No, Thank You… Chris Christie: Climate Change Is Real

No, thank you.
Granted, Chris Christie is a Republican star. He deserves all the credit in the world for taking on the state teacher’s union “political thugs” in New Jersey. But, his stand on global warming climate change is very concerning. The last thing we need as a country is both parties pushing expensive, ineffective and failed green energy policies that have no effect on the climate.

Governor Chris Christie says climate change is real.
The Politico reported this on the popular governor’s recent announcement:

In vetoing a bill (S2946) that would have required New Jersey to stay in a regional program intended to curb greenhouse gases — a program Christie plans to leave by the end of the year — the governor said “climate change is real.”

He added that “human activity plays a role in these changes” and that climate change is “impacting our state.”

Christie’s words are his strongest to date in regards to climate change, a hot-button issue among the same conservatives nationwide who are clamoring for the governor to enter the 2012 presidential race.

Christie’s come full circle on the issue. Last year, he told a town hall audience in Toms River he was skeptical climate change is the result of human activity. He backed off those comments at a conference of environmentalists in May and agreed to meet with climate scientists for a lesson in global warming.

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  • Buffalobob

    Hope those climate scientist are NASA related and they bring along plaster casts of big foot to bolster their claims.

  • Major Kong

    Hugely disappointing.

  • ar05075

    He also doesn,’t seem to think there is anything to worry about with sharia law.

  • DINORightMarie

    Of COURSE climate change is real – it’s called weather! 😉 But that is not what Christie is talking about, of course.

    This is a death knell to anyone who thought Christie was a viable alternative to Teh Won.

  • Sparky

    Christie is a fiscal Conservative but in every other way he is a RHINO! He comes from New Jersey, the land of Democratic lunacy.

    Why do Americans have so much trouble seeing past the veneer of these loud mouths and look into what they are really about.

    Palin is still the only one that “what you see is what you get.”

  • Richard in Texas

    When I was in public school back in the 50s they taught us that there was a rather significant ice age around 100,000 years ago. If that is still true (I don’t know what they teach as science these days), then that means that global warming has been going on for way longer than I’ve been driving my SUV. Stop Cap and Trade.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ ar05075

    Yeah these 2 most recent developments seal the deal for me… Having opposing views on my alpha & gamma issues mean Christie’s not what I’m looking for in a POTUS Candidate.

    I”m hearing he’s a squish on Immigration as well so he’s on the wrong side of my beta issue as well… STRIKE 3!!!

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Sparky & others who do it as well
    It’s not “RHINO” the term is “RINO” which is an acronym for

    Republican In Name Only

    Better the 1 string sting, than a whole election cycle looking like a political newbie.

  • MDd

    Christie believes we need to regularize immigration, including amnesty too. Just what we need, a GOP Prez that can give cover (just supporting our President) to all the RINOs in Congress to pass Cap & Trade and Amnesty.

  • Granny

    I also hear he is a big supporter of IWonWTF . . . . . though the global warming BS alone is enough to make me discount him entirely. Truthfully, though, I think this is just a media circus anyway . . . a little slight of hand to distract us. Christy isn’t running. And while I’m at it, let me point out to Donald Trump that he lost the Conservative vote the very second he accepted the latest fake birth certificate as valid without so much as running it through a document expert. He’s done too . .

  • Major Kong

    So, apparently Gaia can warm up all by herself without any help from human beings. Geez, who woulda thunk it?

    BTW Kids are being taught that the United States of America is an evil, resource-exploiting, behemoth that is killing the rest of the world’s (especially third world) inhabitants.

  • Stuffy

    Deal breaker, this is. Christie is unfit for higher office until he can recognize a base level scam.

  • Tru

    Ann Coulter has lost all cred cheerleading for Christie. She knows all of this and he’s still her BFF.

  • Bill Mitchell

    That smoke you smell isn’t the Earth burning, it is Chris Christie’s political future going up in flames.

    My problem isn’t so much that he believes in AGW, my problem is that he is STUPID ENOUGH to believe in AGW which, along with being stupid enough to believe being fat doesn’t risk his health, disqualifies him in my mind for higher office.

    I’ve never gone from fan to foe quite so fast in my life.

    God only knows what Rush will do with THIS on Monday.

  • NeoKong

    Aahh….I like the guy but POTUS….?

    Don’t think so.

    That said, he still would be ten times better than the community organizer and his lobster munching wife.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Rick Perry is smiling right about now.

    Also, it just made it much easier for him to pick Rubio as his running mate.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Maybe Christie just said this so everyone would stop bugging him to run?

  • Mrs. X

    This is a deal breaker for me.
    I’m starting to think the only person I want to vote for is Sarah Palin and she isn’t running…yet.

    NJ, you can keep CC!

  • tommy mc donnell

    christie is a colonizer ala mc cain and former governors tom kean and christie whitman. he also is a dhimmi. now a global warmist. conservatives outside new jersey need to wake up to this guy.

  • greenfairie

    #17, you might be on to something, heh heh.

  • WillofLa

    Christie might think he’s a hotshot when it comes to supressing government unioins, but he can’t hold a candle to Gov. Walker of Wisconsin and he knows there’s no such thing as man made global warming. Romney isn’t getting half the heat he so rightly deserves for his stand on globle warming because he’s got both feet in it and no one asks him any questions about it. Weird isn’t it? I guess Ann Coulter’s support of Christie is going unquestioned, but I haven’t read anything from her about her supposed support of Christie yet so that may be somekind of inside joke between here and Hannidy, I don’t know.

