REPUBLICAN WINS!! New York 9 Special Election – The Race to Replace Weiner …Update: With 60% of Precincts Reporting Republican Turner Leads 53-46

Tonight is the special election in New York 9 – The district formerly held by Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Republican Bob Turner, who is running for U.S. Congress in a race in New York’s heavily Democratic 9th District, speaks with the media at a polling station Tuesday in New York City. (Spencer Platt / Getty)

Democrats spent Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to stave off a loss.
The Politico reported:

NEW YORK – Democrats here spent Tuesday in the final throes of a frantic, last-ditch effort to stave off a loss in the special election race to replace Anthony Weiner.

Democrat David Weprin, trailing Republican Bob Turner in multiple polls, raced to half a dozen campaign stops, imploring voters at senior centers and subway stops to cast their ballots for him.

Party officials say their best hope for winning lies on the shoulders of the vaunted Queens County Democratic Party machine, which kicked into high gear Tuesday. Inside its headquarters — which doubles as the Weprin campaign’s nerve center — get-out-the vote workers rushed to pick up manila folders containing block-by-block layouts of the district; others sat at the phones, methodically working through voter-contact lists. Volunteers fanned out across Queens, handing out glossy placards highlighting Weprin’s endorsement from the New York Times editorial page.

Despite the last-minute Democratic push, the GOP appeared poised to capture the 9th District seat – an upset that would signal a rejection of President Barack Obama on his party’s turf and underscore the peril that he and Democrats up and down the ballot could face in 2012.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said in a meeting with reporters, “The race is closer than we would like.”

Republican Bob Turner told ABC News that he has obtained a court order to seal all paper ballots in New York’s 9th Congressional District, pending judicial review.

** The AP is tracking results here.

With 30 of 512 precincts reporting the race is tied. It’s too early to see any trends.

UPDATE: (10:40 PM)

Total 45/512 (15% of the precints reporting)
Weprin – 2,550 47%
Turner 2,826 52%

UPDATE: (10:50 PM) With 100 of 512 precincts reporting or roughly 20%.
Weprin – 5,711 46%
Turner – 6,677 54%

UPDATE: (11:05 PM EST) With 30% of precincts reporting Republican Turner still leads 52% to 48%.

UPDATE: (23:30 EST) Turner still leads 51% to 49%.
Total 217/512
Weprin 49% 13,844
Turner 51% 14,401

(23:40 PM EST) With roughly 50% of the precincts reporting, Republican Bob Turner leaders 52% to 48%.
Total 248/512
Weprin 15,845 48%
Turner 17,408 52%

UPDATE: Who knew that Brooklyn was such a conservative bastion? Nearly 70% of voters tonight from Brooklyn precincts are supporting the Republican candidate.

UPDATE: (23:50 EST) Republican candidate Turner leads 53-46 with nearly 60% of precincts reporting.
Total 299/512
Weprin 19,071 46%
Turner 21,857 53%

UPDATE: The election was just called for Republican Bob Turner.
The Republican wins Weiner’s seat!

Remember democrats: This was a bellwether election.

The Other McCain and Legal Insurrection are also following the election tonight.

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  • NeoKong

    If they lose this seat they will be quaking in their boots.

    Hey Weiner you friggin’ perv….thanks.

  • Sickofobama

    I love this.

    Volunteers fanned out across Queens, handing out glossy placards highlighting Weprin’s endorsement from the New York Times editorial page.

    So 2 days after the 10-year mark of 9-11 and Krugman’s disgusting anti-American rant against Americans who brought the country together the people of New York should feel better about voting for another Commiecrat?

    Go Turner Go!

  • dunce

    Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Vote fraud takes some preparation and they never thought that they would need it in that district. For once the term “unexpected”is apt.

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  • maraz

    I think this AP link is giving updates if you keep refreshing

  • Rose

    The Dims cannot help themselves, anymore – they are drawn to their snares like moths to the flames. They fall in their own pits which they prepared for others.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 Pray for our nation. Psalm 91

  • its tough to beat the frequent voter.

