Awful… Obama Scares Crap Out of Kids – Says Junk Science Climate Change Is Biggest Problem They Will Face (Video)

Barack Obama scared the crap out of a bunch of kids this week. President Downgrade told the kids that the biggest problem they will face is global warming climate change; Florida will have more hurricanes. There will be more drought because of man.
What an awful person.

P/Oed Patriot grabbed this from a recent discussion Obama held with kids:

Maybe we should blow half billion on another failed solar plant?

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  • Mrs. X

    This is the most anti-child admin in US history. This fits in perfectly with their ideology.
    Biden thinks China’s one-child policy is great.
    Obama thinks late-term aborts are acceptable.
    The HHS wants all birth control for free.
    Global warming, err climate change problem solved within 1 more generation!


    and let’s not forget you can’t get a toy in a happy meal because of fat A$$ moo-shell

  • dwd

    He can blame “global warming” on other people. He likes to do that.

    If he said “The greatest problem you’ll face is an overwhelming insurmountable national debt which I’m increasing by over $1TRILLION A YEAR”, there’s no one else to implicate. Unless he thinks racking up debt is actually good for their future… which, being Obama, he probably does.

  • tj

    Did you really think he’d say…. “flash mobs of entitled African American teens”?

  • I think President Obama is just ignorant about science in general and buys what he’s told by people he trusts – hard left academics. So he’s just repeating the things he was told about science and doesn’t know any better. That’s not much better than deliberately lying to terrify children, but it is better.

  • No Man

    De biggest problem dey will face is dat dere will be one job lef he didn’t kill when dey is 18,000,000 of dem out of work.

  • ebayer

    It was $1.5Billion total with private donations added in.

    It was only a half billion from the public tax payer stimulus money.

  • Ginger

    That kenyan fraud has lied so much that his nose can reach to the moon and back with no problem.

    Come on congress take that fraud down now! The riots will be the same then as they would be now! If and when the next person is harmed or killed we must demand that the black caucus be charged with “aiding and abetting”

  • SM-AZ

    More propaganda & brainwashing!

  • Snicker

    ^^^^^^^^ wack job alert^^^^^^^^^^

  • cal rifkin

    Racking up debt is clearly a redistributionist policy…who’s gonna pay it back – future taxpayers (people who pay the taxes are by definition the rich, majority, mostly white upperclass and winners of life’s lottery). It doesn’t matter when they’ll pay…but they will pay. Meanwhile Feckless Barry will continue to spend like there’s no tomorrow. The continuing incremental, advancement of the climate change narrative to the young is paramount to justify more and better ‘take their wallets when they’re not looking’ schemes from the libs.

  • FurryGuy

    #10 September 1, 2011 at 4:44 pm
    Jerome Corsi commented:

    Time for you to stop sniffing your own farts and thinking they are expensive Parisian perfume. Permanent brain damage is not far away if you keep on doing it.

    Despite what you want to believe scientific fact will out. the current fraud of government controlled and mandated climate change will be as revered as Global Cooling from the 1970’s is now.

  • Molon Labe

    Can someone please explain who Darwin’s theory applies to Obama. I mean whaT DID HE EVOLVE FROM? And what might evolve from the Big Zero.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    People who believe in this junk science is actually the biggest problem these kids will face. That and people who believe they should be taught about the good wholesomeness of fisting, rimming, dental dams, and child/adult sexual relationships. Oh, and the people who want to “actively reduce” the population of the world (key word — ACTIVELY), just like these people’s heroes Mao tse Tung, Che Guevara, and Josef Stalin.

    Yeah, I know, all three I mentioned — pretty much the same exact people.

    Who knows, maybe the inevitable mass graves will be blamed on Climate Change, too!

  • Maria


    You flat earth types kill me. Cling to your bibles and guns, morons! Yeah, Adam and Eve rode dinosours, evolution is for Commies, and scientific consensus just means scream louder about two year old Murdoch stolen emails which were proven to be NOTHING of a case against climate change SCIENCE!!!! You frikkin’ losers! May you all own coastal homes washed away by melting glaciers, you dicktards!!Teavangelical pants soilers!!

    looks like you have lost it completely. …. keep your manner please, you are not in the white house here

  • befuddled

    Translation: My biggest contributor ,I am beholden to, is the Green Lobby.I don’t care if shuffling funds to them causes you people to live in cardboard boxes down by the river.As long as my benefactors get paid, I will be able to keep rubbing elbows with Beyonce and eating Wagyu steak long after my presidency.

