Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan

It’s as if Solyndra never happened. The Obama Administration is giving $737 million to a Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve. PCG is an investment partner with SolarReserve. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law happens to be the number two man at PCG.

Obama admires solar panels during a trip to Florida. (Yahoor)

Team Obama is spending $737 million to create 45 permanent jobs.
The Hill reported, via Free Republic:

The Energy Department announced Wednesday that is has finalized a $737 million loan guarantee for a Nevada solar project.

The decision comes several weeks after a California-based solar manufacturer that received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration in 2009 filed for bankruptcy and laid off 1,100 workers, setting off a firestorm in Washington.

The $737 million loan guarantee will help finance construction of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, a 110-megawatt solar-power-generating facility in Nye County, Nev. The project is sponsored by Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve.

Crescent Dunes is the latest solar project to receive a loan guarantee from the Energy Department in recent weeks. The department announced a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to Abengoa Solar for a solar generation project in California and a $150 million loan guarantee to 1366 Technologies for a Massachusetts solar manufacturing project earlier this month.

The Energy Department says the project will result in 600 construction jobs and 45 permanent jobs.

It looks like Rep. Allen West was right.
Obama IS trying to destroy the economy.

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  • Calamity Jane

    Ya can’t make this stuff up!

  • Lycus

    It’s a total misallocation of funds and resources that should be invested in the REAL economy, not unproven keft-wing wet dreams. The fact that this is obvious corruption is nothing short of breathtaking! The gov’t penchant for picking winners and losers also disorts the market and causes investor uncertainty.

  • Sasja

    Department of Energy apparently has too much money to play with. Just one more bureaucratic parasite we need to eliminate. At the very least Congress should cut their funding by half, along with FEMA, Homeland Security, EPA, NEA…..

  • Ginger

    He does what he wants because he can! “I won” Remember that? Get that fraud out of our government and arrest him and his little morons! Enough is enough!!!!!!

    Do your jobs congress or soon you will not have one! YOU TRAITORS!

  • Rock

    Well maybe Piglosi and family will give 70% of that to the tax payers, or better yet put it in the S. S. fund they’ve been raiding all these years. Oh well I can dream. Frigging crooks each and every one.

  • theBuckWheat

    “The Energy Department says the project will result in 600 construction jobs and 45 permanent jobs.”

    So, once again, we have the Progressive Utopia Job Metric (PUJM): $737 million divided by 45 = $16.37 million per job.

    In 2010, the median US household income was $52,026. This project will create ONE permanent job at the cost of over 300 jobs in the private economy. At this rate, we will be headed to ZERO private sector jobs faster than you can say “high speed rail”.

  • He’s like a bad magician who can’t even distract us enough with the other hand. There are marked cards falling out of his sleeves and the rabbit keeps peeking out of his hat.

  • Would Someone in the GOP or FBI get of their dead ass and investigate these f@#%ing thief’s already…..Jeez what the hell is it going to take……

  • Multitude

    “Trying to destroy the economy?” Hilarious. The damn thing’s been rotten out for decades, its death inevitable.

    Obama’s just fulfilling the prophesy of becoming the Heineken Guy of the American Collapse, hauling off free beers as he wades through the waters of our destruction and tossing all his friends a bottle of two as it all implodes.

  • john b

    “Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law happens to be the number two man at PCG.”

    Wow. Just wow. This is getting as bad as the Russian oligarchy. Worse, if you consider that in Russia, there are no pretensions to this type of payoff.


    jail is the only answer for this POS mooslum

  • Stuart

    Golly, can someone tell the administration about my free energy device that I just invented?
    I call it the perpetual motion activation apparatus. It means an eternal and free source of power for everyone. All I need is a government grant of, say, about five hundred million dollars to ramp up production. It’s certain to result in the creation of at least fifty jobs. My job for one, and the forty nine federal agents to chase me when I sneak off to Brazil with the half billion.
    I promise to kick back at least a hundred mill in Obama campaign contributions.

  • Ginger

    MC….Look what is on my home page!

    Practice makes perfect! My aim is getting better. 🙂 I is msnbc but just wanted to share this!

  • Rock

    #8 September 28, 2011 at 12:31 pm
    Cutlers bad knee
    FBI get of their dead ass and investigate these f@#%ing thief’s already

    The FBI I believe, is the investigation arm of the Justice Department, The Justice Department now belongs to WTF and friends. Have a better chance having a whore paying the customer than Holder being honest.

  • Redwine

    Aside from the great Allen West, where are our so-called conservatives on this? Why aren’t they shouting from the hilltops about this – loudly and often? We want to hear their voices.

  • bankroller

    What is this, Russia?

  • ChristOKC

    #15, you won’t hear too many voices from the GoP because they do the exact same thing for their pet corporations. We need to throw ALL of them out if any of the criminal cronyism is to stop once and for all.

  • donh

    Pharoh Obama worshipping the sun god RA.

  • How is this even possible? They need to STOP SPENDING. What part of that don’t they freaking get?

  • Ginger

    CIA/FBI I have a question! Do you have females in your family? Do you want them raped, gang raped, scared, beaten, buried in the sand up to their neck and stones thrown at them until they die, having to wear those awful burkas to hide all the bruses that their coward husbands do to them? Do you love that kenyan fraud more then you do your family members, friends, neighbors and COUNTRY? Do not forget they love screwing goats first then they love to marry little girls as young as the day of their birth all because their koran tells them they can.

    How about your sons? Do you want their colons ripped apart?

    Well don’t you think it is time for you to do your duty and take this evil out of our white house and other forms of our government! You know where they are!

    If you do not choose to do your job protecting our country then may God have mercy on your soul!

  • Freddy

    Time to point out the real corruption in this.

    The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed legislation to force every user of electricity in California to buy this electricity NO MATTER WHAT THE COST IS. Jerry Brown does not care about the economy of California, he only cares about taking care of his crackpot green energy friends and the cash they stuff into his pockets!

    Nancy Pelosi has setup her family to get cash from this project in both the short term as well as the long run. Pelosi, and her entire family, are sleezy and corrupt!

    The losers will be whoever is left in California to pay for the absurdly overpriced, and for businesses, uncompetitively priced electricity. NO PRODUCT produced in California using this electricity will ever be economically viable in a world market!

    NEVER underestimate the all encompasing corruption and theft performed by Democrats as they pretend to ‘care’!

  • Rock

    Ginger, #20
    Piglosi effectively neutered the CIA during the weatherboarding BS, the FBI is nothing more than private eyes for WTF and Holder. Best chance America has may be the Marine’s but I wouldn’t count on it, far too many command types are closet Liberals, it’s their whole life style.

  • i wish i was good hacker, i’d hack all their bank accounts and transfer all their money to some third world country. one other thing can we spay and neuter these a-holes so can’t reproduce

  • DANEgerus

    OMG what shameless looters of our children’s financial future. 8 years of HaliburtonHaliburtonHaliburton and you know what? Cheney isn’t cashing in and Haliburton is Obama’s #1 overseas contractor. So let me correct that… OMG what shameless lying looting child abusers.

  • HadEnough

    It is time to reach deep into somebody’s anal cavity and then pull that lying tongue from the inside out….and then kick his mute @ss out the peoples White House

  • bg
  • Craig

    Crony Socialism and Crony Capitalism, is now what your country is all about. Corruption, corruption and more corruption.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • I’d like to make a special mention to all the folks over at Free Republic who have been faithfully reporting and posting on this story with you. Hat tips to the creator of the site, Jim Robinson and others who do research.

    Here is a handy file on stories on “Solyndra-Gate” :

    This will give a little perspective on how far this particular scam reaches. Every time this administration has pushed any ‘Emergency”, it has always to fill its own pockets and the pockets of their cronies.

