Horrible… Obama Says He’s “Fed Up” and We’re in a “National Emergency” (Video)

Barack Obama told supporters today that he’s “fed up” and we’re in a “national emergency” and we “got folks who are purposely dividing.”
Via Breitbart TV:

Barack Obama to supporters:

“I get fed up with that kind of game plan, and we’ve been seeing it for too long. Too long. We’re in a national emergency. We’ve been grappling with a crisis for three years, and instead of getting folks to rise up above partisanship in a spirit that says we’re all in this together, we got folks who are purposely dividing, purposely thinking just in terms of how does this play out just in terms of this election.”

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  • Taqiyyotomist


    You and your Mao-loving administration have done nothing BUT divide, by incessant stealing and destroying and perpetrating hatred and lies.



    I have just finished two books that explain everything that our nation is facing so insightfully. the first book is ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’ by G. Edward Griffith and ‘Sovereignty or Submission’ by John Fonte. Both books offer up a true world look at the planned destruction of capitalism and ultimately our freedom. They should be required reading in America’s public schools.

    I urge you to pick up a copy.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Unions vs. America.

    (your party’s perpetual-slave) Blacks vs. America.

    Useful Idiot TV-and-movie-Brainwashed vs. America.

    Barack, you puppet of Communists, YOU AND YOUR PUPPETEERS ARE THE CRISIS.


    He’s the folk he’s been talking about. The divider in chief. All he has done is divide since he has been in office.

  • mercador

    It is always about him. This time he got him correct.

  • Jenest2001

    Doubling down on being a total p….k. His mistake is doing this type of rhetoric after ny09 and his poll numbers tanking and jobless numbers down. They will remove him from the equation pretty shortly. Lame duck.

  • Rusty_Bucket

    Let’s all face the bitter truth: Obama is a National Emergency.

  • mbabbitt

    Demagogue. Hypocrite. Poseur. Narcissist. Failure. That’s our POTUS today. So let’s add: Pathetic.

  • exceller

    watching him lately is like watching a slow motion train wreck. his presidency is crashing and burning and he knows it. soon the media and key supporters will turn on him too once its clear that he probably will not be reelected its going to be a sweet to watch the media turn on him.

  • Midwestengr

    Militant Conservative called it some time ago.

    Time to buy more ammo. Once the Executive orders start a flying, there won’t be ammo left on the shelves. (my words, not MC’s)

    Time to go shopping.

  • blindgoose

    SCOAMF Stuttering Clusterfu*k of A Miserable Failure

  • Sasja

    He’s a national disaster we have been groping with for 3 years.

  • Nelle

    A laser focus on jobs that allows plenty of time for blaming, whining, threatening and campaigning. So he doesn’t know anything about lasers, either.

  • National emergency apparently Harry Reird doesn’t think so, he’s to busy passing more important bills like bike paths.

  • grassfarmer

    On the news an African-American doctor said that after Obama’s election he had hoped that America had “grown up”. The truth is America has grown up but the African-Americans have not. They are consumed with their mantra about more for less. Since they support Obama by a margin of 94%, in these times, he must be doing thing fine in their sight.

  • vityas

    Did one slavering reporter say prior to the election, he had a perfect temperament?
    Yeah perfect for a kid on the first day at nursery school.

  • greg

    The video makes won wtf look like he has lost his mojo

  • donh

    Dear Mr. Cool…Mr never let them see you sweat…Your DESPAIR is showing…RESIGN while Biden can still pardon you.

  • Rachelle

    We have been in a national emergency ever since this Marxist moron was elected.

  • bigkahuna

    His Laser like focus laser must have been made by one of his green solar, wind, battery compnaies that has gotten millions and gone bankrupt.

  • JoyO

    How does he think the average American citizen feels? In the past three years, we’ve watched the Progressive Democrats pass the Stimulus Bill and use the preponderance of Stimulus money used to protect public employee jobs. We watched GM bond owners lose their shirts when our rule of law was not followed — solely for the benefit of the Unions. We watched the Democrats pass Obamacare when 80% of Americans were very happy with the health insurance they had. We watched them meet behind closed doors to discuss Obamacare — with no Republicans allowed to attend these meetings. We know about the Louisiana Purchase, the Nebraska Kickback, and the special deals with the Unions, etc., used to get Obamacare passed. We know that the Democrats funded Obamacare by cutting Medicare by $500 billion and raising taxes by $500 billion. We understand that the majority of the 1,300+ waivers for Obamacare were granted to Unions. We know that middle class Americans will be the people paying for Obamacare. It is obvious that the President’s new Stimulus Bill (aka the American Jobs Act) is primarily to provide jobs for the Unions using our money. Our economy may recover from all of the Stimulus Bills, however, it will never be able to survive Obamacare.

