Liberal Paul Krugman: Bush and Giuliani Are “Fake Heroes” Who “Cashed In” on 9-11 Horror …Update: The NY Times Pulls the Post(?) …Update: Nope, Still There

You have to admit, the title of his blog is perfect…
“The Conscience of a Liberal”

Today the New York Times “economist” and far left Keynesian, Paul Krugman, remembered 9-11 by attacking George Bush and Rudy Giuliani.

“Te(sp) atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror.”

Spoken like a true liberal.
(I posted a screen grab of the article in case it disappears.)

Brilliant. Krugman, the supposed liberal intellectual, calls for unity while viciously attacking conservatives. Really smart, Paul.

UPDATE: The NY Times has pulled the post. At least, it is no longer on Krugman’s home page.

UPDATE: Nope. The disgusting post is back up on his webpage.

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    maybe the A$$wipe should go live in the mideast with the stinky mooslums and see how much better it fits his ways of thinking

  • Chris M-G

    The reason is indeed obvious- he doesn’t want people correcting his warped vision of reality.

  • Rose

    Really SHOCKING that the Times pulled the story! Who do they think they are catering to?

  • jony101

    his conscience is getting to him and he is blabbing nonsense again to make himself feel better about himself. He needs quiet time with dr.phil so they can uncover his mental illness and treat it with medication. But the first step is admitting he has a problem and he admitted that by stating he is a “liberal”.

  • jorgen

    and real heroes like Krugman panicked and began pacifying the islamists.

  • Tom Shaughnessy

    The krugman piece is not pulled. It may be found at the link …

  • EVERYTHING is politics to a Liberal. Their politics fills the void created when they banished religion from their lives, thus everything must and will be politicized. Such vile creatures they are.

  • Dave in Houston

    Liberals have a conscience? Who knew?

    Fine creepy guy the Slimes has there. Even its low decency and taste level was offended by this.

  • a former dem

    Please do not tell me this was an actual post. Please let me this was from the Onion. Because I am getting very angry at the NYT and this fking a$$clown.

    and Thank You Gateway Pundit for capturing the title, etc, without websites like this, well we all know liberal lefties ABC, NBC, CBS would all cover for their liberal lunatic friends.

  • ed

    The post has NOT been pulled as of 10:02 EDT. It’s now the second one down. What an evil hateful little man. All Americans that supported and fought for the sincere views of those he mentioned (no matter how perfect or imperfect in hindsight) cashed in on 9/11 too by the logic of this scumbag. Burn in hell.

  • It was people like him and his blind hatred for all things conservative that made it a wedge issue. He is the one that rejected the calls of unity, deriding them as jingoism and banal patriotism, all due to his liberal intoxication. The man is a fool.

  • mg4us

    Disgusting. . . from the impotent idiot who believes aliens will attack earth over global warming

    FIRE Krugman!

    Until then, BOYCOTT the NYT and any sponsor of theirs. . .

    Call their advertisers and complain. . .

  • John Fembup

    Based on his published opinions–not just this article, but so many others–I think in Paul Krugman’s case the words “liberal” and “conscience” should never appear in the same sentence.

  • Scott

    If the post is live. NOT REMOVED.

  • Gideon Reed

    Krugman is no worse, nor any better than he ever is.
    How upsetting it must be to go through one’s life knowing that
    you will be blithely wrong on every issue and on the wrong side of every event.
    A fool and knave always. Forever. How daunting to be forever the miserable Junior High School sophist; the geek without any useful talent. A shorted figure of wild eyed dirision by genuine people. Paul Krugman is the “Sad Sack” in the Fractured Fairy Tales
    following the parade with a broom and dust pan; looking for Unicorn dropings to justify an otherwise worthless like.

  • MAJ Mike

    He was forced into it by the eeeeeeviile Teabaggers and the eeeville Booosh.


  • Sandra Kay

    The post is still there. Not pulled by the NYT.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Give a Libturd enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves. Let him talk all he wants. It just helps our cause.

  • I turned on my tv this morning and was greeted by an image of someone jumping from a burning skyscraper. You could see the terror and fear on his face. I think it was on Nat Geo channel or something. Subdued my ass, Mr. Nobel “Keynes” Krugman. Take a flying leap from a skyscraper and I might listen to you on the way down. You, your ideas and your “conscience” can all go to Hell where they belong. And God Bless the rest of us, (I know that’ll piss him off too!)

  • LaTX

    It has not been pulled. Just superseded by a newer post, but old one still there too. At least it is there for me to see it ….

  • daryl

    There was ONE guy I despised more than Krugman for his opposition to the Iraq war. John Murtha is no longer with us. Do us all the same favor krugman, you slimy piece of dog sh*t.

  • mg4us

    Bush and Giuliani stepped up and LED in a time of chaos & confussion. . . they gave hope and acted responsibly

    Unfortunately there are so-called Americans that don’t think of 9-11 the way many of us do.
    How many of us remember what President Bush signed into an Executive Order?

    Yes shame on me for not remembering or knowing that President Bush signed this into an Executive Order

    Shame on ALL of us for not remembering or knowing

    And Shame on the Media – – MSM and others for not remembering or reminding us.

    I hope President Bush does so today in his talk at Groiund Zero. .
    Remind us that 9-11 is a Day of Prayer & Remembrance. .
    even though others (Bloomberg & Obama) ban clergy & religious leaders from the event

    or some (Obama) have the AUDACITY, not of Hope, just AUDACITY to call this a Day of Community Service rather than honor, remember and pray for those who died needlessly that day and those who died and were injured helping others.

    This is why a special HOLI-day is needed. . .
    one where Federal and many businesses are closed for the day. . .
    one where School is closed for the day. . .
    one where ALL can take time to reflect and be with family, loved ones & friends.

    Since Labor day is so close. . .let’s drop Labor Day and establish
    9-11 as THE official government holiday.

    Call your Congressman and request this.

    9-11. . . We will NEVER Forget!

  • exceller

    a small minded bitter little man, writing for the fishwrap of record. these people disgust me.

