World Youth Day Pilgrims Mocked, Harassed, Spit On & Threatened By Leftists in Madrid

Demonstrators shout slogans against pilgrims during a protest against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Madrid Wednesday Aug. 17, 2011. (AP/Emilio Morenatti)

World Youth Day pilgrims were mocked, harssed, spit on and attacked in Madrid during the festivities this year. The leftists got really steamed when the children started praying a Rosary.
Fr. Z’s Blog reported on the abuse, via Free Republic:

We had been wandering Madrid all day, chillin.
The boys were wearing their kilts so we got stopped for photos many times.

One guy who stopped us said there was an anti Catholic protest in Sol so we went to check it out. There was this HUGE crowd of people so Seamus & Louise didn´t want to come check it out with us, they sat at a corner.

We went in and people were shouting filthy slurs and cursing the Pope and it was awful.
So we knelt down and prayed a Rosary for them in the crowd and got surrounded by angry protesters, shouting and threatening and spitting and filming us and mocking us and trying to burn our flags.
A gay couple came and made out in front of us but whatever.

Anyway, Dominic made us stand up because he felt threatened so we finished our Rosary standing but on the last decade, a fight broke out right next to us between the Catholics who had been standing behind us and and the protesters so some of the other Catholics lead us out of the crowd.

We went back and dropped our bags with Louise and this time Mim stayed back so it was just Me & Dominic & Greg & Billy who went back and prayed a second rosary on the side of the crowd and we got more of the same, people getting up in our faces screaming.

We were met with a couple more of Juventutem but they left after we finished our second Rosary before one had an emotional breakdown.

Everyone left but the group I just mentioned above and we chanted BENEDICTO, BENEDICTO and VIVA PAPA and waved our Papal flag and so on up against the police line.
Lots of people yelled at us still.

Then, the police line broke and they charged at us and we had to run for our lives a little more urgently than after our Rosary.

Then the riot police came out and beat the ___ out of the protesters.
At least one guy lost a WYD (World Youth Day) pilgrim from his group in the crowd and a lot of medics showed up… A lot of people got lost & hurt.

Demonstrators shout slogans agains A pilgrim during a protest against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Madrid Wednesday Aug. 17, 2011. (AP)

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  • vityas

    Try mocking muslims and see what happens.

  • RedBeard

    More love and compassion from the left, I see.

  • BuddyG

    I will pray the Rosary today in solidarity and support of these WYD pilgrims in Madrid.

    Ave Maria !

  • No Man

    “Acceptance for me not for thee.”

    From Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, “The horror! The horror!”

    “Er, If you isn’t on de bus you is under de bus.” Barracks Hussein Osama

  • Spain’s government overall – national, regional and local – runs between 1/3 to over 1/2 ‘La Partido Socialista Obrero Español’ (The Spanish Socialist Workers Party).

    Don’t be surprised if government entities were part and parcel of organizing the ‘festivities’ and it’s visibly obvious they definitely looked the other way for protecting their own citizens and foreign guests.

    A once fiercely proud and faith-based nation has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

    Typical bitterly clinging terrorist Hobbit and Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo

  • No Man

    Apparently, Franco failed.

  • mg4us

    One of the reasons Madrid was chosen for the Pope’s World Youth Day ( held every 2 years) is because its faith is lacking. . .

    People have turned to believe in false gods. . . whether they be material, money, programs or governments. They have turned away from God in their lives. Same as here in the US!

    Leftists have hate in their heart. . and are not right. . no matter where in the world!

    The Pope comes in Peace with a message of Love. . . as well as respect for human dignity and the sanctity of life. In God we Trust!

    There are plans afoot to do to the US what has been done in Greece and London and now Spain!

    We have Liar-and- Thief in the White house. . .Obama and his leftists buddies are out to disrupt the American dream and way of life!

    Look at this. . a Day of Rage on Sept 17. . .from Acorn, SEIO and Obama’s buddies

    The use of the term “Day of Rage” recalls the “Days of Rage” organized in the 1960s by the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization co-founded by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, close associates for years of President Obama.

    Numerous radicals, many with direct ties to Obama, are linked to planned protests and other activism scheduled for the coming months.

    Be on guard!! And may God help us! In God we Trust!

  • Trialdog

    They must long for the good old days when Muslim slavers raided their country for the kids and women. Pathetic losers.

  • NeoKong

    Then the riot police came out and beat the ___ out of the protesters.


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  • mg4us

    By the way, notice that some of the photos were from LAST Wednesday. . and last week. . .

