He just couldn’t help it.
Barack Obama went to Dover Air Force Base on Tuesday for the return of the remains of 30 American troops killed in a weekend helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Before his visit the Obama Administration promised there would be no lasting images from his visit.

They lied. It was their Photo of the Day.

The liberal media respected the rule. The White House didn’t. They posted an image on the White House website. It was their photo of the day.

Today the White House refused to apologize for their Dover actions.
FOX News reported:

Under a Pentagon policy set in 2009, media coverage at the Dover base is allowed only when family members of the war dead approve. In the case of multiple sets of remains returning as a group, photographers take pictures of those approved caskets only and are ushered away before the remains of any troops whose families declined coverage are brought out of the plane.

The Pentagon said that in this case no family could give permission because any given case could contain the remains of troops whose families did not want coverage. The Pentagon said that during initial notification of next of kin, 19 of the 30 families said they did not want media coverage.

The AP and other media organizations argued that images could be taken of the tarmac, plane or dignitaries that would depict the occasion without showing a casket.

The base in Delaware serves as the entry point for all remains of U.S. troops killed overseas.

The Pentagon has said it expects to identify all 38 people who died, 30 U.S. troops and eight Afghans, and will return their remains to families for burial. The Pentagon planned to release the names of all Americans who died on Thursday, after an internal debate over whether doing so might endanger families of the SEAL Team 6 troops. Other members of that same elite special operations team killed Osama bin Laden in May.




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  1. Never let a photo op go to waste.

  2. Why would this administration apologize for this move…after all, they are the ruling elite, most certainly above the laws applied to commoners. In their minds, there is nothing wrong with what they did because the are exempt from all laws, rules or decency. They live under the rules of hypocrites. What is worse is that Obama’s salute was done for a photo op; not of respect for the brave servicemen. Pathetic.

  3. Multiple flag draped coffins came into Dover during the Bush administration. None of those coffins were allowed to be filmed by the media due to President Bush’s directive. But the media, wanting to use those coffins as fodder against Bush, had a snit fit.

    There is no way to know who those coffins belong to when they are exiting the plane. There is no big sign with their names on them, resting on the coffins. They are indentified AFTER they are unloaded.

    But this story gets worse: first, we are told that it was an accident that took those lives. Now we are being told it was a anti-aircraft missile. And lo and behold, we immiediate killed the Taliban responsible for that while some are STILL SAYING they don’t know how it happened.

    What we do know is that the helo, and the service men it held, was blown to bits. Most of the soldiers bodies have NOT been identified as there were so many body parts they now have to put them together. So the remains in those coffins may be from a couple of soldiers.

    Did that helo get blown out of the sky by an anti-aircraft rocket, or was it a suicide bombing by an Afghani who did it for Allah? We already know that the Afghanis cannot be trusted. They have contributed to the death of our soldiers before, and that is just the ones we are working with.

    There is a rat here. I can smell it.

  4. Hey, you have to have the presidential photo to go into the propaganda movie that’s to be released in late October, 2012 by his Hollywood flunkies. I mean get real.

  5. Tell the little people what they want to hear and do whatever he feels like.
    They weren’t elected to dear leader, I was. We’ve taken the jobs, the money, and soon we’ll take the guns. “Let them eat peas.”

  6. what a scum bag POS….he is a chronic liar….

  7. Who taught that poser to salute?
    No one?
    It shows.

  8. the “won” never respected the military. disrepectful in life, and disrespectful in death too. 2012 can not get here quick enough one and done for this administration.

  9. Military has a saying “easier to ask forgiveness

    Than to ask permission” Obama was told NO.

    He’s a ray bastard lying evil sum beeyotch.

    Evil in the dictionary has his picture in the Description.

    Powder is dry

  10. Damn i touch. Rat bastard.

  11. This suprises who?

  12. The worst part is that this photo op did nothing for anyone. It infuriated the SEAL families, it pissed off the Right, it did nothing for his Leftist base who hate the SEALs and military anyway, and the middle probably had no idea it even happened. So Obama will get no points for this. And that’s the only reason he did it.

  13. In that picture he looks like he is getting ready to suck his thumb.I call BS on this whole thing because they got the bad guys in record time I find that highly suspicious. I believe they needed a hollywood ending for Buh..rocks first film. “How I got BinLaden” . I don’t mean to make light of such a tragedy but these “folks” just make me sick with their lies.

  14. Technically, Obama didn’t break the rule. They said “no press.” The White House photographer isn’t part of the press.

    The guy’s a Harvard lawyer. Of course he’d find some scummy loophole.


  15. Why is anyone really surprised? He is “the one” we’ve all been waiting for, arrogant pr*ck that he is…I guess it was inevitable that he’s rallying his urban youth brownshirts at this point since the military most certainly is not going to take his side when it all hits the fan. It’s all falling into place now.

  16. When I initially heard that the WH was not allowing photos, for the 1st time in 2.5 years, I actually felt respect for Obama. I thought, maybe he’s finally maturing a bit. Then this. I’m kicking myself for being conned into believing this POS had even a sliver of decency.

  17. Disgusting and despicable! Obama has no love or respect of the military. . it shows with a half-hearted salute!! It shows when he wanted to withhold their pay during budget caps and back in March/April. . .it shows with his leftist liberal voting record when he was in the Senate.

    This was done for one reason and only one reason. . .he needs this scene for the upcoming movie they are filming. . this will be the closing scene of the movie. . mark my words. .

    I hope the families sue Sony, the film maker and the White House itself.

  18. Too late to say you’re sorry.

  19. I despise this evil man and I am embarrassed that he is the president of the US. Note: I didn’t call him *my* president. I want nothing to do with him.

  20. The WH did not allow any press to take pics of that event at Dover because Hussein wants “exclusive” footage, which Sony will use in the ” never before seen footage” and
    ” behind the scene look” epic hero-worship flick about the most bravest man on the planet.
    I believe that this is not the only picture the WH has . I think the whole visit has been filmed by some Obama confidante , maybe even Sony , for their movie. I also believe that the propaganda movie will also release all those pictures of ” dead” Osama which were held back so as not to spike the football . That will how that movie will sell , it will have ” exclusive” content.
    The myth of Obamessiah needs to live on.

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