Underwear Bomber Demands His Release Because Koran Says It’s OK to Kill Infidels

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber who tried to blow up a Detroit-bound jet on Christmas Day, is arguing for his release from prison because it’s OK to kill infidels according to the Koran.

(Business Insider)

Abdulmutallab celebrated Ramadan by attacking his guards… for Allah.
Freep.com reported via Zilla of the Resistance:

The so-called underwear bomber charged with trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner is arguing for his prison release, claiming wrongful imprisonment by the American government.

In a handwritten court document filed today, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 24, asked the court to release him from prison, arguing that “all Muslims should only be ruled by the law of the Quran.”

“The defendant is being unjustly detained in the Unites States of American, and subjected to the Rule of Man,” wrote Abdulmutallab, adding he should “only be judged and ruled by the law of the Quran.”

In a separate, handwritten court filing, the Nigerian national also wrote that “excessive force” was used to restrain him on Wednesday while he was in his closed cell, during the “holy month of Ramadan.” He wrote that between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., “in defense of Muhammad,” he assaulted several officers from his cell, and that as a result, “excessive force” was used to restrain him.

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  • The typical bitter Allah-clinging Peace Lover is right.

    Quran, Sira and Hadith demand that all Muslims kill Jews.

    Islam 101

    Qur’an Commentary

  • Fuquay Steve

    DOJ will recommend probation for this rational individual who has been a victim of oppression all his live-long days.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Obama/Holder to his rescue in 3…2…1…

  • NeoKong

    I say release him.
    Now we need to figure out at what altitude.

  • Finncrisp

    Welcome to the peace loving world of Sharia law. Isn’t it wonderful how things that a free country puts people in jail for become … normal.

    This 5th century stuff is really something. Where do I sign up?

  • Richard Aubrey

    He’s right. Now all he needs is an attorney who can help him judge shop.

  • MAJ Mike

    My church, Reverand Leroy’s Church of What’s Happening Now, says I can smack the Bloomer Bomber back to the last Ice Age.

    My country, my rules.

  • tommy mc donnell

    bloomberg agrees with him.

  • darwin

    With Holder and 0bama in charge, it just might work.

  • Thumbs up to you, MAJ Mike. I hope they put this guy in prison for a long long time.

  • mg4us

    Let’s administer swift justice. . a single bullet to the head. .

    It will save taxpayer money and time. . .

  • jorgen

    He belongs in a mental institution.

  • Militant Conservative

    My religion says an eye for an eye.

    In his case I’ll just take his testicles.

    Darwin award, no more idiot muzterds from

    His pathetic family tree.

    Powder is dry.

  • tommy mc donnell

    i’ll bet there are a lot of american judges that agree with him especially clinton appointees.

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    put a stick of dynamite up his A$$ and send him on his merry way

  • Paleryder

    This poor guy is simply misunderstood,according to our fearless leader. We should probably re-evaluate our nations entire foreign policy to better understand how it is that America caused this to happen. If we believe the democrats and their dnc bundlers in the media the real terrorists are people who vote against the dem party,not this poor failed attempt of mass murder. Those are the real threat to security ,the hostage takers,cannibals, and anyone stupid enough to think that this is a nation of laws and justice.

  • Chris in N.Va

    Twisted echos of an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip wherein Hobbes was challenging Calvin’s woefully selfish and self-centered view of life and how it’s at odds with the rest of the world. Calvin’s childish and immature response was that as soon as the rest of the world recognized that it existed purely to cater to his own whims and desires, it would be better for everyone and everyone could get along.

    Sounds like Calvin has his own personal recipe for a religion of peace, doesn’t it? Sound eeriily familiar to anything ELSE we keep hearing?

  • Yeosailor

    He wanted to set off a bomb to kill people, and he’s whining about excessive force???

  • Sam Stone

    Why is he not screwing his 17 virgins already?

  • President Potemkin

    How could he possibly know what religion everyone on the plane belonged to? He must adhere to the “kill’em all and let allah sort’em out” maxim.

    Help him achieve room temperature!

  • MWTexas

    Maybe we can send somebody from NASA to work this out for him. Maybe one of those space shuttle pilots, we aren’t using them anymore.

  • Marmo

    In a handwritten court document filed today, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 24, asked the court to release him from prison, arguing that “all Muslims should only be ruled by the law of the Quran.”

