning.

  • WarmMountain

    What a terrible loss for freedom loving people. My condolences to her family and friends. She sounds like a wonderful woman, someone I would have liked to have known. Rest in peace, Ruth.

  • mcc

    God bless and keep Ruth…Chisum…Lady Liberty. I gasped to read Lady Liberty and Chisum are one and the same.

    I always looked for Chisum’s posts and wondered why they’d stopped. Fearing an accident or illness, I’d been praying for her, too. Now we know what was hidden from us all. Thank you, Jim, for sharing the photo of her. A beautiful woman.

    I happened to catch one short post of hers a bit ago – just one line – that gave me hope…and now we know she’s with our Lord. What a loss for us all. May God comfort her family and all who call her ‘friend.’

  • Maryd

    Tears are streaming down my face. Thank you Jim, for posting. There are many wonderful comments above that I share. It sounds like Ruth handled her suffering with such Grace. I’m guessing that God brought her straight to Heaven. God bless you Ruth, your family, Jim and all of us “Gateway Pundit family” that are so wanting our America back. RIP Lady Liberty.

  • Conservative Ken

    So sad to hear this. God be with her family and many, many friends.

  • daryl

    Deepest sympathy Jim on the loss of your friend.
    I would never have known “Chisum” was a lady from this “lefty stomp” Chisum, several of you and myself gave this lefty right here at “the Gateway” just three short months ago when Maher was bashing Michele Bachmann.

    You’re missed Lady Liberty aka “Chisum”…..


  • pink tie Republican

    Ecc 12:6 Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.

    Ecc 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

  • texas

    RIP Chisum. One of my favorite Lady Liberty posts–> The Beatification Of Pope John Paul II – The Pope Of Life by Lady Liberty http://tinyurl.com/3o27nbh

  • Ginger

    Jim and MidwestEngr

    Please put a small memorial on the side with the picture of Ruth and Ruth 2:2 and this link so people who comes here later can see one of the reasons why this blog is what it is! When we are down with our troubles we can see our three inspirations!
    Lady Liberty… Chisum…Ruth

  • Ariel

    We have suffered a great loss. Ruth, aka Chisum & Lady Liberty, will be sorely messed as a voice of reason and compassion. I pray the Lord give her family the courage and strength to make it through the difficult days ahead, and to give them the peace that comes with knowing that Ruth is now in the presence of our Lord. Were she to have one last thing to say to us, I believe this would come close.

    “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

    Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” 2Tim. 4: 7-8

    Rest in peace, dear Ruth. Your work is done. Thank you on behalf of all of us who still labor on.

    In Christ,


  • Betsy Ross

    I was wondering what had happened to Chisum, a regular commenter.
    May God rest her soul. May God bless and watch over her and her family.

  • mamagriz68

    God bless her family. I pray she is dancing in heaven with Jesus at this very moment.

  • tom beebe st louis

    Never knew her. My loss. Ok, everybody’s loss, especially a loss to the cause of American Liberty. She was well named, Jim.

  • Ariel

    “missed”, not “messed”

    sorry, it’s hard to see what I type through the tears.

  • Granny

    #47 October 8, 2011 at 9:00 am
    Betsy Ross commented:

    I was wondering what had happened to Chisum, a regular commenter.
    May God rest her soul. May God bless and watch over her and her family.

    I’ve been wondering the same. She’ll be missed.

  • JDStone

    My condolences to you Jim and the rest of friends and associates who knew Ruth.She is in god’s hands now and will be sorely missed here. As bustr said cancer is a very evil disease-lost both of my parents to it and it always happens to the best and brightest people. God rest your soul LL.You were truly a Great American patriot

  • Robert

    God bless Lady Liberty, and her family.

  • Tim

    What a great lady she was but a tear in me reading this God bless ruth family

  • Sarge

    May God bless and keep you. May he grant your family peace and serenity in this time of mourning. Prayers go out to all your family and friends.

  • J. Knight

    As is so often the case, “The good die young”. Another patriot removed when we need them so badly. Thank you, Ruth, for all you did for the cause. May you rest in the arms of the Savior, and may your family be soothed.

  • RedGrandma

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Ruth’s family and to you, Jim, her friend.

  • Sorry for the loss of your friend Jim.

    Ruth has passed on. It is our duty to make sure that Lady Liberty lives on.

  • Callipygian1

    I’m very saddened by this news. Even though I will never meet others on this blog, except by happenstance, you cannot help but feel a kinship with people that hold like values dear. I will miss her, and her posts.