    The point is Christie is obviously trying to get some votes from somebody in his state, I would suppose it’s independents or liberals or somebody, but who cares, American conservatives have yet got their man and liberals are laughing their butts off at the whack jobs who have surfaced so far. I haven’t seen him yet, and I just have somekind of funny feeling about Michell Bachmann that I just can’t put my finger on. She knows government and no one is going to make a fool out of her in that area. And she knows who’s doing and has done what, but here’s what is bothering me about her and that is she is to soft spoken and is easy to overtalk by anyone who has one more gene of aggression than she does and she just can’t seem to crank up her anger when she needs to like when this past week when that scum bag White House reporter was stomping all over her about Obama, and she just didn’t seem to be able to tell him to “Shut the hell up A-Hole!!” That’s what she needs to be able to do if she is going to survive the onslaught from the left that hasn’t even begun yet, you just wait and see.

    But Bachmann has one problem the way I see it and that is, she’s just to much of a loving mother figure, of five wonderful children of hers and 28 orphan’s she’s raised who she loves so much. She has the same problem Sarah Palin has and that is she’s just to sweet and mothery to be that bull dog that it’s going to take to bring down these leftist reporters who, like Chris Mathews need to be chopped down about ten or fifteen pegs if they are going to make it to next November. Now, if Michell Bachmann had the balls that Sarah Palin has to take on big wig men who think they’re somebody and a bag of chips, we need our women candidates to be those pit bulls with lip stick like Palin coined.

    I can tell you from some long and deep research that Sarah Palin will not run for President. I repeat, Sarah Palin is NOT running for President. And one of the reason’s why is she has been ravaged by the press since 2008. Her family has been sneaked, peeped, and harrassed to the max like only the liberals know how, and we’ve all seen it before. They can destroy anyone who shows one sign of weakness, until that is they met Palin. The reason why the press hates her so much is because she can beat them at their own game any time she wants, and that makes them so mad. No, she’s not dumb, that’s just the point, she’s damn smart and they know it. You don’t take on the big oil companies and make the get on their knees to you and be dumb like the press says she is. No, Sarah Palin knows that she can run interference for any candidates she chooses and she believes she can do far more damage to the lefts nerves on the outside than jump in the the race and mess things up for everyone. I don’t believe she wants anything to do with the Presidential races anymore. She had enough being McCain’s running mate showed her a side of all that really displeased her very deeply. Just read her book and you’ll see. Like a lot of American’s, we still believe that even though we know that politics can be very nasty and rough, but down deep inside we believe that it is a very honorable thing to do to become the President of the United States of America. But she found out that it’s just politics just like anything else that is political. And it popped that little bubble we all pretty much still have about being an American. We just don’t want to know about the really ugly side of being the President, we still believe in fairy tales, “…and they lived happily ever after.”

  • Tru

    Bill Mitchell
    Rush is out next week. Mark Steyn is subbing Monday. He should do a great job with this.

  • Granny

    #16 August 20, 2011 at 11:09 am
    Bill Mitchell commented:

    Rick Perry is smiling right about now.

    Also, it just made it much easier for him to pick Rubio as his running mate.

    May I point out to you that no matter how wonderful Rubio might be, he is nonetheless every bit as ineligible for POTUS as Obama is – perhaps more so, since neither of his parents were citizens at the time of his birth.

  • Mrs. X

    #21; Right now I am leaning 40/60 that SP will NOT run for POTUS.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #11…what is being taught to the kids in the schools will only change when the taxpayers inform the politicans they will not longer pay for marxist propaganda being taught in the schools. i graduated from a teachers college forty-five years ago. if i ever tried to shove my political beliefs down the throats of the students like teachers do today i would have been fired in a heartbeat.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Will & Mrs X

    SP could do great things for conservatives this cycle & is a potential King or Queen maker, I agree & don’t think she’ll run…

  • Eddie Willers

    I’m hoping Paul Ryan gets in .

    But some of the most interesting developments last week took place away from the cameras in the solitude of the Rocky Mountains, where Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan consulted with friends and family about whether he should join the race. Ryan has been quietly looking at a bid for nearly three months, since Indiana governor Mitch Daniels called him to say he wasn’t running.

  • Speaking Clearly

    Yup….and this is the same type of worry I have with Rick Perry.

    Karl Rove’s invention of Rick Perry, seems like sneaky way of getting Rove’s boy in, on the coat tails of the Tea Party.

    Maybe Perry will end up being legit….but I have absolutely no worries about Michele Bachmann, on where she stands.

  • lizzy84

    The Christie Plan – Energy as Industry.


  • Major Kong

    You have a much more optimistic view of this than I do. Marxists are now reaping the results of their multi-decades campaign to indoctrinate our children. They are extremely well funded and are not going to quietly go away. All that can be done is to shine the light on them and expose them for what they are doing. What they fail to accomplish through legislation is done through corrupt judges. This is the culmination. If it doesn’t stop with this generation, it only gets stopped when it becomes moribund and rots of its own poison.

  • Ginger

    Granny #10…. I Agree!

  • Mark

    Christie is another political dimwit who “believes” whatever he thinks will get him elected. What a cretin.

  • Ausonius

    I was deeply concerned with the rhetoric about this guy being the salvation to the republican party. He was elected in New Jersey, a very liberal state.
    Anyone who believes that these sorts will do well in a race for the potus do not understand the conservative right. He is no more nationally electable than Scott Brown, an equally liberal republican.
    Nominate someone in this mold as potus and you will guarantee a significant third party showing and perhaps the only way our present scoundrel can be reelected.
    These sorts would be democrats anywhere in “flyover country.”
    If you have paid attention over the last few years, there has been a dramatic shift in the party sorts in embracing what were very anti-conservative positions. Ann Coulter, who I dearly liked reading, is a good case in point. As one who was considered about as conservative as one could get just a few years ago, she now sits on the goproud board, much to my dismay.
    These position shifts will not make the gop more pallatable, but will surely render it irrellavent.

