As a candidate Barack Obama consistently called Iraq the wrong war, a failed mission. Obama opposed the surge. He refused to admit that the Bush Surge was a massive success of historical proportions.

Now that the mission is over Barack Obama announced today that he will withdraw troops from Iraq. He spoke for six minutes. The troops will be home for the holidays. Obama told America the war in Iraq was over.
But, he refused to say it was a victory for America.


Barack Obama dishonors the troops by not recognizing their tremendous accomplishments.
Shame on him.

For the record… The war was won back in 2008.




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  1. The word “victory” will not pass the lips of a leftist until the USA and its exceptional characteristic of limiting the power (at least on paper) of the created government has passed from the scene.

    And in fairness how could victory ever be claimed in this amorphous war on terror?

    The enemy is of course Islam but no nominal leader in the West will ever dare state the obvious.

  2. He is doing this because he knows he will lose the election. So he has to keep the left happy by withdrawing. This will be the downfall of Iraq to Iranian hands. Just watch and see.

  3. The troops are leaving because the Iraqi government refuses to grant them immunity. Iraqis want the troops out. This is not victory because the Iraqi government threw us out. No thanks from the ingrateful bunch. Let them fight their own war when the country plunge into unrest.

  4. that is because nobody can be victorious against his mooslime people

  5. Because victory will only come when he is out of office.

  6. I don’t know that they’re ungrateful. Maybe they feel that they’re now ready to take on the challenges themselves. If so, I wish them luck.

  7. i’m sure the weak kneed resident in the whitehouse didn’t exactly inspire confidence in the U.S. the lessons of vietnam aren’t lost on the iraqis. i wouldn’t think a successful iraq would fit their story line anyway.

  8. Um…this was all signed in the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and signed by Bush in December 2008.–Iraq_Status_of_Forces_Agreement

  9. Obama Declares End to War in Iraq – Refuses to Say “Victory”

    I don’t have a problem with this. After all, once U.S. forces have left Iraq and it becomes an extension of Iran due to U.S inaction, it won’t look like there was a victory at all.

  10. He won’t declare “victory” you moron because the victory was already more or less declared in the Bush years (see for details. You are a twit who just wants something to complain about. This monstrosity has been a drain and waste on taxpayers money. Enough is enough. Forget them, this country wasn’t even worth invading if you ask me.

  11. What “victory” are you talking about?

  12. What victory? Are you f’ing kidding me. The destruction of a WMD using, al-Qaida supporting dictatorship and the birth of a democracy in the heart of the middle east. Piss on the un-American dick heads who opposed the liberation of Iraq. (Yeah, that includes you queer Paulians).

  13. Tell me about victory a year from now when the Iranians control Iraq. How many dead and wounded and how many trillions will have been wasted?

  14. Is this Team Obama’s crisis issue of the day? Well, we cannot stay there forever and leaving Vietnam turned out okay after all when we left. I remember people saying how the commies would take over etc. It didn’t happen.

  15. [[Tell me about victory a year from now when the Iranians control Iraq. How many dead and wounded and how many trillions will have been wasted?]]

    You do realise that Iraqis despise Iranians and have the best non-Israli military in the middle east?

  16. Victory? what? Victory for Halliburton and the Leaches who Thieved Billions in War Profits.

    Victory for the Troops who had arms, legs, genitals and brains blown to bits?

    Victory for the Dead Soldiers who didn’t “have the Army you want” Rummy -2004

    Victory for $5.00 gas and $2 Trillion WASTED?

    Abu Ghraib torture nobody but soldiers were prosecuted for?

    Phony Christian, Chicken Hawk Neocons are Pathetic.

  17. [[As a candidate Barack Obama consistently called Iraq the wrong war, a failed mission.]]

    Amazing that a black who owes his own freedom to a war of liberation would deny the same consideartion to the Iraqis. Just a bunch of sand monkies eh Barah?

  18. What #7 said and do we really want President Goldman Sachs with the pistol grip ears (that I’m sure the bankers never had to make use of seeing how he’s so willing) saying victory? Everything he backs or touches turns to chit.

    one day closer to the a-hole leaving office YIP YIP YIPPIE!!!!!
    cue music

  19. [[Victory? what?}]]

    For 30 million liberated Iraqis and all Americans who do not have to worry about Saddams WMD in the hands of al-Qaida.

    Phoney American, coward, racist, liberals and Ron Paul bots are a disgrace to America.

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