Disgusting!… Gawker Incites Violence – Publishes Rich Hit List

This is what inciting mob violence looks like.

Far Left Gawker publishes a rich hit list for the Occupy Wall Street goons in Manhattan.

Gawker and the far left goons want those evil billionaires who are “busy stuffing wads of $100 bills into burlap sacks” to get the hell out of New York City and take their cash with them!

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  • Maria

    If something happens to those individuals, their spouses and children, I hope Gawker is held responsible. Truly irresponsible and disgusting.

  • JoyO

    They should be protesting in Washington, DC. It was the FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Barney Frank and the rest of the Dems, that forced the banks to make loans to people who couldn’t afford the payments.

  • Nelle

    Call me, billionaires. I’ll rent you a blue-collar bungalow at a reasonable price. Beater optional.

  • RKflorida

    Why anyone with the means to do so doesn’t leave this city is beyond my understanding. I guess my values are different, but the constant noise, gross behavior, and horrific expense would be enough for me to do what my father did in 1954 – move upstate to a bucolic country setting and enjoy life. Then you can still drop into “The City” once in a while for a slice of pizza or maybe a good knish.

  • Kristen

    Where is the the outrage? The public crucified Palin for crosshairs on a map to target political races. What will the media do when someone is hurt. Will they turn a blind eye? Somehow I think they will. Disgusting!

  • John

    Why would you expect anything better from Ken Layne? His former cohorts at Reason Magazine really need to stage an intervention.

  • Jimpithecus

    Isn’t this a little bit like what the Very Right Reverend Al Sharpton (now a commentator on MSNBC) did in Harlem a few years back?

  • middleman

    Does the 1% only consist of Jews and Conservatives? I see so many Progressive names left off that list. For instance, Soros on the upper-east side clearly counts as a 1%:


    Many other one-percenters curiously forgotten by Gawker include Liza Minnelli, Martin Lipton (“richest attorney”), Diane Sawyer, Keith Olbermann, Vernon Jordan, Mark Green (big time media fat cat), Charlie Rose (who was seen last night hanging out with Republicans and tea party types!), Woody Allen, Dan Rather, Jeffrey Katzenberg, John Paulson (who pocketed $3.7 billion thanks to Obama’s bailout deals), and so, so many more.

    Seriously Gawker… do you think the OWS types are so stupid that you can sell them out for pocket change to the very fat cats and government imperialists they allege to oppose in the first place?

  • donh

    Its a Romper Stomper Trailer …>>>.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXa-nAYdjrk

  • mg4us

    Funny how the list forgot to include Sorros who is behind this or even the family that owns the NYT. . .

    I hope Bloomberg likes what he helped create. .

    For now, I am staying the heck away from NYC. . no shows, no restaurants, no shopping. . .

    They can thank their weak leftist mayor. . who supports Islamic shrines by 9-11 memorial and these miscreants.

  • Sutzinger

    AND these idiots will all vote for Obama in the next election. There isn’t much in-depth thinking going on with these folks!

    I am very sure that all of Gawker’s targets have plenty of security. I wish the morons would try to harass them!

    I sure wouldn’t want those smelly people on the doorstep of my home! Bloomberg apparently sactions them, let’s see how he feels about spending a little face time with them – or sharing his neighborhood with them. He might not be so supportive –

  • If I owned/lived in one of the homes targeted on that map, I’d be buying weapons and ammo.

    Gawker just put a target on their backs. I am sure that includes any children who may be living in those homes. After all, it’s theirs and their parents’ fault they weren’t aborted.

  • Ohio Granny

    I wonder if they remember John Lennon.

    He was incredibly wealthy and live in the Dakota in the area they are targeting. Hope they understand what they are doing…..

  • Sure, make the money move out of New York City, and deal with what’s left. Just be sure you have Snake Plissken on retainer.

  • Goatweed

    Are there gated communities on Manhattan?

  • Valerie

    #12 October 12, 2011 at 9:54 am
    The Underground Conservative commented:

    How about inviting them to visit, and invest in, your hometown?

    Hey, all you billionaires, San Diego has the best weather in the country, gardens to make the hanging gardens of Babylon look like a good beginning, a service-with-a-smile attitude, a whole mess of small research groups in the biotech, medical, electrical and energy fields of new technology, and a partnership between the business community and the local university system to help make sure you have all the resources you need.

    Come for a visit. Take a look around. You don’t need to be in New York to do business any more.

