Sarah Palin: You Could Say Herman Cain Is the Flavor of the Week (Video)

Sarah Palin: “You could say, with all due respect, that he is the flavor of the week.”

Sarah Palin was on with Greta Van Susteren tonight. They discussed the recent developments in the GOP primary race. Sarah said Herman Cain, with all due respect, was the current flavor of the week.
She then called him Herb Cain.

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  • not with standing- she gave Cain much credit for his rise – due to hard work – etc-
    I’m not going to knock her for a slip –
    Herb- Herm-

  • Matt

    Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  • StuGotts

    You make it sound like Palin was dissing Cain when in fact she complimented him the whole time. Your headline is misleading at best. The “Herb” Cain slip is a minor one.

  • SpideyTerry

    The thing is, Cain could prove to be just that. Political history is loaded with people that seemed like they would go the distance, only to fade before the first round of primaries was over. Cain himself has admitted that he has a lot of work yet ahead of him to clinch it.

  • gus

    She is really really really dumb. Right??? Isn’t that where this story is supposed to go??

  • Lurvelymomma

    I prefer Herb Cain to Sour Grapes.

  • Freddy

    I am assuming Palin was just assuming Herman also uses Herb. Whatever.

    Meanwhile Palin’s real point was the same one Cain made earlier this week. And that was of course that ‘the people are bigger than the media!’

  • this woman is crazy

  • labman57

    Sarah, when the flavor of the week is “sour milk”, then your time will have come.

  • So, he’s going to start writing for the SF Chronicle?

  • Moonbat_One

    She has a point. At first Michele Bachmann was the great conservative hope against Romney. Then Perry blew her out of the water, and know Cain has stepped into the role of the real conservative candidate. It’s not pissy of Palin to point out that Cain might fall victim to the same kind of fickleness.

  • workingclass artist

    Romney,Paul and Perry are the only campaigns raising money. Huntsman had to dip into his own pocket.

    The rest have little money or are almost broke.

  • BT

    Herb and Herman are interchangible names…people call him Herb or Herm or Herman. Some people will bend over backwards to flame Sarah Palin…I guess they’re afraid of her because she is popular, conservative, attractive, and successful.

  • big L

    what is she supposed to say: oh Gee lets nom Cain right now?
    I wish the GOP was strong enough not to be the puppet-on-a-string for the donks. Tell Chris Wallace and Bret and HUME and Volfie to ‘eff-der-Off’ .
    Read story on roger ailes and how he is repositioning FOX to stick it to conservatives. that is what I got out of thearticle.Partic when Chris Wallace and BRET and Brit are scrutinizing ways to stick it to various candidates.
    Ah well under sharia, these guys will have the 2nd appointment with the crane

  • Jared

    I’m so tired of this moron. Please go away. You’re an embarrassment. PS herb is not interchangeable.

  • Those listening to Sarah and hanging on every word for misspeak or whatever, now have a problem using a familiar “Herb” in her response. Either one, Sarah or Herb would do fine as our president.

  • RK

    Herb and Herman are not interchangeable. Herb is short for Herbert.
    She made a mistake, but a minor one.

  • Moonbat_One

    I think we should call him Citizen Cain.

  • Larkin

    When I first heard the comment I was taken aback.

    But I quickly realized that she was criticizing the media and NOT Herman Cain.

    Her description of Herman Cain was definitely PRO Herman Cain.

  • jainphx

    You mention Palins name and the Palin haters come out of the woodwork. In reality they aren’t haters, they are part of a the Establishment Palin squad. Fear is uppermost in their minds, fear that the gravy train that is Washington will come to an abrupt halt. Every stinking day money just disappears, the Trillions that go through Washington daily are in danger. Funny thing is that those that claim to be conservative can’t see beyond the pages of the MSM.

  • PhilipJames

    Come on… crappy headline and byline. Sarah Palin had nothing but good things to say about Cain.

    Crappy headline and byline. Absolute Crap.

    Was a leftist intern working tonight?

  • OregonLinda

    She didn’t call him Herb, she called him Herm. Nor was she dissing him at all. Did you even listen to the segment?

