Classy… Truthers Chant “9-11 Was an Inside Job” Outside Ground Zero Memorial

Classy. The Truthers this morning set up this banner across the street from the Ground Zero Memorial.
The banner at Broadway and Cortland right by the World Trade Center reads:
“The Bush Regime Engineered 9-11”

My contact at Ground Zero just texted me to say they’re now chanting, “9-11 was an inside job.”

The smaller sign to the right of the red sign reads: 9-11 was an Inside Job, Bush Liar Warmonger Terrorist

Here’s another sign someone was holding near Trinity Cathedral.

Google: Jews control the USA!
There are some sick people out there.

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  • Stuart

    Prospective converts to the Westboro Baptist Church, perhaps?

  • big L

    On the one hand we heard for 8 yrs that the Bush Admin was incompetent and the “endo of an error” and paul Begala said on MSNBC thast GWB was a high functioning moron. On the other hand, the Bush administration is a mastermind of engineering, aeronautical, evidence removal and conspiriacy.
    so which is it: Moron, or mastermind?

  • What? Ron Paul supporters are everywhere now?

  • Ron

    Do the Obama supporters actually think crap like this helps his chances in 2012? Trust me, a lot of obama supporters actually believe 09/11/2001 was an inside job.

  • Patty

    They really had Bush. But as this present president’s ratings have fallen and his policies have done nothing with great debt, I wonder if they have any thing to say, very doubtful.

    Doubtful also they have listen to speeches and interview in which Obama alines himself with radicals and his work and friendships with radicals.

    This is one sorry and minority group that will never get over their beliefs. They will continue their demonstrations shout and scream but America isn’t watching and doesn’t care.

  • Patty

    correction: hate bush

  • Ron

    So after the ceremony, how many holes does Obama have planned today?

  • Patty

    A true display of the immorality and stupidity during a time when so many die and heroes rose. Sometimes I wish they could be put on ship and sail right out of America.

  • So much for calling forth the spirit of national unity eh? Even today these people are unhinged by every definition of the word.

  • Patty

    Jews control the U.S.A.

    No wonder Obama is excluding them. And what about Soros. The evil man who controls Brazilian Oil Industry.

    And what about Immelt who has given China our Jobs and has given China secrets in U.S. aircraft technology.

  • DaveinPhoenix

    There’s absolutely something wrong with this country, and it has nothing to do with politics. The people. What’s wrong with these people ? Godless, without respect for those innocent who perished, without any kind of common decency, entirely self-centered on their agenda, and their “rights” to protest at the sacred place. Totally inconsiderate of the families of the victims. All about them. How did we raise a generation of people like this ? At what point do their “rights” to protest come with at least an equal measure of responsibility to those around them, to the country ?

  • bg


    yeah right,

    and Islamists are a peaceful lot..



  • Ron

    I’ve tried very hard not to be political today, but these damned lib/lefties have no concept of decency or or class. I think I’ve been banned from the Yahoo comments section following the headlines. So be it.

  • Patty

    Children today have shown more maturity than some of the so called adults. Those who have tried to put a black cloud over this day will never win. AND THEY SOON WILL BE FORGOTTEN.

    It is a real shame that some in this nation have been trying to tear us apart. They may have freedom of speech but our ears and eyes can’t listen or watch this disaster take away for the true meaning of this day.

  • RedBeard

    I knew we would have trouble when they emptied out the loony bins a while back.

  • Liz

    And they support Obama and vote Democrat.

  • Ron

    Well it is Sunday, but one would think that they would be chaperoned.

  • Alana

    They’re nucking futz.

  • Stuart

    Damn right! Jews control America! They were the ones who blew up the twin towers. That’s why the Arabs cheer Osama Bin Laden. No! No! It was George Bush who blew up the towers It was an extremely complicated and cunning plan. Yes it was George Bush. He’s soooo stupid!

    * I have actually had people present these arguments to me. What are they putting in the water?

  • bg


    9/11, Bush, and the Ongoing threat of Radical Islam

    When we think about 9/11, we honor those who risked their lives, we
    watch the 9/11 video footage of the World Trade Center collapse, and
    we remember President Bush’s public address. On 9/11, Bush said that
    through the Pentagon and World Trade Center attack, the 9/11 terrorists,
    “can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot
    touch the foundation of America.”

    Ten years after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, the threat of Radical
    Islam is as great as ever. It is crucial to stay informed about this threat
    so that the words said on 9/11 by Bush hold true – “they cannot touch
    the foundation of America.”


  • Sickofobama

    I was wondering if liberal scum was gathered in New York to honor the Islamic terrorists who attacked us 10 years ago.

    Sure enough.

    Effing vermin.

    Go to hell and may Mohammed have 72 old dead women waiting for you.

    I hope the families of the victims weren’t near the scum gathered today.

    They shouldn’t have to see what Obama and his followers think of those killed.

  • jennifer

    “Jews control the USA” is an extremely frightening sign, clearly there are many who did not learn the lessons of 70 years ago. Just like Obama trying to make future generations forget 9/11 by re-writing it as a day to make gumbo for the poor. simply disgusting.

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  • Gman

    If Bush engineered the whole thing then Bush is the most brilliant genius this world has ever known.

  • Ron

    These people have a lot in common with Obama: They blame President Bush for everything, from the drought her in Texas to katrina in ’05, the mess up on the east coast, the economy, the jobs market, the housing market and of course 9/11. I cannot wait until 2012 when the world comes crashing in around them and Obama is evicted from the peoples house. Hopefully President Perry will tell the troops they can take the gloves off and put an end to this crap from here on out.

  • Walden

    That sign is quoting the little-known second verse of Camptown Races.

    “Jews control the USA
    Doo Dah, Doo Dah!”

  • jainphx

    Davein===== very well put.

  • Ron

    Did Obama give his czars the day off today? Yeah, I wondered if they were going to show up in New York today. Oh well, I just got my answer in that photo.

  • Mad Hatter

    Many of them are probably followers of that paranoid, delusional Alex Jones.

  • Mad Hatter

    You know, they also might be part of the Free Palestine Movement too.

  • Penn Jillette

    Classic Penn&Teller advise for these steaming piles of Bullsh!t (@3:00m);

    …push them down a flight of stairs.”

    *without hesitation*

  • a former dem

    I don’t get the “Google: Jews Control the US”

    are they telling people to search online that phrase “Jews Control the US” or are they claiming, Google the company founded by 2 jews, are controlling the US?

    Either way, do these people have nothing better to do?!?! As for the “Truthers”, was Van Jones there??

