Mayor Bloomberg Defends Banning Clergy & Rescue Workers From 9-11 Anniversary Ceremony (Video)


Unsung Heroes

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is banning religious leaders and rescue workers from the 9-11 anniversary event tomorrow morning.
He says, “We just don’t have room for them.”

343 firefighters and paramedics killed on 9-11.
60 NYPD and Port Authority police officers were killed that day.
They will not be represented at the ceremony.

Bloomberg insists that the separation of Church and state is in the Constitution. This is the same guy that bent over backwards for the 9-11 mosque.
What a disgrace.

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  • BS-meter

    What would Bloom(ing idiot)berg do if a group of people assembled and began giving their own invocation to those present? Have them arrested?

    This opportunist is insisting on more than his “15 minutes of fame”. The people of New Your should do as they wish, and ignore this horse’s ass.

    Who died and made him God, anyway?

  • Winston

    what an as$!

  • Major Kong

    If only the self-important, self-righteous, politicians could have taken the places of every selfless, heroic, first responder ten years ago.

  • Kate

    Vote the jerk out. Why they voted for him again is beyond me. Not to have clergy, police or firefighters there is a disgrace and an insult.

  • truth teller

    Again…why do WE accept these people? We are MANY…he is ONE. Somehow we need to muster the collective energy, get of our rumps and get active…more than words on a screen or in our homes.

    Stand up, remove these traitors from power and let’s get this country back on track. It’s not going to be easy or quick, but our children and grandchildren will look back and thank us. Just like we look back on the WWII generation with admiration. Too bad the great WWII generation had clueless children that destroyed our culture.

  • chuck in st paul

    the voters get the kind of government they ask for (and deserve)

    While I commiserate with the families of those who died that day, this is just one more obvious example of what’s been wrong with Dhimmeroid strongholds like NYC for decades now. It took 10 years to come up with a plan to rebuild on the site. In the mean time millions have been spent on useless committees and other inane BS while these ass biscuits run around like they’re still in high school and this is Student Council.

    This is a classic reveal. When a disaster hits and the Dims are in charge everything goes sideways or backwards. When conservatives (not necessarily GOP) are in charge things get done and quickly. The US military may have it’s moments of bad leadership but when the crappola hits the proverbial fan who ya gonna call – a hippie or a soldier?

  • Major Kong
  • wtd

    Consequences. This opprobrious moment in time is to forever be Bloomberg’s shameful legacy.

  • ar05075

    Thousands of mooselimbs in NYC can block traffic every week to pray to their death cult but there is no room for a few hundred real Americans at this memorial.
    It’s an Obowma world.

  • truth teller

    First, throw political correctness out the window and don’t be afraid to tell your family and neighbors what you really think. If they don’t like it, educate them about why your perspective makes sense.

    Second, let’s stop putting our soliders in danger by tiptoeing around the enemy…we have invested in strong weapons…let’s use them. Although collatoral damage is not great, the world will know we are serious and will not want the Muslim threat in their backyard (as they will not want to become the collatoral damage).

    The time is now to get serious.

    Screw the Mulims, screw the liberals, screw Obama and his admirers.

  • Bunni

    What an evil scumbag. They “had room for them” when these brave people risked their lives and died, and now suffer horrible diseases, to RESCUE PEOPLE.

    This totally sickens me, and spits on the Memory of all the murdered people.
    I really don’t think I can stomach to watch any coverage of this, it’s all a farce, esp. when obummer shows up. God help us.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    bloomberg makes billions in the middle east. he is keeping people that the musilims don’t like away for his own personal financial interest. i guess the only people allowed will be the taliban and al-qaeda.

  • StrangernFiction
  • jNYC

    Pameller has arranged an alternative 911 ceremony at 3pm that includes clergy & responders.

    “AFDI/SIOA 9/11 Freedom Rally Welcomes Clergy, First Responders, 9/11 Family Members Banned From Official Ceremonie Join us as we honor the victims and rededicate ourselves to fighting for freedom on September 11 at West Broadway and Park Place at our 911 Freedom Rally”

  • LAdue Pundit

    Where is that phrase in the Constitution, Mr. Mayor? Nowhere.

    Bloomberg is a RINO. He exempted himself from term limits so he could impose trans fat bans and mega-mosques on his subjects. They deserve him, he could have been recalled years ago.


    again…this is what we are seeing more and more of… mooslum appeasers trying to be politically correct…time for bllomberg to be put out to pasture along with all other mooslime sympathizers…

  • succotash

    IMHO,it is a national disgrace that first responders and clergy were banned from 9/11 memorial. I will proudly fly my flag and say prayers for those whose lives were taken so heinously by islamic jhadists on Saptember 11,2001. As I have said before “God keeps good records”.

  • Ipso Facto

    This is a Judeo/Christian nation. There is such a thing as an interfaith ceremony – it has been done thounands of times.

    We must realize that Bloomberg REPRESENTS NYC. Don’t go there, don’t have a meeting nthere, don’t even drive through. There are many places in America where you can see wonder theatre, museums and fine culture – where the people are even POLITE and you can drive on the streets!

  • arnonerik

    Bloomburg was elected by sophisticated New Yorkers because they felt that a smart successful business man could run that huge enterprise better than the other candidates.
    They have since discovered that a soulless leader is worse than no leader at all. Bloomburg, who also acts like a Godless individual, bases his agenda and fashions his world view from what perspective? We can only speculate. Even agnostics must see the value of leaders firmly ensconced in traditional Judaic-Christion ethics and principles as a good clue as to where and how he will lead his constituents.