Good Grief… Occupy Wall Street Imbeciles Release 13 Demands Including “$20 Minimum Wage” and “Across the Board Debt Forgiveness For All”

These imbeciles are just as dumb as we thought. Occupy Wall Street protesters posted a proposed list of demands on their website today.
Thankfully, most American fifth graders aren’t this stupid.

A demonstrator dressed as a “corporate zombie” takes part in an Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan in New York October 3, 2011. The Occupy Wall Street protests moved into their third week on Monday with demonstrators camping out in Zuccotti Park. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

From the Occupy Wall Street website, via Picket and Loesch:

Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.

Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this all private insurers must be banned from the healthcare market as their only effect on the health of patients is to take money away from doctors, nurses and hospitals preventing them from doing their jobs and hand that money to wall st. investors.

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

Demand four: Free college education.

Demand five: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

Demand six:
One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

Demand seven: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

Demand ten: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.

Demand twelve: Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

These demands will create so many jobs it will be completely impossible to fill them without an open borders policy.

Unreal. So who put this together for them anyway?… Van Jones?… Media Matters?

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  • The rank and file among these people have no concept of the chaos they are demanding.

    The planners however, do.

  • jimg

    Teh schtoopid.

    It burns!

  • Remco Kimber

    I never thought much of the highly-esteemed, but of-little-in-value Ivy league degree.

    Now I have my proof!!!


    they have learned well from the omuslime in charge…what a bunch of aholes

  • regularguy

    Lord, please spare us from the nutjobs during our times of darkness. Amen.

  • “These demands will create so many jobs it will be completely impossible to fill them without an open borders policy.”

    It’s not necessary to do all that crap just to “create jobs”. All that’s necessary is for government to hire several million people.

    But “jobs” are labor and labor is cost. One does not need the IQ of a rutabaga to create cost.

    But being productive–creating value–that’s another thing entirely. It takes brains and work.

    So if these folks want “jobs” the answer is for them to become productive so someone–anyone – will hire them.

    They don’t look all that productive to me, sitting around on the street singing the 21st-century version of kumbaya.

  • big L

    Where are the horses? They bring out the horses. EVer been nudged by a police on a horse? You move! They line up and move fwd. Ifany one hurts the horse, Ho Ho! they are scrod.Anyway the crowd will keep mving outa town.
    Bring on the horses! The mounted police. Get them from another city if necessary.
    If the TeaPs did this, oh my the response would be very different.more aggressive and quicker and the demonstration would be communicated to be over, finished kaput. This 700 arrests per day only encourages them…

  • Russian

    Where did I see this before? Oh year… compare it the German National Socialist Party demands. With the exception of “open door policy”, it’s a pretty close match. I am not even going to talk about the Marxists manifestos. It’s just a copy…

  • PAT09

    If only our minds were as highly trained, I feel so inferior and stooooopid…………

  • Ken

    These idiots are clueless. What they want is more entitlement so they can sit on their a$$es and do nothing. Caught the interviews on Fox @ lunch. I’m turly surprised the dumb a$$es could compose a complete sentence. As Megans guest stated, this shows the failure of our educational system.

  • Don

    No their problem is when god said get in line for your brains they all lined up for the going nowhere trains.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Send all your Progressive trash to the land fill that is Manhattanstan, fill it up, seal it up and start over some where else.

  • JKB

    Ah, the benefits of a Liberal education.

    You know, it has come to the point that you can be educated or you can study the humanities, but you can’t be educated and major in the humanities.

  • Bad Actor

    I can’t stop laughing! Is this story from The Onion? Ok, the stock market closed down a bit today, are they taking credit for that? I say ignore them and they’ll go away as soon as it gets cold outside. Mom & Dad’s basement will soon beckon them.

  • Shame

    Why stop there…. and only 20$ hr, I want $100, plus a new car ever 5 yrs. Free gas for living in an oil state, I also want to fly anywhere in the US 1 a yr for 1 week vacation with 1500$ in spending money… I want free dog sitter when I leave on vacation plus someone to come and clean my house once a yr… I want a refund of all my home owners or a new replacment roof everY 25 YRS because I live in the gulf

  • Wade

    How does that Dire Straits song go? Oh yeah, “Money for nothing.”

  • BurmaShave

    A few years ago we got the NEW Black Panthers; and now we have the NEW Students for a Democratic Society

    Is Bill Ayers and his wife involved in this nonsense?

  • SturJen

    Will all of us who have paid off our debts get reimbursed?

    This is patently ridiculous!

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  • BurmaShave

    #14 Disallow all political parties except the Socialist Party of America.

    #15 Repeal the law of gravity.

  • Buffalobob

    I demand, no request that we supply Cartman with an unlimited supply of co2 fire extinguishers. He would exterminate the vermin hippies in a day.

  • bg
  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Let’s give everybody who lives in New York City a total of 48 hours to leave. Build a huge wall around New York City and place inside the wall all of these people. Let them canabilize each other to survive. Perhaps Hollyweird with make a move about something like this!

  • Let them pay for what they want. Should take them a few billion years or so to pay it off, but….will give them something to work toward.

  • StrangernFiction


  • Prof_Saiga12

    I am a failure.
    I’m not really interested in being anything else but a failure.
    I don’t want to pay back any money I’ve borrowed.
    I don’t want governmental restrictions that I elect not to read.
    I don’t like to read, anyway.
    However, I should be able to be a professional student and not worry about paying for it.
    I don’t want to work all that much to get all the things I want for myself.
    I can’t afford my car because it runs on gasoline.
    Gasoline is bad – find some other source I don’t have to pay for.
    Because of the all of the above, I demand free heath care – How else will I get it?
    Because of the above, allow Unions to represent me and my demands.
    Let everybody into this Country – It’s a free world, isn’t it?
    “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme – I need, I need, I need.”

    Welcome to the kennel of the misbegotten.

  • Bob Z

    This is communism at work to destroy America from within. Plan and save. Stockpile and vote out liberals

  • Sorry to Live In Illinois

    As one of those tea bagging, hobbit, racist, right wing nut job, SOB’s, who has a large family and works my rear off to make good on ALL my obligations each and every month, while providing a stable and loving home for my family, I kinda like number 11.


  • NeoKong

    $20 minimum wage….?
    That will kill the Dollar Menu at McDonalds

  • Mark1957

    Demand Fourteen: Legalize pot, hash & shrooms dude.

    Demand Fifteen: Free love Fridays man, every friday you just like love the one you are with.

    Demand Sixteen: No more war dude, war is like a turn off man, ya know, a real buzz kill.

    Time to grow up you dirty hippies and get a job. Try bathing more than once a month. Move out of your parents basement, Mom & Dad, throw the little bums out.

  • Maxine

    I think it is important to remember that there are 8 million people in New York City and less than a 1000 of these asshats. Just saying, keep it in perspective.

  • myohmy

    They should ask George Soros. He looted Wall Street.

  • Remco Kimber

    Love the Free College Education demand.

    It’s been so beneficial for these numbskulls. But I really think truth in advertising should prevail here. By their demand they really mean Free College Attendance. It’s demonstrable that getting an education has not been achieved,

  • Freddy

    Dang it, I really meant to buy stock in the company that makes those sunglasses!

  • the real wow

    #28 October 3, 2011 at 4:31 pm
    Sorry to Live In Illinois commented:

    Me too… I could go for that. I’d continue to work as hard as I do, but hey, I don’t need all the rest. #11 would be enough. (Just joking here and doing a little dreaming!)

  • Patriot Act

    So there you have it … it’s ALL about the MONEY with these people. And they have the audacity to complain about the greediness of those of us who actually work, employ others, and produce something of value?

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Isn’t that Frances Fox-Piven?

  • donh

    The Tea Party should surround these commie zombies on the street with one simple message … GET A JOB ….

  • Tom Mathers

    I think it was a commenter on one of the forums, and not the official list of demands. Illuminating in a “see into the monster” via a member type of way, but I don’t think it is “official” policy. Absurd nonetheless.

  • WarEagle82

    Well, we already knew they were idiots and they just proved it again.

    Clearly they all slept through Econ 101…

  • WarEagle82

    I’m quitting my job and going down to the state “employment” office to collect my $20/hour living wage. The only problem is I will have to get in line behind 130 million Mexicans…

  • Neal5x5

    Where’s a Chicago cop from 1968 when you need one?

  • SOB

    Yay, we can all be Commies now!!!

  • bigkahuna

    They need to put these clowns on every tv and paper in the country…with a titale. Liberals on display…Public education at work ?

  • These protests are all a hoax to get obummer re-elected ………..

  • Ella

    If I had a kid in that crowd I would kill myself. These people are such an embarrassment. Not to mention FAILURE.

    And yes it says an awful lot about the liberal education system in this country.

  • bg


    hey, i’m all for abolishing money, it is the only
    way to bring about an equal warring foot.. /s/

    seriously though, we need more of this than we’ll
    ever need those looney goonies occupying WS..


  • Nana

    a bunch of parasites and they can’t be human…

  • greenfairie

    They sound dumber than the cast of “Idiocracy.” That’s what happens when you’ve been spoiled your whole life and you don’t understand where money comes from or what it does. I just finished reading about this in “After America.” There aren’t any blue collar or poor people in that crowd. They’re all white college kids and subsidized post-grad hipsters, 99.9% of which likely come from upper middle class or even wealthy backgrounds. Greed to them means somebody isn’t giving them what they want for free. You’re entitled to (fill in the blank) because you’re breathing and have a pulse.

  • Contessa61

    Across the board debt forgivesness??? Ahahahaha

    I know Obama would like that, but oh the moral hazards.

  • almost all of their demands would cost tremendous amounts of money, but not cost them a dime.

    why don’t they lump all their demands under one request…we would like the united states to commit economic suicide.

    however i do like demand #8…they would have to outlaw affirmative action. imagine employers hiring people based on their ability to do the job.

    i think they got this list from david letterman, one of his ten stupidiest things i could think up lists.

    does anyone know if there are any plans to protest againist these loons.

  • mg4us

    This is the result of Government intrusion in Education. . . the Dept of Education sacrificed basic reading, writing and arithmetic to feel good social progress. . and look at the idiots that were spawned.

    Instead of $20/hr. .why not give them a one way ticket to Moscow! or Kenya where Obama’s family can welcome them with open arms!

    And look at all the media attention they are getting. . unlike those peaceful TEA Party protestors in DC and across the country. .

    Hannity had one on the show today (I even think it may be on tonight) a gal from FL who is putting her scholarship at risk to make a difference. . . strange. . it is because schools are no longer accountable as long as the Feds keep pumping money into them without holding them accountable.

    Time to Restore America. . before it is too late!

  • Sickofobama

    Um, with all those demands why do libtards and union scum need jobs?

    Just demand it and it will be yours.

    F*cking libtards need to be ousted from our shores.

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  • lynched1

    lmao. I do so hope they stay there until their “demands” are met as they claim. Could be a fun winter.

  • if we have a guaranteed living wage regardless of employment, unemployment will be about 98%. who the hell do they think will work? they must think people enjoy being their slaves.

  • mg4us

    From today’s American Thinker:

    For many years, due to the phenomenal growth of the American economy, its inventiveness, and a lack of global competition, . . . The ground was fertile for the seeds of complacency to be sown and take root.

    With this backdrop, while the vast majority of the American people slumbered in their contentment, the radical left gradually infiltrated and eventually dominated the education establishment, the mainstream media, the public- and private-sector unions, the Democratic Party, and the entertainment industry.

    Being able to dominate the dissemination of news and what was taught in the schools, coupled with the ability to reach into every living room via the entertainment media, the American left with its roots in Marxism was able to promote the message that the United States was an unfair and oppressive country.

    That proposition began to seep into the mainstream of societal consciousness. Therefore whatever problems an individual might have were the fault and responsibility of a society dominated by selfish and greedy capitalists.


    Time to clean House. . and restore our Country to OUR Constitutional roots and leadership.

  • bigkahuna

    Tjey forgot add a stupid Tax.

    Abolish all loans ?????? Is that before or after we all go take out loans for a house and cars?

    I hope they enjoy the fact nobody will be able to buy a house or pretty much anything because businesses need loans to build things, people cant buy houses with cash( very few can anyway)

    What bank would loan money to anyone if they are not going to be paid back. These peole are insane. Nothing they ever say makes an ounce of sense.

    These people are braindead douchebags

  • Nozzle

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the “entitlement society.”

  • These protects are just another part to bully americans into voting for jug-ears………

  • Callipygian1

    Those are pretty reasonable demands…

    “I would also like the letter “M” stricken from the alphabet” (Steve Martin)

  • Noovuss

    Why $20 per hour?
    I want $500 per hour and a new Corvette (red please)…………….

    That won’t change the price of a Whopper will it?

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  • Don Rodrigo

    These people are camping out on Wall Street. When the Tea Party has a rally, they go home the same day after cleaning up. They have real jobs and pay real taxes. These parasitic monkeys should be ground into mulch to feed their beloved trees.