  • jainphx

    Someone please explain how elected officials come into office broke, but with in a few short years they are multi millionaires. Explain how every Senator becomes wealthy beyond all reasonableness. They make the laws, but exempt themselves, they have a whole cottage industry with lobbyist. How we got here is one thing, how we get out is another. Palin can’t be allowed to be anywhere close to the Oval office because she will not be owned. Romney has changed from pro choice to what the hell ever he is now for expedience. Hell it’s all a mess.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    You could say: Palin/Cain 2012

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Jim Holt is so obviously in the tank for Gov. Perry. But to denigrate another conservative by mischaracterizing what she said, that is lame.

    Jim, you realize Sarah and Beck are going to be in St. Louis on October 7th. At least show some respect.

  • Craig

    I use to like Palin a lot in 2008. I still like her as a person, but I do not see her fit for the Presidency for 4 reasons:

    – She is a quitter.
    – She knows nothing about Foreign policies.
    – She is for wars.
    – She likes Perry.

  • Molon Labe

    C’mon Palin didn’t speak with anything but respect for Cain. I think Palin/Cain would be an unbeatable ticket in 2012.

  • Craig

    Palin and Cain, Molon? Are you kidding, you would be in endless wars. Two warmongers… gee! More kids without legs and arms. Is that what you want? Really? You really don’t cgive a damn about the troops. They want to come home, they know these wars are senseless, illegals and worthless. They only harm you. You make ennemies everywhere. That is the only thing that these wars accomplishes. The more wars, the less you are safe and the more you are broke financially. What’s the point?

  • Craig

    Cain agrees with the Patriot Act. He is for torture, for wars, for IRS. He worked with the FED. He is for everything that is against freedom. Hey, he even wants to give you another tax… 2 wasn’t enough for him, he had to make it to 3.

    What the hell do you see in this guy?

  • Estragon

    This does appear to be one of those “Let’s you and him fight” scenarios. I doubt either will bite on it.

  • Bubba

    Let’s just hope Palin never gets to be the flavor of the week. Other than a third party candidate (that siphons votes from the GOP), team Barry’s biggest wet dream fantasy is that Palin is the GOP nominee.

    Anyone stupid enough to think she would have any chance whatsoever of winning the election, even against Barry needs to take their head out of their ass, smell the fresh air, and get a clue.

    And to the freaks who are going to unleash on me, shut the hell up, idiots. I’m 10 times the conservative you are. Palin needs to stay put as a talking head. If she was to run, I’d bet ever single cent I have that she’d lose.

    Absolutely no question. Oh…and for the flakes who say “the same thing was said about Reagan”–shut the f**k up you clueless fools.

    Palin is without a doubt the most overrated (in the eyes of retarded morons on the right) politician in America.

    Now…let fly the attacks, fools. Palin is beyond annoying. Hey…I’m just one of the vast majority (I think the last poll was over 70%) of people on the Right who think Palin SHOULDN’T run.

  • Mo

    I love the idea of Palin/Cain! Would that not throw the libtards into head-blowing insanity? A woman…ok, the kind they hate…an ‘African American’….ok, he’s not really actin’ black, whatever that means, he’s a Tom, a sellout etc…and oh yeah, he’s been solidly successful as a business exec, radio personality etc.

    Two real conservatives. No crony capitalism crap. Herm would play the role of attacking Obama, as should be the traditional role of the VP candidate. And Palin can shine a vision of what America was and could be again.

    I’d really love to see it.

    Add Bolton as Sec. of State, since he knows AND UNDERSTANDS what’s going on out there, unlike our clueless (hopefully, because otherwise we’d have to accuse them of willfully selling out America) Admin….

  • Perfected democrat

    I’ve been somewhat of a fan of Sarah, however… I believe I counted her distinctly calling him Herb four times during that interview, perhaps she was “tired”, so no big deal, though it seems a little dense considering how high profile both are. In any case, it’s no stretch to suggest that, though Sarah served a successful half-term as a governor, intellectually Sarah Palin is no Herman Cain. May I suggest: Santorum/Cain 2012 or the other way around?

  • Maybe it’s the late hour but for some reason this article brought back a childhood memory. My aunt and uncle bought two acres in the country and built a home. They bought some Bantam chickens along with a few other farm animals mostly for the fun of it. They would give the Bantam hens duck eggs. The bantam hens would hatch the duck eggs. The first time the ducks would instinctively dive into the water the hens would run up and down the bank clucking and carrying on because they thought they were going to drown.

