Sarah Palin Makes Splash at Iowa State Fair – Sends Corn Dogs to the Press

Sarah Palin stole the show at the Iowa State Fair tdoay.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and husband Todd, greet fair goers during a visit to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, Friday, Aug. 12, 2011. (AP/Charlie Neibergall)

Sarah Palin stormed into Iowa today.
The Politico reported:

Sarah Palin outlasted most of the few dozen reporters, photographers, and camerapeople who mobbed her on a visit to the Iowa State Fair that seemed aimed first of all at meeting the national press.

By the time she trudged up a dirt parking lot to the fair’s VIP area, only ten or so reporters were left, and we’d run out of questions. She looked up, seeming a bit startled by the silence, and drew a few more.

Then she vanished to shake hands with the Fair’s sponsors and other worthies. Her staff, though, returned with corn dogs for the press.

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  • John Cooper

    Sarah’s pop-up appearances must be driving the press nuts. I love it!

  • big L

    Maybe we should start a “Draft Sarah” movement. Watch lefty heads explode. It would be like the Tea Party: from the people and ‘leaderless”-no one to go after except the GOV. and they don’t want to acknowledge her at all unless it is an attack.
    (who is on her shirt? Is that Madeleine?):

  • Major Kong

    Is it me or does Sarah just look better and better every time she’s photographed?

  • big L

    I hope they have some security, nearby…

  • Ginger

    We love you Sarah ….please run for president. Your war chest will be overflowing to help us fight for our country. Make Newt vice president he can help quide you to be the best president ever.

  • Ginger

    I just love that top Sarah is wearing. 🙂 Now Todd could be shirtless and I would love that. hehe If I was around 30 years younger and he was single I would chase him! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • chuck in st paul

    This couple causes screaming fear and nightmares in the unwashed libtard masses – a beautiful and skilled woman NOT raving about discrimination married to a 100% male man who is no doormat. Quelle horreur! They also shoot animals. OMG!

  • rabble-rouser

    What’s not to like. She’s an awesome person, with a great personality, beautiful looks, intelligient, and a supportive mother and wife. If I were her, I would tell the press to “kiss my lily white a**”. Of course, she’s a lady and wouldn’t say that.

  • kato

    Better she’s at the fair than with those mediocrities on the podium last night. What a pack of losers!

  • Molon Labe

    Run Palin, run. No more RINOs.

  • vityas


  • BarbaAZ

    Sarah Palin is an American gem. She has given this country a patriotic booster shot!

  • decentAmerican

    I – LOVE – THIS – WOMAN!

    Wow, that’s a handsome couple. Very presidential, will return elegance back to the whitehouse! The whitehouse will need to be fumigated and inspected for stolen items after the current hideous corrupt lying narcissistic family leave.


    PALIN/RUBIO 2012

  • myohmy

    Sarah Palin is a breathe of fresh air. Please, stick around. We are very amused when the liberals media starts to go crazy.

  • bg


    you are loved Sarah..

    we are all Sarah Palins now..

    God bless you, and by God, i believe you have blessed US, thank you..


  • Nana

    Sarah please stay safe, this country needs you.

  • dunce

    She confounds the leftist thugs that want to create trouble at her appearances by not posting a schedule. Where ever she shows up people are glad to see and hear her. The plants that showed up for Romney were not the people he was there to address. It is a republican primary for republicans. The thugs were leftist party hacks, not primary voters. Probably not even from Iowa.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Who are the Marxist Leninists and their media fellow travellers afraid of? Well, Bachmann sure makes them squirm. Cain is a black conservative, too real to call a Tom, they don’t like that. But they know who can kick their ass while smiling all the way, who can raise enough dough to compete, and who will wipe the floor with the clueless Teleprompter Man. Sarah of Alaska! Dah Dah! Like Lawrence of Arabia she will unite the American tribes and cripple the National Socialist Empire with hit and run assaults at their weak spots, take territory they thought they owned and triumph with an honest Congress. Every state is in play this time. Ha! Obama’s got nothing unless his October surprise is to declare a national emergency and cancel the elections. Van Jones seems to be recruiting young cannon fodder for next summer’s riots, already. They know this is the last hurrah of the Marxist Leninist movement in America nd they will not lose like good sports. Too bad. We have the Wasilla Warrior. They have this little putz from Chicago.