  • Em

    Someone inside the State Department had information about the risks of air travel in the months prior to 9/11. Senator Sheets Byrd’s grandaughter, Leslie Yoffie and her husband, Barry, and his business partners, John and Jane Gammon, in St. Charles, MO were tipped off to the dangers of flying and, therefore, both couples and their children drove to their vacation destinations.
    I don’t know whether the State Department actually issued an alert or alerts, but I do know that the Yoffies and Gammons would not fly that summer and drove across country and back to avoid getting on an airplane. Sheets was a Washington insider for decades and may have been privy to the highest security classification. He is responsible for bilking the taxpayers out of more porkulus to build West Virginia than most politicians combined. I hope he was buried with his best white sheet and rope.
    In addition, a flight instructor near Round Lake, MN tried to alert the FBI about Middle Easterners soliciting flying lessons as early as 1989-1990. The reason this young man contacted the FBI was because these Arabs told him they only wanted lessons on takeoff procedures and weren’t interested in learning how to land an airplane. This young man, his fiance, and her mother all contacted the FBI several times with alarming information of this kind, and were finally told by the local FBI agents that if they didn’t cease contacting the FBI about this subject, the FBI would investigate them.
    Whether this indicates a conspiracy with Muslim Middle Easterners to bring down the Twin Towers or not, it certainly makes one wonder why law-abiding, patriotic, conscientious Americans were threatened by their local FBI agency.
    But, then nobody at the FBI wants to investigate Barry Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkh and his statements in 1971, or Timmy Geithner’s connections to Barry as early as 1970. If I had a son or daughter serving in the military under this CIC, I wouldn’t be telling you what I know.

  • gus

    What do these people do for a living? Seriously, how could the function in a job???

    Oh crap. They work for some form of government no doubt!!!

  • Stan

    “Jews control the USA”

    Meanwhile, American Jews will continue to vote in lockstep with the guy holding the sign.

  • donh

    There had to be accomplices within our own government. I could not go over to Saudi Arabia with some men to crash planes into Mecca all on my own. It could never succeed without “handlers” already inside Saudi Arabia who know the lay of the land, the language and culture , and can hide my preparations from government security. Saudi Arabia and Iraq both declared war on Germany Sept 11 1939. The 9/11 attack had state sponsorship and must have had foreign spies within our society helping mastermind the assault. How far up did the treason go ? For such a bold attack…pretty high up. Did it include Bush and or Cheney as members of some secret satanic cult of war…its possible . Skull and bones is a death cult , but I am sure the treason included the same people who protect Obama with forged birth records , hiding his fake SS number, hiding his ties to domestic communist networks, and the Satlin loyalists controlling our labor unions . The same people who are making the accusation 911 was an inside job are the most likely accomplices projecting their guilt onto the innocent. Fact is the American people have not been well informed as to what really happened same as in the Kennedy Assasination.

  • Londonistan

    Meanwhile in Londonistan…

    9/11 anniversary: Muslim protesters burn US flag outside embassy in London

    …Several members of the Muslim groups made anti-American speeches following the flag burning.

    One said: “You will always face suffering, you will always face humiliation, unless you withdraw your troops from Muslim lands.”

    Another declared that America had been “defeated in Iraq and defeated in Afghanistan.”

  • Modern Moderate Muslim Malaysia

    Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Muhammad: Arab Muslims lack the know-how to pull off a 9/11-style attack, so the U.S. gov’t must have done it

    Last year, he said if the US could make the 3D science fiction film Avatar, “they can make anything”, adding there was strong evidence that the 9/11 attacks were staged.


  • Carbon Pootprint

    It’s just the left projecting what they’ve been up to or have planned. We really need a new look at 9-11 and the communist progressive Islamofascist alliance.

  • vagabond trader

    @ #26 Walden:

    😆 😆

  • Em

    Don @ 2:34 p.m.:
    While I am reticent to conclude it was, in fact, a covert op, what I know about Arab activity at Round Lake Airport and Barry O certainly makes me uneasy. Watching the entire ceremony at Ground Zero this morning, hearing all the names read aloud, and watching how fresh the wounds of loss still are ten years later, I cannot fathom why someone didn’t investigate the information on Round Lake and get to the bottom of that activity.
    If the United States government gives/grants/loans money to Imam Faisal (a CFR member) and his wife, Daisy Khan, to build that Muslim cultural center in the shadow of the 9/11 memorial, I am going to be livid. Let these people raise their own money to support their insult to 9/11.

  • kato

    You know, it’s one thing to rant crazy stuff under the anonymity of the Internet, but another to show one’s face in public and seek out the television cameras.

    These are real wack jobs. I bet most of them attended college. One doesn’t usually become this stupid coming out of high school.

  • Gray

    Jews own the media and therefore control the USA.

  • Em

    Kato @ 2:56 p.m.: The towers’ steel infrastructure between floors consisted of short, zig-zag (\/\/\/\/) steel bars coated with fire retardant material. The stairwell was plasterboard and was not protected by steel casing. The AT&T building in the Loop in Chicago, IL has the same problems, iirc, and some workers in that building know that if there is ever a fire in that building that the stairwell will not protect them from a raging inferno.
    I am not accusing our government of a conspiracy, but merely believe that someone ‘dropped the ball’ on certain information, possibly for the fact that it was politically incorrect, or they failed to connect the dots.
    That said, the towers’ design was flawed and unsafe, imho. Watch the program on the History Channel wherein it states that the zig-zag rebar was not the best design for supporting the building between floors, and that engineers believe the fire retardant material coating the rebar was blown off during the impact of the planes.

  • bg


    a former dem #32 September 11, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    don’t rightly know, but aside from this, recently posted about
    a google take over, just wish i could remember where i posted
    it, then there was also this (amongst a few other things).. 🙁


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  • kato

    There really is no commentary needed when it comes to the left. One only needs to give them as much face time on television as possible. Their dishonesty, hatred, and utter craziness is so lacking in maturity and intellectual heft that they condemn themselves whenever they hit the streets.

    Is there any wonder that the MSM covers for them?

    Our supposed sugar daddies, the Koch brothers, should fund a series of televised spots that do nothing more than show us collages of leftists in action. I think a lot of Americans would still be shocked to hear tenured lamebrains like Chomsky and Zinn speaking their brand of deranged truth to power. At the end of each spot, the words “This is the left” could appear. Nothing more would be needed.

    A politician who allied himself with such anti-intellectualism would not have a future. Too bad that back in 2008 Republicans refused to expose Obama for what he is rather than kiss his ass because he’s black.

  • bg


    9/11 was evidently NOT an inside job.. however, on a snowball in hells chance it was shot, then i would most assuredly blame these guys..

    oh yeah, damn right i would..


  • greenfairie

    I hate Troofers.

  • Redwine

    This is a must-read article about the search for proof of the involvement of Iran and Hizbullah in the planning and the carrying out of the 9/11 terror attacks and how the NSA has continually sought to hide that proof:
    Was Iran behind 9/11?,7340,L-4120430,00.html

  • kato


    I was commenting on the people in the streets, not your comment.