  • AnnaS

    Wall Street-who has been voting with this rabble for years now- should take their “sacks of money” to Texas where we have a great business climate!

  • postk

    Progressive Violent Revolution Playbook

    1. Identifying your target: Check
    2. Direct the brownshirts to attack the target: Check
    3. Provide instruction demanding violence; call Gandhi a passive chump: Check

    Hey Janet Napolitano, you’re phone’s ringing! It’s President Obama calling to warn you of radical violence and planned overthrow of the nation! Apparently there’s a violent teabagger grandma in Lawton Oklahoma who just complained at the A&P that she doesn’t like taxes. Send in the tanks and take the violent hater down!

  • vangrungy

    “Are there gated communities on Manhattan?”

    gated condos.. locked down lobbies…

  • Matt

    That’s right, drive the current, former and deputy mayors, builders, publishers, cable, phone and internet providers, etc. out of the city. NYC would become a post-apocalyptic ghost town, like Newark or detroit (which at least reached the nirvana state of being 100% Republican-free). All the billions in revenue these talented and hardworking individuals provide to the government, which doles it out to the creeps with the pitchforks, would disappear. But the OWS losers can’t think far ahead. Most animals have a better sense of self-preservation than these sickos.

    Notice the people NOT targeted on the map: CEOs who pay good extortion money to Democrats or actually run the Democratic party, trial lawyers, celebrities, academic big shots (who make more than Giuliani ever did) and, of course, politicians like Rangel who own expensive Caribbean beachfront property, courtesy of us taxpayers.

  • postk

    does anyone think these misfits are the primary game per attaining change via “violent and radical revolution,” or a sideshow?

    i’m beginning to wonder where obama and the progressives believe any revolution will take place “outside the system.” they have to be well aware that the U.S. military will not stand with them and instead, will patriotically stand in defense of the nation under its constitution. look at Romney’s speech last week with the south carolina cadets as an example, or ask any overseas soldier how they’ve felt about the democrats losing their absentee ballots the past three elections.

    i’m struggling to see how the OWS is anything more than fear and misdirection. silence the conservative 1%. yet the path toward the election is also certain failure. unless obama steps forward and offers a “third way,” both strategies seem to fail the left. what would that third way look like? suspended elections? “things are just too dangerous for our country now… that’s why I’ve agreed to protect it and serve as president until times are safe again for our ‘democracy’ to risk an election”?

    i don’t think we’ve seen the real strategy yet…

  • Smarty

    How many of those 1% donate to democrats or provide lip service to liberal causes?

    Is this come-uppance?

  • Patman

    You gotta wonder what the backlash will be for the Obama fund raising team. A majority of these billionaires gave heavily to the Demorats and Oblama.

    Now they are targets of the very same people they banded with in the last election. And there’s no protection from the top. No condemnation from the left, even the media.

    Wait till the blood starts flowing. They’ll find a way to blame the Tea Party.

    Sucks to be a libtard, even a billionaire libtard.

  • Ohio Granny

    Bill Clinton’s Harlem office isn’t on the map. Mariah Carey isn’t on the map. Warren Buffet who brags about not paying as much taxes as his secretary isn’t getting protested. This isn’t occupywallstreet, this is Bellvue married Broadway gone native, all theater all show all crazy.

  • Rush Limbaugh will have a field day with this. He like many others have moved from the high tax rates in New York.

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  • shibumi

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

    I hear rain is coming to NYC. That may calm things down.

  • Alana

    Well, I can’t imagine being more miserable than these protesters must be. I mean, they are living outdoors in that horrible, noisy, mess they created. Then for diversion, they hike all the way uptown to do some more yelling.

    What a total waste of time! I would go nuts if I had to do all that.

  • Can two play this game? Nick Denton founder of Gawker is one of those super rich too ,lets put his out his address to his resident in NYC………….

  • artsykr

    Reminds me of” Push Cards”…. google it and or Youtube it.

  • Jayne on the Left Coast

    When the wealthy leaves NYC so does their TAX the city collects.

  • postk

    patman writes: “You gotta wonder what the backlash will be for the Obama fund raising team. A majority of these billionaires gave heavily to the Demorats and Oblama.”

    Both are well aware of the consequences of what the overt game is about. The 1% (which is predominantly politically Left) is well aware that violent radical overthrow would not be good for them, yet they continue to throw money at Obama. This is what I meant above per there being a third alternative – all of what we’re seeing is for show.