    Nachum at Free Republic.

  • MrGoodWench

    Crescent Dunes huh ?
    So it this a sharia type ” loan ” from Hussein ?

  • bg


    re: #26 September 28, 2011 at 1:54 pm bg

    Green Energy is Social Justice

    aka: the Fannie & Freddie of the Global Warming Hoax..


  • Richard II

    Would you people learn how to spell? He said: “I One!”

  • JDF

    Obama should be in prison.

  • archtop

    As others have said, you could pretty much give the 600+45 project workers $1,000,000 each and have some money left over!

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama and company are trying to the Country for all it’s worth since they know he’s done in 2012.

  • bg


    DANEgerus #24 September 28, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Halliburton was also the Clinton’s main squeeze, not to
    mention receiving an award & heaped on praise via Al Gore..

    [The Clinton administration made the same calculation in its own dealings with Halliburton. The company had won the LOGCAP in 1992, then lost it in 1997. The Clinton administration nonetheless awarded a no-bid contract to Halliburton to continue its work in the Balkans supporting the US peacekeeping mission there because it made little sense to change midstream. According to Byron York, Al Gore’s reinventing-government panel even singled out Halliburton for praise for its military logistics work.

    So, did Clinton and Gore involve the United States in the Balkans to benefit Halliburton? That charge makes as much sense as the one that Democrats are hurling at Bush now. Would that they directed more of their outrage at the people in Iraq who want to sabotage the country’s oil infrastructure, rather than at the US corporation charged with helping repair it. (Rich Lowry National Review Editor Sept 22, 2003)

    Under the Clinton administration, Halliburton received hundreds of millions
    of dollars worth of construction contracts for rebuilding efforts in Kosovo
    and Haiti.

    In a deal cut in June 2000 under President Clinton, the New York Post reports that Halliburton won 11 Navy contracts worth $110 million to build jails at Guantanamo Bay, a base in Kuwait, a ferry terminal on Vieques, an air station in Spain, a breakwater in the Azores and facilities slammed by a typhoon in Guam.]


  • #17…we need to take our money back from the politicans. this will happen no matter what politicans or what party is in power. this is what politicans do. that is why the founding fathers tried so hard to limit the power the politicans would have.

    the power to tax is the power to tyrannize.

  • bg


    Nachum #28 September 28, 2011 at 2:02 pm


    thank you!!


  • Henry

    The House could stop this if they really wanted to…

  • HadEnough

    Scorch earth policies in full effect…… for fire from Iranian vessels for all that do not comply to my taking over of America……

  • Wm T Sherman

    Is this loan structured like the Solyndra loan guarantee, so that in the event of bankruptcy, private investors (i.e. friends of the DNC) get paid off before the taxpayers?

  • Wm T Sherman

    And think about it. The preferred shareholds of General Motors got arbitrarily placed *last* in line during the government baliout, behind the unions.

    Friends of Obama go to the front of the line. There is no other criterion.

  • the real wow

    Where is the outrage? Where is Congress? Where are our representatives? Are they perhaps looking into how they can get a piece of the action? How about if we declare a moratorium on the payment of taxes? We’ll start paying taxes again when they get OUR fiscal house in order again, starting with a one-year moratorium on the payment of their SALARIES. Maybe that will get them working again.

  • sablegsd

    I hate him. Somebody better report me.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Must be nice to be able to gamble using someone else’s money…

  • injunjoe

    Jim, I think your comment should read “Has destroyed” instead of “is trying to destroy” the economy…

    I just had a customer come in and say, “I’d like to get my computer repaired but I am unemployed”.

  • bg


    Henry #38 September 28, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    obviously doesn’t want to stop anything, well, not until each of them
    can get their 15 minutes of fame before giving in to Obama anyways..

    the real wow #42 September 28, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    same place they’ve always been = cricketville..

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of
    evil is for good men to do nothing” – EB


  • neverends

    Gateway Pundit is overlooking just where this “project” is located. It is the Great Basin high desert area of Nevada . It is the payback by Dirty Harry Reid for his last election win. Just check how many of the company “principles” made donations to Reid and other dems in the last campaign. I live in NV and many people have been aware of this in the works “pay back” for at least two years. The power company in the state, NV Energy, was denied building a new EVIL coal power plant in another area of the state thanks to Reid making sure the lands were declared “buffer areas” near a national park that no one visits. Now that same company is being forced to particpate in the solar debacle. And guess who will be charged for that arm-twisting by the supposed “green” technology that is merely nothing but the new color for the old red commies.
    The “project” is also on public (Bureau of Land Management/federal) lands that makes the land free as well as free of any property taxes. Not a bad deal, right?

  • bg


    Wm T Sherman #41 September 28, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    re: [Friends of Obama go to the front of the line.]

    that’s a proven given..

    however, i’m not understanding your GM claim..

    just a sampling..


  • bg


    re: #48 September 28, 2011 at 3:11 pm bg

    re: Wm T Sherman #41 September 28, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    okay, think it i got it now (for some reason,
    ‘preferred shareholders’ had me confused)..


  • Rock

    The following is worth a little research if you want to understand how deep this cesspool is. This is the world of Pelosi.

    1. Association with executive committee of the socialist-leaning Progressive Caucus,
    2. In 2007, Pelosi hired Onek as her chief counsel. Onek is also the chief adviser for the Open Society Institute, funded by the octopus Soros, whose tentacles extend all over Eastern Europe
    3. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is to receive the National Council of La Raza’s Congressional Award at the Ninth Annual Congressional Awards Dinner
    4. Praised Communist Harry Bridges
    5. Apollo Alliance
    6. ACORN
    7. Center for American Progress
    8. Chicago Climate Exchaqnge
    9. Relations with the Hallinan Family
    10. Works hand in hand with Barbara Lee

  • aprilnovember811

    If the police (Congress,) are going to look the other way, while the bank is robbed(United States citizens,) the bank robbers will keep robbing the bank.

    If members of Congress were too fearful of actually having to do the jobs that the people entrusted them with, they shouldn’t have accepted the job. I think for so many years, it never occurred to them, that an impostor might infiltrate our government. They never thought about what they might have to do if confronted with it. Now that he’s here, they don’t exercise their power. They act as though they’re neutered.

  • aprilnovember811

    The money is going to be laundered right back to Obama and his ilk. He is very confident, he will never be held accountable for any crimes. So far, he’s right.

  • Cee

    Will the crony corruption ever end? Are Californians so stupid that they will re-elect Queen Nancy again?

  • bg


    neverends #47 September 28, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    41st :: Nevada :: 2010

    [Debt per capita: $9,419 (41st)
    Unemployment rate: 14.4% (50th)
    Home price change (2006-2009): -34.1% (50th)
    Median household income: $53,341 (18th)

    Nevada has experienced particularly rough times, largely due to the recession’s impact on tourism to Las Vegas. The value of occupied homes has decreased an astounding 34.1%, the worst in the country. The state also has 14.4% unemployment, which is the highest in the country. On top of all of this, violent crime rates are extremely high (at 727 per 100,000), making Nevada the second most violent state in the country.]

    how is it Reid still gets elected??

    oh wait..

    never mind, i can just imagine..

    oh wait..

    really don’t have to sarc..

