NASCAR Drivers Blow Off Obama Invite to White House

(Yes this was Photoshopped)

Is this the hope or the change?
Five NASCAR drivers turned down an invite to meet with Barack Obama at the White House.
They already had plans.
SB Nation reported, via Say Anything:

President Barack Obama will honor NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and the 11 other Chase drivers from last year in a White House ceremony on Wednesday – but nearly half of the 2010 playoff contenders won’t be there.

NASCAR said Thursday that five drivers – Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – will not be attending the White House visit due to “schedule conflicts.”

They must be very busy people. Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one.

You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.

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  • BS-meter

    I wouldn’t cross the street and pee on him if he was standing there on fire. But then, that’s just me.

  • i wouldnt want to meet with an empty suit dictator either

  • BarbaraS

    Maybe they thought it would be better not to take a chance on gagging when he shook their hands and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, dumbass liberals. President or not, I wouldn’t go next door to see this pos. I wouldn’t go into the next room to hear his lies.

  • Sam

    I wouldn’t meet him if you paid me. Because, ya know, I would just puke on his shoes since he makes me so sick.

  • succotash

    Smart guys!

  • MrGoodWench

    Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president
    Really ?
    Even when its President Bush ?

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama is doing this to try and kiss up to the NASCAR fan base since he knows how big of a voting block we are.

    What Obama doesn’t understand is that many NASCAR fans agree with, and/or, a part of the Tea Party.

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  • PNC Reader

    Why meet with a man who is against every thing you believe in?

  • wtd

    I’m enjoying these reports, not because the msm attempts to use their exclusive platforms to publicly shame those who hold-nothing-but-contempt for the current occupant of the oval office, but because reports like this confirm Obama’s popularity is fading fast. “Unexpected”. Bwa ha ha.

  • Mark Jessup

    Barack Insane 0bama has as much in common with NASCAR as the GM ‘Volt’ electric clown-mobile has in common with a set of classic Hilborn Fuel Injectors. Maybe when the vacation bug starts biting the First Wookie again, she can spend her NEXT 10 million dollars on fielding her own NASCAR race car and put Mr. Hope & Change into the driver’s seat. It makes perfect logical sense: a yellow bumper to match his yellow spine. Kudos to ALL the drivers who chose principle over meaningless photo ops with the Pretenda from Kenya.

  • @MrGoodWrench:


    The hypocrisy, if not unexpected, is still astounding.

  • I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t resist the urge to grab him by the ears, pound his head on the floor and yell, “Stop f**king up this country for all time!!!”

  • Dennis29Brooks

    Makes me like and respect Kevin Harvick even more…lol….Obummer is trying to connect with teaparty voters? whaaaat …lol all we do is cling to our RELIGION and GUNS…This president is the biggest HYPOCRITE to ever hold office !!!

  • Darren

    Maybe Obama will bow when he shakes Jimmie Johnson’s hand like he did other leaders.

  • Damn. Bif’s from around these parts… but I could get to start liking NASCAR again if this keeps up.

    Well, after they get rid of those cookie-cutter cars, that is.

  • Mad Hatter


    You’re not actually talking about causing physical harm to him right? You’re just using that as a metaphor, correct?

    I can’t stand the guy, but I don’t want anyone to take your words out of context.

  • Rob De Witt

    Gee, I’m sorry. I have to wash my hair that night……

  • Kate

    Looks to me that these drivers have their priorities straight.

  • Fed Up Citizen

    Y’know, there are actually some celebrities that has some intelligibility after all.

  • jorgen

    “leader of the free world”

    Is he now? The EU are laughing at him and generally ignoring him, the Arab world seems to hate him, the Chinese openly critizise him etc – in all cases of course unless he gives them something they desperately want.

  • Francesca

    Sorry, I have to rearrange my sock drawer.

  • Edouard

    “An opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one.”

    LOL. As if Obama gave two hoots what any of them had to say to him.

    “Leader of the free world?” This charlatan of a president? Would such a visit REALLY do any of these NASCAR drivers any good at all?

    Rearranging the sock drawer or cropping a hangnail would seem to be better uses of time than going to see The Fraud.

  • Edouard

    Haha, Francesca and I had the same idea at the same time

  • TamiB

    Sorry, I’ve got a Bible to read and a gun to cling too that evening.

  • catwoman368

    I wouldn’t want to meet with him and shake his hand. Obama has the kiss of death with everything thing he touches. Shake his hand and get in a RACE CAR, dont think so. The guy is reptilian.

  • big mal

    That’s the day I wax the Gog !!

  • Marsh626

    Uh oh.

    Here come the legions of his zombie cultists to tear down your local race track…

  • jerrylud

    hes getting desperate the libs always make fun of nascar and its fans but now he needs votes so bad hes kissing up to everyone pathetic lil man

  • kato

    What do you call a trip to the White House to meet Blowhard?

    A pit stop.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Five NASCAR drivers turned down an invite to meet with Barack Obama at the White House.


    The only thing is that now, they’ll probably be branded as racists. But that’s okay; Obie and his Commie comrades have tapped the race well so many times that the accusations, when they are made, can just be ignored.