    But having now read it, I can only ask you this: When in your entire life have you seen or heard of big, bureaucratic government getting anything right before the fact?

    I shake my head when I read about government agencies seizing more power to investigate and regulate and shut down business. The SEC wants all sorts of new powers. This is the agency that couldn’t spot the Madoff crimes despite ten years of repeated warnings. Now, of course, government pretends that it is doing its utmost to prosecute the perp and “to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.” Believe me, it’ll happen again in a few years, if not sooner.

    When those towers or any other tall building that you can name were built, there was no expectation that they would be hit by a large jet. But even if the government had picked up some intel about a possible scenario involving hijacked jets flying into buildings, how much could the government have done?

    I could not help thinking that if America truly wanted to commenmorate this day solemnly, there would have been no MLB and NFL action. I doubt that even five percent of my fellow citizens would agree with me on that.

    But let’s suppose there was some “unconfirmed, but credible” threat that someone was going to fly a small plane into an NFL stadium. And let’s suppose the government ordered that professional sports be shut down until the threat could be investigated. What do you think the public reaction would be?

    One doesn’t need to half as sick as those crackpots in the streets to know that there would be hell to pay. As much as I despise everything about Obama, he is in the same sorry place as George W. Bush when it comes to terrorism. Any successful attack on this country becomes his fault. And if he disrupts the flow of commerce for a threat that proves unfounded, he’s to blame for that too.

  • Sickofobama
  • Shash

    Ron Paul needs to take all of these folks with him on a nice little trip to Guyana where they belong. Have a drink while your at it !!! Jeeeeezzzzzz

  • John03

    Couldn’t these fools put their hate aside for just this one day? This is not a day for politics but rememberance and solitude. This is such a sad commentary on our society.

  • rbosque

    In 2007 Islam and Judaism’s holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.
    Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10
    countries during this time… while Jews worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.

    Islam needs no help in carrying out terrorist attacks. Those that keep blaming Bush are mentally unstable and need mental help. Seriously.

  • aprilnovember811

    I just received this video about a man who used to work for the FBI named John O’Neill. His story is very compelling. Here is the link. Had egos and political correctness not gotten in the way, it may have been prevented. It’s called The Man Who Knew, from Frontline.








  • Randall R. Kniess

    Personally I read most of the comments up until I got to one by Em. Em has got to stand for just one thing- Extreme Moron. Not only does she or he or transvestite express the garbage put forth by the “Truthers(?)” (I find it ironic that the name really does not fit their mission.), but she or it, better known as sheit, shows anti-Semitic proclivities. Yes the Ron Paul crowd was there along with the Westboro boneheads. Only knuckle dragging crack pots fit the mold in all of those groups. They use the freedoms put forth in the Constitution to show their stupidity as a display of their insanity.

  • Vicky Hernandez


    Given the choice, I’d rather be ruled by those wascally Joooooooooz than murderous 7th Century throw-back Jihadists (They’re susceptible to that “mysterious” condition, SJS: Sudden Jihad Syndrome, you know).

    I’d rather live under the Law of Moses, than be subdued by Sharia law!

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  • Missy8s

    In case anyone is unaware the idiot leading the “911 was an inside job” rant was none other than the loopy Ron Paul fanatic and certifiably mentally ill Alex Jones…

    The bodies weren’t even cold before his buddies Van Jones and Rosie chimed in to say “George Bush and the Israelis did it” and then he joined in a few days later.

    If ever there was a more obvious leftist propaganda outlet, it is most definitely his website “Prison Planet” which masquerades as a “conservative media outlet” in spite of its daily Antisemitic and anti American diatribes.

    This pretty much sums up his bull crap, this video was taken today at ground zero, the Antisemitic and anti American scumbag went on for hours standing shoulder to shoulder with his leftist scumbag pals…

    If you want to know how Alex Jones really thinks, watch this one…

    He makes Goebbels look like an amateur

  • Missy8s

    In case anyone is unaware the idiot leading the “911 was an inside job” rant was none other than the loopy Ron Paul fanatic and certifiably mentally ill Alex Jones…

    This pretty much sums up his bull crap, this video was taken today at ground zero, the Antisemitic and anti American scumbag went on for hours standing shoulder to shoulder with his leftist scumbag pals…

    If you want to know how Alex Jones really thinks, watch this one…

    He makes Goebbels look like an amateur

  • jony101

    osama bin laden is rolling over in his watery grave that in death these little people won’t give him the credit for his greatest achievement. Osama admitted he did it, they captured the mastermind that planned it and “water tortured” the confession out of him, they all claimed they did without the CIA or anyone else help. Muslims might tell lies every hour of the day, but when they say they blew something up, they usually telling the truth about that, they want all the credit for themselves.
    They claim the CIA did the job, everyone knows the government can’t keep any secrets, where is the proof they did it? why isn’t it on wikileaks?

  • bg


    Missy8s #64 September 11, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    may be, but he’s not all wromg abiut everythig..

    what he does is base his opinions on truths,
    then proceeds to spin them into fairy tales..

    sort to like what Islam did to Judaism & Christianity..


  • bg


    duh re: #66

    wromg abiut everythig = wrong about everything..



  • Move Along – Nothing To See
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  • Why are you all so scared of the truth ??? These TRUE patriots have every RIGHT under The Constitution of the United States of America to peacefully assemble !!! All you all ever do is try to hide the truth !!! These people want to expose the truth and only want JUSTICE for the murdered victims of 9-11 !!!Be like the first responders as they run into danger as you all go find the truth !!! It is OUR government who is running from the truth !!!

  • Bert

    #61 September 11, 2011 at 5:55 pm
    Vicky Hernandez commented:


    #61 Given the choice, I’d rather be ruled by those wascally Joooooooooz than murderous 7th Century throw-back Jihadists (They’re susceptible to that “mysterious” condition, SJS: Sudden Jihad Syndrome, you know).

    I’d rather live under the Law of Moses, than be subdued by Sharia law!

    Pretty sick, isn’t it,that you would want to be ruled by Jooooooooooz? i want to be ruled by God. And besides, Jews do run America . . . who do you think controls the media, Hollywood and the central bank? Hiding from the truth will not save you,

  • Babsy

    #2: Only in the cesspool that is referred to as the ‘mind’ of a progressive….

