Yup. They’re just like the tea party…
An Occupy Toronto protester was arrested yesterday for sniffing women’s feet and trying to get participants to drink pi$$.
MRCTV reported:

Verum Serum reported:

This was just yesterday at Occupy Toronto apparently, and seems to be yet another example of a troubling pattern of sexual related assaults at OWS sites around the country – and beyond. An assault was reported in Vancouver over the weekend as well.

There’s a reason why campgrounds aren’t typically found in the center of urban metropolitan areas. It’s not safe and it’s not sanitary.





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  1. Let’s just call them the “Pee Party”.

  2. The “Pee” Party?

  3. Soros may have billions but his minions are

    Pathetic and not of the TEA party caliber.

    Socialists are losers and Capitalists are freedom

    Fighters. What part of this do you not get

    America?! Soros is your master, Capitalism is

    Your freedom. Sorry some of y’all can’t comprehend.

    Powder is dry

  4. Mad, you beat me to it!

  5. With so much filth around this scum, I’m just waiting for a meningitis, cholera or hepatitis outbreak.

    We need to post, link and tweet and retweet comparative pictures of our clean, orderly, family-friendly Tea Party rallies alongside this human garbage.

  6. #Occupy[nametheliberaltown] weather prediction: golden showers, with intermittent vomitting, and a lotta complaining,

  7. He got all wee wee’d up.

  8. I don’t know what that little sissy is so upset about. I mean, it’s not “his” girlfriend, right?

    Doesn’t everything belong to everybody?

  9. They are out in the open.

  10. They are the 50% with vaginas. They need to share.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help but coin a slogan. Imagine the chants.

  11. So, the police are the oppressive tools of capitalism — until you need them because someone from the 99% is sniffing your girlfriends feet.

    Got it.

  12. Wee-wee’d up FTf’nW.

    #1,2 both Win, +10 kudos to each.

    How is this not the perfect Poopstock moment?

    All Our Feet our Belong to Us!

    From the MRCTV link’s comments, the BEST FIRST COMMENT EVER:

    Jameshodgson2010: 0Your girlfriend needs to share her beautifully smelling feet with the 99%, not keep them selfishly to you and her to enjoy. She needs to do her fair share to ensure that the rest of us get to sniff them too.

  13. What is this “ownership” you refuseniks speak of?

    …there is no such thing, other than that to the collective.


  14. Since when is her stinky feet for only the 1%.
    “If you need, take. If you have, give.”

  15. Don’t turn on a camera if you can’t hold it steady.

  16. This is Occupy Craigslist . Every sexual fetish has gathered together from the open sex in the park crowd, to the foot fetish, the scat fetish, the smell armpit lovers to the bathroom blumpkins. Its the I Love You Alice B Toklas party. … http://youtu.be/VQTa1QhdnZo …. Hopefully this revolution will bring people to the kind of rock bottom crash needed to turn their life around in a better direction. Unfortunately some people never get beyond the fact commie lazy beatnik druggie perverts SUCK.

  17. Heck! In San Francisco on the streets they pee on one another and that is not all. :roll:

  18. did they learn how to do this from watching the tea party.

    these people camping out in he cities are basically you liberal wimps. the perverts know it so they are showing up to take advantage of them.

  19. Hey hey ho ho
    we luv to sniff stinky toes

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