  • KrugmanIsDouche
  • FurryGuy

    I just checked the NYTimes link, and they have NOT pulled Krugman’s rant.

  • a former dem


    I say this as a recovering liberal, I say let Krugman and the NYT spew their hate for America and Americans…. the moderate, conservative dems have fled the party, lunatics like Krugman, CBC, could hide behind the somewhat sane centerist dems in the past, now that they have fled, what we are seeing now the full exposure of america-hating lunancy on display.

    I speak as a former dem, I for one had no idea the derangement of some of these folks — until 2008, and its gotten worse since then, I say let them keep speaking, spewing out their nonsense, their hate, when such items are on full display with nothing to hide behind, you will see more and more people wake up, they won’t say it out loud, but in their minds they will start seperating the lunatics from having influence in their thought process.

  • Multitude

    Krugman is unhinged and unwell, also reflective of the contemporary Progressive mind.

    On December 30 2008, Krugman wrote in the same New York Times blog “The Con-science of a Liberal” that in reaction to Hurricane Katrina, Bush was disconnected. He claims that the reason Bush was seen to be disconnected and bungling was because he was indeed detached, not engaged sufficiently on Katrina, and not on Afghanistan. Bush did not make a big enough issue out of these two events.

    So now Bush’s 9/11 response is “too much” spectacle? And as measured by whom, some faux economist hack who had to carve out a niche writing propaganda for the illiterate masses because he couldn’t fool the real professionals? Conning Economic Science, indeed.

  • Lucy

    The Krugman post isn’t pulled, just moved down.

  • NeoKong

    Typical liberal POS. He spews off with all his hate and anger and then shuts the comments off like a little bitch.
    Honest to god…isn’t the NYT’s the most hateful, angry, paranoid left-wing America hating rag that there ever was…?

  • Al Wilson

    What a disgusting piece if trash this Paul Krugman is.

  • offalbarf

    i’d like to remove his beard with duct tape.

  • John Fembup

    “I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.”

    Yes indeed, quite obvious Krugman is a coward.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Honor, duty and reverence mean nothing to these people. Indeed, we live in times where ‘fair is foul and foul is fair’. Times when vices are virtues and virtues are vices. Who will hold up the banner of decency and honor? Anyone? Where have all the adults gone?

  • MDd

    The Conscience of a Liberal is a very dark place to even contemplate, much less visit. Conscience is our inner mechanism for determining right from wrong, or more aptly, Right from Left. Liberalism really is a mental illness.

  • Missy8s

    Reply to #25 Furry Guy

    Good, I hope everyone reads it and that Krugman and the NYT are eviscerated for their Anti American hatred and ignorance.

  • Jack

    Shut up, he explained.

  • Ginger

    Krugman …Talk about cashing in what do you think you are doing? SCUMBAG!

  • Gideon Reed

    I usually do not comment on an issue more than once,
    but I am compelled by Mr.Krugman’s diseased outlook.
    Paul Krugman is the foul brown smear in the already
    badly soiled knickers of the “elderly gray lady”.

  • raindog


    You are free to move to many, many other countries. Why do you continue to live in one that you dislike so much? Wouldn’t you be a lot more content somewhere else? I know that the rest of us would be a lot happier if you would move. Please go. Really, you’ll be much happier where you aren’t tormented like you are here. I suggest North Korea. There’s absolutely nothing to complain about there. Just ask anyone when you get there, whether it be an ordinary citizen or someone in the government.

  • Dave

    Still there.

    And still a massive disrespect for the American public and for his employer as well.

    The fact he refuses to allow comments shows he knows full well he has now gone beyond the pale of anyone to be publiched by a “newspaper of record.”

  • FurryGuy

    #29 September 11, 2011 at 9:21 am
    NeoKong commented:

    isn’t the NYT’s the most hateful, angry, paranoid left-wing America hating rag that there ever was…?

    No, just the most visible one because of the size of the market area

  • dmacleo

    the post is still there or at least its back for now.

  • HenryD

    Piece still there as of 10.36a

    What a despicable human being, complete and utter scum.

  • He’s right despite himself: there were people who turned this into a wedge issue, there are people who were shameful, and we did have ten years of shame and horror because of guys just like Krugman who spent their every waking moment trying to betray the soldiers in the field, undermine America, embolden and increase morale in our enemies, and weaken the very liberties that he takes advantage of every day. The actions and statements of the left for the last 6-10 years were utterly shameful, inexcusable, and reprehensible.

    As Orwell would put it: they were objectively on the side of our enemies.

  • Bubba

    What a sick depraved menatlly ill sad sack specimen this little man, is. Absolutely poisoned by the liberal mindset. Of course he won’t (this post will probably earn him a special Pulitzer Prize), but this a**hole should be fired immediately. It’s scum like this that are going to make watching Barry crash and burn in 2012 and pull the entire dem party down the toilet with him. Reap it, you freak loser, Krugman.

    He’s probably bitter because no one is saying that the obscure back bencher state senator Barak Hussein Obama acted heroically. “Come on…why are we not reporting on Obama’s stoic words on 9-11??? Why do we only get endless soundbytes from the grand stander Bush???”

    Sit and spin, Krugman, you gutter trash filth.

  • RedBeard

    #32: Precisely right. Typical behavior for a craven leftist. Hide behind the keyboard while typing filthy comments, then hide some more out of fear of return comments. What a small man Krugman is. A microbial piece of human debris.

  • kansas

    I really admire the posters above me, because I cannot think of one word to describe Krugman that would pass a nasty word filter. Although I did see where a rat attacked a woman on the NY Subway. I wonder if Krugman has an alibi.

  • L. E. Liesner

    This babbling fool only lends more credence to the theory that liberalism is a mental disease. You can see that this “we will never forget 9/11/01” is only talk, these liberals have already forgot that this was an act of war. They blame our country for everything that goes wrong in the world, even if it happens to us. American Exceptional-ism has become a dirty word and a Muslin terrorist act of aggression has become an act of honor to these ingrate liberals. Only liberals could believe that “community service” will soothe the pain that the terrorist inflicted upon our country. “Vengeance is mine” saith the Lord, and our job is to get these terrorist up before Him so he can administer that vengeance.