  • graham davis

    So sad to hear. May God rest her soul.

  • Skip


    Thanks for sharing her story with us. Very touching.

  • SR

    I always enjoyed reading the comments of Chisum. Rest in peace Ruth.

  • Txbitty

    I am so sad to read this. She touched many lives. My thoughts and prayers for Ruth, her family, and all who knew her.

  • Star Spangled

    I’m very sorry for your loss . I pray all her friends and family find peace and comfort in the fact she’s gone to a better place where’s there no pain , no illness .

    Lady Liberty now soars above us .

  • bg


    my dear Chisum.. *sigh*

    so sad, so so sorry.. 🙁

    my sincere condolences to Ruth’s family & friends..

    God Bless & RIP Lady Liberty..


  • Enough Is Enough

    The best way to honor her memory is to continue the fight.

  • lol

    God Bless you Lady Liberty, and my condolences to your family.

  • Bunni

    What a wonderful brave and Patriotic Woman. So sorry to read of her passing.
    I am praying for her family. She is at peace now with God and has no pain.
    She will be greatly missed.

  • Nelle

    It would be fitting if we recall, when we are all a bit overwhelmed with problems and some of us are suffering ill health, that it is still possible to focus our attention and effort outward, toward other people and the future. I will remember Rurh’s ability to rise above, a nobility of spirit that we all can aspire to, only with the help of God. I am confident she rests in perfect peace.

  • Kate

    I will miss Ruth. Chisum was always one of my favorite commenters. Rest in peace and strength to her family. May God bless and keep them. Ruth is in a better place.

  • Van

    A life so well lived cannot help but be missed by all. My condolences to her family and friends, and the commenters here as well.

  • Missy8s

    She made some darn good lemonade….

    Rest in peace.

  • BS61

    God Bless her and her family.

    I remember fondly following her on the first 9-12 rally, she worked hard all day!

  • Condolences to you and to Ruth’s family.

  • Very sad indeed..

  • Walden

    I extend my condolences.

  • I remember reading Chisum’s comments. I remember the name.

    Condolences to the family and to you, GP.

    Psalm 116:15 – Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints.

  • Dean Toadblatt

    Sad to hear it. May she rest in peace. May God comfort her family and all who knew her.

  • big L

    hard to lose one of our midst. I guess the Lord has a blogger, THE blogger now.
    RIP.Lady! Prayers for your family.

  • Speaking Clearly

    May you rest in peace Ruth.

    Very befitting tribute.

  • RedBeard

    Would someone please delete Walden’s post? Totally uncalled for, and out of place on this thread.

  • Patty

    Tears are coming down from my eyes as I read this beautiful tribute to your friend Ruth.

    Everyone seems to know someone with cancer, oh, God please find a cure. Ruth is in a place with angels typing away her thoughts. Must have been wonderful to have known someone so special but now you can continue to keep her memory alive, now and then, right here and how much pleasure that will bring for you and for Ruth.

    God’s love and comfort.

    Sorry, so very sorry.

  • Dell

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ruth. Jim, I know how much this hurts; I lost my blogging partner – Jane Jamison – and it’s just like loosing a sibling. Know that she’s now totally pain free and in the ever-loving arms of our Lord.

  • donna

    So sorry to hear about this Jim. Sorry for you loss. Poor lady. I hope she didn’t suffer and I hope she will be surrounded by angels. She went too soon. Bless you and all who knew her.

  • cal rifkin

    Cancer – What a scourge !

  • I know it hurts, Jim. My heart has sorrow…


    My thoughts and prayers are with you, as well as Ruth’s family and friends. God has a great patriot in Heaven with Him today. Thank you for sharing this amazing woman’s story with us. God bless!

  • greenfairie

    We’ll miss you, Chisum/Lady Liberty.

  • Ginger

    Do not forget MidwestEngr has sorrow in his heart today too!

  • BridgetGB

    Lady Liberty’s courage and grace in her fight for her life and for this nation gives the rest of us pause. Such a warrior as this does not come along too often and is never forgotten.

  • squeaky

    such sad news.

  • May her soul rest in Peace and her cause not forgotten ……………….

  • Taxpayer

    Such sad news today. I’m sure God will encourage her dear soul to continue blogging from above. Yet another reason to check in with Upstairs.com regularly.

  • #76 October 8, 2011 at 10:14 am
    Walden commented:
    I recall schooling her several times on this blog. Like most rightwing nuts, she couldn’t present a coherent argument to save her life.

    Regardless of that, I extend my condolences.