  • maraz

    The republican is winning in the Nevada special election too…

    Click on the election link for this year at the top

  • jay

    check out this video of the orthodox jewish community supporting Bob Turner:!

  • Ipso Facto

    Honestly, I could care less what happens in New Yawk.

    Whatever happens there is nothing compared to the National Elections of 2012.

    Outside of Ground Zero, New Yawk is a liberal shi*hole, and it will never change.

  • Rose

    America – Fall on your knees and pray. Give the Lord the Love for Him to ride into our situation with Healing in His Wings.

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  • FurryGuy

    I would bet the actual results are even more in favor of Turner.

    But then they can always steal the election for the carpetbagging Dem.

  • Sasja

    Ipso, you should care. This is a national election in that the voters are going to determine who represents their district in the US House. Should Turner win, the GOP picks up another seat and there may be some hope for NY afterall.

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  • donh

    yehiy ‘or….The jews have seen the light . This is surely an event sign of the END TIMES. The two Messiahs are coming together as written in the Zohar. Jews and christians uniting in brotherhood against the cloud of darkness.

  • Mad Hatter

    For those that remember the recall elections in Wisconsin, the local Milwaukee paper and I think it was the local NBC affiliate in Milwaukee did a really nice job of having updated results.

    I just went through all of the local network news stations in New York, along with the New York Times and Post, and not one of those sites has live election results as they come in.

    I guess they don’t want to carry live results since they have an idea of the outcome.

  • FurryGuy

    #10 September 13, 2011 at 9:56 pm
    Ipso Facto commented:

    Even the uber-leftists in the MFM see this NY election as a serious bellwether on Obama’s performance. They are absolutely scared witless about a “safe seat” being usurped by a barbarian Republican.

  • donh

    Sacred Psalm #133:

    1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
    for brethren to dwell together in unity!
    2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head,
    that ran down upon the beard,
    even Aaron’s beard:
    that went down to the skirts of his garments;
    3 as the dew of Hermon,
    and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion:
    for there the LORD commanded the blessing,
    even life for evermore.

  • hum

    Mad Hatter-
    … either that or they plan for the dead votes and hidden ballots to “take them over the top”.

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  • Mad Hatter

    I just checked WABC, WCBS, and WOR, (all are news/talk radio formats) websites in New York, and they don’t have live results coming in either.

    The largest city in the country, and not one of their local network affiliated tv or radio stations aren’t carrying the results live? Their two largest papers aren’t?

    I guess they’re getting their orders from the White House to stand down tonight.

  • mpw280

    I saw that Turner has asked the courts to impound the non-regular votes because of election board irregularities. Maybe the dead won’t carry the democrat day after all. mpw

  • lakewriter
  • Felix

    Finally, Russian Jews are making a difference. Wall Street Journal and Volokh (himself a Russian Jew) noticed it 5 years ago but our voice was always dwarfed by “mainstream” Jewish organizations… Maybe – just maybe – this will be a turning point, and like in Israel, “Russian” will lead the Jewish community to the right.

    I hope for change!

  • Hopeful

    AP has called the race for Turner.

  • the real wow

    #25 September 13, 2011 at 10:58 pm
    Felix commented:

    I certainly hope you are right!

  • Mad Hatter

    It’s official, it’s over.

    I’m listening to ABC Radio News, and they are reporting that this is the first time a Republican has won this District since 1921. Wow!

  • Bigkahuna

    Its officially a Weiner Roast

  • Bigkahuna

    And Obama is Toast

  • the real wow

    I hope this is the beginning of a trend….

  • Old Fan

    It is great news. Ironically we have to encounter the fashionable debasing of this so-called “RINO” soon. IF the fashion got their hands on this race, they would have put up another cheap stereotype with glaring contradictions which enabled the Democrats.

    Seriously, as a big fan of Mr. Hoft, it is getting comical to see the pattern and the loss of focus on the sincere priority. This race, as all of the races, including that folly in Delaware, are lessons.

    Do we actually want to win to save this Nation? Or keep enabling the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Clinton?

