Horray!… Obama Takes Photos Charge at Hurrricane Command Center

Obama took photos charge at the Hurricane Command Center today.

President Barack Obama speaks during an update on the status of Hurricane Irene at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters in Washington, Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)

That’s not exactly a picture of confidence, huh?

Feel safe yet?
The AFP reported, via Free Republic:

US President Barack Obama on Saturday personally led his government’s response to Hurricane Irene, marshalling top officials and visiting a disaster command center as the storm roared ashore.

Obama greeted officials at the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) set up at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) headquarters in Washington, and then held a video conference with federal and state officials.

“You guys are doing a great job obviously,” Obama told a group in the command center. “This is obviously going to be a touch and go.”

Officials said the NRCC brings together multiple government agencies and departments to coordinate disaster response with federal, state and local groups around the clock.

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  • Just_Saying

    Something certainly is obvious!

  • Dave-O


  • Meanwhile, the CAT 5 Hurricane of Fraud/Forgery from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, continues to go unreported – http://www.ObamaReleaseYourRecords.blogspot.com

  • Gini

    Obama took charge – – Oh my! Nothing like a storm for a good campaign opportunity. He can look masterful, knowledgeable, useful!

    My cats are all taking sheltered places to sleep so storm must be hitting NYC shortly.

  • Patty

    Funny the Hurricane Watchers in the Aircraft were complaining they have officially been given less federal funding.

    Obama seems to love FEMA doesn’t he. They have taken so much of our money as we pay for flood insurance and when we first live here for 15 never had to. We can’t afford it put obligated to Pay. What is FEMA doing with there money as I hear they are in the RED.

    HUUUMMM! many broken Levies in Louisiana…seriously, where is their money going. Ads running to have even those of us not in flood prone areas to purchase Flood Insurance. It is on big racket.

  • kato

    Blowhard got one look at that weather map and said, “I’ve got to shovel more money to my parasites.”

    Has he bowed to Irene yet?

  • donh

    Obama is just there to gerrymander the disaster relief cash flow and make sure only democrat districts receive damage compensation.

  • Francesca


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    #7 August 27, 2011 at 6:38 pm
    donh commented:

    Obama is just there to gerrymander the disaster relief cash flow and make sure only democrat districts receive damage compensation.


    Exactly right. His past actions prove it to be true.

  • donh

    If Obama is to be re-elected , he HAS to take North Carolina. He needs to make sure this hurricane buys the votes he needs in marginal districts.

  • big L

    meanwhile back at the White Dascha -Holder has shut down and is goin’ after Gibson Guitar Co. They buy wood from India. and U.S. Feds say that the wood’s very presence here in USA violates some India law. That is right. We have to enforce India’s laws! and So all the employees were told to go home. New owner is goingto fight it. And has been fighting other Fed interference since ’09.
    Obama has a jobs policy alright. eliminate as many middle-class jobs as possible. all his blck supporters didn’t have skills,or 401K’s or stock or retirement. So why should white middle class?

  • Patty

    He is as safe there as in a bunker in Nebraska.

  • Patty

    He looks as useful as a flies on Picnic table filled with the pies he loves so much.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I read that Hurricane Irene was a big time Republican donor. You should send Holder and his crew out to arrest the beotch.

    Did he tell his fat cat bailed out banking buddies on Wall Street that he’s the only thing standing between them and the storm? No Irene, not the racist communist front group his green czar use to run bahahahaha

  • Carbon Pootprint

    BTW with Obama’s track record Irene might just turn back into a Cat 5 before it slams New York right in the Manhattanstan. Just saying.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Me? What? Expect me to suck it up with a straw???!!! (Remember what he said with the OIL crisis?). He such a joke. Farmers have had their grain prices raised 4x; farmers with tractors new regs for DUST (EPA); my neighbor who works for EPA said they are pushing every regulation as fast as they can out the door! He just let for Alaska to look at their rivers-oh great! Every single contractor MUST has a EPA license $300 bucks, every new job has over 75 new regs, and 231 new HUGE EPA regulations costing 11B a year—then he says will have more jobs, I guess their Hollywood friends, Wall Street and his Lawyer buddies–oh and all the illegals that are taking black youths jobs!!!!

