10 Years Later – We Will Never Forget – The Terror Attacks on America

God bless the victims, the heroes, the families torn apart, the children without fathers, without mothers, the brothers and sisters left behind.
God bless this beautiful country.
On September 11, 2001 our world changed.
We will never forget.

A plane flies through the “Tribute in Lights” in lower Manhattan in New York September 10, 2011. (REUTERS/Eric Thayer)

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  • Sally


  • Just_Saying

    Thanks, Jim.

    God, we ask you to remain with our nation and restore it by returning its people to reliance and trust in You.

  • GWB said it best.

    The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.

  • ocrick

    Please Admit the Fact President Obama took out bin Loser was a good thing.

    So far, No body will say so…

    Neoconz, Tea Baggs and GOP make 9/11 a sick JOKE

    I Guess 9/11 is a JOKE after all.

    It was used to MAKE MONEY via the MILITARY and NO BID Contractor Corporations / Humans.

    The ones REPUBLICAN President IKE warned us about in his farewell speech in 1960.

    the Disrespect shown towards the President for Liquidating bin loser shows that the Billions spent on Suckering Repubs PAYS off.

    The simple fact People on this site that can’t even agree to applaud the President for Liquidating bin loser is sickening….

    9/11 has become a JOKE, ON THIS DAY you Neocons make 9/11 a FREAKIN JOKE.

    Show me WRONG by at least admitting President Obama did a good thing by taking out bin loser.

  • Gideon Reed

    Not true.
    SOME will never
    Sadly a great many were never cognizant of the occurance
    immeadiately after it happened. Deniers and the self deluded
    were as ants then; and have become the enablers of Acorn
    like kernels today.
    Today is not a day of service; of community organizing.
    It is a day of reflection and recollection. A time for choosing.
    Remember who your enemies are. They are still out there
    waiting to be extinguished or claim their victory.

    This WAR is not over. Just the first phase.

  • eloivsdiablo

    Islam caused 911…

  • We will and we won’t forget at the same time. It’s inevitable, and it has nothing to do with disrespect. The passage of time and the changing of generations means that 9-11 like any major event/tragedy is going to be understood and felt differently than by those who experienced it first hand.

    Can those of us not alive when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred truly say we remember and still feel affected as those who were alive and were affected by the event/tragedy?

    Or what of the Civil War? The Revolutionary War? What of the Holocaust, or the various pogroms instituted against Jews over the centuries?

    And on and on it goes. Man’s inhumanity to man is nothing new. There will be other events just as or even more horrific than 9-11. It’s inevitable. It’s foretold. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    Did our world truly change ten years ago? Yes, we have engaged in wars, we have been made aware of an enemy, and some of our rights have been squelched. For those directly affected by 9-11 thru direct experience and/or loss that day or stemming from that day via a job or loss (ex. a soldier), yes, lives have been changed. But, I wonder that our world has truly changed.

    On 9-12 it looked like a revival was occurring. A spiritual revival. Ten years later can we look at the United States and still see evidence of this? I cannot. Most of the people who poured into churches after 9-11 trickled back out in less than five years.

    The economic and political events that have happened to our nation are not tied to 9-11. They would have still happened had those terrorists never struck on that day – and had they not attacked on 9-11, we would still have been attacked eventually… as we most probably will be again.

    Not to minimize how those who were directly affected by 9-11, but I feel that many have turned the memory of 9-11 into a sacred cow, and it is blasphemy to truly reflect on it.

    This isn’t to say that we forget. This isn’t to say that we get all cuddly with our enemy. This is to say that we need to be realistic, and furthermore, figure out what our real priorities and perspectives in life are and should be.

    I feel that many people in this nation have turned 9-11 into a grudge that they nurse. We secretly – and openly – keep the anger and the malice going.

    We have not forgiven.

    Forgiving doesn’t mean to forget. Forgiving means you release something. You set a boundary, you learn and you remember, but you do not live rooted in 9-11.

    Too many people are living in 9-11, remaining in 9-11, letting it define them, and instead not letting God define them.