  • Bill Mitchell


    Bill Clinton would have taken this loss, triangulated, run for the middle and saved his bacon. Obama will not. Obama will just double down. He ideologically cannot change.


  • Mad Hatter

    This is very telling.

    Weprin, a 56-year-old Orthodox Jew and member of a prominent Queens political family, seemed a good fit for the largely white, working-class district, which is nearly 40 percent Jewish.

    Turner, a 70-year-old Catholic, vowed to push back on Obama’s policies if elected. He received help from prominent Republicans including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose much-praised stewardship of the city after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks was recalled during the 10th anniversary of the attacks last weekend.

    Weprin became embroiled in New York-centric disputes over Israel and gay marriage, which cost him some support among Jewish voters.

    The Democratic Party enlisted two of its biggest guns, former President Bill Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to record phone calls for Weprin. And Democrats relied on organized labor and other affiliated groups to bring voters to the polls.

    And I might be wrong on this, but I believe I heard Sean Hannity saying that the Unions spent close to $500,000 on ads this past weekend.

    I hope the Dems enjoy pealing the egg off of their face during their breakfast tomorrow morning.

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  • Terry in GA

    Thank you, New York. The light shines bright in your neck of the woods tonight.

    I can assure the Jewish NY voters that you are now joined with your strongest allies in absolute unquestioned support for Israel.

    Onward toward real teamwork!

  • Redwine

    Yayyyyy!!!! Happy Day! As goes NY-9, so goes the nation!
    (Let’s hope)

  • Nana

    I am not a Jew, but our Israel friend needs more help in Congress, Obama seems to be a pro-Muslim and can”t be trusted.

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  • Rose

    When AP calls it, you know that Dim is TOAST!

    Dear Lord, Hear our cries and save us even from ourselves.

  • Donna

    I am born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn and still live in the same area.
    It’s a family oriented neighborhood.
    We consevatives are here.
    I just hope alot more wake up to get rid of Chucky Smucky Schumer.

  • Donna

    We “Conservatives” are here

  • Rachelle

    Thank you sane voters!

  • Double D

    Waiting to hear the Rev Al and the choir sing on this one

  • Spotted Reptile

    This is huge. If a Catholic can win against a Jew in Brooklyn and Queens, then Obama’s stink factor is far higher than the Dims estimated, and probably higher than anybody thought.

    They must be scratching their heads at Dim HQ.

  • Mad Hatter

    Double D,

    I bet Fat Albert will say something like, “resist we much”.

  • SM-AZ

    Bye bye Barry & Moochelle!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Multitude

    I have a suggestion for Progressives, Union faithful, Earth-Embracing Greens: Capitulate and allow the bohemian tea party barbarians in before they burn down your village in retribution for your support of a vile, evil king.

    The movement arising, which the Left has been unable to comprehend and provide a meaningful theory to explain, is a rhizomatic one. It’s a self-assembling order, occurring out of a combination of the right rare moments to create the unbelievable, unexplainable “freak wave” that obliterates all in its path. Recall that “established science” rejected the concept of 100′ to 200′ tall freak waves in the ocean, writing off sunk ships to human error and survivor tales as myth, until new satellites measuring the oceans proved the freak waves existence. Strangely, confluence and clineman — something Lucretius and the Ancient Romans understood well but we forgot shortly after — cause things to jump several orders of magnitude.

    The Tea Party is not a Koch Konspiracy. It isn’t a RNC astroturfing project, an MSNBC fabrication. It’s a freak wave, remarkably rising and riding across class, faith, gender, race. This moment is constituted of soccer moms, middle class dads, alternative book store employees, former union factory workers, downsized health care employees, thrown out of their jobs as rich CEOs offshore the entire middle class of America. It’s a rejection of both corrupt gentried elites and the house servants constituting the bottom 50% of society that are paid off by the corrupt land-owning elites.

