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  • NeoKong

    She was probably saying that she was ready for another vacation.

  • R985wasp

    She said…”all that for a f*cking flag?”

    Yes. These people are in our White House.


    Way to go 52%’ers!

  • DomesticGoddess

    “All this for a flag.”

  • Greg

    she was admiring the skirts on the bagpipers..Probably asked WTF what they wore uder them

  • Viv

    I’m sure there must be credible lip reader out there that can make out what she said. It’s obvious the last word was ‘flag’.

  • Ed

    “All this for a flag” and the The One nods

  • daryl

    “she was admiring the skirts on the bagpipers..Probably asked WTF what they wore uder them”

    Good a guess as any. Sure put a smile on his face didn’t it?


    most disgusting people in the world…most un-american, ungrateful SOB’S…time to flush their A$$ES out of OUR WH,,,then fumigate it

  • Mama Grizzly

    No. In the video, upon further study, Michelle is asking “Is (or was) that a (or the) Confederate flag?”

    Someone was carrying a Confederate flag to show respect. The Obamas could never understand that good people died also on the losing side. They think everyone in the South owned slaves.

  • Carolina Kathy

    The Michelle Obama Eyeroll – trademark – never before seen in a FLOTUS – and with God’s help will never again be seen. 2012 cannot get these carpetbaggers out of our House soon enough.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Sorry I don’t have time to decipher the is/was…a/the…

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yeah, looks to me like she is saying “All this for a f*g flag?”



  • Mel

    The disgust these people have for our country and all of our traditions is so clearly evident! No matter EXACTLY what she said, her MEANING is so obvious…the look on his face was as if to say “yep, these little idiotic americans…and their trivial love of country and flag…”WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THE WHITEHOUSE? This will go down in history as the biggest “hoax” played against this great nation and it’s great people. truly. Looking forward to their disgrace and downfall. Praying for them to have a change of heart…praying for our country to SEE TRUTH.

  • pst314

    Michelle: “Did you read the program? Those pipers are in clans! Clan Campbell, Clan Stewart….”
    Barry: “Damn racist Scots.”
    Michelle: “Racist crackers in skirts.”

  • mg4us

    #13 Mel

    Fully agree with you and many on this posting. . .

    Perhaps she said, you now Barack, you are a one termer. .you are F#%ked! Or maybe she told him to hurry up and steal more from THOSE people!

    Not only a hoax or fraud but a sell out

    They are selling out our country to Sorros and China. . and now Obama wants to go further in debt with his Stimulus II Jobs Bill.

    They steal & spend like drunken thieves! Deflating the Dollar!
    Shudder when payback time arrives
    Here is but one possible scenario

  • HadEnough

    This only proves the fact that these two have been plants… Manchurian Candidates all along…….they will continue with the scorched earth policy and spending to the bitter end….

  • Does this dress make my butt look big?

  • donh

    Lip translation….” All white pigs acting stupidly….They look like Larry Sinclair’s lawyer in those kilts….You should pardon JoAnne Chsimard now. “

  • StrangernFiction

    The last four words are “folding of a flag.”

  • donh

    Weather Undergrounder JoAnne Chesimard AKA Assata Shakur…

  • Donna

    All that for a flag….and then nods her head in disgust as they are folding the flag.

  • Richelle

    Neither of them have any home training. They both are constantly behaving inappropriately.

  • julie

    His nose in the air…is he bored out of his skull ?

  • TammyChicago

    I am not sure which is more pathetic…… the fact that we have a first couple in our White House who act like this or the fact that over half the country actually voted for this POS.

  • neever

    She definitely said, “all this for a f%&#ing flag.” That flag, my dear, helped drag your big butt and equally vulgar mouth into Princeton. Waste of classroom space as I see it.

  • Pudding Cup

    “Wonder if they flew that flag” is my best stab at it.

  • Jeff G

    I’m glad there are sooooo many ‘expert lip readers’ out there. Take it down a level! Your wrong. I’m not an expert, but i can PLAINLY see that part of the comment is ‘FLEW’ not ‘FOR’!! What is said before…i have no clue. But it is…blah blah ‘they flew that flag’.

  • Radegunda

    TammyChicago, what’s even more pathetic is that some people are still defending him, and they think they’re the smart ones.

  • Lori S.

    She said, “I wonder if they ever flew that flag.”

  • SanFranciscoConservative

    I may be slow to this but I’m realizing this cow is likely the evil anti American string puller to Barry –

  • whocaresanymore.

    “All this for a damn flag”

  • Bubba

    Really, people. The Obama’s deserve all the scorn they get, but this is a little weak. Really weak, actually. It’s pretty obvious what she said–even to someone who isn’t a lip reader–“I like how they fold the flag.”

    Cut the crap on this one, and watch it again. It’s quite clear.

  • whocaresanymore.