  • Highlander


  • Ginger

    Off Topic

    OK! People time to contact your congress person and senator before Thursday and give them your strong opinion!

  • avery

    “Beckly”on the Five a couple days ago said we need to forget 911 get over it,We must never forget and teach our kids what happen because history wll be Re written.

  • Rick

    I think John Stuart Mill had Krugman in mind when he wrote,

    “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

  • Patty

    I believe there couldn’t have been another president other than Bush during this horrible time in history.

    He was ready to serve and protect America when he took office. The disrespect of a nation by some for him was evident during his last years in office. Now, there are some who just want the evil to keep rearing its ugly head.

    This is another liberal writer’s point of view but it is put in an entirely different way:

    The treatment President Bush has received from this country is nothing less than a disgrace. The attacks launched against him have been cruel and slanderous, proving to the world what little character and resolve we have. The president is not to blame for all these problems. He never lost faith in America or her people, and has tried his hardest to continue leading our nation during a very difficult time.

    Our failure to stand by the one person who continued to stand by us has not gone unnoticed by our enemies. It has shown to the world how disloyal we can be when our president needed loyalty — a shameful display of arrogance and weakness that will haunt this nation long after Mr. Bush has left the White House.

    Jeffery Scott Shapiro

  • Comanche Voter

    What can you say about Krugman? Giulani and Bush are “fake heroes”.

    But Krugman is a real turd.

  • NavyMom

    What a sick, twisted, and obviously impotent little man he is.

  • Terp Mole

    Krugman’s view is precisely why Leftists trotted out Paul Simon to sneer his paean to nihilism at Ground Zero this morning;

    And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made…

    Who sings that at a memorial service? WTF did that nihilistic hippie sneering have to do with honoring the heroism and dedicating our memorial to 9/11?

    Leftism is a mental disorder.

  • Patty

    When men find it to ridicule wrongly the character of another man, it shows they themselves haven’t great character.


  • great unknown

    Before the next election, somebody should print up and circulate a flyer with the Krugman article, with a simple heading: “This is what Paul Krugman and the New York Times think. They also support Obama and other liberals. Draw your own conclusions.”

  • kansas

    Where was Krugman hiding on 9/11?

  • anozira

    he’s trying to make himself feel self important and it’s not working. he’s a lib idiot!!!!

  • workingclass artist

    Krugman is a example that insanity never takes a holiday….then again neither does the morally reprehensible.

  • Patty
  • Radegunda

    Did Krugman ever scold the Dems who said it was too bad that 9/11 hadn’t happened under Clinton so that Billy-boy could have a chance to be heroic? (after his flaccid response to the previous terror attacks).

    Did he scold the Dems who cynically exploited the Tucson massacre in an effort to silence everyone who disagreed with them? Or Clinton, when he exploited the OKC bombing to attack his critics? Or the European leftists and Muzzies who are exploiting the Norway massacre to silence critics of multiculti pro-Islam policies?

  • Patty

    We must keep on hitting the liberal like Krugman with the facts and not with another hateful attack. They thrive on this hate. They love to see reactions on the right.

    If Krugman wanted to get his liberal thoughts out in a manner that wasn’t worded so inappropriate then maybe he wouldn’t have had it pulled from NY times.

    Very surprised too they pulled it, thanks, someone has some respect.

    Hate is hate and it has no place and it is losing. Hate is hate and we must never condone it.

  • StrangernFiction

    #52 September 11, 2011 at 10:45 am
    Rick commented:

    That describes a Repubican, not Paul Krugman. Krugman IS the enemy.

  • SShiell

    Paul Krugmann is the poster child for the Progressive Movement. It is no wonder that more and more “Former Democrats” are showing up and commenting in forums like this. The Democratic Party has driven out all who profess even a moderate position. You are either with them on the far left or against them. I can’t wait for 2012 when we can reserve for the Progressive Movement that special place in hell they so richly deserve.

  • gus

    I remind all of you that Obama’s close friend (NOW UNDER THE BUS) Bill Ayers was in the NEW YORK SLIMES on 9/11/01.

    Read all about it. This the type of person OBAMA ASSOCIATES WITH.

  • ohio

    Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman.
    And people consider this maggot intelligent?

  • mark l.

    his career is over.

    how much time and consideration did krugman put into it?
    note the “te” in the original.

    dude didn’t even edit his own work.

  • Patty

    Obama is in dire need of all the help he can get. And if I were him and he reads this trash I would quietly ask Krugman to keep his filthy mouth shut.

    This will not bring Obama numbers back up.

  • kato

    The New York Times is supposed to be the premier liberal paper in the country. Yet the best it can offer on its opinion pages is Krugman, Dowd, Friedman, Rich, etc.? Certainly there must be a few liberals who are not as shallow and mean-spirited as this gang of losers.

    I believe Daniel Henninger had it right: The liberals have never been able to get over the election of 2000.

    This resentment seems to have deranged the liberal mind so that it can no longer apprehend the events of the real world without succumbing to a compulsion to twist them into fiction that always casts George W. Bush as the villain.

    The accusation that Bush “cashed in” doesn’t even have any facts behind it. But I do know the name of one subprime blowhard, who with his wife, has been cashing in for years, and will cash in even more when he gets someone to write that third memoir about his “historic” presidency.

    Keep kissing that black ass, Krugman. Maybe he’ll hire you to write that novel.

  • Freddy

    Krugman is a liar.

    He needs to be asked to defend his lies every time he speaks, or writes. He needs to be reminded of his lies every day until he finally leaves the public forum.