    [scroll thread for more, or not, your choice]


  • big L

    How does all the absorption of light from the solar cells, or reflection of light from the mirrored arrays that are shown, affect the earth temperature? If the sunlight is reflected from the mirrors then it would heat the atmosphere. And if the mirrors are curved or dished then the sunlight would have a different or shallow angle of elevation which might exacerbate the rise in temperture.
    Also if the solar cells with the silicon etc, absorb the light, then there would be a measurable cooling. Also sun light would not reach any plants so the plant respiration would be less and the amt of oxygen produced would be less. Therefore less O2 and more CO2, as it is not respired
    and you have cooling and more Co2 both.
    Presto! Solar installations create Globaloney Cooling or warming.And more Co2 to “wreck’ the
    Van Allen Radiation Belt or whatever if is called.
    Solution to the AGW then is to scotch all solar installations and save the planet.That is the
    “prime directive”

  • Ginger

    How much you want to bet that billions are hideing out in Barry’s buddy who owns the bank in Chicago! You know the won who ran against Kirk! Wink! Wink!

  • bg


    re: #26 September 28, 2011 at 1:54 pm bg

    Cynthia McKinney Praises Gaddafi’s ‘Green Book’ Of Socialism

    more here..

    [keep telling you, they’re protecting
    Gaddafi, not ousting him.. *sigh*]

    i don’t know why our the MSM & our reps on either side of the isle can’t
    connect the dots, i mean, they practically connect themselves.. unless
    the construct of the NWO further along than i figured..

    btw, screwing US is obviously the main goal, and frankly, from our enemies
    point of view it’s only logical, i mean, bring America to her knees and what
    hope is there for the rest of the world, exactly where would, or could they
    possibly go for help??

    more about “banks” here..


  • Rock

    To all you loyal Democrats out there, are you happy with your Social Engineering, Political Correctness, and wealth reallocation agenda from those corrupt filthy rich thieves, who now turn out to be the likes of Piglosi and family. Is this the utopian world you thought you where getting. Oh yea you have made things so much better. Riots in the inner city almost nightly, Americans fighting among themselves, industry crippled, laughed at by the world, and owned by China. Religion under attack, and filth in our schools you deserve the garbage, if for no other reason than you fail to understand the threats to our nation.

  • bg


    big L #55 September 28, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    about the only thing you left out is how R$CH they have not only
    gotten.. but how much richer they will be getting off of our future
    generations enslavement..

    more here & here & here & here connecting links..


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  • Since Libs are big on “taxing the rich” and taxing “windfall profits”, perhaps the “winners in life’s Obama’s crony lottery” should be taxed at 99% on all the money they receive from these “Green giveaway” scams.

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  • Rhonda

    “Solar Reserve was founded in early 2008 by US Renewables Group in partnership with United Technologies Corporation (UTC). During the 2004 election cycle, UTC was the sixth largest defense industry donor to political campaigns, contributing a total of $789,561. 64% of UTC’s 2004 contributions went to Republicans. UTC was also the sixth largest donor to federal candidates and political parties in the 2006 election cycle. 35% of those contributions went to Democrats; 53% of the funds were contributed to Republicans.
    In 2005, United Technologies was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250,000 to the second inauguration of President George W. Bush.”

  • LiveFreeOrDie1776

    Corrupt Banana Republic insanity is repeating the same Ponzi Scheme and expecting different results. I blame the American people for not holding their so called, “representatives” accountable. If you are outraged and have never written to your congressman or woman you may well be the cause of your own outrage. Write the bastards now and let them know in a civil and peaceable manner that you are as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

  • Re: Photo … Empty Suit has escaped its’ jacket.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • Jeffrey

    ” Socialist nepotism “

  • Robert

    The democRat money laundering machine very much in action. The Chicago pimp will be cashing in on this one as well as Solyndra. Barry’s re – election campaign is in full money mode. We are allowing this thief to use our money against us. This is truly the most corrupt administrations in my life. He has even surpassed the thief, Clinton. Makes Carter look smart and Clinton look honest. What a disgrace!

  • the Boodge

    Since the lawmakers aren’t going to act on this, why doesn’t the military do something about these CORRUPT a$$holes in the white house? They took an oath, right, but for what? I know its complicated, but this cannot go on any longer, there has to be a stopping point and that time has arrived!

    I am a simple man w/ no army or I would have already removed the TRAITORS from the white house, congress and senate and HUNG them ALL for f@#king the American people over!

  • Jersey Dave

    45 Permanent jobs?

    At 700+ Mill that works out to about 14 Million per permanent job.

    If the place manages to stay open unlike the Solyndra factory that is.

  • biff

    I am a truck driver, I see lots of windmill parts being transported on flat bed trucks coast to coast and windmills being erected on farmland in the midwest, thats real. Solar panels I have heard talked about plenty but outside of Tucson, AZ have not seen any being transported or installed in any major USA city I am fairly well traveled-maybe the solar panels are being shipped to Mexico for trade pruposes. My VA financial aid clerk non VA employee was bragging on being from Nye county? I wonder what other politicians come from there. Wasent one featured in the Godfather?

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  • redbone007

    Now we know where Nancy got the 23 millions from 2010.

  • redbone007

    Pay back to Nancy’s family for passing Obamacare on the American people.

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  • Mad Hatter


    Your site has been mentioned about this story on Hannity’s radio show, and Michael Savage’s show.

    Good job Jim.

  • momofsons57

    Time for all of us to designate our taxes go to the national debt. Might lose a little but so what? If we can’t get these guys out of office maybe we can starve them to death.

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  • Molon Labe

    Obama brings new meaning to the word corruption. The dhimmiecrats are a sleazy, vermin infested party of parasites, perverts, and crooks. How anyone can vote for them I don’t understand. You’d have to have the morals of Barney Frank, the intelligence of Bob Beckel, and the character of Barrack Hussain Obama.

  • bg


    Rock #58 September 28, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    re: Social Engineering (Dodd Bill)

    [Is a blueprint for the transformation of
    our society into total Federal control.

    Will enforce Federal Sustainable Development
    zoning and control of local communities.

    Will create a massive new
    “development” bureaucracy.

    Will drive up the cost of energy
    to heat and cool your home.

    Will drive up the cost of gasoline as
    a way to get you out of your car.

    Will force you to spend thousands of
    dollars on your home in order to comply.]


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  • JPeden

    Man, Elizabeth Warren’s promised Commie wonders never cease. I didn’t realize that the as yet unborn generations “didn’t make it on their own” and have already become “rich”.

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  • Douglas

    Your president is wack. Really this guy is nothing more than an Israel dickrider

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  • Whistleblower

    U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald protects Obama

    Patrick Fitzgerald: Intrepid Crime Fighter? Or, Politically-Driven Leaker? The Silent Mole & A Complicit Newspaper

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  • rob

    Hey that is only 1.4 MILLION per job, not bad.

    This is a joke, can’t the congress stop this spending?? Is this what obama is doing with the 1.4 TRILLION the congress gave him??

    He is trying and trying hard to bankrupt America, the only difference is we can print money so we could collapse our entire economy and start over BUT we should not have to do that all he has to do is STOP SPENDING and cut Spending.

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  • steve

    just one communist helping another communist out. seriouslt, america needs a do over on her government, this one is obviously broken beyons repair!

  • Harry Canyon

    This is a surprise? Harry Reed has been building the power lines to connect this Charley Foxtrot to Las Vegas for a year now.
    How do it know?

  • oldtimer01

    Would somebody go to federal court and file suit against the department before this money is spent?

  • jim

    there are 2 predomant parties in washington…..corrupt and criminal, i forget often which has the donkey and which has the elephant. I think our current administration is part of both.

  • Mark

    The American people are being raped by these politicians. Any money spent with these solar companies will produce jobs, however be assured that it won’t be in this country. China or India maybe.

    So… if you were stupid enough and if you voted for our current president in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an real idiot.

  • pheebee

    Bad as this sounds, Clinton cronyism and Bush/Cheney cronyism were a lot worse.

