Barack Obama Declares War on Wall Street… One-Third of His Campaign Funds Come From Wall Street

There’s an old expression… Don’t crap where you eat.
Barack Obama attacked banks today in his latest push to raise taxes.
Business Insider reported:

One-third of the Obama re-election campaign’s record-breaking second-quarter fundraising came from sources associated with the financial sector, the Washington Post reports.

That percentage is up from the 20% of donations that came from Wall Street donors in 2008, and contradicts reports that a growing Wall Street animosity towards the Obama administration may jeopardize his re-election bid.

Obama’s $86 million haul set a record for incumbent fundraising at this point in an election campaign. While the campaign has downplayed the larger donations by emphasizing that the average donation was $69, it also released a list of contributions by “bundlers;” those who can “bundle” more than $50,000 in contributions from friends, relatives and business associates.

No wonder his fundraiser last week in New York City was a bust.

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  • MrGoodWench

    the average donation was $69
    Some jokes just write themselves 😀


    Stock traders and insiders are finally getting a clue and now Imam Obama is doing the great shakedown on wall street. So much for your 401K and retirement pensions.

  • DINORightMarie

    No wonder they were pushing for lots of $5 and $3 donations for winning a “raffle” meal with Obama. That helps to bring that average down.

    Waaaaay. Down.

  • owl

    Well, Hitler called out his citizen army.

    Bet you never dreamed you would live long enough to see a REAL criminal thug in the WH. One that called out and agitated mob rule. This punk reminds me of Hitler.

    Where are those exalted Watergate reporters??? They thought so much of that coverup of a two-bit political breakin that it made them famous. Why? Because a president tried to cover up a pure goofup by people he knew.

    This two-bit thug they are letting loose on us is the WATERGATE REPORTERS fault. Hope someone they know reads this. Are they still alive?

  • owl

    Oh, excuse me. Those WATERGATE REPORTERS must be dead. So sorry.RIP

  • patman

    Blame Bush… And B of A!!!!!!

    Hopey Changey and stuff…

  • StrangernFiction

    Joe Biden spills the beans (you knew it would happen eventually):

    “But what I’m counting on, I’m counting on, what I read out there, is the judgment of the American people to decide they know the hole we’re in, they know how far we’ve come out, they’re dissatisfied how fast we’re going, and they’re going to have to choose whether or not the path we have set the country on is the path that we should continue to go or we should go back to liberating the economy in the terms of…

    So what is the opposite of liberate?

    lib·er·ate/ˈlibəˌrāt/Verb: 1. Set (someone) free.

    Ah yes, set free. To liberate is to set free. So what those evil conservatives want to do is set the economy free. And that would mean the ‘rats want the opposite, wouldn’t it? Why yes I think it would.

    Keep talking Joe!!!!!!!

  • MrGoodWench

    ” Banks ” and ” wall street”
    are terms used as dog-whistles
    for anti-semites of all colors to come out against the Jewjaintors

  • Buffalobob

    Jimmie Carter must be praising Jesus. He is no longer the dumbest, most incompetent, most naive, blunder in chief. obama has surpassed Warren Harding, James Bucanan, Millard Filmore and the lovable Jimmy Carter. He is and will be the worst president ever. He is the great divider and manipulator.

  • StrangernFiction

    Re: #7

    Oops, I botched that. Should read: So what does liberate mean.

  • retire05

    Why should anyone be surprised that Obama is going to haul in Wall Street donations again? He did it last time, and now everyone on Wall Street understands that if they crater, and wind up in financial stress, being a large donor to the guy who practices patronage politics like none other since FDR, he is going to bail them out. And his go-to guy, Timothy Tax Cheat Geithner is just the guy to handle to bailouts for Obama.

  • tallflagal

    Well I have watched and waited to see what Obummer would say, again nothing,and on a sad note for our Country no plan. I just want to say please don’t lump all people in that group that don’t want to work. Before Obummer I had a job at the same company for ten years,I have two back ops, but always worked,now I have reached the ripe ol age of 57, I look for work every day, when I get a “interview” I it takes about 5min. before they decide I ‘am old. I know deep in my heart that if we had a diff. Pres. I would still have a job. I work really hard a being a good person, and thanks to the biggest Black-wanna- bees,as in Buzzz, thanks , Big ears, little man.

  • progressoverpeace

    “There’s an old expression… Don’t crap where you eat.”

    It depends on whether you are interested in eating, again, or just making sure that no one else can eat. Barky is a political suicide bomber on his run.

  • regularguy

    Never stand in the way when your opponent is intentionally committing political suicide.

    Never let it be said that Obama is some political genius. He got elected, instead, by civic morons.

  • Rachelle

    I have said all along that Obama is kind of a village idiot. ‘Bite the hand’ etc.

    I’m glad his street thugs are on Wall Street. Maybe those pseudo-liberal jerks who work there will finally see what they are supporting with their donations. They are like aristocrats contributing to Robspierre.

  • Molon Labe

    Sorry I don’t believe Obama isn’t getting millions from Wall Street. He may not be getting as much but the amount he collects is still staggering. Don’t fool yourselves, its still play for pay.

  • He need not worry they’ve be back on bus come election-day, just like jews ……………..They know that Obummer has his enemy list close at hand.

  • Yrral Dliefsarb

    There’s no surprise here. OBummer claims, like most other ‘rats, to represent the downtrodden. But he is a tool of the entrenched, big-money interests. If he has fallen out of their favor, it is not because of what he says. They understand and support the ‘rats’ gimmicks, amounting to LSM-propagated theater for the gullible half of the electorate.

  • Garrettc

    You can hardly feel sorry for the Wall street Cronies. What, they really thought he would stay bought? Obviously a lack of due diligence before investing. Looks like they out doing blowin the Harvard Yard instead of taking notes in Corruption 101.

  • MrGoodWench

    There’s an old expression… Don’t crap where you eat.
    It doesn’t apply to those who eat crap.
    It doesn’t apply to Obama

  • Let Freedom Ring
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  • Redwine

    Comrade Barry knows exactly what he’s doing. He and his minions are intent on holding onto power at any cost – and that includes using violence to eventually call for martial law or an EO to postpone or cancel the 2012 elections.

  • [email protected]

    He conned the banks by bailing them out, all of which was caused by rat policies in the first place, sucked contributions from them paid by taxpayers in the first place (money is fungible, after all), now he’s dissing them and striking back against them because, deep down, he hates them and always did. Any investor/banker/etc that contributes to him now is just succumbing to extortion.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Barack Obama attacked banks today in his latest push to raise taxes.

    So what about it, bank execs? Have you come to your senses yet, or do you suffer from battered wife syndrome and are stupid enough to still be willing to contribute to his re-election?

  • This is what happens when americans blindly elect someone whom sat in the pews for 20 years and heard the teachings of Black liberation Theology {socialism-maxist} their intention is to destory capitalism, destory anything that is a symbol for white america.{banks-wallstreet}

  • Black Sabbath

    I am going to say something that might rile up fellow posters here – I have no sympathy for Wall Street. They supported this Marxist jackass from Day 1, they STILL support him. I don’t care how much money they make because I believe the sky is the limit for financial compensation but I have no sympathy for their asinine decisions to cover themselves politically. If they get crushed, they deserve it. They brought it upon themselves and are still doing so by writing the DNC checks.

  • Mikey

    Ya know Black Sabbath, I kind of agree with you. Dealing with Zero is like sleeping with the enemy. You did it, but your sure as hell regret it, but now it is tooooooo late. You sold your soul to the devil. That is exactly what Wall Street did.

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