    Hey Umar, just to be clear, we civilized non-muslims aren’t ruled by your barbaric koran, so stuff it.

  • Charlie

    Something tells me the judge isn’t going to grant Umar’s request.

  • tarpon

    Why not just put him out in the parking lot, with the underwear bomb on, that works, and let him have his 72 virgins. Dispose of the problem.

  • Taxpayer

    Tough. Shiite.

  • lol

    the sad part is the justice dept. stomps on our constitution, and tries to incorporate international law, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they bought into this.

  • Francesca

    When push comes to shove, this is what the vast majority of Muslims believe. Ninety percent is a good estimate.

  • This makes perfect logical sense. Actually he understates his case. Killing infidels is not just allowed, it is ordered. It is ordained by the Holy Quran as Barry likes to call it. Couldn’t some of these mexican beheaders claim that they are Aztecs? Why not? As long as any old declaration can be claimed as a “religion” under the Constitution there is no limit. Couldn’t satanists be excused human sacrifice? Or does it even have to be a deistic belief? Couldn’t those who worship the earth be excused for drowning babies in the name of population control? We need a more discriminating definition of “religion”. The courts are supposed to handle that but these days it seems unlikely that whatever the courts would decide would be more strict.

  • Mama Grizzly

    It’s 72 virgins–but what happens after those 72 one-night-stands? I mean, most could go through the 72 in at least 3 months. Then?

  • George

    Just put a bullet through his empty head!

  • BS-meter

    I’m surprised he has the balls to say that. He probably is, too.

  • Mama Grizzly

    “Couldn’t those who worship the earth be excused for drowning babies in the name of population control?”

    Well, that us more of an accepted actuality than you might think …. The Globalists have plans for us. Plans fir those who will not go along .…

  • Thank you for linking my post, Jim!

    I would not be at all surprised if the likes of CAIR takes up his cause, nor would I be surprised if his tactic works, because we already have islamoblow judges using sharia instead of American law to coddle muslims.

  • Jim

    Nice pic! Looks like the typical obama supporter!

  • tom beebe st louis

    Great news! This will place the question of Sharia law before a court, perhaps even will rise to the Supremes. Several lower courts have said sharia law cannot be observed. This claim shows that it cannot, and suggests that those who would live by it should find some other country in which to live. Some will now claim that’s a racist, or anti-Islam position. Let them try to resolve this one any other way.

  • tom beebe st louis

    #29, megapotamus, puts it well, except for the statement that “we need a more discriminating statement of religion”. The Constitution states that the government, which I hope is still us, “shall make no law establishing religion” (I hope that’s an accurate quote). Thus the courts must be blind to religous law of any type. This case should establish that the law of the land is paramount over religous statements, whether they be “kill the infidels” or “love thy neighbor”. The latter would suggest we forgive all sinners, or lawbreakers. Yes, I agree we personally should follow that scripture, but I do not believe we should substitute such forgiveness for the rule of law. The Muslims, the Atheists, even such cults as the polygamists, may hold to their beliefs but first must adhere to the law of this Republic. That’s why its called a Republc, not a democracy. We can’t, or should not be, allowed to follow our faith irrespective of laws that have been developed over the last 224 years. A democracy would say we can vote in anything. What distinguishes that from mob rule. This Republic promises “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” . Thanks to this misguided youth, we may learn to remember these words.

  • The Triguy

    Are we all getting the much clearer picture now that Islam is not a religion but simply a political ideology?

  • xkaydet65

    Monty Python couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

  • olm

    Wow, great letter from the panty bomber. Can’t wait to see what our justice system does with it. Isn’t this good little jihadi in MI right now? They’ve got all the Sharia they can take in the Detroit area. Maybe it is time to take up this question because the sooner the better imo.
    The good little jihadi in Oregon might want to try this. He is just trying to say he was entrapped. This Koran route would probably work with the Portland Oregon liberals.

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  • Patty

    Who knows what Holder will think of the excessive use of force? Seems from the underwear Bomber to the tough guy who robs banks and shoots at police. Once captured the cry like babies.

    They yelled foul, you abuse me and I am innocent, then marches begin and then they sue. Believe it or not many criminals who have been arrested have been awarded money and are sent on their way.

    Abdulmutallab attacked guards just like the typical criminal, bites, spits and even tries to get the officer gun, this scum is lucky we are giving him food and water.