  • Climate change IS real. It’s what climate does, always has, always will. However, Global Warming is not. Until we quit falling into the trap of making this distinction this idiotic obfuscation of language will tilt the powers of persuasion to the lunatic side of reason. We ‘deniers’ should always use the term Global Warming because that’s what they mean, they realize they are pushing a bogus cause or else they wouldn’t be hiding behind a generalized term.

  • WillofLa

    Palin knows as long as she can keep the press guessing the better. They are chomping at the bit waiting for her to take the leap, because they are going to be waiting for her with the gapping mall of a Great White shark we see on TV with all the teeth necessary to chew anything up into little tiny pieces. But she knows that as long as she can keep the press off balance, like they are standing on one foot aimed towards other Republican candidates, and one foot aimed at her, the press won’t be on solid enough footing to go full bore after anyone. But the press has short patience sometimes and they will dump things before you know what happen they’ll be gone in a cloud of dust, and she’d be left in that cloud of dust and her game would be over. So she’s going to keep getting closer if things don’t look like anyone is to promising, and then when things change she’ll back off a bit. She’s like a line backer who keeps popping in and out of the defences line. You never know where he’s going to blast through when the ball is hiked. That’s Palin right now. She’s playing some tight defence right now to keep the press off balance until we can get a solid candidate that conservatives can all get behind.

    I’ve never seen no candidate show up this close to the less than one year time line, though. It’s really weird. But look who we’re up against, the devil himself! And he has all the demons in hell to help him to. And they are fired up and lusting for blood. Last year was a real victory for conservatism in America, and it really hurt the left. But since we’ve given them free reign for over 50 years now, they are so close to gaining full control over everyone’s life, they can smell it! It’s blood in the water and the sharks have BEEN circling for a long time. And they are very hungry. They want somemore meat that was so easy to chew up like McCain was, that was yummy. G’m me s’more, g’m me s’more!

    If last election cycle, November last year was for the heart of America, this time IT IS for the SOUL of America. It either gets protected this time or we won’t have another chance.
    Look what Obama did before he took off for his damn vacation. He passed a Presidential Directive that overrid our Congress, our Constitution, and our laws by okaying part of the Dream Act for Durbin and Napolitano. All three should be arrested. Sheriff Apio out in Arizona has a website that you all need to go to because he is going to pursue the arrest of Obama for violation of our immigration laws. Napolitano to. We all need to give him as much support as we can possibly give him. If I’ve gotten his name spelled wrong please forgive me. I write these comments off the top of my head and sometimes I forget how to spell something or forget a name, but you know who I’m talking about. He has decided that he cannot ignore his duty as a duely elected law enforcement official. He is NOT appointed by the governor. He comes under a different section, and responsibilities under our Constitution. He says that he has the authority to make arrests of anyone in America who violates our Constitutional laws, and he’s right. There is the governor of Arizona who is in this with him and she wants our help and prayers to. Obama needs to be stopped! I wrote a hot email to my Congressman last night and told him that I demand that he order the arrest of Obama, Holder, Durbin, and Napolitano immediately!! I was so mad I couldn’t see straight. There is another man to out in Arizona, and I think the article that I found out all this on is Canada Free Press in an article near the middle of the page of the home site, that talks about “this is the time to do something in hopes it’s not to late” and “We need to prepare to Defend ourselves” kind of an article? You know? So go there and I hope this isn’t another one of those times.
    Another place you can look is on DRUDGE REPORT and last night up in the left corner there are articles about Obama and what he did to pass part of the Dream Act, and Sheriff Apio and others who are going to press charges against him. That might have been where I was to read up on Obama’s treasonous act. What he’s done is make America now run under a Tyranny. He’s over ridden our Congress in passing immigration laws without the Congresses consent, he’s over ridden our Constitution law of the land that says our borders are to be protected, regardless of what Napolitano says they are, and he has more importantly overextended his Constitutional authority, the separation of powers, and the Checks and Balances established by the Constitution. That, people, IS TYRANNY!!

    Obama needs to be arrested RIGHT NOW!

  • shibumi


    Our current crop of presidential candidates are all like boyfriends with hidden flaws- it’s like they’re good looking, but like young boys. Or they’re not good looking, and are spineless. Or they’re moderately attractive, but have a raging pron additction. Or they’re smart, but they have no friends.

    They all look nice n the surface, but all have hidden problems that make them not such good choices.

  • asdf

    Christie is not the man.

  • Major Kong

    Wonder if Christie will find this to be preferable?
    Meanwhile, Obama continues to destroy another industry.


    his stand on that as well as his appeasing mooslums is enough for me to say NO

  • Bill Mitchell

    I like Sarah Palins politics, I just find her personally annoying as hell.

  • workingclass artist

    Stay in NJ Christie…Texas and the rest of the energy and ranching/agriculture states will continue fighting the AGW Scam and the EPA Fascism and Rescue NASA from the invasion of the Aliens and America will get back to work & energy independence. It’s not your fault you live in a moonbat state.

    Gig Em’ Perry 2012

  • jerrylud

    yea and one of the other choices we got obama took rommneycare and made it national, he also beleives in global warming and perry ok with land grabbing for a highway and nafta and giving illegals money for school but if sara dont get in its Michele b or him im voting for

  • SM-AZ

    No on Christie. Yes on Perry!

  • aprilnovember811

    Stay away Chris Christie. He also appointed a Judge in NJ with ties to Radical islam. He is a liberal Rhino. I would never vote for this guy. Ann Coulter is always promoting this man. Stay away from him, and stay in NJ Chris Christie. The heartland which is the majority of the country don’t want you.

