Libs Whine About Tea Party – Say Obama Had Successful First 2 Years

Liberals are out in force today whining about the latest debt plan. The left is very upset that they weren’t able to pilfer more money from the American taxpayer to pay for their broken programs.

Paul Krugman announced: “The President Surrenders”

And, Peter Beinart whined about the tea party and then goes on to discuss the success of Obama’s “reasonably successful” first two years.
Talk about crazy – This was nuts.
Yahoo reported:

While the details of the debt ceiling deal remain fuzzy, this much is clear: Barack Obama may be president, but the Tea Party is now running Washington. How did this happen? Simple; this is what American politics looks like when there’s no left-wing movement and no war.

Let’s start with the first point. Liberals are furious that President Obama agreed to massive spending cuts, and the promise of more, without any increase in revenues. They should be: Given how much the Bush tax cuts have contributed to the deficit (and how little they’ve spurred economic growth), it’s mind-boggling that they’ve apparently escaped this deficit-reduction deal unscathed.

But there’s a reason for that: since the economy collapsed in 2008, only one grassroots movement has emerged in response, and it’s been a movement of the right. Compare that with what happened during the Depression. In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt assumed the presidency and launched the hodgepodge of domestic programs that historians call the first New Deal. By 1935, however, he was looking warily over his left shoulder at Huey Long, whose “Share our Wealth” movement demanded that incomes be capped at $1 million and every family be guaranteed an income no less than one-third the national average.

At the same time, the Townsend plan to guarantee generous pensions to every elderly American had organizers in every state in the union. To be sure, FDR had vehement opponents on his right, but he was at least as concerned about the populist left, which helps explain why he enacted the more ambitious “second new deal,” which included Social Security, the massive public jobs program called the Works Progress Administration and the Wagner Act, which for the first time in American history put Washington on the side of labor unions.

Obama, like FDR, had a reasonably successful first two years: a stimulus package that while too small for the circumstances was still large by historical standards and a health care bill that while subpar in myriad ways still far exceeded the efforts of other recent Democratic presidents.

First of all, no matter how hard the media tries to rewrite history they can’t hide the fact that the Bush tax cuts were a tremendous success. During the Bush years, despite the 2000 Recession, the 9-11 attacks, the stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush Administration was able to reduce the budget deficit from 412 billion dollars in 2004 to 162 billion dollars in 2007, a sixty percent drop.

In 2004 the federal budget deficit was 412 billion dollars. In 2005 it dropped to 318 billion dollars. In 2006 the deficit dipped to 248 billion dollars. And, in 2007 it fell below 200 billion to 162 billion dollars. During the Bush years the average unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, the economy saw the strongest productivity growth in four decades and there was robust GDP growth. Bush did this with tax cuts.

And as far as those “resonably successful” first two years…
Obama triple the national deficit in a year.

(The Captain’s Comments)

Obama spearheaded a failed trillion dollar stimulus project. He’s the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. The GDP is sinking like a stone in water. And, thanks to his failed leadership, his party lost in the biggest landslide election in 60 years.
That’s what a leftist calls “reasonably successful.”

The far left is just crying because they have no answers to the current economic challenges. Keynesian economics have failed and the American public is no longer willing to allow these crooks to continue their binge spending.
They are out of ideas… And they are furious.

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  • Carbon Pootprint

    They still got what they wanted. We’ll be 24 trillion or more in debt 10 years from now and the country will be destroyed.

  • kansas

    Define “success”.

  • discuss the success of Obama’s “reasonably successful” first two years.

    He was VERY successful. How?

    Breaking the back of the US economy.
    Spending trillions of taxpayer money to reward friends and punish enemies.
    Ignoring the rule of law.
    Installing unaccountable apparatchiks in every part of government.
    Destroying the ability to recover fossil based fuels.
    Passing legislation to enslave American’s and turn this country into a full on police state.
    Hamstring our military and making it easier to kill our troops thru rot like ROE.
    Allowing Mexicans to swarm over our border unopposed and empowering the likes of La Raza and ACORN to turn them into voters.

    The list goes on, and on, and on.

    I would say by the definition of Marxists, traitors and the internationalists, Barry has done a bang up job.

