Union Thugs Ban Republican Rep. Sean Duffy From Their Labor Day Parade (Video)

Union bigwigs said Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) would not be allowed in THEIR Wausau Labor Day Parade this year

No Republicans would be allowed at all in the parade.
WAOW reported:

Newsline 9 has learned Rep. Sean Duffy has been told he is not allowed in this year’s Labor Day parade in Wausau.

Duffy’s office received that news earlier this week from parade organizers. His office was also told no Republicans will be allowed this year.

The parade is sponsored by the Marathon County Labor Council. A Wausau city spokeswoman said the city does not contribute any money to the parade.

Duffy’s chief of staff, Brandon Moody, released a statement to Newsline 9:

“Having walked in this parade in past years, Congressman Duffy was hoping that for a moment, we could set our differences aside and simply have some fun in a family-friendly event.”

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  • rickperry2012

    progressive/ liberalism truly is a mental disorder

  • Are these the same violent thugs who claim Tea Party members are terrorists?

  • KOW

    They should organize their own parade/picnic so Conservatives could go to it, or just ask Conservatives to not support the parade.

    Set up a center to hand out school supplies to needy families and ask Conservatives to support it by bring by supplies and to help hand out the supplies. Maybe even winter jackets.

    Point is, screw the Labor. We need to end Labor day.

  • KOW

    Maybe show up for the “Labor” day parade with negative signs about Labor Unions.

  • succotash

    Only thugs need apply for the THUG DAY PARADE!

  • Coasta

    Show up anyway Duffy. Wear Red, White and Blue and clap and cheer and smile. How is anybody going to differentiate?

  • tommy mc donnell

    its labor day not union day. union workers only make up 15% of the workers in america. this notion that union leaders push that they and only they constitute labor in america is just simply not true. if there are other workers that want the congressman there he should take part in the parade.

  • Labor Day, yes a union day I suppose; but not sharing the day with elected Republican leaders show childish behavior. Just wave it off and set up booth in the park and be ready to take questions and the heat from those out of work, you can always make a point about not being allowed to march in the parade. Just a thought.

  • MaryW

    Where have I heard that before?

    Oh, yeah. No Irish need apply.
    No blacks allowed.
    etc, etc.

    Progressives, all for tolerance and diversity. Unless of course you don’t walk in lock-step with them.

  • Estragon

    Well, look on the bright side: if a falling meteor strikes the parade, it will only take out union thugs now.

  • Conservative Ken

    Bout time to have a counter rally in Wausau or neighboring township.
    Big Labor is dying and it’s going to beg you for a job.

  • Craig

    Yeah, this is really bad. B ut what about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s decision to not allow first responders to attend this year’s memorial ceremony at Ground Zero? What are they afraid of? That the First responders will tell the truth and reveal the scam?

  • Dr_Tumbleweed

    No Republicans, eh?
    Time for Marathon County to do some house cleaning in their Labor Council.
    All thugs must go.

  • Ginger

    Well barry soetoro is going to be there front seat and remember he has crosses covered up! He does not want to sit there and hear pople talking about their Christian faith. I wish some one could right in front of him lay out a prayer rug and say. “Now face meca you muslim fraud!”

  • arnonerik

    It’s just as well. Someone might think being in the parade is an endorsement of the Socialist goons that run the unions.

  • MrGoodWench

    Don’t the marxist thugs celebrate their own labor day by marching in May Day parades ?
    This Labor Day is an American celebration .

  • Matt

    At what point has Representative Duffy supported labor.

    He just wants this as a campaign event.

    He can throw a BBQ at his house and invite the media.

  • JadedByPolitics

    Because they are using political affiliation as a weapon, the city should pull the permit for the parade, I think what they are doing is illegal and if not should be.

  • gary gulrud

    Duffy hasn’t even been conservative. But I suppose a district that returned Obey for the prior 40 years isn’t exactly a TEA Mecca.

  • SturJen

    Go read the comments on that site. I swear they must be handing out Kommie Kool Aid in the mail in Wausau.

    Good to know that those workers who have not been sucking the public union teat mean nothing to these people.

  • Missy8s

    This is a very simple case of ILLEGAL exclusionary policy for a publicly funded event, the republican party should sue the county for violating the equal protection clause.

    They’d win hands down.

