OK. Maybe I’m being too hard on Barack… After all, who hasn’t confused ‘Jew’ with ‘Janitor’ at one time or another?
…While talking about taxes.

UPDATE: Must give credit to HAPblog who discovered this latest gaffe.




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  1. Crack up in 3 weeks,..

    then The Sheriff gets a gig

  2. “A billionaire to pay the same tax as a Jew janitor?”
    Now that would indeed be an unusual entry in the IRS tax books.
    Why do people still gather to listen to this idiot talk his nonsense?

  3. He is a idiot

  4. If that was President George Bush the media would have already drawn and quartered him for that!

    And I DO wish he would drop the fake “southern” accent. He has never lived a single day in the South and he was not raised in American Black culture. Putting on this obviously fake accent is really a huge mark of disrespect.

  5. Oops. lol

  6. You want to cook your Jooos, er, I mean hamburgers medium rare-Obama in Rev Wright mode

    How any Jew could trust this man is beyond my understanding. Bibi better grow a set of eyes on the back of his head, and stay away from the bus stops!

  7. Wow! Let us see if any of the MSM picks up on this comment. They will protect him from his true self.

  8. Those Jews…living rent-free in Obama’s airhead!

    I knew it wasn’t just those israelis that bothered him. It’s JEWS, period! And yet, he claims to pray to one. Go figure.

    And now he’s hoping for change from jewish pockets to help his reelection bid.

    Writing for myself, as a jew, I wouldn’t give him the sweat off my testicles.

  9. Freudian slip! Given Obama’s proclivity for politicizing everything, is anyone the least bit surprised? Should be interesting to see what political hijinks they have in store for Rosh Hashanah this week. Maybe we should take some lessons from the White House Easter Egg Roll …


  10. @#6

    That only proves E-Verify is Racist.

  11. Jewish Janitors are offended…

  12. He has the Jews in his brain….this guy is an embarrassment!

  13. Billionaires pay much lower rates than a janitor.
    It’s the individuals and couples who work for a living and make more than $100,000 a year that get hosed

  14. Dumb Ass.

  15. King Putt wouldn’t recognize a clue if it hit him square in the face

  16. If everyone paid the same RATE, this nonsense would all go away. To show you how arrogant the “progressives” are who push the “progressive” income tax, God Almighty only asks for 10%….

  17. Holy cats, makes you wonder what him and Bubba were yapping about on the golf course. “Dem Joooos” is my guess.

  18. Janitor with $40k household income that has 2 minor children with wife doesn’t pay taxes….

  19. ++

    no no no, he almost said jukes, no wait, juniors, uh-uh,
    oh i know, jubes, no uhm, judes, yeah, that’s it, judes..

    aah, patience, the truth always reveals itself, always..


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