Obama’s Jewish Support Continues to Erode – Down 13 Points Since May

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lectures Barack Obama in the Oval Office on the dangers facing Israel back in May.

Barack Obama won 77% of the Jewish vote in the 2008 election. In the latest poll four out of ten Jewish Americans currently disapprove of the far left president.
Yid With Lid reported:

Obama’s approval rating among Jewish Americans is down to 55 percent – a five point drop from June and a 13 point drop from May which is when he made the demand that Israel use the 1949 Armistice lines as the starting point for negotiations instead of as the goal of negotiations.

Four out of 10 Jewish Americans currently disapprove of Obama, according to polling data provided to POLITICO by Gallup, which has yet to post the numbers on its website.

This 40 percent disapproval rating is 8 percent higher than the 32 percent disapproval rating among Jewish Americans that was last reported by Gallup in June.

Together, the rise in disapproval and dip in approval ratings are a net negative 11 point downturn for Obama among Jews.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Obama’s approval rating among Jewish Americans is down to 55 percent
    55% is still very high
    How can so many be so supportive of jihad ?

  • rbosque

    What the h*ll did that idiot expect? Obama has been trying to gift-wrap Israel to Muslims since he got elected by morons.

  • Conservative Ken

    He can make up that loss. Awful President, top notch campaigner. We dare not let up one bit on Obama. Like the Patriots, we can win every game and lose the Super Bowl.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    Is this the type of Jewish terrorism the Islamist’s keep talking about? No wonder obama scared.

  • Terry in GA

    This post would be great with a follow-up picture, in addition to the one you posted, of Netanyahu speaking to the joint houses of congress to a rousing standing ovation. Those two pictures are engraved in my heart, you know the kind that cause your heart to flutter a bit at the simple memory of the occasion.

  • Buffalobob

    How can so many Jews be so distrustful of the Cristian right that they would support a jihadist supporter?

  • kate

    Frankly, I don’t understand why any Jew would support Obama. Look at the facts. Obama is like the rest of the far left; they hate Jews.

  • Redwine

    #7 September 15, 2011 at 11:04 pm
    kate commented:

    Frankly, I don’t understand why any Jew would support Obama. Look at the facts. Obama is like the rest of the far left; they hate Jews.
    Frankly, I get tired of this question. I don’t understand why Catholics still support him. He heartily supports Planned Parenthood, hates Christianity (remember how he had the cross covered up at Georgetown before he spoke) and was one of the few consistent supporters in the Senate of partial birth abortion, which is, in reality, infanticide.

  • saveus

    the 55 per cent are liberals first, second and third,

  • donh

    I post a link here to the ” 10 stages of grief ” . The jewish socialist voter has finally reached the 10th stage ” Connect with others who hurt.” During the Obamacare debate they were still in the early stages of grief..shock and denial…anger and hostility. Jews would accuse me of being antisemitic for trying to inform about Obama’s muslimness and stealth antisemitism. They would complain to web moderators and try to have my voice censored. I even got kick off of some sites. Then Obama announced his 67 borders plan and the jewish guilt of remouse grew to be unbearable. The truth has settled in to the point where the grieving process is complete…. Obama will never recover because jews will never forget… http://www.mycog.com/tenstagesofgrief.htm

  • American Woman

    “Jews will never forget.”

    That’s good, because I’m a Christian, and I’ll never forget.

    People better wake up. The Progressives are trying to destroy our country. They have all ready destroyed the Democratic Party. Now, they are putting the finishing touches on the death spiral they have created for our economy, in hopes that we never get out of the hole they have dug for us. They must be defeated in 2012.

  • gus

    Opie the Kenyan Dimwit is TOAST. The INDEPENDENTS are gone. The intelligent Jews are gone, the Mid-stream Democrats are gone.

    Obama is toast. It will be ugly and very very very dirty BUT….Obama is TOAST.

  • gus

    PROGRESSIVES?????? These people are COMMUNISTS. Either they are HELL BENT on being COMMIE, or they are FELLOW TRAVELERS and are naive fools.


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    In the latest poll four out of ten Jewish Americans currently disapprove of the far left president.

    This means that the other six out of ten are still asleep or in a trance.

  • Robert

    Still down, but Obama has been climbing slightly
    over the last few days at the Rasmussen poll.

  • Ipso Facto

    I hope the Jewish people wake-up to the fact that the Christians (including the staunch evangelicals who drive me nuts) are not their adversaries. I would like to encourage the Jewish people to consider that it is the progressives, like Obama, Clinton, etc, who have engineered such absurd middle eastern policies and denigrated Israel to high heaven, who are their staunch adversaries.

    Of course the progressive charlatans will put on a happy face to the Jewish voting constituency, and they will send out the kapo DWS, however, behind closed doors the progressives are planning how to stick it to the Jewish people big time.

    The world is a different place today. We all need to look around and realize that things have changed a great deal. America today is under attack from the socialist progressives who envy and resent people of accomplishment – and the Jewish people are high on that list. They can either keep voting for the Democrats because they have sympathy for underclass and the persecuted – in which case they will exacerbate their own persecution – or they can look around and see who are the people that want EVERYONE to realize their fullest human potential.

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  • http://mywebsite concerned citizen

    Yesyes my friends this is much better rhetoric.I can see Benj amen has had a word with you so remember no name calling it just wakes up the sheep,keep it semi literate and use lots of links we almost have the annointed Perry sitting on our thone and we are working out a sit down so no more Ron Paul news is posted on this site sorry my friends but even the negative posts work in his Favour.We will take care of the people at THE UGLY TRUTH PODBEAN .COM and Mr Friends Blog,keep up the good work.Hymie.

  • http://mywebsite ozzi

    America is Israels bitch and so are you.

  • Multitude

    Consider me a skeptic, but are the Jews worth it anymore?

    As one of quite probably Jewish ancestry (finding one’s ancestors buried in nothing but Jewish cemetaries in central Europe from 150 years ago), my tolerance for American Jews is exhausted. Having studied the German phenomenon that gave rise to the fascist state, working through sociological, phenomenological and philosophical worlds, I realized that our dear Jews were giving excessive warning but rather than react and respond, ignored and embraced the fascist.

    They’re doing it again now, eagerly believing that by loving the second-generation Progressive fascist Obama, they will once again be protected from harm (as the first generation believed with Hitler).

    These are people that do not deserve our protection nor care. I lost family ancestors remarkably close to me in a war that the Jews felt would never happen. If it wasn’t meaningful for the Jews to oppose, why should my family have suffered such harms in responding to the Nazis?

    This time, if the Jews do not wish to recognize the evil that is destined to eradicate them, I say we must step back and allow the end of a great people to be realized. Moses tried but they could not cease their worship of false idols. At the Alter of the Progressive God Obama, they partook in their final false communion, embracing the inverse deity that would deliver the end days of their kind and place them into history.