Socialist Michael Moore Attends Wall Street Protest to Support Young Commie Squatters (Video)

Far left anti-American hero Michael Moore rallied the Wall Street protesters last night in New York City. The socialist film-maker urged the protesters to continue their squatting at a private park and insisted that their movement would grow. Moore told the young communists, “One-hundred years from now people will remember that you came down to this plaza and started this movement.”
They must be his new minutemen.

The UPI reported:

Filmmaker Michael Moore conveyed his support to Occupy Wall Street activists, joining them at a park near Wall Street, as the protest expanded to other cities.

Moore visited Liberty Plaza Park, formerly known as Zuccotti Park, in New York’s financial district Monday evening to shout approval to the activists after they marched through the district that houses many major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

They have used the park near the World Trade Center site as a campground and staging area for their actions since Sept. 17.

“I am honored to be in your presence,” Moore told several hundred people in the park, saying each of them represented thousands of other Americans.

“One-hundred years from now people will remember that you came down to this plaza and started this movement,” reported Moore as saying.

Activist Noam Chomsky endorsed the Wall Street movement Monday, praising protesters for what he called their “courageous and honorable” action and announcing his solidarity with them.

The protesters are demanding changes to U.S. social and economic policies they say unfairly favor the rich. A group called the 99 Percent said its members would “no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1 percent.”

FYI: The owner of the private park told reporters that the squatters would likely be removed today.

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  • Highlander

    “… The owner of the private park told reporters that the squatters would likely be removed today.”

    If Michael Moore’s still there, I hope the police have a front-loader in their arsenal.

  • raugaj

    Attendance- Several hundred people
    Time spent- Two weeks
    Days of work missed- none

  • Hi,

    I’m the writer of the Suite101 article, that you just quoted without a link. (It’s here.)

    It’s my understanding that those in Zuccotti Park aren’t necessarily Communists of any ilk. The vast majority haven’t expressed any political affiliation. My observations have so far spotted a 9/11 first responder; a law student; the National Guild of Lawyers; construction site workers; celebrity rappers; a journalist; a young mother; an ex-Wall Street banker; and a 96 year old lady. Not one of them mentioned either the word, nor the philosophy, of Communism.

    Also, as a Briton, I am a little confused by what ‘anti-American’ means precisely and how it relates to Mr Moore. I keep seeing it in the context of protest, leading me to the conclusion that anyone protesting against the government is ‘anti-American’. Would that have included George Washington? Just getting a handle on the lingo here.

  • ohiochili

    One hundred years from now, the city won’t remember how it got there, but will still be trying to get rid of the stench.

    MM is a secret capitalist who makes his money from the immature.

    You guys know why MM walks so slowly? If he moves too fast, it creates too much friction between his thighs and the resulting heat catches his undies on fire.

  • Crackermike

    The people Moore are targeting are too dense between the ears to recognize the dichotomy here. Uber wealthy Moore decrying the Uber wealthy. If you really want to feed the “poor”, take away Michael Moore’s fork. This is as bad as Sally Struthers crying about starving people while she weighed 400 lbs.

  • Cat

    Jabba the Hut is all over the place trying to get his 15 minutes of fame back.

  • rauga:

    Attendance- Several hundred people
    Time spent- Two weeks
    Days of work missed- none

    Yes. Unemployment and the failure of current economic policies in provide jobs is a one of the reasons that they are protesting.

  • vityas

    Most people under 30 don’t know who Joe Biden is. It’s a guarantee that in 100 years, no one will remember who Michael Moore was anymore than we remember Robert Flaherty today.

  • Highlander

    The only thing people will remember is the trash these morons leave behind …

  • I appear to be amongst a cohort who equate a person’s physique with their ability to have a socio-economic/political opinion.

  • KornKing

    Shows up on Wall Street to check out how his Haliburton stock is doing?

  • bigkahuna

    They wont remember these twits in 100 minutes.

