Newt Gingrich BLASTS Chris Wallace for his “Gotcha” Questions at Iowa Debate (Video)

Pure Video Gold!
This was the best exchange all night from the Iowa debate.

It’s about time a Republican candidate slammed the liberal media for asking bogus ‘gotcha’ questions of the candidates rather than substantial policy questions. Newt went after Chris Wallace tonight for his outrageous tabloid questioning of the candidates. Awesome!

Wow!… That was terrific!

UPDATE: The analysts agreed after the debate that this was a good night for Newt.

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  • L.E. Liesner

    After listening to Chris Wallace’s questions the only conclusion I can come to is that he’s Obama’s representative. Instead of asking legitimate questions, all he did is start fights among the candidates. I’m interested in issues not cat fights.

  • BarbaAZ

    Gosh, did that feel good! Whooeee!

  • Molon Labe

    Newt nailed Wallace and the crowd roared. Wallace’s credibility is dropping everytime he engaged in his brand of journalism.

  • DINORightMarie

    Wow – awesome!!!! I may become a Newt fan. Well, that is a bit much! But, I do admire his debate skills, his ability to slam people in debate, to crush the MSM fools, and call them out on these types of set-ups. Newt’s points of policy were laser-focused and Conservative, too. (I usually like Chris Wallace, but he is a left-of-center MSM guy, after all, as he proved in that exchange.)

    But then, I see Newt on that couch with San Fran Nan……

    I would vote for him over Obama in a New York minute, but he has a LONG way to go to get that nomination.

  • Surfin bird

    Thumbs up!

  • Tjexcite

    Not watching the debate did Wallace ask anyone if they are a flake because “someone” reported that they are.

  • tommy mc donnell

    i don’t care for gingrich but its good to see someone stand up to the morally and politically bankrupt press.

  • mamagriz68

    If only the rest of them would do the same!!!!!

  • Joe S

    Newt is fantastic idea man.
    Ron Paul is super knowledgeable.
    Mitt is Casper milktoast.
    Pawlenty talks about past with not many new ideas.
    Michelle is ok, but not forceful enuf to lead even though I like her very much. Great VP.
    Herman Cain is no nonsense man of action. He needs to come up to speed more.
    Santorum…have no strong opinion.
    Huntsman…too much of an unknown at this time.

  • rose1111

    Newt’s response gave me goosebumps. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed further more and on into whoever is Obama’s opponent, may actually start to have confidence in the GOP now that they can gfw in 2012 against the Obama Machine.

  • Joe S

    Lots of weak, untoward questions. Goof ball media.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Good for the Newt. Chris Wallace is stuck in the faux journalism world like all the rest of them. He’s a nice fella but he can’t see how shallow he is. And it had nothing to do with Newt’s record, how phony was that. And I don’t really care for Newt. He piled on Palin when they did the blood libel disgrace. Showed us who he was under the professor camoflauge.

  • bill

    Thanks for that feel good moment, Newt.
    Wallace is a major jackass.

  • Sickofobama

    I thought Newt did well tonight, too, however, that comment he made about “ring wing social engineering” sealed his fate as far as I am concerned.

  • Sickofobama


    Wallace is a liberal so yes he is Obama’s representative.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    Newt isn’t middle of road, when he says good stuff it’s really good, then he’ll go and dance with Nancy Piglosi or something equally as stupid and negate everything he just said.

  • bigkahuna

    Wallace brought it on himself..

    Newt called him out on his crap and said what every GOP candidate should. I dont accept your ridiculous premise. Your question is a joke and not relevant to the issues facing the country. I dont want a catfight between candidates I want to hear them debate and let US decide if they answered honestly and intelligently. Point out your opponents differences where needed but save the fighting for Obama.

    Newt may not be everyones favorite and I know he pissed people off with his Green crap with Piglosi but as a whole I beliebve him to be the most intelligent, thoughtful, well prepared candidate with the most ideas, experience and insight into the solutions for the country.

    Newt would absolutely destroy Barry in a debate and send him home to Seabiscuit crying like the baby he is. Barry would be stutttering all night repsonding to Newts attacks and facts and figures

  • DCD-in-Indiana

    NOOOOOOOOOT!!!! I think I might have felt a tingle there.