  • west1890

    Ohhh, bad move by Christie………….you are now unelectable as far as millions of us are concerned. So glad you let us see now what an asshat you are. What an assortment of pathetic candidates Repubs are faced with. Perry isn’t perfect- but he’s looking better every day.

  • Paddy

    Christie just achieved unelectable status. His views about man made global warming are toxic. That should end the speculation and any moves to draft him to run for president.

  • Glenmore

    Of course climate change is real. And the change has been Global Warming since wooly mammoths roamed the countryside.
    SOME component of that change is man-made (particulate pollution causes shade, & cooling; CO2 & methane releases cause some warming; burning methane that would otherwise naturally be released causes cooling); the real question is “How big is the man-made effect?” We don’t know.
    Then even if we did know, and it was big, the question remains “What can we DO about it?” We could cut the US carbon footprint to zero and all it would do is delay that CO2 emission a few years. In fact, more efficient combustion here means less CO2 emission per unit of economic output than in, say, China, and there’s no way China is going to sacrifice its development to ‘save the planet.’

  • thekidslepthere

    While I don’t agree with the climate change claim he made, having grown up in Toms River where he spoke I will say that some of our actions are having adverse effects on our area. Twenty years ago as a kid we would swim in the bay every day during the summer. Now the bay is so over populated by jellyfish you can’t even put a toe in without getting stung. Local scientists attribute this to products like Miracle Grow over oxygenating the water causing the jellyfish population to flourish. So it is a bit of a crises, people have better lawns, maybe farmers have even better crops, but we’re destroying the local tourism business. These are the environmental problems I think need to be figured out.

  • bg


    re: Chris Christie: Climate Change Is Real

    i don’t see “quote marks”, ergo, whether or not Chris
    Christie stated it is irrelevant, as i totally agree with it..

    fyi: “climate change always was, is now, and for as long as planet
    Earth, irrespective of it’s inhabitants, survives, always will be” -bg


  • tarpon

    You knew this from before the guy is a warmist kook. Look what he said one the AGW crap in New Jersey.

    By Bye …

    Not much a scientist either, doesn’t he know being so fat is not healthy?

  • bg


    ps re: #49 August 20, 2011 at 1:26 pm bg

    we do have a “pollution” problem.. not a Global Warming :aka: Climate
    Change problem.. of which has little to no affect on the aforementioned,
    but the aforementioned however, does have a huge affect on politicians,
    ergo, scientists, wallets.. perhaps we should call it “Earths Elitist Cycle”..


  • bg


    i personally believe our representatives are being blackmailed &
    threatened behind the scenes so to speak.. as the NWO is also
    on the Islamic NWO agenda as well as BHO’s et al via the UN..

    [click on connecting links & scroll for more @ links]


  • Eddie Willers

    @ Bill Mitchell

    I find SP annoying also. But did you mean you like her rhetoric?
    Because her actual political track record is very suspect.

  • Eddie Willers

    attack of the Palinista’s in 3…2….

  • GrayRider

    ‘Climate change/global warming’ is not man induced as the climate has been changing constantly over the past 4.5 billion years or so of our planet’s existence. And man has been present in such a small portion of that time, particularly industrialized man that we don’t even represent a tick on the clock.

    You’d have to be a a complete command and control Marxist redistributionist brain dead green gooney totalitarian ideologue or just a damn stupid moron (OR BOTH) to claim that it is man who is inducing Climate Change.

    Furthermore even the marxist redistributionists at the U.N. have admitted that the earth’s climate is rebounding from the extreme lows of the Little Ice Age from 1400-mid 1800’s:

    * The first IPCC report (1990) contains the following graph of average global temperature changes over the past 1,000 years based upon proxies. It shows a “Medieval warm period” that was warmer than the present era and a “Little Ice Age” that was cooler. The report states that: some of the global warming since 1850 could be a recovery from the Little Ice Age rather than a direct result of human activities. So it is important to recognize that natural variations of climate are appreciable and will modulate any future changes induced by man.

  • Ipso Facto


    Awhile back, a man in NJ was sentenced to prison for legally transporting some guns in the trunk of his car while he was moving. The sentence was a near criminal act by the judge who didn’t allow much of the testimony to be even heard. Christie let the guy out of jail, however, there was no pardon. WTF is going on with that I asked myself? Why should that man have a criminal record for doing absolutely nothing wrong. That’s when I said ok, strike one against Christie.

    Since then he has done a lot of good in fighting the unions, however, he is so pleased with himself and often arrogant to citizens he represents, on a regular basis. Strike two.

    Now his climate stance is strike three.

    How many times do we have to learn that NO ONE is the messiah of any political movement. While I like Perry a lot more then Romney, I’m sure Perry has his foibles and objectionable stances on some issues as well as any other politician.

    I hope this ends the Christie love fest! Also, I’d now like to hear what Ann Coulter has to say about this.

  • bg


    lol, i see we have several little “attack & distact” Obot gnats lately..

    shoo you batty gnatty obotty gnotty gnats..

    Sarah probably golfs better than Obama too.. 😀


  • bg


    Eddie Willers #53 August 20, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    link please,



  • Sandy

    Bill Mitchell #40 ditto

  • noislamocommie

    But that’s not all…he would be in favor of a “guest-worker” type amnesty. Like Perry he has no passion for protecting America’s sovereignty via the invasion.

  • RickS

    Right. This is the very last thing we need in a presidential candidate. Christie is just fine where he is.

  • You’ll find Christie’s PhD in Physics with a specialty in Atmospherics filed right next to Obama’s entire set of school records and published law papers….notice I didn’t mention BHO’s “birth certificate”….third rail…..ZAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!