    Tea Party is rising, primarily because we all are tea. People who work, have families, and understand that we can’t feed both the privileged lord of the estate and his thousands of empty bellied parasites constituted in the unions, the welfare programs, the bloated Federal government, the sluggish state and local bureaucracies, the “retired at 45” workers, the social security Ponzi scheme beneficiaries, and so on. We’re surrounded by a hundred angry, hungry parasitic zombies who demand \the little we have for our family’s survival, while Barack uses the force of law to not defend us from their threat, but to accuse us of being greedy and undertaxed.

    Tea is rising. Barbarians have hitched up and are ready to ride. To those parasites in the unions who foolishly believed these promises, to the greens who mistakenly bought into the propaganda and sincerely cared about our planet, you can either open the gates and welcome us in a feast to celebrate an awakening across the human condition, or you can suffer the consequence that history has shown will always come with certainty to the parasite. Whether the host awakes and exterminates its problematic guest, or the host dies. In either case, the end of the parasite is certain.

  • therese

    What Glorious News To End My Day With. I will sleep much better tonight.
    Wooooo Hooooo Way to Go NY.

  • Mad Hatter

    Talk about being in denial.

    Just after the Associated Press declared Turner the winner, Weprin addressed the crowd at his election night party and refused to concede, then left quickly and sped off in a car without taking questions.

    (scrolling down in the story)

    “If Weprin loses, it’s a blip on the radar screen — but a blip not to be ignored by future campaigns,” said Arnold Linhardt, a New York Democratic consultant who does Jewish outreach for campaigns.

    “it’s a blip on the radar screen” that’s rich.

    Next Tuesday is the vote in the U.N. to recognize Palestine as a State. With the Jewish vote talking so loud tonight, I wonder how much that will play in Obama’s decision for next week.

  • Rock

    Mad Hatter, Talk about being in denial.

    Oh oh someone is going under the bus tonight looks like he failed to find all those lost votes, and the boss is pi$$ed.

  • jorgen

    Maybe even the dead voters stopped voting for the Democrats?

  • Multitude

    We need to stay ever vigilant now. As some here know by now, a few of us have a bit closer proximity to the progressive world’s theory and influences (e.g. Lenin, Mao, Marx, etc.).

    I’ve felt Obama was very closely following Lenin’s model of revolution, recognizing that his election was only the “First revolution” which would replace the individuals, but not the system. Much of what he’s advanced has been toward the necessary “second revolution” which then replaces the system itself with the new communist model. Obama’s expressions and very limited writings appear to mirror Lenin’s thinking, particularly between first and second revolution. While there is significant question as to whether he or Ayers wrote his autobiographies, one would have to believe that he at least agreed with them regardless of the extent of “ghostwriting.” That his writings track so closely to this intermediate Lenin cannot be downplayed.

    Because of this aspect, we really must be careful now. Lenin faced his own opposition between revolutions and actually encouraged it. He needed strawmen and enemies to blame for the failure of his economic programs implemented immediately following the first revolution. Remember, Lenin “owned it” after the first revolution, but failed miserably. He needed to blame someone else while he engineered total take-over.

    I have no doubt our President has had similar thoughts. His own writings expose him.

    I do believe his union support is shockingly too small to pull off what Lenin easily did, but Obama also faces a Federal state that is magnitudes of order more powerful than Lenin could have ever imagined. That he’s seizing even more power now through his strong-armed demand to collapse the majority of small business so that he can transfer further power to government bureaucrats is not surprising. This suggests he’s counting on using the government employee base, rather than the weak unions, as his army for the movement to second revolution.

    We’ll need to be extra diligent now, and should bring forward every measure that can diminish the size and power of this morbidly obese Leviathan.

  • ohiochili

    No time to slack off or get overconfident, but that writing is starting to appear on that proverbial wall.

    I am going to volunteer to find a good deal on moving trucks for the messiah, libs and and any RINO up for election next year. Heck, I will even cheerfully help them pack!

  • ohiochili

    uh oh the proofreading police will be after me for my two ‘ands’.