  • rbosque



  • mark l.

    one other side note…
    his blog forum is called “the conscience of a liberal”.
    how appropriate.
    considering more than 1/3 of dem primary voters believed in a 9/11 conspiracy, and were bouyed by the liberal darling, howard dean:

    “The most interesting theory that I’ve heard so far – which is nothing more than a theory, it can’t be proved – is that he was warned ahead of time by the Saudis,” Dean told a caller to Washington, D.C’s “Diane Rehm Show,” according to a transcript obtained by Opinion”

    my one question for krugman:
    at what in your mind did you come to terms with the fact that 9/11 was NOT a conspiracy?

    krugman’s vitriol didn’t just spring up from his bitterness and jealousy about the massive rejection/embarrassment of keynsian theory to a ‘different’ crisis…
    he is sitting on something special, exclusively defined by 9/11 and his hatred of republicans.

    he tipped his hand, today.

  • President Potemkin

    Let this @$$hat keep writing his drivel for the NYT. As despicable as his words are, they are a reminder why I am no longer a democrat. Better to have liberals express their true opinions on the record, than to hide their disdain for our country, hoping to get their party elected next year pretending to represent the majority of American’s values.

  • J

    So, this is the guy that thought it would help the economy if we were invaded y space aliens, right?


  • bg


    only ONE cashing in on anything is the devil you sold your
    soul to Mr. Krugman, and i think we all know who that is..


  • Buffalobob

    What I fine amazing about this man is that he is well educated, well published, knowledgeable about world and domestic events, and yet he appears to be blatantly stupid. Liberalism as a mental disorder is the only explanation.

  • Patty

    No surprise here: hack columnist Paul Krugman is among the first to seek political advantage from mass murder:

    We don’t have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was.

    Really? Based on what?

    She’s been the target of violence before. And for those wondering why a Blue Dog Democrat, the kind Republicans might be able to work with, might be a target, the answer is that she’s a Democrat who survived what was otherwise a GOP sweep in Arizona, precisely because the Republicans nominated a Tea Party activist. (Her father says that “the whole Tea Party” was her enemy.) And yes, she was on Sarah Palin’s infamous “crosshairs” list.

    You do know that anything that is bad and happens under Obama, Krugman is the indicator many of the left jumping off ground.

  • jainphx

    The left, in Obama, got everything they have always wanted and hoped for, couple that with a filibuster safe senate and huge majority in the house. Funny thing though is everything they always dreamed of was passed and “IT DIDN’T WORK” on the contrary it was and is a complete bust. Watching your whole life’s work go up in flames, would tend to drive the weak minded insane, especially when your opposition told you what would happen.

    Krugman has gone around the bend, and is now lashing out, he needs help, and fast before he hurts his self.

  • Andreas K.

    The guy is praising Gordon Brown in one of his “articles”. The man who, together with Tony Blair, brought the UK where it is now, on the ground.

    Krugman is a lunatic.

  • Andrew

    Krugman speaks the truth. It is difficult to take, but it is true.

  • Rock

    A little man, with a little mind, of little reverence in a sane world.

  • Patty

    Within hours after Jared Loughner’s killing spree, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman went straight for the gutter, proclaiming, with no evidence whatsoever, that Loughner’s act was in all likelihood “political,” and going on to blame Republicans for the murders.


    This is his style and it is one of the many reasons that liberals like him cannot be trusted.

    He is on of the many No journalists that have tried but not succeed to take down the Republic party. This was so evident during the Bush years. Well, we have changed and many independent and democrats have wised up.

    And yes, NY times should pull it. But they should also make darn sure that there are facts to back up these nonfactual articles. Lawsuits should be filed every time they publish this crap.

  • Gman

    What I fine amazing about this man is that he is well educated,….

    Well Educated doesn’t mean smart. For some reason liberals think educated automatically equals intelligence.

  • Faithful

    I beleive it was Krugman who said another terrorist attack would be good for the economy.

  • Patty
  • Conservative Ken

    You can’t comment on the NYT article but you can load up his Facebook page!

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  • Patty
  • lynched1

    I’d just like to punch Krugman in the face

  • Andreas K.

    Andrew, what is the truth?

    The truth is whatever you want it to be, whatever you want to believe in. The truth is fluid, always in motion.

    Fact, however, is that Krugman is strangely silent about Obama trying to use 9-11 to push his “national service day” crap (which reminds me a lot of the stuff Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia did all the time.) No, he just fires at Bush & Co. How strange. Must be a coincidence… oh wait… he’s a liberal. Sorry, no coincidence there.

    Also love how his “blog” is called “conscience of a liberal”, as if liberals have something like that. The hypocricy of guys like him is amazing. He’s one of the guys who would whine at the shootings in Norway, and cheer on the 16,000 babies who are murdered in the same country every year. Yep, his ilk cries over 80 dead kids who were shot, but smile at 16,000 kids who get “aborted” every year.

    Conscience, yeah, right.

    He’s a lunatic selling his nonsense as fact. And too many people believe it. The idiot believes the UK will be unscathed by a Euro crash. Hey Krugman, read the Lisbon Treaty. When the Euro goes down, we all go down, the UK included. They can’t escape. They just don’t have the Euro, but they’re still screwed.

  • FurryGuy

    Krugman’s rant is still on his NYTimes’ “homepage, just not so obvious because it is not the first item on the list. His The Spanish Prisoner blather (ooh! look at the pretty graphs!) is more than sufficiently long enough to push The Years of Shame into scroll down territory.

  • rbosque

    Go piss on yourself Andrew. Bastard.

  • jainphx

    The left showed their patriotism for about five minutes and then spent the next 8 years trying to destroy Bush and the Republican party. They put forth lying garbage and half truths, but the real enemy, was given the old they were disadvantaged youths treatment.

    For people that live and profit in the greatest experiment in governess, that the world has ever seen, to hate it, is beyond madness.

  • Nancy

    Have you ever looked at this man’s eyes? They aren’t sane.

    Krugman is the poster boy for the Left — cowardly, angry and vicious. He wouldn’t know courage if he tripped over it. He is nothing but a pathetic little man who has nothing left but anger and a forum produced by others like him from which to spew his hate.

