Figures. COMMUNIST LEADER Cheered at Occupy Chicago is ALSO an OBAMA ORGANIZER

On Saturday night thousands of Occupy Chicago protesters cheered the communists as they spoke at the rally and march in downtown Chicago.

Rebel Pundit has now identified the young communists leaders at the rally.

We have identified the three individuals in the march who we interviewed. In the photo below starting on the left is James Raines, a University of Memphis teacher (from reader tip), next to his right is Jordan Farrar (Young Communist League & Organizing for America), and next to him is Gabe Niechcial, another young communist.

That’s right. The communist leader is also an organizer for Obama’s re-election campaign.

According to the P/oed Patriot, Farrar, seen in the white C.P. USA shirt, is not only a Young Communist League leader, but he is also a member of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America and he organized a rally in 2009 for OFA to support President Obama’s health care bill. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was featured guest at Farrar’s event as well.

And you’re surprised?

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  • patman

    Four douchebags standing tall…

  • Granny

    May I remind you of the picture of Obama’s Florida campaign headquarters with the Che flag prominently displayed? Or the free concert provided by Maoist supporters The Decembrists out in Oregon- the ones who are so happy to wave around Mao’s Little Red Book? Or perhaps you remember the Red Star that has been the international symbol of Communism for 100 years proudly displayed on banners surrounding the Democratic Convention venue back in ’08? (I have pictures of that)

    How can you possibly be surprised that we have literally had a silent coup?

  • Patty

    Bigger Question: Obama and his affiliations with Ayers was one thing that should have SHOCKED AND AWED AMERICANS.

    Rev. Wright and God D… America comments.

    Black Panthers scaring voters and dismissed Case by Holder.

    Israel and Obama’s comments to, Netanyahu

    Affiliations with Trumka, Unions, SEIU, Acorn, Project Vote

    It is not surprising anyone that CPUSA would affiliate themselves with Obama, Soros is a real indicator of the HATRED FOR AMERICA.

    What surprises me is that Obama began President at all. Voters are to blame and will they continue to do the same in 2012? Because if this happens, AMERICA WILL FAIL.

  • NeoKong

    Let him own it.
    There isn’t anybody at those marches who didn’t already vote for Obama but there are plenty of people who voted for Obama who wouldn’t be caught dead there.
    Voters are only going in one direction.
    Away from Obama.

  • Buckle Up

    Wall Street Insider:”The Obama White House Wants Us ‘GONE'”

    “His advisers have declared war on Wall Street. Open war. That is what much of what you see going on down there represents. And the Obama White House…sadly…they are behind much of it. They and their union associates.”…

    WSI: The violence that is coming. What some want to see happen. As I told you, the tone that came back from those calls made to the White House – it was…oddly indifferent. That indifference tells me they have decided to push these protests to the brink. I don’t entirely understand why…why they would be willing to do so – and that frightens me.

    Ulsterman: You are saying the Obama White House wants violence to break out in New York? Throughout the country?

    WSI: I am saying that such violence is going to likely happen – the foundation has now been laid out for that kind of thing, and the administration appears…disinterested in the preventions of that violence. If anything, they are promoting it to some degree. They are being clever about it of course – but there has been absolutely no denouncement from the White House of what is going on down there. Nothing. Only support. Only encouragement. Even as they are receiving word of the dangers, of the altercations, of the potential for greater violence – the Obama White House only offers its support of these events. Why is that?

    What is their purpose? ZuccottiPark should have been cleared last week. To have backed down only lent more courage to these protesters. It made them increasingly volatile. Now if there is a move by law enforcement against the protesters, the dangers will be greatly increased than just a week ago. The violence will be much-much worse. Police will be harmed. Citizens will be harmed. Businesses harmed. Why would the White House appear intent on seeing that happen?

    Ulsterman: If violence does break out down there – what then? Where does all of this go?

    WSI: If that happens – and I pray it does not…but if that happens, my instinct tells me it’s just the start. It’s the fuse meant to light the fire. And I don’t wish to be anywhere near this place when that happens. We can continue to communicate, but not in person. There are things I may wish to share with you at some point. This is not yet that time. For now let’s simply hope violence does not break out. That these protests resolve themselves peacefully. Perhaps the colder weather will send them home. That is my hope – but my instincts tell me that will not be the reality down there. Far from it.


  • Texas_Treeroach

    In case there are people out there who were not smart enough to see this coming in the Summer of 2008, they should now have no doubts about the intended direction of our President.

    Once you have the backing of the unions, the disaffected youth, the illiegal alien population, the socialists, the communists, the entitlement-welfare community and your own political party — you are ready to take United States down a path of destruction.

    Why am I so hot? And what is this handbasket I’m sitting in?

  • Patty

    White Panthers and they carrying baseball bats in place of clubs.

    I hope that one of them gets in an altercation with police and get their sorry a@@es locked up.