  • Rock

    #53 September 13, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    Because of this aspect, we really must be careful now. Lenin faced his own opposition between revolutions and actually encouraged it. He needed strawmen and enemies to blame for the failure of his economic programs implemented immediately following the first revolution.

    And maybe the very reason for Fox’s existence, to feed that divide and create the opposing discontent. Just a thought that I have held for some time now.

  • DaMav

    Oh Happy Day!

  • Multitude

    Hey… go check out NOT A SINGLE MENTION of the elections.

    Somewhere, an ostrich with its head buried in sand is insanely jealous of an American “news” network and its relentless determination to not let reality interfere with its narrative.

  • great unknown

    I wish I could be so confident at this time of the Turner victory: the Queens reporting has “unexpectedly” come to a standstill at 305/342 precincts, the current margin is less than 5000 votes, and there are about 3000 absentee ballots. I am going to sleep still nervous [I grew up in Chicago]. Weprin may be correct in not conceding.

  • donh

    CHUCKYYYYY….you called the Tea party a ” flea on the tail of a dog ” … …..5 months later CHUCKYYYY TEA takes you down in your own home turf…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Beware of the magically appearing Democrat ballots…

  • Rock

    As noted several times above the media seems to have lost their voice this PM, could it be they have been clued in and waiting until morning before going public. Remember we are talking of Unions and Socialist people with no honor, prone to achieve their goals at any cost.

  • jerrylud

    shocking i tell ya NYC Jews not voting for a dem wow

  • Multitude

    Rock/56: It’s definitely worth careful monitoring. I’ve also struggled to understand Fox’s positioning and the motivation of its powerful elite manager. I’m wary of suggesting weepy Glenn Beck may have been on o something, but perhaps there’s an aspect here as well per his departure from this institution. Too many (without any doubt O’Reilly, and too frequently Hannity) come across as produced, pushing the master’s agenda. We love them since they bash the progressive brown shirts, but their alternate construction is by no means neutral.

  • Andreas K.

    The Brooklyn results are painful. If you get punched in the face like that, you might as well resign.

  • jorgen

    #53, good analysis!

  • Rock

    Multitude @64

    As you noted Obama is all about class, and race warfare, without someone pounding the drum for an opposing view its a lot harder to get the populace at each others throats. I truly believe Obama’s end game is violence in the streets. This past summer has been nothing more than a testing of the waters to get a feel for the strength of hostilities rumbling under the surface, and a feel for how law enforcement communities will respond. Wisconsin was troubling in it showed some law departments would side with unions against the people. Next year may well be deadly for the nation, and our way of life.

  • Sometimes I think New York and California voters are too far gone. Then something like this happens. It restores my faith in human nature.


  • RickZ

    Thank the Brooklyn Hasidim for this Republican election win.

  • Blackbird

    Erections have consequences.

  • squeaky

    i’ve heard that seat will be gone in a year through redistricting. for obama, a year will be too long with a turner win but we’ll take it.

  • squeaky

    OT but from free republic we have a web site to report smears of the good name of the exalted one. hmmmm? obama’s lil’ snitchs. maybe they’ll get better scraps from the obama dining table.

  • Gary

    It isn’t just that a Republican won a “Democrat seat” held by a number of prominent Dems in a district that never votes Republican.
    It’s that a few months ago, the seat was occupied by Anthony Weiner.
    God, that guy was despicable even before the scandal.
    This may be the single greatest one-seat improvement in the air quality of the HR in US history.

  • Gary

    That’s true, but hopefully Turner will be able to run in one of the districts that consumes this one, and if wins that, he will be a more potent Republican force in NY politics (diluted by one fewer Dem representatives)

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  • mcc

    All things are possible…keep the faith and give thanks.

    BTW, whatever this means, it’s a “million to one” —

  • CommieJuice

    Isn’t 53-46 a landslide? I mean that is the spin I heard from that over stuffed empty suit Roland Martin about HIS president in 2008.

    The new spin from the guy in drag, Debbie VASSERman Schultz, is that “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats.” They have only held the seat since 1923. Nothing to see here, move along, right Vasserman Schultz?

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