Figures. Dumbest Website on Internet Defends Hoffa’s Violent, Profanity-Laced Threatening Labor Day Speech (Video)

What a shock.
The dumbest website on the internet Media Matters defended Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa’s profanity-laced threatening speech against conservatives today.
Media Matters insisted that Hoffa’s remarks were taken out of context.

Here is Jimmy Hoffa’s angry violent speech today in Detroit.

And, here is the transcript:

We like a good fight. And you know what, they got a war and they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner and it’s going to be the workers of Michigan and America. We’re going to win that war. All the way. But it starts with your involvement. It starts with next November. We got a bunch of people there that don’t want the president to succeed. And they’re called the tea party. The people that don’t want him to do anything right and he’s working hard for us. And president Obama is frustrated by what’s going on. Well guess what. We got the vote. And the answer what we say is, ‘we remember in November.’ We will beat the tea party and give this country back to workers and America. We can do it together. And we also gotta talk about jobs. I get so tired of these people who sit on these big corporations that send our jobs to Mexico. They send our jobs to China. And they have the audacity to say ‘where are the jobs?’ Well I got news for you It’s time to bring those jobs back to America and put America back to work. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

“We’re going to hear from President Obama in a few minutes. And I’m so glad he’s come to Michigan because this is where he sees the real America. He looks out on this army of people and you know what I say, ‘President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march.’ And, President Obama we want one thing – jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs… That’s what we’re going to tell him. When he sees what we’re doing here he’s going to be inspired. But he needs help. And, you know what. Everybody here’s gotta vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize – Let’s take these sons a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong. Thank you very much.”

Yeah. Really nice speech, Media Matters.

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  • Andreas K.

    Sounds like taken from the NSDAP playbook.

    Hey Hoffa, if I had a company, I would move it out of my country. Why? Because employing locals in local facilities is insanely expensive, thanks to people like you.

  • FurryGuy

    There is a vast difference between being so shockingly dumb that one thinks evil is good, and being a sycophantic ass-kisser. MM is a prime example of the latter.

  • usamopatriot

    The only people that are going to get taken out is you and your cohorts. You’re outnumbered by about 200 million or so. You, hoffa, are just another liberal suffering from a mental disorder.

  • BS-meter

    Sho’ am a lot o’ whistlin’ pas’ de cemertay, chile.

    I’m thinking of Rooster Cogburn’s (John Wayne) reply to Ned Pepper in “True Grit”:

    Pepper: “That’s pretty big talk for a one-eyed fat man.”

    Cogburn: “Fill your hand, you son-of-a-bitch.”

  • Dawgonitt

    Shouldn’t this clown be out looking for his Daddy. What a Bozo. Working for the people that hid his Dad.

  • Libs have decimated the Democrat party already. They know it. Former Dem is the largest growing demographic. This will only accelerate the process.

  • myohmy

    Let me guess, Media Matters a non-profit who are exempt from paying taxes and lavish their CEO with lavish pay. Time to unionize Media Matters.

  • Hoffa said son-of-a-bitches, not sons-of-bitches. He’s too dumb to get that right — don’t correct his speech.

  • gus

    It’s hilarious when the ELITIST East-coasters, hitch their fortunes to LOSERS with ZERO skills.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Looks like the union goons and the Democrat Party have become synonymous. Are these thugs planning anarchy so that their favorite leader can impose martial law and suspend the election that will be his downfall. Things just don’t smell right with this, you just don’t go on national TV and say things like this without expecting repercussions from the honest people. Something is drastically wrong here.

  • Patty

    Obama Says He Is “Proud” Of Hoffa After Union Leader’s Remarks

    When he took the stage, President Obama said he was “proud” of Jimmy Hoffa and other labor leaders.

    Prior to Obama’s appearance Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa told the crowd, speaking about Republicans, that we need to “take these son of bitches out.”

  • rbosque

    So if someone takes a shot at a Republican, can we expect the media to hold them accountable for their irresponsible and violent rhetoric?

    They blamed Palin for the word “target” when Giffords was shot, so I expect them to REALLY come down on Dems….


  • johnnyp

    You like a good fight, well you’ll most likely be fighting for your union jobs as Obama loses more control to protect your union jobs. See you on the unemployment line union members…..

  • Patty

    I am not truly sure as to what I am watching today. It has taken the anger of all America to a new level.

    Doubts about Obama have been made by both Parties. But when this transpired it has definitely found room for Impeachment proceedings.