    I know full well that many people will not understand me or will even misrepresent what I’m saying. I’m okay with that. I do hope some people actually take time to consider what I’m saying. I suspect that I’m not alone, and that it’s not merely “liberals”, pansies or those who “hate America” that feel the way that I do.

    We will not forget 9-11 right now because it is still so fresh and our technology and media helps to remind us. But will we be able to say the same thing in 40 years? Will our grandchildren feel and understand it the same as we do now? Will we feel and understand it the same then? Do we feel and understand the same about Pearl Harbor now? We haven’t forgotten it. Do we still remember the Lusitania? Do we still remember the Maine? Those were battle cries then. Were we no less affected as a nation then?

    If you did not lose someone on 9-11 or because of 9-11 thru war, can you truly say that your life changed because of 9-11? For me, I had already received my reality checks prior to 9-11, so that when the events of that day unfolded, I was still shocked like most, but I was unsurprised and unfazed. I was not directly affected by it because the course of my life, my spiritual life and my interests were already in motion. 9-11 was then a confirmation.

    Let Christ be what changes you; not anger, malice or grief.

    Never forget, yes. But also, grow.

  • Militant Conservative

    I’ll give the Black affirmative inaction zero credit

    As soon as oc prick credits Bush for the enhanced

    Interrogation intel that Obama used to get OBL.

    Tit for tat boy. The Military got OBL, obama

    happened to have his skinny black butt in the

    Big WH chair with his feet on the desk.

    Don’t tPk to me about water boarding being

    Torture, it’s not. I have been waterboarded.

    Liberals, they want credit for what they did not do.

    Powder is dry, death terrorists.

  • ocrick

    I’m sure the Souls from Flight #93 in heaven are shouting

    “Darn you President Obama for giving the order to take out bin loser”

  • mg4us


    thanks. . unfortunately there are so-called Americans that don’t think of 9-11 the way many of us do.

    How many of us remeber what President Bush signed into an Executive Order?

    Shame on US

    Yes shame on me for not remembering or knowing that President Bush signed this into an Executive Order

    Shame on ALL of us for not remembering or knowing

    And Shame on the Media – – MSM and others for not remembering or reminding us.

    I hope President Bush does so today in his talk at Groiund Zero. .
    Remind us that 9-11 is a Day of Prayer & Remembrance. .
    even though others (Bloomberg & Obama) ban clergy & religious leaders from the event

    or some (Obama) have the AUDACITY, not of Hope, just AUDACITY to call this a Day of Community Service rather than honor, remember and pray for those who died needlessly that day and those who died and were injured helping others.

    This is why a special HOLI-day is needed. . .
    one where Federal and many businesses are closed for the day. . .
    one where School is closed for the day. . .
    one where ALL can take time to reflect and be with family, loved ones & friends.

    Since Labor day is so close. . .let’s drop Labor Day and establish
    9-11 as THE official government holiday.

    Call your Congressman and request this.

    9-11. . . We will NEVER Forget!

  • #4..orick what would hillary clinton say about all the names you call people. your very mean-spirited and insensitive. disrespect fotr the presidency is a liberal creation.

  • mg4us

    oops the link did not post properly in the prior post

    Here is another

  • KR

    Panetta gave the order to take out BL.

    Jarrett thought it was POLITICALLY risky and was saying NO.

    Barry was stalling, just being pulled off the golf course.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just like a pathetic loser lib to try and make

    Today about himself or their politics.

    The funeral / wake is for the grieving to realize

    What we lost. “it” shows us what we will become

    should we lose our humanity.

    God bless America

  • Militant Conservative

    Wow, some realm Nutters this early AM.

    Truthers too. Pathetic excuses for humans.

  • ocrick

    can I just get (1) one person to agree that giving the Order to take out bin loser was

    a good thing… it seems to be like pullin teeth… Just on this one day of all sacred days.

  • Never forget to link MUSLMS with this attacl. Use it in discourse, in catch sentences, in poems or whatever, but DON’T EVER FORGET THAT THE KILLERS WERE MUSLIMS.


  • Militant Conservative

    No. Ya won’t. Obama delayed for a day plus and

    did not wish to be bothered on the golf course

    he was on. This is not a day for Obama or OBL.