  • ron b

    What flavor herb are we talking about?

  • Craig


    There is nothing CONSERVATIVE about neocon warmongers.

    “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Here’s my take, folks.
    Sarah Palin on Herb Cain

  • ohiochili

    Anybody ever see that old Twilight Zone episode of the man who dedicates his life to exposing evil? He is overwhelmed by his work, and decides that all evil doers will be magically reduced to 2 feet tall so all will know who to watch out for. In the end, at the appointed time for the great shrinking, the camera pans back and the man himself is reduced to 2 feet tall.

    Craig, your comments on this topic made me think of this old show. Not to worry, little one. Cain probably won’t declare war on Canada or wherever you are.

  • ohiochili

    I agree with Larkin…it was about the media. I think Palin is qualified by experience of being dragged through the muck by the media to see and expose their unfair patterns and scummy tactics.

    It doesn’t matter to me if she called him Herb. I’m hoping that next year, she won’t have to worry about using his first name. She can just call him President Cain.

  • ohiochili
  • gary gulrud

    I like Cain and would vote for him as the nominee but he is a weak candidate:

    A cipher on foreign policy, his most impressive resume bullet point, former KC Reserve Chair has become a negative with current policy. Three reserve chairs have opposed the last two Bernanke policy fiats and all is well with debasing USD further in support of the euro.

    But he is a conservative Republican rather than a moderate Democrat as Romamba.

  • gletty

    You could say: Palin/Cain 2012

  • The Canadian talks alot but not much intelligence

    Is there. Life support for a brain stem.

  • Island Girl

    SP praised Cain & dissed Fox.

    The ‘Herb'” – it might be the game changer – Herman “The Herb”Cain . Well it makes it a longer name & that could help.

    Be mindful it has been a massive 2 weeks up there-moose hunting & taking on Random House. I doubt anyone else has ever done that.

  • Joel

    *!*!*! >>>

    “Herman Cain’s multiple personalities

    Posted by Robert on September 27, 2011 10:31 AM

    Presidential candidate Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Poll the other day, and my only question is, Which Herman Cain won it?

    Was it the Herman Cain who, as [1] Pamela Geller reported yesterday, promised that he would “aggressively pursue a criminal investigation of CAIR and all Muslim Brotherhood groups named as co-conspirators in the largest Hamas funding trial in our nation’s history”? Cain also avowed that he would prosecute the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), another group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

    Or was it the Herman Cain who, as [2] Geller reported in August, “met with Mohamed Magid, who is also the head of the Islamic Society of North America” and other Islamic supremacist leaders, and told them that he was “humble and contrite for any statements I have made that might have caused offense to Muslim Americans and their friends”?

    Is Cain’s campaign bio entitled The Three Faces of Herman Cain? Or are two faces enough?


    Article printed from Jihad Watch:
    URLs in this post:
    Click here to print.

  • Tom Smith

    I am afraid she think she gets to pick the nominee

  • Joel

    Bingo = West/Palin, Palin/West, Bolton/West, West/Bolton, Palin/Bolton, Bolton/Palin

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    #32 September 28, 2011 at 2:06 am
    Mo commented:

    Yes, the libtards brains would explode. First female prez and first black vice prez….the party of diversity and Lincoln

  • sturgis

    First, Mr. Cain is not conservative when he wants to add an additional type of tax. It doesn’t matter how well intentioned this plan is, it can lead to disaster later.
    Secondly, Sarah Palin is more intelligent than most. I think people who do not realize this also are the ones who don’t pay attention to what she has actually been saying. Or the attention she has been getting from moderates/independents because she is making sense.

  • Amjean

    This site is becoming obvious; in the tank for Perry; headlines misleading.
    You are treading close to tabloid journalism.

    I saw Palin’s interview on Greta and she was very complimentary about Cain.
    Also thought it curious she called him Herb more than once. She has met and
    talked with him; perhaps some people call him that. Palin is careful about
    names; I came away with the feeling she called him Herb on purpose, not a slip.

