Sarah Palin: “You could say, with all due respect, that he is the flavor of the week.”

Sarah Palin was on with Greta Van Susteren tonight. They discussed the recent developments in the GOP primary race. Sarah said Herman Cain, with all due respect, was the current flavor of the week.
She then called him Herb Cain.




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  1. not with standing- she gave Cain much credit for his rise – due to hard work – etc-
    I’m not going to knock her for a slip –
    Herb- Herm-

  2. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  3. You make it sound like Palin was dissing Cain when in fact she complimented him the whole time. Your headline is misleading at best. The “Herb” Cain slip is a minor one.

  4. The thing is, Cain could prove to be just that. Political history is loaded with people that seemed like they would go the distance, only to fade before the first round of primaries was over. Cain himself has admitted that he has a lot of work yet ahead of him to clinch it.

  5. She is really really really dumb. Right??? Isn’t that where this story is supposed to go??

  6. I prefer Herb Cain to Sour Grapes.

  7. I am assuming Palin was just assuming Herman also uses Herb. Whatever.

    Meanwhile Palin’s real point was the same one Cain made earlier this week. And that was of course that ‘the people are bigger than the media!’

  8. this woman is crazy

  9. Sarah, when the flavor of the week is “sour milk”, then your time will have come.

  10. So, he’s going to start writing for the SF Chronicle?

  11. She has a point. At first Michele Bachmann was the great conservative hope against Romney. Then Perry blew her out of the water, and know Cain has stepped into the role of the real conservative candidate. It’s not pissy of Palin to point out that Cain might fall victim to the same kind of fickleness.

  12. Romney,Paul and Perry are the only campaigns raising money. Huntsman had to dip into his own pocket.

    The rest have little money or are almost broke.

  13. Herb and Herman are interchangible names…people call him Herb or Herm or Herman. Some people will bend over backwards to flame Sarah Palin…I guess they’re afraid of her because she is popular, conservative, attractive, and successful.

  14. what is she supposed to say: oh Gee lets nom Cain right now?
    I wish the GOP was strong enough not to be the puppet-on-a-string for the donks. Tell Chris Wallace and Bret and HUME and Volfie to ‘eff-der-Off’ .
    Read story on roger ailes and how he is repositioning FOX to stick it to conservatives. that is what I got out of thearticle.Partic when Chris Wallace and BRET and Brit are scrutinizing ways to stick it to various candidates.
    Ah well under sharia, these guys will have the 2nd appointment with the crane

  15. I’m so tired of this moron. Please go away. You’re an embarrassment. PS herb is not interchangeable.

  16. Those listening to Sarah and hanging on every word for misspeak or whatever, now have a problem using a familiar “Herb” in her response. Either one, Sarah or Herb would do fine as our president.

  17. Herb and Herman are not interchangeable. Herb is short for Herbert.
    She made a mistake, but a minor one.

  18. I think we should call him Citizen Cain.

  19. When I first heard the comment I was taken aback.

    But I quickly realized that she was criticizing the media and NOT Herman Cain.

    Her description of Herman Cain was definitely PRO Herman Cain.

  20. You mention Palins name and the Palin haters come out of the woodwork. In reality they aren’t haters, they are part of a the Establishment Palin squad. Fear is uppermost in their minds, fear that the gravy train that is Washington will come to an abrupt halt. Every stinking day money just disappears, the Trillions that go through Washington daily are in danger. Funny thing is that those that claim to be conservative can’t see beyond the pages of the MSM.

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