    Both of which hurt America.

    Today is about those that died.

    It does not seem to understand this concept?

    God bless the fallen.

  • tewahedo1

    Well said, Wading Across (#7). Amen.

  • ocrick

    Hey Militant,

    You don’t seem to understand that Today is also about the 4,000+ American dead in Iraq that didn’t need to die. Pinhead… or the 34,000+ Maimed and Wounded that didn’t need to be there.

    or the 2 Trillion WASTED in that Bullsheet war.

    9/11 IS A JOKE to all you Neocons unless you can man up and say President Obama did RIGHT in taking out bin loser…

  • ocrick

    Or would you really Prefer bin loser still being around to use as a Boogie Man to Scare Tactic the

    American Public as WAS DONE for so many years under dick/bush

  • Militant Conservative


    Your precious democrats voted FOR the war 100%

    Year after 9/11.

    You seem to be showing your age and ignorance.

    It is not very bright is it?

    God bless it’s pea pickin heart.

  • ocrick

    Hello Militant and Good Patriots Day to you.

    You do Know there is a thing called Google….

    It makes hiding lies and bull real difficult.

    Actual Vote On Iraq War

    House R= 215 Y 6 N
    D= 82 Y 126 N

    Senate R 48 Y 1 N
    D 29 Y 21 N

    AFTER LIES and Bougus Intell. sent from Dick / bush Admin.

    Remember? of course not, 2001-2008 Never Happened… right….

  • ocrick

    All I am asking is we folks come together on this one Hallowed day as Americans and give President Obama thanks for taking out bin Loser.

    Is that to much?

  • Militant Conservative

    It is such a easy thing to waste it’s time.

    I love Alinsky tactics. I now see why liberals find

    This so fun. I’m just waiting for the depression

    brought to you by Obama. hide and watch lil


    God Bless America

  • orick…saddam hussain was the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world. the president of the united states said he was a threat to the united states and needed to be taken out. the leader of his party in the senate agreed with him. that president was bill clinton and that senator was none other then the biggest political hypocrite in american history, teddy kennedy. you can look it up on google.

  • Militant Conservative

    Bush asked to go to war, and got permission.

    Obama not.

    Dictators need no permission.

    Blacks just do what they want to. Flash mob?!

    Powder is dry


    Filthy muslims….and our president is one of them.

  • ohiochili

    ocrack, you just don’t understand.

    Nobody cares what you think. You are just trying to stir the s*it, and get some attention that you don’t get from mummy and daddy. You have failed as a troll. That should be very humiliating for you, but you just do not get it.

    Now go check your stack of comic books. I’m sure there are some there you haven’t looked at yet.

    You’re not even entertaining anymore. You’ve become boring. You lose, loser.

  • ocrick

    I guess we can’t come together on his sacred day…

    as Americans… sad…. God Bless President Obama for giving the

    order to take out bin loser none the less.

  • Militant Conservative

    No thank for der furer. We don’t need him.

    He NEEDS us. today is for the fallen.

    It has no manners nor beliefs. Lost soul.

    God bless America.

  • ocrick

    OK phony Christian hack

  • Deanna

    #24 September 11, 2011 at 7:26 am
    ocrick commented:

    All I am asking is we folks come together on this one Hallowed day as Americans and give President Obama thanks for taking out bin Loser.

    Is that to much?
    Yes it is. This is a day to honor those who died. It is not a day to thank the President for doing his job. Even he knows that and is spending the day visiting the three sites. Now if you choose to thank those of Flight 93 and all those who have given their lives since, fine. Like Memorial Day, this is a time to honor those who have died. And for you to say it is a joke simply because we don’t choose to use this day to promote a President for doing his job is disgusting and pathetic.

  • ocrick

    HELLO DEANNA!!!! the Job Bush/ dick Never did… thank you for admitting the FAILURE of your Heros.

  • mg4us

    Thank You President Bush for giving the orders to hunt down and find OBL. .

    and for being a real leader to go after the enemy. . .to take the fighting to them. . with full Congressional Approval per the rules of OUR Constitution

    and to authorize the use of enhanced interrogation techniques to hunt down OBL and to keep our country safe!