  • The deal is that real men that have to make ‘gutsy’ calls, like Bush and Guilliani did, expose effeminate little self-important males like Krugman as being exactly what they are – cowards. Why do you think he hid behind his comment ban on the article?

  • donh

    Cashing in ? We all saw the King of Saudi Arabia hand Rudy a check and Rudy refused to take it. This coward won’t even allow comments to his offensive work. Krugman has become the Dr. Strangelove of self loathing liberals. He will be shaming our war on terror all the way to doomsday….

  • LJ

    As usual, Krugman is spot on. The only thing to be proud of are the brave responders who acted out of human compassion, at great personal risk. That display of heart and humanity is what we should be proud of, not the political or nationalistic agenda 9/11 is now chained to .

    9/11, however, cannot be divorced from the misguided over-reaction that has been the last 10 years of war, a war that produces a 9/11-level of casualties very 3 weeks for Iraqis. That’s nothing to be proud of, and a chilling reminder that our over-reaction has not brought more freedom, only more death and terror.

    America is a great nation in a very tough spot, but we are badly misled and our resources are being squandered (as in $10b/mo). Those with heart and human compassion that saw their fellow New Yorkers in great danger and responded without regard for their own lives would be ashamed for what has been done in our name, and we should be as well.

    Those who died at the WTC on that day are in no way honored by the violence and hate that has erupted since. Krugman is correct again.

  • Molon Labe

    Krugman is representative of his class, generation, and peers. I am so content to live far from the lefty enclave that is NYC. Whenever someone says we’re all Americans, remember that people like this walk among us. They are not Americans. They are communists. Worse they are evil.

  • FurryGuy

    If Krugman’s rant is what Liberals consider conscience-driven, no wonder as a group Leftists are so amoral and lovers of evil.

  • Ginger

    Yes…They are selling their souls to the devil, and they may not believe, but some day they will feel God’s wrath. I pray very day for God to take over and take those evil people away from us.

    God Bless America

    p.s. Did any one but myself experience not being able to post on Jim’s blog this morning?

  • FurryGuy

    #99 September 11, 2011 at 12:14 pm
    LJ commented:

    Even the Lancet admits their Iraqi war casualty figures were VASTLY overinflated. Time to learn the facts instead of outdated discredited talking points.

    Yes, we ARE being badly led, and have been since 20 January 2009. For all the supposed errors Libs trash Bush about, Obama has increased things multi-fold on all fronts.

  • Jenny

    The tiny liberal mind embarrasses itself yet again. But for the good news, only 19% of the country are tiny liberal minds. The rest are enlightened.

  • jainphx

    Hey LJ, prove biology is wrong and go yourself.

  • Pingback: Untitled 1()

  • Leatherhelmet

    As usual, there is no human being (except maybe our president) who is so consistantly dead wrong as Krugman. I think it would be fair to label him a fake economist, since he writes to an agenda, not the truth or any kind of science. He is a simply a clown and every day more and more people are recognizing that which gives me hope for the country.

  • Spike

    Ugliest scu_mbag on the planet!

  • jainphx

    Just seen one of the best tributes to 9-11.Watching football. The Budweiser horses pulling the wagon stop at the site of the world trade center, and they all Bow down in unison. You have to see it.

  • rbosque

    Wow LJ, go take your stupidity elsewhere. You and Krugman are stupid asswipes. Defending America is worth any price. Idiot.

  • Pingback: Krugman: This is our day of national shame, or something « Hot Air()

  • bg


    donh #98 September 11, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    same prince who sponsored his HAAAHVAAAHD gig

    [flashback except for connecting links and tons
    more info in thread, more or less the same samo]


  • Rock

    The Lefts ability to fight for their Liberal agenda, while unwilling to fight for Americas freedoms tells me all I need to know about them. None of it positive. They will always find a way to criticize patriotism, flag, country, or any unity that supports Americas believe in herself. They are no more than jackals that try and steel the reward of others skill as hunters. They are as much a danger to America as any armed enemy we have faced, and should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Neo

    If Al Gore had won the presidency in 2000, would the world be…?

    And now this month’s fantasy hypothetical question. Twenty-five percent of Americans think the world would be a better place if Al Gore had won the 2000 presidential election and 16 percent think it would be a worse place. Predictably, the former group had more Democrats and the latter more Republicans (surprise!). The majority of Americans (56 percent) led by Independents did not think that the world would be very different at all. Based on the current activities (or lack thereof) occurring in our nation’s capitol the majority has it.

  • Ginger
  • Ginger

    It is about Krugman

  • CT

    Krugman himself is what should be removed from the public discourse there is no excuse for this weasel.

    “…I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons…”

    Is that an admission of his self worthlessness, guilt or disgust? Truly America and the so-called MSM can suffer the absence of this pathetic lost soul.

  • Calamity Jane

    jainphx commented:

    “Just seen one of the best tributes to 9-11.Watching football. The Budweiser horses pulling the wagon stop at the site of the world trade center, and they all Bow down in unison. You have to see it.”

    I saw the commercial and now “something” is in my eye.

    Budweiser always produces great spots (commercials), and this one is exceptional!

  • the real wow

    A little man with a big ego who has to resort to this in an attempt to be relevant. He doesn’t merit the attention he is getting thanks to the shock value of his slimy words.

  • Valerie

    Sen. Joe Lieberman is a Liberal. This guy is just a jerk who calls himself a Liberal, without thinking about how far he’s strayed from classic Liberal ideas.

  • Patty

    In trying to rewrite history, Obama and Bloomberg, in effect, try to steal from the people the true meaning of why citizens the world over will never forget what happened on that fateful day.

    Revisionists of 9/11 history fail and fail miserably for the truth is it is impossible to micro manage human emotion.

    Mayors and presidents can issue officialdom’s never-ending proclamations and decrees. They can ban clerics and first responders from the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

    They can send out “speaking points” to which all politicians will dutifully follow; they can even ban the words “al Qaeda” and “jihad” from being spoken.