  • progressoverpeace

    What about a pony? Every kid is entitled to a free pony if he/she wants one. It’s a Constitutional right!!

  • SOB

    Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

    This is the one that gets me – who the F* do they think is ever going to work?

    And since we will all be getting $20 an hour to do nothing but sit on our buts, instantly things like rent will be forced up to, realistically, the ~$2500 a month range (or more, depending on how many take advantage of the “open borders” demand – which I might add, such population growth of such “green-minded” people will do wonders to “protect the environment”… lol), and with, in minimum, a 33% tax on your income (need to keep the now massive spending government afloat and all)… well, let’s just figure that one aspect of it out real fast:

    $20 *40hr * 52weeks
    = $41,600 a year income

    – $13853 taxes (33% tax rate; this may very though – will likely be much higher)
    = $27747 take home

    – $30,000 rent (on estimated $2,500 rent)
    = (-)$2,253

    So, you’re only going to be like $2,253 in the hole before you even think about eating or drinking a single thing!!!

    And that doesn’t even begin to factor in things like the need for a minimum salary in the $40-$50 dollar range to encourage anyone to get off their rear and work for your company. That should increase the cost of all products by, at least, about 4-5 times their current price to account for the added cost – with business way down the trickle-down path (like restaurants and such) possibly seeing product increases in the x20-x30 range to account for things like the added ingredient and transportation costs they will see on top of the bloated salary commitments.

    All in all, things will eventually work their way back to being almost exactly like they are now with just a gigantic inflation bubble inserted throwing our monitory system way out of whack. Over a relatively small amount of time, a $20 would be worth about what a penny is now – it would become the throwaway change while we toss around Thousands like they are quarters (similar to what Germany faced prior to Hitlers rise really)

    Overall, brilliant plan if you ask me…

  • Tupa

    I can’t imagine being this pathetic. It must suck for these people to wake up every day so angry and envious of people who are more successful than them. To have so much hate and envy in your heart must be such a burden.

  • Ausonius

    Well at least that answers the real purpose of this high profile frollicking: All of these misfits are publicly announcing their desire to become the potus’s next jobs czar.
    It would be funning were it not for the fact that these mostly youthful bumpkins probably learned all of these notions at a public school or university by one of the countless thousands of timothy leary types quietly (and some not so quietly) teaching the young minds of mush.
    My house homeschools. This is a prime example of why.

    On a positive note, during the last 30 months most of the enemies of America have come out of the closet. We have a clearer idea of what we are up against.

  • lol

    you can tell the libtard idiots never worked a day in their collective, lazy lives. they have no concept of the real world. love how they shove the union crap in the list too. they need to all get on their unicorns and go to cuba.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Commies will last through October in New York. Once the cold, hard weather starts hitting in November, they’ll slowly thin out, and eventually leave. There’s no way they’re going to make it to December and January, since they’re not tough enough to hack the cold.

  • progressoverpeace

    Tupa : I can’t imagine being this pathetic.

    But, at least, it’s easy to understand why the left are all self-haters. For most leftists, that self-hate is their only tenuous connection to reality.

  • valerie

    They forgot the cotton candy! Where’s the free cotton candy???

    Somebody fix the website!

  • usamopatriot

    Their cumulative IQ is lower than a whale turd.

  • valerie

    #25 October 3, 2011 at 4:27 pm
    StrangernFiction commented:

    These are not Liberals. They are jokers. But mostly they are having a good time arranging times and dates for meeting chicks.

  • Ahh the utopian wizards of smart.
    Must be why socialism is the global model for success.

    What, you mean it’s never worked no matter where

    It was implemented? Gee that would make it a failure

    Whenever tried. Must be why the program libs are

    Defending thier cornerstone ideology .

    Losers. Powder is dry

  • Rock

    Just makes me sick to my stomach to see the damage this Socialist POS Obama as brought upon the Nation. I just can’t except that those charged with this Nations defense and well being have allowed this a$$hole to create the atmosphere that is transpiring in our streets. The end result has been foretold, the people will demand an end to the madness, and WTF will be than happy to oblige, and of course more freedoms will be circumvented or eliminated.
    The unions leadership, those in the media and entertainment world, the New Black Panthers, all have been allowed to market their hate to undermine the Nation. Pi$$ on them all.

  • shipley130

    They want their debt forgiven and then they want the agencies that tell others what a bad credit risk they are to be outlawed. Phew, Crazytown.

  • Sparky

    And, so it starts. Violence is the only thing the Left knows when they are losing the debate.

    Not one functioning neuron amongst the lot of them!

  • averagemelon

    We had this once. Almost all these same demands.

    When the Pilgrims stepped off the boat! And quite a few of them starved to death even though they WORKED their butts off in total freedom. You MUST MUST MUST labor to live idiots WITH OR WITHOUT WALL STREET AND MONEY.

  • Jprs

    Surely, they can’t be this stupid! Can they?

  • DH

    Still…. nice picture or racism enthusiast, Charles Johnson.

  • OMB

    Demand fourteen: Swap the EPA and DOD budgets.

    Demand fifteen: One meeeeeeellion dollars.

    Demand sixteen: Fix the $%&*@ exploding toilets …

  • These ungrateful idiots are about the same average age as our boys who fought so bravely in WWII.

    What this list of horrors shows is that a large number of those in the US feels no need, duty or pride to take on any personal responsibility.

  • Bart

    “These demands will create so many jobs”

    Wanna bet?

  • bg


    don’t laugh too hard, yesterdays loons, who were much
    more violent, are today’s global curriculum strategists..

    ie: William Ayers & Bernadine Dorhn (not to mention their
    adopted Weatherson who works for Chavez, as does Ayers)..

    and contrary to popular belief, they’ve know each other since before Barry
    & Michelle met.. as the story goes, they met at a law firm associated with
    Ayers father Tom (and much more, they also go back a long ways with the
    Daley clan.. the connects go on and on from there as well, which also has
    a lot to do with why O’s has been winning and we the people are losing)..


  • RKflorida

    Jim, do you have to use the first lady’s picture so much?

  • donh
  • Glenn Norgren

    Who put this together for them??
    It seems some of you IDIOTS don’t know how many people are out there.
    This is not Teaparty Stupid. The issues are real.
    We are here to tell you to stop carrying water for a few billionaires who don’t care if you die in the street.

  • Andy

    #26 sums this group up succinctly. What a bunch of ‘ner do wells. If these are representative of our future leaders hope is dead.

  • Andy

    What could this group possibly do that would be worth $20 an hour?

  • Joe College

    Breitbart says the Wall Street protests are being staged as part of Obama’s re-election strategy..

  • JDStone

    These idiots have been out here what.. 3 weeks what have they accomplished? A bunch of trust fund spoiled pieces of human garbage on display for the world to see.We’ve see enough of this phucking bullshyte already. Time for NYPD to bust up the party already and start thumping some skulls.

  • Sapogones

    Numbers 11 & 12 are pure shariah.

  • eddie

    Demand four: Free college education.

    uhh – whut do u learn ‘n whut will u learn for free????

    ny – edia?? i cnt think here – need ur help man, whut can i learn for free?

    — dang speel check – doesnot werk. ok – i giv up.

  • Ginger
  • Greg

    It will be interesting to see how the Mayor of New York Bloomberg will dispose of this distraction. Unlike the takeover of the Mich statehouse, Bloomberg will allow it to run until the weather gets really bad in January

  • bg #85

    We need a family tree so to speak to show connections.

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  • Nuclearnow

    You touch nuclear power and I’ll kick your ass. As for the rest of them I think that they are so stupid that I’m embarrassed to be human as I read them. Get a job and stop demanding everyone else to do everything for you.

  • lizzy84

    more here.

    Marxist Mother Duck, Frances Fox Piven Interviewed at ‘Occupy Wall Street’

    ..Us Day of Rage, Occupy Wall Street: ACORN, SEIU, Robin Hood Tax, New Constitution

  • Midnight Rider

    I would like to counter their list of demands with this list of demands.

  • Little David Puddy

    “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages.

    I actually agree with this to some extent. However, because of the Unions, the field will never be level. US goods will always be cost prohibitive because of the Unions. You can tax the imports to no end and it still won’t matter.

    The rest – Cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

  • Gidget

    Someone has done a very fine job organizing this community.

  • Obama666

    When are the police going to enforce the Laws against Loitering????
    Ah forget it….Flash Bangs and Tear gas for all…….YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW !!!
    Then Rubber bullets, Bean Bag shotguns and that REALLY sticky foam goo.
    Don’t forget the water canons…gotta clean up the stench.
    Git’em Boys !!!!
    Put them all in jail and pay $20. an hour to your favorite charity, lets say the B.O.P.?

  • Black Sabbath

    The sad part is that their demands are about the same as Obama’s agenda.

  • bg


    Ginger #95 October 3, 2011 at 6:22 pm


    cause that’s gonna open a huge can of whoop arse..


  • Dudeski

    Whatever..I think it’s enough to see rightbloggers and teabaggers get worked up into a lather over this. carry on young people. pissing off old folks is your birthright.

  • Black Sabbath

    Dudeski, you’re a jackass. Your side has failed utterly. Every one of your ideas are a failure. The polls show that your man is going to be a one term President. He’s broken the economy, increased the wars, run up the deficits, and pretty much ruined the Democrat Party for the next few years. The country hates him and there’s a year to go.
    Let’s just look at Obama’s Presidency today:
    So today alone we see the stock market tanking, the debt going up by 1/10th of one trillion dollars, American Airlines about to collapse, pictures of Obama with black militant racists, Obama’s signature car (Volt) in sales shambles, and an Obama taxpayer-financed Big Corporate green project (Nevada Geothermal Power) about to declare bankruptcy.

    And this is only today.

  • Black Sabbath

    Hysterical. Amanda Knox has kicked the Marxist hippies off the front page. Expect to see little of them over the next couple days.

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  • chris

    I think conservatives should log onto the occupy wall street website and express the greatest support for the most offensive items on the list. We should make this damned list stick on this movement.

    Don’t fight it; Reinforce it.

  • Leatherhelmet

    Wow, Soros had alot of illegitimate kids.

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  • Bill

    Are you tired of laboring for the leisure of the elite??? Then $20/hr min wage makes perfect sense, as does unionization of about 25 Million more Americans. There are those who work 70 hours a week for only about 600 dollars while the boss does literally nothing but galavant around the globe in his jet.

  • Patty

    Where are they relieving themselves in Paper cups. What diseases are they going to get.

    Who is washing clothes and is this the 9% unemployed. Hey, I just got out of jail and I was given this no Obama pin and put it on.

    There is a what that they could make a difference stop listening to Commie Van Jones.

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    I agree with the open borders with a little bit of a change. The border exit of the US will be open for all of you to go straight to Cuba.

  • Bill

    Bank of America paid out over $1,000,000.00 in bonuses to more than 650 people AFTER taking a 50 Billion ‘bail out’ package that they needed for having made bad decisions. $25.00/hr min wage makes more sense with price freezes on certain commodities. Who is going to pay? The elite. And btw, Obama is about to confiscate ALL GOLD which will pay for much of what is coming.

  • Mad Hatter


    Go back to the DailyKook site. It’s down the hall, last door on the left. If you hurry, you won’t be late for daily lesson in Marxism.

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  • Patty

    There is a way the could make and difference and stop listening to Van Jones.
    Correction on my last post.

  • are all the central and south american countries in favor of open borders?

    the way i see it open borders is imperialism.

  • frank

    just to point something out. this was taken from the forums section of #OccupyWallStreet site, it is in no way an official proposal, it was a suggestion by a member of the online forum community. and it appears to be rejected by the group as a whole. it took me 30 whole seconds to ascertain that. mostly due to a poor internet connection.

  • bg


    frank #123 October 3, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    well in that case, it would have taken no time to provide a link?? /s/


  • arnonerik

    The Zombie Photo is very appropriate since this is a protest and demonstration of deadbeats.
    Nobody forced anybody to take a loan. Grow up, flakes, and pay your bills.

  • bg



    hey there Ginger 😉


  • Pingback: Good Grief… Occupy Wall Street Imbeciles Release 13 Demands Including “$20 Minimum Wage” and “Across the Board Debt… | Liberal Whoppers()

  • gus

    I have only 3 demands of LIBTARDS. STFU, Wash yourself, and go straight to HELL.

  • If demand 10 is met, Democrats will never win another election.

  • xprdq

    This article sounds like BS to me. These weren’t really their demands, were they?

  • Molon Labe

    How did they manage to get the Columbia economics faculty together for this demonstration?

  • JPeden

    No, frank, those demands are clearly Official Commie Party Policy:

    These demands will create so many jobs Party freeloaders it will be completely impossible to fill serve them with slaves without an open borders policy, that is, without taking over the world!