    There were no mass terror killings after 9-11 on our US soil while you were President though the enemy tried & tried. . .

    Unlike Obuma and Major Nidal Hassan . . yet Obuma cannot call it a terrorist act. .guess he forgot. . Disgusting!

    RATs can scurry, RINOs can hide but for the VAST Majority of Proud Constitutional Americans. . .

    9-11. . . We will Never Forget!

  • daryl

    someone paste a goldstar on little buttcrack’s forehead and give him a cookie. never seen a lefty troll strive so much for attention.

  • ocrick

    Hey MG4us, Bush Eliminated the CIA unit that was tracking bin loser…in 05… Pinhead

  • If this country doesn’t turn back to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – the One we have turned our backs on, thrown Him out of our schools, halls of government, and even some of our churches – we will continue to see earth shaking events in America.

  • mg4us

    #33 Deanna

    Well said. . . Doesn’t the person who is supposed to take
    the Oath of Office of the President of the UNITED States of America
    have the duty & obligation to uphold OUR Constitution and protect America?

    Oh forgot, Obama messed up the oath that he supposedly had to retake it to be effective. . .

    Obama – – Loser. . remember the Chipmunk in the chair photo?

    He was terrible today without the TOTUS . . .poor oration, bad body language. . .
    Obama didn’t even pronounce ‘bow& arrow” correctly. .
    he said BOW as in Bow Wow
    (or is it he meant Bow as in what he did for the King of Saudi Arabia?
    Don’t good muslims bow?)
    pathetic. .

    unlike Bush who was so classy & Presidential. . .

    That is why the crowd today. . . though a solemn occasion, cheered Bush!

  • Anybody know which soup kitchen Barry and Michelle are working in today?

  • squeaky
  • Militant Conservative

    It still spins and spews, it is all about itself ,

    Not God or country and the fallen.

    Pathetic lil it, not much of a citizen either.

    Powder is dry

  • mg4us


    Can you change the tittle of this post to the correct version?. . .

    10 Years Later – We Will Never Forget – The Islamic Jihad Terror Attacks on America

    Let’s give recognition where recognition is due. .
    lest we forget who the real enemy is.

  • mg4us

    #41 squeaky

    Thanks for the link

    Pathetic this fraud and Loser – –
    Barack HUSSEIN Obama

    Hussein. .or is it “who’s insane”?

    How can he be a naturalized citizen when one parent was a Kenyan and a British subject and then he was an Indonesian passport carrying citizen. . .

    Maybe the insane are the crazy folks, RATs & RINOs that support this fraud

  • Ginger

    I love…love…love this video. 🙂 Please keep passing this on!


  • Militant Conservative

    It, voulenteers that love America gave the ultimate

    sacrifice. All it gives is lip device to the won.

    Sadly representative of the left.

    Powder is dry

  • Patty

    I wish I could have seen “the Flight to Heaven” in real time. I could just repeat what everyone has said about this day, 10 years ago.

    All I can do is cry. The sadness I feel today is America’s sadness. But we will go on as we have since that “day.”

    God will be with us all. What has really stood out in my mind was the “Cross” that through the collapse of steel, in the midst of the Dust, there stood a “Cross” and the shroud of Metal drape over it.

    In the twisted rumble, there it was and it was “renewed HOPE” for many that through this horror, something or someone more powerful than all of us was there. I hope that it remains one of the many miracles and will reminds us of God and His love for us all.

  • aprilnovember811

    My husband is a Captain for a major airline, I don’t want to say which one. He said for the past week or so, Jihadist type markings have been appearing on planes.

    I think most people here know our Congress, Courts, and Military have done an unconscionable thing in allowing a Muslim, foreign born president to continue where he is. Just look at Fast and Furious, Gunwalker, Grenadewalker, and the act of Jihad in Missouri today. These are all deaths due to negligence on the parts of those who are entrusted with protecting the country. I’m not saying the individuals doing this are not at fault, but Obama’s perceived shade of skin should not trump national security.