  • bigkahuna

    But its also hard not to love Bachmans fight, passion and common sense. Plus she is a hottie !

  • raugaj

    I don’t trust Newt at all, at least as far as his core beliefs go, but I felt that he killed the field tonight. Just for fun, imagine him one on one debating Obama. Just thinking about the thumping he would lay on the organizer brings Cap’t Stiffy to town.

  • Jackson

    Wallace needed that.

  • Susan

    Actually, any of these people would mop the floor with The Won. He is an empty suit. He wouldn’t be able to use a teleprompter in a debate, therefore he would be lost (Unless a question required an answer of “uh…uh…uh”).

  • Hobbitually conservative

    Wallace is vying for Sharpton’s job at MSNBC.

  • Bill

    thats pretty funny. He was asked a legal question about how people are supposed to take him seriously and thats what he has to come back with? He is a good idea man, unfortunately his ideas are for a different planet.

    Bachmann and Perry is busy with her dominionism and the church leaders pushing them to create a new christian state with force is needed.

    What you seen tonight was the Obama Re-election team

  • USMC Thomas


  • Rose

    I love it when the analysts agree.

    They agreed on Robert Dole, and John McCain and Gerald Ford. They agreed on Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

    Newt – Trash. “How dare you challenge me of the Facts!”

    So LOL!

  • bigkahuna

    Susan…The problem is that all these debates seem to be moderated by flaming liberals who will no doubt ask Obama questions that require Ugh uhhhhh, mmmm, ehhh ugh, Iiiii, ahhh as the answer then ask the GOP candidate to explain why he/she hates gays, wants to kill puppies, kittens, old people and children and is a racist ? Then….Dont forget you have 30 seconds to respond !

  • CT

    Wallace got it stuck where the proverbial sun don’t shine. He didn’t like it, but it stuck and not just with the crowd in the room.

  • BarbaraS

    Newt is an establishment republican. That’s why he went after Palin. He wants the status quo in DC and knows she would turn everything upside down. She would kill the graft and corruption in DC just like she killed it in Alaska. That’s why they are afraid of her. The longtime people in DC are cronies no matter what party and they all like the status quo. How else can a congressman or senator go in dirt poor and come out a millionaire? Their finances ought to be open to investigation from the day they are elected to the day they retire and consequences put in place for unexplained funds. Like jail. That would go a long way to keeping them honest.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    #27 bigkahuna

    Thank you for that expert analysis, I agree completely.

  • Molon Labe


    Awesome comment.

  • dallasdan

    Wallace got prison raped, and deserved it.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    #29 BarbaraS

    Well said.

  • mg4us

    Wallace. .You ain’t your dad. . not even close or in the League!

    If you want to focus on things that mean nothing to the success of our country and a President Obama who is destroying it, then go to CNN and be anoth Freed Zackaria (rhymes with Diarrhea cause that is all he spews)!

  • dallasdan

    Headline tomorrow: “Gingrich newters Wallace.”

  • bigkahuna

    Look I know Newt made some crazy I am simply stating that he has put many many of his proposed solutions in writing after researching and investigating and writing books and speaking and visiting people all over the country.

    He has more well thought out, intelligent solutions and knowhow than anyone else by far. It is not even close. I love Sarah Palin but I am growing a little tired of her wishy washy decisions on running. These are the people who have signed up and said I’m in. I hated the questions about Perrry and Palin. Ask about those people WHEN THEY DECLARE .

    Newt has been debating and fighting the good fight for years. He explains things plain and simple yet thoughtful .I am willing to take his overall record against most any day. I am supportative of just about everyone out there except Ron Paulnut. He may be ok on some economics but his world affairs policies and domestic social issues are nuts

  • MrGoodWench

    Chris Wallace is the Tom Brokaw of FOX.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    #36 bigkahuna

    Newt’s pandering to the progressive’s for absolutely no reason at all is very questionable. I am willing to take his overall record as well, both the good and the bad. The bad has been pretty bad. How far is he willing bend to be bipartisan? I just don’t have a good feeling about him.

  • Nelle

    #29 BarbaraS–amen, sister. Why isn’t there any interest in how these employees of ours become millionaires in just a few years of “service”? The media can’t out Republican thieves unless they’re willing to out the Democrats, too. So see no evil, hear no evil…and they claim to work in the public interest, too!
    I’m back to hoping John “The ‘Stache” Bolton will get into the race.

