DISTURBING VIDEO — Gaddafi Sodomized Before His Death

Arab Spring…
Libyan rebels beat him bloody and sodomized him with a stick before shooting the tyrant in the head and chest.
(Obvious Warning on Content)

It’s not clear how this fits in with the Shariah Law they are wanting to implement.

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  • apodoca

    Sodomy is as Islamic as Ramadan.

  • USMC Thomas

    Hasn’t changed much since Lawrence of Arabia.

  • cali

    I shudder to think that we helped these inhumane perverts, islam is a sick cult. This really brought shame on the USA. Why was he really hunted down and killed?

  • NeoKong

    They must have confused him with a goat.

    Seriously though….who is going to keep those thugs in check….?
    We still have no damn idea who is running that country.

  • bobdog

    Wait a minute. I thought that WAS sharia law. They have very strict rules concerning “getting caught”. It’s in the 14th or 15th volume, under “honor killings and other really cool punishments”.

    Rage Boy wins another one.

  • Tom Smith

    They have the IRS there too

  • daryl

    This sort of barbaric activity will just make it easier to pull the trigger if and/or when the shtf here at home.
    They didn’t name that part of the world the Barbary Coast for nothing.

  • big L

    That is why ther is so much rage in the Islams, all that tapping little boys in the butt. robs them of their childhood, being passed around likethat. Then as adults the bombing leitmotif fits right in as does broomstick brutalizing. And, and the women are complicit-moms do nothing.

  • Bill Mitchell

    What, no lube?

    This is nothing compared to the work of Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula) who used to shove a sharped post up his enemies rectum, through their bodies and out their mouths and before hanging them up until they died (which I would assume was pretty quickly).

  • vityas

    I hope Gretchen Carlson sees this because she was acting like an idiot this morning on Fox & Friends. So much for “hope” for Libya. This is the new Libya. Tyrants like Gaddafy are terrible etc but then it turns out they were controlling the savages in a way the Western mind can’t understand. This is what they want. They want shariah.

    I just had an image, a vision. I won’t say another word.

  • drjohn

    Meet the new boss…
    Worse than the old boss….

  • Rj

    A few observations. The object appears to be a gun barrel and quickly there is the appearance of blood. Was the gut shot an exit wound? – yipes!

  • lol

    when sadam hussein was captured. he was tried among his people and hung. don’t look for the lap dog media to report this, it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Libyan version of the TSA. Who knew the rebels were unionized? bahaahahaha

  • http://D Militant Conservative

    This is consistent with the Koran’s teachings.

    The twelfth Imam may be found in a well.

    He will be born of a man not a woman. Thus

    Sodomey is common to the Arabs.

  • bob pooter

    OMG – I frapped when I saw this.

  • Crackermike

    Re: 10; I always have to laugh when I see these American News Heads assume, and then try to assure us, that Mu-slimes just want want peace and a “normal” life. I-slam has always bred tyrants because that is the only way to rule these people. This cult of death has destroyed all humanity in its practitioners. Iran is the logical conclusion in the Mu-slime revolutions. Fundamentalism and State directed Terrorism at it’s worst, dealing death to everyone not strong enough to kill them first. It’s been that way ever since the child molesting cultist Mo hamed first discovered how to cash in on the stupidity and barbarism of these sub humans.

  • ohiochili

    The muslim in the White House once said the muslim call to prayer was one of the prettiest sounds he has heard.

    If the muslim call to worship is his music, then this act must be the new words.

    Yep. I suppose you have to get rid of some of the pigs to make room for more pigs.

  • Sam Stone

    Obama supported these people and now they want Sharia law instituted?
    We will see the Somali type rule across North Africa and Obama supported it all!

  • DC555

    What Savages!!!!