  • Conservative Ken

    God works in strange ways. Without the Liberal’s, Rino’s, and Leftest Media, Sarah Palin would have finished her tenure as Alaska’s Governor then faded into peaceful private life. The enemies of America created their worst nightmare and one of our greatest blessings.

    God be with you Sarah.

  • kato

    “Dear Sarah, please save America.”

    How sad.

    I guess this is the tea-party equivalent of the Justin Bieber Fan Club.

  • big L

    N,o she’d needs a nuts-and-bolts guy for running mate…say, bout John Bolton? Plus someone great for Treasury…Ryan! Defense—Someone really good…how bout oneof the Senators that we like for Tea Party supporter that is on a defense committee


    The entire group of folks running for GOP nominee are about as exciting as a turd in a punchbowl. if I had to choose it would be Bachman. But now Sarah, that is someone I could get behind…. no pun intended…. 😉

    Run Sarah, or else we will be stuck with the Rino Rick Perry.

  • KornKing

    I think we should cheer for Paul Ryan to stay in the house

  • jimg

    That picture of Todd makes me smile.

    I have a very good friend I used to work with – and we have beers from time to time – who is Todd’s first cousin. As in, Todd’s dad is his uncle.

    Last time he was in Alaska and stayed at their house for a week or so, Todd and Sarah had just started dating.

    To this day, it’s still surreal to the whole extended family.

  • No, #20 kato, that’s the Liberal way of choosing candidates. They form fan clubs and cults based on false campaign promises and “personality”, mostly created by Hollywood and PR firms to mask the true nature of their candidate. Liberals vote on “feelings” and phony slogans like “Hope and Change”. Conservatives examine the principles and policies of a candidate, make informed decisions, and choose candidates based on tangibles, not “feelings”. Being an attractive lady doesn’t hurt her case, though…unlike most of the LIBERAL HAGS….

  • bg


    kato #20

    reading problem much??

    “Dear Sarah, please save America.” is nowhere to be found..

    i don’t know or care what your problem is, but i know it’s not JB..


  • What a delightful first couple they would make. Oh, and Big L: not to worry. Sarah has security. His name is Todd.

  • bg


    Opaobie #25

    right on (didn’t see you there, glad you caught it too)!!


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #26 bg

    Actually, yeah. #13 said exactly that.

    If Sarah gets to the White House, her first order of business, for the first couple of months, will be quelling the riots in every large city in America. Then, and only then, will she be able to TRY and get Big Government out of Americans’ ways — so they, God help us, can save America.

    Dismantling the communist network interwoven throughout our government will be the second hardest part, after stopping the race-riots.

  • raybojabo

    “Then she vanished to shake hands with the Fair’s sponsors and other worthies. Her staff, though, returned with corn dogs for the press.”

    I think the implied intent of what to do with the corn dogs is obvious.

  • #28 bg, no prob; great minds think alike. The more of us pointing out errors in logic by misguided Liberals, the better chance even trolls will stop and think before posting nonsense.

    My wife’s homeschool session for our grandkids for the coming school year starts next Monday, and she just added “I, Pencil” to the curriculum along with some keys and study questions…heard Mark Levin read it during his show a week or two ago. We already added “Liberty and Tyranny” to the library, so it is really growing.

  • “Hey, Rachael and Whoopie and Tina, batteries not included in your Corndogs”…… 😉

  • kato

    Sarah Palin isn’t a candidate, last I heard. I’ve said before I don’t consider her presidential material, but neither are most of the clowns who were on that podium yesterday. But I do agree she’s good-looking.