  • Dr_Tumbleweed


    Jerome’s mom has let him out the basement again.

    Walk gingerly, and hold your nose.

  • daryl

    ^^^^^^^^ wack job alert^^^^^^^^^^

    Finally dawned on our mr. corsi that obama is a lame duck prez.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Don’t worry, folks. The inevitable communist mass-graves will probably be way out in Idaho or Nevada, so you probably won’t have to smell them. That is, unless you’re one who’s been conscripted against your will by these “enlightened progressives” to help dig and fill them.

    History repeats itself. When a communist regime forces itself on a population, mass graves are the result. Every time. Each time, the number killed doubles, AND the time it takes to reach that number HALVES.

    Obama and millions like him want to beat Mao’s record.

    If you see a guy with a light beard and a ponytail with a Macbook, driving a Prius with a “coexist” sticker on it: MONEY BET that this person wants to “actively reduce” the population of the earth, and masturbates thinking about a version of Stephen King’s The Stand where only the hated “incorrect” people are slaughtered, all at once, leaving him free to more fully teach his students about the wonderfulness of fisting and rimming, and the glory of The People.

  • lol

    I’m surprised he didn’t tell them the “truth” about santa, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy too! 2012 can’t get here fast enough, one and done just like jimmy carter.

  • FurryGuy

    #19 September 1, 2011 at 5:01 pm
    daryl commented:

    ^^^^^^^^ wack job alert^^^^^^^^^^

    Finally dawned on our mr. corsi that obama is a lame duck prez.

    I have my doubts that even a stout clue-by-four could provide such needed remedial instruction. He uses a molecule thin veneer of science buzzwords to repeat such debunked Washington Irving whoppers such as Flat Earth.

  • befuddled

    If a failed presidential candidate can con people into making him a billionaire over night riding the Global Warming scam, why can’t I?

    –Memoirs from a SCOAMF

  • Mark1957

    Is it me or does the Boy-King look high as a kite in that video.

  • usamopatriot

    President, Brain Dead.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I think that our troll “Jerome Corsi” is trying to give the real Corsi a bad name.

    Like an internet stalker and an internet Moby had a kid.

    The more he/she/it comments, the greater the likelihood that a Google search of “Jerome Corsi” will pull up his/her/its insane verbal diarrhea.

    Gotta hand it to crazy, demonic people: they know their Father’s ways.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    The biggest problems you kids could face is President Obama on his 4th 4 year term.

  • befuddled

    Global Warming = Liberals Version of the Rapture.

    It’s upon us. Global Warming Sinners Repent.Repent.Repent
    Or you can buy a Carbon Tax Offset with your despicable Capitalist money AND BE SAVED.

    Straight out of the Canterbury Tales. The Oldest con in the book for a new age of idiots.
    How does wealth redistribution a cure for Global Warming?

  • patman

    He just said “everyone who’s willing to work”. “Willing to work”???

    What the hell is he telling these kids?

    Ho yeah, global warming. Hey kids, get ready to die mangled and helpless in your tiny Chevy Volts too.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    #24 Mark1957

    Is it me or does the Boy-King look high as a kite in that video.

    In his defense: I’d probably want to be high as much as possible if I knew I was a completely trapped puppet who had been conceived and raised by communists for the express purpose of destroying the United States.

    And I’m guessing that by now — he knows. That knowledge has to be like Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” at this point. He, just recently, has realized what they did to him, using him.

    thud thud…..ThudTHUD….THUD THUD!….

  • bg


    1) millions of elderly people like me won’t be around much longer..

    2) Obama can act with impunity simply due
    to the fact that his is a GLOBAL OPERATION..

    3) how many times do i have to tell you that “we”
    are not the target.. our future generations are??

    do you really know what they’re learning in school?? i mean, look
    at who was appointed Safe School Czar, not to mention Bill Ayers
    et al influential position for decades, or the new history books..
    also not to mention religion..

    how dumb are we, simple answer, very..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    What would suck: if he died in office of a crack overdose, while engaged in a “therapeutic massage session” with Reggie…

    …and he became a martyr as the entire mass media concocted a well-written story about how he was killed by a “full-fledged member” of the TEA PARTY!

    That would suck.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    …although — it goes without saying — this occurrence would not be at all outside the realms of possiblity nor probability.

  • Terry Gain

    If Obama weren’t such an arrogant idiot he might get his climate views from climatologist Roy Spencer rather than politician al Al Gore.

