WINDFALL PROFITS… Obama Supporter Who Was Awarded $107 Million For Windfarm Will Hold $25,000-Per-Person Fundraiser for President

Tom Carnahan, brother of Robin and Russ Carnahan, was gifted with $107 million in stimulus money for his wind farm project in Missouri.

The Carnahans got a windfall in stimulus dollars. We got the bill.

This coming week Tom Carnahan will host a $25,000-per-person fundraiser for President Obama.
It pays to go green.
The Politico reported:

President Barack Obama will raise money in early October with a Missouri businessman whose company benefited from a $107 million federal tax credit to develop a wind power facility in his state.

Tom Carnahan, a scion of Missouri’s most prominent Democratic political family, is listed on Obama’s campaign website as a host of a $25,000-per-person fundraiser to be held in St. Louis on October 4.
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His energy development firm, Wind Capital Group, was helped by a sizable credit authorized in the stimulus, for an energy project in northwest Missouri.

Republicans argue that it’s inappropriate for the Obama campaign to raise money from a donor who has benefited directly from the Recovery Act.

Missouri Republican Party executive director Lloyd Smith compared the situation to the Solyndra affair, in which the Obama administration reportedly rushed federal support to a green-energy firm that subsequently collapsed.

“At a time when Barack Obama is under fire for steering hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus funds to a failed company linked to a major campaign donor, it is stunning that he would come to Missouri and raise money with another recipient of stimulus cash,” Smith said in a statement to POLITICO. “Sadly, Missourians have come to expect this kind of pay-to-play from the Obama administration. November 2012 can’t come soon enough.”

The Obama campaign did not respond to a request for comment. There’s no evidence that Carnahan’s company received federal help because of political favoritism, and given the size of the stimulus, there are more than a few business executives who can be tied to the Recovery Act.

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  • bear

    The sickness just goes on.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Carnahan, gee, that sounds familiar. Where have I heard that name before?

    Tom Carnahan, a scion of Missouri’s most prominent Democratic political family

    Oh, so he is related to those Carnahan’s>

  • more crony socialism. this guy didn’t have to compete in the marketplace for that money. all he had to do was agree to spend some of it for political activities and he got a ton of the taxpayers hard-earned income. keep letting them raise your taxes, this is the kind of service your going to get for it. its like having a monopoly.

  • Mad Hatter

    Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?

    Inside dealing? What inside dealing?

    Kick backs? What kick backs?

  • Tom Doniphon

    U.S Treasury to Democrat back to Obama! Perfect! Kinda like Union dues to State Treasury back to Democrats! Such a Deal!

  • gus

    Nothing to see here….move along.

  • NeoKong

    $25,000 per person…?
    Sounds kinda’ rich.

    I wonder if he will lecture them on paying their fair share.

  • donh

    Youtube is loaded with windmill crash videos. It hasn’t made the news but these windmills are a DISASTER. They sit idle most days without enough wind to turn the blades….and when a strong wind finally comes you get this …>>>>…

  • Patty

    The whole things stinks on ice. The figures are amazing as money flows like water. 25,000 dollars a plate. Are these the Billionaires and Millionaires Obama is talking about in his Job Act?

    (there are more than a few business executives who can be tied to the Recovery Act.)
    Now, Republicans do need to investigate who received our green for green and I for one want to know just how successful OUR new business is.

    In one week or it seems Obama sends down Buffet Rule, while Obama is losing OUR money and then Friends with Benefits hold a fundraisers for Obama with Millionaire and Billionaires, would have to be for 25,000 dollar a plate.


  • Bigkahuna

    Racists.. You just hate half black presidents

  • A local Eyewitness news team caught up with Tom Carnahan, who gave them this exclusive interview.

  • Patty

    Christie is reconsidering a Run for President Announcement in a few days.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    There’s no evidence that Carnahan’s company received federal help because of political favoritism,…

    Ha ha ha.

    As the old saying goes, “The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.”

  • gus

    AWARDED $107,000,000.00???? When did this become U.S. policy?

  • the left like to claim that the businessmen are corrupt, but the truth is the politicans have corrupted the businessmen. we let it happen by letting the politicans confiscate our income.

  • nana

    Christie is not, Newsmax news is old …see HotAir updates. ..

  • Ginger

    Claim: Christie Reconsidering Entering Presidential Race. Will decide in days.

    Two weeks….hmmm last time it was suspected that Sarah Palin was going to enter the race rummors were flying that Christie might get in. Sooooooo here we go again!

    btw…is anyone going to start screaming that it is to late? Maybe the Bilderberg Perry is pooping out they have to put the muslim loving Christie in!