    Because of the Imperialism!

  • Ginger
  • Dustin

    Just so everybody knows, this was a list of proposed demands that were proposed by ONE PERSON in the forum of Occupy Wall Street’s website. This is not an official list of demands.
    This one person may very well be misguided, unrealistic, unintelligent or all three. He does not reflect the entire movement.

  • Sojo

    Looks like the democrats have their party plank established for 2012 Obama run.

  • Ginger


    Todd…First Dude was great! He has a gentle voice. Sarah’s DVD ..”Undefeated” comes out tomorrow. I will be at Wal-Mart 🙂

    I have been reading


    Out of Nowhere

    by: Frank Aquila

  • Valerie

    #134 October 3, 2011 at 9:21 pm
    Dustin commented:

    There isn’t going to be anything coherent to come out of this. We’ve seen this bunch, before.

  • Ginger

    Thank you for contacting ESPN Customer Care. We will respond to your email promptly. If your issue requires immediate attention, please contact us at 888-549-3776. We are open 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. ET, seven days a week.

    Thank You,
    ESPN Customer Care

  • Big Al

    let that jerk Bloomberg deal with it. loudmouth poseur

  • bg


    hear via local news that 700 hundred
    were arrested for blocking traffic.. 😀


  • gus

    These DOUCHEBAGS have ZERO CLUE, where the money they WANT, is created.

  • You’re misinformed. That list is from a forum post, is clearly labeled “Proposed,” and is old information. The Official Demands are here and ready for anyone to vote on them:
    And make no mistake — you might be taking sides, but the Occupy movement isn’t. We’re working for ALL of the 99% (which includes you AND me) — our ONLY opponent is the 1% who control DC.

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  • Pingback: Good Grief… Occupy Wall Street Imbeciles Release 13 Demands … « Get True Advise()

  • Ella

    #108 Black Sabbath – You forgot to mention that today it came out that Zippy’s Attorney General has been lying under oath. Holder lied, people died.

  • woodsman

    Ridiculous !!!!!!!!!! And these Nuts vote. We best all vote !! in 2011 and get our government back before it’s to late. If we leave the voting up to these nuts, we will lose our freedoms, our property, our bank checking accounts and savings, our jobs and become a servant to the government.

  • Patty

    Michelle: Bank Sex-Discriminated Against Barack’s Grandmom; VP Gave Barack $480,908 Bank’s Stock

    First Lady Michelle Obama said at a fundraiser in Providence, Rhode Island, on Friday night that a bank where Barack Obama’s grandmother had worked discriminated against her for nearly two decades “because she was a woman.”

    However, the Washington Post reported earlier this year that Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, had been the first female vice president of the Bank of Hawaii.

    Meanwhile, Barack and Michelle Obamas’ 2009 tax return, posted on the White House website, indicates the Obamas inherited almost $500,000 worth of the bank’s stock from the president’s grandmother.

  • Patty

    Protest that!

  • Kris

    These are not the demands that are being voted on my thousands of people. This article above is based on disinformation.

  • gus

    Patty, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Stanley Ann Dunham was POOOOOOOOR and she was WORRIED to DEATH (no pun) about how to pay her MEDICAL BILLS etc etc LIE LIE LIE, VOMIT, LIE. Obama’s parents didn’t have any “MEANS”.

    Obama is a filthy lying BASTARD.

  • gus

    Kris. Tell us more!! You have ME on the edge of my seat. Please TELL US MORE!!!

  • Caz

    I’ve seen the demands of the Occupy Wall Street group, and these are a completely different, completely ridiculous list. Here’s the actual list:
    Now quit defaming these people by making up crap to give the impression that they’re retarded. A few things they want are absurd. MOST are definitely not.

  • gus

    Caz. You just gave the impression that YOU are RETARDED.

  • Pingback: We’ll bury you from within | Grumpy Opinions()

  • bg
  • AuntieMadder

    Stupid, ugly and communist…Maybe God can find something redeemable about them, but I sure as he!! can’t.

  • Pingback: Octopi Wall Street or How Hypocritical Minions End Up in “The Tank” | Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South()

  • RS

    I guess they are talking about repudiating that huge debt that the federal government owes the retirees of America in Social Security.

  • Canadian With Opinion

    I love how this web article completely tries to take the context to make the protestors seem like “bad guys” or “idiots” when really, they should be looking at the opposite side, at what the government of the US of A wants as “their demands”.

    Gov’t Demand One: The people must work multiple jobs to sustain a proper living. Free time means you aren’t trying hard enough for your family. The minimum wage is as high as we are allowed to have it, otherwise the real Gov’t leaders (banks, cars, oil, etc…) wont get their Ferrari this year.

    Gov’t Demand Two: Insurance must run the medical system, if you are not paying to have your life saved, it will not be saved, and you must pay in accordance to the severity of the health problems you will face. NOTE: You must choose your tier of insurance BEFORE you know what is wrong with you.

    Gov’t Demand Three: If we as the government cannot help you find a job in your city, and we cannot help create jobs for your city by inserting finances into the city’s budget, you are SOL and not an American Citizen in our eyes.

    Gov’t Demand Four: School means education, education means more eligible voters learning from books and experience instead of TV and church rallies. It also means people paying attention to details about how we run the government. We feel the “deeper” your pocket, the more respectable you are, the more worth our time you are, and the more “pliable” you will be to a government run by money instead of people.

    Gov’t Demand Five: Smoke ’em while you got ’em. What you don’t know, wont hurt you. Adapting to a newer way to manage a country’s ecological footprint is just not worth our time.

    Gov’t Demand Six: Communication means possibility of dissent, so so long as infrastructure remains a problem, we remain in power. A better infrastructure would mean money out of military spending or cash bonuses bailouts for companies that are “too big to fail”. We care about our banks and new cars, not the difficulties you have getting to work on time, making it the hospital on time, or your ability to have safe trips on the road no matter where you go.

    Gov’t Demand Seven: Nuclear power is the best. We hear your arguments but ignore you thoroughly. We put a shiny tag on it and that’s all we need to get uneducated and uninformed permission to build these things where-ever we want. Just like how those same people are touting about the stupidity of these protestors, we have everyone in the palms of hands. (Minus of course those whose hands we are being fed from)

    Gov’t Demand Eight: C-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo Breaker! As a society, adapting to change is difficult. Since we refuse to maximize efforts to improve infrastructure, odds are that this country will be “set in its ways” still for yet another 50 years, while other countries look down upon our equality rights because we believe what our fathers before us believed.

    Gov’t Demand Nine: We cannot open our borders because we don’t like other countries. We will soon create another international entity that we will teach our people to fear, it will probably be a man that we put into power somewhere with a surplus of weaponry.

    Gov’t Demand Ten: If we can keep our voting as obscure and unknown as possible, it’s a bonus to those who “invest” in us.

    Gov’t Demand Eleven: “Debt” is a myth. We don’t acknowledge it’s existence otherwise we would have to pay many, many other countries quite a bit of money they lent us. We want the people to understand that it’s “the people, for the country, for the banks” not any other way around. The world revolves around money, get that through your educated heads and quit protesting against it.

    Gov’t Demand Twelve: I don’t wanna ),: I need to know everything about you little playthings called people.

    Gov’t Demand Thirteen: Your employers (my boss as well) don’t like unions. They like paying as little as possible for as much as possible, and when they have difficulty sleeping at night they get a new house and a new hooker. If you want to unionize, we might pull the old “plotting” laws out on you and look for Communist traces in your history, which can and will be fabricated to our convenience.


  • Pingback: ORBUSMAX ARCHIVES » Links From 10/3/11()

  • Gini

    Guess these twits never read – –

    10.You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

    There are jobs in America, but they are jobs that are not ‘good’ enough for these protestors.

  • badnewzbearz

    Message from Occupy Wall Street gang to Tea Party movement: “We expect YOU to pay for all these demands with your tax dollars, while we sit on our butts!!”

    I read some of the new links to proposals by this group, and some of the proposals really need to be updated. Many of them refer to the Bush/Cheney Administration this, and the Bush/Cheney Administration that. NOTE to Occupy Wall Street: some guy named Obama has been president for almost three years now.

  • ohiochili

    Oh wow…Canadian with Opinion

    I don’t think I can make it through the day now that you brought us all the sad news that Canadians hate America.

    “A British politician is usually caught with his hand up a woman’s skirt while a Canadian politician is usually caught with his hand in the till.”

    Pot, meet Kettle.

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  • eaglewingz08

    The demands are worthy of the schizophrenic character in Fight Club.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Cliff’s Notes, Reader’s Digest, Protesters’ Manifesto-for-Dummies version (well, actually, they already HAVE posted that little gem, above), one-sentence summary:

    I want to be spoon-fed, have all my immature and juvenile wants immediately met, and be perpetually provided with on-demand diaper changes since I’m totally intellectually and physically incontinent, unable to control my most infantile urges.

  • Ed

    For anyone that has read the Honor Harrington series by David Weber these people want to become “Dolists” or people that live off of the government and receiving a BLS (Basic Living Stipend).

    Scary how Mr. Weber mentioned this in his books over 18 years ago.

  • I’d make a longer comment but I’m busy packing. I have to go buy me a mansion and then I’m headed for Wall Street! What a country!

  • Pingback: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters = Leftist Tools of Obama, Unions and Democrats « FactReal()

  • herbiv0re

    you guys are loons. You pick one random kid’s demands and say they are the movement’s OFFICIAL DEMANDS.
    THERE HAVE BEEN NO OFFICIAL DEMANDS. NONE. You are linking to the FORUM. lol. but of course you don’t care, you are just looking for any reason to hate these people.

  • Matt D

    These are not their demands. These are proposed demands by one user on the websites forums. And if you read the comments of the other people on the site you will see that these have little to no support. And these demands were not “released”. This is like taking comments from Free Republic and saying that the Tea Party has “released” their platform.

    Totally dishonest and patronizing. Par for the course for right wing blogging.

  • bg


    Caz #152 October 3, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    they don’t sound crazy or (gus word here)..

    via your link..

    re: Eisenhower Farewell Address —
    Military Industrial Complex ccvtee

    here’s a better one..

    1961 speech Eisenhower Warns us of New World Order

    more here..

    oh yeah, as irony would have.. a whole host of DEMOCRATS would
    be frog marched if some of those demands were met, starting with
    Obama hisheinousself..


  • bg


    ps re: #172 October 4, 2011 at 11:34 am bg

    Barack Obama And Wall Street: 6 Prominent
    Bankers And Their ‘Unholy Alliance’ (photos)

    [Conventional wisdom has it that Wall Street is the ultimate bastion of free-market capitalism and that the big bankers are, of course, diehard Republicans, red to the core. But the truth is far from that: Many of the leaders of the world’s financial firms are as liberal as they come. As attorney and political strategist Jack Burkman explains, “People tend to associate Republicans with Wall Street, but the truth is, it’s the Democrats that are in bed with the Street. And that’s certainly true with Obama. He’s been in bed [with them] from the beginning. And that was crucial to his victory. Without Wall Street’s initial support he doesn’t have credibility … No doubt about it. Without Wall Street, Obama would not be in power today.”]

    Democrats beat the market by 73 basis points per month, compared
    to 18 for Republicans. That’s a rout anyway you look at it. Senators
    fare even better than house members.


  • bg


    bottom line:


    not only that..


    America had better wake up, “we the people” are not the enemy,
    “capitalism” is not the enemy, a “government that has grown too
    big & greedy for it’s britches” is the enemy.. 🙁


  • Dennis

    If you want to end the protests just tell them someone is handing out free pot at the corner of 10th Ave and W 28th street.

  • Dennis

    If were going to guarantee everyone a living wage regardless of whether they work or not why would we need to have a free college education as well? No one would work, just like the bums who are out there protesting.

  • bg



    Caz #152 October 3, 2011 at 11:01 pm link..

    1. INVESTIGATE, ARREST AND TRY THE WALL STREET CRIMINALS who clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis in the following notable cases: (insert list of the most clear cut criminal actions). There is a pretty broad consensus that there is a clear group of people who got away with millions / billions illegally and haven’t been brought to justice. Boy would this be long overdue and cathartic for millions of Americans. It would also be a shot across the bow for the financial industry. If you watch the solidly researched and awared winning documentary film “Inside Job” that was narrated by Matt Damon (pretty brave Matt!) and do other research, it wouldn’t take long to develop the list.

    2. CONGRESS ENACT LEGISLATION TO PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY BY REVERSING THE EFFECTS OF THE CITIZENS UNITED SUPREME COURT DECISION which essentially said corporations can spend as much as they want on elections and no disclosure is required about who’s giving to who. Corporations should be highly limited in ability to contribute to political campaigns no matter what the election and no matter what the form of media. The Supreme Court decision is really weird. Read it when you have a chance. The justices who argued for unlimited corporate contributions without disclosure thought that wouldn’t have an adverse effect on democracy and wouldn’t undermine the citizen’s view of legitimacy of elections. I’m not sure there’s a word for that it’s so strange.