    “All this for a dumb flag”

  • #33: If you’re correct, how can we explain the negative head shake and the apparent sardonic smirk? She seems obviously distainful of something.

  • Penguina

    It doesn’t matter what she said.

    Were the two of them raised buy wolves?

    Their demeanor is so disrespectful.

    Shame on them both.

  • Joanne

    She is looking at the procession and the act of folding the flag with disdain, so it looks more likely that she is stating something derogatory about the flag, and the jerk-in-chief is agreeing with her. No wonder America is going to the dogs.

  • vsatt

    I’ll be one of the first to blast FLOTUS when she screws up – I commented last week that she looked drunk at the big speech – but here it looks to me like she’s saying something like “watch how they fold that flag.” I think she’s actually impressed with their precision. Who knows, maybe she plans to get these guys to come fold the royal towels and linens.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Donna #22

    I agree it’s definitely 5 syllable. She either says “All that for a flag” or “What’s that for that flag?”

    Considering the venue the red meat here is the sneers & the looks of disgust they both assume after the comment was made.

    As if such boorish displays of nationalism are so beneath them.
    Very troubling & very tough for Obama supporters to spin.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Red Beard

    You’ll be waiting a while for Bubba’s response. The Obamatrons haven’t come up with a good answer for the head shake, the eye roll or the sneers of disdain yet.

    Watch how they fold the flag? too many syllables & Being POTUS I’m sure he’s seen more than his fair share of flags folded correct?
    Or are they trying to hi-lite the fact that the 1st Family never attends Military Funerals?

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Lori S. # 30

    You don’t need to be a lip reader to realize your sentence is waaaay tooo long whatever she said was 5 syllables long… I have a relative who reads lips, the plexi glass obscures the 1st 2 words but I’m told it’s

    “All that for a flag” or “What’s that for that flag?”

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Jeff G #28
    Just for arguments sake let’s say you’re right & that’s what she said.

    Please explain the eye roll,, the head shake in disgust & the 2 of them sneering with disdain?
    Remember, the venue was they were folding the flag that flew over Ground Zero.

    Please enlighten me?

  • thegoldman

    somebody must be able to read lips ?

  • Eddie Willers

    @ goldman read my comment #41

    I have a relative who does, she did, that is her best take. She’s in college with a 3.5 GPA. So she’s pretty good at it btw.

  • It doesn’t really matter what she said — I tend to think she might have been trying to express some compliment about a well-folded flag. But the furrowed brow and the head-shake look unpleasant (as she so often does) and can be easily taken for disapproval of something happening in the pageantry before her. It may have been a private remark, in which case it should have been reserved for a private moment. Or it may have been a failed attempt to make a show of appreciation for the benefit of the cameras — but because she is habitually angry, boorish, and self-indulgent, and because any show of appreciation for this sort of traditional ceremony is fundamentally insincere, she can’t pull it off. She is no lady — it’s just that simple. She is like no FLOTUS we have ever had. Even Hilary, with whom the role of smiling help-mate did not sit well, always had the presence of mind to keep a positive expression on her face in the course of her FLOTUS duties, and others, like Laura Bush, carried out their role with the grace of Queen Elizabeth (a woman not without her faults, but gifted with genuine good will for all her people, which shows unceasingly in her public face). Michelle is an abrasive piece of work, if the word “work” applies at all. My sister, a university professor of several decades, says she recognizes in the Obamas a type she’s seen many times before: SLACKERS.

  • StrangernFiction

    I think she’s actually impressed with their precision.

    Yeah, that’s it. *shaking head*

  • gobblemom

    #45 Winefred “But the furrowed brow and the head-shake look unpleasant (as she so often does) and can be easily taken for disapproval of something happening in the pageantry before her.” I think you’re right. The only way she can compliment our country is in a back-handed kind of way (This is the first time I’m proud of my country…), and her body language demonstrates a different message than her words. That’s the reason I can’t stand the woman (do as I say and not as I do attitude). I want a FLOTUS who is genuinely in love with our country, not one who disdains it and wants to change it into her ‘ideal’ progressive, redistributive, white-guilt kind of country.

  • Alana

    This is ridiculous. The little head shake could be admiration.

    We have enough stuff to be furious about without having to MAKE UP what she said, and then decide the little head shake was something terrible.

    I mean, this is absurd.

  • StrangernFiction

    The little head shake could be admiration.

    And Barry’s chin up pose could be a sign of humility.

  • Ipso Facto

    It doesn’t matter what she said, at such a ceremony they should have been focused on the proceedings and been solemn, respectful and humble.

    These people are a testament to the fact that just like we have white trash in America – we also have black trash like the Obama’s.

  • julie

    Her expression and head shake say it all. Negative, superior, disdainful.

  • Sparky

    Moochelle’s eye roll, shake of the head, and sneer, indicate disgust and disdain.

    It is these unguarded moments that truly show how the Obama’s feel about America, which after sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, would only be “G-DAM America!.

