Queen Michelle Obama Wore $156 T-Shirt For Bike Workout

Let them eat peas.
Her Royal Highness Queen Michelle Obama was out biking this week near Martha’s Vineyard.
She wore a $156 (was $200) T-shirt for the workout.

First Lady Michelle Obama prepares to dismount her bicycle along with her daughter Sasha Obama, foreground right, following a bike ride in Manuel F. Correllus State Forest in West Tisbury, Mass., on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011. The first family, including President Barack Obama and daughter Malia Obama, both not shown, participated in the outing. (AP/Steven Senne)

She wore the same shirt painting on 9-11.

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  • Patty

    By the way, she has worn this same shirt on her other vacations. So, truthfully and for the first time, I really don’t have a negative thing to say other that I can’t afford to pay 200 dollars for a shirt.

  • Patty

    She is recycling…!

  • Steve

    Give me $20 and a bedazzler machine and I bet I can come up with something close…

  • Patty
  • And she makes it look like $15. So have a heart.

  • Patty

    How did this shirt become a 156 dollar one, when just 15 minutes ago it was 200?


  • Patty

    My problem is 10 billion dollar trips. Not a t-shirt. My problem is vaca when our nation was downgrade and the affects on Americans suffering who will look at this as selfish, petty, insensitive.

    This shirt is not worth 156 or 200 dollars in my opinion and I have shirt that I have bought for much less prettier.

    This could have been a gift. Now, with all my postings about Michelle the shirt thing is her least of problems for me. I will admit though, expensive. Yet, may have been a taxpayer gift.

  • big L

    Why did both obamas give up their law licenses. If you’d worked for yrs for that and did all the tests, while youd still be a Juris doctor, what could have happened whereby the two of them would surrender them. Even before charges?
    Save those bike grips and hand brakes–lets get the fingerprints…

  • Patty

    I wonder if anyone of us will see this shirt in a yard sale for fity cents.

  • LadyLiberty1776

    Looks like 50 Cent to me.

  • Marie

    I guess this is another “Let Them Eat Cake”…

  • Mrs. X

    @ Steve and brendon – LOL!!!!!!

  • Nelle

    That’s just what you have to pay to get a shirt with sleeves, thanks to her bare arms trend-setting.

  • gus

    Why is it, that normal people TRY to find legitimate reasons, WHY, it should be OK for Michelle Obama to be a complete and utter hypocrite and fraud, VIS A VIS the IDEOLOGICAL template that she and her FRAUD of a husband purport to ESPOUSE.
    Michelle Obama and her pathetic DOUCHEBAG husband, are MARXISTS. But their own IDEOLOGY does not extend to THEM. Michelle Obama…..LOST HER LAW LICENSE less than 5 years after RECIEVING it. When B.Hussein Obama was elected U.S SENATOR. Michelle Obama got a 3oo percent RAISE at a new NEWLY CREATED JOB.

    If you cannot see EXACTLY whom and WHAT the OBAMA’S are. You’re an idiot.

    GRIFTERS is a KIND word for who these 2 are. B. Hussein is a criminal. Michelle is an IDIOT.


  • Redwine

    Bitchelle makes everything she wears look like thrift shop shmattas no matter how much they cost. She has absolutely no class. She, and her “entitled” partner in crime, are parasites.

  • gus

    BIG L. Bingo. And so much more. The Obama home deal with REZKO, is so so so obvious GRAFT, that an CUB reporter from the Peoria Crumb cake, could have broken the story.
    Bill Ayers and Obama being made CHAIRMAN of the ANNENBERG PROJECT.
    JUST A GUY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD???? And Michelle worked with BERNADINE DORHN?? Ayers wife and a former FBI 10 most wanted herself?????
    Jeremiah Wright and his HATEFUL anti-American screeeeeeeeeeeds, is the same man who wrote the words…..THAT Obama named his second book for. THE AUDACITY of HOPE.
    Obama hung around with criminals, LIBTARDS. political FIXERS etc… When the DEMOTARD PARTY, saw OBAMA as a possibility, THEY GOT IN LINE.

