A year ago, Tunisia was a moderate pro-Western nation.
Fast forward to this week — The Islamist Party is expected to win the Tunisian elections today.
Thanks Barack.
The BBC reported

Voting has begun in Tunisia in the first free election of the Arab Spring, nine months after the fall of former President Zinedine el Abidine Ben Ali.

Voters will elect a 217-seat assembly that will draft a new constitution and appoint an interim government.

Islamist party Ennahda is expected to win the most votes, though it is not clear if it will gain a majority.

Mr Ben Ali fled Tunisia on 14 January amid the first of several mass uprisings across the Arab world.

Campaigning in Tunisia has been marked by concerns over splits between Islamists and secularists, party funding and voter apathy.

But early indications are that turnout will be high. Many voters emerged from polling stations holding up blue-stained index fingers – proud to show they had cast their ballots.



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  1. Our WEAK president is responsible for all of this “Arab Spring” bull.

  2. As I said in another post here somewhere, Obie did good this week.

    Libya is poised for sharia law!


    Now can we all wake up please?

  3. Obama has a very queer knowledge on Foreign Policy but when it comes to campaigning he has the market.

    Wait for what happen in IRAQ after troops leave. Hope Obama’s fingers are clean.

  4. So instead of relatively-easy-to-control dictators, we now have have some unpredictable and uncontrollable Islamists running the show.

  5. Thanks, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

  6. This reminds me of the Algerian elections of 1992. The islamists kicked butt in that one and the Algerian military, luckily, took over. This is the best that can be expected from islamic nations, as Ataturk understood from the very beginning of modern Turkey, though the EU did their best to put that project in the grave when they forced Turkey to amend their Constitution in 2003 (in order to even be considered for EU membership – not that the EU ever intended to offer it to them) and give supreme power back to the civilian authorities and the islamic mobs.

  7. #4 Jorgen – But it’s a foreign policy victory, doncha know?

  8. This is what LIBTARDS wanted.

  9. Remind me again about the RELIGION of PEACE stuff?

  10. Now, everyone knows what “Springtime For Hitler” was really about. It wasn’t satire, just way ahead of its time. (Adolph had a real soft spot for jihadis, as he tried to get a nice little jihad going among the muslims during WWII – with lots of help from his pal the Grand Mufti, of course)

  11. “Many voters emerged from polling stations holding up blue-stained index fingers – proud to show they had cast their ballots.”

    Hope they enjoyed it. If the psycho Islamists takeover, it’ll be the last time for a while.

  12. “The Islamist Party is expected to win the Tunisian elections today.”

    No. An Islamist party is expected to get the most votes of any individual party, but it will not be anywhere near a majority. That doesn’t sound much like “winning” in my book. Also, this is not an election to form a government, but one to write a constitution. If the non-islamist parties form a coalition, they will be able to control the constitutional convention and freeze the islamists out.

  13. Wolfwalker, hope you’re right.

  14. ++

    look, if the Islmaists were in charge over there, we wouldn’t be here..

    speaking of here, if we don’t wake the hell up to what Obama is doing,
    we will be an Islamist Caliphate before the Middle East.. heh, should
    that happen, they’ll hopefully come save US from our dictator made in
    peace hell after some 30 or so years.. /s/


  15. ++

    i make no apologizes for being a John F Kennedy &
    George Walker Bush
    spread democracy supporter..

    bit more here


  16. ++

    re: #19 October 23, 2011 at 6:05 pm bg

    but let me make one thing certain.. Obama is no JFK or GWB.. he’s just
    pretending to be while he does what he wants behind the scenes, like
    any GOOD DICTATOR would.. /truth sarc/


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