    People are dying from weapons being sold to the enemy. This was not a sting operation. They were sold to them, so they would become Obama’s Army. Obama comes from Chicago, although born in Kenya. His mother went there because of the shame of having a mixed race baby at that time in the country. Having a baby out of wedlock alone at that time in the country was bad enough. The Muslim Brotherhood and Weathermen are prominent in Chicago. Obama has appointed the Muslim Brotherhood into the DHS(This is why the white people depicted as terrorists,) and The State Department. I believe the Seals were fingered by them, and set up by them.

    This is what Obama is doing with the weapons he’s selling. I have one question to ask Mr. Boehner when he’s not focusing on the 18th hole, how do you sleep at night, buddy? You and the rest will get it back in life. Life always gets even.

    Here is what Obama is doing.

    Muslim Brotherhood In Our White House – Vetting Obama

    If there’s a major attack, I hope it’s those who allowed Obama to continue even though there were questions about his background, are the victims. It’s not right that innocents die because of their negligence.

    I think we need legislation to revoke pensions. These criminally negligent politicians should not be allowed to collect pensions when they haven’t done their jobs. I’m one American who’s fed up.

  • About that phoenix arising on Ground Zero:

    CALL it “The Freedom Tower” …
    Not that mind-numbing bureaucratese of “One World Trade Center”.

    “Freedom Tower” is what it was originally meant to be called anyway, until somebody got their panties in a twist and thought that such a name would be a gigantic Foxtrot Yankee to those who tried to bring us down. (Sounds to me like an excellent reason to so name it.)

    From the Wikipedia entry (for what that’s worth) …
    In 2009, the Port Authority changed the name of the building from “Freedom Tower” to “One World Trade Center”, stating that this name is the “easiest for people to identify with”.

    All I can say is (EXPLETIVE DELETED!!!).

    I saw a NOVA special on TV a few nights ago, all about the design and construction of the 1 WTC Building (They’ve already forgotten the original name) and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

    The Presence of Absence …
    That’s what the architect of the memorial said it was to evoke; the sense of loss in the footprints of the original twin towers.

    That’s not a bad description of what appears to be the attitude of Obama and many of his minions who will appear at the 10th anniversary on 11 Sep 2011. An attitude of “Let’s put this behind us and move on.”; a good sentiment in some circumstances, but in this context almost like saying that the Holocaust Museum should never have been built.

    In the Shadow of the Freedom Tower …
    To add to the mix, we also have the Ground Zero Mosque, except we’re not supposed to call it that on account of it ain’t located directly on the former World Trade Center site, Ground Zero, nor is it primarily a mosque, (“A rose by any other name …”)

    Although the City of New York refused to let a Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed at Ground Zero be rebuilt, they appear to have no problem with this abomination.

    Maybe some solace can come from the fact that its location, about two blocks northeast of the Freedom Tower suggests that in the fall (around Sep 11), each afternoon it will lie in the shadow of the tower.

    Where was I on that fateful day? …
    The same place most of you were; at work that Tuesday morning 11 Sep 2001. Being in IT, they tolerated my occasional surfing of the internet, but it was other workers who urged me to check out the CNN website that morning; something about an airplane crashing into one of the World Trade Center towers.

    I immediately thought it was a horrible accident, with Murphy’s Law working at peak efficiency that it would be the tallest thing in Manhattan to be hit. Indeed, that even made sense as it would be a more likely thing to happen because of its height.

    I had read, many times, about the July 1945 incident in which a USAAF B-25 Mitchell bomber tried to land in zero visibility (because of fog) at LaGuardia Airport and the pilot became disoriented and crashed into the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors. At the moment, I felt that, because of the proliferation of tall buildings near landing approaches, such an accident was almost inevitable sooner or later.

    Of course, that second plane hitting the other tower made it painfully clear what had really taken place.

    The most horrific part was when the South Tower collapsed. Most of the people killed would have been those trapped on the upper floors. By that time, the ones below would have already been evacuated, with the only people still below being responders and others desperately trying to reach those still trapped.