  • Al-Barack Obama

    If you love me, kill them. Fly, fly, fly!


  • Alana

    Sounds like desperation to me, but mostly hubris. “How dare people not do what I tell them to do!”

    Live by the division, die by the division.

    His fault for kicking everybody not kissing his butt to the curb. Now he gets to reap the results of that.

    When you make enemies of everybody (including half the country), well, they’re not just real inclined to hop when you say frog.

  • Valerie

    “we got folks who are purposely dividing, purposely thinking just in terms of how does this play out just in terms of this election.”

    — yes, bub, and that’s you.

  • myohmy

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. In other word, R-E-S-I-G-N.

  • Marie

    His sinking poll numbers are not a national emergency.

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama lies so earnestly and effortlessly.

  • Dick Turpin

    Pot meet Kettle…

  • Alana

    Maybe it’s just me, but his audience didn’t look or sound that thrilled. (Except for a bit of church-like “yeahs”).

  • Positively stunning — coming from the Divider-in-Chief.

  • czekmark

    “we got folks who are purposely dividing, purposely thinking just in terms of how does this play out just in terms of this election.”

    Yes, Obama, we sure do and those folks are YOU!!.

  • Buffalobob

    This affirmative action community organizer and his lovely wife have set race relations in this country back 60 years. The coming race riots will be rightly blamed on his 20 years of indoctrination by the divisive Rev. Wright’s teachings and his hatred for white colonialism.

  • Scott

    Hussein is spending four trillion dollars a year…What is he whining about? He’s still trying to play the blame game…Yeah, if Congress would just throw in another 400 billion after the nearly 12 trillion this man-child has spent in less than three years, everything would be just peachy…He is the face of the dysfunctional Federal government.

  • StrangernFiction

    SØBama lies so earnestly and effortlessly.

    He’s a real piece of work, that’s for sure.

  • nobody

    Obama robs from the poor and gives to his filthy rich – and blames the poor. FO! Obastard!

  • driguana

    Obama is the great continental divide…..and not very intelligent to boot.

  • Black Sabbath

    DO NOT GO THERE, President Obama! We will not sit idly by if you pull a reichstag fire.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I hope that God intervenes before the Democratic Party does what they do.

    If they do this thing, which I think they have the propensity, inclination, and motive to do, then bad (very bad) times will follow.

    If the Democratic Party does the hideous thing which I think they just might do, (and, as part of the plan frame/blame the TEA Party, Republicans, Christians, conservatives, and the otherwise Incorrect Thinkers), then the resulting chaos will make the Paul Wellstone Memorial Rally look like a nonpartisan cakewalk.

    The Democratic Party has the best writers of Hollywood on its side — setup, manipulation, deception: all good!

    Headed to the camps, we all are, and soon, if the Democrats get their way.

    (And it’ll probably all be faked anyway, allowing Barack to live anonymously on some island paradise for decades, while the rest of the world assumes some “rightwing wacko”, um, “took him out. Because everything these people do is deception, and because Barack is too much of a sitzpinkler pu**y to REALLY martyr himself, NO MATTER THE CAUSE)


  • DaveinPhoenix

    He’s fed up ? These creeps had a clean sweep for 3 years + (House, Senate majorities +White House), not to mention Democratic majorities in nearly every statehouse in the nation. And he’s fed up with the results of that fact, and fed up with those of us complaining about it ? And sorry, his idea of us working with him is for us to be bent over the couch with our pants down around the ankles. Whining little pussy, that man is.

  • bg
  • Taqiyyotomist


    What they wouldn’t do, for power, could be written on the back of a tab of acid.

    With a big-tip Magic Marker.

  • Iconoclast

    Comrade Zero could have been a successful businessman if he’d simply concentrated on marketing his self-regenerating supply of organic bovine fertilizer. As it is, he couldn’t sell ice in to smoke-jumpers coming off the job.

