10 Years Later – We Will Never Forget – The Terror Attacks on America

God bless the victims, the heroes, the families torn apart, the children without fathers, without mothers, the brothers and sisters left behind.
God bless this beautiful country.
On September 11, 2001 our world changed.
We will never forget.

A plane flies through the “Tribute in Lights” in lower Manhattan in New York September 10, 2011. (REUTERS/Eric Thayer)

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  • Sally


  • Just_Saying

    Thanks, Jim.

    God, we ask you to remain with our nation and restore it by returning its people to reliance and trust in You.

  • http://mcnorman.wordpress.com mcnorman

    GWB said it best.

    The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.

  • ocrick

    Please Admit the Fact President Obama took out bin Loser was a good thing.

    So far, No body will say so…

    Neoconz, Tea Baggs and GOP make 9/11 a sick JOKE

    I Guess 9/11 is a JOKE after all.

    It was used to MAKE MONEY via the MILITARY and NO BID Contractor Corporations / Humans.

    The ones REPUBLICAN President IKE warned us about in his farewell speech in 1960.

    the Disrespect shown towards the President for Liquidating bin loser shows that the Billions spent on Suckering Repubs PAYS off.

    The simple fact People on this site that can’t even agree to applaud the President for Liquidating bin loser is sickening….

    9/11 has become a JOKE, ON THIS DAY you Neocons make 9/11 a FREAKIN JOKE.

    Show me WRONG by at least admitting President Obama did a good thing by taking out bin loser.

  • Gideon Reed

    Not true.
    SOME will never
    Sadly a great many were never cognizant of the occurance
    immeadiately after it happened. Deniers and the self deluded
    were as ants then; and have become the enablers of Acorn
    like kernels today.
    Today is not a day of service; of community organizing.
    It is a day of reflection and recollection. A time for choosing.
    Remember who your enemies are. They are still out there
    waiting to be extinguished or claim their victory.

    This WAR is not over. Just the first phase.

  • eloivsdiablo

    Islam caused 911…

  • http://www.wadingacross.wordpress.com Wading Across

    We will and we won’t forget at the same time. It’s inevitable, and it has nothing to do with disrespect. The passage of time and the changing of generations means that 9-11 like any major event/tragedy is going to be understood and felt differently than by those who experienced it first hand.

    Can those of us not alive when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred truly say we remember and still feel affected as those who were alive and were affected by the event/tragedy?

    Or what of the Civil War? The Revolutionary War? What of the Holocaust, or the various pogroms instituted against Jews over the centuries?

    And on and on it goes. Man’s inhumanity to man is nothing new. There will be other events just as or even more horrific than 9-11. It’s inevitable. It’s foretold. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    Did our world truly change ten years ago? Yes, we have engaged in wars, we have been made aware of an enemy, and some of our rights have been squelched. For those directly affected by 9-11 thru direct experience and/or loss that day or stemming from that day via a job or loss (ex. a soldier), yes, lives have been changed. But, I wonder that our world has truly changed.

    On 9-12 it looked like a revival was occurring. A spiritual revival. Ten years later can we look at the United States and still see evidence of this? I cannot. Most of the people who poured into churches after 9-11 trickled back out in less than five years.

    The economic and political events that have happened to our nation are not tied to 9-11. They would have still happened had those terrorists never struck on that day – and had they not attacked on 9-11, we would still have been attacked eventually… as we most probably will be again.

    Not to minimize how those who were directly affected by 9-11, but I feel that many have turned the memory of 9-11 into a sacred cow, and it is blasphemy to truly reflect on it.

    This isn’t to say that we forget. This isn’t to say that we get all cuddly with our enemy. This is to say that we need to be realistic, and furthermore, figure out what our real priorities and perspectives in life are and should be.

    I feel that many people in this nation have turned 9-11 into a grudge that they nurse. We secretly – and openly – keep the anger and the malice going.

    We have not forgiven.

    Forgiving doesn’t mean to forget. Forgiving means you release something. You set a boundary, you learn and you remember, but you do not live rooted in 9-11.

    Too many people are living in 9-11, remaining in 9-11, letting it define them, and instead not letting God define them.

    I know full well that many people will not understand me or will even misrepresent what I’m saying. I’m okay with that. I do hope some people actually take time to consider what I’m saying. I suspect that I’m not alone, and that it’s not merely “liberals”, pansies or those who “hate America” that feel the way that I do.