  • Great for the guys that turned him down just wish the rest would have as for me what’s the big dill he’s just a person that’s what he was before that’s what he’ll be after ……just saying

  • I would never in a million years want to meet this loser, and I’d use “scheduling conflicts” as my excuse, too. Good for them.

  • james

    who cares if its scheduling or not. Most of those who are not going have already been to the white house since 2009. its not that big a loss not to go back again.

  • Ipso Facto

    TamiB #25 Hit the nail on the head!

    First Obama speaks of people that cling to their guns and their Bibles in a derogatory manner and then he wants to use them for a photo op to advance his political agenda! Isn’t that rich?

    I remember when the Broncos won the Super Bowl and Clinton invited them to the WH – John Elway stuck it to the lecher and didn’t show up – good move on his part too!

  • Redwine

    Kudos to the 5 drivers. Meeting him could jinx their drive.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Maybe they just don’t want to be subjected to another lame speech and lecture.

  • Jayhawk29

    The 5 drivers declining are the SMART ones. Jimmie Johnson is a low life so one could certainnly expect him to go.

  • Melissa

    I will be doing the same thing TamiB is doing.

  • jpeditor

    Rubbing is racist!

  • RM

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony Stewart and maybe others had a race scheduled (not NASCAR) but dirt track, etc. I doubt that its “photo shoots or sponsor appearances “.

    “After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.” and if you don’t want to be used as a backdrop for his re-election campaign then more power to you.

  • GT

    How can not wanting to meet this fraud be racist? His mother was WHITE.

  • daendda

    Beings a whole new meaning to the word “racist”…

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  • loving NASCAR more and more!!!!!

  • Arch

    First prize is dinner with Obama. Second prize is two dinners with him.

  • [email protected]

    The Secret Service would be nuts to let me near the man. I don’t think I could control my temper. I’d wait for the cameras to start rolling and then I’d lay a rant on him he’d never forget.

    Ipso has it right @ 35.

    Fuzzy @ 33 – I’d just tell the staff I can’t stand the sight of him and give them full permission to publish that statement as widely as possible. I wouldn’t give him the kindness of a white lie.

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  • wow, my dad is rolling in his grave. he was a military man who loved nascar and his country.. And I AM HIS DAUGHTER.. I would say sure, u and all your little minions leave the “WHITE House” and we will see what we can do.. my answer would be….”scheduling conflict;;; cat box duty” America; Love HER or LEAVE HER”

  • Maria

    I’d rather spend the day at a Yoko Ono concert.

  • Rita

    non-story since all but one of the ones not going went last year–just another story to paint a certain demography as racists

    It’s chase season, they have more to think about than politics at this point.

  • Kevin

    Buck Ofama

  • nikki

    Comment edited by administrator

  • Nana

    I wouldn’t even get near him.

  • aprilnovember811

    Another photo op. It sounds to me that those that couldn’t attend don’t want to be used as props for him.

  • ohiochili

    I equate meeting the messiah with meeting Iran’s Iamadinnerjacket. Tyrants are still tyrants no matter what color they are. I’ve just become a NASCAR fan.

    BTW. Mom and Dad went into work early today, did they? Fun is fun but just make sure you don’t miss your bus, Nikki.

  • NASCARandBaseball

    I thoroughly despise the Busch boys and Tony is awesome. This just elevated Busch 100boys points in my eyes! I wouldn’t reschedule giving the dog a flea bath to meet the poseur! And I am NOT racist…I don’t like his white half either!

  • T. Thompson

    Who says Nascar drivers are dumb rednecks? Me thinks this is one smart bunch of people

  • JOE

    And Nikki is a c**t

  • Crackermike

    Maybe they, like 75% of America, just don’t like the son of a bitch.

  • big L

    It wouldbe aphony and insincere occasion. Because of pollution and other rules prob Nascar days are numbered. obama doesn’t give a Rast’s patoot about those uys, the South, hi out put engines,their fans. It was a con job and a photo op as poster above said…


    “Regardless of one

  • Michael

    @57 – somehow I get the impression that Nikki rides the short bus.


    “Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one”

    odumbass isn’t qualified to carry my jock-strap

  • Jaimo

    Did SCOAMF have the NASCAR winner from the previous two years to the White House? I don’t recall.

    If Obama snubbed them previously, then why should they go out of their way to accommodate him.

    I can understand Jimmy Johnson going, he won after all, and he’s probably a liberal since he’s such a GD whiner.

  • Scott Trent

    I just gained a new respect for these 5 drivers. Way to go!

  • rickperry2012

    God bless each and everyone of these great Americans for using their collective good sense to not be seen with this Marxist. I’ll bet Jimmie Johnson is not looking forward to this meeting, but because he won the Championship he is probably obligated by his contract to do this. I’m also sure NASCAR officials don’t want to give the “One” a total brush off in fear of having this administrations regulatory CZAR creating some stupid regulation for blowing Obummer off like having to use Chevy Volts for all races. Tony Stewart is the man.