  • listen up

    He is fed up? Please someone restrain me from saying what I really want to say about the creep in chief who has been sucking this nation dry ever since he stole the WH. His wife has been blowing through our hard earned tax dollars on everything from $200. T-shirts to trips around the world with all her friends and relatives. If O is fed up with his job then he should resign and do everyone a big favor! Go back to Kenya or planet Sorros or wherever the heck you came from. Leave us in peace so we can rebuild from the ashes this vandal has left us.

  • Bunni

    He’s beginning to remind me more and more of THIS GUY!


    They both are crazy, desperate insane losers. I wonder if barry has his bunker ready?

  • StrangernFiction


    If they could they would. They are pure scum. But they can’t.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    He lied about his birth certificate, his fake SSN, his FAKE marriage, Larry Sinclair, he lies, lies every time he talks–he hates ISrael, white people, loves abortions, hates Christians, loves CAIR, hates guns, oil, crosses, truckers, farmers, MILITARY, he IS A DICTATOR!!!!! He is a communist. Our farms, cattle, prescriptions, food rises 26%, no drilling, Lisa Jackson shutting dwn truckers (how will get our food??), coal mines, any business with a BOILER—this man needs to GET OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!! This is We have to get him out and then file investigations on Jarrett, Axlerod, Michele, all of them!!!! He knows we will NOT survive him 4 more years—another stimulus????? 60 Billion regulations—geez it NEVER STOPS!!!!!

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  • Bert

    Fed up since 11/05/2008.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #45 SnF

    I think they will.

    Buy A good CB base-station raido, and a good antenna, I’m thinking.

  • despotism

  • bg
  • bitterclinger

    “This is a national emergency!” This is what I’m counting on for Gov. Palin to use when she explains she she had to cut about 60% of the govt loose. Hey, if it was good enough for Da Once, it’ll be good enough for the Arctic Breeze.

    Barracudas Maximus 2012!

  • StrangernFiction


    Don’t get me wrong, I think very bad things are on the way, but the ‘rats reeducating or doing away with us is not going to happen.

  • Rock

    This from the SOB who’s been campaigning for 24/7 since taking office. Guess its pretty clear what he see’s as a solution, rule by Executive Orders, enforced by unelected agency heads.

  • MAJ Mike

    Is there a Reichstag fire in our near future?

  • Taqiyyotomist


    All I’m saying is that Obama should stay away from Grassy Knolls and Book Depositories, because the Democrats could USE an event like that to their advantage, LIKE NOTHING ELSE.

  • Freddy

    #1 September 15, 2011 at 7:08 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    – – – – – – – –

    In the words of a great american hero …. NUFF SAID!

  • randy harrison

    Yea, the democratic process, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, is a bitch ain’t it.

  • befuddled

    Partisan Washington hack claims claims amnesia for the last 3 years. All policies that have led to this national emergency must have been done by his doppelganger, he claims. He has photos to prove, that for the last 3 years, he’s been on the golf course. Nobel winner Paul Krugman has written an article in support of Obama’s Evil Spock narrative.

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama acts like a fool betting wildly just to cover the vig.

  • gus

    He’s coming unglued. We are telling the TODDLER…..NO! And he is pissing his pants.

    The inner cities will burn when he gets sh!tcanned.

  • gus

    He’s fed up. Who gives a fvck what this loser thinks.

  • Iconoclast

    Amazing how incredibly inarticulate this fraud from the Oval Office becomes when TOTUS is not around to feed him his lines. This maggot is naught but a awo-dimensional empty suit supporting a fruit fly’s brain and narcissist’s ego.

  • StrangernFiction


    The thought has crossed my mind many times. As you have diagnosed correctly, there isn’t much below these bastards.

  • StrangernFiction

    The inner cities will burn when he gets sh!tcanned.

    If not sooner gus.

  • Patty

    just look at the devilish face on this guy. Who is he kidding. And I wonder if this crisis is now going to benefit him with the Liberals. He is definitely believing what he is dishing out or he doesn’t believe it but using fear and anger to scare the babies half to death. What ever he is doing YOU GOT TO LOVE HIM! yA!

  • Patty

    I AM being vicious! but you got to love him, so you must support his job act. Right? Wrong!

  • Patty

    If I didn’t know better he is using CHILD PHYSIOLOGY ON THE FOLKS

  • scottks

    If you love somebody, set them free
    You can’t control an independent heart
    Can’t tear the one you love apart
    Forever conditioned to believe that we can’t live
    We can’t live here and be happy with less
    So many riches, so many souls
    Everything we see we want to possess
    — Sting

  • Rock

    Tough choice tonight, keep up with the blogs here or follow the attackwatch Twitter feed, its stick it to WTF gold.