  • Cee

    Just because you can do something does not mean that you should. This falls into that category. It looks like payback. Are Obama’s campaign chairmen so stupid that they would deliberately add fuel to the fire? It sure looks like it – or they think the voters are so clueless that we won’t notice or care.

  • Sally T.

    No evidence of political favoritism for Carnahan’s fedl $$$. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hilarious.

    I’m starting to think that ALL of the green projects the feds supported are examples of political favoritism.

  • Ginger

    H.R. 1125….No Co-sponsers

    They want to charge you every time you want to make any kind of banking transaction. Makes me wonder where they are hiding this…hmmm Maybe in the “Pass This Bill, now”

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  • Patty


    Drudge has reported Christie met secretly with billionaires. He may decide in a couple of weeks.

  • K~Bob

    ——— Cronyism ———

    SCOAMFOTUS’ Solar Panel
    Gives his cronies “scrotum flannel”

    Now no itch troubles his pamper’d peers
    And they do not laugh at his jug-ears

    But they do laugh at our expense
    and we still have no border fence.

    We do not like you, you can quote us
    Next year, you’re gone, dear SCOAMFOTUS

  • gus


  • Contessa61

    So I’m helping to pay for a fundraiser for Barry? That sucks!

  • flyoverland

    If he gave me $100 million, I would have a fund raiser for him, too. I wouldn’t vote for him, but I could justify the fund raiser. I wouldn’t invite anyone or anything and would serve awful hors dourves, but for $100 million…

  • donh

    Ginger I am glad Perry is pooping out. We need somebody in conservative contrast to Rino Romney. Perry is staking himself to the LEFT of Romney. Big mistake. Tanking Perry now will send a very powerful message to the party consequences for snubbing illegal immigration problems. Palin isn’t the answer. While candidates were seriously debating on live TV, Palin was having her paid PR team punk another publicity stunt to turn the camera her way…having her daughter Bristal get into a scripted staged bar room fight with a homosexual. I would sooner vote for Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain or even Romney / Perry than the Palin wannabee circus act.

  • Mrs P

    Russ “Beavis” Carnahan = Loser
    Robin Carnahan = Loser
    Tom Carnahan = Loser

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  • Patty
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  • Larkin

    “Gifted” is the perfect word.

    Nothing says “thank you” like 107 mil.

  • BeckyLew

    Such an easy way to launder money… Our tax dollars at work!

  • lizzy84

    It’s a goldmine–millions of Americans struggling to just get by– and oBama rewards his cronies:


  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Busted again!

    You should cut me some slack. The MSM will.

    I hope this works out like the Solyndra Scam…er the Solyndra Fund raising event. It takes a huge amount of taxpayer money to by votes!

    My limousine is running Barney Frank is in the back. He is going to play the taxpayer and I am going to give him the greased pole. Good day.

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  • southernsue

    can an average citizen sue obama for stealing our money and giving it to his crony freinds?

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  • Mick

    I guess it ain’t a bribe or quid pro quo pay to play, Chicago style, if EVERYONE who got those windfall profits has to pay up. Wind energy is the biggest scam to ever rip off American taxpayers….makes the $600 hammer look like a bargain.

    But in all fairness to Obama, this is not a party-sensitive scam….It started under Bush, by his good buddies at Enron. Obama is just the guy stuck with the bad press as the truth comes out. So he may as well get millions donated to his campaign…er…retirement account.

  • Trialdog

    Once upon a time, this was called “money laundering.”

    … any means necesary….

  • cal rifkin

    Would this deal have to show a profit? Were these American-made windmills? Were U.S. jobs enhanced in any significant way? gHow efficient a producer will the people see from the end result? More info is needed to see how and why this much dough was directed to a friend and supporter…it surely stinks to high heaven. Much of the cash will end up funding the Obama’s and dims’ campaign.

  • drjohn

    The Carnahans. It’s always the Carnahans. They are a plague on Missouri.

  • Kissmygrits

    Green jobs = green scam = our money going down the hole.

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  • big L

    wasn’t this the family where the gov was running and then died in a plane crash or car crash. and he ran as a dead person and won and his wife took over for him, or there’d still be a dead person on and the GOP would then win and the GOp was Ashcroft, former atty gen. But he was check-mated illegally by the donks. Was not this Missouri?

  • mcc

    Like his wife, he flaunts what he’s stolen from the taxpayers, without conscience.

  • beast dog

    What is the over/under line on how fast on this Carnahan guys wind farm declares bankruptcy after he gets the 107 million? Also how fast would the lap dog liberal media and the democrats be demanding a investigation into this if a republican president how did some like this.

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  • stop socialist

    Carnahan’s were getting 10’s of thousands for not farming on their property from the fed. gov. (just like a famous nbc news man)
    and kickbacks from private dmv offices (as reported by local tv4 news.