    One of the duties of a president is to protect the national security of its citizens. Today there is a dark cloud in Washington and we must call our representatives and tell them how we feel once again only this time it has become a threat to our very being.

  • j porter

    What Mr. Hoffa uttered in legal terms is called a “terrorist threat” If you as an individual were to yell what he said about the tea party across the fence at your neighbor you would find yourself in jail.

  • Mac in NM

    Makes me wonder if he’s gonna be doin’ the Cement Mixer Tango with his dad.

  • Ipso Facto

    Hoffa and the unions have been one of the chief reasons our jobs have gone overseas where they don’t have to deal with union mobsters threatening the rank and file and creating an atmosphere of intimidation in the workplace or sticking it to management with critically timed strikes that go right to the company’s bottom line.

    Now this nut is telling the people they want to take the sons of bitches (the Republicans) out?

    Hoffa is the chief son of a bitch himself if there ever was one!

  • Mad Hatter

    Theses Union Barons are trying to hang on to the past. They’re trying to recreate the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when they had the newspapers, and politicians on their side and on their payrolls.

    They don’t want to accept that we’re on the doorstep of 2012, and that they’ve been exposed as the socialist and scammers they are.

  • Patty

    Being proud today of a purely evil man?, sounds like “for the first time I am proud of my country”….any guesses? Michelle Obama said this.

  • Sickofobama

    No wonder libtards are so stupid.

    They go to Media Matters who doctors speeches like Hoffa’s and then tells the libtards that Fox did it.

    So then the Daily Kook and the PuffHo pick up Media Matters crap.

  • lizzy84
  • lake

    I think we are seeing the campaign style that Obama has chosen – start the riots, rev up the folks, take it to the streets…. it’s gonna happen. It is not going to be pretty.

  • gus

    The LEFT is imploding. They trusted Obama. THAT WAS STUPID. Obama is a worthless fvcktard. He CANNOT create jobs, and will not create jobs. These MORONS have hitched themselves to OBAMA, and that is their MISTAKE.

    Thursdays speech will be more of the same. Obama knows nothing else, but RUNNING HIS PIE HOLE.

  • RedGrandma

    #11 Patty: If I were to cut BO some slack I would say that he stated he was “Proud of Jimmy Hoffa” because that’s what the TOTUS told him to say — not necessarily because he was even paying attention to his remarks and specifically commenting on them. He does not do well off the cuff — especially if it’s not all about him.

    But I can’t cut him slack because he was sold to the sheeple as this paragon of brilliance who was going to lead all to a new age of prosperity. We, on this side of the fence, know that he is nothing but the ego driven evil puppet of those who would destroy our country. If there is going to be some kind of fight, as Hoffa has declared, I am ready — even in my dotage — to defend what I love.

  • Patty

    Hoffa: “No Regrets” Over Speech Calling For Violence Against Conservatives, This Is a “War”…

  • Patty
  • Patty


    Obama is well aware and I site this via website I posted earlier.

    I am ready once again to pulled the lever and this time it IS going to stick.

  • Patty

    Obama Says He’s “Proud” of Hoffa After Teamsters Chief Declares “War” on Republicans And Threatens To “Take These Sons of Bitches Out”


    Biden Tells Union Goons: “You Are The Only Folks Keeping The Barbarians From The Gates”

  • gus

    So those who buy the crappy over priced sh!t that these lemmings manufacture, are BARBARIANS and SOB’S??

  • Patty

    Flashback: Obama Decries “Vitriol” In Political Discourse After Giffords Shooting…

    Apparently, Obama has picked his battles. But we will win the WAR. Obama will be a one term president and for some who say don’t count him out.

    Quote me after elections, please. Obama is a one term president. He has lost the independents.

    For the blacks will not matter this time around.

  • d_fitz

    Jobs, jobs, jobs, like they grown on trees or something.

  • Gman

    Screw it, I want them to start that war. It’ll give me an excuse to bust out the M4 and throw some rounds at liberals.

    They know if they was an actual civil war they would have no chance at all.

  • Patty

    And for a slob who makes these comments and with no regrets. I say, when Obama and the army are out of Washington there will be regrets a plenty.

  • Lemonaide

    Bring it on you dumb POS. We SOBs are fully capable of defending ourselves.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    original quote:”HOFFA: Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong! Thank you very much!”
    Leave it to the paranoids here at Gateway Pundit to project FOX NEWS crimes onto their enemies…
    I am assuming, since the posters here are such paragons of virtue and fairness (like FOX!!LOL!!!) that when the UNEDITED video comes out there will be loud and long apologies? and a retraction? Hmm, Hoft??? don’t worry. I won’t hold my breath…..