  • LL

    I’m fed up with the ObamaNation.

    I think that makes me one of those people that Barack/Barry was speaking about.

    The ONLY thing that he gives a rat’s ass about is lining his pocket and getting elected for four more years so that he can continue on the gravy train.

  • Militant Conservative

    Let it all burn. Then is when the left finds out who

    The masters are and who are on the plantation.

    Some of us have prepared for over a decade for

    This event. We knew it was coming, now Obama

    has narrowed down the timeline. Between now and

    Jan 20th 2013. Kinda short time if ya think about it.

    Powder is dry

  • LL

    Ooooops. My last post may land me on attack watch.

    Will somebody hurry and denounce me to Obama?

  • Sandy

    Poor Obama he’s tired out from a job that permits him a fancy vacation every month. There is an alternative for him though — if he can’t cut it he can always resign.

    Hannity said that the rumor is Obama is clinically depressed. This nation and the world are both coming apart on his watch and he maybe clinically depressed. How bout the rest of us –does anyone care that we’re depressed too? Certainly he doesn’t care as his main focus in life is himself.

  • Valerie
  • Sandy

    Whose fighting Obama now? Seems he got everything he wanted from the Dems and the Repubs didn’t hold back much either. But Obama always has to have an enemy keeping him from doing the so-called right thing for the people. He has spent us into oblivion and he still has to create a straw man to blame for the mess we’re in. This is totally pathetic.

  • Rock

    Each new week he test the water a little more to see how much support he has for pulling a Hugo Chavez no wonder he wants all the illegals here.

  • gus

    This evil prix told us that he was MOPPING UP, and getting the CAR OUT OF THE DITCH.

    We were told to RIDE IN BACK.

    How does it feel mutherfvcker?? One year from now, Obama will be suicidal.

  • Patty

    Maybe this has gotten him mad.

    Rush said that the democrats want Obama to be more forceful and start acting more powerful…LOL!!!

  • Rock

    gus commented:

    One year from now, Obama will be suicidal.

    The way I heard it the SS guys, excuse me the Secret Service thugs, are required to keep trigger guards on their weapons for fear WTF will make a grab for a weapon. Na, that’s probably just a rumor, I’ll go over to attackwatch and get the real skinny.

  • Valerie

    Ok, so Reuters was trying to get Boehner’s point about BO’s Stimulus Echo


    They still mixed up the terms “tax rates” and “tax revenues.” Those terms are not interchangeable.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    He needs to start with the man in the mirror.

  • Valerie

    OT – remember the flash mob at the 7-11 in Germantown? That’s Montgomery County in Maryland. The politicians there have better things to do than get the kids in line. They tried to keep a Congressman from talking to grown Republican women at a luncheon, but Manda Ervin of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition courageously rushed to his aid.


    Yep, speaking out against this http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/hamas.asp is divisive.

    These news stories are dancing around the bad behavior of somebody in the background that smells like a preacher.

  • BurmaShave

    I think we should post Obama’s speeches at AttackWatch.com

  • Ipso Facto

    He’s totally correct. We do have a national emergency. Its due to the fact that we have a deceitful and incompetent president.

  • Redwine

    Thanks, bg, for your links. They are an important reminder. Also, important to read Stanley Kurtz’s Radical in Chief and David Limbaugh’s Crimes Against Liberty.

    I sense from Comrade Barry’s statement and from other similar statements he’s made about going around Congress and “having to” do “it” himself that he will attempt to seize absolute power, make Congress completely irrelevant (except maybe what support he can use out of his henchmen there) and final impose martial law. He already has the unions and other radical groups as his well-funded private army, which is why he is so desperate for that $535 billion (actually closer to $650 billion) so quickly. He has his shadow government of czars. The army is still mostly out of the way, infiltrated by Islamists, with generals who will do his bidding (perhaps out of fear).

  • Just-Saying

    A lot of us have been fed up since Obummer was elected!

  • Commisar Abe

    National Emergency ? Yeah, I had one of those too.

  • JPL17

    What a hateful, hateful man.

  • jainphx

    I think many people, as proof from some on this thread, have the same aching fear that I have. The dems just can’t lose the power that they will if Obama heads the ticket. the slaughter will be monumental. They also can’t afford to just take him off the ticket for the same reasons. That leaves very few obtions. I fear that we will deal with much blood in the streets. They are fantastic at placing the blame on their enemies, especially with the MSM completely on their side. It might be a very good idea to prepare, how you do that is up to you.