    What was more interesting about her interview is what she said about Obama
    and her getting in the race.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    #47 September 28, 2011 at 5:11 am
    Joel commented:

    Palin would only head the ticket. No way she takes second.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    #50 September 28, 2011 at 5:16 am
    Amjean commented:

    While Sarah didn’t say she was running, the wife pointed out she was wearing a running suit.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    About Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 Plan (as opposed to Obama’s 6-6-6 Plan):

    Daniel Mitchell used to work with Herman Cain. Dan is a leading economist and runs the International Liberty blog:

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    #44 September 28, 2011 at 4:49 am
    Island Girl commented:

    A lot going on with Sarah and Fox News. Glanced through an article where Roger Ailes described Sarah and Glenn Beck as moving away from their brand (whatever that means). Roger wants to be more center-left (good luck with that). He also mentioned that Sarah appeared to be a Fox News Contributor running for president.

    In other words, Sarah has to be very circumspect about what she does and doesn’t say during her appearances. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other candidates aren’t putting pressure on Roger in terms of Sarah’s appearances.

    Also, I’ve noticed that comments by show hosts about Sarah are very infrequent compared to Christie or Paul Ryan potential announcements. And there has to be split loyalties amongst the show hosts amongst GOP contenders just as there are on this board and others.

    So, Sarah is in a bind. She can’t give encouragement to her supporters or offer subtle hints. Although she was wearing a running suit during her interview with Greta.

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  • Given the ugly libel she is about to sue McGinniss over … well, let’s just say she could have chosen better phrasing.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Gary

    Working Class
    I’m so glad to hear that Huntsman is dipping into his own pocket for this.
    I hadn’t heard that.

    I hope he goes bankrupt on this vanity effort to get the R nomination.
    Then again, he was the U.S. ambassador to China, so he’s probably doing okay for money.
    Maybe he’ll dip down deep into his pocket, down through the earth, and out to China for some campaign funds. I hear they’re fond of him over there.

  • Gary

    Here we go again.

    The contradictory Canadian Craig.

    Craig says Sarah Palin is a quitter.
    He also says she is for war.
    Hmmm. For war and also a quitter. Interesting.

    If Craig knew anything about war, he’d know they are executed through strategy and tactics. Sarah Palin is definitely at war with the liberal media, the Democrats, Socialists, and the RINOs. Quitting her elected position as governor was not Sarah Palin giving up.
    If that were the case, she’d have written an autobiography and disappeared into anonymity.
    She quit the job tactically because it freed her up from the constant lawsuits, the fruitless FOIA applications, and the scandalizing of the Alaska governor’s mansion by the media (where she has since been exonerated of any kind of wrongdoing on every false charge).

    Now she is free to campaign for conservatives over RINOs, to go on Fox News and blast liberals, to fight back against the baseless charges and nasty attacks of the left, etc.
    You libs picked the fight, now you have it.

    Call her a quitter if that helps you sleep at night.
    Call her an idiot if it makes you feel better about the power she wields.

  • Andreas K.

    I call him the Herminator.

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  • Gary

    Got Billy Ayers

    Yes, and Karl Rove (yeah, I know, consider the source) was also blasting the 999 plan last night.
    My concern about plans like this is that they will end up coinciding with current taxes rather than replacing them.

    For example, imagine we convert to the fair tax and eliminate the income tax.
    Then a few years later, the Dems get back in power, start spending it up again, and the next thing you know, they want to re-introduce a “tiny little income tax”, say 1% or 2%.
    Well, that’s how the first income tax started.
    We could eventually live in a country with a 15% income tax, a 15% VAT, a 10% state sales tax, plus Social Security, now increased to 10%. I don’t know what would stop that from happening once we sign on to a VAT.

    As for the flat tax in the 999, I wonder if the “Earned Income Tax Credit” will be eliminated.
    If not, it will still be a progressive tax by virtue of the bottom 50% of society qualifying for the EITC and still not paying their 9%.

  • Scott

    Herb Cain is the flavor of the week, says the self-licking icecream cone…I’m sorry, isn’t it time to film another DWTS episode Sarah…

  • Gary

    not to pick a fight, but I’d call him
    Cain’t get this nomination.

    My candidate, Bachmann, is effectively being squeezed out. Unless something changes, we’re looking at choosing between Romney and Perry.