    I’ve listened to an Omaha one-percenter (no, not Buffet) who talks about the “Batten Down the Hatches” plan. All the elites know that the past 80 years of looting the nation by the progressives has left us facing the bubble of all bubbles. The massive global shuffling around right now is just a mechanism to allow as many of the 1% to get out before it inevitably collapses. How bad will it get? Dark ages, say some.

    But the 1% doesn’t want to face real violence and overthrow. They feel comforted that Obama’s moved some of the radicals out but is showing how he and his organization control them. The messages these radicals have been presenting, supporting the administration (something totally incoherent in authentic movements), is a subtle cue to the Progressive 1% that all is well.

    At some point, the Clamp Down strategy requires a pivot toward full-out totalitarianism. Britain’s surveillance state is a good example as is what China has navigated toward. The real fear and target is the middle class who has limited but sufficient wealth to resist. We can look to these faux protests as a theater that works on multiple levels, pretending to threaten us all with violence but showing the right audience that they’re under control. Should the lever need to be pulled, a violent action caused by these tools will “inevitably necessitate emergency police powers” much to the cheer by the 1% afraid of losing their wealth as the middle class discovers they stole it all.

  • progressoverpeace

    Funny how Gracie Mansion isn’t on the list. I guess they wanted to skip the richest billionaire in New York … the guy who spent upwards of $200 million of his own money to buy the Mayorship, several times … which pays in the low 6 figures … but couldn’t find it in his “heart” to use any more of his own money to plug New York’s massive deficit, or even to just help the city out of some money problems that would be spare change to Bloomberg.

  • dwd

    So post a map with the homes of all Gawker staff clearly marked.

    The left never thinks things through to the next step… “hey, we’re setting a precedent, this might be used against us someday.”

  • jakev

    Good Morning, Rich New Yorkers. I have been empowered to offer you the use of a small Southern town, conveniently located between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. Our town is currently in the process of dying, and we think that your skills could slow that process down. Imagine living in a place that welcomes you and your money with open arms! We are also angry and heavily armed so that the protestors will meet their match should they decide to follow you here. So, please, give it some thought and let me know if you would like to relocate to a more favorable location. Sincerely, jakev

  • TammyChicago

    The left cries over the death of a convicted felon but condones killing those who have more money than they do. I bet these people $hit acorns.

  • Militant Conservative

    Carefull what you ask for, you just might get it.

    Millionares can move easily enough, you terds can’t.

    Once again RUsh and Beck did.

    powder is dry

  • Gary


    It’s like the Island of Dr. Moreau.
    These rich libs created this under-educated over-entitled class of crybabies as a weapon to use to enact more welfare legislation, to raise tax rates, to intimidate conservative rallies, etc.

    Now they seem to have all removed their control chips. You reap what you sow, rich libs.

  • Patty

    A quick sampling of the anti-Semitism on display among the Occupy Wall Street set yields the flamboyant and aggressive protester who yells,”You’re a bum, Jew” at his yarmulke-wearing interlocutor; the conspiracy theorist who laments that “Jewish money controls American politics,” and warns the Russians not to let the Jews take over Russia too; and the self-described Nazi with the swastika tattoo who regrets that America has been handed over to “other people.” Ah, people power.

    The Jew-hatred among protesters and sympathizers is diverse and unapologetic. It is, in fact, atmospheric. Tune in randomly to live television coverage of the spectacle and you’ll see–as I did–placards scapegoating Israel, Zionism, or “Hitler’s bankers.” Check out the continuous flurry of protest-supporting tweets and blog posts, and you’ll get more of the same.


  • Patty

    No surprise here, this is oh so standard for the left. “Oh,” some occupiers might weakly retort, “we’re not prejudiced; after all, some of the loudest anti Jewish, anti Israel protesters are Jews themselves.” Yep, a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with the oppressor. And it is still bigotry.

    And the bigotry is built into the class warfare–“the millionaires and billionaires who don’t pay their fair share of taxes”–that an increasingly desperate president spotlights to dim attention from his incompetence.

    read more

  • #16 I’d love to see these targeted people shoot back. The only good commie scum is dead commie scum.

  • “Big Brother is watching and he likes what he sees! A world for the taking when he’s ready to squeeze! The king and the queen are gone, each peace is the same. The difference between us is a part of the game…” quote (Kansas 77)

  • Patty

    Just think, the rich have hired and if they haha, have these loons set up tents and be ready to have nothing, freebies, forget about it. They already look like walking Zombies. Let us see just how much longer Bloomberg will allow them to squat.