    I defy Krugman to rewrite this or our nation’s history. The liberals will try but they will never succeed and Americans will never forget the real truth of that day and how it will forever be in our memories without Krugman insults. He takes pleasure in his hate and anger. And he will never take away with lies.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    He is just upset that the attack didn’t happen during clinton’s presidency so that Bubba could have cashed in… I mean, proven his leadership skills. Because after eight years Clinton never had an opportunity to prove he was worth the office.

    Sour grapes man, sour grapes. Liberals really suck.

  • gus

    Who the fvck is Paul Krugman?? An ugly c0ck sucker with a typcial, I AM A SMART LIBERAL….BEARD.

    The FACT that Krugman was GIVEN a NOBEL PRIZE for economics, pretty much disqualifies him as an expert on ANYTHING.

    At 9 am Central on 9/11/01, I called my older brother, who is a flaming LIBTARD and a FAILURE at anything he has ever done. I told him about the attacks and said, maybe this is what could UNIFY and bring Americans together.


    The last thing on EARTH that LIBTARDS want, is to COEXIST with you and I.

  • bg


    LJ #99 September 11, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Krugman is spot on.

    oh, and Bush was also right about it being a long war,
    we’ll be fighting it for at least 4 more decades, go fig..


  • Rock

    gus commented:
    The last thing on EARTH that LIBTARDS want, is to COEXIST with you and I

    Exactly right.

  • bg
  • Pingback: Perhaps It’s Time To Simply Ignore The NY Times » Pirate's Cove()

  • logicfirst

    This coming from a man that said” if only we had a fake alien invasion” or some other world event to scare the masses and organize them. He is a sick sociopath that is clinging to a failed ideology & economic theory.

  • bg


    Ginger #115 September 11, 2011 at 12:44 pm



  • You poor pathetic SOBs get your panties all in a wad when someone speaks the truth !!! It is FACT not fiction that Bush , Giuliani and all of the neo-cons have profited from the horror of 9-11 !!! Giuliani has a very successful security business and Bush has invested well into all the oil companies that have won contracts in Iraq !!! I would think you all would cheer the true capitalism ??? It would of made my day if NYPD arrested Bush today at the ceremony and charged him with CONSPRIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER !!!

  • retard alert #130

  • Rock

    Be more appropriate to arrest WTF for the Fast & Furious debacle. Oh I’m sorry pretty sure your Lefty LSM as not kept you abreast of that story.

  • jainphx

    Heyitsme Your pathetic post isn’t worth commenting on so just go—— your self.

  • Leatherhelmet

    LMAO at Krugman. Typical liberal, will not let comments on his trash. Shutting down free speech is high on his list on taking down America.

  • bg


    heyitsmekelly #130 September 11, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    oh please, your making Alex Jones look good.. /s/


  • Ipso Facto

    We should look upon Krugman’s hateful words as a precious gift.

    Have you ever gotten the feeling that Obama goes to great lengths to craft his words to conceal what he is actually thinking? This is because Obama, and many other Democratic leaders, think exactly like Krugman. They, however, unlike Krugman, employ hypocritical decency in order not to inflame people with their utter contempt for anything but uber-liberal doctrine.

    We should be immensely thankful for Krugman because he is taking what all the other Democratic leaders are actually thinking and putting it into words we can all easily understand.

    As was mentioned above, after the elections of 2008, when the Democrats had complete control of both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse, they were able to take their utopian liberal dreams and put them into place though laws and policies unencumbered by any conservative (bipartisan) interference. They had the perfect opportunity to follow Krugman’s advice to the letter. Yet, in doing so they created the worst economic conditions this nation has ever suffered since its founding. The moral of the story should be clear – extreme liberals have no business governing America because their philosophy is born of hate and resentment for people of accomplishment.

    The NYT has given us a great gift in publishing this man’s thoughts. He not only speaks for many Democratic leaders, he truly represents many in New York City, the epicenter of uber liberal thought.

    BTW – Under Krugman’s logic, when “fake heroes” like Clinton and Gore made speeches after Columbine, they too were just cashing in on the tragedy, is that right? Did he say that at the time?

  • RedBeard

    As others have indicated, there can be a vast chasm between schooling and education, and between IQ and wisdom. I’m sure Krugman was schooled extensively, and scores high on a standardized IQ test, but he lacks the real-world education and wisdom that should be parts of any mature adult’s mind.

    Krugman is basically an idiot savant; some of his economic theories are brilliant, worthy of the Nobel. But the man probably can’t compute the change from a dollar bill when buying a pack of gum, and most likely needs a handler to help him get his shoes on the right feet in the morning.

    I think it’s obvious what this says about those who choose to employ such a defective man as an opinion columnist.

  • Varmint Hunter

    I think Krugman’s efforts would best be entitled, “The SEARED Conscience of a Liberal.” The Apostle Paul was well-acquainted with this spiritual concept in his letter to Timothy.

  • gus

    Hey!! Look!!! It’s SMELLY!!! He won’t be around between the hours of 8:30am-3:30pm Monday thru Friday, except school holidays.

  • Valerie

    #56 September 11, 2011 at 10:58 am
    Terp Mole commented:

    I’d forgive Mr. Simon. This song fits well with the sorrow of someone who has experienced terrible loss. And, I doubt that he could have performed “Bridge over Troubled Water” at all with any conviction — his voice is gone.

  • Dave

    He’s got a subsequent and unrelated post (just more poor economic thinking) up today as well. Let’s just start commenting about his vile spewing about 9-11 on the comments section for the subsequent post.

  • Cbrown

    Krugman is part of the same political crowd that complained/wished 9/11 happened while Clinton was president because they wanted to get credit for “helping” America during a time of national crisis!

    Instead of helping, Clinton was part of the cause of 9/11 for his failures of dealing with Bin Laden and national security. He thought national security issues were boring!

  • ohiochili

    Oh, it’s smellykelly again.

    Go away. The oil does not quite reach your dipstick.

    Watch as Krugman self-destructs before our very eyes.