  • Joe College

    Socialists support other socialists with money they steal from normal people.

    I think Obama just promised the Europeans a whole lot of our money to smooth over the banking crisis until after the election. Look at this statement by the European Commission after Geithner’s visit. The subtext screams ‘thanks for the money!’

    EU Calls Geithner ‘Very Constructive’ in Handling Debt Crisis

    The European Commission said it welcomes U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s “constructive” role in helping resolve the debt crisis.

    The commission “considers contributions of Mr. Geithner very constructive and Mr. Geithner has been very supportive of the European institutions in the management of this crisis,” commission spokesman Amadeu Altafaj told reporters in Brussels today.

  • I am sure that Michael Moore doesn’t have any money in the stock market. 😉

  • squeaky

    michael moore is an cut and paste attack artist. there was a video some time back where the producer followed moore around much in the same manner and mikey wasn’t appreciative of the turn around. one of many examples of moore’s mo – a wounded iraq war vet who tried to sue the rotund one for misusing and misrepresenting an interview.,2933,197637,00.html,2933,197637,00.html

  • Big money documentaries must be the way to go, if this dumb ass can do it anybody can.

  • P. Aaron

    Moore = Uglo-American

  • Gini

    #7 September 27, 2011 at 6:41 am
    Jo Harrington commented:

    Attendance- Several hundred people
    Time spent- Two weeks
    Days of work missed- none

    Yes. Unemployment and the failure of current economic policies in provide jobs is a one of the reasons that they are protesting.

    I am continually amazed that people who do not speak English as their native language are able to so easily find employment as waiters, carpenters, mechanics, cleaners, building superintendents, etc. Yes, blue collar jobs. But the little darlings with their college education do not find jobs. Perhaps if they were realistic about what is available and their abilities they would be employed. Or if they are so brilliant and capable they should start up their own company. Too many think the world owes them a living – in truth it doesn’t.

    [Yes, I started up my own company 15 years ago and survive nicely on what I earn.]

  • Joe College

    Yes, right after Geithner’s quickie visit to the eurozone, the European financial leaders have suddenly found a spring to their step. I fear Geithner told them Obama will find a way to give them as much of our money as necessary to get the world through Obama’s re-election.

    Merkel: will help Greece restore confidence
    BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel says that Germany will do what it can to help Greece regain markets’ confidence.

    Merkel says she has “absolute respect” for structural reforms pushed through by Papandreou’s government and the most important thing is for Greece to win back confidence.

  • Sam Stone

    That selfish bastard Michael Mooron!

    He gets there and takes up the entire damn block!

  • Sam Stone

    #12 September 27, 2011 at 6:48 am
    bigkahuna commented: They wont remember these twits in 100 minutes.

    What twits?

  • Patty

    took the words out of my mouth, no one will remember but WHO CARES!

    And this is a terrible waste of Police Officers time. But that is the job they were hired to do.

    Obama is the reason but wasn’t this also among many things during his ’08 campaign. And is this dejavu. And it seems he wants so desperately to replicate.

  • #10: Not precisely. But Moore’s self-indulgent corpulence could very well cause him to have circulatory problems, including a shortage of blood to the brain, possibly explaining his deranged behavior.

    Either that, or his wholely transparent and disingenuous attempt at a working man costume is to blame, with that ugly ball cap squeezing his skull.

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  • Mikey Sicko Moore

    Michael “Sicko” Moore:

    I am honored to be in your presence to announce my new movie “Sicko 2” featuring me!

    For every one of you there are a thousand more who will pay $9.50 to see me jiggling my fat belly on camera. I should make millions upon millions of dollars… Hey, you come back!

    You can’t leave now. Do think that you can protest in front of the Late Show studio at Rockefeller Plaza! And, don’t even think of protesting at any of MSM buildings!

    Now, I am going to start work on my new movies just as soon as I can get some venture capital from Wall Street firms. Movies are not cheap and I like to eat!

