Barack Obama told supporters today that he’s “fed up” and we’re in a “national emergency” and we “got folks who are purposely dividing.”
Via Breitbart TV:

Barack Obama to supporters:

“I get fed up with that kind of game plan, and we’ve been seeing it for too long. Too long. We’re in a national emergency. We’ve been grappling with a crisis for three years, and instead of getting folks to rise up above partisanship in a spirit that says we’re all in this together, we got folks who are purposely dividing, purposely thinking just in terms of how does this play out just in terms of this election.”




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    You and your Mao-loving administration have done nothing BUT divide, by incessant stealing and destroying and perpetrating hatred and lies.


  2. I have just finished two books that explain everything that our nation is facing so insightfully. the first book is ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’ by G. Edward Griffith and ‘Sovereignty or Submission’ by John Fonte. Both books offer up a true world look at the planned destruction of capitalism and ultimately our freedom. They should be required reading in America’s public schools.

    I urge you to pick up a copy.

  3. Unions vs. America.

    (your party’s perpetual-slave) Blacks vs. America.

    Useful Idiot TV-and-movie-Brainwashed vs. America.

    Barack, you puppet of Communists, YOU AND YOUR PUPPETEERS ARE THE CRISIS.

  4. He’s the folk he’s been talking about. The divider in chief. All he has done is divide since he has been in office.

  5. It is always about him. This time he got him correct.

  6. Doubling down on being a total p….k. His mistake is doing this type of rhetoric after ny09 and his poll numbers tanking and jobless numbers down. They will remove him from the equation pretty shortly. Lame duck.

  7. Let’s all face the bitter truth: Obama is a National Emergency.

  8. Demagogue. Hypocrite. Poseur. Narcissist. Failure. That’s our POTUS today. So let’s add: Pathetic.

  9. watching him lately is like watching a slow motion train wreck. his presidency is crashing and burning and he knows it. soon the media and key supporters will turn on him too once its clear that he probably will not be reelected its going to be a sweet to watch the media turn on him.

  10. Militant Conservative called it some time ago.

    Time to buy more ammo. Once the Executive orders start a flying, there won’t be ammo left on the shelves. (my words, not MC’s)

    Time to go shopping.

  11. SCOAMF Stuttering Clusterfu*k of A Miserable Failure

  12. He’s a national disaster we have been groping with for 3 years.

  13. A laser focus on jobs that allows plenty of time for blaming, whining, threatening and campaigning. So he doesn’t know anything about lasers, either.

  14. National emergency apparently Harry Reird doesn’t think so, he’s to busy passing more important bills like bike paths.

  15. On the news an African-American doctor said that after Obama’s election he had hoped that America had “grown up”. The truth is America has grown up but the African-Americans have not. They are consumed with their mantra about more for less. Since they support Obama by a margin of 94%, in these times, he must be doing thing fine in their sight.

  16. Did one slavering reporter say prior to the election, he had a perfect temperament?
    Yeah perfect for a kid on the first day at nursery school.

  17. The video makes won wtf look like he has lost his mojo

  18. Dear Mr. Cool…Mr never let them see you sweat…Your DESPAIR is showing…RESIGN while Biden can still pardon you.

  19. We have been in a national emergency ever since this Marxist moron was elected.

  20. His Laser like focus laser must have been made by one of his green solar, wind, battery compnaies that has gotten millions and gone bankrupt.

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