    Cain is just the story of the week. Look how much boost Bachmann got from the Iowa straw poll. That should indicate the value of this FL straw poll.
    Also, as a candidate, he does need to get a foreign affairs coach if he doesn’t have one.
    He has said at least three things regarding the Middle East that made no sense. He’s been getting a pass because of his low poll numbers, but if he becomes a serious candidate, the heat will be turned up on stuff like that.

  • Gary


    Misinformed much?

    That was Bristol Palin on DTWS.
    Or are you saying Sarah Palin is whatever her daughter is?
    If that’s the case, then Reagan must have been a flaming liberal and Ron Paul would actually make sense once in a while.

  • Scott

    You know, military folks move about every three years…Being retired military, I can tell you that in a three year tour, most of the first two were spent learning the job. The last year was your most effective year. And, then you prepared to move to your next assignment…The amount of hero worship placed on the two year governor of a state that has more caribou than people is ridiculous…

  • Scott

    Gary, I’m here to comment not engage in literary arm-wrestling…Having said that, I know it was Bristol. And, I know that given her high profile it was a carefully planned event for SP…

  • When ever Sarah is on this site all the Nitwitted, Liberal idiots come out from under their rocks (or their mothers basement). You all know who you are, on second thought maybe you don’t because you can’t fix the terminally stupid ! Quit wasting our time and go back to Huff Po Moonbats……

  • ***

    Why is it that the right leaning media cannot accept Palin said Herb? They are making gigantic d***s of themselves trying to make out she said Herm. She called him Him Herb. More times than they care to admit.

  • John6_35to40

    Man, you people stay up late! (or get up early).

    Palin was not dogging Cain with that comment. She was definitely criticizing the media, and the whole process playing out right now.

    I like Herm Cain. But he has never held public office. Plus there’s this: He was on the Fed. That bothers me right now. Will someone who was on the Fed take on crony capitalism?

  • Moemo

    Craig, you have no idea what the term “neocon” means. Calling Sarah and Hermain Neocons is a complete misuse of the term.

  • Politically Incorrect

    I guess our Sarah confused Herman Cain with the longtime (’30s-90s’) leftwing San Francisco columnist Herb Caen or, more likely, since she’s a self-described “hockey mom”, the Canadian NHL player from ’30s and ’40s.

  • donh

    Sarah Palin is a Cain in the Ass.

  • Steve

    We have Chris Christie’s speech at the Reagan Library posted now on Common Cents. It is awesome!!

    Common Cents

  • Warthog

    #29 September 28, 2011 at 1:50 am
    Craig commented:

    What the hell do you see in this guy?

    Because, he is the evil opposite of that nutcase Ron Paul, that’s what!

    [Warthog breaths across empty glass for “Darth Vader” voice effect]

    *wheeze-gasp* *wheeze-gasp*
    Join us, Craig. Come over to the dark side! Cast aside your doubts and join with Emperer Cain. Together we can sweep away the Obama legacy and bring order to Washington.

    *wheeze-gasp* *wheeze-gasp*
    If you only knew the power of the pizza!

    (Now with ten delicious toppings…)

  • This really does seem to be a non-story, except to those who want a brawl in the comments.

    On a tangent, I like both Palin and Cain on the issues, yet I seriously doubt that either one will be the nominee. In the meantime, they are both doing good work in articulating the anti-Obama cause.

  • Bobbi

    The whole “the Republicn candidates are all weak” is a media ploy. And Obama is so great?
    Why the big push on Chris Christie, since he doesn’t seem to think there’s s problem appointing Solail Mohammed as a judge.
    No problem with Sharia law, Chris? As long as Muslims support his election.

  • Just went back and re-read #29. Craig is one confused individual. But that is to be expected, since he seems to get all his “news” from the Paulians, Lyndon LaRouche, and Alex Jones. That’s a bit like getting etiquette lessons from Moe, Larry and Curly.

  • #76: Bobbi, we don’t have Christie to worry about any more. He isn’t going to run.

    I like Christie, up to a point, and if he stays in New Jersey. The reality is that he’s probably the best that can be had in that problem-laden state.

