Classy… Truthers Chant “9-11 Was an Inside Job” Outside Ground Zero Memorial

Classy. The Truthers this morning set up this banner across the street from the Ground Zero Memorial.
The banner at Broadway and Cortland right by the World Trade Center reads:
“The Bush Regime Engineered 9-11”

My contact at Ground Zero just texted me to say they’re now chanting, “9-11 was an inside job.”

The smaller sign to the right of the red sign reads: 9-11 was an Inside Job, Bush Liar Warmonger Terrorist

Here’s another sign someone was holding near Trinity Cathedral.

Google: Jews control the USA!
There are some sick people out there.

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  • Stuart

    Prospective converts to the Westboro Baptist Church, perhaps?

  • big L

    On the one hand we heard for 8 yrs that the Bush Admin was incompetent and the “endo of an error” and paul Begala said on MSNBC thast GWB was a high functioning moron. On the other hand, the Bush administration is a mastermind of engineering, aeronautical, evidence removal and conspiriacy.
    so which is it: Moron, or mastermind?

  • Winston

    What? Ron Paul supporters are everywhere now?

  • Ron

    Do the Obama supporters actually think crap like this helps his chances in 2012? Trust me, a lot of obama supporters actually believe 09/11/2001 was an inside job.

  • Patty

    They really had Bush. But as this present president’s ratings have fallen and his policies have done nothing with great debt, I wonder if they have any thing to say, very doubtful.

    Doubtful also they have listen to speeches and interview in which Obama alines himself with radicals and his work and friendships with radicals.

    This is one sorry and minority group that will never get over their beliefs. They will continue their demonstrations shout and scream but America isn’t watching and doesn’t care.

  • Patty

    correction: hate bush

  • Ron

    So after the ceremony, how many holes does Obama have planned today?

  • Patty

    A true display of the immorality and stupidity during a time when so many die and heroes rose. Sometimes I wish they could be put on ship and sail right out of America.

  • USMCdaughter1

    So much for calling forth the spirit of national unity eh? Even today these people are unhinged by every definition of the word.

  • Patty

    Jews control the U.S.A.

    No wonder Obama is excluding them. And what about Soros. The evil man who controls Brazilian Oil Industry.

    And what about Immelt who has given China our Jobs and has given China secrets in U.S. aircraft technology.

  • DaveinPhoenix

    There’s absolutely something wrong with this country, and it has nothing to do with politics. The people. What’s wrong with these people ? Godless, without respect for those innocent who perished, without any kind of common decency, entirely self-centered on their agenda, and their “rights” to protest at the sacred place. Totally inconsiderate of the families of the victims. All about them. How did we raise a generation of people like this ? At what point do their “rights” to protest come with at least an equal measure of responsibility to those around them, to the country ?

  • bg


    yeah right,

    and Islamists are a peaceful lot..



  • Ron

    I’ve tried very hard not to be political today, but these damned lib/lefties have no concept of decency or or class. I think I’ve been banned from the Yahoo comments section following the headlines. So be it.

  • Patty

    Children today have shown more maturity than some of the so called adults. Those who have tried to put a black cloud over this day will never win. AND THEY SOON WILL BE FORGOTTEN.

    It is a real shame that some in this nation have been trying to tear us apart. They may have freedom of speech but our ears and eyes can’t listen or watch this disaster take away for the true meaning of this day.

  • RedBeard

    I knew we would have trouble when they emptied out the loony bins a while back.

  • Liz

    And they support Obama and vote Democrat.

  • Ron

    Well it is Sunday, but one would think that they would be chaperoned.

  • Alana

    They’re nucking futz.

  • Stuart

    Damn right! Jews control America! They were the ones who blew up the twin towers. That’s why the Arabs cheer Osama Bin Laden. No! No! It was George Bush who blew up the towers It was an extremely complicated and cunning plan. Yes it was George Bush. He’s soooo stupid!

    * I have actually had people present these arguments to me. What are they putting in the water?

  • bg


    9/11, Bush, and the Ongoing threat of Radical Islam

    When we think about 9/11, we honor those who risked their lives, we
    watch the 9/11 video footage of the World Trade Center collapse, and
    we remember President Bush’s public address. On 9/11, Bush said that
    through the Pentagon and World Trade Center attack, the 9/11 terrorists,
    “can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot
    touch the foundation of America.”

    Ten years after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, the threat of Radical
    Islam is as great as ever. It is crucial to stay informed about this threat
    so that the words said on 9/11 by Bush hold true – “they cannot touch
    the foundation of America.”