  • ss252

    Just read the awesome book CLIMATEGATE……There is enough real science from the worlds top minds to totally debunk this elitist Jerome Corsi’s totally ignorant rant…

    He doesnt want to ever be confused with facts that contradict his PRECONCIEVED Opinion?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #36 ss252

    Keep in mind that this troll is just using the name of a respected conservative columnist and writer — a moby-troll-stalker, all rolled into one.

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  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    I’m trying to think of someone that is a bigger jackass than Obunghole.

    I got nuttin’.

  • FurryGuy

    I guess the climate isn’t getting any of the alGore talking points memos:

    Snow coming: Winter weather advisory issued for Glacier National Park

    By SHERRY DEVLIN of the Missoulian | Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 8:15 am

    It may still be August, but the National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for Glacier National Park, in effect from midnight Wednesday until noon Thursday.

    Visitors should be prepared for early season snow on Logan Pass and on trails above 6,500 feet throughout Glacier Park.

  • Nanna1

    Mark1957 #24

    I thought the same thing. He does look high!!

  • bear

    # 7, ebayer……Up here, in the commie northwest, a similar public/private “investment” went sour, costing taxpayers and obama’s rich lefty friends (including Bob Gates) tens of millions of $. They used the tax money to lure private investors into the deal, saying, “Would we risk public money on a bad deal?” LOL, of course they would!!! No “green” jobs, all the dough wasted. Can you spell ethanol, barack? Moron.

    No doubt this scheme is screwing folks all over the country.

  • logicfirst


    I cannot finance my agenda without your parents paying carbon taxes and American businesses paying for imaginary carbon credits.

  • Don’t worry kids, Odumbo scares the crap out of me too, and I’m 48 years old……..

    Off topic, It’s a pleasure sitting here with a MGD and a tombstone pizza watching my Wisconsin Badgers kick the the holy crap out of Dingy Harry’s UNLV running rebs……

    Great job Scott Walker…..GO BADGERS……

  • Kurt

    Just the screen capture alone for the video makes him look like Lurch and should scare ANYBODY!

  • Joanne

    We are having many problems with the climate – tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. and it is because of man – because man will not return to God and obey His Commandments.

  • TMI

    “Mr. President, what method would you use to determine whether or not there was significant warming in our Earth’s climate?”


  • Buffalobob

    What next will obama will go to the grade schools in Chicago and tell the children that men in white robes are coming to get them?

  • jorgen

    No, the biggest problem they will face is the uphill struggle attempting to become successful after his disastrous presidency.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    The common enemy of humanity is man.
    In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
    with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
    water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
    dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
    changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
    The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
    – Club of Rome,
    premier environmental think-tank,
    consultants to the United Nations


    “We need to get some broad based support,
    to capture the public’s imagination…
    So we have to offer up scary scenarios,
    make simplified, dramatic statements
    and make little mention of any doubts…
    Each of us has to decide what the right balance
    is between being effective and being honest.”
    – Prof. Stephen Schneider,
    Stanford Professor of Climatology,
    lead author of many IPCC reports


    “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
    Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
    we will be doing the right thing in terms of
    economic and environmental policy.”
    – Timothy Wirth,
    President of the UN Foundation


    “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…
    climate change provides the greatest opportunity to
    bring about justice and equality in the world.”
    – Christine Stewart,
    former Canadian Minister of the Environment


    “The data doesn’t matter. We’re not basing our recommendations
    on the data. We’re basing them on the climate models.”
    – Prof. Chris Folland,
    Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research


    “The models are convenient fictions
    that provide something very useful.”
    – Dr David Frame,
    climate modeler, Oxford University


    “I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts
    on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.”
    – Al Gore,
    Climate Change activist


    “It doesn’t matter what is true,
    it only matters what people believe is true.”
    – Paul Watson,
    co-founder of Greenpeace


    “The only way to get our society to truly change is to
    frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe.”
    – emeritus professor Daniel Botkin


    “The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and
    spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest
    opportunity to lift Global Consciousness to a higher level.”
    – Al Gore,
    Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech


    “We are on the verge of a global transformation.
    All we need is the right major crisis…”
    – David Rockefeller,
    Club of Rome executive member


    “Humanity is sitting on a time bomb. If the vast majority of the
    world’s scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a
    major catastrophe that could send our entire planet’s climate system
    into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods,
    droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have
    ever experienced – a catastrophe of our own making.”
    – Al Gore,
    An Inconvenient Truth


    “We are getting close to catastrophic tipping points,
    despite the fact that most people barely notice the warming yet.”
    – Dr James Hansen,
    NASA researcher