  • mcc

    Re Newt and his great ideas — look for more of them in the “spin room” w/ Hannity. It should rerun later tonight.

    Wish the Republican leadership would do what he suggested. Not only is it exactly what’s needed now to convince Americans and everyone else we mean business – and will put us well on the way to turning things around – but, politically, it’s brilliant. Both things Newt excels at — too bad he’s so disliked.

  • gary gulrud

    Evidently, Chrissie didn’t learn anything from the beatdown he received following “Are you a flake?”


  • “Oh,okay Chris if that sort of tabloid smear wind-up to a question is valid, then tell us is it true that there is no way in hell you would have gotten your job if your didn’t have a connected insider media daddy who pulled strings for you, shutting out competition from actually talented and knowledgeable journalists?”

    We have a media/Hollywood birthright caste now. All kiddies of the biggies.

  • Mike

    Wow that GOP debate panel, what a joke. Everyone of them a bought and paid for clone of the corporate personhood in this country. And, with the exception of santorum a bunch of gay bashing bigot scumbags.

    They should change the name of this site to Gateway Pundit Where the clueless reside. Comments here are pure comedy.

  • Taxpayer

    Great job, Newt! Too bad you lost your spine in 1995…

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  • Valerie

    I honestly do not want to see Newt as President, but he’d be a terrific advisor.

    “#43 August 11, 2011 at 11:29 pm
    Mike commented:”

    awww, mikey’s tired, and needs to go to bed.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Question for Mr. Gateway: You said Gingrich slammed the “liberal media.” Did you not see the icon in the bottom corner of the screen that says FOX News? I don’t have to tell you that FOX News is conservative. For someone like you–who apparently couldn’t tell that the debate was produced by FOX News–maybe you don’t know FOX News is conservative. Anyway, just a summary, FOX News reports the truth about Obama and his failed policies. FOX hosts fight Obama’s failed policies and criticize them, and FOX employs conservative hosts and analysts such as Sarah Palin, John Bolton and Newt Gingrich, among others.

    Okay, so FOX isn’t 100% conservative. They do employ Newt Gingrich, who supported cap and trade while sitting on a love seat with Nancy Pelosi on Al Gore’s commercial. Newt is one example of a liberal they bring on for balance. So perhaps that is where Gateway came up with the misconception that FOX is liberal–when he saw Gingrich on there.

    On the other hand, FOX’s question was: A lot of staffers quit, your campaign is having trouble, so why should you be selected to run the campaign against Obama? Considering that the premise of the question was true–a lot of Gingrich’s staffers did all quit on the same day–it would be kind of wrong to consider the question a “got you” question, and Wallace completely obliterated Gingrich when Gingrich did the typical politician thing and tried not to answer the question by whining.

  • arnonerik

    You have to cut Wallace some slack. He was just following orders (no matter what it meant to his journalistic integrity and credibility).

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The analysts agreed after the debate that this was a good night for Newt.

    But not good enough to make him the go-to guy.

  • gary gulrud

    #47 ” I don’t have to tell you that FOX News is [Republican].”

    There, fixed it for ya Johnny. Try to keep up.

  • gary gulrud

    ” Wallace completely obliterated Gingrich”

    Stuff and nonsense. Wallace lamely rebutted Gingrich was dodging a legitimate question on “his record”, a blatant misrepresentation of asking him ‘what is a loser like you doing here’.

    Wallace was, again, unprofessional, deprecating and snide.

  • Old One

    Chris Wallace is another idiot little turd faux jwhorenalist , the son of a old cBS pile of steaming left-wing scat shoveler. Too bad Gingrich who has always been the whipping target of the lib commie dominated media sold out to DC’s Georgetown cocktail & canape crowds go along to get along repubics & couldn’t keep his fly zipped. He would have made a great president. He despite genius, super debating skills & vision he has debased himself to nothing more than a serial philanderer with a silver tongue.

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  • Rose

    Bill Clinton, Jr. REDUX.

  • Bob Z

    Thats the Newt I like to see. Chris Wallace and Fox News don’t mean much anymore

  • Rose

    IF Fox is so Republican, why is it so RINO?

