Sex Box With Genitalia Toys Will Teach Swiss Kindergarteners That Sex Is Pleasurable

Whatever happened to Jack-in-the-Box?

Swiss kindergarten children will soon have their own sex box and genitalia toys to teach them about the pleasures of sex.
Lifesite News reported, via Free Republic:

Kindergarten children in Basel, Switzerland will be presented this year with fabric models of human genitalia in a “sex box” to teach them that “contacting body parts can be pleasurable.”

The kit for teachers to give sex-education lessons to primary school children uses models and recommends having children massage each other or to rub themselves with warm sand bags, accompanied by soft music, according to The Local, a Swiss newspaper in English.

“Children should be encouraged to develop and experience their sexuality in a pleasurable way,” Daniel Schneider, a deputy kindergarten rector for Basel who helped develop the sex ed curriculum along with experts, had said earlier this year.

He added, “It’s important that they learn to say no if they don’t want to be touched in a certain area.”

Education officials who have reportedly been flooded with over 3000 complaints from outraged parents have agreed to change the program’s name, but will do nothing to stop the materials from being distributed in schools, according to The Local.

Christoph Eymann, Basel education minister and member of the liberal democrat party (LDP), told the paper SonntagsBlick, “It was no doubt stupid to call it a ‘sex box’ – we will change that.

“But we will stick to our goal: to get across to children that sexuality is something natural. Without forcing anything upon them or taking anything away from their parents.”

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  • rbosque

    Good grief. People have no shame… They don’t seem to realize that eventually they will die and will have to explain themselves to the Man upstairs. People have lost their minds.

  • shibumi

    If they are encouraging children to “massage” each other, will they soon be teaching children to “have sex” with each other? Is that the goal of this? And if kids don’t “understand” will a willing adult have to step in and physically “teach them?”

    Is this all about the slow legalization of pedophilia in Switzerland?

    Also, why is it the school districts, aka THE GOVERNMENTS role to teach children about masturbation?

    Finally, how long before Europe decides that it would be better to have “the state” raise all children, thus eliminating the need for parents?

    This is sickening on so many, many levels.

  • MamaGrizzly

    I have a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. My husband has a master’s in Developmental and Counseling Psychology.

    We are telling you that this is nothing more than GROOMING children for pedophiles. In all their literature, they clearly outline plans to push adult-child contact. It opens the door for all kinds of sexual abuse.

    Before adolescence children are not sexually aware and shouldn’t be. They do not possess the cognitive ability to deal with it. They do not have sufficiently developed autonomy or volition to master this area of life.

    THE LITERATURE IS BOTH PROLIFIC AND CONCLUSIVE that sexual contact between children and children, children and teens, children and adults has extremely bad outcomes.

    Sexual assault most often comes in the “this will feel good” claim by the attacker.

    The pedophiles will use arguments that go against decades of research to get to your children. Breaking down natural barriers is the first step in robbing children of their independence and sense of self, healthy sexuality, and self-esteem.

    This is MUCH MORE POLITICAL than you can possible imagine. Remember, it was OBAMA who installed the NAMBLA “SAFE SCHOOL CZAR” Jennings, who filled the schools in the USA with exactly the same type of crap.

    If they can get your personhood, they can control you.

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    To Christoph Eymann, Basel education minister:

    YOU get in the box !!!!

  • lemonaide

    Quoth Taylor, “It’s a madhouse… A MADHOUSE!”

  • regularguy

    Thank GOD for these toys. Millions of people might never know that sex could be pleasurable otherwise. It’s not like it’s intuitively obvious, you know.

  • Anonymoustoyou

    Welcome to what is happening here in the United States. While the educational lobby machine is pushing school choice: charters, open enrollment, trigger options, etc…the Common Core standards are being implemented in 44 states. What are they? Basically nationalized common standards and assessments for these states…so that means YOUR state cannot set what is appropriate for students and the local districts have no power either.

    What happens if this type of sex education is considered an appropriate standard for your consortia? Your state will be under a mandate to teach from a “sex box”. Do you have any recourse as a parent or taxpayer to stop it? No. None at all except to remove your child from that school. Your State Board of Education has signed away its authority to set standards if it is included in the 44 states. And joy of all joys! Arne Duncan has announced yet another federal program…Race to the Top for Pre-K which will track infants!

    Is your child attending a private school and you want vouchers? Well, with those vouchers come federal strings and probably the same standards for all charters and public schools…because once a school accepts public money…it has the mandates as well. Charters are under the SAME standards as the traditional public schools…that’s not very innovative, is it?

    Want to read more about these standards and how they have less to do with education and more for indoctrination (such as in Switzerland)? Here’s a non-partisan, citizen led website:

    This is our reality in America. If we don’t stop these nationalized standards, this is what we are facing here in the United States. I suggest the government will want to determine how effective these “sex boxes” are for young children when they compile data on students in the later grades:

  • dunce

    They say they will not force anything on the children. Because they are children and trusting force is not needed. That is why there are statutory rape laws, children can not give”informed” consent. They do not understand what they are consenting to.

  • bg
  • Patty

    Change the name? Really that is the only think you see wrong with this.

    Christoph Eymann said, “But we will stick to our goal: to get across to children that sexuality is something natural. Without forcing anything upon them or taking anything away from their parents.”

    Is there a dire need that 95% of this little children have been approached by a Pedophile?

    Oh, Yes, Christoph Eymann, what a name, it is perfect and he is one sick puppy.

  • vityas

    The Swiss are a corrupt people anyway. Hiding all that Nazi gold, pretending to be neutral while shoveling stolen Jewish property into their banks, protecting murderers and thieves claiming confidentiality.

    This is their higher moral ground. This, and they, are disgusting.

  • Stuart

    Oh brave new world! That has such people in it!

    (That’s not meant as a compliment.)

  • Patty

    and only 3,000 parents have complained? I believe before all is said and done there would be more complaints.

    Massaging the toys? really. Dear God what is this world coming too.

  • Patty

    People in this country, did they vote for him. Whatever, if so the reap what the sow. We are!

  • kato

    It appears that sex in Zeropa has been so tawdry for so long that children need to be taught that it can be pleasurable. However, I suspect there is a sodomite agenda here. Sodomites recruit, and discovering that alternate sexual passage — belonging to someone of their own sex, no less — is something that young boys might not figure out on their own. They need the guiding tutelage of experienced pederasts.

  • FurryGuy

    So the libdiots in charge in the Swiss school district want to teach children as young as 4 how to have sex? Next the administrators will be requiring the teachers have sex with their students.

    Looks like pedophilia is alive and well for some Swiss.

  • Patty

    Goes to show, just how sick these Teachers are. Some I have great respect for and I taught myself.

    Kindergarteners are children, 4 grade there will be questions and even little ones who may step in on the parents at an inappropriate may have questions.

    But for these little ones use common sense and if a parent doesn’t know what to say they can get help from family doctor or books. Good books not the liberal ones.

    Parents are the best teachers and Educators can teach in health classes when the time is right for those in Puberty.

    Kindergarteners will proceed with these classes but their minds will not be able to recognize the good adults from the bad ones and then you open another jack in the box.

    Seriously, their little mines are not developed enough to understand all the repercussions that will follow. Too young and so ridiculous beyond words, fire this guy.

  • FurryGuy

    With attitudes and morals as evidenced by this libdiot, is it any wonder why Europe is getting swarmed under by the new Islamic invasion?

  • FurryGuy

    The Enlightenment is being rapidly and willfully debased into The Debauchery.

  • Patty

    this may have been where he got his idea from.