    3. ACTION ON GLASS-STEAGALL–Steagall_Act — Wiki entry summary: The repeal of provisions of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act effectively removed the separation that previously existed between investment banking which issued securities and commercial banks which accepted deposits. The deregulation also removed conflict of interest prohibitions between investment bankers serving as officers of commercial banks. Most economists believe this repeal directly contributed to the severity of the Financial crisis of 2007–2011 by allowing Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with their depositors’ money that was held in commercial banks owned or created by the investment firms.

    4. CONGRESS PASS THE BUFFETT RULE ON FAIR TAXATION SO THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE & CLOSE CORPORATE TAX LOOP HOLES INCLUDING PROHIBITION ON HIDING FUNDS OFF SHORE. Pass the Buffet Rule on fair taxation so the rich pay their fair share. (If you really had a good negotiating position and had the place surrounded, you could actually dial up taxes on millionaires, billionaires and corporations even higher. But this would require direct non-violent blockades / action in New York and DC to get the broad public support necessary).



    7. CONGRESS ENACT SPECIFIC LAWS THAT EFFECTIVELY BUILD A WALL BETWEEN THE DEFENSE INDUSTRY AND THE U.S. MILITARY. If we’re going after corruption and also trying to reduce all the unnecessary wars that are costly in so many ways (most importantly costly in terms of human life on both sides), then this is the GRANDDADDY OF ALL REFORMS. Any of you who have seen the award winning widely popular documentary “Why We Fight” will realize the HUGE impact of this. Here’s a snippet of Eisenhower’s brave speech.

    1961 speech Eisenhower Warns us of New World Order


  • bg


    re: #177 October 4, 2011 at 1:02 pm bg

    INSIDE JOB Official Trailer in HD!

    Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

    it more via links here & here..

    Billion-Dollar Scandal Not Ready for Prime Time

    [Connections to the halls of power can make any story front-page news.
    Fannie Mae and Enron had no shortage of those. They employed two of
    the most generous campaign contributors in the nation. The media tried
    to link the leadership at Enron to the Bush administration and to several
    key figures in Congress. On the other hand, the broadcast media had
    nothing to say about the unambiguous connections between Fannie Mae
    board members and the Clinton administration.


    The compensation packages of Enron executives like Andy Fastow were similar to former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines’s exorbitant bonuses. While Fastow raked in $37 million, a Jan. 22, 2005, article in The New York Times reported that “Mr. Raines made $14 million in salary and bonuses and received $25.6 million in incentive pay, including stock options.” In a Jan. 24, 2005, article, Business Week confirmed that “Fannie had paid its 20 top executives a combined $245 million in bonuses.”


    Connections to the halls of power can make any story front-page news. Fannie Mae and Enron had no shortage of those. They employed two of the most generous campaign contributors in the nation. The media tried to link the leadership at Enron to the Bush administration and to several key figures in Congress. On the other hand, the broadcast media had nothing to say about the unambiguous connections between Fannie Mae board members and the Clinton administration.


    Jamie Gorelick was Deputy Attorney General under Clinton. Fannie Mae board member Jack Quinn was the attorney for pardoned tax evader Marc Rich. Fannie also has one of the largest lobbying budgets in Washington. A Feb. 24, 2005, article in The Washington Post reported that Fannie “paid its lobbying corps about $5 million in the first six months of last year.”

    According to Jeff Bliss of, Fannie Mae spent almost $8.7 million on lobbyists in 2003. In May of 2004, Citizens Against Government Waste criticized Fannie for “heavy handed meddling in the legislative process to protect the company’s congressional protected status and its lavish corporate welfare program.”]

    much more @ link..


  • bg


    Earth to the OCCUPY WALL STREET tools..

    ‘Durbin fee’ will cost bank customers billions

    good luck with paying your student loans back.. *sigh*


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  • Benkarkis

    Introduction to Sociology at every college campus in the USA.

    Can’t get enuf of the educated elite in my book.

  • stealth423

    Open borders and gov’t healthcare are bad ideas. Ending free trade and infastructure spending would help though.

  • Michael

    Good grief is right! This link you posted is from the forums on the Occupy Wall Street site. A forum! You know, where people post something and other people reply and comment. Sort of like how your blog is like a forum for your own misinformed ideas. You are being misleading by assuming and posting that this is an official statement from the protest and just plain mean by calling them names. Grow up already.

  • BrainUser

    Interesting how these protesters give conservatives the perfect opportunity to intelligently articulate what is wrong with their ideals and their demands … and all most of you can do is engage in name calling and insults.

    Of course by giving this post such an inflammatory title, the writer probably wasn’t actually aiming for intelligent, illuminating discourse. Jim wanted to flame, mock and insult people he disagrees with and his post does just that.

    Thankfully, there are conservative bloggers and writers out there actually shedding cogent and constructive light on the Occupy Wall Street protests. This blog is definitely not one of them.

  • The demands are mostly complete lunacy but I think #10 is actually reasonable enough. Pity a reasonable demand like that (and one that might not work out as they expect) is tucked in among this utter raving lunacy.


  • JA

    what a bunch of morons!!!!! GIMME GIMME WAH WAH

    the so-called “demands” are juvenile.

  • karen

    I just happened upon this website yet I’m surprised at the anger I’m reading … so you all think loosing jobs/services/production to overseas (my toothpicks come from China, and much of the garlic in NY comes from China as well), and paying $80,000.oo in school loans to become a certified teacher is reasonable? You think burning finite fossil fuel is wise and 9 -20% unemployment rate is acceptable? I’m sure no American does … here are just a few signs and comments from folks at the protests:


    SiGNS :
    “When Injustice Becomes Law-Rebellion Becomes Duty” Thomas Jefferson Occupy Wall Street

    “Fight the rich, not their wars” Occupy Boston
    and “Human need, not corporate greed.” Occupy Boston

    Protesters in St. Louis stood on a street corner a few blocks from the shimmering Gateway Arch, carrying signs that read, “How Did The Cat Get So Fat?,””You’re a Pawn in Their Game” and “We Want The Sacks Of Gold Goldman Sachs Stole From Us.”


    “We are connecting the greed of Wall Street with the greed of war profiteers, who have been making a killing from these endless wars,” said CODEPINK organizer C.J. Minster. “We are standing up and demanding an immediate end to war and the beginning of a sustainable, renewable economy.” Occupy Wall Street

    “Our beautiful system of American checks and balances has been thoroughly trashed by the influence of banks and big finance that have made it impossible for the people to speak,” said protester Marisa Engerstrom, of Somerville, Mass., a Harvard doctoral student. Occupy Boston

    “Money talks, and it seems like money has all the power,” said Apollonia Childs. “I don’t want to see any homeless people on the streets, and I don’t want to see a veteran or elderly people struggle. We all should have our fair share. We all vote, pay taxes. Tax the rich.” Occupy St. Louis

  • carl Hammel

    It is really like they know it hurts to walk yet don’t realize that it’s the Federal Reserve who’s been kicking their butts their whole lives and causing the pain.We just need our bought government to adhere to the People’s Constitution.The demands have already been stated more eloquently and unequivocally than we can hope to improve on,unless you consider yourself a greater statesman than Jefferson.

  • pluto

    You are all including the crackerjack who wrote the op-ed brainwashed sheep of the corporation america. Those you talk of are heroic warrior class to you as frightened lambs – the planners, my father!

  • pluto

    Frightened traitor class. With your Shirts tucked-in.

  • Cid

    Did any of you blabbering morons notice that the list “the gateway pundit” posted is actually a forum post some dumbass posted on the Occupy Wall Street’s forum section? It’s not an official post from the website or even anything newsworthy. In fact it was probably posted by one of you mindless right wing trolls……like the Gateway Pundit.

  • Pingback: ORBUSMAX ARCHIVES » Links From 10/4/11()

  • bg


    Cid #191 October 5, 2011 at 12:06 am

    yes, several times..

    this os supposedly the real deal..


  • Butts

    This is not the official list of demands, this is just some imbecile who posted on their forum.

  • Pingback: Unemployed Imbeciles Gather to Protest « PA Pundits – International()

  • Canadian With Opinion

    It’s amazing to see how quickly Americans…no people in general will snap at and express anger at those that merely wish to express that we all have a right to stand up for ourselves, even if it is to our governments. I see no facts coming from the hatred to the protestors…some people saying it has some link to pot…I tell you I live in BC Canada, the pot capital of North America and I can assure you…if these protestors were mainly pot smokers they would still be on a couch at home with the munchies.

    Fact is the current American government has too many problems to count, and this protest situation is the perfect opportunity for the country to realize it’s own critical issues. This is not a statement to selectively hide the fact that other countries are in need of change as well, since I can guarantee that we all need help.

    I can only say that as a spectator to the current unfolding events, seeing some Americans -like the ones who made this article and the ones bashing the protests on the thread- abandoning their brethren for the sake of self-assurance and denial is absolutely horrible. Gone are the days that all Americans care about their rights and freedoms…now they just want to have nothing to do with the real important decisions.

    The protests going on are a model and a symbol. If only we could see this happening more in today’s world. People need to remember what it means to have rights, what it means to put in a good day’s work and be properly rewarded.

    The current system (the rich get richer, the poor get poorer) needs to be replaced, even if it means radical redesign of the government itself. This goes for more than just the US of A.

  • Luke

    This is a proposed list of demands found on the Occupy Wall Street Forums –

    They are not the official demands of the group.. Please stop reading these garbage news articles without doing your research. I took me all of 10mins to find the source of these demands. This article paints them as if they are somehow the official demands.

    Visit the website and educate YOURSELF…. don’t rely on the media to do it for you. That’s what got us in this mess. I speak as a UK citizen.. Watching from the other side of the pond there is massive support for OWS internationally.


    Sorry I had to do your job for you Jim Hoft…

  • Po

    That’s from a post to their forum. You are misrepresenting the protestors, who have no demands and have no idea about any solutions

  • CC







  • Well I would agree if the demands this listed really represented the demands of the Occupy Wall Street group.
    Here is the real demand list:
    I think everyone will find the real list is actually well thought out and will help our great nation get out of this mess. Unless you are in this elite 1% of the richest Americans.

  • riethc

    These are not the official demands. They are from a single posting on the OWS forum, from the mind of one moron who shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    The real demands are being voted on on pages like this:

  • chris

    do you do any fact checking before you report, or do you just start typing whatever you think is right? guess what, you missed by a mile. that is NOT the official list of demands, try again to make this movement look bad. i think its hilariously ironic to call someone else an imbecile while you promote false information as truth. good luck to you.

  • Jeff

    This is what our education system is spewing out. Zombies for unions and commies.

  • Mad Hatter

    Wow, all the Capitalist hating Marxist are coming out of the wood works.

    I would like to thank all those that think they’re occupying Wall St. for the comedy relief you’ve brought our country with your minor league protest.

  • Jeff

    Most of these kids are rich kids anyway. Our future liberal politicians who do not want to work but take money from those who work.

  • Owen

    The loony fringe will always get the headlines. Look at all of this wasted time above my post. We should just put a tick in a box that some stupid people exist. But we should not ignore them because they can’t articulate themselves or have problems with the basic realities of life. THE BIG PROBLEM IS THE OP LUMPED HIM IN WITH ALL THE PROTESTERS. TERRIBLE JOURNALISM. “These imbeciles are just as dumb as we thought.” Way to go. You are Fox News now have something in common.

  • Patty

    I hope that these aren’t College graduates. But some maybe, yet, fortunately some students with intelligence won’t conform to this outrageous activity. They are wasting their futures but it is their right to protest.

    I understand the youth being so upset with Government but Government over spending and greed created the problem. I hope that all will read the Constitution of the United States.

    The over reaching of Government will never solve the problems we ALL face. I feel the pain of the youth, today. But there are many ways to get Government off your back.

    One is Vote, to is research those in your communities, go to meetings, purpose your ideas there first. Don’t overreach because that will never get anything done. Your opinions do matter to politicians. You are the future but you need to start at the bottom first and work your way up. But you can never change anything unless your demands are in step with our democracy.

    Whether the above are your reasons for protesting, some of these things are good. But our nation cannot afford others. Not in this economy.

  • @Owen #206, you don’t like to be lumped in with the one or two crazies in your group? Really? Interesting. So tell me, what do you think of the TEA Party and on what do you base your completely unbiased, unfiltered through the lunatics at MSNBC opinion?

  • Rsanders

    This particular list of “demands” posted here, on the Washington Post website, and other conservative outlets are not the demands of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. These are a list of demands put forth by one extremist member of the movement, and there have been a number of other manifestos put out by nutjobs that are not supported by the majority of the Occupy crowd. has posted on it’s website a request that fringe members stop posting their own demands. Conservative news organizations no longer exist to provide factual news stories to their reader, but to disseminate right-wing conservative propaganda for the benefit of a couple of behemoth corporations (Newscorp and Koch Industries, mainly), who own or bankroll these information outlets.