  • Oh my virgin ears !!! Like none of you have never said or heard “son of a bitch” in your pathetic lives before ???!!! Like I said before Hoffa is wanting to use the people’s power of a VOTE to take the tea party out !!! I’ve been called every name in the book and it doesn’t hurt my feelings !!!

  • Patty
  • gus

    HEYITSMELIBTARD!!! Nice try prick. This is what YOU and YOUR President have become. Pathetic parsing pussies.

  • Patty

    Do we live in Venezuela? This president condones Hoffa? A president if capable of getting away with agreeing to these statements need to be called out. Then start impeachment proceedings as he is not protecting American citizens from harm.

    That is his job national security and this goes against what he was elected to do.

    I realize he has had cover by the media but there is no cover big enough to protect him.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    By not posting the UNEDITED video, hoft, and you by your defense, are the parsing pussies…..and hypocritical projectionists, too.

  • gus

    Patty, we were told, that this is a WEEEEEEEEEEEEE sample of what we can EXPECT (not to watch), on THURSDAY.

    It’s over for Faux President Flapears McLIbtard. Put a FORK in him

  • LOL !!! Way too funny !!! I’m no liberal !!! I’m a REALIST !!!

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    care to argue why you are not a hypocrite, Gus? I don’t remember you calling out That Nevada Nutjob for saying “if we don’t win at the ballotbox, it’s time for the bullet box” or something to that effect? Please show me the difference…Oh, I know…she actually MEANT what she said, because everyone knows, CONS don’t do nuance.

  • Patty

    something tells me that we have a lack of conscious and morals these days and from Biden to Obama apparently it is just fine to curse at the public but most of all I don’t take threats lightly. Especially, when a president condones them.

    On a happier note, I helped save a person’s life tonight. I will not go into detail but I am very proud of myself but more importantly, the woman is safe and will do fine with help.

  • gus

    The Peniser!! You are a clown. You are wasting your time son. Go back to college and learn something ass-hole.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    Realism does not fly here, Kelly.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    I feel a Haiku coming on…
    not mine, but i can credit the great eater of consevative blogger’s lunches, CONCRETEBLUE, for it:
    “Oh Gateway Pundit
    Truth demands an audience
    alas, not found here”

  • Patty


    Seems he is delighting in his superior and nonsensical speak. Wants Congress to put Country before Party…dear God the man has no conscience.

    From threats to calling out Congress where was he when the democratic Congress called us names during Town hall and the went on to sign it before the read it.

  • gus

    Desperation. 2 Soro’s LIBTARDS desperate and stupid.

    We are winning. Opie is toast. Burnt toast.

  • gus

    Patty. Communists are NEVER honest. They will use ANY TACTIC. I understand these retarded buffoons. When the VIOLENCE comes. I will be ready.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    “Communists are NEVER honest. ”
    Oh, now that is rich coming from the chief sycophant @Hoft’s propaganda post. I coughed vodka out my nose and onto my keyboard!

  • Ladue Pundit

    Realism, Puny, was Kenneth Gladney beaten down by SEIU goons at a Russ Carnahan ObamaCare rally. Gateway Pundit was first to report.

    When Tea Party Patriots were LOCKED OUT of Claire McFatStill’s office and FLIPPED OFF by her staff, again GP had the story here.

    If you like BS, swing by Media Matters or your SEIU local and get the heck out of here.

  • Gort

    @46 & 47

    i wondered how long it would take some liberal panty boy to slither out of moms basement….

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    And i guess you CAN”T debate and or explain why the full quote is not posted here, can you Gus?…..just more name calling and whistling past the graveyard…how sad….how typical.

  • LL

    Based on the Obama speech that followed, the President will be asking for a few trillion in additional stimulus spending. Hoffa has an agenda that is very transparent. Then again, so does Obama. Neither takes America into account.

  • gus

    Both LIBTARD POSTERS, are the same LOSER. Probably a Sophomore in college.

  • Patty

    NYC Mayor Bloomberg bans clergy from 9/11 Memorial

    This man spent big bucks, mostly his to become Mayor. And now we know why to spread the hate all around and to make laws forbidden rights we hold dear.

    This statement make me sick: Hoffa

    I get so tired of these people who sit on these big corporations that send our jobs to Mexico.

    Really, Mexico doesn’t have as many of our jobs as other Nations which GE supports..China for one. Do any one of you really believe what a Fake this Jr boy is. And this president supports the bull.