  • darwin

    Smart guys. After all, their entire industry will be history if 0blahblah gets his way. Think of all of the greenhouse gases emitted because of each race. All of those people driving to and from the track, the cookouts in the parking lot, etc. 0zero would love nothing better than to kill off the whole thing.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    After all of the dissing of the NASCAR fans he wants to use their heroes to get re-elected.

    This is called the “audacity of a dope”. I Lord I hope the NASCAR fans are smart enough to see through it. /sarc

  • paul kohloff

    muslims don’t race cars,just camels,

  • LCarter

    “Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one”

    Really? Yes, typically this would be the case, however when you have a POTUS who uses our troops as negotiation pawns, who stokes the fires of horrific rhetoric against fellow Americans, and has become the “Chief Campaigner”…it changes. Congratulations to the five who realize that this is a campaign stunt and that Obama will use their pictures to attempt to align himself with NASCAR and garner support…I can see the headline now – “Obama Loves Nascar”, even though he has campaigned hard against the majority of Nascar fans.

  • chris

    I am of that, this is still a free nation. If I dont want to see someone or , talk to someone, I dont have to . I couldn’t care less. I meen that . I couldn’t CARE LESS!!!!!!!!!

  • They’re missing a great opportunity for 0bama to explain to them how to get a race car “out of a ditch.” Of course, following 0bama’s advice would result in a the car bursting into flames.

  • FGT

    Uh oh, these guys are gunna get a visit from US fish and wildlife for illegally importing blinker fluid into the country.

  • Amjean

    Who remembers when Oprah refused to meet with George Bush at the White House?

  • BS-meter

    #31: …..”they’ll probably be branded as racists…..”

    Of COURSE they’re racists…..they drive race cars.

    Portrait painters are artists. Piano players are pianists. Clay Allison the gunfighter said he was a shootist. So it only stands to reason if you race automobiles you’d be a racist.

    You wouldn’t think you’d have to explain this to somebody who calls a field medic in the Marine Corps is a “corpse-man”. He IS the smartest man ever to be president, you know.

  • bryan mondy

    Reminds me of a great quote, ‘you salute the rank, not the man’ but in this case, neither are worthy of giving a shit.

  • Garry Vaughn

    Obama is doing everything he can to get votes. I bet he has never seen the before the race evocation . If he did then he would see and here what most Americans really think of him and the job he is doing. And there are sponsors who could see it hurting them with a picture of their product and the Obama.

  • Auntie Em

    5 NASCAR patriots!

    I wouldn’t go either.

  • dnb

    Even if it is the President of the United States of America, if you don’t agree with his politics, why would you give him a photo op that might lead others to believe you do? Smart guys.

  • Bruce

    Not everyday you have opportunity to meet EVIL up close

  • mark

    you people think you know everything and are always right i hope i can someday i can be like you . I also own guns and know how use them unlike you wannbees. Go OBAMA

  • mark

    Also if you really cared about NASCAR you would acept everyone. Then maybe we could get more people to watch how great NASCAR racing really is.

  • Joanne

    Obama is a fraud – a criminal and an empty lying suit. He is not your President! America is fundamentally being changed. People should get off the job rhetoric and start talking about what that commie is doing behind the scenes. Obama has created the greatest diversion, so he is free to do as he pleases. Before you know it, you won’t know America at all.

  • martha

    #7 I disagree-Obama does know how many Nascar fans are Tea partiers and he’s trying to pull a Romney by sucking up to them

  • Concetta Coyne

    They are free to refuse ANY invitation in our free society. Pres. Obama is not a king and his invitation is just that, an invitation. It can be accepted or refused. I questionyour interpretation of Leader of the the Free World. I think he is promoting a global dictatorship that has nothing to do with individuality or liberty. So his invitation is not a command performance for anyone.

  • OldMan

    I wouldn’t answer the door if he knocked.

  • Momcat

    It’s a free country. One doesn’t have to accept all invitations. He is not king (yet) so you are free to decline.

  • Captain stedanko

    LOL @ Obama…
    LOL @ the writer of this article… idiot!
    2 big thumbs up to the NASCAR drivers who didn’t chump out.
    The Obamanation did more to destroy NASCAR in one year than… well I can’t think of anything that hurt NASCAR other than Obummer. He’s as useful as a vibrator with leaky batteries.

  • paul

    Maybe they got word of the plan Barry has to mandate that all NASCAR vehicles have to get 65 mpg by 2014?

  • deserttrek

    some people do have lives and cannot or will not bend to the whims of politicians. I read these guys were there last year and several other nascar folks are going so what is the issue?

    much ado about nothing.

  • Bunni

    Good for them! “Schedule conflicts” could cover many things… picking up dog poo in the park, which would be preferable to having to see that creep face to face!

    You might want to rethink that “Blow Off” headline, there Jim….it is obummer you’re talking about, and some people might take that literally, given his proclivities 😉
    how bout “disses”?

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  • KOW

    Some of those drivers I love to hate, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, sometime Kevin Harvick, now I guess I will have to look at them a little differently.

    Wish they would all skip. Sad that Gordon and Johnson are attending.