  • Deanna

    Two things:
    One: Yes she did say Herb, more than once. I give Greta credit for not embarrassing Sarah by correcting her.
    Two: I took the “flavor of the week” part as simply a fact. Cain is prominent this week because of the Florida Straw poll. The rest of her comments were very complimentary of Cain, so I think the diss from Jim is a bit off.

  • cal rifkin

    A “B” and an “M” are pretty much made the same way with the lips. She probably made a little mistake – but hey, it’s Palin, so I’m certain we’re all supposed to think along the same old narrative …

  • Perfected democrat

    Jim didn’t diss Sarah, he simply made an observation about the actual events. By now everybody should be resolved that Christie is a fool, the sky is not falling, except for Dimocrats and Rinos; and not to mention the Solail Mohammed appointment, which, especially in this particular case (, is just another “flavor” of liberal pandering…

  • donna

    Palin also said no one needs a title and she may not want the shackles of a presidential campain. She is softening the blow for her followers that she isn’t running.

  • LIndensant

    Not a big deal but she did call him “Herb” several times. I think subliminally she’s telling us in her book he’s not that important. This is the first time I hear that “Herb” is short for Herman. I thought it was short for Herbert.

    Once its clear that Palin is not running many of her fans are going to turn on her. They have invested so much time and energy on her “presidential run” that they’ll feel cheated.

  • Jerry C

    @ #25-“Jim Holt is so obviously in the tank for Gov. Perry. But to denigrate another conservative by mischaracterizing what she said, that is lame.”

    Exactly. I used to consider Jim Hoft impartial and reported conservative news just fine. But now, not so much. Continue to post crap like this because you’re in the tank for Perry and I’ll drop another “conservative” blog. This is getting rediculous. Can’t anyone just report the facts anymore?!

  • Perfected democrat

    Sarah has been a terrific lightning rod, helped the Republican Party immensely by provoking controversy and facilitating important dialogue; she would make a great cabinet appointment…

  • jainphx

    The only one here that is quasi honest in his diatribe against Palin is Craig. He is honestly crazy. The rest are just so smarmy. You can feel the fear it hangs over their waking moments.

    The drum major says hey they have a thread on Palin over——– and they all sign on and write such tripe and half truths and down right lies it sickens me.

  • Dan

    She praised Cain in a full paragraph, but instead lets focus on one meaningless line. LOL

  • This is a total non-story. Palin’s remarks are entirely pro-Cain, and her mis-speaking of his name is unconscious — I’ve heard the big guns of media do the same after some of the debates (although I suspect for them it is a memory of Herb Caen which Palin probably doesn’t share). It’s kind of like the shuffling of “Osama” for “Obama” which has happened to many highly placed politicians and media folk, a mistake they are always quick to correct because it is dripping with an irony that is definitely NOT a factor in Palin’s flub. Give us a break. I haven’t followed closely enough to observe who Jim Hoft might be “in the tank” for, but to post something like this about Palin he is clearly trying to promote somebody else at her expense. This is exactly the sort of thing people do because the FEAR her.

  • bg


    StuGott #3 September 27, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    spot on!!

    great Cain synopsis..

    she doesn’t let the media take her down, she’s certainly
    not going to let her political opponents detractors.. 8)

    keep bringin’ it Lady Sarah!!

    [flavor of the week = the MSM’s choice to pick apart]


  • hank

    what a bunch of mutes she said herm drrrrrrr.

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  • bg


    Moonbat_One #18 September 28, 2011 at 12:30 am

    re: Citizen Cain

    [Now is the time to test whether the Tea Party means business because, judging by last week’s Republican presidential debate, the Tea Party candidate for president in 2012 is self-evident.

    Herman Cain is the ideal Tea Party candidate. Herman Cain is the ideal
    citizen candidate among the eminently forgettable posse of professional
    politicians. Cain has and utilizes, as he did last week in Greenville, South
    Carolina, the one asset that will unite constitutional conservatives: he is
    a plain-speaking Gadsden flag.

    Generations of career politicians who, in the words of Daniel Webster, “mean to govern well, but mean to govern,” have bankrupted our country in a slow side toward socialism and the withering of our liberty.]

    now that’s not only classic, but classy..

    can he take on Obama??

    watch, listen, you decide..


  • So I’m not the only one who heard her repeatedly call him “Herb.” I was beginning to think I needed a hearing aid.