    Obama is nothing but a MARXIST con-man

  • Redwine

    #8 August 27, 2011 at 12:54 am
    big L commented:

    Why did both obamas give up their law licenses. If you’d worked for yrs for that and did all the tests, while youd still be a Juris doctor, what could have happened whereby the two of them would surrender them. Even before charges?
    Save those bike grips and hand brakes–lets get the fingerprints…

    I believe that their law licenses were fraudulent from the get-go. I also don’t believe that Comrade Barry actually matriculated at either Columbia or Harvard Law. much less acquired any degrees. He had 2 mediocre years at Occidental and that’s that. People were pulling him through because he’s the perfect actor. And that’s why ALL of his records are sealed up tight, with millions of dollars to keep them shut. Any hint of an expose, and those people are whisked away. (Murdered, anyone?)

    BTW – Whatever happened after the death of the white grandmother who raised him. There were varying stories of her sudden and rushed final illness, his puttering around the house in Hawaii for about 30 minutes. Funeral? Grave site? Betcha can’t get anywhere near an investigation.

  • SM-AZ

    Entitlement….finally feeling proud of america cuz she can stick it to the rest of us for perceived wrongs done to her.

  • SM-AZ

    No matter what kind of get-up she wears—she’s still butt ugly!

  • KR

    Redwine, I remember a news story of Obama tossing his grandmother’s ashes into the Pacific several weeks or so after her death. It also reported that Barry did not attend her immediate funeral, but a very private one sometime later.

    Curious though how Moochelle and the girls did not go to see her when she fell ill, only Barry saw her. Then she dies the day before the election.

  • Redwine

    KR #20 – Something is very strange, creepy and wrong with everything about this man. Tossing ashes seems too convenient. Just weird. A normal person would have gone before the camera with a short eulogy – or written some praise of the person who basically raised him. The whole thing with his and his wife’s obsession with playing, vacationing and spending is very disturbing, unsettling. I can’t seem to make light of it, as so many do. They behave toward the American people as a pedophile abuses a child.

  • tarpon

    You know you need more than a workout when you can see your … coming without having to turn around. So good for her.

  • ron b

    At least she’s worn it more than once, we should be so grateful.

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  • Charlie

    5 to 10 minutes is a photo op. 30 minutes is the minimum for it to be considered a workout.

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  • ocrick

    How much was that Sarah Palin wardrobe?

    $ 250,000… next lame Neocon talking point please…

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  • martha

    Anyone stupid enough to pay $156.00 for a tee shirt should not be telling us a thing about what we do, eat or drive.@Ocrick: Do’nt bring up Sarah Palins wardrobe, which cost 1% of what this cow has spent, besides being paid for with private money as opposed to this ugly heifer using our TAX Dollars-maroon………

  • Vixen

    “Something is very strange, creepy and wrong with everything about this man.”
    You bring up some good points, a few of which I’ve pondered a good bit myself. Am also halfway through Jerome Corsi’s book and, if you haven’t read it, you need to check it out. This “President?” Curiouser and curiouser……

    Begone, Tool.

  • mg4us

    $156 for a T-shirt. . .no wonder they are spending our country into a major hole. . a shirt like that can easily be had for !9.99 or LESS!! No wonder her Vacations are out of control too!!

    And even in her T-shirt with the nice cheerful pattern & colors, Big Mama FLOTUS still looks mean & angry. . .

    Wonder if she is still proud of her country?

    As for me. . not proud that Big Mama is our FLOTUS or Obama is President. . .sad what happens when we disregard THE Constitution the Founding Fathers established.

  • Molon Labe

    Who cares if she paid for it. On the other hand if the government paid for it…..

  • Crackermike

    RE; #28 ocrick. Palin first appeared on the campaign scene wearing essentially business suits because that’s all she had. Then the bitchy msm mocked her for it, poked fun at “the backwoods rube”. McCains people, “geniuses” that they were and are, then provided her a wardrobe to be worn on the campaign trail to attempt to escape the derision from the fag hag press reporters. So of course the Noble 4th Estate then reported this as extravagance in their bitchy “reporting”. Typical lying, obfuscating, obliquely false attack by a liberal, gullible, fool. YES, I’m talking to YOU ocrick!