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  • Olivia

    Jim Hoft, you’re snarky remarks you make about those who chose NOT to attend the coveted affair clearly shows that not only are a fan of this administration which is your choice, but that you are also an a– kisser.

    It is a free world and they can choose to excuse themselves from this meeting regardless of what their schedules call for whether it’s busy or not.

    Report all the stories you want but you will get a better audience if you choose to remain factual and not add your sarcasm into the mix.

    I applaud those who chose not to attend regardless of what their reasoning is.

  • John

    Everything this president touches, endorses, or comes in cotact with either dies, catches fire, or simply fails and is bankrupt. Jimmy Johmson deserves the curse.

  • havok

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if a racer had a “NObama” related advertizement on their car during a race??

  • Lisa


  • Mary Lou Morgan

    I can’t believe all these people. I have so many times tried to correct people’s images of Nascar folks as ignorant, redneck, haters. I really thought it was another ridiculous stereotype. Now, well, not so much…. This is not a political matter. It is a matter of an American president honoring American athletes for their acheivements. Every President does this for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, olympic athletes, Little League World Series, etc. Nascar can use the prestige involved, and it is certainly not enhanced by conduct that reinforces the unflattering reputation.

    So it’s not political. Now here’s something that IS: There is every possibility that there would not be a NASCAR right now if it had not been for this particular President. Because there either would not be an American auto industy, or enough of it would be under the auspices of bankruptcy judges that racing expenses would have been eliminated. That was widely commented upon by the auto experts prior to the loans GM and Chrysler received that gave them new life.

    All I can say is I never realized that Nascar fans were so rich and could all afford to be Republicans.

  • Laurie

    Obama personally saved NASCAR?? You have got to be kidding me???

  • Ellen

    Kudos to Kevin, Tony, Carl, Kurt and the fifth one who declined to meet with Obama. Scheduling conflict, bwah hah hah! Figures that crybaby douchebag Kurt Busch is going to kiss Obama’s butt.

  • Shayla

    Way to go NASCAR drivers; Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart! Much respect for all of you. I would not go either!

  • tx20fan

    Yes, up to about 2 1/2 years ago, no matter what party was in the WH, IF people got the chance to shake the hand of the POTUS, they jumped at it. Saying went: “If you don’t respect the man, at least show respect for the office.” We’re at the point now where no one even respects the office. The whole world is laughing at the WH and Congress. Who wants to be associated with that mess?

  • RJO

    I’ve been a fan of Jimmy Johnson since his first race. But if he goes to this, I will pick one of the other 5 drivers who didn’t go to support.

  • Mackey L Moore

    If anyone calls him our commander-in-chief, and can’t wait to shake his hand, then I have no use for them either, anyone that has done as much damage as he has to our Country, should be castrated, that’s what should happen to people that screw the American public.

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  • Rex

    “They must be very busy people. Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one”.

    Riiiight, and Santa Claus is an atheist.

  • Leader of the free world? Who’s free? This has to be a joke… He’s not a leader, and there is no such thing as a free world.

  • Don

    MaryLou — You are 100% factually incorrect and, apprently, you have been imbibing the liberal progressive Kool-Aid again. I would lecture you on the facts, but like most liberals, you would not bother to accept the truth… Instead, being a card carrying member of the Dummycrap party, you will choose to cover your ears, close you eyes and hold your breath. I love the rarified air of the laboratory, but as you know, very few things live outside the confines of the rhetorical test tube…. This is also true of the rhetoric that you have swallowed… hook, line and sinker. Now.. go and throw mud and live in your fantasy world with the rest of the idiots who comprise the small, but very vocal, card carring jackasses who force everyone else to do their bidding.. Instead of using common sense, logic and real leadership to solve the multi-faceted problems brought on by the traitor in the White House… Oh, right… It’s all Bush’s fault… Unless, of course, you count the $4 Trillion of additional debt he has amassed over a 3 year period (please note that Bush accounted for only $1.5 Trillion over eight years)… And, Obama is hell bent on instituting a second round of “stimulus”… Just another attempt to feed his union friends and pass out tax dollars to folks in an effort to have them vote for him… He really needs to go…

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    Except that we have ceased being the free world since he became president.


    Those lowlife redneck POS moonshine drivers(that’s how Nascar started) are not good enough for D.C. or the president.. let them stay home and make more babies with their Kin Folks…and spit out more of their retarded kind…

  • jimmy james

    Yea,i agree with you,those “so called” racers in their Moonshine vehicles ride a high horse,thinking they are sooo grand,if not for Obama..there would not be a economy to speak of,or did you all forget about the massive economic destruction left behind by Bush jr. and BTW..between Regan Bush Sr. and Bush jr. they made up 98% of our national debt..Obama did Not start any wars he is only Ending them…and we are still trying to fight our way out of bushes destroyed economy,and BTW the unemployment rate on Bush jr’s last day as POTUS stood at 8.5%..soo guess..who caused the massive unemployment..get your facts straight..and out of you ass…

  • Lori South

    But they are the hero’s in our Nascar society..