  • Eddie Willers

    You’ll have to do your own research on Palin.

    But let me ask you did she originally say no thanks for the money for the Gravina Island bridge?

    It isn’t a non issue. Alaska is a state that has a yearly budget surplus, because of it’s Oil Business yet she went looking for pork for this project. after levying some of the biggest Tax hikes the oil industry has ever seen there.

    50% of Alaskans pay no federal income tax yet she feels they should blow Fed. $$ on boondoggles?
    There’s so much more, playing the victim card is nothin new for her either.

  • Eddie Willers

    OH & bg
    I hope that attack & distract wasn’t directed towards me…

    I just know Palin is the Politician who polls most favorably for Obama…

    I’ll take John Bolton, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Or Michele Bachman over Palin…
    IMO she has no chance & is the one candidate Obama knows he can beat handidly, this has been worked up already…
    & real clear politics has the multi poll numbers on it…
    I want Obama out & I don’t see it happening if Palin is the ticket.

  • Eddie Willers

    I will link the polling data notice it isn’t just one or 2 polls it is virtually every friggin major polling out fit in America

    FOX News
    Obama + 21 for Christ’s Sake

  • RedBeard

    I’m somewhat puzzled about this newfound concern over Christy’s agenda. The guy is not a closed book. We knew who and what he was long ago. His liberal positions on certain issues should come as no surprise to anyone. He is a social liberal-to-moderate, while being more fiscally responsible than any Democrat, but that’s pretty much all there is to it.

    In a messed up left-wing place like New Jersey, this guy is probably the best we could hope for. But it’s a step back from the edge, compared to what the Dems offer, and any incremental improvement should be considered a good thing.

    There is no way I could support Christy in the primary season if he did jump into the presidential race, nor could I ever have done so. This latest furor just isn’t any kind of game changer.

    Now, all that said, if he somehow managed to be the R nominee against Obama, of course I would vote for him. More often than not in life, we have to take the better of two choices, even if neither one is what we would have wished to see.

  • bg


    Eddie Willers #63 August 20, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    re: [You’ll have to do your own research on Palin. ]

    oh trust me, i have..

    however, you made the claim, you back it up..

    re: your irrelevant sand castle issue..


    [“Media reports that Congress killed the Bridge to Nowhere are not
    accurate,” said Schatz. “The 2006 transportation appropriations bill
    allowed Alaska to decide whether or not to move forward. Governor
    Murkowski said yes; Governor Palin said no. Any discussion about
    the project should begin with facts.”


  • Rob

    You guys can rest assured, Perry is no Rovian or Bush II. Please do some checking; Rove and his ilk are not in Perry’s camp. They’ll support him if he gets the GOP nomination as most conservatives will, but Gov Perry comes from a different political lineage than Bush /43 & Rove.

    And I say this as a Bush supporter. Perry is worth not trashing with a broad brush of generalities and may very well be the most conservative candidate we have running. Lets see if he can keep out of trouble and the Paulbots and dems don’t dig up a bunch of dirt on him…

  • bg


    lizzy84 #29 August 20, 2011 at 11:27 am

    we really do need a new wave of energy sources, i believe ALL
    previous presidents were behind that notion (obama’s favorite
    word /s).. imho however, none have been as deeply rooted in
    the pre-planning , post-delivery & profit sharing schemes as O..


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I find this whole thing rather odd.

    Christie supposedly says that “climate change is real”, and that “human activity plays a role in these changes”, and that his state is impacted. Why then, if that’s his belief, would he veto a bill that would require NJ to remain in a regional program whose objective is to curb “greenhouse gas” emissions?

  • Bobbi

    Heck of a lot of scandalous stuff coming out about Perry right now from Robert Maddow, former Ron Paul supporter. Also, the people in Texas will tell you how he’s soft on illegal immigration, NAFTA, Sharia law, and corruption.
    I read last night that the Obama team would be glad to take him onk, as he would be fried fast. I couldn’t figure out why, until I picked up a few things today.
    I’m still thinking Herman Cain will outlast all the others.

  • bg


    Rob #68 August 20, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    re: [and may very well be the most
    conservative candidate we have running.]

    oh i most certainly have checked him out, still am checking him out.. you
    should try taking your own advise, you’d be as surprised as i am, at any
    rate, i’m not into condescending prophets out to profit for themselves..

    aside from that, Perry’s so called “conservatism” doesn’t
    even come close to several other’s.,ie:Bachmann or Cain..

    (please scroll for more @ links, or not, your choice for sure)


  • mcc

    Hey, Christie, how about meeting with this scientist instead?

    Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here is his letter of resignation to Curtis G. Callan Jr, Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society.

    Anthony Watts describes it thus:

    “This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science.”

    It’s so utterly damning that I’m going to run it in full without further comment.

    Read it here:

  • mcc

    #68 August 20, 2011 at 3:01 pm
    Rob commented:
    You guys can rest assured, Perry is no Rovian or Bush II. Please do some checking; Rove and his ilk are not in Perry’s camp.

    For what it’s worth, I heard yesterday in a FOX interview, Rove himself claim to have been the one who “recruited” Perry from the Dem camp in the late 80’s.

  • Old Dude

    Well crap. That takes Christie off my list of possibles.

  • bg


    Rob #68 August 20, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    think you may get a kick out of this (well, once
    you get past the infomercial anyways).. 😀


  • bg


    mcc #74 August 20, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    imho Rove wasn’t in the Bush camp, ergo, could
    very well be true, switch hitters abound lately..