    There are not enough foul expletives in the English language to describe these two!

  • A Mom

    From my hearing impaired son who is pretty good at lipreading and body language via facial expressions:

    “She did mention “here for the flag”, from the looks of how she shakes her head, it is obvious she says something related to cant believe we came here for the flag”.

    Just an observation for what it’s worth.

  • squeaky

    maybe michelle takes her cues about how to properly handle flags from these guys
    i’m sure just momentary confusion as she expected the flag to be jammed into a hefty and left by a dumpster.

  • jimg

    I mean, this is absurd. – alana

    No. It’s not.

    It’s a rare, yet direct look into her soul. And it’s not pretty.

  • ant

    All this for a flag. My best guess, all the defenders have given her more syllables than she said, and why would you ask, “was this flag ever thrown?” then shake your head and create that facial expression?

  • Andreas K.

    We don’t actually know what she said.

    However, the look on her face and the way she shakes her head are quite clearly not very positive. It’s a pretty condescending shake. Clearly not approval. You don’t shake your head for approval.

    Besides why would she approve of the ceremony or the flag? It took her hubby to run for POTUS for her to become proud of America the first time in her life.

  • she sure looks like she’d rather be someplace else.

  • American Patriot

    Too many people here are trying to give Mooochell the benefit of a doubt. What’s your gut telling you she’s saying? We can analyze the video over and over, but based her past associations and comments, we know how she feels about this country. With that in mind, it doesn’t take a certified lip reader to see what she says, nor do you have to be a body language expert to get the meaning behind the eye roll and head shake, anyone with kids has seen those often enough to know exactly what they mean. Combine the evidence, go with your instincts, and you’ll know exactly what she said and thought.

  • Petrakore

    I feel pretty strongly Moochelle says to Omarxist,
    “I wonder if they flew that flag?”

    Honestly, my dear Moochelle, does it really matter if that particular flag flew anywhere? You were attending, as American’s supposed First lady, one of the most monumentally important memorial services of our time. You knew full well cameras where likely filming you. Yet you are so UGLY to the core of your ‘G_d D_mn America’ soul that you couldn’t even hold your hateful, spiteful, disdainful tongue for one second, let alone until you could snark out of the public eye.

    You, my dear Moochelle, are as loathsome as you are toothsome. Loose lips sink ships, my dear. I can’t wait to see your black-hearted Marxist ship go down, down, down. And after sharing with us that snarky comment, there is no true-blooded American who will throw you a life ring. I look forward to watching you flounder in the roiling, fetid waters of your own making.

  • Purple

    Too short to tell what she said, nor does it merit analysis.

    There’s so much more that can be criticized in politics that actually affects Americans. Let’s not be picky over a two-second lip flap.

  • Lurvelymomma

    Repubs are nutz not to play this clip…oh, say, right before the election.

  • She should have stood very quietly and respectfully at the solemn ceremony. You didn’t see Mrs. Bush, who has class, making an aside to her husband. Michelle Obama is a PIG!

  • Redpillpatriot

    #60 is the closest!

    They never even flew that flag…. Then they smirk in disgust over the little people and their petty silly ceremony.

    I will withhold my personal comments so my post doesn’t get deleted and the secret service doesn’t kick in my door.

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  • Media Matters clears it up. Michelle said:

    “It is so moving and powerful to watch all that America’s firefighters and police officers do to honor the flag.”

    Her smirk was actually an expression of emotional awe.

    Seriously. Stop laughing, that’s what they said!

  • Dylan Roberts

    This B i t c h is the biggest piece of stin king CR AP this country has ever seen and we have to endure her as a FIRST LADY???? HA HA HA!! THIS IS A NIGH TMARE! When can we all wake up?? Along with her FR AUD husband – if their marriage is even legal – they have perpetrated the BIG GEST HO AX in American History. He was BO RN IN KE NYA and is NOT EL IGIBLE to BE President. IMP EACH Obama the S OB and get his Ha te-filled Am azon p ig-wife out of OUR WHITE HOUSE NOW!!!

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Liar! Gateway Pundit says that Michelle Obama said “all this for a damn flag.” Actually, the video doesn’t have audio of what she said, so Gateway Pundit just stuck his hand in his ass and pulled out this quote.

  • charlie

    Do the people spewing constant hate toward the Obamas on this and other blogs take a second to read some of the stuff they are writing and realise how crazy they are?

    Take a pill, see a professionaly, get some help. You’ve earned it.

  • American Patriot!

    She said
    “All this for a damn flag”
    “All this for a damn flag”
    “All this for a damn flag”
    “All this for a damn flag”
    Even a child could read those lips!

  • Alessio

    Even if she admits she said it, so what. She had already said “For he first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”. The Republican leaderhip and the conservative news outlets are too afraid to touch this, even if the premier lip reader in the world verifies it. C’mon folks, neither Michelle nor Obama understand the meaning of that flag.

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