    But to me if they cannot respect the office of our free world,and our President,I cannot think of them as my hero’s anymore,but just as a bunch of self centered moronic dimwits who have no respect for our country,except if some bozo from Texas comes along and destroys our nation,and the one man who is and has brought it back from the cesspool,that this drunken buffoon from Texas left it as…But the man that saved us from the economic cesspool is criticized..while the buffoon from texas gets a nod on the back..atta boy good job…how quickly we forget the Corruption and fraud that this Texan brought upon the USA..and put us into this deep economic mess that even Obama cannot seem to wrestle us out of.

  • Orangeblossom Sandybanks

    Those of you who fell for Jeff Gluck’s biased report might want to check out this and calm down your rhetoric:

  • Manny Quinn

    Yea,I could imagine what NASCAR would be like today under McCain and Bimbo brains,there would be no GM or Chrysler today,remember Obama took the chance and used government money to save Obama ..GM and Chrysler would be DOA no Racing sponsorship from those two car makers, that would leave Ford to pick and choose who they wished to sponsor,unless we turned to Honda or Toyota or other Jap cars..hehehehe …Rice a Roni..Nascar before you put down Obama…just think NASCAR would today be…. RICER RACING……

  • Dan Paulsen

    NASCAR is an AMERICAN sport, why would any driver want to spend any time at all with an ANTI-AMERICAN president???

  • Biff Henderson

    From what I gather here from reading the majority of the postings is that Nascar fans are either very low in I.Q. or very gullible as far as believing Republican/ Tea Party Rants about doom and Gloom about the present administration…Yet failing to admit that Their Previous Republican Administration..through War Mongering and starting up TWO UNFUNDED WARS and NOT INCREASING taxes to fund these wars..but instead Giving OUT HUGE tax breaks during these wars and Running a Corrupt and Fraudulent Real Estate Economy,and starting up a UNFUNDED Senior Medical Prescription Plan…meaning they left it for our grandchildren to paid for all these items…YES the Bush era..was Spend..spend..spend….which he alone INCREASED our national Debt by 46%…TRUE FACT….but blame it all on Obama..who has ONLY spent TRYING to save our nation from the Destruction from the Previous Administration…all monies spent by Obama was to either Stabilize our Banking and Financial industries..our Major Auto makers..or trying to get the economy a nutshell trying to FIX the destruction of our Previous Administration…and all the fraud and Corruption that destroyed our nation…wake up and smell the true rats of our nation..and it truly was and is the Republicans..who are hell bent on keeping the economy from that come Election time they can say…use that as a Political point to getting themselves back in power.

  • Bill Robertson

    hey Dan..if there was EVER a Anti-American President…that would be bush jr. for not only sleeping on the job and getting us attacked FIVE PLUS times by Terrorists..but getting over 3000 innocent Americans killed by Terrorists and over 4000 of our American Hero Soldiers killed in a war he lied to get us into…and wasted TRILLIONS on it..and having to start up TWO wars in Afghanistan..he(Bush jr.) abandoned the Afgan war to go to Iraq..which gave our enemies in Afgan more than 8 years to recruit..rearm..retrain..retake..and get tons of Arms and Funding using Iraq as their Poster Child for all the above..and using Iraq as their Training Grounds for perfecting..IED’s and MASS KILLINGS..and..destroying THEIR economy and infrastructure..and making Iraq a country that was at peace with each others religion into bitter enemies..which then Obama had to start the Afgan war from Scratch(again) with a enemy that had all above.

    And lets not talk about the Destruction on our economy left by the Bush Administration..what with all the unfunded spending they were doing..and the Corruption and Fraud they were letting run unchecked in the name of a “booming real estate economy”..that would soon burst and expose the corruption and fraud that had run soo rampth..that it was about to take out the WORLDS ECONOMIES…!!!!!

    Should I go on there is ONLY a SMALL Sampling of the corruption of the Republican party..I just do not think there is enough bandwidth to continue…Bottom line the TRUE Anti-American was and will always be Bush Jr. and the republicans….

  • Dan J.

    I to believe that The republicans are the most evil and Corrupt MotherFu( kers out there,and will do anything to regain their power base including sabotaging our fragile economy just for their gain. Was it not the republicans with their Pledge to America last year at this time that within a year that they would get America working again…???? They Failed on that pledge..and their end game is to keep the economy grounded for their political gain.
    Imagine that..Republicans destroyed our nation, now want to keep it from recovering for their own ill gains of Political power..only to continue the Bush era destruction of America..Mark my words..that is their end game…

  • lost everything

    I mean I am now living in a cheap rental,with a old laptop,using someones WIFI,but before the Bush economy I had a great job,a beautiful wife,and a new big home,and a new car that I could afford to pay cash for. Then I quit to get into Flipping Homes,and took out a second mortgage on my home,which for a while it was working out great,turn around was six months or less,I was making $$$$$$,I even paid off and sold my original home,and rented a home,and used that money to buy more homes,not paying attention to what I was paying for them since I knew that I could flip them,and make a handsome profit..and I was for a while living the high life,at one point even leasing a Ferrari….then all Hell broke loose I could not flip them as easily as before,I had to pay the expenses(overhead) of keeping these homes from being taken by the banks..first to go was the Ferrari,next my bank account went from seven figures to six figures..then five…then the bubble burst and i was stuck with homes that had less value that the Loans..the banks Foreclosed,I had to leave my rented home and my wife divorced me..and here I sit today… Broke and Jobless..thinking that Bush Jr. was a God for making such a thriving real estate economy in which anyone could get rich upon,I do not blame Obama for this mess,he is only trying to restore our nation into what it once was.