    Funny how MSM didn’t report or show this. . Only Fox News. . . wonder why?

    They know that the silent majority are God Fearing people. . . who believe in God & Country!

  • This is why you cannot be a Christian and a socialist. They are mutually exclusive and incompatible.

    Battle lines are being drawn. Are you a soldier of Christ, ( And YES, Christianity IS a warrior religion), or cannon fodder for evil. ONLY you can decide…

  • Notice how all the female pilgrims are HOT, and every “female” in the National Socialist crowd is not?

    Hate and evil living. It makes you ugly.

  • Dang. Those kids have some big brass ones. To walk into a crowd like that…. God bless them.

  • Militant Conservative

    Notice post #1 removed?

    Evil is getting restless and bold.

    Powder is dry

  • HarryT

    I know it ain’t christian, but man I’d love to take a .50 cal and sweep the field a couple of times.

    Their day will come soon though, it will.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m a Tea Party Hobbit

    Were the protesters wearing purple shirts?

  • Ladue Pundit

    No Man commented:
    Apparently, Franco failed.
    Say what you want about Franco, but he stopped the construction of all mosques in Spain until his death in 1974.

  • Smitty

    This is the “Left’s” idea of “CO-EXIST” and “TOLERANCE”.

    Typical, goes right along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters telling the Tea Party members that “They can go straight to Hell.”

    To them, “Tolerance” means: You can think and believe whatever you want, as long as you agree with me.

    So typical.

  • Coasta

    Two weeks ago while going thru some boxes my son found a little box that contained a rosary that belongs to my late Dad. My son said I should wear it to ward off all of the evil that comes our way………the kid is 15! Something told me to listen and I did, I have been wearing it everyday since then and the shield of protection is calming.

    I could never do what these beautiful young women did, I admire their strength. All of us can do just a little more than we ever have to protect the United States against the evil we see everyday. What can I do today?

    God Bless our military!
    God Bless America!

  • nadadhimmi

    Europe goes collectively insane every now and again and it has always resulted in massive upheavals and world wars resulting in the death of millions. So it will this time with an exacerbating factor of Mus-slime invasion. Throw in the current depression and Mus-slime radicalism and we will see death and destruction surpassing WW2 by orders of magnitude. Obama will pass Rachel Carson in do-gooder caused deaths of the innocent. And that my friends, takes a lotta deaths.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    The blood of the martyrs are the seeds of the Church.

  • The Left are the Nazis of today..

    ‘Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, noted:

    “The Fuhrer is deeply religous, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race… Both [Judaism and Christianity] have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end, they will be destroyed.”

    This is the text only text version and incidentally one of three web sites on the entire web that feature the secret OSS documents that detailed the Nazi Master Plan to Persecute Christian Churches.’

    More at site.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Antichrist is here. Witness the fruits of it’s spirit.

  • Mrs. X

    I love your story, Coasta! God Bless you 🙂

  • The European JAUL is a flightless bird that will sometimes wrap itself in bed sheets to protect its ornate feathers from the Sun’s damaging rays.

    J.A.U.L. (pronounced “jowl”): Just Another Unhinged Leftie.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Joe College

    vityas commented: Try mocking muslims and see what happens.


  • Bob Z

    As the Muslim Brotherhood takes over many governments (they helped Hitler) plus countries like China are building up their armies and America is very weak, there is coming a day when Europe and Asia start a big war. Then those people will be crying for the USA to save their butts.

  • re #24

    ‘Although Hitler and the other Nazis waged relentless war on Christianity, required that members of the SS formally renounce their Christian faith, mocked not just the tenets of Christianity but Jesus himself, Hitler and the Nazis had no problem with Islam. Hitler said in 1943 that Nazis could be Moslems and could be Nazis.

    In 1938, R.H. Lockhart stated in his book, Guns or Butter? that Frenchmen were writing home from Nazi Germany “Everything is moving toward a supreme conflict between the Christian world and the new Islam.” He went on to note that British and American businessmen, diplomats and journalists also began to view Nazism as a new Islam. Lockhard looked in those bookstores run by the Nazis – bookstores that did not sell any books sympathetic to Christianity. What did Lockhart find: books published by the Nazis with titles like All-Islam: World Power of Tomorrow.