  • maxtor

    a serious problem with”Confilct of Interest” if Piglosi had any input whatsoever in the deal or if she even looked at the deal. should be investigated and thow her out of congress,,,,,she should be gone by election next year anyway but that isnt quick enough. she is a damn greedy bi tch, her and her family all.

  • “Give” me 25k and I could create 45 jobs in 2 years time.

  • Dutra

    The gift that just keeps on giving. In your face taxpayers!!!

  • Redleg

    Thous enviermental extremists that we used to here about now work in the EPA the DOE and the WhiteHouse. They are not to concerned obout who loses a job unless it’s a green job or how much of our tax dollars they flush in to this green energy.

  • deegee

    I was wondering why pussy pelosi has been hiding out the last several weeks.

  • don

    And the band played on….and on……and on.

  • Barack

    We won – get over it!

  • EricR

    This is Chicago politics to the core. This is exactly how their “machine” operates. Disgusting, but try living here!

  • LibertarianBob

    Do the math. It is only 16 million dollars per job. That’s a great deal for the taxpayers (those of us who actually pay taxes), isn’t it? I mean, they are green jobs, right? -sarcasm off-

  • MountainHome

    Those that voted for me or made donations will be rewarded by taking money from those that did not support me. Our new government of corrupt socialism.

  • tommy D

    What about the solar farm that is going to be built in Nevada (several hundred million $) Looks like a payoff to Putty Face Reid to me

  • Socialist Pig

    The D****rats make money the old fashioned way – by robbing taxpayers blind!

  • Dave

    NICE investment!!

    $737M for 43 jobs = $16.377M per job … THAT is effective use of taxpayer money!

  • Harpotoo

    Now, remember we learned yesterday that every President since 1973 has a SECRET BANK that can borrow UNLIMITED FUNDS from the FED with no congressional oversight. That’s what really is amazing and in a way it shows all FUNDS do NOT start in the HOR and that Prez’s can spend unlimited amounts of $ whenever they want to and that is why the WH can get away with giving all the $ it want’s to it’s cronies and supporters. American Tax Payers have been getting screwed ROYALLY like the Kings of England did to US since 1973! Tea Party UP America!

  • John E.

    Behold the Teapot Dome scandal for the 21st Century. And this time we are doing it without the underlying prosperity of the Harding Administration.

  • Bankrupted_By_Obama

    Quick!… Someone plant a few “endangered,” two inch, lizards in the area to get the Obama administration suing Pelosi in order to stop this waste of $.77 BILLION tax payer dollars.

  • Radical Rick

    WOW – that is really surprising – just like the sun coming up in the morning – this is why congress needs to pass a law saying they have to obey the laws they make up for everybody. that way we could throw nancy et al in jail where they belong – and can’t rip us off any more -the more money you send to wdc the more money they can pass along to family and friends

  • Indiana_Dave

    Pelosi’s brother-in-law is some kind of pioneer in solar energy?? what a coincidence! what a talented family!! /s/

  • Melvin

    No accountability, no oversight. All Check and Balances to prevent corruption such as this have been swept away. Congress want to cut military retiree benifits, and social security, but Congress will gives millions to former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law.
    What is scary about this, what other horrors are out there with crony-capitalism.
    People some one needs to go to prison for this. This is White Collar Crime, and NC Gov. Bev. Perdue wants to suspend Congressional Elections for two years. People we need to revolt and revolt now before this scum gets on they’re private jets and leaves us with noting.

  • 1776

    Where in the constitution does it grant our government the authority to become investment bankers? Better yet, who is held responsible if these phony investments go sour? Corruption occurs when it’s not their money and there is no accountability. Government meddling in the free market destroys the free market. Wake up people!

  • wtf

    Hey Liberals can you please explain this to me?? Can we get an arrest warrant for all of this….

  • Brian

    There is another important part of this story that is even worse. One of the other major investors in SolarReserve is Argonaut Private Equity. This is Kaiser’s (Obama’s bundler) firm that was the major investor in Solyndra. You can find this info on SolarReserves website when you click the tab that highlights investors.

  • Revolution In Ireland 1916

    I’m astounded there have been no arrests, impeachments, firings or meaningful investigations. This is nuts. Do something you criminal traitor, Eric Holder, U.S. Dept. of Just Us!!!

  • Mark

    It is truly time for a revolution

  • duh swami

    Hasn’t it become obvious by now that the fix is in? The courts have fixed it, the high military brass have fixed it, and most all of congress has fixed it…They all know Obama and his administration are corrupt and fraudulent on a number of issues…But few if any will ‘stand up and say ‘I accuse’…The so called Representative are either bought and paid for, have no spine or both…Only our vote can save us, so vote wisely, vote often…

  • Mary S

    It will take the next 50 or so years to find out just exactly how much money has been wasted and how many things the Obama administration has screwed up.

  • Geez, this reminds me of kids playing government like your children playing house.

  • Tessa

    Corrupt through and through, the Chicago way! Energy Dept. should be named Green Scams and Crony Reward Dept.

  • Jimbax

    What part of Crony Capitalism don’t you understand? Obama is spreading the wealth – to his cronies and himself. After American voters toss his ass out, we will discover that he has squirrelled away a few billion in gold for himself and his Marie Antoinette wife.

  • Linda

    Well – hurry up 2012! This guy is in a hurry to become emperor and he doesn’t care that he is destroying us. Of course, realize that nothing he is doing effects him – he will have his billion that he is raising for his so called campaign, and he will be living the rest of his life on the President’s retirement package and on our backs, and he will probably move back to Africa – or whereever the H he is from, and we will be left with $500,000 debt on EACH of us, including unborn children, to pay off this idiot’s spending spree. I pray each day – “Isn’t there something YOU, dear Lord, can do?

  • Jeff Locke

    There is plenty of private sector money available for sound deals.

  • Ralph

    Wonder if they have gotten the same free ride, if the loan is forclosed the government takes the hit and not the other investors. This should be checks for all loans that the normal standard are not changed as it was for solindra.

  • Realist

    The kleptopcracy in action.

  • Frank

    Do the republicans even have a pulse? This is an outrageous fraud even under Obama’s standards (which are really low). Solar + relative of Pelosi, Reid, or “The One” plus fund raising = HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of kickback loans? This is crazy. Why can’t the House of Representatives STOP this flagrent abuse? How about an independent investigator for “Fast and Furious” (Obama / Holders murderous attempt to bring back the “assault” weapons ban)?

  • skippy777

    each day, more bending the law, lying to america, flushing taxpayer dollars down the toilet….and yet he remains in the white house….no impeachment charges, no media trashing, no revolt from america.

    ovomit’s criminal behavior and blantant abuse of privileges no longer surprise….what is shocking is how american taxpayers continue to put up with it.

  • Art

    Pure criminal. And nothing happens… amazing.

  • Billy S.

    All this, and America rushes back to watch their football and guzzle their beer. What does it take to wake people up?

  • Rich Handy

    The people’s money has been hijacked. This government has taken the citizens for a ride worse than any Chicago hood , Enron executives, or foreign warlord handing out the spoils of the last battle. The Czar’s must go, Pelosi must go, and Obama must go. Americans-take your government back. This corruption must end!

  • Clearhead

    Congratulations, mr. obama. This is a new record for you — only a little over SIXTEEN AND A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS per ‘created’ job !!

  • GarySellersville

    Just imagine how much taxes could be reduced if there was no energy department!

  • Perspective

    I really feel like I have stepped into one of Orwell’s books. Now I understand how he watched “crony socialism” aka Marxism march to his country and he had to write in code.

    Read Animal Farm or will help you wake up, if you haven’t already. Orwell still believed there was such a thing as Democratic Socialism, as many here still believe also..but was completely opposed to totalitarianism. It is easy to slip into Statism, aka Totalitarianism, when one is “voting money away from others” and giving it to a govt who “knows best” to spend…and regulate.