  • William Morgan

    Check out all the credible people at – experts in various fields who have problems with many aspects of the official version of 9/11 (which is technically a Conspiracy THEORY!) Also- William Rodriguez Speaks About 9/11-> <- He was the head janitor of the WTC North Tower and was just one of many credible winesses who felt the bombs going off, in his case and with his co-workers, it was one Big explosion that went off UNDERneath him while he was in Basement Level 1, and it went off several seconds BEFORE the plane hit that tower many floors above.
    Also- look into all the CFR members (Council on Foreign Relations) around 9/11 who were in the PNAC Group (Cheney Wolfowitz Zelikow etc. ) which openly wished for a 'new Pearl Harbor event', then right after getting it with 9/11, another CFR member (Gary Hart) said at the CFR hq that they should use the tragedy to help further the 'new world order' agenda! Then a CFR member (Christine Todd Whitman) lied saying 'The air is safe to breathe' in lower Manhattan. Then CFR member John McCain helped Popular Mechanics do a hit piece that tried to debunk 9/11 truth. Oh and don't forget how the powers that be didn't want an investigation of 9/11- but people like the 'Jersey Girls' complained enough and so CFR bigwig Henry Kissinger stepped up to head it, people said NO to that war criminal being involved and so we got the 9/11 Commission- which was headed up by several CFR members, yet some of whom actually claimed that their own investigation was a fraud!-

  • Em

    Randy Knees @ 5:55 p.m.: FYI, I’m not anti-semitic and I’m not a truther. You obviously need remedial reading lessons because you mischaracterized what I wrote. Your second tactic is to attack me personally because you cannot refute what I posted. Someone in the Clinton and/or Bush administrations dropped the ball on 9/11. If we cannot find out why these terrorists weren’t profiled and stopped, it will happen again.
    Only morons are afraid to afraid to ask questions. How ironic that you should mention the Westboro Baptists because they think accusing others of having motes in their eyes excuses their own hateful behavior. According dignity to others, even if I don’t endorse their private behaviors, prevents me from accusing you of immoral behavior because that would be stooping to your level in a dark and dismal place.
    Almost 3,000 of your fellow Americans were asphyxiated, incinerated, mutilated and crushed in the collapse of the World Trade Towers and all you can do to refute the information I cited it to attack me personally, falsely impugning me. I think you are the pathetic miscreant here on this thread. You don’t want to know why these people had to needlessly die horrible, horrific, painful deaths? Why is this administration continuiing the lies that Islam is a religion of peace?

  • Militant Conservative

    Yup saw a ya Hoo wearing a tee shirt spouting

    This drivel. He’s white and sixty. I asked him if he

    Really believed this . he said yes. My answer was

    “and I thought you were an adult” he fried.

    I reminded him you don’t have a gun, I do.

    Wimp loses ,’patriot wins .

    Time and again,
    Prepared wins vs. Wimp liberals.

    Powder is dry, and ready

  • Sickofobama


    I didn’t know Obama was a Jew.

    Who knew?

    You and Tax-Cheat Timmy.


  • Sickofobama


    Libtards aren’t patriots.

    They are demented freaks like yourself.

  • owl

    My gosh, they are still out in force on the threads. Some of them have to be paid.

    These charming people in the demonstrations (it’s okay folks, not tea partiers, just patriots) are always out doing their duty to protest Repub wars. Not Dem wars. Even if a Dem started it (Vietnam anyone?), it just gets turned into another Repub war. Even if they PREACH Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and vote to change the regime long before a Repub got in office, it’s still a Repub war, donchaknow? I don’t normally get a smell of them now that The Won is leading the charge. This has to be a Bush thing.

    These are Obama’s people. He voted with them everytime he forgot to vote present.

  • Babsy

    Re #73: There were no bombs. Go sit down and rest. Take a load off. You’ve been working waaaaay too hard.

  • bg


    fact v fiction

    NIST’s World Trade Center Investigation

    World Trade Center Disaster Study

    oh btw, there must be a butt load of undetonated bombs stowed
    away w/in the walls of the Pentagon and whatever other building
    the Shanksville hero’s saved.. /s/


  • It’s amazing some people believe some government official , who were not inside the Towers , that the Towers collapsed due to fire and not believe the people who were actually INSIDE the Towers from Willie Rodriguez to FDNY who vividly describe BOMBS going off inside the Towers !!! FDNY even vividly describe finding injured and burned victims on floors that were not hit by an airplane !!! Are the ones who were inside the building lying ???!!! Or Bombs going off just a figment of their imagination ???!!!

  • Sickofobama


    Time for you to take another hit off the bong.

  • Fred

    Socialist CHANGE sinks. It smells like jihad.

  • JPeden

    Right, that puny “Shrub” ignoramus engineered 9/11 without a trace; fooled everyone else including Saddam Hussein himself into thinking he had WMD’s; then used Saddam’s non-compliance with U.N. res. 1441 as a cynical pretense to invade Iraq and prove to the World that he alone among the ‘experts’ and the rest of us is omniscient, since we now know he was indeed “lying” all along about WMD’s; next he installed a Black latte’ Commie as President, because they both want to destroy America, as soundly indicated by Obama. QED

    But if people like George Soros, Zawahiri, and Janine Garafalo are not already his Puppets too, they’re obviously doomed as mere collateral damage within his malevolent plan to rule the World and thus finally also prove his omnipotence, with that doofus, Sarah Palin, then standing at his side!

  • Craig

    Well they are right! The sooner you will be able to face the truth, the sooner you will be able to take back your country.

    You think your government wouldn’t stage False Flags? Think again.

    Here is the declassified document of Operation Northwoods. If any of you have guts, read it, you will see how your government don’t give a damn about you and are ready to kill you to start wars. After reading this document, tell me if you still beleive the official story of 9/11.

    Operation Northwoods

  • Sickofobama…I bet you would say to the survivors of the Towers collapse “Just be thankful they gave you all an hour or so to evacuate the building before the “pulled” it.”

  • bg


    it’s hard to imagine not hearing explosions during an event of that caliber..


  • bg


    Craig #85 September 11, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    i’d be quite content just taking GP
    back from the moonbats like you..


  • florida

    A day to morn all those that lost their life and for family’s to come together. And here are the worthless POS’s there to F it UP!

  • Craig

    Bg… read the fuc…g declassified document… and then come back to me. Till then, you don’t have a clue of what is going on here.

  • Craig

    You want a piece of it? Here’s one:

    “8- It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner en route from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela. The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight. “

  • Sickofobama


    If I could reach thru this screen I would punch you in the face.

    You – a lunatic truther – has no sympathy for those who died 10 years ago today.

    You care about the Muslim scum who attacked us 10 years ago.

    You need to have your mind washed out with common sense.

    You have been drinking the koolaid from the likes of lunatics like Ward Churchill.


  • Missy8s

    Hey #81 MikeySucksIt,

    Are you aware of the large gas lines, the pressurized pneumatic systems, high pressure boilers, electrical transformers or various flammable cleaning materials dispersed throughout the towers?

    Are you also aware of the gas powered boiler systems and “chillers” that were on the rooftops and in the basements of each tower?