    Himmler hated Christianity but he liked Islam. He met and liked the Grand Mufti. Hitler met that Moslem leader as well. Obergruppenfuhrer Gottlob Berger boasted: “A link is created between Islam and National-Socialism on an open, honest basis. It will be directed in terms of blood and race from the North, and in the ideological-spiritual sphere from the East.” When Hitler came to power, Jajj Amin el-Husseini as Mufti of Jerusalem called for jihad to eliminate all the Jews in Palestine. Moslems were recruited and volunteered to serve in the SS Handzar Division. Moslems even helped run the ghastly Jasenovac concentration camp, where over 10,000 Jews and over 40,000 Christians were murdered by the Nazis and their Islamic allies. Persian Shiite Moslems speculated that Hitler might be the Twelfth Prophet of Islam.’

    Easy to see what these leftists really are.. Nazis who side with Muslims.

  • Bad Actor

    “vityas commented:
    Try mocking muslims and see what happens.”

    Why, Islam is the religion of peace, doncha know….but is there any evidence in the pictures that those mocking the Catholics are Islamicists? They look like garden-variety thugs to me, except for the bizzaro dude in the white sheet & ‘turban’ and the rainbow flag. He just looks confused.

  • mercador

    Beware in the last days it will not be anti-God, but anti-Christ. Right now it is anti-religion, but later it will be anti-Christ and much of it is already anti-Christ. Try talking about Jesus. Jesus is the one that saves.

  • workingclass artist

    Their pagan hate only makes these brave catholic youths faith stronger.

  • dnb

    You can only become this angry when you know you’re missing something that someone else has got, in this case a meaningful relationship with God.

  • lemonaide

    “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Stupid freakin Pilgrims. I think the leftists should visit to continue mocking them and harassing them in the comments section of this blog. I know I am! 😉

  • lol

    i’m sure you will hear crickets in the lame stream media about this.

  • chuck in st paul

    Nothing upsets the self centered, infantile leftards than seeing or hearing someone with morals and ethics. It’s right out of one of those Hollywierd ‘horror’ movies where a believer comes amongst a cabal of Devil worshippers and they start screaming, cursing, and generally going nuts. This is the left’s biggest nightmare – a return to a moral society requiring self control and personal responsibility.

  • Molon Labe

    Thiis is the face of secularism. Pure hatred. One would do well to read about the Spanish Civil War. The Left hunted down and killed priests and nuns. They did so because of their hatred of religion. Little wonder that these same people started killing their own comrades for any and all differences.

    The Left is a hive mentality. Depart from it at your own risk. These young people are living their faith, with is much more than I can say of the scum that is acting in such a disgraceful manner.

    These people would be at home in London. This is the future if you don’t prepare. Freedom is always one generation away from extinction.

  • StrangernFiction

    Ho hum, Leftists are scum.

  • Psalm 2

  • rbosque

    I lived in Spain for 4 years and although the Churches weren’t full during Mass, I never realized so many hate the faith their fathers once embraced. How terribly sad.

    But this is typical now of Europe.

    If you remove God from your lives, other things take His place and they are from the devil, we don’t live in a vaccuum.

  • Patty

    I suppose the left called this freedom of speech. But for once could there be a time for peace. Somewhere, anywhere!

    It sounds like back in the day of Jesus. Crowds throwing stones at him. Seems times haven’t changed. A proud moment when a few STOOD UP! Continuing to pray.

  • patman

    I hate everyone, mutually.

    But I love ABBA! Those chicks are awesome!!!!

  • fiftyville

    Franco was right.

  • Patty

    And these kids couldn’t harm a SOUL! I admire their spirit UNAFRAID AND WALKING IN HIS FOOTSTEPS.

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  • Contessa61

    And if these youths were praying to Mohammed, I’m sure that would be okay.

  • greenfairie

    I almost look forward to seeing these jobless, worthless hipsters forced to bow to Mecca 5 times a day.

  • BridgetGB

    The beauty of the young Catholics in midst of their rosary against the backdrop of the screaming, hateful Leftists is so incredible. What a powerful photograph. The quiet dignity and courage of these faithful young people expresses a true humility yet the strength of their faith is undeniable.

    To Coasta #21 your story is wonderful. I have my Grandfather’s rosary and it means everything to me.

  • averagemelon

    God be with them. The protesters reap coals upon their heads.

  • P. Aaron

    May our Creator bless these wonderful youngsters! Bless them for their convictions and bravery.

  • MAJ Mike

    Those youthful pilgrims are especially blessed by God and Christ. Remember the Beatatudes.

  • reliapundit

    the fruits of postmodern leftism.


    they’d never ever dare do this to muslims celebrating.

    or herniated left-handed lgbt sado-masochists.