    Your “condolences” are without merit, compassion or decency. You did not diminish Lady Liberty one iota, but you succeeded in displaying to everyone more than anyone wanted exposed about your selfish and petty character.

  • Redwine

    So terribly sad.
    RIP, Lady Liberty

  • cp

    Next to bg’s comments, i am always happy to read comments from Chisum. I never knew that her body was weak. I only know that her mind and spirit was powerful, clear and wonderful. Will miss her. Maybe, she will do greater work on the other side. May the family she left behind be comforted and and may they find strength to go through this. Thank you Ruth Ann Owens!

  • Rest in peace, Ruth. Thank you for your shining light. May you find peace in God’s arms.

    May God comfort your family, friends, and loved ones.

    Thank you, Jim, for sharing her with us, on your blog and in this tribute.

  • WillofLa

    I’m sorry for her loss, and may God Bless her family. I had a long time friend die this past week to, and like Ruth he didn’t whine and gripe about his suffering. Why is it that some do and some don’t? I guess that’s just the difference between people. But unlike Ruth we find that perfectly healthy people seem to do nothing but complain about how hard their life is. Unlike Ruth, and my friend, and myself as well, we don’t ever complain about our personal discomfort, but rather we do what makes us happy, and feel good inside. That seems to be more important and strengthens our faith that no matter what happens we are going to try to make the best of it. But the one thing I see is that Ruth was a hard worker and an enthusiastic worker.

    I learned something a long time ago that seemed to be the difference between me and other workers. I read somewhere that when you do something you are to do it as if Jesus was your boss. Now how hard would you work if you knew Jesus was your boss and knew you better than you knew yourself, and you couldn’t make any excuses anymore. How dedicated would you be to doing the best job you were able?

    May God give Ruth the peace she so rightly deserves.

  • Blackbird

    That is terribly sad, rest in pace Ruth. May you rest in God’s green pastures tonight.

  • Peggy R

    May Ruth rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon her. May her family and friends find peace and consolation in this life.

    Godspeed on this next part of her journey. Thank you Lady Liberty for your contributions to liberty in the USA.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with Ruth’s family and friends, she will be sorely missed.

    Ruth, your eternity in heaven has truly been earned and God willing, we will see you again.

  • Todd Moffatt

    May she find her happiness with our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Brian Jackson

    May Ruth’s memory be eternal!

  • Buffalobob

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Ruth’s Family and Friends. Jim you have had the pleasure of meeting one of the gentle souls in life. One who like a soft warm breeze touches your cheek and brings a smile to your heart. Rest Lady Liberty.

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  • JoeAstroturf

    Sorry to see you go Ruth. Tell our founding fathers up there we’re not going to let these lefty loonies ruin the country they gave to us.

  • SierraCheryl

    She was a lady and patriot, so aptly named. My prayers that God will help Ruth’s family and you during this sad time.

  • StrangernFiction

    I remember nodding in agreement time after time to comments made under the name Chisum.

    *tears* Farewell patriot!

  • owl

    Beautiful tribute Jim, for a beautiful lady. Chisum’s comments always caught my eye and now I find she was a warrior. God bless and RIP.

  • valerie

    I, too, recognize the name “Chisum.”

    Sweet dreams, dear Ruth, and please put in a good word for us, because we need all the help we can get.

    I’d like her family to know that her time here was well-spent, and that I am grateful she was here.

  • My condolences to the family and to you as well Jim.

    We’re all going to miss her.

  • Mike D.

    God Bless you Lady Liberty…

  • DaMav

    God bless Ruth and her family; thanks be to Him for sharing her with us.

  • Rock

    For Ruth God Bless and RIP, for family and friends deepest condolences for your loss of a special person.

  • Edward A. Wright

    the only thing i can say is that JESUS loves her and we will cry with you !

  • Dick Turpin

    Very sad to hear…Rest in peace, Ruth.

  • the real wow

    What a marvelous lady. I remember Chisum and now I will be able to put a face to the very insightful remarks she made and I will now remember Ruth. May God keep her in his glory. Condolences to her family.

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  • Sandy — Liberty

    Today we are all a part of Lady Liberty. Our condolences to your family.

  • Stuart

    Sorry to hear of Ruth’s (Lady Liberty’s) passing. I am old enough to have lost more than one friend to the reaper. It’s never easy. My condolences.

  • Mary

    My condolences to you and Lady Liberty’s family. We have lost another true Patriot.

  • gidget!

    Lady Liberty will be missed. My prayers to her family and friends. She was very brave to have struggled with such a painful medical condition, and to have handled it with such grace.
    RIP, Lady Liberty, and thank you for all you did.