  • Paul

    This really doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone with a reality based grasp of the situation. Despite all the HuffPo/DailyKook/MSNBC protestations and talking points to the contrary the Democrat leadership is looking at their own internal polling and realizing the catastrophe that awaits them next November. Knowing the nature of these scoundrels it should come as no surprise to anyone that they would respond to the certain end of business as usual, the loss of their power and access to the taxpayer funded feeding trough by grabbing as much as they can for themselves and their families. Even the silverware at the White House is probably marked to the final grab and they’re run out of town.

  • driveby_poster

    So what?

    Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband has fattened the family checkbook for years by sitting on the boards of various military suppliers that are awarded contracts from the committee Ms. Feinstein sits on….. the Dems and the MSM haven’t cared the least little bit about this, so why bother about congress’s sex-pot Nancy?

  • DsSpendingmoreagain

    Do the math. 737 divided by 45 = 16.3 million per job. Hey Prez did you FORGET to do the math?
    This math sucks and the taxpayer gets screwed again while the FOB (friends of Obama) just continue to RAKE in the public’s money.

  • Michael Gibson

    A liberal doing something illegal and this is news? News would be if they didn’t.

  • Comrade Obama has done his best to inflict maximum damage to our hated capitalist system since his arrival on the national stage. He is a dogmatic leftist who planned to effect irreversible and radical change to our society. He has done a pretty good job, but the 2010 elections were a nasty surprise. So he just pushed his timetable up and tried to allow small concessions to the GOP House majority while pursuing his socialist agenda unabated. He is the most dangerous President in our history. I pray that the GOP holds the House and captures the Senate and White House in November 2012 and begins to remove this ugly socialist stain from our history.

  • Paul

    @ Perspective “It is easy to slip into Statism, aka Totalitarianism, when one is “voting money away from others” and giving it to a govt who “knows best” to spend…and regulate.”

    As Hayek illustrated in The Road to Serfdom, it’s more than easy to slip from socialism in any form to statism and and totalitarianism … it’s inevitable. A system that is inherently flawed as socialism MUST resort to greater amounts of force and coercion to get people to act in a manner that is not only illogical and irrational but against their own personal interests and well being.

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  • Pingback: Picking the Losers With the Losers | RedState()

  • Massimo Deportado

    Why all the hub-bub now?

    This shi’ite has been going on for decades with democrats. They point their plastic finger at Republicans and project all their fraud and cronyism on them. Just look at Diane Frankenstein and HER husband and what they have gotten away with. Not a peep out of the complicit MSM.

    As long as Pelosi Galore, WarBomba and democrats remain in Congress, the American people are in severe danger.

  • Pingback: Save the American Dream()

  • moonmac

    The Billion Dollars Al Gore earned off of global warming came straight from the pockets of the working class. He does feel bad for you went he’s doing laps in his Olympic sized pool heated to 85 degree inside his 25 room mansion that uses 100 times the energy as the average home!


  • Department of Energy apparently has too much money to play with.
    Just one more bureaucratic parasite we need to eliminate. Congress should cut their funding by half, along with FEMA, Homeland Security, EPA.

  • Neal

    This “green technology” craze reminds me of the tech bubble of the 90s. The only difference is that the liberals in the Government have bought into this fairy-tale rather than private investors.
    Meanwhile, as the thieves are running off with the money, the feds are distracted closing down honest businesses like Gibson Guitars. Their crime? They manufacture rosewood finger boards here in the US rather than India & Sri Lanka.

  • Buck O’Fama

    If Nazi Pigliosi or any of her kinfolk are near it, you know it’s a bottom feeding scum sucking operation from the get go. I guess that explains why I haven’t seen her chicken wattle flapping about on the TV.

  • Roz Anders

    These are the dirtiest slime on the planet, we’re dealing with here.

  • Brad

    Not sure why this is surprising to anybody that did their homework BEFORE they voted for this guy. This is how chi-town politics works. Its a mob racket. Get over it people you put him there.

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  • shearwater

    This administration is the first one that I have observed that picks winners and loser in the private sector. They picked Solyndra and that failed . . . This administration is a failure!

  • Spudman54

    That would be $1,637,777.00 per job. Where do I apply for one of these? I’m not much for working but for that amount of dough I’ll give it a shot.

  • HPS

    Makes one wonder who Pelosi has in the medical field doesn’t it…

  • Chuck


  • Kay

    Do you think Obama and his people even read these comments? Do they really think we are stupid and have absolutely no clue or care what is going on in our country?

  • TraderJo

    Gubmint should NOT be in the loan business. Tax breaks, OK, but not loans. Otherwise, we have more Solyndras.

    Current administration is not a good example of anything resembling good business practices. They can’t even read a Business Plan!

  • The Democratic Party is no different then the Mafia. Favors for friends and family only, destroy anyone who gets in their way.

  • Gary M

    All that lost and misappropriated taxpayer money isn’t the problem, only the symptom.

    The real problem is that the “firestorm in Washington” didn’t happen until 2011, rather than 2009 when this particular unconstitutional fraud was set in motion. The remedy is in 2012.

  • RedJohn

    I hope that all of the idiots that voted Piglosi into power get what’d due them!!! I can think of a lot of things, but the Bible says “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”, so I’ll leave it at that. Obama, Pelosi and Reid, your names have been submitted to a higher authority for disposition!

  • schatzi1951

    Remind me again what the definition of insanity is.

  • CaptainObvious

    Solar Power was first invented in 1839.
    That’s not a typo – EIGHTEEN THIRTY NINE.
    In over 170 years, we’ve yet to discover a MORE EXPENSIVE way to generate electricity.

    Yet this myth that it’s “new” and that if we throw enough money at it, it will magically become efficient, continues.

  • johnathan

    We are the peasants, the government are our overlords. Now shut up and like it.

  • I wonder if this loan to Pelosi’s family member was a payback Nancy received for not vetting the questionable character known as obama.

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  • jeff

    There is only one way to stop the spending. Take away their allowance. Cut taxes “dramatically” for ALL governments, including, fed, state and local. They just wast it and use it for their individual gain or ego. Let capitalism flourish, not government. Dry up the abusers sources.

  • George Washigton

    Abengoa Solar develops and applies solar energy technologies to combat climate change and ensure sustainable development through its own thermosolar and photovoltaic technologies.
    There is that word “sustainable” that we have been told to look out for…another word for socialism….I didn’t fight the brits so we could give up 250 years later….
    BTW, prove climate change is because of humans as opposed to nature!!! no proof.

  • MTB

    This goes on and on and on….no ending or stopping it. Why is that?

  • rbblum

    This disrespectful and horrid blog along with every name who had the audacity to post a viscious personal attack against our beloved Saul Alinsky president and friends in crime should be reported immediately to .

  • roymg

    Half of “Osoma’s” people should be dismissed for malfeasance of office and arrested for stealing tax payers monies.

  • barry1817

    Obozo, our clown in chief, after the Solyndra joke, is making us all laugh again with sense of humor

    Obozo, the failure in chief, promise unemployment under 8% and he failed, can’t spin the numbers

    Obozo, the unpatriotic one, stated that if a person runs up the deficit and leaves the debt to the children and grandchildren, it is unpatriotic, so by his own words, castigating another, he is hoisted on his own petard.

    And Solyndra, the shining example of what America can look forward to and the reason that the recovery act was passed. Well, if this is the future, I’m getting ready to leave, because with this man in office the future is very dark.

    Time to get this man out of his public housing, remove the party perks, the corp. jets, the vacations and the flunkies that staff this disaster, and let him go back to Chicago and make Carter look like a great president.


