Good Grief… 3 Goons Wanted for Threatening to Kill #OWS Protester After Their Buddy Smacked Her in the Face (Video)

Three young punks were caught on camera at Occupy Wall Street after they threatened to kill a female protester.
The New Your Daily News reported:

“We’re gonna kill you!”

An #OWS protester was smacked in the face by a fellow protester after she refused drugs and sexual advances from the goon. Later three of his buddies later came to camp and threatened to kill the woman.
The New York Daily News reported:

Three men are wanted for threatening to kill a 24-year-old Occupy Wall Street protester because she was pressing charges over an assault at the group’s Zuccotti Park encampment.

The young protester was roughed up at the Downtown sit-in by a man named Garfield Leslie, 19, police said Tuesday.

Leslie offered to sell the woman drugs, and when she declined that offer and his romantic advances, he punched her in the face and dished out more blows to two friends who had come to her defense, police said.

The woman filed a complaint with police, and Leslie was arrested at Zuccotti Park about 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Then, on Monday, the trio of young toughs paid the woman a visit at the park, threatening her with retribution.

“You got our friend arrested. We’re gonna kill you! Watch you back!” they warned her, police said.

Police on Tuesday released grainy surveillance camera images of the three punks.

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  • Radegunda

    Just like the Tea Parties. Yup.

  • Dave-O

    “God bless them” — Nancy Pelosi

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Socialism is just Greaaaaaaaatt!!! Could be worse though. She could be eating tree bark and rats.

  • Remco Kimber

    Leslie, having completed his Islamic training and study by punching a woman and letting her know her place, has been promoted to the position of Full Imam.

    As to his two friends, the NY Democratic Party has filled its slate of candidates for the run against Jerry Nadler (aka Waddler) for Nov. 2012, or at least as challengers to Nadler’s hold on the Coney Island Pie Eating Contest,

  • RickS

    Yeah, I just don’t remember that happening at the Tea Party rallies, but I’m sure it did. Because the MSM kept telling me how violent the Tea Partiers were. So…it must have been true.

  • Oh Yea I remember all the Drug dealers and gang bangers at the Tea Parties, Good Times
    /S (like I need it)

  • What’s the problem catching these guys, you should be able to smell them as far away as Philadelphia.

  • Midwestengr

    I’m sure Nancy and O’Blame’O are soooooo proud!

  • Dave-O

    By the time it’s over, Eric Holder will file hate crime charges against the young lady for her obvious bias against these nice young black students. She is clearly lacking in her commitment to multi-culturalism.

  • Patty

    Give love and peace a chance you drugged up yuppie garbage defecating little killing machines.

    Go home to the trash bag family life you came from. Puff up your muscles in a prison somewhere and then write all about occupying for weeks and getting nothing out of it but locked up for murder. That will occupy your life for 20 years or so.

    You were one of the occupiers that took the life for your commie stand and now we are paying the prison bill.

  • Patty

    I worry about all the snats, fleas and parasites on the many fruits and nuts. Where are the fesses going. Who is carrying out the sludge and garbage. There’s a JOB created. Tax payers are picking up the bills.

  • These goons are not going to be satisfied until someone is seriously hurt…………………..crime is up 150% in NYC sense these goons have took up occuppying…………..

  • That was the “Security Committee”. The woman was supposed to report any sexual assaults to them, not to the police.

    Didn’t you guys get the memo?

  • Multitude

    Mayor Bloomberg has been warned on the capacity for these activities, but has openly declared that he supports a law-free zone. Let him own the violence and disregard for the law.

    Oh hey, and 2012 is “Choose your own New York laws to ignore” year. Taxes? Handgun possession? It’s simple… just declare yourself as an official personal #OWS site and you’re exempted.

  • malclave

    “I support what they do.”
    – Elizabeth Warren

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  • myohmy

    Isn’t that lovely? Nancy Pelosi’s kind of people. God bless them.

  • Valerie

    Of course Nancy Pelosi loves them! They aren’t asking her to do anything. She’ll take that to mean she can do anything she pleases.

  • ExExZonie

    Does this qualify for AttackWaaaaaaaatch?

  • Libs Suck

    Sorry, but I have no pity or sympathy for any of the participants in these serial confrontations. The woman wants to join in the #OWS mob scene, then she was getting off easy – when you juggle turds it’s only common sense you’ll end up covered with sh*t. Hopefully this woman learned something – but I seriously doubt it. Reality and liberalism seem mutually exclusive to each other – polar opposites as it were.

    AS FOR the drug dealer and his cronies. What does everyone expect? Corporeal punishment departed from the public school system years ago, parents abdicated their responsibilities long before that and society refuses to exterminate the dysfunctional psychopaths in it’s midst’s.

  • Molon Labe

    Selling drugs at these events? Wow now I understand why Pelosi and Obama love them.

  • Molon Labe

    Were these guys union reps?

  • Its my understanding that Obama,the Communist Party, Nazi Party, Muslim Cair, and many other groups and prominent individuals are openly supporting this mob.

    20,000 million lives were lost from Lenin and Marx from 1845 to the end of the Vietnam War.
    One million fighting the Nazis.

    The Muslims want to kill and subvert us infidels.

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  • Buffalo Bill

    The Ground Monkey herd has become overpopulated and is in need of thinning.