    I think Sarah’s not going to run, I’ve been a-wishin’ and a-hopin’, but now I’m a-hoppin’ and a-hoppin’ on down the road. Yes we Cain.

  • bg


    Joel #45 September 28, 2011 at 5:07 am

    Pamela is 110% right on the mosque, but as are many others,
    including numerous MUSLIMS who have spoken out against it..


    getting tired of Pamela attacking shadows in her mind, she never presents
    anything in context, nor does she proffer any solutions, she alone is giving
    Islamists wet dreams, i mean, they could not pay for better ads to boost
    their moral.. /sigh sarc/

    my opinions, which are just as valid as Pamela’s, here & here..


  • bg


    rampart ranger #93 September 28, 2011 at 11:30 am

    i’m hearing Cain & Rubio (or pres nom here & Rubio as VP)..


  • bg


    hah, perhaps Sarah knows Herb better than we do..

    hey, she also knew her history better than the MSM et al..


  • Militant Conservative

    #29 September 28, 2011 at 1:50 am
    Craig commented:

    Craig, you ever been water boarded?? I have, It’s not torture. your ignorance is showing


  • Ladue Pundit

    Rush just played the clip–it was about the media, not a slam against Cain or Christie, who was later mentioned.

    Jim, along with spell (and syntax) check, you’ve got to start doing a little more listening.

  • bg


    Ladue Pundit #98 September 28, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    i agree..

    striving for better comprehension skills
    couldn’t hurt anyone, including myself,


  • Craig

    “Craig, you ever been water boarded?? I have, It’s not torture. your ignorance is showing” Militant Neocon (#97)

    So it is not torture? Hum… so why use it? What’s the point to use it? If it is so mild, what do you expect from it? Do you think you will get somebody to speak out with a mild procedure? Because it has to be mild, otherwise if it is hard strong procedure, it would be torture. Boy you kids are screwed up!

  • Craig

    Cain is almost as disconnected from reality as the people on this site.


    “While Ron Paul has continually pushed to audit the Fed, Cain seemingly does not believe an audit is necessary.

    Bloomberg noted last December:

    That a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the nation’s independent central bank, saying the U.S. Federal Reserve should either be brought under tighter political control or abolished outright, a poll shows.

    Polls have consistently revealed that at least 75% of the American people want a full audit of the Fed, and the majority were against reconfirming Bernanke.”

  • Ron

    The Nista’s are getting antsy. When is she going to announce and get in Nista’s? Check your decoder rings and look for hidden messages on the side of the Sarah First bus. Come on Nista’s; there’s got to be something there. Maybe you guys should adjust the antennas on your tin foil hats, your just not on the right frequency. Should I check for passages in the Torah. Can’t find any in my NIV or King James versions suggesting she’s going to run. I must admit I’m getting frustrated. Help us Obe Won Palin, you’re are only hope.

  • Carolina Kathy

    Waterboarding prevented terrorist attacks, and it works. Any other facts are meaningless. The good of the many outweighs the good of the one.

    Silly headline. After this Herman Cain will probably start calling himself “Herb”. And he’ll thank Sally Palin when he does.


    Herman Cain is right. America DOES need to know how to take a joke.

    Meanwhile a North Carolina governor has called for the suspension of elections….

  • I use to like Obama a lot in 2008. I still like him as a person, but I do not see him fit for the Presidency for 4 reasons:

    – He is a quitter.
    – He knows nothing about Foreign policies.
    – He is for wars.
    – He likes Perry.

  • (so can Craig see how stupid his comments are yet?)

    ……………….. no?

    oh well

  • ltw

    Why is this a big deal? For God sake, she has had to deal with being called an actual derogatory name and label every single day since she was nominated, not to mention books. I fully expected Sarah Palin to throw her support behind Herman Cain. Sarah Palin said really great things about Herman Cain. Should she not run for GOP nomination, I’ll wait until general election…unless these male candidates start stepping up and giving her her credit where credit is due. Additionally, any candidate that doesn’t take it to the media for their stupid games won’t get my vote.

    No reason Sarah Palin shouldn’t run independent by now.

  • Craig

    Craig,Waterboarding prevented terrorist attacks Carolina (#103)

    Lol…lol…lol… Your government is behind those attacks. They stage False Flag attacks to start wars.
    9/11 was an Inside job. Will you please wake-up!