    “By the end of this century climate change will reduce the human
    population to a few breeding pairs surviving near the Arctic.”
    – Sir James Lovelock,
    Revenge of Gaia


    “Climate Change will result in a catastrophic global sea level
    rise of seven meters. That’s bye-bye most of Bangladesh,
    Netherlands, Florida and would make London the new Atlantis.”
    – Greenpeace International


    “This planet is on course for a catastrophe.
    The existence of Life itself is at stake.”
    – Dr Tim Flannery,
    Principal Research Scientist


    “Coal makes us sick. Oil makes us sick. It’s global warming.
    It’s ruining our country. It’s ruining our world.”
    – Harry Reid,
    U.S. Senate majority leader


    “Climate Change is the greatest threat that
    human civilization has ever faced.”
    – Angela Merkel,
    German Chancellor


    “Climate change is real. Not only is it real, it’s here,
    and its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new
    global phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster.”
    – Barack Obama,
    US President


    “We simply must do everything we can in our power to
    slow down global warming before it is too late.”
    – Arnold Schwarzenegger,
    Governor of California


    “Climate change should be seen as the
    greatest challenge to ever face mankind.”
    – Prince Charles


    “Climate change makes us all global citizens,
    we are truly all in this together.”
    – Gordon Brown,
    British Prime Minister


    “We have reached the critical moment of decision on climate change.
    Failure to act to now would be deeply and unforgivably irresponsible.
    We urgently require a global environmental revolution.”
    – Tony Blair,
    former British PM


    “We are close to a time when all of humankind
    will envision a global agenda that encompasses
    a kind of Global Marshall Plan to address the
    causes of poverty and suffering and
    environmental destruction all over the earth.”
    – Al Gore,
    Earth in the Balance


    “In Nature organic growth proceeds according
    to a Master Plan, a Blueprint. Such a ‘master plan’ is
    missing from the process of growth and development of
    the world system. Now is the time to draw up a master plan for
    sustainable growth and world development based on global
    allocation of all resources and a new global economic system.
    Ten or twenty years form today it will probably be too late.”
    – Club of Rome,
    Mankind at the Turning Point


    “We need a new paradigm of development in
    which the environment will be a priority.
    World civilization as we know it will soon end.
    We have very little time and we must act.
    If we can address the environmental problem,
    it will have to be done within a new system, a
    new paradigm. We have to change our mindset,
    the way humankind views the world.”
    – Mikhail Gorbachev,
    founder of Green Cross International


    “The concept of national sovereignty has been immutable,
    indeed a sacred principle of international relations.
    It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to
    the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation.”
    – UN Commission on Global Governance report


    “Democracy is not a panacea. It cannot organize everything and
    it is unaware of its own limits. These facts must be faced squarely.
    Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well
    suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature
    of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected
    representatives to make competent decisions at the right time.”
    – Club of Rome,
    The First Global Revolution


    “The emerging ‘environmentalization’ of our civilization
    and the need for vigorous action in the interest of the entire global
    community will inevitably have multiple political consequences.
    Perhaps the most important of them will be a gradual change
    in the status of the United Nations. Inevitably, it must
    assume some aspects of a world government.”
    – Mikhail Gorbachev,
    State of the World Forum


    “I envisage the prinicles of the Earth Charter to
    be a new form of the ten commandments.
    They lay the foundation for a sustainable
    global earth community.”
    – Mikhail Gorbachev,
    co-author of The Earth Charter


    “In my view, after fifty years of service in the United Nations system,
    I perceive the utmost urgency and absolute necessity for proper
    Earth government. There is no shadow of a doubt that the present
    political and economic systems are no longer appropriate
    and will lead to the end of life evolution on this planet.
    We must therefore absolutely and urgently look for new ways.”
    – Dr Robert Muller,
    UN Assistant Secretary General,

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    “If we don’t overthrow capitalism, we don’t have a chance of
    saving the world ecologically. I think it is possible to have
    an ecologically sound society under socialism.
    I don’t think it is possible under capitalism”
    – Judi Bari,
    principal organiser of Earth First!