  • big L

    But obama still gets the det ceil increase and that assures his re-election imo. It is his “walking-around-money’ writ large. Why continue to repeat a failed concept of $Trillion spendings whoev characterized? It takes a human being counting 1…2..3.. like that, 32,000 years to count to a trilliuon. and theis is being bandied about as a normal description of money.
    The distance to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, is 10 liught years away or 5.68 (looked it up) trillion miles. so we shout have deficits of 1/3 that much? Trillions should be used to measure distance to stars not how much we owe.
    Like the Joker said in Batman: “we’ve been ratted out, boys.”

  • chewydog

    Peter Beinart has always been a whiner. It amazes me that anyone posts his drivel.

  • succotash

    I think and it’s just my humble opinion that the whining by these libs is just for show . This debt ceiling increase just ensures O time to get through the 2012 election with no debate about his huge spending practices and we all know how that is going to go. There were 22 in congress that actually did what they were sent to do and that is say NO. We will see how this plays out but I really don’t think it will bode well for the American people. I hope I am wrong.

  • Major Kong

    This is no victory for conservatives. Looks like the wheels are going to have to fall off. Absolutely disgusting. Only a matter of time before govt is going to need all that money in privately held retirement accounts.

  • cal rifkin

    # 7 — Agreed, you hit the nail on the head. Another victory for the Marxists and the redistributionists…If all we can do is slow the rate of growth a smidgen, then the great victory last fall wasn’t that great….Hopefully it’ll get voted down.

  • Good stuff sir, linked @ RR…

    The Debt Deal, Simplified:

  • Gary

    …despite the 2000 Recession…

    I prefer to call it the Clinton recession.

  • jpehrlich

    Bienert fails to mention that there was a “fifth column” in the US at the time of FDR: A soviet sponsored “socialist” movement in the country that was organized and financed to get the most traction using the labor union movement. This was the “pressure from the left”.

  • Larkin

    In this Orwellian world, reality is what the media says it is…at least to the great unwashed.

    If they say obama was successful, we’re all racists, bigots and liars for disputing that with facts and figures.

  • tarpon

    What did the tea party win? All we did is not lose.

    Kick the can is now hurting the foot.

  • But you see, he has been a very successful President. It just depends on what your definition of “Success” is.

    Under his watch, the Democrat House and Senate rammed through a socialized medicine plan guaranteed to remain rooted into the very fibre of the government forever due to the millions of dependent voters it will generate.
    He supported and guided a massive increase in government spending, channeling billions of dollars to his supporters, making any Obama campaign contribution pay back a thousand-fold or more. And once government spending increases, its almost impossible to get it back down to the original level.
    Through new regulations and freezing the permitting process, he has hamstrung the Evil Oil companies attempts at drilling in the US, which will make the job of forcing us all into teeny-tiny battery powered golf carts that much easier, and allows billions of dollars of revenue for his foreign supporters.
    His policies have “broken” capitalism in the US, leaving him free to “fix” it with more regulation and taxes

    So by any normal definition, his presidency has been a disaster. But to the New Soviets, he has been an amazing success.

  • Militant Conservative

    Shut it down. We the people might need to have

    A constitutional convention, after throwing ALL

    Politicians out of office.

    Powder is dry

  • Hedgehog

    Don’t take all this whining seriously. Behind closed doors corks are popping. Boehner has successfully led the opposition up a blind alley, and they all know it. This whining is designed to distort history, throw everyone off guard and to ameliorate their base, who by and large do not understand any of what is going on.


    kiss america goodbye with the crap that continues to spew from the idiotic left’s mouth…their destruction and progression to socialism/marxism will be closer to being accomplished if the kenyan fraud gets 4 more years

  • Major Kong


    Amen, brother. Barry the Bolshevik has been successful beyond any dreamy-eyed Marxists fantasy. Just imagine what will happen when he gets just ONE MORE Supreme Court justice.

  • burt

    There are no cuts. Obama raids the bank again. Awaiting the rating services to drop the treasury notes to junk bond status. Buy more gold.