  • maraz

    @ Dr_Tumbleweed #13 August 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    All thugs must go

    Agreed… and we need to also carefully vet the candidates on the Republican side too…

    VIDEO: Vetting Rick Perry – Race Based Flash Mobs Up Rise – Michelle Malkin – Fox & Friends – 8-18-11

  • This is a public event. If the labor council is using public streets and walkways to hold this parade, then it is a public event. As such, the event organizers should be given a choice: either allow any and all comers to particiapte or the event is cancelled. They can then take their event into their socialist workers meeting hall where they can then worship Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Mao, Guevara, Castro and Chavez…their gods….

  • Missy8s

    The best solution for everyone is to abolish labor day.

    Seriously folks, why bother going through so much trouble to please the parasitic 6% of the workforce anyway???

    Besides it would be one less paid day off for government unionistas and that would save hundreds of millions of dollars every September.

  • mbabbitt

    The real fascists are on the move, literally.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Sounds like the pissy pants union thugs are ready for a diaper change.

  • floppyneck

    Are American flags allowed during Labor Day?

  • I_Love_America

    There are plenty of far right wing extremists dirt bags in the is country, and this site seems to be infested with them. To hell with all the right wing extremist dirt bags.

  • I_Love_America

    Missy8’s bitching reminds me that she must be on government pension. Seems she hates american ‘LABOR’ and the working man. She must be a lackey dog for the ruling rich elite. Let’s get all the money in the hands of the top 2%, you stupid slugs. A website full of stupid mouth breathers wasting precious American air. To hell with all you stupid right wing Nazis. I’m just happy I can cancel out the votes of one of you slugs. I’m sure you right wing wacks would love to take away the vote to the people and establish your own Authoritarian Nazi paradise.

  • Freddy

    It is really quite stunning to watch the bitter hatefull GOVERNMENT unions in action.

    Remember, this is about ELIMINATING the ability of the public unions to STEAL public money via a FRAUDULENT insurance scam.

    Remember, this union insurance company was one of the first on the Obamacare waiver list. The White House KNEW they were running a scam and stealing from the people of Wisconsin! The Obama administration thinks it is perfectly fine to steal from government.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    His office was also told no Republicans will be allowed this year.

    I fail to see a problem here. All Mr Duffy has to do is publish the correspondence or provide a transcript of the exchange for cover, then go about his business as usual. No sense in being a part of something when you’re not wanted.

  • Sasja

    #28 must be one of those mentally ill goons who have been affected by global warming, oops, climate change.

  • Callipygian1


    Try expanding your vocabulary… you used “stupid” thrice and “slugs” twice. It sort of makes you look like, I don’t know, a mouth-breathing liberal imbecile.

  • Conservative Ken

    Sounds like a “Right to Work” initiative needs to be on the Wisconsin State ballot.

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  • Fuquay Steve

    I Love America sounds like a real winner, doesn’t he/she? Probably a teacher.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Just a reminder that we are in a real, honest to goodness war. War against Socialist brownshirts, a race war between Whites and non-Whites, and a War to save this Nation. Better get ready. It won’t take much to defeat a bunch of college professors and gangbangers who think pistols only work if you fire them sideways, but it is going to take the Will to win, and the courage to destroy the enemies of Civilization. They are already using violence and intimidation, but we must stop them before they garner enough power to march us all out to the death camps….like every Socialist dictator in history has done. From Hitler, to Mao, to Stalin, to Pol Pot, to Castro and Che, every Socialist starts with exclusion, and ends with death marches and death camps. Don’t let them do it again.

    The Unions are nothing more than the Left’s Brownshirts. End labor day and make Union labor illegal. Smash the unions now, make them earn an HONEST living for the first time. 50 bucks an hour to turn screws ruined our auto industry, and it will never recover. Pensions, inflated labor costs, strikes, work slowdown and sick out tactics have driven all our manufacturing off shore. Let’s end it all, and make 7th- grade education labor pay like it again. Maybe we’ll have full employment and quality products. Look for the Union label…on any product that costs 200 times what it’s worth and falls apart in 20 minutes. It’s time.

  • big L

    Luck guy to be spared being with those oafs.As usual the GOP will do nothing.

  • RKflorida

    How do they propose to prevent “Republican” politicians from attending? Just go and be part of the parade and stick it in the eye of the union thugs.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    #29 August 28, 2011 at 8:34 pm
    I_Love_America <——— That moron never researched who the "rich elites" are and who they donate to. Hey little parasite do something useful and go eat a big parasite. The go straight to hell and take a set in Alinsky's lap. bahhahaaha

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I really hate it when I call a leftist parasite a moron and forget to check my own spelling before hitting post comment ………rats bhhahhaha

  • GGMac

    Speaking of unions – the GGMacs are residents of Missouri, and twice this past week we’ve gotten propaganda fliers in the mail from SEIU. They were addressed to both of us, as: “….” and “…” “……..”.