  • Retro

    this !@#$%&*()_)+_ makes me sick to my stomach, the sob thinks he can still calm the seas I guess

  • tom beebe st louis

    Well, all you bitchers, what are you (we) going to do about this a$$hole?

  • Militant Conservative

    Most chipmunks are just too damn worried about

    themselves to worry about others.

    Oh gee, that describes the one. Self centered lil

    Prick. Mr prick. The world will be better off without

    Your sorry black a$$.

    Powder is dry

  • lizzy84

    Never let a good mediocre crisis go to waste. Distractions off of the 10th yr anniversary of 9/11 and to keep people’s minds off of other realities:

    {Prayers for all in the path of Irene..stay safe.}

  • kevino

    The President later stated, “Hey, I had nothing better to do. All this rain put an end to my golf game, so I popped in here to get the latest weather. When is this storm going to get out of here so I can hit the links again?”

  • Kilroy64


  • When Obama took control at the National Hurricane Center I actually saw Irene’s track move to the east. And the wind speed dropped from 90 to 80 mph. What power he has!

    Thank goodness he is in command.

  • RS

    It’s ok, the waters have begun to recede.

    Thanks Big O.

    Though truthfully, I thought Morgan Freeman was much more believable.

  • KR

    In addition to the photo op, barry is just avoiding working on the jobs plan, … oops, it has been downgraded to an outline.

    So glad he is in control! what would we do without him?

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Obama in Charge: “Uh, I inherited this hurricane from the previous administration.”

  • Redwine

    His handlers made him do this gig when they had to yank him off the golf course, just like they had to do this for the Bin Laden operation, “chipmunk in the small chair” style. There’s another photo of this fraud on Drudge with a name plate, like you didn’t know who this jerk is. (This pic was originally on Yahoo, but it was replaced with the one on Jim’s post because te comments about the name plate, among other things, were very sarcastic.)

  • mcc

    O Barry, what bravery you show —

    With weather so inclement, you’ve ventured out

    Without helmet and floaties!

    A commander indeed!

  • BaconBits


    It looks like Obama is learning something from Putin, I wonder if tomorrow he’s going to show up at a coal mine and try to shut it down?

    This clown can barely tie his own shoes, how did he get into the Hurricane center – steal someone’s pass key?

  • sarabeara

    And in the meantime, Michelle just ordered up another vacay and some $200 sweatpants.

  • MVH

    This is such an obvious attempt and giving the Prez leaderships qualities he lacks, that it’s more pathetic than heroic. His handlers should’ve left well enough alone and do a regular photo op.

  • Bad Actor

    All I can say is: “You’re doin’ a heckuva job, Barry!”

    Is it election time yet?

  • MVH

    P.S. What an embarrassment. He would’ve been a darned sight better talking to the scientists there instead of posing as if he’s a meteorologist.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    #28 August 27, 2011 at 8:02 pm
    mcc commented:

    O Barry, what bravery you show —

    With weather so inclement, you’ve ventured out

    Without helmet and floaties!

    A commander indeed!
    Bravo! Well played.

  • This guy looks like his on a major hang-over , to much golfing and partying is really taken its toll on Obummer.

  • Conservative Ken

    Dayumm! Just how much Obama ass is the MSM gonna kiss?!

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Photo caption: “You mean it’s gonna rain tomorrow? What about my golf game?”

  • squeaky

    “..giving the Prez leaderships qualities he lacks, that it’s more pathetic than heroic.” the repackaging of barack hussain obama.

  • Ginger

    Question: Why is it that sometimes the kenyan frauds pupils are real little and this picture they are much bigger? Has any one noticed it?