    Do some research into the movement via non-partisan news organizations before stupidly ridiculing a movement that obviously none of you know anything about. Occupy is about getting corporate money out of political elections, and ending corporate/wall street lobbying of our elected officials so that they will begin working for the regular folks who put them in office and not for the rich and powerful who bankroll their campaigns.

    You wont hear that reported on Fox News, because it is in Rupert Murdoch’s best interest to paint the movement as a bunch spoiled, lazy, hippie kids; which makes it easier to play on your prejudices, fear and anger, and steer you people into voting for extreme conservatives who stand diametrically opposed to your own self-interest. You righties vote for people who despise you and your working/middleclass families, and want only to further erode your ability to earn a fair wage, send your kids to college, have access to decent healthcare, and to not have retirement mean poverty. These are not radical ideas, they are things our grandparents fought for during the Great Depression; of which the similarities to–and causes of–this recent recession are startling…especially the fight by Republicans and corporate interests to help only the wealthiest and starve the government. And our govnt debt was out of control during that era too. Our grandparents strongly supported tax increases on the rich to help pay it down.

    You dont have to LIKE what I say, but they are all facts that can be checked in history books. You wont get facts, historical or otherwise, from Rupert Murdoch or the Koch brothers’ sponsored “news” media. And one more thing…for all your government bashing, don’t you people realize that we, the people, ARE the government? Government (the people) is not the problem. Elected officials we pay to represent us, who are bought out by the rich and powerful to NOT enact the policies we sent them to office to enact IS the problem. Government is not inherently bad. Corporate/Wall Street highjacking of government representatives is bad.

  • roman

    These demands are similar to what a 5 year old would demand without caring about how the real world works and why it works that way, he just yells: “I want, I want, I want”.

    I am looking at these demands one by one in my journal

  • redpillpatriot


    You are a Moron! Tax the rich is a Marxist plan! It’s called spreading the wealth!

    Flat tax, everybody pays the same % if you earn 10k you pay 10% if you earn 1000k you pay 10%… Don’t you think its fair if the millionare pays $100,000 in taxes and the person making 10k a year pays $1000 in taxes? And here is another thought, stop spending more or all of what you make!! that goes for the GOVT as well. It’s called saving,,, ever heard of it?

    So my advice to you is , take a bath, quit smoking dope, and get a job……. Maybe you will become a conservative then. But only if you start caring as much about human babies as whale babies!

  • Ripley

    You do realize you are taking one proposed list by one person involved, a list that has gotten more criticism from within the movement than support, and claiming it is the ‘official’ list of the entire movement? Just wow.

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • rayven

    ok sheeples, take some time and do a little research. This list of “demands” that is being quoted here is NOT an official list at all. It comes from a forum post made by one individual on the website. One individual’s ideas of what the demands should be does not represent what the people in the movement want. Stop letting the government and it’s “voice” (the media) lie to you in their efforts to keep the status quo. Educate yourselves before you buy into the propaganda, at least that way you can say you made an educated choice based off your own research, not off of what the government and it’s “voice” have chosen to tell you or try to lead you to believe. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Mad Hatter


    They’re intelligent enough to know who Karl Marx was, and what he stood for. They’ve been conditioned by their college nutty professors that “spread the wealth” is “social justice”.

  • Bunni

    Demand 1,578: Unlimited Skittles and popcorn, plus free booze for everyone. Also pass out free lobster and champagne. If it’s good enough for barky and moochie, it’s good enough for us!

    Ha Ha, can’t believe the moonbats whined about your post, and then linked to you! They are morons. The same nit wits who run their website must run media matters, and the twitter accounts of #attackwatch and #askmichelle hee hee.

  • SOB

    #187 October 4, 2011 at 9:15 pm
    karen commented:

    I just happened upon this website yet I’m surprised at the anger I’m reading … so you all think loosing jobs/services/production to overseas (my toothpicks come from China, and much of the garlic in NY comes from China as well), and paying $80,000.oo in school loans to become a certified teacher is reasonable? You think burning finite fossil fuel is wise and 9 -20% unemployment rate is acceptable? I’m sure no American does … here are just a few signs and comments from folks at the protests:

    Yeah, some of those things are issues – but you’re still fixating on the wrong target to get it fixed.

    Case in point – why is Obama taking CEOs all over the world trying to get them to “expand business” (ie, set up shop) in other counties while targeting and regulating to death companies at home? Or how about how Obama is attempting to silence our oil rigs yet is paying Brazil so they can build theirs to tap the same reserves? Or how about we just look no further then his “Jobs Czar” – a guy who paid no taxes and is in the process of shipping a huge percentage of his jobs overseas…

    The Democrats are doing that, not the businessmen. The Businesses are just reacting to the situation presented to them – much like you would move across the street if someone was throwing $hit at the corner you’re currently standing on. The person in the wrong is the person throwing $hit; not the person getting out of its way!

    If you want products being made here, Three things need to happen – 1) import penalties 2) eliminate a massive amount of the overburdening regulations which are making the ability and cost of starting and running a business impossible. 3) get rid of the illogical Union nonsense and encourage lower (not higher) wages! Jobs would then be everywhere, so you will be able to find one to fit your skillset and needed wages – which will be lower because… drumroll… the cost of all products will go down tremendously because they will only be costing a fraction of what they currently do to produce!

    Costs are the result of only two factors – 1) Supply/Demand ratio and Cost to produce. All the nonsensical “greed” sited by moonbats is a figment of their imagination – “greed” is eliminated almost completely when a person has the choice of what they want to purchase. No one is going to pay x2 cost from the hypothetical “greedy” seller when they can get the same thing cheaper otherwise. This can only be done when there is competition though; so the massive amounts of regulations Democrats heap on to keep maximum control through minimal amounts of options needs to be completely eliminated.

    As far as your fossil fuel spiel; do you seriously think its logical to sell our cheap fossil fuel to China so they can us it to produce extraordinarily expensive “green” energy (which would otherwise not be in demand to even produce) which they sell to us? China isnt using the stuff themselves, and they are only producing it because moonbats are stupid enough to buy the useless crap.

    Energy in the future will eventually be something we can create, but that technology hasn’t been discovered yet and you are doing nothing but destroying the world trying to force people to use far inferior options now. Sure, moonbats claim the idiotic “it will mean less pollutants in the air” nonsense over and over again. Oddly, they always fail to factor in the horrific pollutants from the massive global war which will break out because everyone is broke after attempting to switch to the crap.

    So, when Nukes are exploding over Beijing because we were forced to default on the massive sums of debt we accumulated chasing these nonsensical green fantasies, you just keep reminding yourselves you supported it for the “environment”…

    And in the end, let’s think about the technologies being “invested” in:
    Solar Energy – being studied since 1838, so its been about 174 years in the making and it still doesn’t work efficiently
    Electric Cars – The first small-scale model being produced back in 1828 means this “smart” form of transportation has taken merely 184 years to get to todays crappy results
    and taking the cake…
    (Harnessed) Wind Energy – dating back to at least 200 BC, this low-producing idea has been around at least 2212 years. Meanwhile, it’s still done little more then pollute the California Landscape and chop the heads off Birds since its last big boom in the Carter Years …

    So, the big three “smart”energy sources have at least 2570 combined years of “development” in them yet they are still ineffective, expensive, largely unwanted (unless someone is “incentive” -ie, paid off- into buying them) and ironically, as bad for the environment as the fossil they are trying to replace…

  • Ben

    I have seen one video from that protest that makes sense. It is the video of a young man that wants the federal reserve audited. Other than that, it is just a bunch of spoiled rich kids who want the whole world without having to work for it. We should wait until the crowd is the largest and then deport them to Venezuala where they can be ruled by Hugo Chavez.

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  • Liberty Man

    Why so much concern about demands? OWS are simply saying that the system is not working. They are unhappy and are showing it. It’s up to the leaders of business and government to repair the system after listening to their problems. The demands just give you and idea of the problems people are facing. Both sides agree the system is broken. We now have a left and a right tea party. Together they are part of the 99% and so are we all on this site.

    Right now as in the great depression 40% of the wealth is in the control of 1% of the people. Money must flow if the system is to function. Even low taxes rates don’t collect dollars if the system is standing still. Business can’t make money if no one is spending.

    So let’s put aside right and left, listen to all of our problems and charge our leaders with the task of fixing the economy instead of political warfare at all cost. Our polarizing views of the recent past have not proven successful in solving our problems so let’s leave them behind. Sure it can be satisfying to lash out at opposite views and ignore fellow american’s but its a lot of work and a bit more difficult to fix a problem we all know exists.

  • Wake Up

    You people need to wake up
    and see that you are being led around
    by your nose. How about reading a little
    about this movement from the source.
    if you would stop letting yourself be spoon
    fed what someone else want you to think
    you might just find out that you could be
    Part of this movement yourself.

    The list of “demands” you are making fun of
    is just a list that one single moron wrote for
    what they believe.

    As a matter of fact if you would do some reading
    yourself you would find that most everyone
    that commented on that list “in the movement”
    thinks the list is dumb just as most of you do.

    As for kids, not working, pot smoking hippies….
    I am in my 50s, own my own business and employed
    people for decades. I have two grown kids, both
    work two jobs and I have grandkids too.

    I have voted republican every single time I have voted.
    I have never missed one single election since I was legal
    to vote. I did smoke pot until I was about 25 and quit.
    how many of you still smoke pot? Do you own a business?
    Do your kids even work one job?

    Sure there are some kids on the front line in this movement.
    Last time I looked kids were fighting our wars too. Ask
    them questions and you will likely get some kid responses.
    they have not yet been pushed down as far as we older people
    have and still have ideals. Thank goodness for youth!

    I love this country and I am for our constitution to a fault.
    That is why I am proudly part of the movement.

    You have a choice…
    You take the blue pill – the story ends, you believe what you’re told.
    You take the red pill – read and learn for yourself and find out how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

  • Joel Weymouth

    Is that Leonard Nimoy in the picture?

  • Fed Up

    This ridiculous article is proof positive of what many of us have thought all along. The richest 1% have preyed on the weakest and most incompetent of the 99% and essentially have gotten them to take up the rich’s cause…Truly a sad statement of today’s society.

  • Pascha

    It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. When the laws undertake to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society the farmers, mechanics, and laborers who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their Government.
    –Andrew Jackson

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  • redpillpatriot

    Yes you are right, we are being led around by the noses. Aren’t you the clowns that voted for OBAMA???????? Hows that hope and change working out for you?

    I’ll bet you spent a lot of time checking out what the tea party is fighting for, I’ll bet you were shocked when 300,000+ showed up on the national mall on 9/12 and were completely ignored by your precious media. WHO THE F*CK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TOO?

    We started the wake up call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you even elected the clown in chief!

  • Ryan

    Nice to see a group of people representing a real Left perspective in this country. They are unequivocally supporting populist ideas, and that is really what we need to save our democracy. Over the last thirty years, the Democratic Party has moved to the right politically, and the Republican Party has moved into a mental institution. I find these people to be much more eloquent, concicse, intelligent, and inspiring than the Tea Party could ever hope to be. Wages have remand stagnant in this country, and poverty is consuming the population. And we know who is at fault, and we are not going to take it anymore. So many stupid people on this thread, and all over the country have been brainwashed into voting and acting against their own economic interests. Those in power want you to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street protestors as disorganized, incoherent, imbeciles. But they are anything but. I would use those terms to describe the Tea Party, as they are funded by Koch Industries anyway.

  • Bill Coin

    The weather is lovely, as soon as it gets cold and rainy, they will disappear and go home to Mommy and Daddy who are still paying for these load butts.

  • denny
    Lets let them know they’re not accurately representing the 99%… probably like 14% at best…

  • Max Entropy

    We have an “Escape From New York” opportunity upon us.

  • msminnie

    I don’t know where you guys came up with this list of demands, but you sure twisted it. Don’t agree to all of them but you guys are distorting the truth!!!! Do you call what your doing journalism? What do you call this kind of reporting your doing. No credibility…

    by Occupy Wall Street on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 1:18am

    List of Demands

    1. A “progressive” tax that doesn’t hurt the poor/Close loopholes/Reform corporate offshore taxation

    2. End the Federal Reserve.

    3. Campaign finance reform

    4. Overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (corporate personhood, etc.)

    5. Prosecute corporate fraud (including those who have gotten away with it)

    ‎6. Abolish the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

    7. Implement Financial Speculation Fees on large stock trades

    8. Regulate/reform conflict of interest between government and business and SEC regulators

    9. End all US wars and illegal combat operations

    10. Prosecute US war criminals (like Chenney & Rumsfeld)

    11. Repeal Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999/re-instate all provisions of Glass–Steagall Act

    12. Financial Reform Package, including: Forgiving of student loans; Federal oversight/regulation of hedge funds & derivatives; mortgages can no longer be deemed commodities

    13. Social Security will never be privatized or dismantled.

    14. Companies will not outsource jobs and services that can be performed by Americans if their jobs and services serve American markets.