  • gus

    LL. What does Obama know about creating jobs??? NOTHING.
    His wide ass wife knows more. She (as corrupt as she is), has a couple DOZEN AIDES.

  • Hey Gus I bet the evil fanatical Islamic terrorists have more money and a bigger breifcase than you do !!!

  • gus

    Patty, MEXICO, DOES HAVE OUR GUNS. How did that happen????

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    @Ladue: Oh, you mean the “Thugs that were found NOT GUILTY in the assault trial? You mean the SAME Kenneth Gladney that was found to have made it all up??
    According to Gladney, the union “ordered, encouraged, and arranged McCowan and Molens to appear … to harass, abuse and beat those individuals who held political views.”
    “For starters, Gladney could provide no medical records during the criminal trial to show that he sought treatment following the alleged attack. He also made conflicting statements about the neck brace he wore into trial. Asked by the defense attorney if the brace was a result of the alleged attack, Gladney said no. But after he lost the trial, Gladney told reporters that the neck brace was indeed a result of the beating.”

  • Ladue Pundit

    How stupid are you union morons? Hoffa rakes in $300K for sitting on his fat rear. He picks your pocket every week and gives your dues to Obama. Check your pension plan, it’s another SS ponzi scheme that the union bosses skim.

    Unions are full of the stupidest, most violent people in this country. If union thugs were really tough they’d escape from the Hoffa Plantation.

  • gus

    Hahahahahahahha. The LIBTARD desperation of HEYMEI’MSMELLY!!! It’s like a child, who has been chastised. Hahahahhahahaahhahah. What a fvcking loser!!!

  • gus

    LaDue, here is how STUPID these clowns are. THEY BELIEVE OBAMA!!! Obama has NEVER EVER had a job. Neither has Biden.
    These LOSERS have BOUGHT and PAID FOR…President DUMB FVCK.

    That is how stupid they are.

  • gus

    and the funniest part is the ONE LIBTARD…pretending to be 2 LIBTARDS!!!! The definition of STUPID and IMPOTENT all wrapped into ONE STUPID COLLEGE KID.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Puny, I don’t get my “news” from the RF Times, nor do I believe that justice was served by the Democrat-controlled prosecuting atty or St Louis County court system. GP covered this, too, go back and check the archives.

    Hoffa is right about one thing–everyone needs to vote. The biggest fear Democrats have in MO is Voter ID. We need it and must get it before Nov 2, 2012. Robin Carnahan is still Secy of State and has NEVER purged dead voters from the rolls.

  • gus

    The FLAPEARED DIMWIT in CHIEF flies to MARTHA’s VINEYARD and parties.

    And these GOOONION MORONS still trust him!!!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!! Fvcking buffoooons.

  • Martin

    Baby Hoffa deserves what Daddy Hoffa got…… Both are liars, bribe takers, dishonest, womanizers and survive off the sweat of honest union members. Hoffa doesn’t know the meaning of labor…….

  • Patty
    another shining example of what damage unions are doing and the reason jobs must go overseas…REGULATIONS OR HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN WHAT OBAMA HAS DONE TO PRIVATE SECTORS.

  • Leatherhelmet

    If a republican said it, media matters would drag out some fake expert to proclaim SOB as “racist” code words.

  • Patty
    Detroit’s unemployed 12.5% and Hoffa wants Obama to see what good they are doing. Really?

  • Patty

    Basically, Obama is unionized and he truly agrees and stands by Hoffa Jr. comments.

    Now, I am living for better days. They will come soon when Obama is defeated in 2012!

    We can finally breathe a sign of relief. We have our country back. America will no longer be on life support.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    and morons like Gus still think George Jr was a good president…by your own standard he was the worst…most vacation days by ANY president.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    @ Ladue Pundit: GP covered this too…” So I am supposed to take provable liar and mis-quoter Hoft at his word in this debat? In a thread about how Hoft is mis-qouting the victim of a Brietbart – like video editing smear?????? You really take the cake……

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    “don’t get my “news” from the RF Times, nor do I believe that justice was served by the Democrat-controlled prosecuting atty or St Louis County court system. GP covered this, too, go back and check the archives.”
    OK, Ladue…I am not a member of your Tea Party, Republican Randian cult, so i can’t figure it oput. I get my news from a variety of sources both right and Left, including overseas coverage of USA events. I then sift through the reportage to find the relevant facts and glaring inconsistencies, and ONLY THEN do I draw a conclusion. Although still early in this manufactured outrages news-cycle, the FACTS are showing Hoft, Fox, et. al. and their defenders here are full of &*#$^%

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  • tHE pUNIsHER

    Gladney is also widely known in the St. Louis area as a serial slip-and-fall lawsuit artist…I mean, he hasn’t denied it…….