    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the
    industrialized civilizations collapse?
    Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about?”
    – Maurice Strong,
    founder of the UN Environment Programme


    “A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the
    United States. De-development means bringing our
    economic system into line with the realities of
    ecology and the world resource situation.”
    – Paul Ehrlich,
    Professor of Population Studies


    “The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another
    United States. We can’t let other countries have the same
    number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US.
    We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.”
    – Michael Oppenheimer,
    Environmental Defense Fund

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  • D. Walters

    Yes, our children and grandchildren are starting out at a disadvantage and they certainly will be concerned. They are saddled not only with the debt associated with 10 years of a failed “War on Terror”, Wall St.’s crash and subsequent bailout (-didn’t John Boehner AND Eric Cantor both vote for the bailout?), and a globalized economy where American wages will be lowered to be on par with the rest of the 3rd world.
    Not only that, but while their parents & grandparents dawdled about whether or not the planet is warming and then about who or what caused earth’s warming, the polar ice continued to melt and the sea level continues to rise at an even faster rate. Our offspring will then have to deal with the costs incurred by the flooding of our coastal communities and sea ports. AS we lay in our graves, our children & grandchildren will curse us.

  • David

    We’ve hear the hurricane garbage before. One year they said it would be a record amount and we hardly had any. The only drought we have to worry about is a dried up job market. Scaring the kids sucks, scaring them about something that isn’t true reallllly sucks

  • Tim

    Climate changes, always has and always will and taxing the crap out of Business and the folks or driving a Prius won’t change a thing. Obama is a LIAR. If he’s so concerned about CO2 then he should hold his breath, stop using Air Force One, 50 vehicle motorcades. He is such a Commie Tool.

  • Scott

    Hussein is such an abject failure…It must be so frustrating to be President of the United States and “not” have an original thought of your own…He merely parrots the talking points sent over from the various Soros funded propagandists…BTW, Jimmy Carter did the same thing to my generation. As a child of the 1970s, our schools were teaching us to fear the end of fossil fuels…We “were” supposed to run out around the year 2000…Funny how the world is now literally awash with not only oil, but trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. We have fossil fuels available for hundreds of years…We are being led by fools, charlatans, flat-earthers, and modern day druids…

  • D. Walters

    @Scott #57
    ” Jimmy Carter did the same thing to my generation. As a child of the 1970s, our schools were teaching us to fear the end of fossil fuels…We “were” supposed to run out around the year 2000…”
    Scott, glad you recall that, here’s Carter’s energy speech
    Carter outlined a public plan to deal with energy. No other president has had a comprehensive plan since. Reagan’s unspoken plan seems to have been,”screw conservation”, so he ripped out the solar panels on the WH and sent Don Rumsfeld to trade some guns for Saddam’s oil. Seems to me (-i studied geology in the 70’s) that if we had enough of our own oil, why didn’t Reagan “drill baby drill”?
    Was he trying to scare us? No, Carter was trying to make Americans face facts. We failed on that because we chose to listen to fossil fuel shrills and made friends with the Saudis. The result of this strategic miscalculation began by Reagan led to entanglement with mid east politics we’d have been wise to avoid.
    Just think where America had continued to conserve our reserves developing alternatives. I recall reading a Popular Science magazine in the 70’s detailing the same hybrid that only began to be marketed 10 yrs ago…..15 yrs. behind schedule. The present debt is directly related to our need to feed our oil addiction by being involved in a war that is largely responsible for this multi-trillion dollar debt. Sure, you’ll say we were attacked by fanatics…..true. They fanatically wanted us OUT of what they perceive as theirs. -We wouldn’t be there but for Saudis oil. Besides, we wouldn’t be funding the Saudis and others.
    We can continue drilling. Sure, there’s more oil to get. If we do that will it bring the cost of oil down? Not one bit. It will only get more expensive with time, since any new oil we extract is more costly to produce since it is in much more difficult areas to reach, under 2 miles of ocean, or in very remote locations that will demand a huge outlay in infrastructure to facilitate production. It is well past time for we Americans to face reality. Most of our present problems are because we didn’t WANT to hear what Carter said April 18, 1977.

  • Stuart

    Mr Walters: #58
    I am so glad to hear that you studied geology in the 1970s. Have you studied it since then?
    We are far from running out of energy. Granted: all the easy plays are gone, but drilling technology- the ability to access the more challenging oil deposits has increased, and continues to increase dramatically. There is more oil locked up in the Green River and Uinta Shale formations than in all of Saudi. Access to abundant water was the problem inherent in its recovery, but, again, new technology seems to have overcome that. New drilling technology has re-opened the West Texas fields (barring, of course, Obama’s killer elite at the EPA saying NO!), as well as the new finds in the Bakken Formation of N. Dakota. Did I mention the Canadian tar sands? Yes , there will come a day when the heart of all resources fails us, but today is not that day.