  • yupyup

    Photo caption #2
    Ah, get rid of these weather screen things. I need a place to set up my teleprompter in here

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Question: Why is it that sometimes the kenyan frauds pupils are real little and this picture they are much bigger? Has any one noticed it?

    Answer: Drugs.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Photo caption #3: “Uh, what’s that white swirly thing on that TV screen? It’s makin’ me dizzy.”

  • JKB

    To be fair, the Federal government will handle this better than Katrina. Not due to any lessons learned but because it is close to the center of their universe. It is not at the far off Gulf Coast.

    Problem with Katrina was the complete cluelessness of the DC crowd on what the conditions were even as they got reports. They couldn’t relate. in the days right after Katrina, even the USCG District HQ in Portsmouth, VA was clueless. I had a friend who had a contract to clean up the hazmat on shimp boats washed ashore, recover fuel and batteries and such, but couldn’t convince the Coast Guard guys in Virginia who ran that contract of the difficulties given finding fuel to get people to the job site was nearly a full time job. They just couldn’t relate. They sent power line repair crews into Biloxi most likely because that was on the news. Sure they needed line repair but the power lines were down for 30 miles out and a lot of ground clean up had to be done before you energized power. The foreman took everybody out to start working restoring power from from the edge in. The news media hype against Bush really caused the panicked bureaucrats to issue some dumb orders for fear of accountability.

  • listen up

    Perfect job for O…he is full of hot air and blowing smoke.

  • exceller

    Bush would have perhaps stopped in and said hello and asked if anyone needed anything from him. but dear leader? oh he is qualified to sit down and take charge because of his vast experience in the field. riiiiight. what a pathetic oaf.

  • squeaky

    [[The President wants to spend big on the nation’s roads and bridges, starting with a two-year, $109 billion spending package that’s been stalled between the House and the Senate — but which he argues — will put tens of thousands of people back to work quickly.]] ooooh! and maybe we can set up a system to monitor every penny and put sheriff joe in charge. does anyone know how much of the original stimuls is left? how much of it is sitting in some crony’s pocket as walking around change.

  • Blackacre

    “You guys are doing a great job obviously,” Obama told a group in the command center. “This is obviously going to be a touch and go.”

    And this is obviously just a photo-op for Skippy. Time to get back to work vacation, the poor dear.

  • Nanna1

    I saw a different photo of Obama at the hurricane center. He had a big name card on the table in front of him. Barak Obama..president of the united states.

    And everyone in the photo, except Jan Nepolitano looked as if they wished he would just go away!

  • teesan

    I looked at this pathetic excuse of man’s photo and thought bobblehead!
    it reminds me of the site where you could slap Hillary.
    Photo-op Obummer strikes again!
    In the meantime the real leaders are at work.

  • SM-AZ

    Isn’t it about time for Barry to admit he’s a complete joke and resign!

  • KOW

    Obama takes charge and does to a Hurricane that he does to an Economy, he weakens it.

    At least he is good at something.

  • drjohn

    He has his serious shirt on.

  • gus

    When Obama heard about the Hurricane. He said I’ll have a Strawberry Hurricane, and Michelle will have 2 grape Hurricanes.

  • bear

    Just curious, but didn’t the media always make sure there was a halo above the idiot-in-chief’s big ears? OH WAIT, Irene fits the bill perfectly, but slightly different symbolism, eh?

  • mg4us

    Obama hurry’s to command center to vote – present!

    He has no clue how to lead or command a real operation. . .

  • mg4us

    **** Update****

    TOTUS heading to Command Center!

  • L.E. Liesner

    Must by to wet for golf.

  • KR

    Years ago my family visited the science museum in Atlanta. There was an area set up like a weatherman’s studio. My daughter had a blast pretending.

    This photo op with barry reminds me of the this.

    Who does he and his handlers think they are fooling?

  • gus

    I’m sorry but The Kenyan Klown looks like Mullato Opie Taylor.

  • gus

    Can anyone explain to me why Geraldo Mcfvcktard, thinks the Gov. of Maryland is a WEATHER expert??