  • Joeypanto

    Another Beinart denial:
    “Historians will long debate why the financial collapse of 2008 produced a right-wing populist movement and not a left-wing one.”
    Well Peter it is because the right understands that the left CAUSED the collapse with socialist housing policy. Even that NYTimes writer whose book on Fannie-Freddie exposed Democrats’ central and dominant role in the bubble understands that there ain’t no free lunch.
    Now that the free lunches of the welfare state are ending, they are crying foul. Well it’s their leadership’s economic beliefs that are foul. Beinart says the TeaParty’s belief in cutting spending is “theological”. No, Petey, it’s rational, it is how we survive. Human tribes who best allocate resources survive. Individual trade best allocates resources for technological progress and aggregate survival, it’s a scientific fact. Keynesianism was a scheme by the left to buy votes with the right’s money, and now the right is finally rebelling because the economy is finally contracting because of leftist sabotage. It’s about time.

  • We have their Alinsky playbook. They can’t run roughshod over us any more.

  • “Simple; this is what American politics looks like when there’s no left-wing movement and no war.”

    Last I checked, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on, along with the new war in Libya.

    Mr Bienart means that unpopular wars with a Republican president are great for liberals because of all the enthusiasm they generate-the same war under a Democrat president is no war at all.

  • Ella

    Why we let pResident IWon WTF get away with not having to deal with this issue again prior to the election is beyond me. That was a no-brainer. Why in the world would we ever give this punk the chance to buy another four years?

  • The Triguy

    “Given how much the Bush tax cuts have contributed to the deficit (and how little they’ve spurred economic growth)”

    What is it about Libs that they don’t understand that the “tax cuts” we got from Bush was just letting us keep more of our money! They just don’t understand that what I earn doesn’t automatically belong to them and they don’t have a right to take whatever they deem necessary. And that’s why they just don’t get the TEA (Taxed Enough Alreday) Party!

  • coolidgerules

    Militant Conservative commented:
    Shut it down. We the people might need to have

    A constitutional convention, after throwing ALL

    Politicians out of office.

    Powder is dry

    MC- been thinking this for about a a year. This is theater of the absurd

  • Major Kong

    #23 August 1, 2011 at 10:01 am Ella commented:
    Why we let pResident IWon WTF get away with not having to deal with this issue again prior to the election is beyond me.

    Despite all of their bluster, old-line republicans (rinos) don’t want to have to deal with this (debt ceiling) again either before the election. They’re well aware that the so-called MSM will spin it and turn it back on them. With newly elected tea party republicans, who are not willing to simply stand there and be bi*ch-slapped, you have to wonder why they have been muzzled.

  • Vixen

    IWonWTF has been “reasonably successful” at ramping up the destruction of this country.
    Check out “Cloward-Piven Paradise Now?” here:

  • Robert

    “Simple; this is what American politics looks like when there’s no left-wing movement and no war.”

    No wars? Try telling that to the families of the fallen.

    This is what “journalists” look like when they have the presidency.
    They become a bunch of yes-men.

  • #24 The Triguy,

    You must be one of those Teahadists!

    /Stolen from some libturd moron (but I repeat myself) over at one of the Bigs.

  • dunce

    The lefts plan was to continue a bacchanalian spending spree while drunk with political power while legislating perversion and saddling future generations with the bill for their orgy.

  • mercador

    I thought that Republicans in congress were just scared and really had no guts, but I really think that they have been bought. There is a reason why most of these politicians leave their jobs with a pocket full of goodies at the taxpayers expense. Why would anyone of them want to spoil that gold mine. I realize that the Tea party people are the only ones that see the coming danger that will really get us all. Only God can help us now, if we would only turn to Him. I think I will just trust Him to take care of it, because if He can’t, it will not get fixed.

  • StrangernFiction

    I think and it’s just my humble opinion that the whining by these libs is just for show


    The more clever libs (emphasis on more) know where their bread is buttered. They are simply giving their RINO comrades cover.

  • Swifty

    ObamaCare has been a roaring success for this president. tic

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  • Gary

    Big L
    The distance to the nearest star is only about 93 million miles 😛

  • Dave616

    I know this is a little off topic…. but along the same line when you talk about the fleecing of the American Public.

    Question: Anybody hear of Bill HR 4646 ?
    This Bill will allow the Federal Government to assess a 1% transaction fee on all banking transactions at any financial institution. (A transaction is either: deposit, withdrawal or transfer, including all Debit Card swipes)

    I haven’t been able validate – therefore, just wondering if anyone else has heard anything regarding this Bill 4646?