  • Aristides

    “the president is still the president” – I made the mistake of reading the Federalist Papers, the notes from many of the ratification debates, and numerous letters, speeches, and essays by members of the Founding Generation. Now, I don’t sleep much at night. It turns out that our government and the office of the President have almost nothing to do with the compact which was ratified by the States in the late 18th Century. As a matter of fact, much of what they do, whether it’s their foreign or domestic policy, is precisely what the Founders warned against. Sadly, the consequences of their actions are eerily similar to what the Founders predicted would happen. You can call men like Bush and Obama “the President,” but there’s no longer any honor in that office. For my cynical views, I was recently accused of “giving up on the Founders’ dream,” but this government is not the Founders’ dream; it is their nightmare. This government is worse than what they cast off when they seceded from England. Giving up on the Founders’ dream would be accepting our current state of affairs.

  • James Willright

    well you are correct just like the right to bear arms, our founding fathers meant the right to bear arms with THEIR present technology of what a weapon was(a musket to defend yourself) they in no way had no idea that man would and could conspire to make hand held mass killing machines as we have today! Had our forefathers had any idea that we would get past a Musket loader,they certainly would not have agreed to the right to bear arms..and would have clearly stated that the arm would not have had the capability to shoot more than one person per round. Again my point is the modern world of the USA today cannot in any form..conform with our founders version of their dream,as they had no concept that we as a Country of America,would advance from being a Colony of FIFTY “united” States and evolve into a World Super power,that would influence the Ways of the whole of the world,as the Leader of the Free we cannot and hopefully never go back to becoming a country,that saw the “white” colonist as the superior being and everything as being there for his taking and use including Blacks as his Slave Property..and all resources,including land and materials and wildlife and woodlands to be tamed for his purposes,and sport, the white European colonist was the superior being according to our forefathers…and the ruler of the destiny of our ” United States” that is Not what the Dreams of America should be wrapped around.

  • Randy Warbuit

    Haha,the guy who wrote in that Nascar would become Rice Racers,haha,around all four corners they would have to do Major DRIFTS and have to have the fart cans and the big fancy spoilers out back and all the neon lights,and oh yea you gotta look Kool when you pass the grandstand…

  • Rusty Jones

    NASCAR is for losers who drive around in old rusty pick-me-up trucks with a gun rack on the back window,a beer in one hand and looking for their next meal on the side of the road….(roadkill) Possum soup anyone… that’s some good eating

  • jttinky

    I always knew NASCAR fans were racists & not very smart & these comments just adds to that description. Blaming President Obama for this mess is not paying attention to facts, however, most NASCAR fans don’t let the facts interfer with what they believe (he’a black & smarter than they are so therefore he’s evil). If not for him there would be no GM, Chrysler or Ford. Yes, Ford, because without the goverment saving the entire economy from going into DEPRESSION Ford would not have any customers to buy their cars. Thanks to your tea party zelots in Washington we again face the real possibility of another depression. Thanks, W you you did a real great job of destroying the middle class & making sure your rich friends got even richer.

  • kennedy king

    Racist bigots!!!!!!

  • Harry Willams MBA

    I really love how these redneck racers and fans think they know world events,when they cannot even figure out they are being hood winked by the very people that tried to destroy their economy and in fact destroyed their economy and took their Rights away as in changing the Eminent Domain,this of Course was the Republican party,as in the Bush Administration..they Rewrote and voted into law,That as of passing the revised Eminent Domain laws ANY Corporation or big Business could now see fit to TAKE YOUR Property as needed for their USE…and not only that,while they were at it they changed the Bankruptcy Laws in FAVOR of the Big Banks/?financial Institutions/Big Business,so as to make it very very hard to forgive your debts through Bankruptcy….
    And not only that But they revised the laws and GAVE the Credit Card industrious a BILL Of RIGHTS so that they could screw you over in ways you could not even imagine…and the list goes on and on and on…lets not forget the Patriot Act..that takes away your rights and could potentially incriminate YOU and make you a terrorist in the wording of the Patriot act…The Bush Administration/Republicans were sooo very very screwing over our country…open your eyes and see the Light..the republicans ARE NOT what this country needs….let us not go back to the disastrous days of the Bush Administration/Republican Majority..I hope and pray that a good man like Obama,who has only the wish to return America back to the PEOPLE and Not Corporate America..keeps the Course…otherwise we are doomed into another Corporate destruction of we all saw under the Republicans power.

  • Laura

    Oh, look…Soro’s paid minions have come out of the bathroom to comment. You can almost see the exact point when they all got their blast faxes with their talking points.