    My limousine is running and I have a dinner party at the Olive Garden at Times Square. You are not invited.

    I will be having a two ton dish of pasta and meatballs covered with tomatoes sautéed in fried cheese and olive oil. I am so hungry that I could eat until the restaurant runs out of food!

    Don’t forget to rent “Sicko ” at your nearest movie rental outlet – it is worth the money and it is for a good cause – Me! Good night

  • In #3, Jo Harrington wrote:

    “Also, as a Briton, I am a little confused by what ‘anti-American’ means precisely and how it relates to Mr Moore.”

    I doubt that it’s your nationality that prevents you from understanding what Moore represents, and how it is the antithesis of everything upon which this nation was built. Some of my British friends seem to have quite a good handle on the detrimental nature of runaway socialism, and some of my American friends do not have the slightest idea. If you get my drift.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Feed the Big Parasites (Wall St Socialist and Obama donors) to the little Parasites because No one will enforce the freaking laws in the country against fraud (Obama and Holder again) Manhattanstan, a dumping ground for the country’s problems, fill it in with them.

  • tadcf

    I wonder if the author of this article–and his avid readers–really understand what a communist and socialist is, and how it legitimately applies to America (or are they just mouth-frothing terms to rally around).

  • Andreas K.

    So when is Mikey going to spread his wealth? He has a couple of millions. Spread them Mikey. All of them.

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  • Tadcf, perhaps you could explain it to us.

  • donh

    Watching this female reporter kiss up to Michael Moore is like watching the grossness of Jabba the Hut licking Princess Leia….

  • Big Al

    …more like Pizza the Hut

  • Gini

    #29 September 27, 2011 at 8:52 am
    Andreas K. commented:

    Why? What is your point? Bloomberg is entitled to each and every cent he has, and his salary as mayor is $1.00 pa. Why hate the wealthy? Why not work hard and be like them?

  • DJ

    Yeah… Michael Moore is pretty much a tool. That IS a fact.

    And, the protesters on Wall Street apparently have a problem with Bush and Obama looting the American Treasury, and putting the debt on all Americans. You guys are calling THEM communists? Um… news flash… Irony Alert!

    Well, you guys will certainly be loved by the criminals on Wall Street, whom the Obama administration is shielding from prosecution for fraudulent inducement and RICO statute crimes.

    Investment bankers who gamed the system and broke laws are not the wealthy… that’s an insult to honest wealthy folks. They are white collar criminals who are enjoying the support of a president who was bought and paid for by wall street. I mean really…

    TIM GEITHNER as Treasury Secretary? You’ve got to be kidding.

    Good job folks! Obama prolly didn’t know he had supporters here!

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  • Valerie

    #3 September 27, 2011 at 6:35 am
    Jo Harrington commented:

    As you can tell, nobody here believes your comment was in any way sincere. But since we do get others at this site from time to time who are naiive, I’ll answer.

    Americans have a long history of doing great things, and providing spectacularly well for their people. They are accustomed to living and working within a system that functions better than that of any large nation on earth, and they recognize few limits on human achievement. They have done this by providing a government limited mostly to what a government does well, in the service of the interests of its people.

    The cornerstone of this system is that the government is divided, so that no one person or group gets its way all the time, and limited, so that the government serves individual liberty.

    There is a huge debate right now, about whether the government is better placed to make decisions that Americans have in the past insisted belong to the individual, including the method and content of children’s education, the amounts and recipients of charity, the type of goods to be produced by the American economy, and what kind of health care an individual may receive, as well as who should pay for it. While there is substantial agreement that these things are all good, the argument is whether the decision-making power should be transferred from the ordinary individual closest to the situation to a government official who is more distant, both physically and in time.

    One of the interesting aspects of the present debate is that the current administration has utterly failed to provide bureaucrats with adequate expertise to make decisions instead of the individuals.