  • Obama Nation

    Obama has a forged birth certificate and an invalid SSN. None of the legislation he has signed is valid, and none of the CZARs or Supreme Court Justices he has appointed are legal appointments either.

    If you or I signed a contract using a fake identity and name would the contract be valid? No it would not be.

    If you or I ran for County Dog Catcher and got elected using a fake identity would it be a valid election? No it would not be a valid election.

    Well it’s not legal or valid when someone uses a false identity to run for POTUS either.

    Everything Obama is doing is illegal and should be rendered null and void.


  • Patty

    Jewish people are getting it from these lunatics and the real sad part is all this is Obama’s fault. He has set the standard for this division, long ago. Iran is getting in on the act. A-jad sees America as incompetent, Americans fighting each other, pitting one side with another. Obama condones this. Bloomberg doesn’t care so long as NO ONE BREAKS THE LAWS. Wow!, leaders have set a great example for others to see.

    Forget their using the restroom on cars, trash piling up, drugs, filth and God only knows what else is next. I suppose the only thing that will remove this scum may be and act of God. N.Y. needs a drenching rain to was this filth away about a couple of weeks with. Pray for rain.

    Because apparently the leadership in our nation or lack there of, for the past 3 years, lacks the common sense and courage to be leaders.

  • gus

    Who has been talking with the GOONION LEADERSHIP on a daily basis?? TRUMKA, LERNER???
    Obama has.
    Who has been repeating the LIE over and over again that MILLLLLLIONAIRES and BILLLLLIONAIRES are not paying their FAIR SHARE, over and over again.

    JOE THE PLUMBER is more qualified to lead this country that the bag of sh!t Obama.

  • Patty



    Exactly, that is why, this is Obama and his commies, who have been the creators of NOT JOBS BUT PROTEST.

  • Patty

    And for the past 3 years, America has been wanting a LEADER as much as JOBS. And once Obama is out of office and this Chicago style thuggery is long gone, this nation will get to WORK.

  • Patty

    get the hell out of New York City and take their cash with them!

    ISN’T THAT IRONIC, Real Garbage calling those who create jobs and keep the city humming.

    Trash has no business utter a word, get the bulldozers out and shove them all into the Hudson river.

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  • lol

    the left is desperate. they know the “won” is one and done like jimmy carter. the only thing they have left is to demonize the wealthy to have someone to blame for the lack of jobs and flop of an economy that their failed policies created. they played the race card and that failed, so now they are resorting to class warfare. this will fail too. most americans are waking up to the frauds that they are. socialism has always failed.

  • Mannie

    #49 October 12, 2011 at 11:55 am
    Patty commented:

    get the bulldozers out and shove them all into the Hudson river.

    You’d be violating the Clean Water Act. It would take years to abate all that pollution.

  • Patty
  • Patty


    ROF!! 🙂

  • Patty

    Get Obama Extremist to take the heat of his AWFUL job he has done. Really, this a his desire and intent to prove he is right. And the left will do anything to re-elect him. Stooping to the demands of another lunatic.

    and they voted for this!

  • Jaimo

    New York City is truly a disgusting place anyway. Actually pretty much all of lower New York should be shoveled into the Hudson River and forgotten about.

  • Meg

    I read most of these people are getting $22.00 an hour to be there. Wonder if that is enough to pay their fine after being arrested. Most of the rich people in New York are democrats so let them protest at their homes. Who knows, maybe they will have second thoughts about the party they support.

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  • Obama Nation

    Congressional Staffers Fail to Respond to Constituent’s Request for Meeting on Obama’s Social Security Fraud


    Learn More Here


  • big L

    All these city areas and the people they picket vote Donk.

  • bitterclinger

    Last time they “visited” the home of one of their targets in MD (BoA prez, was it?), THEY HAD A POLICE ESCORT!

    If I were these targets, I wouldn’t count on the police helping or protecting me. They have a union too. I sure as heck would be aiming rock salt and rubber bullets at a lot of lefty backsides.

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  • Mike in VA

    Don’t see the OWS benefactor George Soros’ place on that map…

  • Gini

    NYC will have rain and temps in 50s over night next few days, but Mondy temp drops into 40s. Down by Wall Street temp is usually 10 degrees cooler than Midtown due to ocean breeze. Let the little darlings freeze their butts off.

  • Molon Labe

    I for one and very happy with this. All those rich dhimmierats are now targetted by the people they fund. Hope they realize what they are funding.