  • mbabbitt

    I am not a Catholic but one might wonder about the hatred on display here. However, John 15 v18-20 sums it up. Jesus said: “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.”

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  • bg


    at another end of the spectrum..

    Arab Christians shake off fear at Catholic youth gathering

    [Fade Sarkis, a Christian who fled Iraq after receiving death threats,
    says he has finally found a sense of safety in Roman Catholic youth
    festivities in Madrid.

    “I am very, very happy here. I have never seen so many Christians in
    one place,” he said as lounged on the grass of Madrid’s central Retiro
    park surrounded by dozens of other pilgrims.

    “It helps me feel more Christian, everyone here is Christian, I feel
    relaxed, I feel good,” added the 23-year-old who moved to Paris
    from Mosul as a refugee two years ago after receiving several
    letters from Islamists warning that he would be shot because of
    his religious beliefs.

    He is one of about 200 Iraqis who have come to Madrid for the six-
    day World Youth Day festival, which wraps up Sunday with a mass
    celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI and is expected to draw around
    one million faithful.

    Christians are a small and vulnerable minority in many Arab countries,
    except for in Lebanon where they make up about one-third of the
    population and wield political power.]

    more @ link..


  • bg


    why can’t i find more than one pro-youth-day video??

    Pope arrives in Madrid for World Youth Day

    Pope Benedict XVI

    [Pope Benedict XVI, emerging into the sun after being lashed by a violent
    storm, urged 1.5 million pilgrims to share the faith Sunday as he brought
    lavish festivities in Madrid to a close.

    hmm, quite dark out there..


  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Oh, my gawd, I’m so pissed that someone mocked, harrased, spit on, & threatened these Word Youth Day Pilgrims!

  • Ausonius

    There is no middle ground here.
    Once again, the supposed “tollerant” leftists show their true colors. I wish for a moment when people are opposed by those demanding tollerance are made to feel like they are being biggots, intollerant, and so forth, that they would burn these images in their minds:
    They wish to overthrow the existing norms that have produced civil society. They demand acceptance for perversion of all forms.
    Make no mistake, these are violent sorts when they congregate in numbers sufficient to give them the collective courage of the masses. They are miserable cowards otherwise. If they were indeed brave and proud, then tell me why they hid “in the closet” for so long. Their only courage is drawn from the masses of a mob.
    I pray that at least here in the US, people will stand for what is right and reject the perverse in whatever species it is revealed through.
    Be divided and conquered, or stand and show unity.
    If you cannot look at the notion of homosexual marriage, adoption, and societal normalization and see it as perverse and harmful, then you have no moral compass left.
    If something as basic as this cannot be stood behind, then I have to wonder what the West has left to offer the world.
    Pray for these brave kids who are showing more courage than the rest of the westerners.

  • tommy mc donnell

    those people protesting the pilgrims are the same people you see with the co-exist stickers on their car bumpers.

  • Ausonius

    By the way, this doesn’t appear to be some “new world order” group; it would appear to be just a movement of young Catholic people showing support for their faith.

  • tommy mc donnell

    how much of the tax dollars of american catholics do our politicans give to spain?

  • lizzy84


    ‘To not be ashamed of the Lord’..
    In the times we are living, these brave young Pilgrims in Christ form a tangible and powerful parable for everyone of us.
    It is heartening seeing their pictures.

    more links…via the Anchoress:


  • bg #58

    Some here.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Okay. Someone has to explain this to me. I am not Catholic. But WHY does anyone care if these people go to church, or not? I mean–this is weird. I am Orthodox and we have some trouble with the doctrines and history of the church of Rome, I am not a papist, but sheesh . . . what IS the problem? Seriously–what gives? Doesn’t this party crowd have something better to do? Like partying? I mean, it is SO lame. I’m talking on the “hip” side of life. If they want to be hedonists, no one is stopping them. Other people are doing other things. Please help me with this: why are they doing this, why do they even care about people going to a religious event? Thanks.

  • MamaGrizzly

    If they’re all gays, like militant “let’s change the WHOLE WORLD so they affirm our behaviors” types, it’s self-explanatory, but otherwise . . . I really don’t get it. These “pilgrims” or whatever they’re called aren’t doing anything to anyone.

  • kay

    There is just something in the name of the Divine Creator, His Son, (can’t take the name in vain – rule 1) and His Mother, that seems to start the process of showing and driving the enemy insane.

    Its the reason why we are not allowed to say it out loud anymore, not allowed to celebrate Christmas without the enemy coming out at that time with advertisements saying don’t believe.