    Don’t idealize conservatives, especially the ones who are Republican politicians. It’s not for nothing that we’ve coined the word RINO to cover all those many Republicans who wrap themselves in the flag, say God bless America incessantly, blather about family values, but spend like the biggest big-government liberals. Some of the biggest pork-barrel spenders in Washington are, and have been, Republicans.

    Too many cartoon conservatives turn a blind eye to rampant crony capitalism so long as the money is going to defense contractors. Even now, I hear cartoon-conservative talking heads call for zero cuts to defense, as if defense hasn’t been as wasteful as HUD.

    Are you really happy with what a trillion dollars and counting have gotten us in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you really believe that every one of those hundreds of billions of dollars spent on homeland security was well spent? Don’t you realize that many of those contracts went to the politcally corrected? Pull that flag away from your eyes and take a look at reality for a change.

  • kato


    “Dear Sarah Palin, please save America” is in comment #13 on my screen, but I could have chosen any number of inane examples.

  • Old Fan


    More PR, looking entirely self absorbed, creating nothing…

    Not constructive or helpful, just a big game of “here I am” again.

    It is curious why Mr. Hoft has pushed the hype for so long, as it continues to sink like a rock.

    It is no longer fun even, to get a rise out of the Democratic Partisans, it has become a complete parody of itself.

    All started downhill when she jumped on board the Maverick Platform. A clear sign, very poor judgment.

  • kato, like Herman Cain said last night in response to a “gotcha” attempt to make him reply in a literal, “wooden” defense of one of his statements about moats and alligators and barbed-wire fences made off the cuff months ago, “America needs to learn how to take a joke”. It appeared you were trying to degrade #13’s faux swoon into some sort of cult follower movement, and I was trying to point out the fallacy — and dis-ingenuousness — in doing so.

    …have to agree with you about RINOs, though. Time to thin the herd, and the sooner the better. 🙂

  • Old Fan, the more she pops up publicly, the more she diverts the attention of the Leftists and crazies and blood-lust-filled Media OFF the candidates running. Looks like it’s working pretty well so far.

  • texas

    LOL Love it that she sent corn dogs to the press! The new MSM nickname = corn dogs 😀

    Run Sarah Run!

  • bg


    Taq #29

    thanks, was looking for the exact “quote”, not caps, ergo..

    kato #20 re: #26

    i partially apologize, and JB still loves ya!!


  • jainphx

    The debate last night was, how should I say this, It was (except for Bachmann) of also rans. No one there excited me. No one has the charisma to hold my attention, or to make me applaud. There was some something missing, and that something is Sarah Palin. she excites me with her thoughts on what got us here, and what it will take to get us out. Palin 2012

  • gus

    Yeah, Kato, Sarah should run no HOPE AND CHANGE.

    I can just imagine Todd Palin saying. “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”.
    Do you think the Palins “Spiritual mentor” says. “no no no no, not God bless America, GOD DAMN AMERICA!”

    Kato, you are be-clowning yourself. Sarah Palin is a winner.

  • bg


    kato #34

    of for sure you could find many.. heck, there must be a million & one
    ways you could take a swipe at the TEA PARTY, even w/out them..

    and why not, i mean, Obama, Rove, Axelrod, McCain
    and several others are no slackers at it either.. /s/


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  • Dr_Proboscis

    I guess she’ll let the press figure out what to do with the corn dogs . . .

    You’ve got to admire her strength and humor.

  • ahem

    Hey, kato, your slip is showing: hostile Lefty trolls only emerge in Conservative blog comments when they’re getting their *sses kicked.


  • Let’s make the tea party four times larger and 1000 times more influential by recruiting more members. See how at Spread the word! John Galt

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  • Curt Cowley

    The media are just beginning the Sarah Palin’s “Lamestream Media Obediance School”. She even rewarded the persistant few with a few more answers and FREE CORN DOGS!.