    15. Bridge CEO-employee salary gap by lowering CEO earnings.

    16. Make it illegal to commodify “life” or any resource necessary for the public good (philosophy of The Commons). Monsanto OUT of our food supply.

    17. Election reforms to allow third parties better access

    18. Department of Justice reforms to uphold civil rights in all states

    19. Further health care reforms

    20. Impliment green energy alternatives/hasten phasing out fossil fuels

    Don’t agree to all of them but you guys are distorting the truth!!!!

  • if you had told the average right-winger in the 1600s that we’d have a country made up of dozens of races and scores of linguistic/ethnic groups who live together in a system with extremely few laws, no slavery, no feudal order AND that there’d be democracy, they’d think you’re NUTS. no feudal order? how would the masses be employed, and how would he elites keep order and pay for what little public services there were? free market capitalism is not feasible. multi-racial/multi-lingual nation? what would unite them? democracy? that sounds like nuts. 300 million people all collectively making decisions? monarchy is way more feasible. and so forth.

    people who have actually studied history know never to expect people on the right to ever be able to foresee anything in the future. they’re all about status quo, even though interestingly every generation their ideas move along with the changing status quo. they aren’t creative/well read enough to be able to foresee future trends.

  • Steven

    Do these protesters realize that nearly all of these proposals will increase Global Warming? Growth, construction, jobs and open borders will increase the number of people and that causes more CO2. You should get all of these demands cleared by Al Gore before you submit such silly demands again! The true Green Party is the Tea Party … maybe the Green Tea Party that wants to cut back on government spending. That will reduce Global Warming.

  • ip

    Actually the 20 dollars/hr is very close to the historical high water mark for the U.S. minimum wage, from the late ’60’s, before inflation gutted it back to historic lows in order to increase corporate profit margins.

    As for debt-forgiveness, I hardly see how this is more ‘absurd’ than the world financial industry’s response to unserviceable debt in the Eurozone, where the Greek economy has been basically destroyed, and the medicine has made debt-serviceability go from difficult to totally impossible. A forced cramdown might be the only realistic way to go lest we want to be bled white like Southern Europe for finance while they continue to collect endless bailouts.

    But this moron can only post hysteric one-liners which sound like they walked out of the fevered imagination of Glenn Beck. Oh noez, there’s an organization which record and embarrasses NewsCorp employees? (Media Matters) Heresy! Obama employed an adviser who used to be a left-activist to draw up toothless plans for public works so people might replace bad appliances and insulation and bring buildings up to ‘green’ efficiency standards–a de facto business welfare measure, I might add–the horror! (Van Jones).

  • Brand

    quote “This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

  • Cray

    Jim Hoft’s title for this post speaks volumes about who he is and the type of people that he is trying to connect with. I am positive that he is not the top 1%, and simply just a typical follower – as opposed to a free-thinker. He has somehow been tricked to be a defender of the corporate elite and the fear that he has been taught to believe through his favorite news organization (you know, the station with all of the equally hostile, belligerent hosts who preach fear) this becomes his driving motivation to become active in the political realm, and he feels some kind of false sense of unification with these front line defenders for the corporate elite (they get paid to mislead the public.) This empowers him to feel the strength of these rich and powerful humans (some may consider them as just regular old “greedy batsards”) thus he feels empowered (through the safety of the internet) to speak as prophetic as his heros from the news channel that he dedicates most of his television viewing to. Well, I have a hard time believing that your view of the situation has been weighed out in a “fair and balanced” process, I just wanted to present this post, to him and any admirers of his view, as an example of a fair and balanced assessment. See, deep down, I believe you and I are alike – only you have been duped!

  • Librarian

    Mr. Hoft if you had actually read and comprehended your source, it clearly states on the OWS site that “This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

    Or, perhaps you know all too well what you have read and what you are doing by spinning outright lies. What scares you so much about this?

    What people can’t seem to grasp with their simple black and white thinking, is that OWS is about DIALOGUE and reaching a DEMOCRATIC consensus. There WILL be ideas put forth that don’t make the cut. There will be IDEALS expressed. The goal of OWS is to TALK about these ideas and reach a consensus for demands for change.

    IDEALS are the reason we have a United States of America. Not everything desired by the “original” Constitution writers or amenders throughout history made it IN the Constitution OR did and then was amended OUT (cough-slavery-cough-Prohibition).

  • med

    Ban time out and make spanking spoiled little brats mandatory. This will guarantee this never happens again. You people are disgusting spoiled brats. Be careful you might piss America off.


    Maybe if you guys actually took a moment to stop calling all these “liberal a$$holes” names, you would realize this was just one proposed list of demands by ONE PERSON on their forums. I guess it just goes to prove there are IDIOTS on both sides of the fence, as these comments have aptly demonstrated.

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  • Librarian

    To people like “med”, it seems you don’t really want to understand what is happening, you just want to brush it off as “entitlement-minded kids”.

    That’s something I’m hearing a lot and here’s my reaction if you can read it, comprehend, and THINK for a moment:

    There is a DIFFERENCE between “everyone should take care of me” and “I WANT EVERYONE TO TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.”

    “Generation ME” was the name of the 20 and 30 somethings in the 1980s.

    This is “Generation WE”. Yes, WE.

    WE want US to have a government that is not controlled by corporations’ interests. FOR EVERYONE. That’s why WE keep using that whole 99% reference.

    WE want EVERYONE to be able to have a voice (even if you grumble and hate everything that is said, med).

  • Redpillpatriot

    Why do I get the feeling all these lefty posts are the same guy? In my best michael savage “sheeple voice” CORPORATE ELITES, status quo, blah blah blah Marx is my hero!!!!!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Redpillpatriot, I think the left is basically just angry tht they don’t control the narrative, any more.

    Back before the internet, the media would have had complete control over this story. No matter how silly, off-the-wall, totally Marxist the protestors were, they would be presented as “Idealistic youth” and stories about them would be peppered with slogans such as “The kids are all right!” or comments like, “Neither Left nor right, these young people basically just want a new tomorrow!” Sounds wonderful, no?

    If any of the big three news stations did a live story on them, they’d be sure to interview the pretty, well-spoken hippie chick; “I’m here because I believe in peace, and I think poverty is terrible, and I’m against oppression!” etc., etc, etc. The scruffier, crazier ones would eithr be shoved into the background, or edited out. Life Magazine would do a touching story, of happy hippies dancing through a forest, or a very serious story, with black and white photos, of attractive young people lounging around with serious expressions on their faces, talking about their own idealism, and how they just want a good life for all. Sounds wonderful, no? Maybe they’d even include some of their “Poetry”; “When I think of Vietnam/I long for peace/Meanwhile, the doves/nest in my beard/All is beautiful, man!” Essayists like Norman Mailer would write supporting the youthful protesters; after all, they have something to SAY!

    Today we’ve got the internet. What we see isn’t vetted by glossy magazines, newscasters or pundits. We see them chanting and shouting and attacking others on camera (or on cell phone, or internet video), we hear their silly demands, we know what they want isn’t “Peace” or “Justice”, but Marxism, Marxism, more Marxism—or else we’ll riot.

    It does not sound so wonderful, no. We can hear what they actually are saying, and we do not like it. Also, the Left hasn’t aged real well. A fresh-faced young kid dressed up as a coporate zombie might be funny, somewhat cute; a weird, grey-haired guy dressed up as one is just strange looking. And given the tough economic times, there is much less interest now in indulging leftist protesters, or giving in to their whims. Basically, the mask is off, and they’ve been exposed.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Crashing India, in the 1600’s, America wasn’t even a nation yet. The Industrial Revolution hadn’t happened, and, no people, whatever their political affiliation, weren’t talking about multi-racial, free societies, because back in those days, you pretty lived, worked and died where you were born—no matter where that was, because people were still pretty much tied to the soil, and to local industry for their living. Nor was there any real “Right” or “Left”; Karl Marx wasn’t even a twinkle in his mother’s eye at that point.

    So where were all these nefarious “rightwingers” you’re talking about? Are you talking about England, i.e, cavaliers and roundheads? Those who support the king, and those who don’t? The Czar of all the Russias? The Byzantine Empire? The Emperors of China and Japan?

    By the way—it was capitalism, and the Industrial Revolution, that helped create democracy—when you’re free to invent, and start your own business, you’re not tied to the land, or your feudal lord, anymore. Factory jobs weren’t fun, but they paid better than farm work, and freed you to leave the village of your birth, and strike out on your own. And it was the Founding fathers—all white, male capitalists, who started America on the road to democracy. If the Wall Street squatters were to get their way, abolishing capitalism and making an all-powerful state responsible for everyone, we’d end up right back in the 1600’s—though probably worse than the actual 1600’s were.

  • Denise Shelton

    You all sound like people with jobs, health insurance, and the arrogance that comes with being on top when most others are struggling. Try being laid off at 55 and watching your retirement savings dwindle while job interviewers tell you you are either over qualified or your qualifications are exemplary but the “synergy” is better with the other candidate. Try it for two years and then tell us how easy it is to just go back to work and stop complaining. Maybe you should count your blessings and stop assuming you have a clue what it is to be us.

  • mark

    you have to see these idiots in front of the board of trade..LOSERS..every single one of them.half saved cigs stuck behind their ears.just amazing bust outs..a good place for these toasties to sit around and market weed.

  • mark

    @ denise what are yopu doing about it? maybe you should lay off the blogs and go fill out some applications..or wait,,maybe you think somebody’s going to mail you a want to blame wall street for your situation?..LOL..please..blame yourself and THEN blame the goof in the white house who is killing the chances of a recovery..oh thats right you dont believe in capitalism…lol..dont worry the govt will take care of you.

  • mark

    @ are absolutely right this is the WE generation,,and thats truly a SAD SAD place to sheeple dont have a believe in the collective WE just like a good liberal..I believe in ME and the INDIVIDUAL..thats the sickness of liberal politics THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN you believe in you librarian..are you strong enough?

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  • JessOccupyCanada

    Wow you sure are an Idiot claiming this is thier list of demands. Do some research before you start spouting off crap in an alex jones fashion. This is the Official response to these so called “official demands”

    Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.

    Quoted form their offical site. If you want to qutoe something quote the whole thing not just what appeals to your beleifs.

  • c

    If you people can’t see the obvious attempt of the mass media trying to belittle the OWS movement than your doomed to live in the shadow of ignorance that you have been casted into for the rest of your lives. Open your eyes, if you spent a second to see WHERE these demands came from, you would find that they are not official requests, but simply someone blogging what they thought would be best. One persons opinion, not the collectives. The massive media machine is going to do whatever they can, as much searching, as much digging, as needed to find methods of hurting this movement. Don’t believe all that you hear, do a little research…

  • Dum Dum Dum

    The list of demands was posted by a single individual. There is no consensus or agreement among the protesters. The first ingredient for a journalist is READING COMPREHENSION!!! This article is a joke!

  • Meredith

    Why are they idiots and aholes? Because they want change so they’re aiming for the ideal and saying “we’re citizens of this country and we’re worth it?” Wow. So stupid. They’re fighting for you, too, you know.

  • redpillpatriot

    OK OK WE GET IT it is not the official list of demands, please enlighten us, I have read your links and seen your kind, Hell you have one you put in the white house! We know your demands based on the last 3 years not this article. IT IS KARL MARX,, we get it… NOW GTFO of our country and go party in the USSR… Oh thats right it failed….. wah wah wahaaaa……..

    @Rhinestone – right on the money.

    @ denise shelton – yes your right, I pay healthcare – WAY TOO MUCH, thanks to medicare, and illegals. Yes I have a job, and I am struggling to make ends meet with the rising cost of living, inflation, housing bubble, taxes, and bueracracy… That all comes from BIG GOVERNMENT!! THE REPUBLICANS AND THE DEMOCRATS are both to blame for crushing America with this oppressive GIANT govt. Why do you think the Tea Party is against all of this!!! Here is a thought, quit listening to Michael “jabba the hut” Moore, Rosanne Barr, Whoopie, Penn, Saranden, Pelosi, Barry, Che, Marx, etc. etc. and find out what America was founded on, and lets get back to it.

  • redpillpatriot

    @ denise

    And one more thing – I hope you find work soon. I know unemployment sucks, but there are jobs out there if you want them, it may not be ideal but it’s a paycheck.

    A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government. – Thomas Jefferson.

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. – Thomas Jefferson.