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  • Xenos

    “So if someone takes a shot at a Republican, can we expect the media to hold them accountable for their irresponsible and violent rhetoric?”

    If so, they ought to hold Fox News most accountable, as they edited the speech to make it sound like a call to physical violence, and then broadcast it repeatedly.

    Hmm. Is it defamation to edit what someone says, and then condemn them for that purported statement? Why, I think it is. I hope the teamsters hit Fox with a nine-digit defamtion suit and put those sonsabitches out of business.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    don’t worry, Xenos. Murdoch is just beginning his LOOONG fall with the hacking scandals….it appears more and more that not only was it on his orders, but that they do it here regularly…..

  • Island Girl

    Xenos -the transcript is pretty clear. Direct threats. You is so screwed.

    Anyhow as the concrete was raising up to his neck jimmy Snr sang out

    “Please Son don’t grow up to be a Union man.”

  • Island Girl

    As jimmy jnr is missing -union possies range out across the newlylaid concrete…crying out …

    Which side are you on Jimmy

    Which side are you on ?

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  • tHE pUNIsHER

    @ Island girl: don’t be a tool. THe transcript is of an EDITED video……Hoft just added PART of the REAL quote to the last article he posted…still managed to get it wrong!

  • Hoffa junior isn’t going to take anyone out. He’s going to keep on with his billy bad ass talk and someone is going to hand him his ass on a platter! And as far as SOB’s it looks to me like that is what he’s supporting for president.

  • ocrick

    I spent Labor Day with my wife’s uncle who remembered celebrating a day in Ohio with HIS grandfather in Honor of OVERTIME. YES, a day Celebrating Overtime….

    I guess Good Payin Jobs is an Outdated concept in todays America…

    God Bless UNIONS for CREATING the Middle Class the GOP has TRASHED…

    TRIKLE DOWN ECONOMICS IS A SICK JOKE!!!!!!!! except for the top 2 %…

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  • Island Girl


    Unions are detrimental to Detroit today.

    We are not in the ohio of 1943. Hope the old guy has fond memories – today its hope & change down.

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  • ocrick

    I am talking about Ohio of early 1900 , Pinhead…

    Yes they celebrated a day in Honor of Overtime….

  • ocrick

    Let’s take all Neocon and Tea Party Children OUT of School and put them in Sweat shopz…

  • nightfighter

    ocrick, you’re spending the day with your uncle who is talking about celebrating overtime on Labor Day in early 1900. I suppose you’re hiding your school records also, cause you either don’t know what year it is like your fearless leader or you can’t even tell a good lie like your fearless leader. For your uncle to be reminiscing about making overtime in 1900, he’d be blowing out 128 candles. Liberals can’t even makeup a good lie.

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  • What everyone should do is simply boycott any product made by any company that employs organized Big Labor. We’ll see how tough Hoffa is then. I’m serious, if every conservative simply refused to buy anything with the union label, whenever and wherever that is possible or practical, it would destroy the union movement. I know, there would be other repercussions, but you know what they say about making an omelet.

  • Alternative media is fast taking away the “context” dodge from Leftist obfuscators. And also rendering Leftist propaganda organs like Media Matters useless, pathetic, laughing stocks.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Neo

    “They send our jobs to China.”

    The Labor Movement has done more than anybody to send jobs offshore.

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  • tHE pUNIsHER

    @Liberty: Really? You post this on proven serial liar and mis-quoter Hoft’s Blog? In a thread where the video is edited by FOX NEWS??? Most people won’t fall for your sh!t. but the regulars here will.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    @Liberty: Really? You post this on Hoft’s Blog? In a thread where the video is edited by FOX NEWS??? Most people won’t fall for your sh!t. but the regulars here will.

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  • Not Likely

    Jim “Dim” Hoft, still trying to pretend Hoffa wasn’t talking about voting. How long can you keep up this retarded charade Hoft?

  • Ginger

    Jim… Do you know how to rid us of this kind of scum? Post their where abouts, IP, etc! A site I go to at times will expose the scums and it sure stops them! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Not Likely

    You wouldn’t want anyone pointing out facts, right Ginger?

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  • bg
  • bg
  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    I think a correction is in order. In the title you referred to Media Matters as the “dumbest website on the internet.” It might be more accurate to say, “the second dumbest website on the internet.” After all, they already proved your website is the dumbest.

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