    Just BARFING!

    For instance, how much have you heard from Fox News about the Flight 93 Crash Site TRIBUTE TO THE MUSLIM TERRORISTS of 9/11 OPENING THIS VERY SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 FROM FOX NEWS!!! RED CRESCENT PROPERLY ORIENTED TO MECCA!!!

    Despite Millions UPON MILLIONS of American Citizens who have avalanched the govt to halt that DESECRATION.


    DIM LYTE is ALL you can say about FOX!

  • greywinter

    IMHO … by the way, great comments all around ….
    Sarah Palin is, I hope, going to knock the wind out of all these pseudo-intellectuals, and give the country back to us, the supposedly uninformed.

    Nevertheless, I’d vote for Lucy or Ethel (my sweet Jack Russel Terrier gurlz) long before I’d vote for the Liar in Chief. Thank God I’m not in the military any more, those poor guys…and gals … who have to follow orders from the enemy within.

  • Kathi

    Newt would make an awesome press secretary! Chief executive–not so much. Look at his record as speaker. He’s an idea man, but he can’t get it done.

  • Mark S.

    okay, i’m feeling like the outsider here… cause to me ,he got asked something LEGITIMATE (or was on it’s way to being legitimate) and he considered it a gotcha moment?

    And he did it not once, but twice. I’m with JD@#47… Hey Newt, you’re having problems running your campaign, with people who don’t like how you’re running things… so what’s going to happen IF you’re elected president and Congress doesn’t like how you’re doing things there?

    Newt gave some good responses (I loved his response on the “Super-Committee”..) but Newt was pissed that he wasn’t the top-dog already on the panel, and he had to blame someone for it, other than himself.

    To me, he came across (as he has before) as the inside the beltway type (other than the aforementioned super-committee stuff), who seems to think he knows how to be on the inside and the rest of us peons should just shut up and let him say what he wants with no reprisal.

  • Matthew Hollister

    A career-compromising rebuke! Wallace should have apologized, if he didn’t think of himself as so superior.

  • Gary

    Mark S.
    I’m glad you posted first. I was about to say, I’m shocked the entire forum seems to have seen it the same way. It looked opportunistic and pathetic to me.
    Newt’s fake umbrage reminds me of a liberal and it looks like he couldn’t wait to say “gotcha question”. It was like he didn’t even need to hear the question. And I thought it was a legit question. The first time it was about his campaign staff all quitting. Don’t forget it happened twice, and staffers cited differences of opinion on how to run the campaign. If he can’t even run a campaign staff, how can he run a country? Maybe all of us will be wanting to “quit” if he does become prez.
    And like somebody said, he’s prone to showing his liberal side all too often.
    On the couch with Nancy
    right wing social engineering
    The first to standout examples that come to mind.

    I thought he came off as defensive and disingenuous.

    Bachmann fielded every question beautifully, and I only thought for a short moment after the “submit” question that she was about to have a gaffe. She looked dumbfounded for a few seconds. But she did great, and she was also good reminding us how liberal Pawlenty has been as gov of Minn.

    Ron Paul had me so furious with his naive approach to Iran that I was yelling at the tv. Why is he still in it? He boxed himself into an ideological box a long time ago and now he is constrained from making common sense answers because he knows he will be called out for the contradictions. So instead he goes hard line every time. He’s like Nancy Pelosi on the right, except his views went off on a tangent.
    By the way, note to Ron Paul: Have you ever heard the term OTM? Iran doesn’t need an ICBM to hit us with a nuke, dumba$$.
    Note to Huntsman: So you wanna run on your record. Fine by me. You gonna stand by the love note you wrote to Obama when he got elected as well?
    Rick Santorum did better than usual, but he can’t seriously think he has a chance at this.
    Romney almost made me forget he is a complete RINO. Good salesman.

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  • djmcs11

    Chris Wallace the “liberal media”?!??!

    Jfc, just go mow down a bunch of kids or Muslims at a summer camp. Get it over with now. Save us the suspense.

  • owl

    Could I please borrow some of Newt’s ideas and use him as the debater, while I vote for another? At times he is the BEST and then he makes me so mad I could spit.

    Michelle did okay but can’t help but love Cain. Somebody must use this man after 2012 because Repubs need his lovely humor and clear thinking.

