Their jobs record is not the only difference…
This photo comparison of Governor Rick Perry and Barack Obama is making the rounds on Twitter.

The Politico reported:

David Limbaugh, the conservative author and brother of Rush, tweets an image you’re likely to see again.

A spokesman for Rick Perry didn’t respond to a request for comment on the photo, the origin of which is unknown.

The Obama camp says Barack was not 22 in this photo.




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  1. King Hussein really embodies the American spirit, doesn’t he? Sheeeeeesh. To think he’s in our White House!! What hath God wrought????

  2. You can’t say “boy” anymore, it is racist.

  3. perry serving his country…odumbo serving up another hit of his joint

  4. @magnum: You’re correct. You can’t say “black cloud” either. That’s racist. If you mention that Obama shoots hoops, that’s racist, too.

  5. Well he sure wasn’t a man… and I’m not sure he is one YET!

  6. #2

    He looks like your average American 22 year old. I come from a military family (2 brothers and father in the Navy, Marines, and Army, respectively), and I can tell you that they do not bestow any additional prestige to an individual that has worn the uniform. So, what’s the point of the photograph other than to pander to those that assign intelligence, leadership-qualities, etc upon those that have served?

    Like all people, they are just human.

  7. When he stops blaming Bush and everyone else for “HIS MISTAKES”…That’s when he becomes a MAN! So I guess he is still a boy in a man’s SUIT!

  8. “He looks like your average American 22 year old” thats smoking some pcp marijuana and possible wannabe pimp hat. That might be normal in the ghetto of hawaii.
    Your average 22 year old won’t be flying a military jet, not in this generation or even in the previous generations.

  9. Netanyahu, also

  10. Yes, by age 22, Obama had given up smoking reefer and was fighting on the front lines in Vietnam.

  11. While the overall idea is great, it’s a bit of a cheat. Perry flew C-130 cargo planes, so what’s he doing next to the cockpit of a fighter?

  12. How many people, having met Obama at age 22, would have bet their entire life savings that this loser would NEVER become President one day?

  13. Perry is clearly what America needs now!

  14. Not 22? maybe 13.

  15. …..”The Obama camp says Barack was not 22 in this photo……”

    Nope. He was/is a punk in that photo. Then he was/is a bully. Then he was/is a race hustler. Now he’s a pimp/thug with the full force of the federal government at his disposal to intimidate his dissenters.

    He’s a worthless piece of skin who scammed his way into the White House with the aid of people too stupid, or too lazy to vet him, and too greedy and unwilling to relinquish the free lunch to which they feel entitled, and which he promises to perpetuate.

    Oh, and Jack #7. Your comment (that they do not bestow any additional prestige to an individual that has worn the uniform) might carry more weight if one of your brothers or your father penned it. But…..’Let me be perfectly clear’……I’ll take my chances with someone who has worn the uniform before I will with someone who hasn’t. Especially a charlatin whose sole claim to fame is that of a “community organizer”.

    And again; “…… to pander to those that assign intelligence, leadership-qualities,…..” Pot, meet kettle.

  16. #12 — that “fighter” is probably a T-38 used for advanced flight training. I could be wrong, but I believe that all USAF pilots train in T-38’s and are then transitioned to more specialiized training, i.e. multi-engine (C-130, C-141, C-5, etc) or single engine/fighter.

    Regardless of the age of those depicted, it shows a difference. Pilots have a much more sophisticated challenge than sitting in the dorm room smoking dope and pontificating in BS sessions. Pilots engage in pontification over beer or Jack Daniels.

  17. Obambi was NOT 22 in that picture. He was just turning 40, needing a haircut.

  18. The SØBama photo is from his Hawaiian high school days, but a perfect illustration of a narcissistic pathological liar.

  19. Heard this one yesterday: What do you call an American who voted for Obama in ’08 but won’t vote for him in 12? You guessed it! A racist!

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