    Teach’em well, SARAH (kinda rhymes with Give’em Hell Sarah)


  • bg


    jainphx #40

    re: [there was something missing}

    yup, sure was, believe it was what us death
    panel candidates called a “DEBATE”.. /sarc/


  • bg


    Old Fan #35


    so that is why she’s catapulted to #1 media darling
    while the Maverick alludes to repertoires of hobbits..


  • decentAmerican

    OH, yes, I did say “Dear Sarah, PLEASE SAVE AMERICA”, and she is our only HOPE. We are in a desperate time, record unemployment, people stealing copper wire, air conditioners, high school bleachers….for God’s sake…THATS HAPPENNING IN AMERICA. if you think that what’ happenned in the UK this week with their feral young society can’t happen in America, you are sadly naive.

    SHE is the only one that can save us.

    But…..if you want to get into your liberal nutjob messiah complex mentaility, perhaps you are in favor of that now iconic typical liberal nutjob view of their candidate in 2008:


    Who else will save America from THAT savagery if it’s not Sarah?

    PALIN/RUBIO 2012

  • Ginger

    God Bless America

    God Bless our Troops

    God Bless our Patriots/aka Tea Party

  • bg


    Opaobie #31

    God bless her, outside of those in the service of country, my family sort
    of sux at that kind of stuff, but thank goodness most aren’t as dumb as
    they voted.. 😀


  • sarah2012

    Good interview w/ Sarah at the Iowa fair today…funny, too. The reporters can’t get enough of her.

  • Ginger

    decent American #51

    You forgot….Obama’s stash. 🙂

  • bitterclinger

    The FIRST thing President Sarah Palin should do is fly to the UK and retrieve the bust of Winston Churchill.

  • sara
  • jann

    Boy, with all that attention from all the press, isn’t that free press? As I recall, she has a big reputation of being FRUGAL!! I think she has been running since the day she stepped down when she saw the Republicans were HELPING Obama with his agenda, someone had to! 😉

  • Blackwater

    When Sarah was Governor she used to take coffee and snacks to the local media who were outside in the cold!

  • bg


    sarah2012 #54

    good show!!

    have to laugh at them though, they keep asking her the same question
    a tad differently, and she keeps responding to them a tad differently.. 😉

    sara #57

    great pix!!

    thanks for sharing..


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  • noislamocommie

    I hope she joins in and blows the “internationalists” sky high…

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  • Tru

    #29 Taqiyyotomist
    I agree but no matter who is elected we will have civil unrest. My hope is that between November and inauguration day most of the perps will be locked up while Obama is a lame duck. We are not England.

    Whether Sarah Palin gets in or throws her support behind Perry she will be a force in this election. She will have the keynote at the convention and every conservative candidate will want her endorsement. She will work as she did in 2010 to help elect conservative Governors, Congressmen and Senators. We just may see her target map again. Contrary to what the “lame stream” media keeps saying it’s not about her, it’s about turning this ship around. I believe she’s going to do whatever she needs to do to keep Romney from getting the nomination.

  • bg


    Taq #29

    this is constantly on my mind, well, right after this at any rate.. 🙁

    ih yea, then there’s this & this & this & much more to back my fears up..

    [disclaimer for the anal retentive, not the shaking in my boots type fear]


  • Brittanicus

    Why was Rep. Michele Bachmann exempted from being asked questions on illegal immigration? Her stance on this issue is far above the rest who stood behind their dais in Ames, Iowa? Was this leaving Bachman out of this social issue premeditated? Whether this was the case or not, she strands strong as this uncontrolled illegal immigration invader problem has been ignored by administrations for years. Bachmann will not tolerate any form of Amnesty as President. Every Sanctuary City and state that does not comply by cutting of these ordinances will lose federal funding. It’s been said many times before, that American cannot afford to subsidize Mexico, Central America, Europe, Pacific Rim or other nation; its inhabitants impoverished and desperate illegal immigrants anymore? This illogical problem is crippling America’s economy by the massive payouts for families, which have migrated illegally across our sovereign border.