  • mcc

    Here’s more from Christie’s mouth (after appointing Muslim judge) – video at link (2:45 mark):

    But it was a follow-up question on the fear of Sharia Law that set the governor off. “Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all, it’s crazy!” he cried. “The guy is an American citizen!” He concluded that the “Sharia Law business is just crap… and I’m tried of dealing with the crazies,” adding with disgust and frustration that “it’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background.”
    I’m beginning to think this man – and his attitude – could become very tiresome…we already have one who thinks he knows more than the people.

    What was it one Muslim said when asked why he’d betrayed us? “I’m your enemy. I lied.”

  • mcc
  • theBuckWheat

    Climate change IS real. It is so real that the climate is always changing, no matter what humanity does or doesn’t do to it or about it.

  • Eddie Willers

    I did back it up & I guess you’re just going to whistle passed the graveyard on how poorly Palin does in polls against Obama

    From where I sit, I read this data & I think you Palinista’s are the ones who want to see Obama re-elected

    Man am I ever growing tired of the ignorance displayed by you Palinotrons.

    You folks need to figure out what electability means.
    Palins good for the conservative movement but bad as a candidate.

    OOOH now let me guess I must be some Obama troll cuz I don’t think MAMA GRIZZ can beat Obama & am not afraid to say it. PahLEASE!

  • MJ

    Ha…Repugs turning on Christie. I love watching the snake eat it own tail

  • usamopatriot

    This is a guy that I haven’t fully trusted since day one. Just a gut instinct that is being proven correct. Sad.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ bg
    Someone should have told you a looooong time ago what people think of those who arrogantly post links to their own on line commentary.

  • to the anti Palin people out there, like Eddie Withers, who think Sarah won’t run

    she’s already running… she’s taking her message directly to the people across America
    she’s not following the Republican establishmen good ‘ol beltway boys rules
    she’s running her way
    she’ll announce formally when she’s ready

    it will be great fun to see leftist heads explode as Sarah guides America back from the leftist cliff of the abyss both RINOs, establishment R blue bloods, Rove beltways and others whine and call her name after name

    her excellent 20 year record as a public servant speaks for itself
    she is what America needs
    she is what America wants

    if you think calling people “Palinistas” is derogatory, I laugh in your general direction

    I thought this thread was about how stupid Christie is about mad made global warming, but no, anti Palin people like to spew their venom wherever they can

    anti Palin trolls: you are one

  • bg


    in spite of EdAlinsky Weliars audacious crap..

    Who would make the strongest GOP presidential
    candidate to run against President Obama 8/15

    Michele Bachmann
    Herman Cain
    Newt Gingrich
    John Huntsman
    Sarah Palin

    Ron Paul
    Rick Perry
    Mitt Romney
    Rick Santorum
    None of the above

    more here..


  • bg


    EW #84

    scroll crybaby scroll!!


  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Chris Christie is a closet liberal. Obama’s team fight dirty that’s how he got in as a senator. You have to plan against these thugs! They are evil, thugs…we need someone who is not afraid to laugh in their face and slap them right back…trump made him nervous and ran off like a little girl to get his other fake BC.

  • bg


    Lisa G in NZ #85 August 20, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    there is at least one good reason she wouldn’t run, and that
    would be if it would place any of her children in mortal danger..

    and we have all taken note of the despicable attacks on
    her children both during and since the 08 campaign.. 🙁


  • workingclass artist

    Christie is conservative lite…reveals it more and more everyday

  • Big Al

    Of course this is a deal breaker for any thinking conservative. AGW is just the latest leftist construct designed with one purpose in mind; to punish the USA for all of its past transgressions and rapaciousness. Any conservative candidate who can’t see that should be cut out of the herd pronto. Besides, I have never trusted Christie’s NJ wiseguy schtick. I wish someone would confront Ann Coulter about this and maybe get her to shut the F up about Christie for 30 seconds.

  • “What most critics of Palin’s timing seem to forget is that Billy Jeff Clinton, who was unknown to anyone outside of Little rock, announced his candidacy in October ’91. Before that, the Demorat candidates at the time were known as The Seven Dwarfs.

    Reagan announced in late Nov. ’79… ”

    Sarah has plenty of time

  • Star Spangled

    Well That confirms what we already knew. ” Nobody’s perfect”

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Lisa G
    I suggest you go back & read who it was that brought up Palin…
    (Hint not me).
    & The 1st slanderous allegation made was that I was an Obama troll based on the fact that I have reservations about Palin’s ability to win head to head against Obama. (You remember Obama he’s the guy we conservatives all want out of office 1st & fore most)

    Just because I don’t drink the Palin Kool Ade doesn’t mean I’m not a loyal conservative.

    I’d like just one of you people to quit ducking the issue I’ve raised here re: Palin ELECTABILITY. How am I supposed to ignore these Polling numbers???

    I’ll give you people this much. Everyday you Palin supporters look more & more like Ron Paul kind of folk.

  • Eddie Willers

    Unlike the poll you linked which is on a Palin website, my link is an avg of legitimate national polls…
    You just keep whistling passed that graveyard my sycophantic friend…

  • Um, no, it’s not.

  • Caper29b

    I’ll take a New Hampshire Democrat over a New Jersey RINO any day…

  • lol

    between this and his appointment of the muslim judge, he’ll never get my vote. fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

  • Arthur

    CC can say Global Warming is happening. He can say it’s caused by man. But unless he says we should spend hundreds of billions of dollars to DO something about it, it doesn’t matter!

    Look at the first paragraph of the quoted story
    In vetoing a bill (S2946) that would have required New Jersey to stay in a regional program intended to curb greenhouse gases

    That doesn’t seem like the actions of a man who’s concerned about Global Warming.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Eddie, you should look past the links themselves, which are, indeed, links to bg’s posts here.

    bg is linking you, if you had an iota of perseverance, to posts which contain links — not just commentary.