    There are those in this country that believe they should be entitled to make decisions in all these areas for others, even in cases like the present, where the government has individuals in place who are incompetent, corrupt, or both. They, at bottom, believe that a government is better capable of better decisions that individuals in the aggregate, even if the official is a nincompoop.

    There are others who have seen what transfer of individual decision-making power to a government does to a country, its economy, its wealth, and its character. Those people strongly recommend the limiting of the national government to the great projects necessary for a large country, but not as a replacement for decisions more suitable for individual choice, such as for example investment in new technology, or in the housing market.

    The people at these demonstrations say they want a better economic climate, and those who champion individual freedom are trying to give it to them. The demonstrators, however, are asking for more of the same governmental and economic policies that have failed here, and in your country, and — far worse — in the USSR and the Middle East.

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  • Gary

    was it called Michael Moore Hates America?
    I saw a docu with a that title or sth similar.
    You’re right, Moore didn’t appreciate having done to him what he has done to so many.
    Moore’s trespassing on Charlton Heston’s property and trying to put him on the spot was despicable. But he has done it to so many people.

    If you watch him spar with Bill O’Reilly, he argues at a 7th grade level.
    But of course he does okay against BOR who argues like a pre-schooler.

  • Mark

    Porky Pig makes another “political” statement? Who can believe it? This media super-whore needs to be ignored (and given a first rate ass whipping).

  • r. isaacs

    love him or hate him,at least he`s doing something. what have you done today to make things better?

  • WillofLa

    #3 Jo Harrington’s question was answered very well in part by #37 Valerie. In addition to her explanation I would like to add that Socialism was tried by our earliest settlers. In Jamestown I, the leader decided that a “communal” food bin was the best way to feed everyone until most of the settlers who were more experienced at growing food, and were the largest producers realized that they weren’t getting more of a share for making the most food if it all was going into a communal bin. So they reduced the amount of food to just enough to feed themselves, and in that year’s winter the settlement almost starved to death.

    That’s when they realized that everyone was responsible for growing food could sell as much as others needed to survive and the grower got to keep as much food as they wanted. When others realized that they could buy enough food to stay alive much better than relying on others to take care of them, they did much better. That is called “Capitalism”. Capitalism works better than Socialism because it leaves every member of society up to providing for themselves what meets their needs without worry about what the other people were able to provide for themselves.

    In Great Britain, Socialist believe that they should take more from the providers than from those who provide nothing, just like our government is trying to do under the Obama administration. Apparently Obama and the British governor’s have forgot the lessons of early Jamestown when Socialism failed to provide for the needs of individuals who have different needs than other individuals. A communal bin cannot and won’t ever be able to provide for the needs of the many. You have to leave that up to the individuals and provide an environment where the people can sell what they make and keep what they need for themselves. That way everyone has enough, and the largest producers are not punished by having everything they produce taken from them and “redistributed” even to those who produce nothing at all. It’s just the most fair way for each individual to take care of themselves instead of relying on a central supply to do that for everyone.

    Capitalism works, Socialism fails. And American’s who are considered to be “Anti-American” are people who believe that Socialism would work better for them, and Capitalism discreminates against those who won’t provide for themselves. That’s right, it should. Everyone is supposed to understand that they have to take care of themselves. And the only people who really can’t care for themselves were taken care of much better when there was no redistribution under Socialist forms of government as there has been here in America for the past thirty years, people haven’t been able to contribute to the organizations that took care of those individuals because the government keeps taking more and more from what we made to provide for ourselves to the point where we couldn’t afford to give as much any more. Those are the first ones the government cuts off and those are those who really can’t take care of themselves, so it can give the help to those who don’t need it, like the protesters!

  • bg


    Michelle Obama sentences Michael Moore to Diet Prison!!

    oh wait, wrong do as i say reality..


  • bg


    r. isaacs #42 September 27, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    exactly what is it you believe MM is doing??



