Read into this what you will…
First Lady smirks and shakes her head at 9-11 flag ceremony.
By the way… What did she tell Barack?




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  1. She was probably saying that she was ready for another vacation.

  2. She said…”all that for a f*cking flag?”

    Yes. These people are in our White House.


    Way to go 52%’ers!

  3. “All this for a flag.”

  4. she was admiring the skirts on the bagpipers..Probably asked WTF what they wore uder them

  5. I’m sure there must be credible lip reader out there that can make out what she said. It’s obvious the last word was ‘flag’.

  6. “All this for a flag” and the The One nods

  7. “she was admiring the skirts on the bagpipers..Probably asked WTF what they wore uder them”

    Good a guess as any. Sure put a smile on his face didn’t it?

  8. most disgusting people in the world…most un-american, ungrateful SOB’S…time to flush their A$$ES out of OUR WH,,,then fumigate it

  9. No. In the video, upon further study, Michelle is asking “Is (or was) that a (or the) Confederate flag?”

    Someone was carrying a Confederate flag to show respect. The Obamas could never understand that good people died also on the losing side. They think everyone in the South owned slaves.

  10. The Michelle Obama Eyeroll – trademark – never before seen in a FLOTUS – and with God’s help will never again be seen. 2012 cannot get these carpetbaggers out of our House soon enough.

  11. Sorry I don’t have time to decipher the is/was…a/the…

  12. Yeah, looks to me like she is saying “All this for a f*g flag?”



  13. The disgust these people have for our country and all of our traditions is so clearly evident! No matter EXACTLY what she said, her MEANING is so obvious…the look on his face was as if to say “yep, these little idiotic americans…and their trivial love of country and flag…”WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THE WHITEHOUSE? This will go down in history as the biggest “hoax” played against this great nation and it’s great people. truly. Looking forward to their disgrace and downfall. Praying for them to have a change of heart…praying for our country to SEE TRUTH.

  14. Michelle: “Did you read the program? Those pipers are in clans! Clan Campbell, Clan Stewart….”
    Barry: “Damn racist Scots.”
    Michelle: “Racist crackers in skirts.”

  15. #13 Mel

    Fully agree with you and many on this posting. . .

    Perhaps she said, you now Barack, you are a one termer. .you are F#%ked! Or maybe she told him to hurry up and steal more from THOSE people!

    Not only a hoax or fraud but a sell out

    They are selling out our country to Sorros and China. . and now Obama wants to go further in debt with his Stimulus II Jobs Bill.

    They steal & spend like drunken thieves! Deflating the Dollar!
    Shudder when payback time arrives
    Here is but one possible scenario

  16. This only proves the fact that these two have been plants… Manchurian Candidates all along…….they will continue with the scorched earth policy and spending to the bitter end….

  17. Does this dress make my butt look big?

  18. Lip translation….” All white pigs acting stupidly….They look like Larry Sinclair’s lawyer in those kilts….You should pardon JoAnne Chsimard now. “

  19. The last four words are “folding of a flag.”

  20. Weather Undergrounder JoAnne Chesimard AKA Assata Shakur…

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