Obama is so used to assuming the position that he thinks “bow and spear” in Psalm 46 means he’s supposed to bend at the waist. As Freeper ExSabotSender noted,

“If he had been familiar with text he would have know that Bow – is a reference to a weapon of war like in bow & arrow. Two more weapons of war follow in verse 9 – the spear & chariot. Instead he pronounced the word as Bow – to been at the waist, the front of a boat, or limb of a tree.”

Guess they didn’t teach that verse at Trinity United Church, huh?

It sure is a good thing his last name isn’t Bush.




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  1. I am pretty confident he does not know any of the Holy Bible.

    One will be known by their works…

  2. Of course he doesn’t know the Bible.

    But the Koran….?

  3. Obummer is such an ass.

  4. Devolution in action – an insult to idiot savants…

  5. Come on Jim, on the bow where the Navy Corpse Man was standing.

  6. Obama shows us what the phrase means..”You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s EAR!!

  7. Obama is an idiot. An illiterate retarded moron. I dislike him very much.

  8. They don’t teach the Bible at all at Trinity Church, they only teach anti-American leftist ideology.

  9. What do you expect from a Muslim ???

  10. Smartest man evah!! Just like he pronounced Orion-
    ” Ore-ee-on” several times in a speech a while ago-course no one ever calls him out on his idiotic mistakes.

  11. What do you expect From a Muslim.????

  12. What does this guy know about the Bible……………….nothing.

  13. The stilted way he read that showed me he is not at all familiar with Bible text. On the other hand instead of bow and spear if it had read shuck and jive he would have gotten it.

  14. Wadda muckin’ foron.

  15. This is another example of laziness or not knowing how to prepare for an important event. Certainly, reading through the passage once or twice before speaking at such an important event would be what most people would do. Also, this is the kind of sentence that would be in an elementary comprehension test. “Bow” being a homonym can be pronounced one of two ways, but that has to be figured out from the context. When I taught school, this would have been about a 2nd or 3rd grade kind of question. I don’t know what to think- Can’t he even do this simple thing correctly? It shows lack of preparation and laziness. I would give him a “C-” for his reading of Psalm 46.

  16. …hmmm, IT’S BUSH’S FAULT..!!!!….naw, OK, guys, give me a different excuse, they won’t buy that one again…..

  17. Yeah, how do you say “wheelin’ and dealin’ in Austrian?

  18. That’s the way the Corpse Man told him to say it.

  19. This sucker is barely literate.

    He should be removed, NOW.

    No economic recovery is possible until he is GONE.

  20. He’s talking about himself.

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