  • Scott

    Please Jim, take it down…That picture is so hard to take first thing in the morning…


    she looks like curious george

  • Bunni

    And yet she looks like a low rent cow. I’ve seen better shirts at K-Mart for $3.99 (on sale).

  • Hobbitually conservative

    Communist’s always appreciate capitalism for themselves.

  • theBuckWheat

    It’s her money and her values. If that was all it was, then we get to see what kind of people they really are. But, sadly, she is unrestrained in using government to wanting to convey her values to me. The media is happy to help her, so they appear to like her values. They deserve each other.

  • Quietwolf

    Ocrick, like ALL trolls is an ass half, it would take two of him to make an ass (w)hole. Just one more waste of space liberal trying to shore up Obama. Save your breath after he’s voted out in 2012 we’ll start on the rest of you libs and RINO’s. Liberalism is dead, now it’s just a matter of driving a stake through it’s heart next fall. RIP

  • MAJ Mike

    She’s just getting payback for hundreds of years of oppression of her people.

    That attitude runs deep within the protected species.

  • RedBeard

    Sheesh, people, give the First Lady a break. I’m sure she bought that shirt with money she earned. You know, at her do-nothing ficticious hospital administrator job, the one someone created just to funnel massive amounts of cash to her, the job that was eliminated as soon as she left.

  • RedBeard

    But I do have to admit that the little rubber skull cap is quite stylish.

  • Militant Conservative

    Good Gawd, where did they get a bike with a

    Strong enough frame and comercial tires?

    I’ve see greyhound busses that had smaller rears.

    Although the front end did have alot of bug strikes.

    Obama is a brave man, well, at least twice!

    LOL , moooochele!

  • Militant Conservative

    Hey oc Rick . Our Palin vs Michele.

    Make me laugh. Fat cow lumberjack vs a babe.

  • big L

    …and obama tax return shows ovea million dollar income form his book sales. While they are never on thesle table inthe stores ,they are tossed out at the swap meets for a quarter. I find it hard to beleive that he is selling those tow drivel compilations written by a ghost writer for anything amounting to a million dolaars a year. If he was a white GOP he;d be censured for
    this con. I’s sure liuke to see the orders from the bookstores subpoened for a hearing. Thiis is bag-man stuff for any other pol. I bet there are FEW to NO orders of the book.

  • Wheatenlover

    If you’d really like a gander at this vacation, here is a link from a person in one of my conservative groups that has done and outstanding job on compiling an album of the Odummer Martha Vineyard vacation. Take a look, it’s well worth the time!http://www.thenationalpatriot.com/?p=1414

  • mcc

    Step forward, those of you who’re filled with envy…

    Michelle Obama showed off her enviably toned thighs as she powered past the President in tiny purple cycling shorts on the first family’s bike ride on Martha’s Vineyard today.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029307/Michelle-Obama-shows-President-tiny-purple-bike-shorts-Marthas-Vineyard.html#ixzz1WEdvrwON

  • Nice bonnet. Should be a top to a Weber kettle.

    If it weren’t for affirmative action she’d be buying knock off clothes from a korean around Madison and Pulaski.

  • Ginger

    Has any one ever seen their marriage license? I am just wondering if they are really married since he has no back ground and could not put his name on their fraudulent house in Chicago which is costing us big bucks for the CIA to guard! Why is it costing us is what I have a problem with?

  • lol

    the t-shirt is overpriced and ugly. our queen michelle royal highness is a parasite sucking up all of our tax payer dollars to fund her lavish lifestyle. “everybody has to put some skin in the game” except the ruling class.

  • KR

    “…and obama tax return shows ovea million dollar income form his book sales.” -big L

    I have read that university professors put Barry’s books on their required book list for their courses.
    That is how barry sells his books.

  • d_fitz

    Give me $20 and a bedazzler machine and I bet I can come up with something close…

    Created with a grant from The National Endowment For The Arts, and purchased from the artist with a grant from The National Endowment For The Arts.

  • Sam Stone

    Looks like Michelle has had too many deep fried fat cakes!

  • Fionnagh

    #28 My recollection is that Palin’s attire was rented. She did not get to keep the clothing.

  • Andreas K.

    With helmet, of course. What a pussy.