  • Steven

    I work nearby and feel sorry for the real protesters because they were hijacked. Recently, I spotted suits, Gucci bags and high heels speaking to the organizers. Also, construction workers and red tee shirt wearing union members got involved. The real protesters were a bunch of hippies who had their cause (what it might have been) hijacked by the democrats. The suits, Gucci bags and high heels are the funding members of the Presisdent’s re-election group. The union people are the foot soliders for the Democratic party. The President is trying to fire up his base.

  • Steven

    Also, if any of the “manufactured” protesters are blogging here I have two small points.

    (1) Please let my bus get by. I really need to get home early today.
    (2) Please walk in my shoes before I am “villianiuzed.” I borrowed $200,000, studied my rear off. Worked internships for $0 to get were I am now. While others partied, hiked or did yoga I was reading. While others took vacations to south america, I worked. If you think that I am priviledged please join me. Put down the sign and enroll in college. Hardwork does pay off.

  • Ritchie B

    From the occupy wall street forums:
    Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/ commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.

  • Michelle

    Maybe you should list the actual working list of demands. What you have here is one man’s proposed demands. Shame on you for trying to mislead. Find fault with what is real, not something conjured up by one single man.

  • There’s a compromise in place for Demand #4, free college educations. Most of these kids seem to already have educations that, while not free, are quite worthless.

  • Brooklyn Girl

    Hate to burst your bubble, but this is NOT AN OFFICIAL LIST OF DEMANDS. From the Occupy Wall Street website:

    Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.

    You people need to learn to read before you go all wacky. Seriously.

  • concerned about sources

    You DO realize that the list of demands you’ve quoted here came from the FORUM; they are NOT an official list of demands. They are one person’s attempts at articulating demands, and idiots like you are mis-informing people who are too lazy to check your sources, perpetuating a close-minded, presumptuous, and unproductive one-sided conversation. If people bothered to click on your link to the Occupy Wall Street forum, they would see this note right at the top of the page:

    “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

    But G– forbid we have an intelligent, informed discussion without making moral judgements.

  • Mike

    Why are you guys hating on these protestors. Everyone is generalizing them as uneducated and jealous, but have you marched? Have you talked them, get to know them on a personal level. I was born into a rich family and didn’t have to work for anything. These people aren’t as lucky. Many factors in someones life can lead to poverty and it isn’t always their stupidity that got them there. So I respect them and hope they fight for what they believe in. But to dumb them down and ridicule all of them as a whole is ridiculous. Many of them have good points and some of you guys are the real idiots for assuming that every protestor agrees with these list of demands! Bunch of judgmental haters. No wonder there isn’t justice. Some of you think you are better than everyone out there.

  • ANONymous

    From the
    “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

  • DrBilbo

    Wow! A set of demands written by people with the mental and emotional maturity of adolescents. Perhaps a course in actual (Austrian) economics would be in order for them.

  • If that one person’s forum post means that all members of the Occupy Wall Street movement are idiots, then the racist signs held by people at Tea Party rallies like the one linked below mean all Tea Partiers are racists:

    So what will it be, GP? Are all Tea Party members racists, or were you wrong and the person who posted that list of demands was just one person?

  • Librarian

    @Mark- That’s just fear-mongering and it won’t work.

    Okay, so you disagree ideologically with the notion of people working together. You are an individualist like so, so many other people. I acknowledge your point of view.

    I don’t agree with it. I also don’t agree that because other people share my idea, I am now a “sheeple”. YOU are a sheeple too mark then. I’m not sure what your criteria are, but it sounds like if anyone has a similar thought, they are Sheeple! Sheeple!

    Please, that’s just weak arguing. One way to deal with people who think DIFFERENTLY than you and have a different view of what MIGHT work in democracy is to say, “I see we disagree” and then keep rolling.

  • Rob Bennett

    It’s apparent that these brats have zero real life experience and they only know what their liberal professors tell them. Whats next? We want ponies, a candy house, and a money tree/ They need to put the bong down, burn that copy of Ishmael(Read Atlas Shrugged or Liberty Defined instead) pull themselves away from World Of Warcraft, and move out of mom’s basement and get out there and contribute to society for a change.

  • Tim

    Umm if you actualy click on the link you will find this.
    “This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

  • Joe Defender

    Really, So when the Tea Party has the same protest : No Bail out etc . take care of the Middle class , no new taxes, decrease government involvement. This group states they are defending freedom. Wow. Keep watching and get off the couch and stand for something. Freedom of speech ; remember that one. Corporations have more money than anytime in history, so why arent they investing in America , greed ! They take their funds off shore and benefit the few at the cost of many. Wake up , this is the same values you have but a “different” group.

  • Iamawesome

    It’s funny because the people on Occupy Wall street are very educated peaceful smart people. Not being anti America like faux news and you people seem to be. The right to protest isin the constitution you know. You are the imbeciles.

  • Joe Defender
  • Joe Defender

    What’s so funny is that as long as capitalists are making money , they love capitalism. the minute they screw up and start to lose money, they become socialists and ask the taxpayer to bail them out. Then they get this tea party group to ‘work” for them against the very system that feeds them. hmmmm the irony.

  • StanO

    lamawesome what are you talking about? What is American about these people? The have a disdain for the Constitution, economic freedom, freedom of speech. Clearly they are poorly educated. I understand this is not official, but let’s face it they probably agree with it.

    They went through school, but having gone to a liberal school (UC Santa Barbara) going through school does not mean you’ve learned anything, especially how to think. It’s a liberal boot camp, if you don’t go in with a good education in history, economics and business you can be caught up in the nonsense. Btw, saying idiotic things like “faux news” exposes your lack of credibility. They are the most watched and the most trusted and balanced according to surveys of television viewers.

  • Josh

    $20 minimum wage? Seriously? They obviously don’t understand basic economics. The more money we make per capital the more things will cost. The answer isn’t just throwing more $$$ into our wallets, and spending trillions on infrastructure.

  • John

    Although a part of me likes some of the ideas, they will not work. In order for them to work we would need to scap a whole lot of what our country and way of life is. I do not believe any of these people are smart enough to do that. Forgive all ,loans!? What kind of a moron came up with that? If that were to happen, there would be so many bankrupt people and organizations because of lost money that they innvested. Most of us would lose what jobs we have because of this. However, it would not have much detrimental effect on these tyoe of people protesting. They are trying to get it all for free. That means they want the rest of us to support them.

  • letsbefair

    Well I’m not sure these are the official demands. If they were, they do sound pretty steep. Also these people are protesting because they are over-educate and don’t have jobs. That’s what we’re angry about too, right? These people went back to school and trained and the job market didn’t validate that. I’m just saying that because our beliefs are different than theirs doesn’t mean that we should attack them. Keep expressing the beleifs we know are based on our values but remember that these are people and we should respect them no matter how much we think their ideas are strange.

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  • Charlie

    These are not the official demands. To quote the official ‘’ page regarding the issue:

    “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

    Actual link here:

    Granted, whether these facts change anything is up to personal interpretation.
    Perpetuating false assumptions of the movement’s official goals won’t help anybody of any side however, regardless on whether one finds themselves criticizing or supporting some parts of the movement.

    It’s easy to stereotype and to despise the group that’s being shown as “hippies.”
    You don’t have to like some of the groups that are there (I certainly don’t care for some of them); but at the very least, pause for a moment and reflect: “is there something TRULY wrong going in how the American government and economy has operated in these past several years?”
    Most people would say, “Hell yes.” You don’t have to be involved (or even agree) with the Wall St. movement to realize that something wrong and impractical for our well-being exists. Making jokes about some of the protesters that you see at these events may be entertaining, but it a poor distraction from the dawning realization that the American system could be much, MUCH improved.
    Whether it’s through the Wall St. movement or through other methods, the majority of Americans sense that their lives could be better.

    Idealism and cynicism wear similar faces that distract from the real issue: both are useless if neither truly addresses or present actions for the realities we are facing now. Having fun about hippies is one thing, but it (sadly) can’t eliminate the real issues that everyone must solve.

  • Micki

    Would you like fries with that?

  • CAPPipe

    We only have ourselves to blame. Businesses are there to make money. If we don’t want Chinese made goods we should quit buying them. If we don’t want CEO’s making $7 million for causing a business to fail stop buying products of a company that has those practices.

    When the stock holders start losing money they will ebnd to the demands of the public. Until that time they will continue business as usual.

    If you are not ready to make that kind of commitment then you are not ready to change things.

  • nchokie02

    So which part of this is going to create tons of jobs again?? The $20 min wage?? I’m sure all small business can afford to pay that. The “living wage regardless of employment status”??? Because I’m going to work when I’m getting money for nothing, especially once they erase all my debt so I don’t have a car payment or mortgage and other bills to pay. At least someone had the knowledge to say that this list makes them look like idiots because it does. If you agree with any of these demands you are an idiot and have no knowledge of the working world.

  • kenmiller59

    Their demands identify exactly who & what they are…..George Soros and Big Labor are funding this crap and anyone who compares these idiots to the “TeaParty Movement” should go to New York City and join the party. If the truth be known, the President of OUR country and his whole administration are just like the “OccupyWallStreet” folks in their beliefs and ideology. It’s a manifestation of the election of Obama. Basically this is a zit that has come to a head on the big butt of liberalism……and it may be just the beginning of a major infection.

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  • Pingback: The Blaze: Video Exposing How ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized From Day One By SEIU/ACORN Front – The Working Family Party, And How They All Tie To The Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists Of America, Tides And George Soros — ExposeT()

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  • Incredulous

    I was very happy to see that not all that have read these demands believed them. Those that refuse to believe other wise, please take note and heed to the advice of the people who are telling you these demands are not from OWS.

    I understand the frustration you have toward liberals or progressives. You’re afraid of letting go of an ineffective government. The status quo is not working. The OWS is not about Marxism, or any other “ism” other that doing what is right for all Americans. OWS is the product of years of frustration that has been brewing without a voice. To think that OWS is a bunch of under-educated, pot-smoking, hippies, and not a legit refusal of the status quo, is regressive, it will lead us toward the a unbelievably catastrophe. This is not histrionic. The 1% do not care about you. They will drain the very last penny from you to keep what they have. This has been obvious for years. The “illegals” and the poor, and obviously the educated, have been made the scapegoat and have been made to seem villainous by the same people who are picking that last dime out of your pocket. The poor have no refuge or voice. They need the help to get out of poverty. A poverty that has been perpetuated by the very people that not only took your last dime, but the food out of the mouths of the poor, without compunction or remorse. They eat the caviar while throwing the Poor-john at you.

    OWS is not against you or your way of life. OWS is against corporate greed, inequality, and an effectually hi-jacked media, and government. That is the main frame around these protests. Some of you sounds intent on getting Obama out of the White House. Perhaps he’s not been the best negotiator with the right, and has shown his weaknesses toward fighting against the likes of the Koch brothers, and their 1% cronies, but he is our President, and may presently be the only person keeping from continued control by that 1%, and certain disaster.

    Look at the people that are heading out into the streets, they are people just like you. They are not living off the hog, they are trying to make ends meet just like you. If you don’t believe it go to a OWS near you, and turn off Beck, FOX News, etc. The fear mongers who are looking out for none other than themselves. It doesn’t take brain science to figure them out. They truly don’t care about you.

    We don’t live in a country in which all have the same opportunity to become a success. Before that can happen we all have to be entitled to the opportunities available. There are a few that make it through working hard, and doing all the right things toward their success, however there are many more whom don’t get the opportunity toward that golden foothold.

    Please take the time to think. Think of the reality that is facing you and the rest of the country if we continue to let the country be ravaged by these selfish mongrels. We don’t have to agree immediately with each other, however we need to stop seeing each other in opposition.

    @ RedPillPatriot, one other quote from one of our forefathers:

    “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. July 4, 1776

  • Emily

    I’m not on board with Occupy Wall Street. I do, however, support free speech and it’s nice to see people wake up and pay attention to the political process. Too many young people know more about Jersey Shore and the Kardashians than they do about economics. That being said, I’d like to point out that this list of demands is not an “official” one. This is one suggestion posted on a forum on their website by one extremely misguided idealistic person. So it would be nice to be able to write off the entire movement based on these demands but we can’t.

    I will however write off this persons “demands.” It does sound pretty wonderful though. $20/hour regardless of employment, forgive my mortgage? Excellent! I’m in! But wait open border? Anyone who wants can come here and get their twenty dollars an hour too? Okay good for them I guess. How do we pay for all this exactly? Maybe they’ll just print extra money to pay off all those debts. That should work. I’ll see you guys at the grocery store with my wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread…

    These people need to not throw out capitalism, just crony capitalism. Big business needs to get out of bed with big government. No more bail-outs. Let the free market sort it out.

  • Akelly

    It would be nice if all those crowing about “libtards” and “lazy” actually went to the site, because you would realize that these “demands” aren’t actually from OWS, but from one guy who wants all this. OWS doesn’t actually have any demands, mainly just grievances – like the Tea Party. But that would require you to actually look into the news instead of taking what some hack reporter says at face value.