    Another 5 letter word for Fraud… OBAMA –

  • @ comment 6, theBuckWheat who said the jobs each cost $16 million.

    This started the entire discussion thread on the wrong foot.

    You distorted the benefits of this loan guarantee by only calculating job costs using the 45 permanent jobs. The reality is that this will create 645 jobs, which works out to a cost of just over $1,000,000 per job. Hopefully everyone can now see that this is an excellent deal, no cronyism involved.

    There is no little blue pill to treat Congressional Dysfunction, only the ballot box.
    google “who’s on first – Stumbling Around the Economy”

  • Elmo Irish

    I have calculated the cost per home. The Nevada project comes out to approximately $20,000 per home and the Arizona project only a mear $10,000 per home. I wonder why there is so much difference….one is close to Pelosi and the other close to Reid. Does this answer Diane Cee’s question??

  • Darrel

    The corruption and filth of the democrats and Obama will not stand. Drain the swamp in 2012 – fire every democrat running in 2012!

  • czervik

    Republicans should have shut this program down, but they flinched when the Democrats threatened to shut down the government again. Now we know why the Dems were so hot and heavy for it.

  • Cee

    The IRS needs to look into these companies and their political contributions.

  • So Special Nancy’s Family is Winning

    Isn’t that special that Nancy Pelosi clan can participate in the stimulus/

    As for me, I plan on cheating on my tax returns big time for as long as I live.

  • farang

    “Crony Socialism”…no such thing. Are we inventing new terms for corruption as we go along now?

    Was it termed “crony socialism” when Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” nitwit “education” program funneled funds to his brother’s “education” company? Or when Niel Bush made off with funds from Silverado S&L and went unpunished?

    It is labeling like this that keeps the 95% of Americans on the so-called “right” and “left” apart, instead of coming together and taking these thieves and conmen down…crony socialism…you wouldn’t know socialism if it bit you in the rear.

  • They stole my ss money

    Waite, wait; it’s ok folks…she’s an elected official. Let’s remember that the laws only apply to us ‘regular’ working citizens. But at least we didn’t find s freezer of frozen cash in her house…liken the other elected official!

  • farang

    “#142 September 29, 2011 at 9:56 am
    Michael Gibson commented:

    A liberal doing something illegal and this is news? News would be if they didn’t.”

    Who’s a “liberal”? Where? Obama? Bwahahaha okay, sure, whatever….

    None in D.C. that I know of, that’s for damn sure…plenty fascists though…and plenty uneducated idiots with stupid non-applicable labels everywhere.

  • Packin

    This clown can’t even pass E-Verify, no joke check it out on the net, comes back NO MATCH!! The trail of corruption is getting hot, and I think we will soon find out the depth of his Fraud! Hopefully jail time will follow. Can you say Guantanamo?

  • Frank

    Obama wouldn’t know a good deal even if it bit him in the rear end. Unfortunately, Solyndra eventually did bite him in the rear end and it still was a bad deal. I wouldn’t mind the government considering to subsidize alternative energy, but obviously they didn’t even factor the fundamentals of the company in the first place. This is the equivalent of buying a fixer upper that would cost significantly more to fix up then its actually worth in the long term.

  • John

    The current crop of democrats are corrupt and untrustworthy. I’m sick of the whole lot. Let’s take this country back. Let’s oust every single rotten liberal democrat.

  • benrumsen

    The corruption that rotates around this administration and it’s boot lickers in Congress has reached new heights (or lows). Who knew when Obama promised Hope and Change, he really meant, he Hopes you don’t catch him stealing the Change from your kids piggy bank.

  • Jeremy This about sums up the mentality of Obama and his chrones. It’s all to save the plant from humans. Nothing else matters. As the article says, we “apparently” only
    have a few years left to change ours ways. What bs!

  • dave

    This cannot go on. This is a total conflict of interest. I am not going to take personal attacks on Obama and Pelosi. I am just stating the facts this cannot go on. There has to be other companies that could qualify for this loan.

  • Ozstickman

    The government has to get out of the business of picking winners and losers and just let the private sector and free markets allocate resources. Green jobs initiatives have been a total failure when tried elsewhere (Spain is a classic example) … remove regulations that mandate a percentage of power generation from renewable resources and let the market work its magic. There are some very promising alternative power options out there that do not require integration with a grid …. generated where the power is to be used …. get DOE out of the business of favoring (and often propping up) technologies that would fail in unfettered markets … In the short term remove regulations and open the floodgates of oil, natural gas, nuclear and any other source that can reduce energy costs, create jobs, and add revenues (royalties and retail taxes) to government coffers … governments make more from a gallon of gas than those who explore for it, refine it, transport it and distribute it combined …. Obama is so focused on a balanced increased revenue approach to debt reduction … yet flagrantly opposes this totally logical strategy to reduce energy costs, add good paying jobs, and raise government revenues without spending one dime of our money !!

  • flounderaz

    The reason why democrats tax and spend is that the benefactors of the spending give them money back. My biggest complaint with this is that they are like a thief stealing a radio out of a car. They do a $1000 worth of damage to the car and then sell the stolen radio for $20.

  • Jack Kennedy


  • dudefromdixie

    You might not like Sarah Palin (I wouldn’t vote for her either) but she is dead-on right about crony capitalism running rampant in Washington. I think Hermain Cain might try and do something about it as well. No other candidate is going to do a thing about this stuff. Obama has taken it to a new extreme.

  • MillionaireaccordingtoObama

    It seems most of the posts are against this clown and his croney capitalism. Please…for our sake, and as the demoncrats say, “For the children”…vote in 2012 and get this joker out of office. Also make the other two stooges, Piglosi and Dingy Harry insignificant if not gone

  • dudefromdixie

    Just wait. Obama is not going to get relected, Instead we are going to have a republican House, Senate, and Executive branch. Then Issa is going to form a huge committee to investigate Obama’s background. Who knows what might turn up but think for a minute what will happen if it is proven that Obama is not a citizen. All legislation that he approved will have to be overturned. All loans like this one that were approved by anyone that he appointed will have to be withdrawn. This will be total chaos but maybe in the end Obama will go to jail for life if he can be caught after he flees American on the slow boat to China. Hope and change may be a good thing.

  • clem

    Dear Mr. Issa,

    How about a SPECIAL PRSECUTOR on these issues – Solyndra, LightSquare, Fast and Furious, the Nancy Pelosi graff, etc…. ?????

    It’s about time. Ya think?

    Stop jerking us around.. If this was Jaoe Average citizen, he would have had his perp walk already… Everyone is subject to the laws of the land, no matter who you are.

    Isn’t that true Mr. Issa?

    Or is it because all of you in Congress have skeletons in your closets that you are dragging your feet on this?

    S-P-E-C-I-A-L P-R-O-S-E-C-U-T-O-R

  • desert dweller

    The whole corrupt, contaminated, diseased bunch need to be taken out and hung on scaffolds on the capitol steps……with signs…..”this to all traitors of America”!!! imo

  • Fred Kennedy

    It could have been worse. Reparations would have cost 20 billion.

    No Irish need apply has mad a comeback.

  • Corrupt

    I say off with her head.

  • steve mcfadden

    The level of arrogant corruption, hypocrosy, and just plain bad smell from this administration is enough to make a sewer blush.

  • Pingback: Conflict of interest? Pelosi’s brother-in-law is No. 2 at PCG, investment partner of SolarReserve, whose subsidiary is Tonopah Solar »

  • Ellie Enlightened

    Hey you have to pass the stimulus/bailouts first to see what’s in them. Don’t you remember?

  • Unbelievable

    Only one word: UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • Buy A Vote

    Handing out this loan after the Solyendra joke just shows cronic arrogance of the Obama posse. This is nothing new of course from this crowd. Obama and company in DC will rest assured that none of this will be heard by the population that only listens to network news.