    When I was a kid we learned cycling without helmets. For years all of us rode our bicycles without helmets, even in traffic. And nobody ever feared anything.

    Funny thing is, the helmet only protects you if you fall in a very specific pattern anyway, which, in a traffic situation, is very unlikely to happen. Most accidents with bicycles that I’ve seen usually involve other vehicles and the helmet is pretty pointless when a car hits you.

    I wonder how long it’ll take until they come with other protective gear.

  • truth teller

    It is so embarassing to have this pig represent our once-great and will-be-great-again-once-we-expel-the-enemy country.

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  • Granny Kate

    Using Obamanomics, a $200 shirt purchased for $156, reduced the deficit by $44.

  • That,s not a picture of Queen Moochelle, it looks more like a picture of Grandma Jefferson….Or Mad Max ine watters…

  • Multitude

    Excuse me, you stupid greedy vulgar ugly teabagging death-suckers, but as anyone can clearly see, Michelle’s wearing a traditional female Klingon cycling top. Leave it to the morons on the right to be pure haters when it comes to someone celebrating their culture.

    Barry on the other hand is fair game. Someone *please* explain ‘mom jeans’ to the poseur-in-chief. He looks like grandma just dressed him up to look innocent for a night over at Frank’s place.

  • Linda Schieffer

    Isn’t there any kind of law on the books that prevent the president and his family from making U.S. tax dollars their own personal slush fund/checking account?

    They certainly have never or are never making this kind of money.

    Not only is all this in extremely bad taste when the country is gasping for jobs but it should be illegal!

    I can’t believe my tax dollars are paying for this kind of lifestyle.

    Constitutional lawyers out there: comments?

  • big L

    Remember when MeeO was in Spain and Obama went off to Chicago.I think that was the time. And he visited Farakhan and the Nation of Islam guards told (they Told!) the secret serviceto get back into their cars and vans and not patrol. And the SS did as they were ordered. They should have called in troops and had the NOI on their faces with “lettuce-tie” handcufffs. I thought that was a serious breeech of security and hardly covered or laughed at by the Press.
    Also there was another trip where Obama “disappeared” for 4 hrs–nothing on schedule and nothing released upon query.The MSM did nothing with that too. They are a cancer on the country.
    Presidents should not be disappearing….Unless resigning,of course.

  • Truth#57…..Pig is a pretty harsh word calling for our FLOTUS don’t you think ?

    I’ve used the word SOW for the last 3 years, just a tad less harsh…….

  • CommonSenseGuy

    Come on people. My wife probably has a shirt that cost that much… I’m wearing a $130 Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt right now (of course, I bought it on eBay for $18… but that’s beside the point.)

    The VAST problems with the Obamas have nothing to do with their appearance or what they wear. Calling Mrs. O a “fat cow” is just childish and stupid. Barbara Bush was certainly no Sarah Palin either, but it would have been equally wrong to make fun of her.

    Again — there are an INFINITE number of criticisms to be made of the current administration, many of which have been brought up in this comment thread… but calling people names is what the other side does. We should be above it.

  • I don’t want to sound critical, butt:

    As I pointed out last wednesday, Lady M has worn that shirt at least 2 times, so at base price $176, that works out to no more than $78/wearing AND the last time she got paint on it, so that clearly reduces the value.


    Source: http://www.michellesmirror.com/2011/08/pay-no-attention-to-polls-obama-is.html

  • jorgen

    #65 CommonSenseGuy,

    She is a meddling cow and not worthy of the title of First Lady, so why shouldn’t we make fun of her?

  • shibumi

    IMHO, she looks kind of…. intimidating in this t shirt. Can you imagine how…. ghetto she would look if she was in a low cost t-shirt? Not saying she IS ghetto, but honestly, if you saw her in a “Che” or “Tupac” t-shirt in an alley, you’d turn and walk the other way.

  • Jim

    That picture for some reason reminds me of being at the circus.

  • Nelle

    We shouldn’t make fun of her because it’s nasty and unkind and makes others unwilling to identify with us. I don’t recall–were liberals viscious toward the younger Mrs. Bush? I know they weren’t toward the older one.