  • sybilll

    God bless you Ruth. May you be blessed in the arms of our Lord.

  • AuntieMadder

    I’m sorry you lost your friend, Jim Hoft.

  • Aaron Z.


    A nut is someone who is so emotionally bereft that he tries to score political points on a person who’s just died. That’s into a whole new territory of abnormal.

    Thanks for all the conversation and help, Ruth/Chisum. I’ll miss you, but I’m glad you’re at peace. Hopefully we’ll meet face to face someday, along with our dogs and cats.

  • Maryd

    #94 Thank you! well said.

  • Wbm

    Her spirit will live in all of us……..Rest In Peace……….You are an angel………..

  • Rest in Peace, Ruth. My condolences Jim, to you and to her family. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • A song performed by Christian singer and songwriter Wayne Watson has always brought me comfort at a time like this. I have lost five dear friends so far this year. May these lyrics comfort Ruth’s family and friends. My mother was named Ruth.

    Home Free

    I’m trying hard not to think you unkind
    But Heavenly Father
    If you know my heart
    Surely you can read my mind
    Good people underneath the sea of grief
    Some get up and walk away
    Some will find ultimate relief

    Home Free, eventually
    At the ultimate healing we will be Home Free
    Home Free, oh Ive got a feeling
    At the ultimate healing
    We will be Home Free

    Out in the corridors we pray for life
    A mother for her baby, A husband for his wife
    Sometimes the good die young
    It’s sad but true
    And while we pray for one more heartbeat
    The real comfort is with you

    You know pain has little mercy
    And suffering’s no respecter of age, of race or position
    I know every prayer gets answered
    But the hardest one to pray is slow to come
    Oh Lord, not mine, but Thy will be done

    Let it be…

    Home Free, eventually
    At the ultimate healing we will be Home Free
    Home Free, oh Ive got a feeling
    At the ultimate healing
    We will be Home Free

    Home Free, eventually
    At the ultimate healing gonna be Home Free
    Home Free, oh its more than a feeling
    At the ultimate healing
    Gonna be Home Free

  • just-saying

    So sorry. We’ll miss her.

  • 10G-Hat

    Thank you, GP, for sharing her remarkable story. What a testimony of SERVANT LEADERSHIP! Lady Liberty (Ruth) will inspire hundreds, nay, thousands of others! May God bless her family and friends.

  • Petrakore

    Rest in peace Ruth.

    Your valiant struggle in the face of adversity is our inspiration. We all promise not to let you down in our fight to retain our freedoms and liberties.

    We soldier on in your memory dear lady.

    God Bless you Ruth. God Bless your loving family.
    My sympathies to your heartfelt loss Jim.

  • I’m sorry for our loss Jim she will be missed. Was a wonderful woman and a great addition to your website.

  • God bless her and give her peace.

  • kato

    What a sad story. But there is also dignity and inspiration in it.

    Still, a sad, sad story.

  • Midwestengr

    Live, Love, Learn, and leave a Legacy.

    Someday when the hurting starts to subside, I shall share many a story and conversations I had with this wonderful friend of mine.

  • I’m so sorry. Deepest condolences to all her family and friends. May God gather her into His arms now.

  • John Gallagher

    Prayers for her and her family. A true Patriot.

  • ExExZonie

    This sounds very much like multiple myeloma, which I was diagnosed with in 2008. The end of the disease is very difficult if it attacks the bones (mine attacked my kidneys and is in remission, but it is not gone, and it is incurable). I am so sorry I did not see the prayer request – God bless you Jim and God bless Ruth’s family. May He bless all you commenters, too. God is good.

  • Nice tribute, Jim.

    Rest in peace, Lady Liberty. Thank you for your important contribution in the war to save America. You were a fine warrior girl and patriot.

    God bless you and your family

  • NormanE3D

    God bless you Ruth. You were strong, one of God’s soldiers, who complained not but was always eager to help others. You were surely a gift from God!! I wish I had had the chance to meet you, and perhaps one day I will in the kingdom of heaven. God Bless you and your loved ones.

  • DANEgerus

    I’m so sorry. I remember Lady Liberty. My Grandmother was also named Ruth… I miss her too…

  • mcc

    #136 — Midwestengr, please share those stories when you’re able.

    I’ve been dissolving in tears all day…returning here again and again…to accept the reality of not ‘hearing’ her voice again. I so loved her posts. She was a treasure.