    Of course open border disciples, business lobbyist will deny the obvious, that this illegal incursion is drowning us in debt—with no end in sight. (FAIR) American Federation of Immigration Reform that of 2009, reported that overall costs to subsidize the illegal alien household was calculated through, federal, State, County and Municipal sources that it was a $113 Billion dollar problem. Federation for American Immigration Reform issued a report in which they estimate the total annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level is estimated to be $113 billion combined. The states are bearing the burden of the costs; while the government share is nearly $29 billion, it escalates to $84.2 billion at the state and local level. The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. The state-by-state breakdown begins on page 4 of this report at:

    Education for the children of illegal migrants and immigrants constitutes the sole largest outlay to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Virtually all of those expenses are absorbed by state and local governments. At the federal level, only about one-third of outlays are matched by tax collections from illegal aliens. At the state and local level, an average of less than 5 percent of the public costs is allied with the illegal immigration occupation and recouped through taxes collected from illegal nationals. Nearly all illegal aliens do not pay income taxes; only those who do, much of the revenues collected are refunded to the illegal immigrants when they file tax returns. Many are also claiming tax credits resultant in payments from the U.S. Treasury. Please note this is not a static expenditure, but these dollars amounts are raising all the time.

    Ask yourself, why the Grand Canyon State of Arizona had not choice, but to clamp down against the massive dollar amounts spent to appease illegal alien homesteads How can a small South Western state that is mostly desert, afford to pay out $2 Billion dollars annually for foreigners? Then again– how can Leftist legislators in Sacramento, California, justify taking taxpayer’s money and giving it to illegal aliens when these persons truly don’t exist, other than in ICE enforcement records or Homeland Security? HAS ANY READER THOUGHT OF CHECKING THEIR STATES PAYOUT TO FOREIGN NATIONALS? Although they come here through the magnet of jobs, welfare and each year bring their children. The estimates of 300.000 babies enter via a broken, intermittent border fence, that can no-way be fully enforced without the deployment of troops. Instant citizen for babies is above most payments, is an incredulous cost forced on taxpayers by Liberal judges legislating from their gavel.

    Because entering America without papers is not a—FELONY—it is essentially a giant hole in the wall, which imports not only millions of illegal aliens, but a massive population of criminals; bringing death, mayhem and ID theft on the unsuspecting citizens and residents. As I said in my commentary yesterday, the only way to sever the incentive of jobs (which I never thought I would admit) is issuing every citizen and legal resident a government ID CARD. This could be used to get employed US workers. (8 million illegal aliens have stolen jobs from mostly low income Americans according to reputable sources.) The same official ID card could be presented for voting; instead of the mess we have now, with convicted felons, deceased and illegal aliens, fraudulently using the election process to alter an elections direction.

    You would also use this federal ID CARD to be checked against other data bases, official birth records to see if you have the right to be issued a driver’s license, vehicle insurance, welfare or other Public entitlements. I shouldn’t gloat over the welfare payouts in California, but it is a self inflicted wound caused by the Liberals in the capitol. California, the Godfather of Sanctuary State has a $19 Billion dollar budget gap, with a staggering cost of $21 Billion $ according to the National Conference of State Legislators in 2009. We must wonder how the welfare costs have escalated in two years in the once Golden State?

    No Copyright. Distribute Freely.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Please. Sarah Palin isn’t the “only one” who can “save” us. This isn’t an intelligent position to take. I know everyone has had it, and there is a lot of fear out there (and rightly so), but that kind of attitude can be off-putting to the average voter. Sarah has been lampooned thoroughly. She could survive and come back via the underdog path, and could be successful. But please, no political “messiahs” okay? It’s unseemly. We can like her and support her totally, but she doesn’t walk on water . . .

  • el polacko

    i’m not exactly sure to make of the fact that so many here went straight to a phallic interpretation of the corn dogs. i took it as just a nice gesture to feed some state fair food to the hungry press. sarah’s a sweetheart…some of you kids have dirty minds.