    Hubby is registered independent, I’m registered republican.

    Only two possibilities as the source of SEIU having our names [as written] and address: (1) State of Missouri income tax revenue office, or (2) State of Missouri Motor Vehicle office.

    Has anyone else been getting this garbage? It IS liberal/socialist/Obama propaganda.

  • Radegunda

    Some conservatives say that unions per se aren’t a problem, but only public sector unions. I disagree. Unions are basically a form of organized extortion. They have thuggery at their core. It’s no coincidence that violence has so often been connected to union activities.

    Unions use the sheer force of numbers and the threat of violence to force much higher pay than any of their members could get on their own ability and effort — at the least with the amount of effort they are willing to apply.

    One result is that many goods and services are overpriced, which is a hardship for those who cannot pad their wages with unionized extortion. Another result is that more jobs are sent overseas, and the greedy unions blame the employers.

  • falcon

    Labor Day in this country used to mean something. It was not supposed to celebrate the labor unions, but was supposed to be an observance of the common man, the man (and later woman) who, with the sweat of his/her brow, made the things that made this country great. And now it’s being turned into a celebration of thug politics, collectivism, arm-twisting, and general boorishness. Why Union members think they’re better than everyone else is beyond me, other than the fact that they somehow think they’re members of a protected class. But in right-to-work states that isn’t the case. If a major manufacturer decided tomorrow to decertify a union in a right-to-work state, there’s not a damn thing the union could do about it.

    Having said that, unions served a valuable purpose in the early days of the 20th century, as large companies were riding roughshod over the rights of their employees. But the days of the union are long past, as Federal law has taken care of many of the issues Unions were formed to combat. Unions are dying, and they’re trying to take this country down with them. At their core, they’re Communist and totalitarian, and must be done away with.

  • Allen

    Lets see now, by the comments here many believe that if I have a party I must invite anyone and or everybody, like them or not. if I don’t somehow that makes me “thug”.

  • maraz

    Is #29 I_Love_America aware that key talking terms like “Labor” and “workers” and the “working man” are code words used a lot by communists? All of these terms are abstracts, which is intentional since it’s easy to train those that lack critical thinking skills into supporting the abstract as well as hating the abstract — as in the example when I_Love_America refers to anyone who opposes his own personal world view as an abstract by calling everyone here as a “Right-wing extremists” — just like the true extremist in the administration of his hero — the Jihad in the White House guy — Obama

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  • jony101

    If the police will be on hand to direct traffic and block off streets that means the city (citizens) are paying something. Nothing happens in the city that isn’t payed by taxpayers.
    If the parade is held on city property, then everyone is invited due to governments no descrimination laws. Even the kkk can’t be banned from attending as per federal law. I’m not a lawyer but I know if the congressman was black this wouldn’t be happening because of the implications.

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  • unions had their purpose-
    I used to be a union Rep..

    now it is time for unions to GO!!-
    they are run by power hungry folks- and are filled w/ victims of a perpetual nature…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …and make Union labor illegal.

    Not necessary. Simply make it so that union dues can’t be forcibly deducted from a person’s paycheck, or pass right-to-work laws.

    Only then will it become obvious just how thin the veneer of union support really is.

  • Jane Marek

    The union financially sponsors the parade and it should be their right to not invite anti union political parties. So many people forgot about all the labor law and rights they now have because of the unions. You will never see rich businesses lobby for worker’s rights.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ahh, Labor Day.

    Or, as I prefer to call it, “American Manufacturing Remembrance Day”.

    Let the antichrists have “their” day. Besides Halloween and Earth Day, it’s all they have.

    They’re mostly offended at all the other holidays, when they’re not saying we “stole them” from the enlightened Pagans. (As if a day can be “stolen”.)

  • Indefatigable

    I despise unions and I am in a position to do something about it. I am responsible for millions of dollars of construction work in a large union controlled city and have made a career out of spending it on non-union labor.

    It can be done if you know how and have the stomach for it.

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  • Timwi

    Jane- The union sponsors the parade. Out of the goodness of it’s collective heart supposedly. The union has not been made the gestapo of Wausau, however. Maybe they would like to design a sign to be sewn onto the clothing of all Republican citizens of the county for easier identification Jane. Then union thugs would have a much easier time identifying and engaging in thuggery against the citizens and children of citizens of Wausau with whom they disagree.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    #29…”lets get all the wealth in the hands of the top 2%” thats what socialism does puts all the wealth in the hands of the few thousand politicans that run the government. if you don’t want to put all the wealth in the hands of the few stop supporting the greedy socialist politicans and their union leader pawns. those politicans represent a hell of a lot less than 2% of the population. wake the hell up.