  • Tom Doniphon

    Can he be any goofier?

  • Spartan

    Way to lead from behind and late, champ!!!!

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  • Bad Actor

    “You guys are doing a great job obviously,” Obama told a group in the command center. “This is obviously going to be a touch and go.”

    It is only because of Obama’s superior intellect that he could construct two such eloquent sentences. WTF – is he taking lessons from Joe Bite-me? (If Booooosh had said those two sentences, the lame stream media would still be laughing and saying what a dunce he was. – instead we hear……crickets.) Yogi Berra had a better command of the English language. Pathetic.

  • mg4us

    Hey. . it’s the chipmunk from the photo on the Osama bin Laden operation. . .

    or was tat the pizza boy. . you know. .the little man in the chair. . .so unimportant. . .

    at least Obama is consistent. . . consistently knows/does nothing but votes present!

  • Tom Doniphon

    Tom Coburn is right, affirmative action was Barry’s ticket.

    Read NYT article and see if you agree. Read the whole thing.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Can he be any goofier?
    Um… may I present Joe Biden.

  • MJLange

    He so much wants a 9/11 moment to shore up his sagging numbers. He and the rest of the ultra left still look at Bush as having been handed a gift.

  • Fionnagh

    #8 beat me to it. I almost – almost – feel sorry for the guy – sitting there so presidentially, waiting for a crisis that just isn’t gonna happen. Of course, he WILL take credit for the waters receding…

  • gus

    The MEDIA will tell us how Obama was OH SO PREPARED.

  • el polacko

    this must be that day he promised us when he commands the seas to stop rising.

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  • Ginger

    A must read…This is some of our TRAITORS to take down America.
    I ask once if any one knew why George w and Billy boy were so close and hanging together of course we have little Barry too! READ it ALL!


  • Highlander

    I knew there was some reason they were blowing a CAT1 hurricane into a catastrophe … never waste a good crisis, and if you don’t have one, manufacture one.

  • AuntieMadder

    He’s like a 50 year old grade school student on a years long school field trip.

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  • Molon Labe

    What an opportunity for more shovel ready projects! Especially those for my posse! You know to spread the wealth!

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  • big L

    No, Obama admin is watching how easy it is to stir We, the people up and get usfrightened . Then order us to evacuate.Move us around.

    Show some respect for the office, obama. Wear a tie. The sleeves “rolled-up imagery” does not work for you unless you are hanging mini-blinds.

  • Dick Turpin

    He was just doing this b/c his tee time was cancelled this morning and he had nothing better to do… damned global warming!!!

  • saveus

    Don’t you feel safer that the gratone is there protecting us?

    he is showing us that he is in command.

    Just look at his confident, all knowing expression.

    He will defeat the storm single handledly.

    His stare alone will stop the floods.

    At least that’s what he said when he was annointed.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Don’t forget that DopeBama cut his vacay 12 hrs. short to hang with the FEMA gang.

    He’s desperate to appear in charge of something.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ Ginger #71: Some cryptic “clues” made by a man named Skorzeny during his final months of life to an author named Berman, a man who happened to have dated his daughter way back when, make up the basis of the claims made by Dr Kate and her sources. It’s been a while since I read some of the “clues” and Berman’s “cracking” of them, so I don’t remember the details exactly, but it was crap like Skorzeny saying that “BP was a Nazi infiltrator to the US govt.” Then, Berman “cracked the code” by flipping the initials “BP” to “PB,” which could only be Prescott Bush and then he’d run with it. It was the kind of crap only useful to conspiracy theorists.

  • AuntieMadder

    I hope to like the next POTUS. But, still, I hope to see a lot less of him/her than I’ve seen of this one.

  • gus

    Obama has never led anything. His only accomplishments have been MANIPULATING the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROCESSES.

  • succotash

    For the life of me I cannot picture O doing anything brave or heroic,he just projects a picture of smallness.