    That said:

    bg, maybe you should consider collecting the links which you have posted here over the years, and using them instead of links to comments in which you have posted these links.

    Come up with a topical folder-based system, or something.

    Because some people just look at the bottom of their screen, and see the url which your links lead to (which is usually HERE), and say “Nothing but commentary”.

    Some people are not as brilliant as they think they are.

  • Mad Hatter

    This is real simple folks, Christie is angling himself as a running mate for Romney. If you remember, Romney also believes in “climate change”.

    (video in the link)

    Mitt Romney won’t be doing any apology tours on climate change.

    The early GOP presidential front-runner has broken with his party’s conservative ranks to declare global warming a real threat to the planet that merits some sort of action to curb heat-trapping emissions.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Lisa G:

    Jesus Christ is what America needs.

    Unfortunately, America doesn’t want Him. America wants a human savior.

    America will inevitably get, as did Israel at one point, another Saul.

    You think this regime is tyranny? Another may just replace it, and we’ll long for the relative incompentence and inefficiency of the Obama regime.

    We’ll see what happens. If our nation, even our “conservatives”, wants to continue living like it has, without praise and obedience to God, in SO FREAKING MANY WAYS, then we will elect a tyrant that will make Obama’s “member” look lilke my pinky finger.

  • bg


    Eddie Willers #95 August 20, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    ask me if i give a bat’s guano about polls, not to mention weeks old to
    boot, if and when Sarah enters the race, then we shall see the reality..


  • bg


    Taqiyyotomist #100 August 20, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    thanks, will try..

    until then, i’ll keep drudging along my way &
    the RP (ron paul) crybabies can scroll away!!


  • RedBeard

    We really need to stop the infighting, and focus all our energies on eliminating the scourge of Obama. There is no other task before us that is so crucial.

  • AuntieMadder

    #100 August 20, 2011 at 8:05 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Eddie, you should look past the links themselves, which are, indeed, links to bg’s posts here.

    bg is linking you, if you had an iota of perseverance, to posts which contain links — not just commentary.

    That said:

    bg, maybe you should consider collecting the links which you have posted here over the years, and using them instead of links to comments in which you have posted these links.

    Come up with a topical folder-based system, or something.

    Or just copy and paste the links (and the comment posted with them, if/when appropriate) from the comment(s) to which you would otherwise have linked instead of copying and pasting the URL that links to the comment(s) containing the links. Does that make sense?

  • AuntieMadder

    #105 August 20, 2011 at 8:36 pm
    RedBeard commented:

    We really need to stop the infighting, and focus all our energies on eliminating the scourge of Obama. There is no other task before us that is so crucial.

    You’re right.

    Question for the veterans of GP going back to 2008 and before: Is it going to be nasty like this around here for the next 14-15 months, with conservatives, even regulars, attacking one another, plus idiots posing as conservatives jumping into the fray, too? If so, I may stop reading the comments altogether. It’ll be a shame if it comes to that because I’ll miss out on a lot of valuable info but I can’t stand all of the meanness between people who are supposed to be on the same side. If I was into the pile-ons and hate-filled melees, I’d visit PuffHo and DKos where the libturds hang out with the intent to insult and destroy, even one another. 😮

  • sablegsd

    His stance on koranimals gets him off my list. He appointed a judge approved by CAIR. HELLO!!

  • AuntieMadder

    To those who’ve brought up the warming climate since the ice age, let’s not forget the Little Ice Age, which followed a period of global warming known as the Medieval Warm Period. What do you bet the latter wasn’t caused by monks and kings tooling around in SUVs and the fuel-burning electricity generators that kept hovels warm and delivered to them power to light their huts with incandescent bulbs?

  • Militant Conservative

    CC sunk his ability to be taken seriously. Just like

    Romney. Both are dead in the water. We in the

    TEA party control the primaries, a non conservative

    Position gets you disqualified before the primary vote.

    The public is war hint this closely. No dem’s and no

    RINO’s need apply.

    Powder is dry, watch, it’s fun when America is


  • bg



    Obama, Maurice Strong, Al Gore

    [“Obama Years Ago Helped Fund Carbon Program He Is Now Pushing
    Through Congress” is a FOXNews story by Ed Barnes. In short, “While
    on the board of a Chicago-based charity, Barack Obama helped fund a
    carbon trading exchange that will likely play a critical role in the cap-
    and-trade carbon reduction program he is now trying to push through
    Congress as president.”


    In 1997, Strong went on to accept from Tongsun Park, who was found
    guilty of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent, $1 million from Saddam Hussein,
    which was invested in Cordex Petroleum Inc., a company he owned with
    his son, Fred.


    It may be interesting to note that the Chicago Climate Exchange in spite of
    its hype, is a veritable rat’s nest of cronyism. The largest shareholder in the
    Exchange is Goldman Sachs. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is its honorary
    chairman, The Joyce Foundation, which funded the Exchange also funded
    money for John Ayers’ Chicago School Initiatives. John is the brother of
    William Ayers.

    please scroll up/\down for much more info links.. trust me, it’ll be worth
    it, because before long, all these links will be going by way of Obama’s
    black hole machine, as way too many previous links already have.. 😐

    been posting so much info over the paste several years, one would
    think at least a few up & up journalists would investigate, oh wait..
    i forgot, Soros owns Obama, and Obama controls the media.. gah!!

    more here & interesting connections here & here (scroll for more)..