  • el polacko

    ugh… that, of course, should read “not exactly sure WHAT to make..” i need a proofreader.

  • Excellent point, el polacko. It was also a great counterpunch to Michelle Obama and the Food Fascism she is imposing on the country. “Hey, MSM folks, this sure is delicious food, made with CORN and meat produced right here in IOWA; too bad the current administration is in the process of making it illegal.” Brilliant strategy, and the perfect “in your face” tactics to contrast with the “America, eat your peas” nonsense.

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  • After the debates, I am waiting and hoping for Sarah to jump in, she will fill the job. There will be a lot of fixing to do, but she can generate followers and good people to be on her team. Others on the slate are OK, but Sarah would do the job better, been under fire, and can help elect more Republican Senators next- there are 20 Democrat seats up for being taken out this time, what a opportunity!

  • owl

    I do MSM translations. What did Politico want me to know after reading this article?

    1. MSM SMIRKED. Sarah was SURPRISED there was not an army of MSM waiting for HER.
    2. She had to work (trudge) hard to be met with SILENCE because MSM was not interested.
    3. MSM has declared her a SIDESHOW.

    How do I know to use the word SIDESHOW? I passed by a tv(ABC) when I woke up where someone was talking about a sideshow. I said “self……they must be talking Sarah.” Half an hour later, I watched ABC (the sneaky) have a guest that pronounced Sarah a SIDESHOW. I have been doing DEM’s MSM translations for at least 15-20 years. How many years have you been serious about translations? Buzzword of the month is SIDESHOW, so of course, MSM can ignore her. Buzzword: Teaparty Terrorist, Hostage Takers.

    Run Sarah Run.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    By the time she trudged up a dirt parking lot to the fair’s VIP area, only ten or so reporters were left, and we’d run out of questions.

    Uh huh. What this tells me is that up until that point, these reporter a-holes were probably hounding her with question after question after question.

    Couldn’t these people have had any decency, and allowed her to enjoy the various attractions first before bothering her?

  • greenfairie

    Todd Palin would never tell us what we should or shouldn’t be eating, except to offer hunting and fishing tips. Reason enough to get Sarah to run, though there are many others.

    Last night when I saw her on Hannity, I thought, “She’s the best one we’ve got.” I’m more and more convinced she needs to do it.

  • Dave in Houston

    Corn dogs is more than they deserve.

    I just love when Sarah drives the press to a frenzy. Running or not, she is/has learned to yank their collective chains. It’s kind of fun to watch.

  • Militant Conservative

    Old fart, must be a really nasty life you lead being so negative.

    Sarah Palin may be showing up at these events to gauge her prospects of

    a presidential run without the media $hit storm. You are just too negative sir.

    Palin is what is right with America, Your what is wrong with America.

    Get yourself some geritol and a nap and maybe you’ll be less crabby.

    America wants Palin to run, as do I. So I take it you;d rather have 4 more of Obama?

    powder is dry

  • Patty

    The shirt Palin is wearing looks very similar to the artistry in the Show, “Happily Divorced” the star is a very liberal celebrity Fran Drescher. I wonder if she will be inflamed about Sarah wearing this T-shirt.

    I can remember the Dixie chics and their hateful comments and other musicians who were not happy with Barracuda song during Palin’s run for VP. Oh, well, just a thought.

  • Patty
  • Doug

    I have nothing against Bachmann but it’s very obvious what the MSM has been doing the last couple of months. They’ve gotten their memo from Democratic Party HQ to play up her candidacy in hopes that Palin will go away. It seems every week there’s an article in the Washington Post describing how great a candidate she is and isn’t she just wonderful. When a pinko rag like the ComPost(my description) starts writing puff pieces on how great a Republican candidate is you know something stinks to high heaven. It just galls me that they think we’re so stupid and so blind to their tactics. Sarah Palin is not going away. It doesn’t matter if Bachman wins the nomination or not. Why can’t they get that through thick skull?

  • Doug

    Through their thick skull…Sorry.

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