  • Craig

    Liza you are so dumb, that there is no point in answering you.

    But stiil, I will:

    I like Sarah as a person, because I know she means well. But she is ignorant. Would she know better, she wouldn’t be for wars, wouldn’t like Perry, wouldn’t have quit he governor job.

    Obama, on the other hand, DOESN’T mean well and he his also ignorant.
    BIG , HUGE difference!

    If you cannot understand the difference, you are just as ignorant as both of them.

  • Annie

    So I guess Craig is a Ron Paul supporter so IMHO that makes you DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After reading your comments you are dummer than dumb.

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  • Gary

    I love the way Craig contradicts himself.

    Craig says: If waterboarding is not torture, why use it? What do you hope to gain?

    Craig, are you saying that torture is the only way to get information from a POW? And aren’t you against torture? So, just to be clear, are you against getting informaiton from POWs?
    Your limited reasoning skills have boxed you in pretty tight on this one.

  • Gary

    You don’t want any literary arm-wrestling. That’s fine.
    But you come on a conservative blog and call Sarah Palin a “self-licking ice cream cone” (whatever that is) over a comment that you apparently perceive as a slight to Herman Cain, but that most of us do not. What do you expect?

    This is a Palin insult-free zone. She gets slammed enough by the other side.
    And look at her comments again. You might get a different perspective.

  • Island Girl

    #83 At least Sarah Palin has fans including 3+ million Facebook friends . Mitt has 18,000 & most of those are his wives.:)

    Lighten up. Of the 9 standing candidates & the 1 Dem guy – there isn’t a lot of enthusiasm. Which is why Sarah ‘s non running is news.

    I am interested to see what she says in South Korea. Haha the headline speaker over Gordon Brown & Summner. That gig has got to be paid >$500,000. Massive audience of savvy Asian businesses.

  • Island Girl

    Scott – if Sarah were to do DWTS imagine the ratings !

  • RedBeard

    Craig blathered:

    “Your government is behind those attacks. They stage False Flag attacks to start wars.
    9/11 was an Inside job. Will you please wake-up!”

    Thank you, Craig, for proving that you’re insane.

  • She did not call him “Herb Cain.” She’s calling him “Herm Cain.” I heard this live last night. This is nothing, especially when we have a dipsh*t in the White House who cannot tell Wyoming from Colorado (thinking we have 57 states must have had him confused).

    That’s on top of the “Intercontinental Railroad” and honoring a Navy “corpse-man.”

  • Objective Analysis

    She is telling the truth. It is still early. But, the good thing is that any candidate running (except Romney who is Obama lite) will beat Obama. Let’s look at the facts shall we. First they proposed Romeny. Then Bachmann did well after her Iowa showing. Then Perry did well. Now it is Cain’s turn.

    Keep the MSM guessing is what I say. They (Obama Administration and MSM) don’t know who to attack if it keeps changing. The most important thing is that Obama against any candidate is within the margin of error. Keep up the good work.

  • I think this is kind of a subtle diss to Sarah… You make it seem like she doesn’t know his name, but what she seems to be doing is demonstrating a sort of comfortable nature between herself and “Herb.” She is using a nickname as a way of putting herself on the level with him, rather than just appearing to be a third party commentator (Just my view point). I’m disappointed that this blip is being used by GP in an unflattering way. She was gracious and gave him great credit and promoted him as a sincere and viable candidate.

  • Kissmygrits

    She called him ‘Herm’. She didn’t call him the flavor of the week, she said the media will treat him as the flavor of the week. The media has been trying to whip lash us back and forth between candidates and those who they think should be or not. We cannot allow the media to pick our guy again.

  • bg


    Ron #102 September 28, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Ron finds it impossible to post anything
    except BRILLIANT nista comments.. /s/

    Ron is not only obsessed with, but possessed by nista nista’s.. 😀


  • I do not care what anybody or everybody says about Sarah Palin, she is an incredible woman and will someday be the President if the United States of america, come on ladies, lets stand together and get this country going and we all know it’s time to give a woman a shot. HERE, HERE LET’S GO SARAH !!!!! LOVE FROM NEW ENGLAND