    Did you also know that the structural integrity of the buildings relied heavily on “climate control” and stable humidity levels?

    The original architect of the building has stated repeatedly that a sudden 10 to 15 degree swing either direction for a sustained period could destabilize the superstructure of the buildings.

    Were you also aware that the steel “skin” of the building accounted for nearly half of each building’s strength and rigidity.

    Ever hear of Larry Silverstein?

    He stated on several occasions that if large enough portions of the “skin” were compromised that trusses and beams would become weak enough to fail.

    He also stated that all of the above combined to cause the towers to fall, review the video, exactly where does the collapse of both towers begin?

    That’s right, just above each point where the planes smashed through the F**ing buildings!

    Why is that?

    Two of the four outer columns that the shell of the towers were molded around were severed, eliminating a massive amount of the super structure support for each tower.

    The jet fuel was indeed hot enough to melt steel, have you ever taken a lighter and touched the blue part of the flame?

    Not too hot is it?

    The same principle applies to ALL fires, the base of a fire is always considerably cooler than the apex of its highest flames.

    The explosions after the impacts were gas mains, high pressure pneumatics, electrical transformers and boiler systems exploding.

    I happen to work in construction and I know for a fact that every word that Silverstein stated for the reason for ALL of the towers’ collapse are 100% correct.

    I haven’t spent 20 plus years practicing my craft, which requires heavy metallurgy by the way, to be lectured by the likes of Alex Jones or Rosie O’Donnell.

    They carry on endlessly about “building structure” or the temperatures at which steel melts under load stresses or at what temperature jet fuel burns in an enclosed area.

    Their “alleged” knowledge is nothing but sensational bullsh!t designed to draw attention to themselves, they are nothing but self important self promoters.

    Construction is my business and I am well paid to know exactly how and why all of this structural science works and what causes it to fail.

    Please think before you post your nonsense truther bull crap here in the future, you just might encounter somebody who can easily dispel this long running smear campaign…

    Have a nice night A-hole!

  • Craig

    Missy, how gullible can you be? The smartest ingeneers, architects and Chemists of your country proved the contrary. See Richard Cage video:

    Richard Gage, AIA, Architect – WTC’s 1,2 and building 7 FELL AT FREE FALL SPEED on 9/11!

  • JPeden

    Yeah, Craig’s got a point: normally Bush was able to make people disappear and no one would even notice they were gone – according to some Liberals I know. But this time he apparently needed to make them disappear and be noticed, by engineering the illusion that real Airliners with real people struck the Towers and were vaporized with nary a trace. The fact that the Towers came down just as they would have with an actual Airliner impact, massive burn and heat production then weakening and splaying the structural steel – which “never melts” – producing a subsequent gravitational domino effect building a progressively stronger kinetic energy force as the floors collapsed sequentially, was merely an indication of just how brilliant an illusionalist Bush is!

    I just wonder where Bush keeps all of those disappeared people!

  • Sickofobama….. Just admit it that you believe the people who died on 9-11 were nothing but collateral victims in the “War on Terror” !!! The people standing in and around the Towers were not to survive the falling debris when the order was given to PULL IT !!! Just save your anger and say that more people were suppose to die !!!

  • Missy8s

    # 94 Craig

    It’s called knowledge, go get some.

  • Missy8s

    Truthers; incapable of the simplest logic.

    Hey dumbasses, here’s a simple experiment for you…

    Take a common bench vice, an acetylene blow torch and any square piece of sturdy metal, angle iron works very well for this experiment…

    Now take an acetylene blow torch and one half of your sample piece while timing the melting rate until burn through with a stop watch, record your time.

    Now take the other half of your sample and place it in a vice with sample placed lengthwise within the vice jaws to the highest amount of pressure you can exert upon it.

    Repeat the previous experiment.

    I guarantee you that the metal will not only burn through at a significantly faster rate the sample piece will completely collapse as burn through approaches.

    End of metallurgy 101 for idiots.

  • that bush,still doing it after all these years.

  • Yale_Class_ of_74

    #81 — In what American-sponsored institution did you stuggle to procure a remote familiarization with the English language?

    Can your possibly convey a legitimate source for the dribble to which you subscirbe?

    I didn’t think so. — Another cave-moneky revealed.

  • Missy8s do you know that engineers for NIST did an experiment on large floor models of the Towe’rs floor plans and burned them at very hot temperatures for over an hour and the floor models DID NOT COLLAPSE !!! This is the government who did the test and the floor models DID NOT COLLAPSE !!!

  • Sickofobama


    You are a Van Jones disciple and that makes you a lunatic.

    Live with it.

    Incapable of feeling but hate for Bush.

    Live with it you miserable libtard.

    Hope you are chanting the rest of your miserable life that Bush and Cheney made those towers go down.

  • 9-11 Liars are full of anti-America BS..

    ‘Dear Friend of America’s Survival:As we commemorate the deaths of the 9/11 victims, let us also expose those who want to whitewash the role of radical Islam in this tragedy. The so-called 9/11 Truth Movement wants to blame Bush, Cheney and the CIA and others for the deaths of almost 3000 Americans. I suggest you read:

    The Big Con and 9/11 Truth: How Political Extremists, Left-wing Scam Artists and United Nations Apologists are Exploiting the Terrorist Attacks on America (pdf)

    This report exposes the 9/11 “truthers” who appear on Al-Jazeera and Russia Today TV to blame America and/or Israel for the terrorist attacks.

    Here’s one of the points I make:

    If U.S. officials orchestrated 9/11, in order to go to war in the Middle East, why couldn’t these same officials have planted weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to justify the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime? That would have been relatively easy, compared to the complicated and elaborate schemes required to strike the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and then to blame the attacks on Muslim Arabs hijacking U.S. commercial aircraft.’

    Who Was Behind 9-11?

  • Yale_class_of_74… I can out debate you any day of the week !!!

  • Highlander

    Jesus … what a bunch of lunatics we have here tonight. You truthers need to get some professional help … there were no explosives, and there was no conspiracy. I don’t know if you’re doing too may drugs, if you’re mentally ill, or if you just have a raging case of BDS, but you really need to try to get a grip on reality. Any sane person who watches the video of the attacks and studies the evidence will conclude that we were attacked by radical Muslims, and they just got lucky. They are actively working toward something much bigger, and far more deadly too, so I suggest that you quit deluding yourselves into believing that our government did this, and start worrying about what they are going to do next …

  • Missy8s

    Bullcrap, this just happens to be my business and you and everyone like you wouldn’t know sh!t from shinola where structure, steel or heat is concerned.

    You’re so desperate to find a bogeyman in George Bush or Israel it has blinded you and your ilk to the reality.

    ISLAM attacked America on September 11, 2001 and destroyed the towers, not George Bush, not the tooth fairy and definitely not Israel or Great Britain!