  • javagirl023

    Wow, you guys have been watching waaaayyyy too much Glen Beck, lighten up. If unions pay for a parade, they can let anyone march that they damn well want to. It isn’t an infringement of your free speech–nor is it illegal. Organize your own parade.

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  • Let the commies have their labor day parades ,we’ll take our 4th of july parades and memorial day parades no commies allowed.

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  • Timwi

    Javagirl- actually, it probably is illegal. It’s a Federal holiday and they merely sponsor the parade. If a business sponsors a stadium for example they don’t get to discriminate against who can enter the stadium. It’s all good though. The more people see the types of people involved in these protests, such as at Messmer, and see the behavior of the leaders of the unions and union types the less they want to be associated with the ugliness of the persons involved. Nobody wants to be fat, loud, and mean like the people in the protests.


    Amazing comments Probably coming mostly from people who have no expereince with
    labor at all. Having lived through a depression and luckly surviving that and a world war
    and surviving that,I can honestly say that the Largest Union of all is the AMA yes the
    American Medical Assn. And if you think that any Right to work Law will eliminate that
    Union you are mistaken. Unions are just a microcosim of the public they have good and bad
    just as the Office or plant or store etc where you work.
    So think a minute the non union workers whom some of you admire are the clerks in places like fast food resturants and big box stores and the Customer service people you talk to from another Country?
    Union Labor is your neighbor down the street whose kids go to school with your kids and
    go to Church with YOU.
    The fact that the Unions pay the City for the streets and protection forces for this Parade
    is the reason they can say who is in it and i am sure if you were having a parade and
    paying for it you would not invite people who are out to eliminate you every day in your JOB. THINK ABOUT IT KIDS (and i am old enough to call you that 87 yrs)

  • Timwi

    Jim Minor-Hmmm- “people who were out to eliminate you every day in your job”. Well, Jim, that is pretty paranoid. Are you aware that the school systems which are using Gov. Walkers excellent new rules have been able to save teacher jobs and actually put more teachers to work? Are you aware that school systems which bowed to union pressure have had to eliminate teacher jobs? If you are in fact 87 you should be able to have a better grasp of the facts and be past hyperbole.

  • jim

    Unions love to memtion the Good Old Days. Unfortunately, also in the Good Old Days, other thugs – in Germany – decided they too would decide who could march in parades, and who they then called various names to condemn them.
    The hell with the Good Old Days – we live in a terrible economic situation – that if not seriously addressed – will further weaken America. Enough of all Americans paying the lion’s share of Union benefits and pensions. Pay your own damn way – as I have.
    Non-Union and proud of it.

  • No wonder this country is in a free fall with all the back ward thinkers . Really a bunch of ignorant people . Could be some wacky right wing looney think tank got to gather to exhibit their hate for workers earning a half way descant living . These union people sure as hell ain’t getting rich off their salaries but their bosses are. Yeah sure we don’t need unions any more because we have national labor laws to protect the workers . Could any one with half a brain think that with this right wing Supreme Court in charge of laws ever side with labor ? Time and time again they the Supreme Court has shown who’s side their on and it sure is not for the regular guy / you and me . Lets be real it should be renamed the Corporatist Court OF America. Funny how you clowns will turn on a dime if your house is on fire and a union firemen pulls up . I would bet none of you union basher would call them thugs. Chris Christy is a good example ,last month is was all in favor of gutting FEMA now with the hurricane he can’t praise FEMA enough . Typical republican hypocrite full of hate speeches till they get in trouble then they got their hands out like the very people they speak against . In my opinion republicans have no place in any working mans parade they are a corporatist party . If they want a parade they should do with their fellow Nazi ‘s that also went after unions . If it wasn’t for the hard right unions never would have been . One thing lower than a democrat is a republican not by much .

  • Jim Minor everything you say is correct . They just don’t get it . Its no wonder that this country is being taken over by the corporations with these kinda people voting . You have seen enough in your time that sooner or later what they idolize will come back to bit them in the ass . Even the corporations don’t recognize these jokers as friends . The only friend the corporations have is the buck and what ever they can bribe the republican politicians for . These union hates seem to forget that the republican party is the union for big business and their doing a great job .

  • Whats up with the righties ? guess even you know ya can’t argue against the facts .