  • Don

    Hey Laura,You can say what you wish and be in Denial of the true history of what transpired during the Bush era,that destroyed our nation, but you can never change the truth.

    For the life of me,I could never understand when the Republicans and Bush Jr. Administration was destroying our nation and fleecing America and Americans..not a peep of protests was heard from someone like you,I suppose you thought it was “OK” for the republicans and Bush to destroy and fleece America for the benefit of Corporate America,and spend spend a drunken sailor and leave it to our great great grandchildren to pay for it…that is OK with your logic of thinking??

  • Byant Rumbill

    Leave these nascar idiots alone as they have no concept of what they are in for if and when their so called saviors come back again to fleece them of everything they got and then some,I will be here hunkered down as I had been seen the Bush jr. meltdown of our nation.

    Haha,I saw what Bush Jr. was up too and how he was about to implode our nation into a finacial disaster and set myself up to be Bushwack proof…But you messiah loving Republican Turds think in your Delusional minds that they are there for your well being..well all I can say is GET READY for part TWO of the Destruction of our nation…

  • JMHH

    I must disagree with the author of the news piece above. This is not the president of the Untied State’s we’re talking about here. This is a guy born in Kenya who has forged two phony birth certificates and who has USURPED the office of the presidency.

    In my opinion, Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart are showing their utmost respect for the office of the presidency by keeping their commitments to their “scheduling conflicts.” My pride for each of these men is sincere and my respect for the courage of their convictions is infinite.

    God bless the Republic and long live the Constitution!

  • Robert Tunsila

    No offense to you JMHH, But where is your proof ??? If it was as you say would not the republican media not run with your facts and get Obama kicked out of office.

    What you say and what is truth are to different things..I call Bull on your Bull.
    If you can show 100% proof on your facts,and not more horse crap as has been spewed by you and by loony radical righties,in the hopes that if it is said enough times people will believe it as being True.

    All I can say is so far Obama has been in office for almost three years and yet not one shred of evidence…not one tiny shred of evidence has even come to fruition…on ANY allegations by the Right wingers…NONE..ZERO…give it up…why the hell do you think people call the right wingers loons for…??

    So either you are a demented psychological nut case,who is so brainwashed by the right to believe anything they say,or just a racist who hates the fact that a black man can overcome the destruction left behind by a White man…it’s your choice…

  • Corvette Guy

    I seem to remember that our laws state that all men are created equal…apparently in the Nascar world if you are black and successful and voted into office by a landslide…you are seen with are looked down upon because of the color of your skin…you can in no way be smarter than a white man..therefore you should not be holding down a job as important as the POTUS…even with zero proof of any wrong doing,these racist Nascar rednecks profile Obama as some kind of evil person,yet the true evil that they relate too(the republican party/tea baggers) are considered their saviors..even tho it was the republicans that put this nation into a financial destructive tailspin and into major long term wars…go figure..

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  • Sam Redblood

    Yes, But they are our hero’s,without Nascar we have nothing,other parts of the USA have their football teams and baseball teams,we have the only sport that involves truly using your skills and brains,unlike football where no brains are needed,just grunt power,or baseball where steroids are needed and not actual long term durability. And basketball..we don’t need that sissy game in our lives,it’s not even a real sport,for crying out loud..using seven foot tall people with three foot length arm to put a ball in a hoop ten feet high,come on..put that hoop fifteen or twenty feet up,maybe then you might get some talent,and Soccer…now that is gay as hell.And what is up with some idiot always yelling Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll.. might as well have some idiots with plastic horns blaring.. so obnoxious noise… Oh yea…they do that too…!!

    Bottom line Nascar is the only real manly sport,where our hero’s actually put their lives on the line,and where skill makes a difference between winning and losing,and let’s not forget we will NEVER let a black team or non-American play in our sport..unlike all the other so called “sports”,and let’s not forget, we will also discriminate against any Black or what in our minds we consider a Non-American President,no matter how good he is for the USA.

  • Good Old Boy

    Just the good ol’ boys,
    Never meanin’ no harm,
    Beats all you’ve ever saw, been in trouble with the Obama since the day they was born.

    Straight’nin’ the curve,
    Flat’nin’ the hills.
    Someday the moutain might get ’em, but the Obama never will.

    Makin’ their way,
    The only way they know how,
    That’s just a little bit more than the Obama will allow.

    Just good ol’ boys,
    Wouldn’t change if they could,
    Fightin’ the system like a true modern day Robin Hood..



  • MichaelMerc

    All i can say is,the unemployment rate under GWB and the GOP congress in 2006 was 4.6%.
    We elected a Democratic majority in 2007 and since then,unemployment had risen to over 9% and that’s just the publicized figure.We know its much higher than 9.1%.Anyway,congress is the one that controls the money,not the president.

    So read the chart how unemployment was low until the libs got in and had gone on spending spree bankrupting our nation. Bush pulled us thru 911 beautifully when anyone would have panicked.