    Go peddle your load of crap to Lotion Boy and The Fluffer Queen, I’m sure they’ll give you all of the attention you so desperately desire!

  • Craig

    I can see that NO ONE here had the balls to read the declassified document.

    Well, well, well, scared little sheeple cannot face facts. I knew it, I don’t even know why I bother with you folks. You will never wake-up… never. A millions facts would be presented to you, you would’nt even take a look… too scares to face truth. So go get gropped for your security, get radiated thru body scanners and follow the sheeple off the cliff. You enjoy being lied to… it reassures you. It keeps you in your confort zone. You folks are a bunch YELLOW!

  • Missy8s

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Craigy-poo!


  • You see, you all have no ANSWER for the VIDEO PROOF of firefighters , police officers , and employee’s who were inside the buildings describing BOMBS going off in the towers !!! All these people interviewed by the MAIN STREAM MEDIA just after they evacuated the Towers said there were BOMBS going off inj the building !!! You CAN NOT refute their eyewitness statements !!! Do all the name calling you want but the proof is right there on video !!!

  • Highlander

    Craig, just because someone in our government back in ’62 was considering using a simulated attack to justify a war with Cuba DOESN’T mean it happened on 9/11. You’re delusional, and a raging lunatic if you REALLY think our own government had ANYTHING to do with the 9/11 attacks. So, are you mentally ill, or does your hatred for this country just run so deep that you find it necessary to slander and demean the people who have been fighting tirelessly to protect us?

    I’m afraid Jim got it right … there are some very sick puppies running around in this country ….

  • Highlander

    Smelly, get a clue. To the people in those buildings, I’m sure the sound of floor upon floor collapsing onto the next sounded like bombs … a lot of things sound like bombs that aren’t bombs. You people really need professional help …

  • JPeden

    that bush,still doing it after all these years.

    I actually consider it quite sensitive and truly empathetic of him to have not permanently shown all those Dancing With the Stars pretenders exactly what the epitome of “cool” dancing really is! Hollywood, and indeed all Progressives world wide would never recover! Obama would never be able to have another of his empowering and “proof of cool” parties after seeing Bush’s moves. There ain’t enough green god Windmills on Earth that could ever reinflate those egos after Bush got through with them! You’d think they could show Bush just a tiny bit of gratitude for allowing them to at least think their holy standard for Elitist Supremacy is still intact.

  • Craig

    heyitsmekelly (#109)

    They don’t want to know. They don ‘t have what it takes to face the truth. They haven ‘t made one tenth of a million of researches. They are hopeless. I rest my case. After all it is your country and it is your corrupted government. You like the way things are going? You want some more? Well, just keep voting for Statu Quo, big establishment candidates one more time. That should do the trick. This is what you want, this is what you’ll get!

  • Missy8s

    When looking for a bogeyman to blame, look for your conclusion before you develop the hypothesis to justify it. ~Josef Goebbels

    The obvious is just too damned hard for froot loop lefties to accept…

    Islam is at war with us and they destroyed the WTC towers, nobody else.

    This thread has proven to me that Stan Marsh was absolutely correct.

    One fourth of Americans are completely retarded.

  • Babsy

    Re #93: Relax. I know it’s tough but remember the ‘person’ you’re addressing with your comment is far too ignorant to understand what you wrote.

  • Highlander
  • Redwine

    Looks like Media Matters and Crazy Uncle Ron sent out their Moron Shock Troops tonight.
    Really wound-up, hysterical bunch. So chock-full of conspiracy theories.

  • Highlander… the EYEWITNESSES said these BOMBS were exploding while they were evacuating on different floors that were not hit by any plane !!! That corroborates firefighters EYEWITNESS statements describing finding injured , burned , and dead people on other floors that the plane didn’t hit !!! Again , you have no answer to these thousands of eyewitness statements !!! Or were you there ??? Didn’t think so !!!

  • Redwine

    LOL, Highlander. Those bots are gonna need it.

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    If the Jews control the USA then why did the tell obama to say they needed to return to the 1967 borders?

  • JPeden

    I can see that NO ONE here had the balls to read the declassified document.

    One thing at a time, please. I’m still looking for the man on the Grassy Knoll, not to mention that Giant Pod from which Obama emerged – which probably has the potential to be a little more rewarding. Then there’s always the proof for “CO2 = CAGW” that no ipcc Climate Scientist has ever found, but which no one or contrary evidence is allowed to disprove either, at least according to Climate Science’s, er, “standards” and “methods”. So I’m kind of on overloard as is.

  • JPeden

    Highlander… the EYEWITNESSES said these BOMBS were exploding while they were evacuating on different floors that were not hit by any plane !!!

    Those “bombs” were only more of Bush’s illusions, just to get you worked up and outed as not fit for his perfected future. In other words, with that low level of insight, boy, I doubt you’re going to be around when Bush and Palin take over the World, which I have just proven will occur – that is, if you have enough sense to recognize just what his illusory Airliner attack on the WTC, etc., actually portends! Love it or Leave it!

  • Craig

    JPeden (#121)
    “So I’m kind of on overloard as is.”

    I understand you. Their propaganda is so effective, that it took me 3 years of intense researches before I got to the truth. I did’nt blog anywhere during those 3 years… I only researched night and day. I can tell you one thing. When you really search, you get your answers. Truth is hiding in plain view. It’s all there for you to grab: videos, books, declassified documents, conferences, etc . Once you see it, you feel such a fool to have once beleive all their lies. But then again, you can bring a horse to the river, but you cannot make him drink the water. That is what’s so frustating on this site. They really don’t want to know. It is a hopeless situation.

  • You see all you want to do is completely throw out any eyewitness statements because it doesn’t fit in with the “Official Story”!!! Again no answer but only to ignore the FACTS !!!

  • Highlander

    Smelly, there were people found dead and burned in the LOBBY of those buildings, killed by burning jet fuel that came down the elevator shafts. There was so much commotion and chaos in those buildings, it’s no wonder that “eyewitness” accounts are confusing. One thing I can GUARANTEE you though … there were no bombs. Watch the video, watch the expert testimony, watch the numerous excellent documentaries that have been produced on the subject. Or sit in the corner with your tin foil hat and conjure up more boogey men … it’s your choice. Just remember that while you’re busy dreaming up conspiracies, the REAL terrorists are planning their next attack.

  • Missy8s

    # 115 Babsy…

    I know, it’s just so fun to bitch slap these little pricks every once in awhile, it’s kinda cathartic! 🙂

  • Highlander

    Sadly, the mentally ill are always convinced they’re the only sane ones in the room. These truthers are so sure they’re right, but any idiot can see how unhinged they’ve become. What we have here is classic paranoid delusional behavior. I hope someone close to them has the sense to get them some professional treatment …

  • Missy8s

    #127 Highlander,


    Truthers, just as all other leftist retards, are the end product of the criminally insane leading mentally ill and emotionally fragile!