    What a horrible word is “only” when applied to people like that. The most merciful thing in their case was that when the rumbling started, they probably barely had time to wonder What the Hell is that?” before it was over. It was half an hour later before the North Tower went, and I believe that rescue people were still trying their level best there, knowing all too well what could happen and being totally aware when it did.

    A year later, I took a driving vacation and, among other places, visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

    On display in one wing of the museum was a U-2 reconnaissance plane. On one wall, curving up from the floor, was a huge aerial photo, taken from that (or a similar) plane, of Manhattan Island. What you could see so clearly in that photo were the Twin Towers, and it literally took your breath away realizing what was now gone. I was trying very hard to hold back tears, and I don’t think I succeeded. (If any reading this have been to the museum recently, I’d love to know if that photo is still on display.)

    I hope this will be read by bloggers with far greater readerships than my humble 3 or 4 hundred a month, because I beg you to launch a campaign to make “Freedom Tower” the official name of this magnificent structure, or failing that, at least make it the de-facto name.

    If honoring the memory of those who fell there was the only reason, that would be more than enough.

  • aprilnovember811

    The Navy Seals are the ones who did it, if it was really done. I don’t believe anything from this criminally negligent regime. We don’t know for certain he was actually killed in a raid on that day. I’m someone who before Obama trusted my government. I thought they were on the same side as me. I would have never believed we had actual ATF Agents selling AK-47’s to dangerous criminals. I would have never believed our government was taking HAMAS on tours of our FBI facilities. This is insanity. If they said something I listened. I don’t anymore.

    Obama is a dangerous sociopath, in addition to being born in Kenya. I don’t give a darn what lie people have promoted, including this treasonous media. I was given the ability to think and reason for myself. I know he’s not right.

    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”~Lenin

  • Ella

    Where are the muslims taking to the streets today screaming “NOT IN OUR NAME!” “NOT IN ISLAM’S NAME”

  • Andreas K.

    ocrick, Obama took out Osama? Really? Obama was on the helos? He stormed the house? He shot Osama in the face?

    It took Obama ages to make a call and he risked essentially NOTHING when finally doing so. He’s just another a**hole politician trying to cash in on the bravery of a handful of men and women.

    Besides, with Osama’s death what has changed?


    Islam still wants to kill infidels, like it always did. And it’s gaining power and momentum as the “Arab Spring” (so perfectly called “Arab Winter” by Geert Wilders) easily proves. It’s people like you who don’t get it. 9-11 wasn’t the result of Osama. 9-11 was the result of islam. Without islam there wouldn’t have been a 9-11. There wouldn’t have been London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai. There wouldn’t have been more than 17,500 deadly terror attacks since 9-11. It didn’t take Osama to orchestrate all of them.

    All it took was this book called koran, where it states that mohammedan must kill infidels. That is an order from Mohammed himself and every mohammedan must strife to be like Mohammed, since this so called prophet is the perfect human being in islamic mythology. And Mohammed did what? He murdered, raped and pillaged through Arabia. Osama was just doing what Mohammed did 1,400 years ago. He followed his prophet’s example. Every single jihadi is doing exactly that.

    So Osama is dead…

    Well, there have already been islamic terror attacks on US soil under Obama. Shall I say Fort Hood Shooting? Among a few others. So much has changed, right? Meanwhile the entire Middle East is falling to islamo-fascism and Obama loves it apparently. Worse yet, he helped AQ in Libya!

    Yes, so much has changed. Praise Obama. He brought world peace…

    Wait a second… no, he didn’t. We’re more on a course to a big war than ever before.

    And also ocrick, you’re blaming the neo-cons for turning it into a joke? Who’s the one wanting to turn it into a national service day? Obama. He’s the one turning it into a joke. At this rate he’ll be doing similar things with V-E and V-J day as well.

  • 11B40


    I was living in the San Francisco Bay area and for some forgotten reason had the day off from work. I was planning to sleep late, maybe 9am, or so, but woke up around 7 and flicked on the TV before rolling over. The first plane had already hit, but then I saw the second one roll in.

    I had two second cousins who worked in lower Manhattan’s financial district so I wasted some time trying to get through to them to tell them to get outta Dodge quick like a bunny. The phone lines were pretty much impenetrable until mid-afternoon when I reached their mother who said everyone was alive and well.