    Just hope that Holder doesn’t complain about law enforcement in this case, too.

  • lakewriter

    Of course, he should get off! Arent we all to be tolerant and respectful of all beliefs (except Christianity)?

    Tell me this behavior will not incite vigilante ‘justice’ with single bullets. Watch for it in a neighborhood near you. If the courts wont stop their insane behavior, the people will begin to take matters into their own hands. We are no longer a nation of laws.

  • No Man

    H just needs is to find a Fed Judge that was appointed by Barracks Hussein Obama.

  • Joanne

    He tried to commit an act of terrorism – give him the death penalty – that will show him whose laws he lives under.

  • Patty

    This is America!!! We don’t kill people it is OUR LAW and for Christians, oh there’s that nasty word, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    Those who come into this nation with the intent on breaking our laws will face OUR courts hopefully and REAL justice served.

  • ilikai

    The only way to have total peace with these types of fanatics is total extermination of them, otherwise they will keep coming after you.

  • Stuart

    This is the equivalent of an old Steve Martin bit:

    If you need money, just rob a bank.
    If they catch you simply tell them that of course you robbed a bank, what’s wrong with that.
    When they tell you it’s illegal, simply tell them, “illegal?… Oh yes, that’s right! I FORGOT!

  • willi

    Please release this muzzie prick in my neighborhood….please.
    I’ll even give him a little bit of a head start.
    Powder’s dry.

  • OK…so…the Koran (Quran, or however the f*** you spell it) says it’s OK to kill infidels (people lacking belief in Mohammed, I’m assuming). That puts Islam in direct conflict with our Constitution and, therefore, no (American) religious rights need to be applied to someone of that faith.

    Fair ’nuff?

  • CommieJuice

    I say let allah decide. Set him free…

    Take him up in a plane and bring him to the nearest country that is ruled by his cult, give him the choice of trusting allah will save him and allow him to jump out of the plane with only his cultist wardrobe on or let him reject his cult and convert to Scientology giving Tom Cruise custody.

    So its either allah or L. Ron Hubbard.

    I say go with option #1. Let allah reach out and catch him, put a flock of birds to cushion his fall, let me sprout wings of his own or even defy gravity and float down, either way let allah have him at 10,000 feet and go from there.

  • bobdog

    If it’s OK to kill non-believers according to the Koran, it must also be OK to kill non-believers according to the US Constitution.

    Or am I reading too much into his “logic”?

  • Nancy

    My religion says we should release him in the middle of the ocean. If he can swim to shore, he gets to live.

  • serfer62

    For once the aclu sees religion as legitimate..

  • #27 bing

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  • spiritwoman343

    Who wrote that?? That boy don’t speak or write English. So, he’s been given a lawyer to be sure he gets his CIVIL RIGHTS??

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    Funny how this islamist tried to blow up a plane and kill people and now cries foul that he isn’t being tried in a sharia court? Does he really think this is Iran?
    If you’ll remember those American hikers that were recently sentenced for spying when they accidentally (?) Crossed from Iraq while hiking/biking? They were tried by an Iranian court. Sentenced by Iranian laws. Why does this guy think the USA shouldn’t try him by our laws?
    These people see our country as one of schmucks! He didn’t get to martyr himself for the devil, so… Depression kicks in when he realizes it isn’t 72 beautiful, stunning virgin women he’ll be getting, but 72 years to life with a husband named Bo-Yo-Daddy with back hair, a facial scar and a limp! He only has to punch him in the mouth to make him look like he’s wearing lipstick!
    Hate the sin, love the sinner. But if they continue sinning, what are we to do?
    I am tired of our country making excuses… Tired of our constitution being stepped on by those who eat our food, take our money, work our jobs, go to our schools, play in our parks, obtain working visas, and build their houses only to try and tear ours down and expect they’ll get a free pass because they worship the devil like our president?
    If you hate us so much, go home to Arab land (NOT ONE INCH OF ISRAEL OR JERUSALEM!) And stay the HELL out of our country! But if you come here… Expect we’ll all be standing up for our rights to keep you in jail if you break our laws and take you out if you invade or threaten the lives of our fellow Americans!
    Oh, and I agree with the poster who stated the perfect punishment: put his underwear bomb back on his body and send him to the One, True God, the God of Israel to be judged in Righteousness and Truth!

  • Toejam

    Stop beating around the bush………….

    Just kill the *****!

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