  • Adam Lansten

    Let me just say on the last day of Bush Jr as President the unemployment rate stood at 8.5% and today it stands at 9.1%,anybody can guess when all the unemployment happened..and with the Previous administrations destruction of our economy..Obama did a GREAT JOB in halting what could have been unemployment numbers well above 20%

    First off there is NO denying that the Bush Jr. Administration Ran a Corrupt and Fraudulent Real Estate Economy that he Himself BIRTHED on May 17.2002..that started the ball rolling into the Corrupt and Fraudulent Financial disasters that were to follow..that my friend is etched in stone in our History….so yes any KIND of Fraudulent and Corrupt Economic activities WILL SHOW GREAT STRIDES in Capitalist both employment…income and domestic output…FOR A WHILE…until the WHOLE deck of cards fall down under their own weight in Fraud and Corruption and Greed…and that is EXACTLY what happened under the Bush Administrations Real estate just kept ballooning bigger and bigger in it’s corruption and fraud…making the economy seem stronger and stronger…until the bubble burst…under it’s own weight of Corruption…then all hell broke loose…so YES…during the Era while this Corrupt Real estate bubble was growing…there was prosperity and job growth and everything that went with it….BUT IT was a FALSE and Corrupt economy that was built up on Corruption…and as with any Corrupt just cannot and will NOT sustain itself in the long run…just as we saw happening…it just Burst into one hell of a spectacular mass of destruction of our economy and of our future…..that said…

    Here is your hero bush jr. starting up..his Home Ownership for all..program..

  • Ken

    I would vote for my Moms chihuahua before I would vote for this narcissistic interloper that occupies the White House. The other drivers should find a schedule conflict. I visited my former church today and my former pastor was whining about the treatment President Crybaby was getting. I changed my offering from love offering to the pastor to the general fund. I almost blurted out a comment but it’s tough being black and a Reagan conservative in his home state of California. I was at the Reagan library Friday and listened to his speeches and tears welled up in my eyes. He was a true man. Tough and a man of resolve. 503 more days and hopefully this idiot will be gone.

  • Robert Reggan

    To vote Republican is equivalent to sending our country down the abyss of total and complete destruction,have we not learned from the Follies of Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.
    Have we not had enough destruction and fleecing and Corruption and Fraud of America,by Corporate America,backed up by the Republican Regime…

    Is it too much to ask Republican Presidents to leave the Country in excellent condition as they inherited it,it seems every time a republican President gains office they gain a good economy,only to destroy it with poor leadership qualities,and selling off our economy to big business, when they leave office they hand over a destroyed economy to the Next President,who has to spend most of their term repairing the destruction of the republican party.

    To vote any kind of republican or tea party member as POTUS is a sure fire way of sending America into the abyss of total irresponsible and irreversible destruction of America as sure as America did when Bush Jr. was Given the Presidency by his Brother Jeb Bush…through a sham election.

  • MichaelMerc

    Look at the national unemployment chart Mr. Lansten. The rising unemployment after you elected the dems in 2007..When it was Bush and Gop congress,unemployment was at 4.6%..It was NEVER at 8.5% under Bush..I think you had better look at the national chart.All this came on with the liberal spending spree but thank God we will fix it in 2012.You leftist God hating looney can kiss all your sick convoluted ideas of unnatural behavior goodbye. You guys can marry your dogs and sleep with them for all we care.

  • Jim baker

    I do not care for Obama,but to be fair and just….

    Bush inherited a 4% unemployment rate and more than DOUBLED it when he left office to 8.5%.

    Go figure.

    4.1 January 2001

    8.5 January 2009

    It started to spike up above 6% around October 2008 – around the time bush pushed through that bailout that Obama and McCain both voted yes to.

    As for spending,bush was the all time spending king on that,unfunded spending on two wars and a huge unfunded spending on a major Paramedical plan for the seniors(equivalent to obamas health care plan)and giving HUGE tax breaks instead of increasing taxes for all the above,meaning that bush added 46% to our national debt.

    Again being fair the majority of obamas spending had to do with keeping our nation from DISSOLVING into a abyss of total financial destruction,and paying for the two bush wars ..and the Interest on the national debt and the Bush pharmy plan for the seniors,and at the same time trying to stabilize our Financial Banks…unemployment…the major car makers…Wall Street..the Investment Houses…these were all Failing due to the Corrupt and Fraud during the Bush Administration….and had to have Financial help to stabilize them..or America would have been rated -DDD- Credit rating…and Credit rates could conceivably have spiked at over 50% interest rates..


    Well NASCAR’s acronym is: N-on A-thletic S-port C-enter A-round R-ednecks.
    RACIST KLANS……..nobody really cares what u think of the POTUS. I wouldn’t want to be around any of you 2backy wacky rednecks just like u don’t wanna be around the President. Flip ur cars and kik rocks, PEE PARTY!!

  • Oldskooll

    I fail to understand why the President would invite a bunch of racist hillbilly’s to the WH anyway. I mean how many non-rednecks to you see at a Nascar race anyway….. Three years later and most of you white folks still can’t accept the fact that a black man is President, but you get butt hurt and offended when your called racist…….SMH.