  • donh

    Hiney Hiney Hiney Ho….She was the roughest toughest rail …but Minnie had a butt as big as a whale…She had a dream about the King of Sweden…He gave her things she be needin…He gave her a home built of gold and steel…A diamond car with the platinum wheel…HodeHodeHodeHo hiney hiney HO…… http://youtu.be/kme7ckr-sPI

  • CommonSenseGuy

    #67 jorgen

    #70 Nelle

    Asked and answered.

  • Sandy

    It doesn’t matter how expensive Mme Obama’s clothes are — whatever she wears looks like it came from Good Will. The Obama’s helmet thingy however is so trendy doncha think?

    Do you guys remember the $500.00 opentoed sneakers she wore when serving food at the homeless shelter? The homeless she was serving were dressed better and for less.

  • #8 big L , i’ve been trying to find any info but search engines have block on info concerning Obama and Mrs law license, all i could find is they voluntanily surrendered this meaning this is something you do when you are accused of something wrong.

  • Sandy

    Nelle #70 — Its the hypocrisy of spending tons of money while telling the rest of us we have to sacrifice.

  • Sandy

    Gee #74 At the time I heard the Obama’s surrendered their law licenses because Obama would have had to state exactly where he was born and whether he was a citizen at the time. No law license — no distracting questions.

  • DeeDee

    #28 – You really should get your facts right, it was allegedly $150,000 not $250,000. Boy, you liberals really like to stretch the truth.

    In any event, as long as Michelle Obama paid for the shirt with her own money, I really could not care less how much she spent on it. Unlike progressive, liberal, leftists I do not begrudge people their wealth. I do not expect them to give me some of their money and depend on myself. I do have issues with the fact that they travel in different planes to arrive at the same destination within hours of each other. I know that the royal family of England has to do that because of succession and all that, but as far as I know Mrs. Obama is not next in line for any kind of throne.

  • man_in_tx

    Gateway Pundit is obviously one of the top blogs on the planet, but on this issue I am with commonsense guy and others who echo his thoughts on this thread: Going after Mrs Obama because of a $136 shirt makes us look small, petty, and vicious.

    First, her husband makes over $200k/yr, which means she can afford it.

    Second, we conservatives believe people should do as they please with their money. (Please don’t ask me what I am willing to spend on my pick-up to make it look/sound better.)

    Third, at least she is not trying to look “all Ghetto,” which would be sad.

    Fourth, she is setting an example for inner city youth not to dress like hos and thugs. (That is GOOD, people!)

    Fifth, with prices as high as they are today, a $136 shirt is not all that crazy anymore (esp. for those, who like the Obamas, (again) take in, in excess of $200K/yr in salary).

    Sixth, if the spouse of a conservative President wore something like this — say a $150 cowboy hat, a $100 cowboy belt/buckle, and $500 cowboy boots — we would not make fun of it. (I, at least, would like it.)

    Seventh, I have not been thrilled with any President’s wife since LBJ’s and Nixon’s. Those two particular Presidents may not have been our best leaders, but their wives were truly sweet — and, yes, I remember them.

    Eighth, because the Left is vicious, we do not also need to be.

    Ninth, I do fervently pray that President Obama (along with the Democratic Senate) is replaced in 2012, but I do not hate President or Michelle Obama.

    Tenth, as our mothers used to tell us, “Be nice!” 😉

  • Of course he’s a pussy with a helmet. Can you imagine the presstitutes with the… “is the (sorry I can’t use that title when referring to this half man) of the United States putting his life in danger by not wearing a bicycle helmet?…What kind of example does this set for the children of America?”

    He’s from Illinois…like me. And if there’s one thing NOT f-cked up here is we don’t have a mandatory helmet law for motorcycles, but they sure the f-ck are trying…not that he would ever get on one.

    Well…maybe he’d get a Vespa.

  • mcc

    I have not been thrilled with any President’s wife since LBJ’s and Nixon’s.[…] their wives were truly sweet…

    You’re gonna have to help me out here…what wasn’t sweet about Laura?

  • mcc

    Barbara Bush was certainly no Sarah Palin either, but it would have been equally wrong to make fun of her.

    Barbara Bush had the good sense to keep herself covered.