  • Patty

    Newt was precise and gave some real informative answers. He really got to the point and I felt he made some points. I am not sure if he will be the Republican candidate.

    I don’t there there are voters who will vote for him as he as had his turn and some remember his flaws. His campaign doesn’t seem strong enough to beat Obama.

  • Big Dawg

    We will see a different field when our lady of liberty Ms. Sarah and Perry get into the
    debates and at that time the field will make or break, i pefer the latter to be on
    the safe side….

    I’m sure Mrs. Palin will make up her mind this weekend and we will soon see the Mitten’s
    faith “Gone with the Wind” with Perry or Palin to overcome and be the front runners by
    september 11 2011 as the big day……..

    I will say one thing and that being, Newt is the best debater and could blow this imposter
    and the Wizard of Uhhs Barry Hussein away like a sparrow in a hurricane in any debate…

    I just hope and pray i don’t have to hold my nose to vote for another Republican, but hey,
    the last Democrat and only Democrat i ever voted for was JFK and i admit, i had regrets for
    that decision later……

  • Joanne

    Newt is smart and a fighter. I don’t like all his ideas, but he could take on Obama and wipe the sidewalk with him.

  • Chelie

    I thought this was a legitimate question, and because Newt had the stats about Reagan’s (and somebody else’s whom I cannot remember right now) campaign staff , it clearly was NOT a ‘gotcha’. He expected it to be asked, and had a ready comeback. He was just using it to look like a fighter and not the RINO establishment guy that he is.

  • aprilnovember811

    THANK YOU NEWT!!!! You did great!!!! The American people thank you!

  • aprilnovember811

    You’re wrong. It means nothing to the shape this country is in. It means nothing about our founding, or our Constitution. It means nothing about the survival of our country. Personally, I want more questions asked about the limits of the Federal Government according to the Constitution. How is that relevant as to whether the Federal Government is acting unconstitutionally on a daily basis. I want to know who is going to shut down these unconstitutional agencies who are issuing laws. CONGRESS IS THE ONLY ONE WITH AUTHORITY TO ISSUE LAWS. I WANT THE EPA, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DEPARTMENT OF SPAGHETTI SHUT DOWN. THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. WE STILL HAVE THE CONSTITUTION, AND YOU HAVE NO PLACE IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW IT. THAT MEANS LAYING OFF THOUSANDS OF UNCONSTITUTIONAL EMPLOYEES!! THEY HAVE TO GO.

  • So your gay and a bigot eh Mikey thanks for the info , Now run along don’t keep Bwaney waiting………

    And on a more serious note….Bigkahuna…Could not have said it better, great posts…Newt won the debate by a mile…..

  • Chelie

    #72 April, I was commenting on the topic of this thread, which is Newt’s reaction to Wallace. The topic is NOT about your questions.

    And stop shouting, please.

  • TigerEyes

    The Media sounds like TMZ looking for the latest gossip. I’m happy Gingrich blasted Wallace, he deserved it!
    Cain People, please do some serious research! This man is for affirmative action. He has a few very clever ways to say he is not for it while he obviously is for it. His older articles in the Atlanta Journal are more telling. He says No he is not for it however, he does not see how anyone can disagree with LEVELING the playing field! Hello! Leveling the playing field IS affirmative action. After Obama I trust no one until I verify!

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Re: #45 Gary

    #47 ” I don’t have to tell you that FOX News is [Republican].” Fixed it for you.

    Whatever your point is, FOX being Republican or conservative is the same thing. Republicans support conservatism as their ideological basis. True, there are some Republicans like liberal Newt Gingrich who stray somewhat and support cap-and-trade and partner with Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore to push for cap-and-trade. I get your point, and FOX News employs Gingrich (they are certainly not biased towards him), but on the whole FOX is a conservative network, Gingrich aside.

  • Robinson

    I don’t like Newt but man, that was awesome and about time someone put the media in their place.

    For those of you who like Bachmann I just want to say this. I used to like her too but when she voted to extend the Patriot Act she screwed each and every one of us and showed us her true colors. I’m sorry, but if you say you are for small government yet you vote to keep the worst affront to the Constitution and American liberty in play, you are a LIAR.

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