Awful… Obama Scares Crap Out of Kids – Says Junk Science Climate Change Is Biggest Problem They Will Face (Video)

Barack Obama scared the crap out of a bunch of kids this week. President Downgrade told the kids that the biggest problem they will face is global warming climate change; Florida will have more hurricanes. There will be more drought because of man.
What an awful person.

P/Oed Patriot grabbed this from a recent discussion Obama held with kids:

Maybe we should blow half billion on another failed solar plant?

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  • Mrs. X

    This is the most anti-child admin in US history. This fits in perfectly with their ideology.
    Biden thinks China’s one-child policy is great.
    Obama thinks late-term aborts are acceptable.
    The HHS wants all birth control for free.
    Global warming, err climate change problem solved within 1 more generation!


    and let’s not forget you can’t get a toy in a happy meal because of fat A$$ moo-shell

  • dwd

    He can blame “global warming” on other people. He likes to do that.

    If he said “The greatest problem you’ll face is an overwhelming insurmountable national debt which I’m increasing by over $1TRILLION A YEAR”, there’s no one else to implicate. Unless he thinks racking up debt is actually good for their future… which, being Obama, he probably does.

  • tj

    Did you really think he’d say…. “flash mobs of entitled African American teens”?

  • Christopher Taylor

    I think President Obama is just ignorant about science in general and buys what he’s told by people he trusts – hard left academics. So he’s just repeating the things he was told about science and doesn’t know any better. That’s not much better than deliberately lying to terrify children, but it is better.

  • No Man

    De biggest problem dey will face is dat dere will be one job lef he didn’t kill when dey is 18,000,000 of dem out of work.

  • ebayer

    It was $1.5Billion total with private donations added in.

    It was only a half billion from the public tax payer stimulus money.

  • Ginger

    That kenyan fraud has lied so much that his nose can reach to the moon and back with no problem.

    Come on congress take that fraud down now! The riots will be the same then as they would be now! If and when the next person is harmed or killed we must demand that the black caucus be charged with “aiding and abetting”

  • SM-AZ

    More propaganda & brainwashing!

  • Snicker

    ^^^^^^^^ wack job alert^^^^^^^^^^

  • cal rifkin

    Racking up debt is clearly a redistributionist policy…who’s gonna pay it back – future taxpayers (people who pay the taxes are by definition the rich, majority, mostly white upperclass and winners of life’s lottery). It doesn’t matter when they’ll pay…but they will pay. Meanwhile Feckless Barry will continue to spend like there’s no tomorrow. The continuing incremental, advancement of the climate change narrative to the young is paramount to justify more and better ‘take their wallets when they’re not looking’ schemes from the libs.

  • FurryGuy

    #10 September 1, 2011 at 4:44 pm
    Jerome Corsi commented:

    Time for you to stop sniffing your own farts and thinking they are expensive Parisian perfume. Permanent brain damage is not far away if you keep on doing it.

    Despite what you want to believe scientific fact will out. the current fraud of government controlled and mandated climate change will be as revered as Global Cooling from the 1970’s is now.

  • Molon Labe

    Can someone please explain who Darwin’s theory applies to Obama. I mean whaT DID HE EVOLVE FROM? And what might evolve from the Big Zero.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    People who believe in this junk science is actually the biggest problem these kids will face. That and people who believe they should be taught about the good wholesomeness of fisting, rimming, dental dams, and child/adult sexual relationships. Oh, and the people who want to “actively reduce” the population of the world (key word — ACTIVELY), just like these people’s heroes Mao tse Tung, Che Guevara, and Josef Stalin.

    Yeah, I know, all three I mentioned — pretty much the same exact people.

    Who knows, maybe the inevitable mass graves will be blamed on Climate Change, too!

  • Maria


    You flat earth types kill me. Cling to your bibles and guns, morons! Yeah, Adam and Eve rode dinosours, evolution is for Commies, and scientific consensus just means scream louder about two year old Murdoch stolen emails which were proven to be NOTHING of a case against climate change SCIENCE!!!! You frikkin’ losers! May you all own coastal homes washed away by melting glaciers, you dicktards!!Teavangelical pants soilers!!

    looks like you have lost it completely. …. keep your manner please, you are not in the white house here

  • befuddled

    Translation: My biggest contributor ,I am beholden to, is the Green Lobby.I don’t care if shuffling funds to them causes you people to live in cardboard boxes down by the river.As long as my benefactors get paid, I will be able to keep rubbing elbows with Beyonce and eating Wagyu steak long after my presidency.

  • Dr_Tumbleweed


    Jerome’s mom has let him out the basement again.

    Walk gingerly, and hold your nose.

  • daryl

    ^^^^^^^^ wack job alert^^^^^^^^^^

    Finally dawned on our mr. corsi that obama is a lame duck prez.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Don’t worry, folks. The inevitable communist mass-graves will probably be way out in Idaho or Nevada, so you probably won’t have to smell them. That is, unless you’re one who’s been conscripted against your will by these “enlightened progressives” to help dig and fill them.

    History repeats itself. When a communist regime forces itself on a population, mass graves are the result. Every time. Each time, the number killed doubles, AND the time it takes to reach that number HALVES.

    Obama and millions like him want to beat Mao’s record.

    If you see a guy with a light beard and a ponytail with a Macbook, driving a Prius with a “coexist” sticker on it: MONEY BET that this person wants to “actively reduce” the population of the earth, and masturbates thinking about a version of Stephen King’s The Stand where only the hated “incorrect” people are slaughtered, all at once, leaving him free to more fully teach his students about the wonderfulness of fisting and rimming, and the glory of The People.

  • lol

    I’m surprised he didn’t tell them the “truth” about santa, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy too! 2012 can’t get here fast enough, one and done just like jimmy carter.