    We will not forget 9-11 right now because it is still so fresh and our technology and media helps to remind us. But will we be able to say the same thing in 40 years? Will our grandchildren feel and understand it the same as we do now? Will we feel and understand it the same then? Do we feel and understand the same about Pearl Harbor now? We haven’t forgotten it. Do we still remember the Lusitania? Do we still remember the Maine? Those were battle cries then. Were we no less affected as a nation then?

    If you did not lose someone on 9-11 or because of 9-11 thru war, can you truly say that your life changed because of 9-11? For me, I had already received my reality checks prior to 9-11, so that when the events of that day unfolded, I was still shocked like most, but I was unsurprised and unfazed. I was not directly affected by it because the course of my life, my spiritual life and my interests were already in motion. 9-11 was then a confirmation.

    Let Christ be what changes you; not anger, malice or grief.

    Never forget, yes. But also, grow.

  • Militant Conservative

    I’ll give the Black affirmative inaction zero credit

    As soon as oc prick credits Bush for the enhanced

    Interrogation intel that Obama used to get OBL.

    Tit for tat boy. The Military got OBL, obama

    happened to have his skinny black butt in the

    Big WH chair with his feet on the desk.

    Don’t tPk to me about water boarding being

    Torture, it’s not. I have been waterboarded.

    Liberals, they want credit for what they did not do.

    Powder is dry, death terrorists.

  • ocrick

    I’m sure the Souls from Flight #93 in heaven are shouting

    “Darn you President Obama for giving the order to take out bin loser”

  • mg4us


    thanks. . unfortunately there are so-called Americans that don’t think of 9-11 the way many of us do.

    How many of us remeber what President Bush signed into an Executive Order?

    Shame on US

    Yes shame on me for not remembering or knowing that President Bush signed this into an Executive Order

    Shame on ALL of us for not remembering or knowing

    And Shame on the Media – – MSM and others for not remembering or reminding us.

    I hope President Bush does so today in his talk at Groiund Zero. .
    Remind us that 9-11 is a Day of Prayer & Remembrance. .
    even though others (Bloomberg & Obama) ban clergy & religious leaders from the event

    or some (Obama) have the AUDACITY, not of Hope, just AUDACITY to call this a Day of Community Service rather than honor, remember and pray for those who died needlessly that day and those who died and were injured helping others.

    This is why a special HOLI-day is needed. . .
    one where Federal and many businesses are closed for the day. . .
    one where School is closed for the day. . .
    one where ALL can take time to reflect and be with family, loved ones & friends.

    Since Labor day is so close. . .let’s drop Labor Day and establish
    9-11 as THE official government holiday.

    Call your Congressman and request this.

    9-11. . . We will NEVER Forget!

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    #4..orick what would hillary clinton say about all the names you call people. your very mean-spirited and insensitive. disrespect fotr the presidency is a liberal creation.

  • mg4us

    oops the link did not post properly in the prior post

    Here is another

  • KR

    Panetta gave the order to take out BL.

    Jarrett thought it was POLITICALLY risky and was saying NO.

    Barry was stalling, just being pulled off the golf course.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just like a pathetic loser lib to try and make

    Today about himself or their politics.

    The funeral / wake is for the grieving to realize

    What we lost. “it” shows us what we will become

    should we lose our humanity.

    God bless America

  • Militant Conservative

    Wow, some realm Nutters this early AM.

    Truthers too. Pathetic excuses for humans.

  • ocrick

    can I just get (1) one person to agree that giving the Order to take out bin loser was

    a good thing… it seems to be like pullin teeth… Just on this one day of all sacred days.

  • http://lgfonevolution.blogspot.com Mats

    Never forget to link MUSLMS with this attacl. Use it in discourse, in catch sentences, in poems or whatever, but DON’T EVER FORGET THAT THE KILLERS WERE MUSLIMS.


  • Militant Conservative

    No. Ya won’t. Obama delayed for a day plus and

    did not wish to be bothered on the golf course

    he was on. This is not a day for Obama or OBL.

    Both of which hurt America.

    Today is about those that died.

    It does not seem to understand this concept?

    God bless the fallen.

  • tewahedo1

    Well said, Wading Across (#7). Amen.

  • ocrick

    Hey Militant,

    You don’t seem to understand that Today is also about the 4,000+ American dead in Iraq that didn’t need to die. Pinhead… or the 34,000+ Maimed and Wounded that didn’t need to be there.

    or the 2 Trillion WASTED in that Bullsheet war.

    9/11 IS A JOKE to all you Neocons unless you can man up and say President Obama did RIGHT in taking out bin loser…