    Inpatient care is their best hope of ever leading normal lives again, assuming they ever did to begin with that is…

  • Craig

    Bin Laden’s Death Won’t End the War on Terror Until Americans Understand the Threat Was Always Us


    “From the first moment that I was told about 9/11 in April and May of 2001, I was informed that the United States planned to declare War on Iraq immediately when 9/11 happened. The two were already linked as cause and effect. I can testify to that absolutely, because I was the Asset commanded to deliver those threats to Iraqi diplomats at the United Nations….”

  • JPeden

    It’s all there for you to grab: videos, books, declassified documents, conferences, etc .

    It’s also known as the Bush Derangement Business Model, meant to milk you of your money. Hey, it works! Why do you think all those books arose describing the “real truth” about Bush were published? Because you bought them and kept buying them, that’s why.

    Meanwhile, I’m telling you the truth about Bush’s omniscience and omnipotence, with his imminent ascension as Ruler of the World for free! It will be a glorious event, indeed – “don’t need no ticket, you just thank George Bush!”

  • Oh experts who were not in the buildings and you just want to trust what they have to say ??? So you are saying that trained firefighters , who were in the building , are not experts and don’t know what a bomb sounds like when it goes off ??? I bet more than half of the first responders that day are ex-miltary and know exaclty what a bomb sounds like when it goes off !!!

  • JPeden

    “From the first moment that I was told about 9/11 in April and May of 2001, I was informed that the United States planned to declare War on Iraq immediately when 9/11 happened. The two were already linked as cause and effect. I can testify to that absolutely, because I was the Asset commanded to deliver those threats to Iraqi diplomats at the United Nations….”

    All Saddam had to do was to comply with res. 1441, but Bush fooled him into thinking he definitely had WMD’s and Saddam therefore refused to comply. So, as I’ve been trying to tell you, the truth of Bush’s wisdom and power is much better than you want to realize. Forget Obama’s promises of Commie Utopia, he is only trying to destroy America to get the Commies on board for the eventuation of Bush and Palin’s Garden of Eden, just around the corner!

  • You all must think that if you continue with the name calling maybe I will shut up !!! Well it’s not going to happen !!! Why don’t you all go crying to Mr. Hoft to ban me ???!!!

  • Andreas K.

    I’m still waiting for them to bring not only hard evidence, but an actual motive as to why Bush would do that. Because… there is no motive. The Iraqi oil? That’s why the oil price is where it is, right? Face it, there is no motive.

    However, the motive of a handful jihadis wanting to kill many infidels and hitting the “great satan” (aka the US) is perfectly feasible and, most importantly, nothing new.

  • Botox Pelosi


  • I don’t know why Mr Hoft provide his followers this link because if you want motive click on the site provided !!!Click only if your reading level is above the 3rd grade !!!

  • JPeden

    Ban you, thus fulfilling the needs of your derangement? Instead I’m thinking that the crazier I sound, the more the Bush deranged might like it, and maybe they’ll even “convert” and turn their attention to the real internal threat to America, Obama and his merry band of latte’ Commies. But from now on, it’ll cost them to get this line of attack from me upon their own very personal internal problems.

    So from where the Sun now sets and forever, I pledge that they’ll finally have to go to grade school to get their free lunch, at least if I have anything to do with it.

  • Highlander

    Smelly, there were NO bombs. You’re ill. Seek treatment before it’s too late …

  • JPeden

    Ok, one more freebie, kelly: what you are doing is called “displacement”. Instead of facing what you really know to be the real threat to yourself and your material wellbeing, Islamofascism and Obama’s Communism, you displace your fear onto Bush, quite simply because he is not a threat to you. Naturally, the Islamofascists and Communists affect know how to affect and “play” certain people, such as yourself. So you end up aiding them, the real threats. Perfect tactic, eh?

  • JPeden

    scratch the first “affect’…

  • For those (most of you) who can’t read above 3rd grade level I found a video for the motive of 9-11 !!! Ok I have all the evidence needed for the motive of 9-11 !!!

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  • Missy8s


    When you finally come to grips with the fact that you need serious psychiatric help, I hope you realize that your form of metal illness is self imposed.

    You always had the power to turn off the TV, stop listening to George Noori, crush the Michael Moore videos and just say no to Alex Jones.

    The allure of simple answers that demonize your opponents are very easy for the fragile mind to embrace so long as you willingly accept the lie to shelter yourself from reality…

    Admit you were wrong and let go of your hatred for George Bush and Jews…

  • So that’s where all the Roasted Paulnuts were today.

  • Republican voter

    I bet Ron Paul won’t win one state in the Republican primary! LOL! You Ron Paul supporters are FREAKS! LOSERS…

  • What do you get when you cross a 9/11 Troofer with an ape? A retarded ape.

  • jorgen

    Probably most of Obama’s Czars were present.

  • tonimarie anderson

    To stay on topic those groups at the memorial were out of line. Those asking to google Jews are being very disrespectful. Those that were chanting “inside job” were out of line. They were wrong to do that just as the posters who are insulting Ron Paul who has nothing to do with these people. He is not a member of a fringe group. He does believe in having a new investigation as do many grieving families and firemen and others who want the truth.We have a senator and some leaders working on getting a bill passed to accomplish this in the near future. That does not mean they approve of this particular group . We should all support a new investigation because there was a lot of questions that were not answered and we all have a right to the truth.

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  • Evil Otto

    They were wrong to do that just as the posters who are insulting Ron Paul who has nothing to do with these people.

    The ranks of Ron Paul supports are filled with such crazies. Truthers, conspiracy theorists, antisemites, for some reason they flock to the Ron Paul banner. Paul himself does little to denounce them.

  • “He does believe in having a new investigation as do many grieving families and firemen and others who want the truth.We have a senator and some leaders working on getting a bill passed to accomplish this in the near future. That does not mean they approve of this particular group . We should all support a new investigation because there was a lot of questions that were not answered and we all have a right to the truth.”

    By definition that makes you and everyone else you listed, including the Roasted Paulnut himself, a Troofer. And in my book, it makes you just as nuts as he is. Nuts. Crackers. Bananas. Bonkers. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Nuttier than a Chinese Chicken Salad. Th-th-th-th-th-that’s all, Folks!

  • Highlander

    There is no hidden “truth” about 9/11 you dopes. You clowns listen to George Noory way too much, and you’ve lost your sanity. Everything in life isn’t a conspiracy. Some things just happen. Yes, perhaps some intelligence was overlooked leading up to 9/11, but twisting that into some deluded theory that Bush our our government orchestrated the WTC attacks is not only irrational, it’s insane.