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  • gus

    AuntieMadder, the next POTUS, will either FIX THIS SH!T, or we are fuxed. The BABY BOOMERS are retiring. Our ENTITLEMENT PROBLEM is about to EXXXXXXXXXXX-FUXING-SPLODE.

  • gus

    Succotash, HE IS SMALL. He’s a pussy. A complete 140lb PUSSY. He is only BIG, when he has a SCRIPT and a FAWNING CROWD.
    He is a skinny ALEC BALDWIN.

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  • Bunni

    Obviously, you are a insane crackhead blowhard, obummer.
    Why don’t you go stand in some toxic green sea foam, like that reporter guy was doing?

  • dunce

    Comparisons to katrina are out of order in as much as katrina hit land as a category 4 and even then the levee failures were the result of many years of the local politicians siphoning off federal funds granted for building and maintaining the levees for projects to get them re-elected in the short term. The chaos after the levee breach was all the fault of the democrat governor and mayor not as the MSM reported George Bush. Hundreds of school buses that could have transported the evacuees were abandoned partly because there was no place to take them where they would be welcome. No community had facilities to handle large numbers of people and even if they did , they knew those with jobs would go back after it was over but the criminals and the nonproductive would be their burden. They could not even control the traffic, they could have done as they did in florida and used both sides of the highway for the same direction to facilitate the increase.

  • DANEgerus

    Obama intends to cede territory to Irene to stop the ‘cycle of violence’

  • jorgen

    Get him out. He is a jinx! Everything he touches gets destroyed.

  • jacksonjay

    Gimme a Break… is correct, Cracked Head Joe Biden is goofier!
    We have turned leadership of the free world over to Goofy and Goofier!
    God Save Us!

  • actually

    It is a category 1

    The radar shows mild storming.

  • Obama is showboating. He’s desperate to prove that he’s a leader. Well, he’s proving the opposite. Sheesh.

  • tommy mc donnell

    its 9:30 in new jersey and just read a fox news article about irene slamming into new york(i’m eight miles from new york)with 65miles an hours winds. the local weather report on my computer has the winds at 17 miles an hour which is consistent with what i see outside my window. the trees are barely moving which has been the case all along. hurricare irene=media hoax.

  • Andreas K.

    The photo seems to tell me “But I’m telling you. You must believe me. I didn’t touch the cookie jar.”

  • Major Kong

    Looks a lot more like a photo snapped at “Take your child to work day.”

  • mcc

    NOAA claims the winds are 85 MPH, but none of the Weather Underground stations in the area report higher than 33 MPH winds. By definition, this is not a hurricane – and is just barely a tropical storm.


  • Keith

    Well, I’m glad that he was present (unlike our last President during Katrina). His presence inspires confidence that he is concerned. Can he get credit for that? The only way for the nation to know that it’s on his mind is to see him off vacation and at the command center by photographs. Let go of the mean-spirited criticism and see the positive every now and then

  • Mr. Scribbles

    This just in…..my cousin in Brooklyn is reporting a puddle outside his house. I repeat, there is a puddle outside his house. Someone, for the love of God, send a FEMA rep over there ASAP. Mr. President, are you listening?!??

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #98: I’d give Barky credit for it if he’d left a vacation in Hawaii to do it instead of having his vacay at nearby Martha’s Vineyard canceled.

    By the way, did you expect GW Bush to rush toward the eye of Hurricane Katrina instead of staying in DC where, until 2009, it seems, the prez is supposed to be? Idiot.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #99: LOL!

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  • retired military

    I can see the caption for this in a photo caption contest.

    “Whattt? A hurricane?? Who the hell said anything about a hurricane??? Get me the f*ck out of here. I cant be anywhere near a hurricane!!

  • retired military


    “Let go of the mean-spirited criticism and see the positive every now and then”

    As I say with raising taxes (on everybody but the liberal talking)

    You first.

    But unfortunately most dems follow Obama’s example. Leading from behind.

  • What? Did the weather force him to come in from playing golf?

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