  • bg


    9/11, Bush, and the Ongoing threat of Radical Islam

    When we think about 9/11, we honor those who risked their lives, we
    watch the 9/11 video footage of the World Trade Center collapse, and
    we remember President Bush’s public address. On 9/11, Bush said that
    through the Pentagon and World Trade Center attack, the 9/11 terrorists,
    “can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot
    touch the foundation of America.”

    Ten years after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, the threat of Radical
    Islam is as great as ever. It is crucial to stay informed about this threat
    so that the words said on 9/11 by Bush hold true – “they cannot touch
    the foundation of America.”


  • arnonerik

    A disgusting worm of a man revealing his hate of America, its martyrs, and its heroes.
    If there ever was something that was unfit to print you can count on the NYT to print it anyway. Both Krugman and the NYT totally lack decency and judgment.

  • Marisa

    Speaking of ignorant Libs, did anyone catch the ceremony on ABC? They brought in Katy Couric, of all people, to host with Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopolos. The station kept cutting off the reading of the names of the 9-11 victims to go back to the hosts babbling. But, the high point had to be when Christiane Amanpour started to talk about how the Middle Easterns have picked up the ideals of human rights and liberty, resulting in the Islamic Spring. At that point, I just switched to Fox.

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  • myohmy

    Paul Krugman believes that alien invasion will bring the economy back. So, why would you want to believe this lunatic?

  • KDS

    Shut up Krugman ! You are the epitome of a shill…

  • Jim

    if this was 1789, he would have been hanged, drawn and quartered, and his entrails thrown into the street and BURNED…

  • Pingback: Political Fund Consultant » Blog Archive » Liberal Paul Krugman: Bush and Giuliani Are “Fake Heroes” Who …()

  • Rock

    Moonbattery has a post up with video that brings home the horror of that day. In truth watching just reaffirmed my believe that Islam must be driven from our land, and any who wish its presence here are attempting to destroy our way of life. While a powerful reminder of the evil we face do not watch if easily upset.

  • donh

    Krugman was probably on the phone to Bill Clinton day after the OK City bombing plotting how the party can exploit the bombing for political advantage.

  • greenfairie

    That’s why they didn’t fly the planes into NYT headquarters; Al Qaeda’s biggest supporters work there.

  • avery

    Eat your “PEA SOUP and shut up.

  • avery

    IF i knew how i would someone need to E-mail 152# that viedo clip to Hannity he about the only person that will show it.

  • Bert

    Paul Krugman, S.O.B.; fake economist, nobel winning Jewish pig (let the name-calling begin).

  • Yale_Class_ of_74

    Paul Krugman: The Ignominious Graduate in Yale’s Class of ’74.

    He just won’t stop — continuing to sling bilious arrows behind the soiled petticoats of the Gray Lady —

    This time though, in a notable feat of cowardice, inviting no one to comment upon his remarks.

    Congratulations NYT! With Krugman as your aft propeller, you have insured that a sacred American day is stained in your spiraling plummet. In the meantime, the rest of us patiently wait for gravity to do its work on you.

  • Robert

    What is most telling about Krugman and his ilk is the very fact that he spouts such petty and partisan drivel as his response to this day. Not a mention about the sacrifices made that day, nor the innocent lives lost to such evil.

    Instead, Krugman wallows in the filth of his limited worldview, forever mired in the muck of his agenda. Let him stay there, where he belongs.

  • Ipso Facto

    #152 Rock commented:

    “In truth watching just reaffirmed my believe that Islam must be driven from our land, …”

    This is absolutely correct. We should come to terms with the fact that Islam is not simply a religion. Islam is a complete totalitarian system wherein religion, law, culture and governance are all woven together. And yet, here in America we foolishly embrace the incoming waves of Islamic immigrants as though they will adopt the same love for this country that we saw in the great waves on immigration in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Let me tell you something. The followers of Islam who have come here will NEVER, EVER follow the path taken by the waves of European immigrants who came here and assimilated because they loved this country. The Islamic people who are coming here have no such intentions. We need to wake up and stop the madness of allowing these people to come here and practice their conquest under the guise of merely “practicing religious freedom”.

    We need to realize that the paradigm has completely changed. The problem is that they changed first and we have not yet fully come to understand what we are up against. When America was founded, it was inconceivable that any foe would be so zealous in his actions or so deceitful as to physically place himself in our midst only to kill himself (and many of us) by detonating the dynamite belt he is wearing as a weapon of warfare. Our entire legal system is thus based upon premises that are no longer valid. We are still operating as though enemies in warfare wear uniforms and declare their intentions up front through a declaration of war! This is preposterous!

    We have little comprehension of how Islam has changed the rules of warfare. We have no idea how the followers of Islam are using American freedom to obliterate American freedom. By allowing these people to migrate to America under the guise of religious freedom, we are allowing an insidious enemy to freely occupy our land. How is it that so many of us still cling to the false notion that all religious people are pious, humble and worthy of American citizenship? Can we not see the truth before our very eyes that we are dealing with people who are capitalizing on our good nature to do us in? Those of Islam follow the new paradigm, where deceit and human sacrifice are the norm, while we still believe that by being open and welcoming, we are people of virtue.

    Until we understand the new paradigm, we will continue to suffer incalculable losses such as 9/11. We need to adapt to the new paradigm and realize that just as we limit freedom of speech to disallow yelling “fire!” in a movie theatre, we must also limit the freedom of foreigners to come here to take over America by putting forth their façade of religious piousness. Behind that façade is nothing but evil intent. We are thus naïve. They are cleverly taking advantage of our naïveté and a legal system that was meant to deal with foes of 200 years ago.

    America is a Judeo/Christian nation and if we do not protect that culture, we will lose our entire nation. We need to STOP the immigration of people from Islamic countries to America.

  • RedBeard

    #157: Bert, your Jewish pig crack has me wondering if you are a false-flag troll, or simply a jerk. Which is it?

  • Pingback: Get Political Fund » Blog Archive » Liberal Paul Krugman: Bush and Giuliani Are “Fake Heroes” Who …()

  • americanempire

    yes, and america was built on the backs of slaves and its constitution written with the blood of natives.