  • Having lived on a bike for about ten years, it’s noticeable how wrong the bikes are. The eldest daughter looks downright uncomfortable, the seat isn’t high enough for her to stretch her legs as she should to get a normal push with every pedal cycle. She also has that “geek alert” frozen expression…ie “the family is going on a bike tour and YOU are going to LIKE it and SMILE because we need a Daddy/daughter bonding pix.”

    So she’s on a bike that is too small for her height, her legs, and is supposed to pedal SLOWLY for the group photos. Hike the seat, let her take off that stupid helmet – she’s on a BIKE trail, not traffic, and let her race her sister to the end of it where they can eat ice cream until the old fogies show up.

    See how fake the whole thing is? They are SUPPOSED to be on VACATION, not permanent photo-op duty. And “Daddy should have glanced at his daughter’s bike before they set out and said, “Let’s adjust that, it looks too short for you.” Daddies NOTICE those things.

    Don’t think thirty Secret Service vehicles don’t have a handy spanner or ratchet wrench in at least ONE of them?

  • OOPS! Should have mentioned the helpful link to more photos:

    #48 August 27, 2011 at 8:36 am
    mcc commented:
    Step forward, those of you who’re filled with envy…

    Michelle Obama showed off her enviably toned thighs as she powered past the President in tiny purple cycling shorts on the first family’s bike ride on Martha’s Vineyard today.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029307/Michelle-Obama-shows-President-tiny-purple-bike-shorts-Marthas-Vineyard.html#ixzz1WEdvrwON


    THe British media: doing the job the MSM won’t do.

  • donh

    The image comparisons between Obama and Putin are already saturating the web…The Obama look like spoiled nannied teenagers who never grew up. That is what liberalism and the creation of protected sheltered classes of people does to retard human developement. Society breeds adult children who never cease to be your burden … http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_TYvlC8IxUPM/THuu9tLB3II/AAAAAAAAFl4/xyGz11F9VUU/s1600/summerfun.jpg

  • Buffalobob

    Mooshell “Barry does this helmet make my head look fat”? Now is that cruel? Should we be nice? Hell no. I am tired of being “better than that”, I am tired of “being civil” I’m tired of being Mr nice guy. I want to be a prick like the disgusting progs on MSNBC . They are the haters, they are the racist, they are the attack dogs. Do you want us to follow McCain’s campaign civility during his obama challenge? Not his primary challenge against a Republican were he was a class A a hole. Do you want us to be like Vicente Fox, the ex moron of Mexico, who just asked for peace and amnesty to the Mexican drug lords?

  • Buffalobob

    Michelle Obama showed off her enviably toned thighs as she powered past the President in tiny purple cycling shorts on the first family’s bike ride on Martha’s Vineyard today.
    Now if I wrote this byline I would have said. “Mooshell in purple shorts made from space age expandable mothballing material and using her thunder thighs, her superior mass, careened out of control past the pencil necked geek during a staged photo op”.

  • Susan

    I agree with Buffalobob. Where did being nice get McCain and especially our country? Because of this SOB and his First Cow our country is going downhill fast. I adored Laura Bush in that she was a lady first and foremost. As far as I can remember, she wasn’t constantly telling us how to live and what to eat and how we should feel and how we should sacrifice for the common good, etc., etc., etc.! The sooner these two moochers are gone, the better for our beloved country. You concern trolls, take your concerns somewhere else.

  • mcc

    My recollection is that Palin’s attire was rented. She did not get to keep the clothing.

    I recall that much of it was rejected by her, saying “what’s all this? I don’t need it.” So most of it she never used.

    Her record in Alaska was a rejection of the perks and freebies – i.e., the jet and chef – unlike Meeechelle and BO.

    It was a McCain team member that swooped it all up and brought it to her…maybe the same rat that set her up with Couric for that interview – a fellow journalist who’d joined McCain’s team…so she could be falsely labeled a “gitwhatyoucangitandgit” type.

  • Auntie Em

    How does she make a $200 t-shirt look like it was bought at Dollar General? I want to know who dresses her like this. It’s embarrassing.

  • i really don’t care how much paid for that ugly shirt as long as we the taxpayers didn’t pay for it.

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