Sarah Palin Makes Splash at Iowa State Fair – Sends Corn Dogs to the Press

Sarah Palin stole the show at the Iowa State Fair tdoay.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and husband Todd, greet fair goers during a visit to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, Friday, Aug. 12, 2011. (AP/Charlie Neibergall)

Sarah Palin stormed into Iowa today.
The Politico reported:

Sarah Palin outlasted most of the few dozen reporters, photographers, and camerapeople who mobbed her on a visit to the Iowa State Fair that seemed aimed first of all at meeting the national press.

By the time she trudged up a dirt parking lot to the fair’s VIP area, only ten or so reporters were left, and we’d run out of questions. She looked up, seeming a bit startled by the silence, and drew a few more.

Then she vanished to shake hands with the Fair’s sponsors and other worthies. Her staff, though, returned with corn dogs for the press.

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  • John Cooper

    Sarah’s pop-up appearances must be driving the press nuts. I love it!

  • big L

    Maybe we should start a “Draft Sarah” movement. Watch lefty heads explode. It would be like the Tea Party: from the people and ‘leaderless”-no one to go after except the GOV. and they don’t want to acknowledge her at all unless it is an attack.
    (who is on her shirt? Is that Madeleine?):

  • Major Kong

    Is it me or does Sarah just look better and better every time she’s photographed?

  • big L

    I hope they have some security, nearby…

  • Ginger

    We love you Sarah ….please run for president. Your war chest will be overflowing to help us fight for our country. Make Newt vice president he can help quide you to be the best president ever.

  • Ginger

    I just love that top Sarah is wearing. :) Now Todd could be shirtless and I would love that. hehe If I was around 30 years younger and he was single I would chase him! :) :) :)

  • chuck in st paul

    This couple causes screaming fear and nightmares in the unwashed libtard masses – a beautiful and skilled woman NOT raving about discrimination married to a 100% male man who is no doormat. Quelle horreur! They also shoot animals. OMG!

  • rabble-rouser

    What’s not to like. She’s an awesome person, with a great personality, beautiful looks, intelligient, and a supportive mother and wife. If I were her, I would tell the press to “kiss my lily white a**”. Of course, she’s a lady and wouldn’t say that.

  • kato

    Better she’s at the fair than with those mediocrities on the podium last night. What a pack of losers!

  • Molon Labe

    Run Palin, run. No more RINOs.

  • vityas


  • BarbaAZ

    Sarah Palin is an American gem. She has given this country a patriotic booster shot!

  • decentAmerican

    I – LOVE – THIS – WOMAN!

    Wow, that’s a handsome couple. Very presidential, will return elegance back to the whitehouse! The whitehouse will need to be fumigated and inspected for stolen items after the current hideous corrupt lying narcissistic family leave.


    PALIN/RUBIO 2012

  • myohmy

    Sarah Palin is a breathe of fresh air. Please, stick around. We are very amused when the liberals media starts to go crazy.

  • bg


    you are loved Sarah..

    we are all Sarah Palins now..

    God bless you, and by God, i believe you have blessed US, thank you..


  • Nana

    Sarah please stay safe, this country needs you.

  • dunce

    She confounds the leftist thugs that want to create trouble at her appearances by not posting a schedule. Where ever she shows up people are glad to see and hear her. The plants that showed up for Romney were not the people he was there to address. It is a republican primary for republicans. The thugs were leftist party hacks, not primary voters. Probably not even from Iowa.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Who are the Marxist Leninists and their media fellow travellers afraid of? Well, Bachmann sure makes them squirm. Cain is a black conservative, too real to call a Tom, they don’t like that. But they know who can kick their ass while smiling all the way, who can raise enough dough to compete, and who will wipe the floor with the clueless Teleprompter Man. Sarah of Alaska! Dah Dah! Like Lawrence of Arabia she will unite the American tribes and cripple the National Socialist Empire with hit and run assaults at their weak spots, take territory they thought they owned and triumph with an honest Congress. Every state is in play this time. Ha! Obama’s got nothing unless his October surprise is to declare a national emergency and cancel the elections. Van Jones seems to be recruiting young cannon fodder for next summer’s riots, already. They know this is the last hurrah of the Marxist Leninist movement in America nd they will not lose like good sports. Too bad. We have the Wasilla Warrior. They have this little putz from Chicago.

  • Conservative Ken

    God works in strange ways. Without the Liberal’s, Rino’s, and Leftest Media, Sarah Palin would have finished her tenure as Alaska’s Governor then faded into peaceful private life. The enemies of America created their worst nightmare and one of our greatest blessings.

    God be with you Sarah.

  • kato

    “Dear Sarah, please save America.”

    How sad.

    I guess this is the tea-party equivalent of the Justin Bieber Fan Club.