  • WillofLa

    This anger’s me so much that I can’t think straight! I want Communism outlawed in this country! I want these people treated like they were before and during WWII, when they were arrested and investigated for subversion and spying. In the case of these thugs, they are obviously anti-American. Do any of these bastards believe that we should live according to the way we believe is right for us, or that the government, rather, the “Party”, the “State” should be the one’s who makes those decisions for me. And if I reject their orders I could see this guy with the stick at my front door telling me that I am in violation of the orders from the State, and they have come to confiscate my bar-b-que for emitting to much smoke?

    I hate Communism. I know what it is and how it has destroyed people’s lives, and murders those who oppose it. Do you know what “peace” is to a Communist? “Peace” to a Communist is “the absence of opposition to Communism.” Is this what we want America to become? A bunch of thugs weilding sticks ruling your town? No more freedom unless you’re a Communist, or someone who is connected to Communists?

    Is this the final outcome of the liberalism that took over our culture in the 60’s? Is this what Nancy Pelosi believe’s should be our form of governance? I know that Hillary Clinton is a Communist, why else would she and Bill went to Russia while Bill was dodging the draft? This is what we’ve allowed to happen while we were putting up with “political correctness” intimidating us into following the laws that these Socialist were pushing through their Communist takeover of our government?

    Who was it that said American’s would never accept the precepts of Socialism, because it was to much of a radical change in our way of life. But if they(the Socialist’s in our government or their advisor’s) disguise it in “Liberalism” the American people will unknowingly accept every single point. “They will wake up one morning and realize what has taken over their country and it will be to late.”

    Well, that alarm has been going off for years. I think it’s way past time to wake up, so get the hell up!

  • Patty


    Buckle Up

    Impeach Obama!

  • Jim

    Obama has the mob in his pocket, so when does he order the burning of our “Reichstag”?

  • Patty

    Americans must do what these Leaders aren’t. I can only hope that every soldier and every family member who has someone fighting for our freedoms with write, e-mail or call your representative because they are no fighting for this.

    When are soldiers leave and come home the ciaos will truly begin. Iran and Israel and the fight for oil. The takeover of Iraq.

    The more important thing is that Obama is condoning ALL OF THIS. This is no a President’s job.

    When someone gets hurt, the plan lies squarely on this Administration.

  • Midnight Rider

    Some of us have been telling you for three full years that Obama is a communist.

  • Patty

    correction: NOT

  • Patty

    Now, we see Obama’s CHANGE. Communism!!

  • StrangernFiction

    Come on people, Obama means well.

  • Patty

    Now, coming from Rolling Stone which I don’t subscribe too, LOL…but just came across one person opinion on what these occupiers should do or say next.

  • Patty
  • donh

    Romper Stomper skin heads. The police should take a closer look at those lead pipe flag poles. Those manilla painted crow bars could take out the cop’s knee caps when the whole shabuzzi goes down. …

  • bg
  • WillofLa

    Obama is using this protests to further his control over this country. Early in Obama’s Presidency I heard some say that this man will be America’s last President. That the leftist Democrats had come to far to let go of what they have gained, and have put Obama in the office because they know that he hates this country the way it is. That is why Obama kept saying he was going to change America fundementally. And if it is violence to make that happen then it works with his agenda.

    Obama has caused this protest to happen. I would be willing to say that he had it planned. That if his regime looked like it had lost the support that it had when he first took office, and that is why he was making the remarks about his being a one term Presidency, he has no intention of leaving office. His job is not over yet. He will use violence to put the elections off! He does not want to be voted out of office because he believes that America is beyond it’s need to have “votes” decide who is running the government. He believes that America’s greed must be put to rest. He believes that America has run it’s course and is time for it to die, to be resurrected by him and his supporters. Will 2012 be a time of enlightenment? Will people wake up who’ve been asleep for decades and they have woke up realizing that it’s time to do something before it’s to late? Obama and Pelosi and the Occupier’s believe that it is to late and you had better not put Obama out of office and they are going to make sure that you don’t show up at the voter polls to cast your vote.

    The cops are not going to put a stop to this if Bloomberg says it’s okay for them to stay as long as they want. He is afraid of them and is not going to take the chance that violence will spring up by something he did trying to throw them out of the city. It is to late to get rid of them now. That should have been done after the first week when there weren’t so many groups down there. And it’s a good cross section of the kinds of people that have sprung up recently because there has been to much economic stress and people losing their homes after decades of work. They have lost everything they have while there were people on Wall Street who were making billions of dollors right in the middle of the Freddie/Fannie collapse. Some of those people who have lost everything are down there on Wall Street protesting the unfairness of something like that happening in America where there are rich who could weather any kind of economic problem, while the people in Joplin, Missouri who have lost everything. That is the kind of disperity these people are using to promote Communism and hatred of the “Jewish bankers” they believe are responsible for all the problems they are having.

    No, it’s because we have lost our way in who we elect to serve us. We have elected people who hate us and our way of life and we have put those men in office to take all that we have away from us!