  • Redwine

    And then there’s this (Attack Watch in the Sh1tler bunker): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZPwDRZ6pTM

  • jorgen

    Obama Says He’s “Fed Up” and We’re in a “National Emergency”

    No problem. Fire Biden and resign and “you” would improve the job situation and the economy without further effort! This has the added advantage that you will avoid an embarrassing defeat in November 2012.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …and we’re in a “national emergency”…

    And it’s all of his own making.

  • Hopeful

    “We got a national emergency”. And all the man can think of to do is YAP?

  • Hopeful

    Oh, yes, I forgot– he whines and snarls, too.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    “I get fed up with that … instead of getting folks to rise up above partisanship in a spirit that says we’re all in this together, we got folks who are purposely dividing, purposely thinking just in terms of how does this play out just in terms of this election.”
    = = = = = =

    You talkin’ to the Jug-Eared Fool in the mirror again, eh, Barry?

  • ohiochili

    The messiah just cannot take it. People are getting the taste of the kool-aid out of their mouths and realize they have been eating your crap sandwiches. WE’RE the ones who are fed up. He just does not like taste of crow.

    Get used to it, bub. We will fight you to the end.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Be self sufficient and you’ll have no worries.

    This punk is not bigger than all of us. He is

    destroying the democrat party single handed.

    Help each other and your neighbor, never look

    For help from government. Too many strings.

    Powder is dry

  • mg4us

    “We’ve been grappling with a crisis for three years, and instead of getting folks to rise up above partisanship in a spirit that says we’re all in this together, we got folks who are purposely dividing, purposely thinking just in terms of how does this play out just in terms of this election.”


    Time Obama takes a good look in the mirror and see who the real Divider-in-thief is!

    He is NOT presidential. . always campaigning. . antagonizing. Spending like a drunken Sailor and passing bills without knowing what is in them. .

    Supports Black Panthers, Black Youth Flash mobs, Goonions in Wisconsin, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while turning his back on long-term allies like England!

    Obama – More incompetent than Carter. . .

    Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced and radical too!

  • mg4us

    NY-9 IS his National Emergency!!

    If a republican can win NY-9 which has been a democRAT stronghold, AND win by a comfortable margin that even cheating could not overcome. .

    then Obama’s days are numbered.

    2012 Can’t come soon enough!

  • MikeMose

    Are the impeachment proceedings drafted yet. Joint Chiefs need to meet immediately!!
    You know he’s going postal very shortly!!!!

  • Gary

    I read a conspiracy theory the other day about a national emergency being declared as a pretext for canceling the 2012 election.

    I know, I know.

    Just saying.

  • mg4us

    Keep an eye out for tomorrow, Sept 17! The left call it a Day of Rage and plan protests across the country!


    here is a link to the Day of Rage website

  • Coasta


    Just saying too!

    First the “language” sound bites “national emergency” “crisis”, “if you love me, you’ll help me pass this bill!” He is trying to set the stage for an “emergency” to stop the elections.

    Everyday its jaw dropping what this devil, who happens to be the prez does or says!

  • mg4us
  • mg4us

    Yes a crisis is coming. . created by and driven by Barack Hussein Obama mmmm mmmm mmmmm


    or watch this . . a possibility of things to come regarding China due to reckless spending by you, Obama and your fellow RATs (DemocRATs)


  • mark

    Is this the same Obama that forced ALL his legislation through Congress and didnt allow Repos to even add a single suggestion.

  • bg


    mg4us #107 September 16, 2011 at 9:01 am

    heard China is looking to buy the DODGERS, my east side Manhattan Brooklyn Dodger fan gma is not only rolling, but roiling in her grave.. 🙁

    [In the 1970s, the Chinese government issued a pamphlet declaring
    that baseball would “help build the (Communist) party” by promoting
    “the diligent study of Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought.”

    Since then, the Chinese haven’t progressed very far on the field. They
    bombed out of the 2009 World Baseball Classic in the first round. But
    off the field, it’s a whole different story.

    Today, the Times revealed that China is putting up the
    capital for a $1.2 billion bid for the Los Angeles Dodgers.]


  • bg


    mg4us #104 September 16, 2011 at 8:22 am

    that too is Cloward Piven driven, not to mention his Mama & Papa..