    To you and Jim — and especially to Ruth’s husband and children whom I hope read our words of affection for one we’d all love to have known better — my heart is with you all.

  • VaGalm

    So very sorry to hear this. RIP Lady Liberty.

  • JudithNYC

    May G-d console you & Ruth’s family. Thank you Jim for sharing Ruth’s story of another humble, big hearted woman making a difference in her quiet way. May she rest in peace.

  • Ginger

    #139… ExEx Zonie

    and God Bless You! May our prayers reach out to God to take away your suffering and heal YOU completely! I do believe in miracles!

  • May Ruth be written in the Book of Life.

  • befuddled

    I’ve seen too much the effects of CA on good people. We have in this country a pool of very talented people in the medical field, but not enough. I can’t implore enough people to join this war.

    God Bless.

  • God bless her soul and welcome her into His loving arms. We are the richer for having her among us while we did, and the poorer without her here. My condolences to you , Jim, and to Ruth’s family. May you all find the peace that surpasses understanding.


  • thebronze

    I’m really sorry, Jim. That’s so sad. RIP Ruth…

  • Joanne

    Psalm 34:18

    “The Lord is close to those who are of a broken heart and saves such as are crushed with sorrow…”

    The Lord is close to Lady Liberty’s loved ones – how wonderful to have the Lord close to us in sorrow.

    Very sad. It all teaches us to count our blessings and to appreciate each day as it comes.

  • PamelaOfThePoconos

    Jim, you’ve given a tribute worthy of the lovely Lady Liberty. She performed vital tasks. Certainly you more than almost anyone else will understand the loss – although we all feel it. Deepest sympathies to those she held closest to her.

  • Candy

    Jim, help from heaven is a million times more than on earth. I thank God for her and will pester her incessantly from here on earth.

    Thank him for the time you had her and take her spirit and what you’ve learned with you.

    By you sharing this story, you have helped many who are in similar situations. I know.

    Thanks Lady Liberty, now you are truly free.

  • Solaratov

    I read this Saturday night – but haven’t felt able to comment until now.
    I’ve lost a lot of friends over the years, but this loss strikes me particularly hard. Though we had never met, I did, indeed, consider “Chisum” to be a friend and fellow warrior. I was always happy – and on more than one occasion, enlightened – to read Chisum’s comments.

    I shall miss Ruth; but I’m happy to know that she now walks with God’s Angels.
    May we all find the strength to fight the Good Fight as Ruth did.

    Goodbye, Ruth – Chisum – my friend. I shall miss you until we meet again. And, thank you.

  • Solaratov

    #76 October 8, 2011 at 10:14 am
    Walden commented:

    Walden, you are a vile, petty, despicable, very small person. You, indeed, personify all that is wrong and inhuman about the left in America.
    You aren’t fit to even lick the dirt from Chisum’s shoes.
    And – for the record – you NEVER “schooled” Chisum on here or about anything . You haven’t the mental ability — or the life knowledge – necessary to the task.
    You’re simply lying again, like the weak little worm that you are.

  • red923

    So sad to hear this. What an amazing woman.

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  • Char

    I am so sorry for this loss, and your pain, Jim, and all her friends and family.

    We are surrounded by a “great cloud of witnesses”, according to the Apostle Paul. Ruth enters into that spiritual realm as a hero and a patriot. Patrick Henry, George Washington and the other Americans who watch and witness the great struggle we are in for liberty will come forward to shake her hand and receive her warmly.

    God bless her. I look foward to meeting her personally in that reunion to come. Thank you, Ruth, for your great service and your patriot’s heart, which we all share, and the love for liberty and this land of liberty, that was given to us from our Creator, your friend, and your God, with whom you will find joy. Tell Patrick Henry hello for me and that I love him and I know his relative who is passionate (and a Tea Party leader in New Mexico) just as he was. God bless you, Jim, Thanks for your site and your hard work. If there is something I can do to help out on the site, I will be glad to do so.
    ~ Char Tierney

  • I am so deeply sorry for your loss, Jim! May Ruth rest in peace and may the Lord wrap his loving arms around her family and give them comfort and strength.

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  • Byzantine Bob

    May she live in memory eternal in the gardens of Paradise, where there is neither sorrow, nor suffering, nor pain, but Life Everlasting.

    Vičnaja Pamjat


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  • NorbertG

    Deepest condolences and sympathy to John, Rachel, Eric, and family. Ruth was an amazing lady and a good friend. We will miss her very much.

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  • nana

    Thank you for sharing Ruth’s story. Ruth, RIP and Godspeed.

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