New hope for MSNBC–
Professional race-hustler Al Sharpton was awarded his own prime time show on MSNBC Tuesday.
Thank you, MSNBC. We look forward to more belly laughs.

“But, resist we much.”

Finally, MSNBC gets some real talent.
After a short disastrous tryout, MSNBC awarded Al Sharpton with his own show.
The AP reported:

After several weeks in a tryout role, the Rev. Al Sharpton has officially been named host of a weeknight hour on MSNBC.

The program, now called “PoliticsNation,” will air at 6 p.m. Eastern and premieres next Monday, the network announced Tuesday.

In his new role, the well-known civil rights activist and minister will lead a lively and informed discussion of the day’s top headlines, MSNBC said.

Sharpton called the hosting job “a natural extension of my life work and growth.”

Besides his work as a community leader and religious figure, Sharpton already hosts a nationally syndicated radio show. He was a candidate for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination that eventually went to U.S. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

The 6 p.m. hour serves as an important lead-in to MSNBC’s weeknight slate that includes Chris Matthews, Laurence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. The network has done a swift reconfiguration in prime time since the abrupt departure of its marquee host, Keith Olbermann, in January. Olbermann took his show to Current TV.



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  1. Next he’ll be hosting Meet the Press. After all, there has been NO black MTP host in the long and proud history of that iconic show. (Tim Russert, may be RIP, is rolling over in his grave.)

  2. That speech was the best eva.:)

  3. Clearly, MSNBC has found the definitive answer to the gaping hole left in their schedule by the loss of the renown broadcasting icon whats-his-face to Current TV.

  4. mnsbc must have lots of money to waste on this pos.

  5. I can only imagine the racial hell they would have had to pay had he not been awarded the prime time show. MSNBC painted itself into a corner. There is no network more deserving of Al Sharpton than MSNBC.

  6. Why??? He is hopeless! He can’t even read from a teleprompter! He is so bad that I didn’t get the meaning of what he said. Is this affirmative action or do they just love bungling amateurs?

  7. So, the illiterate race pimp is handed more laurals for his crown…America will one day lament the worship of anti-heroes…No wonder so many young persons are disillusioned, disaffected, and demotivated…Look at the adults they have to follow…

  8. I’ll bet there was hundreds of thousands of dollars that flowed into msnbc coffers from “phantom sources” befre al was ever considered. He finally got his piece of the “affirmative action pie”. Just like big jesse now, huh al? You can race-bait to your hearts content. Now get out there and “MUCH”, al. “MUCH” like you’ve never “muched” before!

  9. I used to laugh at Sharpton as well, but I suspect there is another more insidious and specific reason for Sharpton’s hire. Consider that MSNBC is the propaganda wing for the Obama Administration. An administration who are cash rich and desperate as they know more and more Americans will reject Obama in the 2012 election.

    How to stop this impending defeat?

    Make the 2012 about race. Stoke up false charges of racism in the hope that Americans of all colors will feel guilty about voting out America’s 1st black president.

    And who better to do stoke racial guilt and divisiveness than a race-baiting demagogue like Al Sharpton? Sharpton’s hire at MSNBC is not a floundering network making another bad programming choice for their line up. It is the Obama administration preparing the ground for 2012 which they plan on making entirely about race. Anyone who dare not vote to re-elect Obama will be thrown upon Al Sharpton’s racial bonfires.

    Obama & Co. are preparing to make 2012 all about race.

    God help this country because even if Obama is voted out, he’ll burn it down in the process making the LA riots a nationwide pattern. Win or lose, he’s going Jim Jones on the nation.

  10. Word is that Obama took time away from his Martha’s Vineyard golfing to make a side trip to the home of the head honcho of MSNBC. But no worries; I’m sure they just discussed the beautiful weather, the sea air, etc.

  11. Wanna know the impact of tax hikes on employment? Look no further than Illinois. Every Republican in Congress should be showing this graph every chance they get.

  12. It’s official now.
    It is policy now that all their hosts are a friggin’ joke.

    Watch we much.

  13. Rev Al has exactly the same credentials as does our “Dear Leader’. He is a Marxist and he is black. MSLSD’s contempt for blacks kept black people off that blighted network for years. Then they were called on their racism by Conservatives, so they were stuck with finally putting on a black host. Did they pick Sowell or Walter Williams? hell no! they further insulted blacks by picking Sharpton who is a malignant black hate monger, uneducated, stupid, and also a race riot inciter. Hey “Black Folks”, do you feel honored? Sharpton, like Obama, uses ghetto cadence and drops his G’s when he wants to use “his people” for political and monetary gain.

  14. Well, this will be funnier to watch than Saturday morning cartoons.

    The man is a caricature of the typical fringe lefty.

    It will be very very hard to resist we much to watch.

  15. Catchy title for the new show – What, was the title “The Daily Racebaiter Show” not available.

  16. call it the lying hour with racist Al

  17. What better pedestal is there for an A$$ to make a fool of himself than MSNBC.

  18. “the well-known civil rights activist and minister will lead a lively and informed discussion”

    Lively maybe, informed, not so much.

  19. The race baiting Jack Ass can’t read, no doubt he’s a byproduct of the New York City school system

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