  • gauge griffin

    This list is not from the occupy wall street movement. It is from a single individual that proposed this silly list and I assure you it was not accepted. Do some research next time and get your facts straight. Your aite is nothing but propoganda.

  • Matt

    These are not their official demands. If you refer to the page linked in this article, it is clear that this is an individual user’s submission. In fact, she or he refers to it as a “Proposed” list of demands.

    Take a deep breath and stop creating stories that don’t exist.

  • Jonathan Krieg

    I think that that individuals lists of demands is brilliant. Saying that luckily most five year olds are not that stupid is an ignorant uneducated response. If that list of demands were met just 4-5 years ago then we wouldnt have the unfixable problems we have today. Unfortunately that list would be impossible to fulfill at this point in the game, but the man obviously understands the problems we are facing and what solutions COULD have helped in the past. At this point we are all going under and nothing will stop us. Its past the point of fixability.

  • Jonathan Krieg

    For those of you saying that people would stop going to work if they had guaranteed income, you are most likely unaware of the fact that parts of Canada have already done that experiment and the only groups that didnt go to work as often or quit jobs were new mothers and teenagers. It actually cut mental illnesses by 38% and cut hospital and doctor visits by 10%. People spent more time looking for jobs because the immediate pressures of needed employment were no longer forcing people to take jobs they hated. It had HUGE benefits for everyone. That is EXACTLY what they should be doing. The only way to pick up the pieces and go in the right direction is to clean the slate and wiping out personal debts is a GREAT idea to get the people spending again and creating wealth rather than debt. The only idiots are the ones bashing the protesters.

  • Zak

    Let’s go through each one shall we?

    Demand 1: If you raise minimum wage to $20/hr, the cast of labor would go up so high that most employers would lay off much of their employees, or just fire them all and move overseas for cheaper labor.

    Demand 2: So, institute Obamacare (which is being looked at for constitutionality)? Ok, just like government subsidizing education, health care costs would go through the roof. The system would collapse and doctors still won’t get paid.

    Demand 3: So whats the point of working then if you get paid even if you don’t work?

    Demand 4: Who will pay the universities and colleges and where will this money come from?

    Demand 5: This I wouldn’t have so much a problem with, but what energy source is prominent enough to replace fossil fuels at this time? I’ve lost faith in this happening when Solyndra went bankrupt. The only way for people to see these investments pay off is if the government subsidizes it, and we all know how that works out (see demand 2).

    Demand 6: Where will the money come from? Money doesn’t grow on trees.

    Demand 7: Again, where will the money come from? And if nuclear plants were to be shut down, how will the loss of energy be made up? Sunshine and farts?

    Demand 8: I don’t have a problem with this one, but these already “officially” exist. Implementing and enforcing is the problem.

    Demand 9: If we were to allow that, the US would be flooded with so many people, many things would happen: Demand 8 would be nearly impossible, where will these people live and work, and if so many people come here at once, there would be less money supporting more people and the standard of living for everyone would go down.

    Demand 10:If you can find the people to sit through that, by all means, go ahead.

    Demand 11: This is impossible, for individuals and all governments, due to the fact that debt is an asset. Asking someone to forgive a debt is like asking them to give you their money for free. Also, the US government owes most of its debt to two entities: China (good luck convincing them to accept default) and the US taxpayer.

    Demand 12: Why? So people can just go from bank to bank and ask for loans willy-nilly? Credit reporting is important because it shows who’s responsible and well-off enough to take on the burden of that loan. Also, these agencies employ people. Outlaw them includes many now unemployed people/

    Demand 13: Unions wouldn’t agree to this because people would have to join one for a Union to represent them. Unions then wouldn’t exist and then who would represent the workers?

    And finally, the last statement: Maybe for someone in another country. Just the first demand alone would greatly reduce the amount of jobs here in the US.

    I would like to know what you think of my analysis.

  • Jonathan Krieg

    If you look at the demands individually, as you are, then yeah obviously they have their flaws. If you look at all of them together, thats the only way it would be of benefit. People DONT STOP WORKING JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE GUARANTEED INCOME

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  • Zak

    Maybe not everyone, but many would. Also, if everyone was guaranteed pay no matter what, productivity and effort would go down. We already have unemployment pay; even though there is a limit on how long you can receive it, it’s long enough to where you don’t have to work for a long time. Nothing good comes of guaranteed pay.

  • dagny silverstein

    Of course they’re going to make ridiculous demands, those get attention. However, many of these make sense and I am delighted that the panty-waisted fat wall street criminals are being bothered. It’s just too bad that the police aren’t clubbing or arresting any of them, they deserve it. They’ve ruined the lives of thousands of Americans with their greed and underhanded actions. Why don’t they show some class and jump out of windows like their predecessors did.

  • Steph

    I’m not sure people are looking at this the right way. I spent plenty of money on my college education, but what about the bright young students that happened to be born into a poor family and can’t afford college? I think that they should still have that opportunity. And just because future generations may not have to pay, doesn’t mean that I’m going to demand my money back. I think its time to move forward and make the world a better place for us all to live in. I also think that planting forests and finding a more eco-friendly way of getting around without depending on oil would be a great thing!

  • PissedOff

    I made it through the first fifteen comments and was disgusted at the spelling/grammar errors in EACH comment. You all need a free college education, and need to look more at the issues as a whole before you judge the protestors. They will not stop. They may compromise, but they will not stop until change is guaranteed.

  • Benz

    Hey, you imbecile.

    The “demands” you reported on here are not what the wall street occupation is about. Even on the link you posted with it says that “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user”. SO, before you go on criticizing i suggest you get you facts straight before you start spreading lies. Thank you for trying to divide us. But united we stand. We all have our own right to suggest the changes we want, but those are not the general view of all the occupiers. Get your facts straight.

    thanks imbecile,


  • Anti-Joke Chicken

    “So who put this together for them anyway?”

    The post is signed Lloyd J. Hart. He left his phone number.

    He runs Martha’s Vineyard Organics. He sells wheat grass.

    Were you trying to make a point? I didn’t see a point up there. Maybe you were trying to make a joke? If so, you could try the wheat grass thing. Or a little research. Or any content of your own, really.

  • Mike L

    I’LL KEEP THIS SIMPLE: That’s a post by ONE PERSON on a forum.

    The actual draft list of demands is here:

    Nice try.

  • Mike L

    I posted the wrong link, above. That’s the Declaration of the Occupation. (The reasons for being there.)

    Here are the [draft] proposed solutions:

  • aLiberal

    These aren’t the demands of the occupation. It was posted by one person on a forum, and this “news” site ran with it. Pretty funny.

    But I don’t really expect much from the people who consider liberalism the same as socialism.

    I marched in the occupation, for the regulation of wreckless capitalism. (Which will provoke responses that I’m anti-capitalism, far from it).

    I do have a proposed demand though, reinstate glass-steagall please.

  • Jonathan Krieg

    What do you mean nothing good comes from guaranteed pay? What facts do you have to back that statement?

  • Jason

    To the blog author: You asked who put the list together when you already knew that it was a post from a single user in a forum. You took it out of context to label the entire movement. I think people who view websites like this should do their own research before commenting on the intelligence of others. Here is the link from the occupy post and a quote from the website. You will find that these demands are not official and a strong debate within the comments section.

    “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

  • monkeywrench

    Not that any of you will read this, but that list was a post, by a single user, on the website. That isn’t an offical list of demands. Quoted, from their website.. it’s a the top which gateway pundit left off

    “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and “

  • monkeywrench

    Ah.. jason beat me too it.

  • shelley

    I admit I really like #11-but give me a minute I need to run out and get some really big bucks loaned to me 1st lol.
    What scares me is this generation will one day be in charge of the country in my lifetime…we should take them all out now and save ourselves an even bigger problem in the future. And remember when giving your kids every damn thing they ever wanted and never deserved….this is what they become!!!! Better parenting people, come on!!!

  • Charles Karter

    Ok, idk how yall got such an extremely warped view of this, but this article is nowhere near correct. IDK where you came up with those demands, but here’s the ACTUAL decleration.
    and a list of demands that are in the works.
    They’re using pure democracy of the people to work out the kinks, but this whole thing is a work in progress.

    Now I’m a US Soldier, and with that I like to think that I’m generally pretty good at spotting BS (like this article.) I met lawyers, doctors, construction workers, people with masters degrees of all sorts (science, finacial, tax, and many more). Really normal down to earth americans there, Yes they have extremist people aswell, but that comes with every single group. That doesn’t mean that those radicals are what the group is about, even though the media (especially Fox News) has honed in on those to diminish what they’re about.

    If you have questions about it i’ll answer. To get a good idea of this group though, I’ll give you a few pointers. They’re a lot like the origional tea party movement (before the Koch brothers got they’re grubby hands into it). They’re against special interest groups infecting our politicians and buying congress, because of how it has diminished our democracy. They have a lot of other ideas that have come out aswell, but that seems to be the main one that EVERYONE agrees on.

  • Kyle

    So are you actually going to rebut any of the demands or are you just going to put your head in the sand and hope it goes away hahahaha

  • jessie

    This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.

  • Mike

    This sounds like communism to me. Why don’t you just move to China or wait till Putin is president again and move there.

  • greeneye1984

    I think we should offer them all a one way ticket to any utopia they desire. The only way back is to refuse any assitance in the future.

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  • Ralloh

    We can make fun of this fools all we want but they can be dangerous. If this continues, and more like minded idiots join them, it will turn violent. No doubt in my mind. They are typical Marxist, socialists who want it all given to them. Where they think all these free goodies will come from is beyond me. Where they think all the trillions they are talking about is also beyond me. Seriously we need to stand up and counter these creeps with sanity. If not, I don’t know where it may lead.

  • jessica

    This is a suggestion from a person on a forum. This is not an official statement. We believe in a democratic process where everyone has a voice. This suggestion was not voted on and approved by the masses. Perhaps it is easier to fear what you can not understand. By reading your comments, it is obvious to me that you do not understand what is going on. Open your eyes and see. Be afraid, this is your future, these kids who should be kicked out of the country. Your actions in the past have left us little hope for our future and so now when we stop be ‘slackers’ and take radical actions to take back our futures, don’t act surprised. At least we aren’t still sitting on our couches watching Mtv.

  • Keith

    Just who’s bitterly clinging now? Obama himself couldn’t have said it better…

    “You go into some of these [big urban areas] in [the East], and like a lot of [urban areas] in the [West], the jobs have been gone now for [40] years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and [the Obama] administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they [remain] bitter, they cling to [protest signs] or [entitlement programs] or antipathy to people who aren’t [needy or ‘progressive’] like them or anti-[corporation] sentiment or anti-[banker] sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” –Obama (loosly paraphrased)

  • shelley

    I read your “official list” too. It was any more coherent than this one. Half the ideas are based off movies-not reality, like “dude there was this movie with Matt Damen and that was a great idea”. Wake up that’s fiction. The civil rights movement worked because they had a single cause, a well versed ideal. Your 99%= 99% confusion; I want world peace, stop world hunger, everyone should be fair and equal-good lord it’s completely apparent that you all need to finish letting your frontal lobe develop. Your ideas are marxist; probably instilled to you by your hippie parents, those same parents who gave into your every whim and never taught you the value and pride of working for the things you have in life. They told you that you were “special” and deserved everything for nothing; they should have spanked your butt occasionally and told you “NO”. Now you think as (and I use this term loosely) “adults” you can still throw a tantrum or hold your breath and the whole world is gonna give in to you–WRONG!!! At 22 yrs. old you do not deserve to graduate from college and get that corner office with a salary of 100k a yr. and a months vaca; start in the mail room, flip a burger and work your way up the chain like it’s been done for generations. Protest capitalism? That which you protest is the what your parents used to purchase your designer clothes, ipods, and cell phones-those are luxories not priveledges that you also take for granted. So go back to your parents basement and demand a raise in your allowance because that is really what you are after.

  • Dan

    Amazing just how DUMB these people are and even scarier is that they are BREEDING.

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  • Brewski

    Let me clear this up… this is NOT the general consensus of Occupy Wall Street protesters. This is just some eloquent but ignorant piece of writing by some half-wit claiming to represent the protest. See this link to OWS’s website that also defends that this is just some idiot’s ideas and that they were never formally presented or approved.

  • Bob

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers…

  • Belle Veritas

    This story is made up. It will likely be in snopes soon. One person posted this ridiculous list on the OccupyWallStreet’s FORUM. The Administrator noted on their website that this was not an official list, that there was no official demands list. ANd the Administrator noted also that FOX and some other media were perverting the truth by spreading this lie, as I see this page is doing as well. I suppose someone is paying people to discredit this movement by spreading lies about it. Pretty interesting to observe this for myself, after hearing about FOX lies for a couple of years.

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  • David R

    Let me know when they are enacted. I need to get a car, TV and charge up $100K in home repairs first!

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