  • bg


    Jo Harrington #3 September 27, 2011 at 6:35 am

    also trying to understand your lingo..

    is what you’re (more or less) saying..

    that Micheal Moore (not unlike what the Muslim Brotherhood did to the
    Freedom and Democracy Youth Movement in Egypt) is hijacking a good

    because i could agree with that to a certain extent..


  • bg
  • WillofLa

    And before you ask, “Where did the people of Jamestown get money to “buy” food?” There wasn’t any money, per sa. Food was purchased with “trade”. Each settler did something different from each other when they came here. Unlike Socialist who think everyone does the same thing, so everyone should get that same out of it, in reality life is not like that. But liberals think there is just so much a human is capable of and that’s it. Wrong. Back in the early days most things were bought by trading something a person made for the things they wanted. That’s why there were what was called “trading posts” you went to that had the things that people like growers had for sale. You made something with your hands or went out and did something like trapping and you might be a person who knew how to tan leather. You brought those things with you when you came here from Europe, or where ever. These things were called….SKILLS….something parents would usually teach their kids who later turned that training into skills they could use to trade for what you needed. Skills require hard work to hone into something you did that other people would want. Skills are something that American’s don’t learn anymore.

    Back in my day, you would teach boys how to work on fixing things like the family car. That experience in most cases led the boy to want to become a auto mechanic. Ever wonder where those people came from? That used to be part of our culture. That is nearly totally gone now. Kids have been brain washed by Marxists in our public schools that what your parents know is of no use to you, so ignore what your parents want to teach you.

    In American culture when everyone knows about computers, it’s of no use to think that you could go out and get a job working on computers. Primarily when America has nearly turned into a “throw away” society, where if something breaks, you throw it away and go buy another one, they are cheap. It may come to a time in the very near future where computers will be cheap still, but people will have less and less expendible income where they can’t afford to throw things away like before, and there may come a time when young people may need to find someone who knows how to “fix” the computer rather than throw it away.

    America needs to return to a point where people spent their money wisely and people need to learn to fix things again rather than throw things away, could create “jobs”.

    This is the root of Capitalism, not Socialism. Capitalism spurs people to go out into the job market and “trade” their “skills” in exchange for money. When you have “skills”, the more you have, the more you get in pay. This is what Obama is against. He believes that government should provide you for all your needs by “taking” your money from you and then you have to “apply” for the things you need. If the government has to take care of more people who can’t take care of themselves because they lack the needed skills to exchange for money to be able to take care of themselves, then there is less for everyone else the government needs to provide for everyone else. That is the lacking that Socialism has that Capitalism is able to provide by establishing an environment where people can provide for themselves. This is the lessons we’ve forgotten from the past. If you ask young people what their belief in the lessons of the past are for, they will tell you that past has no purpose today. They are getting that from the Marxist from public education. It’s teaching our young people to ignore the lessons of the past. And who was it that said that if we forget the lessons of the past, are doomed to repeat the hard times that provided those lessons?

  • chuck in st paul

    Jaba the Mook is just trying his darnedest to get some face time. His ‘star’ has been descending for years and he can’t stand it.

    As for #3 Jo Harrington – you’re a disengenous jamoke. Your posts indicate you believe yourself to be a highly nuanced intellectual dealing here with a bunch of Rudy Rednecks and Johnny Sixpacks. We’ve seen your type here before. Go pack sand.

  • KornKing

    And you know, chuck, anyone says something with a British accent must be way above our intelligence level…..

  • Molon Labe


    You are an example of why Britain is a nation without a soul. Its greatness spent, inhabited by yaboos and thugs. If you have to ask you’ll never get it.

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  • Thank you all for your comments. A group of American friends later answered my question. We don’t have an equivalent of ‘anti-American’ here. But this whole experience did give me the inspiration for another article. Thank you.

    Stop Words: Ending Debate With Un-American and Anti-American.

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