  • Boomer TX

    Come on people, give this president a break. Creating Utopia is hard work and costly, as proven by the former USSR. Cost them an entire empire.

    So even though Liberals and Communists always produce the opposite effect of their stated intentions, like claiming to want to help the common man while their actions completely destroy any chance of living the American dream, at least they feel good about themselves. And feelings are the most important thing right?

    I am finally starting to understand the warped mind of a liberal that tosses common sense and basic survival instincts aside, just so they feel a sense of joining and accomplishment, while Rome burns.

  • Illinois Conservative

    I would love to know where the media is on this? Again nowhere to be found when it matters the most. I guess theyre to busy on the jacko and foxy knoxy trials I guess. It is time for the 2nd american revolution, you think thats crazy? How about gov perdue suggesting we suspend elections???? This is a f’n joke of the highest order and no one is laughing. While we the people try and make ends meet in Obamas socialism, they steal from us at every step of the way. If you are not appalled your not paying attention.

    Its time to rebuild america and it starts with a greenfield project in the beltway, there is no other way to fix this. If your foolish enough to believe one man can fix this disaster think again. It is time to employ any means necessary, and I am not joking.

    Illinois Conservative (yes there is such a thing!)

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  • Boomer TX

    As for Pelosi, looks she just carpeted the swamp, and now the seams are starting to come undone. The sooner these swamp creatures return to their original habitat the better off we’ll be.

  • PierceEye

    One Word will start to fix all this crookery…….IMPEACHMENT!!!

  • suzy bailey

    can these people not be indicted??????? pelosi? BO? the congress should force pelosi and
    BO to tell them what went on here with this friggin’ mess!

  • MIfarmgirl

    Why don’t we use the Green Jobs money for taxpayer households who want to install solar panels but can’t afford them instead of the risky business of lenging money to companies who may go bankrupt. Here is how my plan would work.

    Take the Green Jobs money, use a maximum amount of $25,000 per grant to taxpayer households who want solar panels (In some cases the panels will cost less so the grant would be less). Solar panels must be purchased from an American Company and installed by American companies. If the government finds that it has too many Taxpayer households that want the solar panels then hold a lottery, could be % per state. 23,500 taxpayers could have received solar panels instead of investing in the Solyndra debacle. This new amount $737 million could give 29,480 taxpayers solar panels instead of going to Nancy Pelosi’s brother in law. Sorry Nancy but the taxpayers deserve the money to buy solar panels not give money to your brother in law’s campany.

    A billion Dollars would give 40,000 taxpayer households solar panels.

    This not only helps the taxpayer, it helps manufacturers and installers and helps to reduce the amount of electricity demand on our power plants. A win win situation all the way around.

    If you were to use the whole 38.6 billion dollar jobs budget you could provide 1,520,000 taxpayer households with solar panels. About 200 million people filed income tax in 2009. Even though the 1,520,000 would only represent 1 % of tax paying households, it is a start and finally taxpayers are getting their moneys worth.

  • oldman8

    A new scandal everyday! This administration is going to set a record for incompetence and shady deals. Obama was right when he promised it would not be Washington as Usual after he was elected – this administration is setting new records for shady deals.

  • BayouKiki

    Comparing this to Halliburton isn’t right at all. Say what you like about how Halliburton gets its contracts (there aren’t a whole lot of companies out there, guys, who can do what they do) but they DO provide a service for the government and they DO provide thousands and thousands of jobs, very good paying jobs that support many, many families in this country. Instead of looking at the gross number of dollars received by Halliburton, take a look at where those dollars go, particularly how many go toward salaries of the thousands of Halliburton employees working all over the world.

  • Bucksaw

    Pelosi is the plug in the bottom of the swamp. She needs to be impeached now and removed from office under the RICO act!

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  • Ken

    Until Americans are able to understand the difference between propaganda and ideas, they will continue to suffer from a swing one way to the other…like Newton’s cradle…until the bouncing slows down and the opposite forces of right wing and left wing gravity stop the US altogether. Then maybe people will listen and only accept ideas from their candidates instead of the current, “Don’t vote for him cause he’s bad…vote for me because I’m not him!

  • Undettered

    The Department of Energy should stick the really important tasks, like making better hydrogen bombs and working on nuclear fusion research where costs are extremely high.

    The DoE should not be funding private businesses that belong to family members of the House of Representative and people who donated to the Obama 2008 campaign. Clearly Democrat-Liberal-Progs are following the economic path outlined here:

  • MDWhite

    Day by day…this grand performance of the Washington Two-Step just gets better and better.

  • The more one really investigates things since the 2008 election debacle, the more one realizes that this spreading of taxpayer money to private businesses is simply wrong and is simply “crony capitalism”. The Libertarians that advocate small government and a return to the constitutional restraints as indicated by the framers of the U.S. Constitution make perfect sense. Representative Ron Paul and the ex-governor of the State of New Mexico, Gary Johnson so far are the only two Republican candidates that espouse these true American principles that can return this nation to it’s status as a leader of solid, responsible, democratic “constitutional republic”. The government needs to be an entity distinctly separate from the free enterprise (business) sector as all we see is corruption case after corruption case brought to the fore in the news. Wake up everyone and realize that unless we elect a person who is a patriot and expresses a desire to return us to a more responsible state of affairs, we will go down and collapse, just as the Roman Empire and other civilizations have who would not learn anything from history.

  • Exraddy

    The mainstream media is responsible for the perpetuation of this corrupt administration. They continue to condone and enable the corruption by “selective reporting”. Censorship by omission is a powerful weapon in their arsenal and they use it without shame. Here we have a relatively small number of individuals with near total control over what we see and hear. Having worked for a major media company for many years, I know how the individuals in the news organizations operate. Primarily, they are all trying to sustain their jobs and advance their careers like anyone else, and since the vast majority I have known are politically left-leaning, they jump on that bandwagon and push the liberal agenda either consciously or unconsciously. It’s not hard to imagine that well-placed “influence” in one form or another would encourage even more biased reporting in favor of the special interests doing the influencing. How else can one explain why so-called journalists in organizations like MSNBC, CBS, CNN, etc. continue to ignore or otherwise distort almost every story that would negatively impact the Obama administration, especially in the face of ever-increasing exposure by alternative media of those ignored stories? As the magnitude of these outrageous revelations increases, the lack of objectivity and blatant bias in the MSM is more and more obvious, even as they and their left-wing supporters try to deny it. Perception is reality, and the current perception among clear thinkers is most MSM news organizations are themselves corrupt and have lost all credibility. So, what to do?
    Maybe it’s time to start focusing on the messengers. One of the nasty tactics labor unions use to settle strikes in the broadcast industry is to picket advertisers. This makes the advertisers mad and sometimes results in cancellation of advertising contracts until the dispute is resolved. Similarly, major advertisers could be boycotted or otherwise pestered with the strong message that we won’t buy their products as long as they advertise with a biased media company. This may seem absurd but on a large enough scale, could be effective. If anybody has a better idea, please post it. The major media outlets have way too much power to influence the weak-minded, and the current corrupt democrat party is using them to their best advantage. They are enablers of government corruption and we need to turn up the heat on them or the masses will continue to be fed misinformation. Isn’t it about time we get some unbiased, real journalism back in the news industry and encourage them to put the government’s feet to the fire?

  • Bis Miller

    And Halliburton, linked to Dick Cheney, received much more than that.

  • Wakeup America

    Why can’t the 9.5 earthquake occur in Washington at a time when the congressman and senators and president are all in the same room at the same time? Epicenter- should be right under that room. This is the only thing that will stop the corruption in this country. A 9.5er would also take out many of the special interest people camped out in Washington.