    Its the spoken word of HIS name in reverence or the Rosary prayed out loud that has some power (still) in this world.

    We need to use it for positive change.

  • Ausonius

    I too, am not Catholic, but Protestant, and share your position of having some difficulty with Catholic Church doctrine, past and present. That being said, the Pope has taken a very public stance against the practice of homosexuality. The same forces moving the masses towards acceptance of the practice in the US, are years ahead in European countries. It has become very much in vogue to publicly praise the practice and protest any who find fault in it.
    I do not understand why this is happening now, except for the general movement of apostacy with respect to Christianity in areas of the world that once were the greatest proponents of it.
    “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” John 3:19,20
    Perhaps this is the correct reading of it: The west, being familiar with the doctrines of Christ, know that many of the things which they desire to do are contrary to scripture, and therefore feel the guilt of their sin. Perhaps when such see open praise of God, it is a testament to the wickedness they cling to and they lash out against it, lest their guilt turn to shame and their shame turn them to the only source of forgiveness and transformation.
    Speaking personally, when I sin, my initial desire is not to immerse myself in prayer, but to hide from it lest I be reminded of my error. Fortunately for me, my God isn’t as unreliable as I am and brings me back in line so that my actions, behaviors, attitudes can be measured against the authority of the Word, and I change my fault, and enjoy reconciliation.

  • usmcmom

    Coasta, your story, along with the prayerful witness of these young WYD attendees, gives us cause for hope. My own daughter used her vacation time to serve as WYD volunteer, so it is disturbing for me to see the rabid nature of the protest. You ask “what can I do today?” My answer is “don’t just wear that treasured rosary, pray it!”

  • sablegsd

    lemonaide commented:

    “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10

    And that sums it up right nice.

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  • el polacko

    so these folks purposely went (twice, no less) to an anti-catholic protest to kneel in the midst of it and pray the rosary and they were shocked..SHOCKED, i tell you…to find that they were not well-greeted. talk about having a persecution complex ! when you intentionally provoke a reaction you cannot claim to be a victim.

  • bg


    Johnny “Stuff It” Davis #59


  • bg


    sablegsd #70 August 22, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    yes, they did, they do it every year..

    however.. i see you have more of a problem with them than the haters
    who came to harass, disrupt & tear asunder their “right to assemble”..

    Biden must love you..

    oh btw, you going to the next Meccan Hajj protest?? ./s/


  • bg


    Ausonius #62 August 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    World Youth Day 🙂


  • bg


    lizzy84 #64 August 22, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    thank you.. 🙂


  • MamaGrizzly

    Thanks 67 & 69.

    I also appreciate the comment by 72. The young people DID go TO the anti-Catholic protest. BUT, I don’t see them feeling or claiming to be persecuted by the reaction. They were just reporting it.

    I’m sure it was a “gay” thing–notice the flag of the turban guy. I hate that they have stolen the rainbow as some kind of symbol. God may not destroy the world with a flood again, but FIRE is coming, so the “claim” to safety is just blabbing in God’s face, like “you PROMISED not to flood us again” (so we can do what we want). Guess they didn’t finish reading in context.

    Crazy times.

  • therese

    # 21 Coasta… Nice… That was what I was thinking tonight on the way home. I believe if we just take care of our own little corner of the world, and start there, kindness and giving will spread. I see it all the time around me. God Bless those who Give of themselves, its a Beautiful Thing to See. I hope it Continues to Grow.

  • Lyn

    I feel sorry for Spain. A strong Catholic Spain spent about 700 years throwing out Muslim invaders/squatters.

    The secular Spain of today is being invaded by Muslims again. That sounds exaggerated but it’s not. Spain doesn’t have much time left. It doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude or the moral character to resist the Africans & Arabs that are coming over and freeloading off its welfare system and taking advantage of weak immigration laws & asylum. Spain will change drastically very soon.

  • forrest

    Stay ‘classy’ leftists. This only, once again, shows what monsters the left really are. For more examples simply look back at union picket lines, the British and Greece riots, the so called “peace” movement, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

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  • borderline-atheist

    Sorry guys, but I think the Church’s association with Franco is the MAIN reason why Spaniards of today have treated the Church with abuse.

    Personally, I admire them. They have the balls to bash the institution that associated with conservative reaction, intellectual persecution (the Inquisition, right?) and support for oppression and fascism for CENTURIES.

    The last hope to redeem the Church(young leftist priests) have either retired, gone mainstream or persecuted.