    My father had come to this country in 1927 from his native Ireland. He had spent his work life in New York’s construction industry. Early on, he worked on the Empire State Building. Towards his retirement, he worked on the World Trade Center and, after it opened to the public, we spent an afternoon together doing the observation deck thing and my father’s version of the three-martini lunch. It was a brilliant New York afternoon, much like 9-11, no ceiling and unlimited visibility as they would say in flight school. When I stood close to the windows on the observation deck, I felt like the building was leaning over, a much different experience than the observation deck on the Empire State Building. My other impression of the Trade Center was the volume thing. It doesn’t always come across in pictures or film, but the sheer volume of the two towers was almost beyond belief.

    There’s a peculiar aspect to a lot of the workers in New York’s construction industry, especially on the really large or famous projects. A kind of relationship develops between the workmen and their creations, like somehow they and the building were parts of each other, then and forever. It was concept that I really didn’t understand until much later when I learned that I was a printer and that my printing was both by me and of me.

    When the two towers finished collapsing, I was left with two unpleasant thoughts in my mind. One, I was glad that my father had gone on to his well earned reward and didn’t have to live to see it. The other was why the hell did I ever give back that M-16.

  • MAJ Mike

    Never forget.

    Never forgive.

    Never submit.

  • Andreas K.

    As for 9-11, it will be forgotten. The moment the emotional connection is gone, it will be forgotten. That happens all the time. Give it 200 years and it will be a small chapter in a history book and kids in school will be like “Bleh, why do we have to learn this, it’s boring.”

    The kids born today already have no connection to it anymore. They didn’t experience it.

    The three perfect examples to prove this are:

    1) the American Civil War
    2) the Napoleonic Wars
    3) Pearl Harbor

    Which of these matter today anymore? None. Most people don’t even know about them and don’t care. You learn about it in school, but most students generally don’t care and only learn it to pass the exams.

    FDR called Pearl Harbor the day that lives forever in infamy. Okay, it’s 2011. Infamy? Where? It’s gone. None of it matters anymore. Sure, there are some Americans who still whine about it (which is always amusing for me, considering that A) the attack was only a matter of time, and thus not really unexpected -anyone paying attention to Japan in those days would have known- ad B) the target was a legitimate target, it was a military installation; so the Japanese didn’t declare war, big f*cking deal, the only thing that matters in war is winning, and yes, the end justifies the means, the talk about laws of war and similar is a lie, history proves that without a doubt), but the average US citizen cares how much about Pearl Harbor? None at all.

    Of course not. It’s the past. It’s gone, it’s done. He can’t change it. And frankly, why should he care? I’m pretty sure the average US citizen has some significantly bigger issues in his life than the attack on Pearl Harbor. And it’s like this all around the world.

    9-11 will be forgotten. In 100 years nobody will care anymore, except a handful of historians.

  • Teddy

    Here’s where Obama and the little libs – like ocrack – lose.

    You cannot legislate compassion and love. In their stunted minds, they cannot see or feel the human spirit. Plain and simple, they are lost.

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  • I am certain that on that September day there were angels among us, and I would imagine that they too wept…

    I’m a big strong guy, but I am not the least bit bothered to tell you, I wept, from anger, from compassion, from a feeling of total helplessness, and yes, even fear, not fear for myself, but fear for my family and their immediate…

    I was 1,500 miles from home that day and all I could think of was getting home to my wife and making sure my children were safe, and I couldn’t do that…

    None of us knew what the future held, we still don’t, but I hope with all my heart that these same angels are with us now…

    I can’t speak for all Americans, but I know that I am still hurting, every day that goes by I remember 9-11, and I don’t know if a *healing* will ever take place in me, but I pray for the lives of those affected in an even more direct fashion, I pray for our firefighters, police officer and our troops… I pray that ALL of America will wake up to the dangers around us and unite in an effort to defeat the evils that threaten our lives and freedoms.

    No matter where that evil comes from!

    I will NEVER forgive and I will NEVER forget!