  • americanempire

    the two parties appeal to the lowest common denominator to drive wedges between us. otherwise we would come together against them (oligarchs/elites). wake up.

  • Pingback: Paul Krugman Spews Again « Clear Fog Blog()

  • OneCanOnlyHope

    The fact of the matter is the world and especially the “American that the founding fathers started” would be better off if the following people would simply vanish from the face of earth: ALL Left Wing Loser Liberals, All Muslims and anyone who thinks Islam is a religion, 95% of Blacks in country and around the world, 99.99% of Canadians with the exception of Daniel Negrano, All Mexicans, All Venezuelians, All Cubans except for the baseball players, and the list goes on. The point is we don’t need any of the above as mentioned and the world, espeically american, will be better off. I didn’t include the North Koreans since we will annihilate them quickly like a fly swatter hitting a bug. Does that make me a Tea Partier? NOPE… Only a REAL AMERICAN… Oh, and I hope Paul Krugman dies a very long and painful death.

  • Pingback: While Thinking People Grapple With 9/11 Legacy, RWNJs Shoot The Messenger «

  • Bert #157

    Leave the Jewish out of it.. Jewish has nothing to do with Krugman’s stupidity.

  • Pingback: BizzyBlog()

  • Marcia

    So right-wing heads are exploding now that someone pointed to the nekkid Emperor.

    Good. Too bad it doesn’t happen more often.

  • BS61

    He may block comments, but he cannot escape twitter! @NYTimeskrugman

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  • Steve

    A long interview with Giuliani in Forbes; 17 pages when printed, 10 in the beginning about 9/11:
    (Not available now at 4 am ET…)

  • Pingback: The Morning Links (9/12) | From the Desk of Lady Liberty()

  • SOLO

    Krugman is a child molester so this trash of a white man has no credibility with me!!!!

  • Bert Duckwall

    This week’s attempt at journalistic trash was provided by one of the country’s most narcissistic contributors; Paul Krugman. My understanding is Krugman is a disciple of John Maynard Kenyes economic theory that dominated the US and other nations for three decades that posited real strength and stability in the economic sphere of human institutions was a strong guiding force of government. This has proven to be a very flawed theory yet still has its ardent supporters in witless adherents such as Krugman. Now, this ridiculous contributor of theoretical drivel declares that President Bush and Mayor Guiliani are somehow disaster profiteers. Krugman, who has never defended anything beyond his simple-minded theories, attacks the two leaders that needed to be at ground zero to assure the citizens we may bend but America will not break. For ten years under 4 city administrations and 2 opposing federal administrations been free from terrorist attacks although we have had numerous feeble terrorist attempts. On a day we commemorate the deaths of nearly 3000 Americans along with over 400 firefighters and police we have to read Paul Krugman’s cowardly column of non-sense. The New York Times first should never have given Krugman’s silly assessment a forum for discussion, and secondly should fire him for terminal insensitivity.

  • oldpink

    “I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.”

    Typical ferret-face Krugman.
    Put up the ugliest bit of slime to spread around, then shut off what will doubtless be a flood of derision and refutation.
    He’s the little kid in elementary school who hauls off and hits the biggest kid for no reason at all, then scurries behind the teacher to scream that the big kid is picking on him.
    You’re a perfect fit at the Slimes, and I’m going to enjoy it even further while your “Paper of Record” steadily degenerates into oblivion, dragging you, Friedman, and MoDo down with it.
    You all deserve each other.

  • 21 busboys with 99c ent boxcutters turned us into an Orwellian nightmare nation thanks to Bush…100000 dead iraqis stains the memory of 911

  • bg


    Jerry #178 September 12, 2011 at 11:30 am

    get well soon..


  • It appears that the article was temporarily pulled to fix multiple typos. Multiple layers, and all that.

  • MaryW

    #179, bg

    Haha, missed that Krauthammer article the first time around. Thanks for the link. Alas, I fear BDS is still alive and well.

  • Mole

    “Bush raced to cash in on the horror?” Seriously? What a dipsh!t.

  • Leslie Yarbrough

    Dear Paul Krugman,

    You wouldn’t know a real Hero if they were stand right in front of you . I hope The New York Times will fire you so you can go to work for Al Gore at Current Tv. If not why don’t you pick up a rifle and get droped off in Afghanistan and see how long you could stand your ground by yourself. Better yet take yourself, Maxine Waters, and the rest of U.S.A HATERS AND GO TO HELL!

    Leslie Yarbrough

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  • Bob Beers

    What liberal psuedointellectuals like Krugman mistakenly believe is that they have a right to force their opinion on everyone else. He does have a right to his opinion, he does not however have a right to expect publication.

    Publishers live and die by the dollar. If your paper publishes this traitor, cancel your subscription and read the free online edition.

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  • Pingback: » Blog Archive » To the List of Things Never to Forget About 9/11 …()

  • Whole lotta shakin’ the finger at Krugman but almost nothing in the way of an answer. He nailed it and gets crucified for his pains. America is so fake it’s laughable but Krugman ain’t laughing, he’s weeping for the loss, not just of lives but of spirit. All it takes is someone pulling up all solemn like with hand over heart and you rednecks go all soft and indulgent. 9-ll was a sucker punch from hell but Bush is the devil that took America down into the abyss.

  • Stu Rovin

    Paul Krugman; a liberal and proud of it. If what he’s saying wasn’t true, people could just dismiss it. Instead, every slimeball conservative/conservative-wannbe/sympathizer/teabag moron is jumping on his case. Sounds like he hit a nerve. And if anyone of these so-called Patriots had an I.Q. over 70, they’d realize that he isn’t dissing the tragedy itself i.e. “… the atrocity should have been a unifying event” but the very people who cashed in on it, who have obviously been lifted to the level of “Super Patriot” or “G-d” and whose motives cannot therefore be questioned. You people of small mind and smaller intellect have removed serious dissension from the public realm and replaced it with the bullying immature antics of the middle school playground. For shame!