  • Dutch

    Outstanding. that is only 16,377,777.78 per permanent job!

  • The point I am expressly attempting to get across to all of you fellow bloggers out there is that the Federal Government needs to shrink and the 50 states in this country, need to be responsible for the needs of the people of their states. The Department’s of Energy and Education both need to be abolished, as the states can handle their own education needs, and since the Jimmy Carter Administration created the Energy Dept. in order to make us totally independent of the Middle East oil—it is a total failure !! We have too much redundancy and over duplication of government agency jobs who waste taxpayer dollars indiscriminately year after year, no matter which party is in office. The Founders of this Nation knew that if we were not careful, we would only be replacing the King of England for another tyrant which is a totally out of control Federal Bureaucracy, answerable to no one but the powerful elite. Get the picture. It isn’t really that hard to comprehend what is going on in this once great nation. Basically let the private sector take a more responsible role in the needs of the people of the U.S.A., with the Courts and the legislatures of both Houses of Congress, keeping problems in check and overseeing any possible incongruities that may arise, and settling disputes judiciously.

  • GozieBoy

    [Nancy Pelosi with her husband and his brother at dinner at their winery estate]: “Ron, what’s new with you?”
    [Ron Pelosi]: “Well, I just got a $0.74 BEEEELLION dollar loan guarantee from Obama!”
    [Nancy]: “Really? Well, can you imagine that!”
    [Nancy, Paul and Ron Pelosi]: “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [belch]”
    [Nancy]: Now please pass the cavier, my dear!

  • bg


    they want the children, period

    bit more here, and elsewhere i’m siure..


  • Hedge

    No matter how cynical I become…it is never enough to keep up.

  • ragin right winger

    well, he did say he wanted to invest in “green” companies, i guess that meant “green backs” not actual companies that would create jobs….what a bunch of crooks, (he has the perfect initials….B.O.) his entire cabinet and corrupt buddies in d.c. all need to go straight to hell. they can’t be voted out of office soon enough. i work for a fledgling solar company, and we have to jump through hoops to get a small portion of a guaranteed loan and be able to show a profit to boot. this is totally absurd how the cronies get on the gravy train.

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  • Nancy Douglas

    I feel like I am in the twilight zone

  • steve Peck

    Maybe we should try to find an endangered species in the desert and shut the whole project down. There has to be some microscopic something the is endangered. It will save the Tax payers from this stupid scam of unsustainable energy. Please people let’s start using common scene.

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    He is a GOD SENT.

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  • wayne

    Clinton was impeached for getting a blow job,something every male in the world gets weekly now we have a president who is destroying a entire nation and we are just turning our heads and letting him get away with it, A little out of balance I would say.

  • Jason Prather

    Can we call for the President’s impeachment yet? Or her husband too? Maybe have them deported back to their country? Have the people arrested for even getting them on the ticket? And all the animals that elected him wrestled to the ground by his s.s. I mean secret service, and jailed for their acts of terror against the U.S.? I don;t think he can get away with blaming this on Bush. Well, it is America, some stupid folks might believe it, but still.



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  • SANDY at Ocala Armory


  • James

    We need a revolution to begin soon!! I see they are trying at Wall Street & San Fran but they need more support, they all must go!!

  • DiGiovanni & Associates Inc.

    Take notice that i have applied to the Department of Energy in Washington for a grant and/or a loan “whichever was avalible at the time for a green technology for which i have developed along with seven engineers. My product is proven to save billions of gallons of water and reduce the carbon footprint by trillions of pounds, not in the future “but imediately” we asked for a simple one million dollars needed to bring this to market, we also let them know that we could secure 3/4 of this loan with real estate. We were told that we did not fit the criteria because it appears that we have already establish the technology, “That their program is for Research and development only.

    I wrote back to them and let them know that what good is the research and development when that tech is not put to use, they had Shumers office call me to put me in a program that has no money to give and wasted six months of my time. Now the department of energy gives out 737 million to a technology that is as well established and in use today, what security did they provide for this loan, besides who they know. I remain

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  • James C. Buehrig

    He could not tell you how a solar panel works or what the output would be.
    He just wants the vote so he can bring America Down.

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  • upontheedge

    What do you expect from a Speaker of the House whose states that we can “read the bill after we pass the bill”. In all fairness we sheeple have to take really most of the blame. We are 98 percent dumbed down slobs who don’t deserve true freedom because as long as we got a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza pasted to our face its all good. Now the baseball playoffs are about to begin, then “Dancing with the Stars” suck a big hit from a dube, play some video crap and go duhhh when the jackbooted DHS thugs cart your dumb asses to the FEMA bus.

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  • gmathol

    Remember, remember and vote in November.

  • Brandywine3

    So now we know where the money went. I thought the owners of the solar company spent it on frivolous stuff, but I was wrong, Pelosi siphoned it off, because we took her airplane. Got to hand it to her, she has the Midas touch.

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  • Bobby

    Yep, the shear duplicity, lies, and willfull criminality of people like Pelosi and much of the Obama adiministration is mindboggling. As for Nancy Pelosi, she has committed so many improprieties that it’s astounding she is still in office. Astounding, I say, because it proves how much abuse, and criminality Americans will tolerate. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    I cannot stomach even looking at Pelosi anylonger. It’s no wonder that even a group of far leftists, her normal supporters, shouted her down in ultra loony San Francisco about a month ago.

  • Both Japan and Germany gave up Nuclear power.Japan wants 80% of their homes to be solar paneled in 10 years .Once again you right wing nuts pulling in your horns will leave this Countryin the dust of enery history. Keep that Middle East Oil flowing.

  • [email protected]

    So, let me get this straight. You’re upset because he’d rather fund solar power than nuclear power? Isn’t solar power much cleaner, more efficient and not nearly as dangerous as nuclear power? I’d think you’d be happy. Oh wait…Nancy Polosi’s involved…must be a conspiracy. Because Dick Cheney and George Bush didn’t get rich off of the two wars they started without provocation. On no, Halliburton didn’t make hardly anything off those wars.
    Stupid frickin’ rethuglican logic.

  • SFO

    I hate…yes hate…..democrats and republicans. They are the problem. That being said, why is it that the givernment needs to take money from people and give it to companies? Corporate welfare is every bit a problem as food stamps and welfare for the poor. Why is it that the givernment needs to get involved in much of anything? Why don’t you see that when the givernment gets involved with anything, it becomes a problem? They can’t even govern right so how are they going to accomplish anything of value?

    Let private industry handle solar power and keep the damned givernment out of it. Otherwise it will get all screwed up and will never become what it could be. Oh wait, maybe that is what the givernment wants anyways! After all, who owns the givernment? Corporations that buy off democrats and republicans.

  • [email protected]

    Fortunately, in America, you are free to hate anyone you’d like.

  • SFO

    Not any more.

  • spin43

    17 trillion in debt with over 100 trillion of unfunded liabilities and our corrupt government is giving out loans with a good probability it won’t be completely repaid.

  • [email protected]

    What are you talking about?…..I can hate anyone I choose…the fact that I dont allow hate in my heart ois another story, but if I were so inclined…I could hate anyone I wanted to, you included.

  • [email protected]

    The debt has fallen in record number thanks to Obama. You really should do your homework.

  • OrlandCa

    They also got out of paying Calif Taxes, (Nev)
    This could have been a water storage dam in Northern Calif,

  • moose

    Yes…..true enough as long as you don’t declare it in a public forum . If you do, them prepare yourself for the stuff to hit the fan. Because in America today as far as the Progressives are concerned, if you don’t agree with them you are declared a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobic etc etc.

  • Brian Adair
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