  • Deanna

    Andreas K. commented:

    As for 9-11, it will be forgotten. The moment the emotional connection is gone, it will be forgotten. That happens all the time. Give it 200 years and it will be a small chapter in a history book and kids in school will be like “Bleh, why do we have to learn this, it’s boring.”

    The kids born today already have no connection to it anymore. They didn’t experience it.

    The three perfect examples to prove this are:

    1) the American Civil War
    2) the Napoleonic Wars
    3) Pearl Harbor

    Which of these matter today anymore? None. Most people don’t even know about them and don’t care. You learn about it in school, but most students generally don’t care and only learn it to pass the exams.
    Perhaps in your world but not in the one I know. The Civil War is hardly forgotten, ask the thousands and thousands of re-enactors and observers, of the people proud of their heritage, of the graves and battlefields maintained and visited. As for the Napoleonic Wars, no they aren’t temembered here but I know for a fact in parts of Europe they aren’t forgotten. And Pearl Harbor, DDay, etc. are remembered because people pass these memories on. More and more WWII re-enactments are being created each year and draw thousands of participants. The Arizona is still one the top sites in Hawaii.

    Will 9/11 be forgotten? I don’t think so. As long as there are memorials to visit, families that have ancestors who died or members that can carry on the memories.

    As for kids, I disagree. If they have forgotten it is our fault. My kids and grandkids have been exposed to living history, sites, etc. They know their family history and are proud of it. In a small town in Ohio they put on one of the best WWII re-enactments, DDay to be exact. Every time I’ve been there the number of young people and children has grown.

    If history is “bleh” that is our fault.

  • Valerie

    “#60 September 11, 2011 at 12:31 pm
    Deanna commented:”

    Both of you have a point. Our generation and the ones behind us will each pass away, and be forgotten in time.

    But in between now and them, God himself has delegated this planet and our decisions to us.

    We are limited creatures, but as passengers of Flight 93 demonstrated, sometimes we have a say in our fate, if we so choose.

  • Theresa


    1) The September 11 2001 massacre was done ‘in the name of Islam.’
    By Bin Laden’s open declared “holy war” Jihad against Christians and Jews, as he openly admitted the crime as a jihad. [books.google.com/books?id=fNqdmUnqTJUC&pg=PA70] In fact, Bin Laden denounced US ‘ presence in Saudi Arabia already in 1994 [books.google.com/books?id=kpHaCDAQcgUC&pg=PA301].

    2) By ringleader of the 19 Arab-Islamic hijackers: Mohammed Atta, who gave directions to shout “Allah Akbar.” [books.google.com/books?id=c6obAQAAMAAJ&q=atta] [nytimes.com/2002/07/07/books/chapters/0707-1st-dsouz.html?pagewanted=2] [guardian.co.uk/world/2001/sep/30/terrorism.september113]

    2) And as al-Qaeda terrorists bragged on al-Jazeera shouting just that [edition.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/meast/09/12/alqaeda.911.claim] when they saw the images of the flying planes into the buildings that butchered 3,000 and injured 6,000 innocent people.

    3) Just as the (grandchildren of Arab immigrants who use civilians causing their deaths in order to appear as “victims.” Those that call themselves since 1960s exclusively as) “Palestinians” celebrated the attacks shouting “Allah akbar.” [nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/big/0911.html] [pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/israel.palestine/campagna.html]

    Let’s not forget, despite of some “political” rationalizations and justifications. [This and other] jihad’s ultimate goal of ‘world domination’ or “world domination design” under repressive radical Islam rule, or “Islamic State,” or “Caliphate”. Straight from the horse’s mouth. [theage.com.au/news/war-on-terror/alqaeda-chiefs-reveal-world-domination-design/2005/08/23/1124562861654.html]

  • Militant Conservative

    I drove from Dallas love field to little rock Arkansas.

    I was at the gate ready to board. I went to work,

    arm with my faithful Glock. Some are ready for

    Trouble. Many wait for the cops or a citizen to

    Bail them out. Not I, trust no one be self sufficient.

    Powder is dry

  • Georgezap

    Teddy #56

    Amen, brother.

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