  • squeaky

    taking a lead from fox led me here. could their praise of occupy wall street be more of a throwing the rubes off your own scent.

  • avidbuff

    Sounds to me like Gawker just made the home address of every one of their employees fair game.

  • squeaky

    rob reiner is worth 125 million – what no gps locater on him?

  • JPeden

    Oops, I just remembered that NYC is located within this year’s Tropical Storm and Hurricane corridor. Recurrences are expected.

    Spread the word, “CAGW is coming to get you, now!”

  • This nation is literally being pushed toward revolution daily by this administration and its adherents and the American media, the keepers of the bill of rights, specifically named as such in the first amendment, have long ago abandoned their sacred trust to gladly promote the destruction of this country.

    The American mainstream media is complicit to this regime and when the time comes, they and their progressive handlers will reap the whirl wind that they have sown. They want violence, they promote violence, they cover for violence for their benefactors on the left and their Euro socialist idols.

    They actually believe that once totalitarianism and tyranny bring forth their socialist version of utopia, that the victors will leave them unscathed and allow them to continue as some bourgeois elitist fraternity above the fray and the inevitable misery.

  • JPeden

    Any brisk wind or thunderstorm might push the Mob back to Mommy’s house.

  • atticcellar

    Most of these billionaires got their riches of the backs of the American citizens through sweetheart deals in the monopolistic military industrial complex. The little independent guy is oppressed through heavy handed tax and outrageous paperwork requirement.. End the wars, end the mega-bank bailouts, End the mega-corporation bailouts.. End the open border policy.. End the influx of 100’s of thousand of new immigrants from Somalia that suck on the system at a time when the country not only broke but indebted to the tune of 150,000 per every household. End the Private Federal Reserve Bank which creates money out of thin air (at no cost to themselves) and in turn charges us interest on the fiat they loan to the US Government (Biggest bunch of thieves the globe has ever seen).. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    #72 yes your attic IS in your cellar – so to speak. And just to clarify, your elevator isn’t making it to the top floor.

    “Most of these billionaires got their riches of the backs of the American citizens through sweetheart deals in the monopolistic military industrial complex. … etc, etc ” –TL;DR.

    Pick your shabby little Manifesto Talking Points up off the floor & go home.

    Anybody remember the newspaper headline “Ford to City: Drop Dead” back in 1975, when Pres. Gerald Ford declined to bail out New York City? What do you suppose would happen to NYC’s finances if all the millionaires were to take Gawker’s advice and leave? “Millionaires to City: Drop Dead”? Or “You don’t want my money? OK, I’m outta here!”

    Be careful little Commies, you might get what you (think) you wish for…

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  • atticcellar

    #73 mousy; Get the government out of the way.. Stop the big sweetheart governments contracts and allow the free market to run and these huge corporations will be replaced by honest hard working entrepreneurs, The fact is they can not compete in a free market because they are greedy, corrupt, elitist run monopolies.. You are actually the fascist commie believing it is government’s job of bailing out billionaire monopolistic corporations. Same goes for big government in the cities. I have to live within my budget and so should they.. Responsibility, Freedom, Liberty, Peace and Justice.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • JPeden

    End the wars…Ron Paul.. 2012

    Wouldn’t he have to be running for Ruler of the World?

  • atticcellar

    No.. Rothschilds and their banking cartel are the rulers of the world

  • Dean Toadblatt

    I’ve heard many of the rich have already left NY state.

    Good luck with paying those taxes Marxist A******s!

  • Obama Nation

    Forger-in-Chief Strikes Again: Ex-Indiana Governor: That’s Not My Signature on Obama’s 2008 Ballot Petition


  • avafromtexas

    I’m waiting for the first signs of Fall in New York. May they freeze their happy butts off. 🙂

  • Militant Conservative

    Ahh the Ronulans have infested another thread. Screaming and yelling does not

    get your message out. it irritates the menatlly stable and makes us aware of the


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  • Why is it that Ron Paul’s supporters are so uniformly regimented and obnoxious? Kool-Aid, anyone?

    Years ago, I had a certain amount of admiration for Ron Paul, but his rabid supporters erased any trace of it and turned me into an ardent opponent of his candidacy.

  • Obama Nation

    Breaking News…Corrupt Hawaii Judge Nishimura refuses to uphold a legally issued subpoena that would have allowed for the forensic examination of Obama’s alleged Long Form Birth Certificate. She dismisses the case despite ample evidence that “expert after expert” have declared the document a likely forgery. This is an outrage!


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