  • Gary

    But seriously,

    come on, it’s a head fake. That aren’t that many plays in the Dem playbook. We should know them all pretty well by now. The Dem media and punditry are out complaining about the rip off that the deal is. Once it is passed, they’ll suddenly “discover” that actually the deal is to their advantage, and we didn’t actually get anything we wanted. Then they’ll “realize” that Reid and Obama put one over on Boehner.
    And Obama will be the hero when it’s all said and done.

    Don’t ever look for validation from the LSM. Firstly, they’re not on our side, so they’ll lie to prop up their guys. Secondly, they’ll lie to make us think we’ve won an issue while the Dems work frantically to turn it to their advantage.
    Happens over and over.

    That’s why we don’t need Boehner as the speaker. He didn’t sweep in an electoral victory in 2010, Bachmann and the Tea Party did. Bachmann should be Speaker. She wouldn’t have sold us out this way.

  • bg


    something is so NOT making sense here, they (the usual Dem & Rep
    suspects) CONDEMN the Tea Party, now they CREDIT the Tea Party..

    A Tea Party Triumph

    The debt deal is a rare bipartisan victory
    for the forces of smaller government.

    ergo, what are they setting The Tea Party up for?? to blame, shame, or
    are they co opting the TEA PARTY the way the MB did in Egypt?? *sigh*


  • The infallible sign that this is the best possible compromise for both sides is that
    neither side likes it completely.

    It is without doubt a great triumph for the Tea Party and the fiscal conservatives.
    Their complaints should remain as political posturing without taking it further. The
    unquestionable truth is that in the short period of nine months (Nov-July) they have
    managed to reverse the policy of the Executive and the Senate from how-much-can-we-spend
    to how-much-can-we-cut.

    They fought this battle with one division (the House) against three division (Senate, Presidency and the Fourth power) and won. If they don’t overplay their hand and instead now gather their forces for the real battle in November 2012, a more conclusive solution can then be effected. Without winning the White House and the Senate in 2012 all is for naught.

    We warn the Tea Partiers – at Robbing America in our piece “A Minority Tea Party Beats Superior Forces” – to be aware that more mistakes can be made in triumph than in defeat.

  • No leftwing movement and no war? What is this chucklehead talking about? I would like to visit this planet of Beinart someday though not stay long.

    I don’t think, as some have said above, that the weeping and wailing is contrived. Sure The Deal increases debt astronomically today for a vaporous bundle of spending cuts on Tuesday is of no real benefit to our fiscal situation but it is less damage than they would prefer to inflict. As Obama long ago revealed in his attitude on the capital gains tax; that higher rates were crucial for “fairness” regardless of the revenues, higher tax rates and the devastation they will deliver is all part of dragging the US down to the global median for a start and putting us in indenture as a final solution.

  • truth teller


  • StrangernFiction

    #38 August 1, 2011 at 11:01 am
    bg commented:

    Just part of the sell bg. Who you gonna trust, us the professional politicians or your own eyes.

  • bg


    S F #42

    re: [Just part of the sell bg. ]

    albeit i consider that given, thanks for pointing it out..

    they are screwing the Tea Party Movement over in much the same
    manner the Freedom & Democracy Youth Movements in the Middle
    East & Africa are being skewered by the Muslim Brotherhood.. 🙁

    [not that the MB isn’t “in the house” so to speak]


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  • AuntieMadder

    Successful at what? Is the destruction of the economy what the entire left wanted? And all this time, I thought that was the goal of just Barky and a few dozen of his cohorts and the rest of the lefturds were just their useful idiots. Looks like I was wrong.

  • bg


    A M #45

    re: [Is the destruction of the economy
    what the entire left wanted? ]

    why yes.. yes.. yes.. yes.. it is..

    [btw, that was just a sample]


  • bg


    re: #48

    oh yeah, Islamic (fitb) also have NWO plans, not to mention Global
    Warming, uh, Cooling, i mean Climate Change vies via, MO, go fig..

    /green sarc/


  • xqqme

    Over a trillion dollars in 2012 descretionary spending is a disaster

  • Molon Labe

    I can see why the Marxists of the world would yell this from the rooftops.

  • Charles

    Obumbles did what every liberal has ever wanted. to destroy this country. and they have pretty much put this country on that course.

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