    It horrifies me to think that our society has devolved to this point. Reality is a distant memory for far too many people in America today, and I fear that only a catastrophe of enormous proportions will ever bring people back…

  • Babsy

    #152 You wrote: It horrifies me to think that our society has devolved to this point. Reality is a distant memory for far too many people in America today, and I fear that only a catastrophe of enormous proportions will ever bring people back…

    9-11 was a pretty big catastrophe and it wasn’t enough to bring people to their senses. You see can here the poison that resides in the Lunatic left. They’re insane. And they can vote.

  • Do you know they recovered more debris from the Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia than plane debris from the crashes into the Pentagon and field in Shanksville !!! Looking at video and picture evidence of the two plane crash sites there’s no evidence that a plane even crashed there !!! Where’s the planes ???

  • #154 is another 9/11 Troofer. What’s the difference between a 9/11 Troofer and a chimpanzee? The chimpanzee peels the banana when he eats it.

    I saw the planes hit the three buildings, numbnuts.

    Go back to throwing your feces, you mindless chimpanzee. Oh, and Ron Paul is still nuts. Film at eleven.

  • Oh, and the Shanksville plane hit the ground nose first at about 580 mph so there isn’t going to be much left, debris or human remains.

    Here’s a box of crayons and a Big Chief pad, go amuse yourself.

  • Babsy and Highlander why don’t you all admit that you want another terrorist attack to happen !!! You want another attack to remind the American people about those evil terrorists !!! How many deaths would be acceptable to you all ???!!! 100,000 + with a giant mushroom cloud ???!!! Blame it all on Iran and send in the troops !!! Of course you support the troops as long as none of my family members are fighting along side !!! Come on I know both of you want more death and destruction !!!

  • Craig

    @ heyitsmekelly (#157)

    It’s good to know that there is one educated American on this blogsite who did real rechearches and cares for the truth. And probably it is enough. After all, in the Revolution, only a very small percentage of people fought to give you liberty and a country. All the other ones sat by wondering what the hell was happening. They were either ignorant, apathic or loyal to the King. History really does repeats itself. Again today, only a small few percentage of Americans who cares for the truth, will be able to save this country one more time.

  • Martin

    Well for the comments here, i still belive america is a sleep. False flags attacks are common nowdays by the state. It is a very old technique. How do you think the US went to war with Spain in Cuba, by sinking the Main, US boat by the US, this are declasified documents. All the people on board of the boat (american soldiers) die. But US went ahead with this lie and it took Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico from Spain. If you belive that the people behind the military complex, the international banksters of the FED and their loyal politics dogs give a crap about you, then is because the only history that you know is what the show you in TV. Wake up people, Wake up

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  • nick

    so so funny when you see people calling these people who say 9/11 was an inside job,the only retards are those who could EVER believe such a drivel, tripe worst inside job of all time EVER,it is soo bad it beggers belief just how stupid you have o be to believe the offical story you peope really are mentally dead to believ this rubbish lie ever told in the hisrory of mankind

    really wow just wow at those who believe the offical story just wow

    I evern knew they would kill bin landen and no one would ever even see his body guess what they even went one further and tossed his body in the sea wow jus wow wow wow

    but why tell you people santa is outside your window right now handing out free presents go get

  • nick

    @the underrgound conservative

    how did you see 3 planes hit 3 buildings?

    no one saw the pentagon on camera so do you mean in person how did you see all three you got from new york to the pantagon or do you mean in new york were only two planes hit and three buildings fell,your basic maths don’t even add up wih this and you are calling others retarded,I prove my point about people who believe the offical story

  • Babsy

    #157: You’re right, we do want another attack. How brilliant of you to see through our ruse! You are a GEENUS!!! Such an act would give us an excuse to go round up all the leftists and put them in their own Utopia with NO GUNS or OIL, a Unicorn for each the children, green energy, and free Obamacare for all; and where they won’t ever bother the rest of us again.:-)

  • Guys, please do your research. 3 steel skyscrapers were destroyed by 2 planes? Really?

    Have you seen the hole in the Pentagon? Not big enough for a plane.

    The fact of the matter is that certain people stood to profit from this attack and the decade-plus wars of “retaliation”. See Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address in which he warns America of the dangers of our Military-Industrial Complex.

    When people hold up signs that say Jews control the USA, they are referring to the Zionists who have succeeded in having the USA fight its wars in the Middle East for it. Need proof? Do Google it, but be wary of rampant anti-semitism. However, do look into our “leaders” who are dual citizens of the USA and Israel. It is certainly very suspect.

    Please join 9/11 victim’s families, over 1500 architects and engineers, and countless other AMERICAN PATRIOTS who wish to see the TRUE perpetrators brought to justice and America live up to its promise. Take 15 minutes to watch this video. It might change your life:

    WTC 7 is the smoking gun.

  • Babsy

    Re #164: You wrote: Have you seen the hole in the Pentagon? Not big enough for a plane.

    Yes it is. A Boeing 757 hit it with power levers full forward. Made a hell of a mess! You’re not too bright, are ya? Sad.:-(

  • #165

    That qualifies as an intelligent response? Lots of things can make hell’s of messes, but few can do it flying at high speeds, barely off the ground, etc.

    Also, keep in mind that the mess we see in most pictures is AFTER that section collapsed; the original impact crater was far smaller than the overall COLLAPSE.

  • bg


    Jay Cohn #164 September 12, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    re: [Guys, please do your research]

    you have got to be kidding..

    try practicing what you preach..

    i dare you..


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  • Who allowed placement of demolition charges in Building 7 to drop the building just like an old Las Vegas hotel? And, Building 7 was not hit by a plane.

    Allan Sherman wrote in 1973 WHY LIES ARE BETTER THAN THE TRUTH. The majority of posters here who ridicule the “troopers” are not right because they are a majority–they are “right” because LIES ARE BETTER THAN THE TRUTH.

    It’s way past time to

    It wasn’t muslims. Google this and remove your blinders for a week. You will need a spare change of underwear once you wake up to the facts which “troopers” know all too well.

    Mass media, the Congress and Hollywood are complicit in the cover-up as are many heads of state–but not Francesco Cossiga whose quote about 9/11 the trolls here will have a hard time explaining.

    This is the Orwellian Age of Big Lies.

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  • Classy… Truthers Constitutional Right to Peaceably Assemble Denied at Ground Zero on 10th Anniversary of 9/11

  • there is little doubt that wtc 1 2 & 7 were blown up with preplanted explosives. Just look at the facts (wtc7, 100 day fires, the explosiveness of 1&2 which left 1100 people completely unaccounted for and pulverized so much concrete,,etc etc,,-the reaction of officials is also very telling
    and the conclusion becomes pretty unavoidable.