  • bg


    AuntieMadder #106 August 20, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    thanks for the advice, the thing is there’s usually numerous links in any
    given link i post.. it saves me so much time (not to mention wear & tear
    on me arthritic pointer fingers, lol) and just can’t see my knowing which
    links i’d need at any certain time.. oh, didn’t i tell you?? if my dear son in
    law hadn’t taught me how to turn this dang contraption on, i’d probably
    still be wondering what it does, i am seriously computer illiterate.. don’t
    know how i made it this far, and they keep changing the dang set up, 😛

    btw, just a test, could you tell me exactly where this link takes you?? 😀


  • tommy mc donnell

    being fat causes global warming.

  • Molon Labe

    Christi the man who would two mosques in every crater. Screw the RINO.

  • mcc

    I’m wishing Mike Pence hadn’t given up the thought of a run for POTUS…love Jim DeMint too but don’t think he has the charisma thing…what a shame Rubio can’t run…just dreaming here…

    Imperfections and mistakes are expected, even allowed. Deadly ones aren’t acceptable, though, especially when they’re not acknowledged:

  • Hi everyone

    Hi there all you monkey f%king teabaggers watcha doin plotting the overthrow of the us?

  • mcc

    AuntieMadder’s right. Here’s one for her:

    BO is certain death to America. Just pray we make it to November, 2012 – that’s not to ignore the 2 months following a turn-over of power…God help us.

  • Hi all

    hi there yoyu bunch of monkey f%king teabaggers watcha doing plotting the overthrow of the us?

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  • Hi all

    oops sorry for the double post i only meant to cuss you f%kers out just once

  • Mad Hatter

    #116, #118, #120

    Thanks for showing off what you Alinsky Children are all about, zero intelligence, you’re not smart enough to debate an issue. Now go back to the DailyKook website, it’s down the hall, last door on the left.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ bg 112: It took me to #95 in the blog post about the 7 ways Perry wants to change the Constitution.

  • bg


    sablegsd #108 August 20, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    OT.. re: Obama MB et al

    and a bit of good news #17..

    all of the links are linked to other GP posts.. but
    no one need click on links if they don’t want to..


  • bg


    AuntieMadder #122 August 20, 2011 at 11:55 pm 8)


  • ray

    I bet he feels some man-made global warming every time he puts on a couple of pounds.

  • gracie

    Thank You Chris Christie for coming out with your stance on global warming or climate change or whatever it’s called today. Anyone that signs on to another grand scam (wealth redistribution/control plan) being perpetuated against humanity and our planet will not get my vote.

    It is not the consequence of regular humans living their daily lives causing a climate crisis, it’s purposeful, calculated and manipulated manmade weather modification programs ongoing for decades causing problems. If anyone thinks these “worst than ever weather events and disasters”, the ever-worsening state of our environment (even with all the regulations) are the result of humans living their modern lives, think again.

    Yes indeed, a simple gauge for potential candidates. I look forward to these politicians giving their public stances on “climate change”. Who are you really for?????????????
    Humanity? or “The Powerful Ones”, who seek to totally control you, me, the weather, the money and the whole planet for their own purposes?

  • won’t be deterred blossom


    “been posting so much info over the paste several years, one would
    think at least a few up & up journalists would investigate”

    translation: self-styled info-priestess that’s been cutting and pasting bs so long those who ever clicked on one of my links can smell bs now before they click. currently cutting and pasting to gatewaypundit for da man.


    Don’t expect any calls or checks in the mail anytime soon .

  • bg


    w b d b #127 August 21, 2011 at 8:36 am

    LOL.. actually, quite a few noted people have mentioned things i have
    posted about post-posting.. but you’re right turdy, won’t be expecting a
    check any time sooner or later, as i have always stated that i don’t care
    who gets the credit or how the info gets out there, as long as it gets out

    thankyouverymuch.. 🙂


  • randyinrocklin

    I believe he is also for gun control I don’t have a link tho, but check it out….that’s a big deal breaker there.

  • won’t be deterred blossom

    “actually, quite a few noted people have mentioned things i have
    posted about post-posting..”

    Sorry, need a link before I’ll believe that along with just what it was that made you
    think he/she is “noted people”. If it’s some of your politically challenged supporters
    here, just don’t bother.
    I’ve noticed some of them have offered advice on linking your own comments,
    but you ignore them or keep at it ad nauseum..

  • bg


    re: #123



    [click on links in post & scroll for more]


  • bg
  • bg


    Arresting Development

    [Bill McKibben, environmentalist founder of (which spotlights former Obama “green jobs” czar Van Jones as one of its messengers), writes in the Washington Post that “more than a thousand people have signed up to be arrested over two weeks beginning Aug. 20 — the biggest display of civil disobedience in the environmental movement in decades and one of the largest nonviolent direct actions since the World Trade Organization demonstrations in Seattle back before Sept. 11.”]


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  • daryl

    Seen this working class?’s man did a number on “Think Progress’s” attempted hatchet job on Perry. Thought you ought to see it before it’s broken down into sound bites and regurgitated here way out of context. Just as it sounds to most, “Think Progress” is one of the nastiest lefty sights on the web.
    Countdown to when links to “ThinkProgress” start popping up here. 5-4-3-2-1 scroll

    Lack of Thought in “Think Progress,” Union Violence and One Disgustingly Fat Woman – What Could Go Wrong? – Page 1 – Derek Hunter – Townhall Conservative,_union_violence_and_one_disgustingly_fat_woman_-_what_could_go_wrong

  • daryl

    Then there’s this.
    Let those lefties who are slobbering and dribbling their snuff out of BOTH sides of their mouths jabber their asses off. Those are the most level headed ones who are reasonably harmless.

    Look Who’s Messin’ With Texas Now! – Austin Hill – Townhall Conservative!


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