Left-Wing Politico Asks: Is Rick Perry Dumb?

Liberal Media Asks: “Is Rick Perry Dumb?”
After all, he’s only created half of all the new jobs in America in the past year.

Obviously, at the Politico, experiencing massive success must mean you’re dumb.
What horrible people.

Now, if they asked the same question about Obama at least it would have merit. We’re still trying to decide if he is an idiot for blowing a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus, or if he’s some kind of evil genius purposely trying to destroy the American economy.
But the corrupt media will never touch that.

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  • Ripped

    The only horrible people are ones like GP for repeating the lie. Perry and Texas created the most minimum wage jobs in all 50 states. Over 500,000 people make minimum wage in Texas. What a record of success your Neo-Con boy Perry has.

    The only people dumber than Rick Perry are the Neo-Cons that support him. Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president. In fact, Rick Perry actually served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in the state of Texas that year.

    The answer is YES Rick Perry is dumb.

  • Militant Conservative

    The latter is true not the former.

    Obama’s intent on the destruction of America

    As founded. Obama=evil

  • Militant Conservative

    Hey dumba$$ #1.

    Minimum wage or in Obama’s case no jobs.

    Hmmmmm seems to me a slam dunk.

    Obama, proof that evil socialist do breed.

    Powder is dry

  • Sandy

    Ripped # 1 — Perry’s record as a 3 term Goivernor creating jobs is out there for all to see. He has done a good job for Texas while Obama has spent 1 trillion and has yet to create one job.

    We like the fact that we know where Perry was born. He is a 5th generation Texan who served as a Pilot in the military. He is a tough cookie who has created a business friendly environment for job creation. Perry loves God, Country and our Constitution.

  • Militant Conservative

    Amen Sandy

  • FurryGuy

    #1 August 29, 2011 at 11:06 am
    Ripped commented:

    So having a job is now a bad thing?

    When will idiots like you realize that a minimum wage job is for gaining employment experience and the incentive to better one’s self. The whole canard of a living wage is beyond laughable.

    But keep pushing the lies so even more people can be dependent on the government. We ain’t Socialist enough yet for morons like you.

  • Ron

    #1 Ripped:
    Three possible descriptions of Ripped
    1.) Paulian
    2.) Palinista
    3.) Libidiot

  • DaMav

    Yep, I’m dumb enough to believe that a minimum wage job is better than no job at all. I wish Obama were that dumb too.

    It offers the pride and dignity of a ‘paycheck’, the fact you are earning your own way in the world, not mooching entirely off others like a parasite, and in most cases the chance to learn and advance yourself.

    I’m retired now, and I haven’t worked for minimum wage since I was in my 20s. But it says a great deal that liberals try to smear Perry for creating minimum wage jobs while defending Obama for creating no net jobs at all.

  • RKflorida

    I would tell obambi to his face that he is a lying, marxist, idiot. Not so sure the lefties should do the same with Perry. Just the look on his face tells me he would probably pop you a good one.

  • FurryGuy

    I may have some qualms about Governor Perry and his record, but being considered dumb is not one of them.

    The MFM equates empty-headed higher education with the ability to think. Too bad for them common sense trumps book-learning in the real world.

  • Steve White

    Ripped wrote: Perry and Texas created the most minimum wage jobs in all 50 states.

    Let’s see how we can burst Ripped’s bubble.

    1) Texas has a lot of immigrants, legal and illegal, and they tend to take more minimum wage jobs. That pushes the number of such jobs up.

    2) Texas has a lot of younger workers compared to other states, and younger workers tend to take lower-paying, including minimum-wage, jobs.

    3) Texas at least has minimum wage jobs; New York and California do not. If the choice is a minimum wage job versus unemployment, which one is better? I think it is the former, but I’d be curious which Ripped thinks is better.

  • Mark1957

    Well I do know that there is ample proof that BHO is a moron, here is a sample.


  • StrangernFiction

    He’s smarter than Barky.

  • Steve White

    I think it is something in the water at the DNC; they keep pounding on the ‘dumb fighter pilot’ meme. They did it to Dubya and now are doing it to Perry.

    Any pilot (military or commercial) has to understand: aeronautics, physics, electrical and hydraulic systems, flight information, weather, math, and reading comprehension at a pretty high level. That pilot needs physical endurance and some strength, particularly in a military plane.

    Pilots also have to make judgements, integrate complex information, set and execute priorities (sometimes VERY quickly!), and keep their cool.

    Dang, all that sounds like good training for a future governor. Or president.

    Remind me, what was Mr. Obama’s training for the presidency?

  • No Man

    Inquiring minds (by definition not liberals) want to know: Is Obama dumb?

    Answer: yes.

  • bg


    OT.. ht Jasser; AIFD

    The following report by Daniel Greenfield begins to expose the intellectual dishonesty and corruption of the 130 page report released last week from the Center for American Progress and its Islamists and supporters. The Center’s report among others targets AIFD and Dr. Jasser with the typical unethical smears of guilt by association and sarcastic dismissals and denials with not one iota of any new ground or any substantive critique of our work at AIFD. This so called scholarly report rehashes and reprints most of the screeds from The Nation and Media Matters circulated against Dr. Jasser during the King Hearings in March. While CAP’s funding is “secret” odds are that they are part of the machinery of Soros et.al….

    Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism

    [In a staggering expose, the Center for American Progress has released a 130-page report revealing that organizations which investigate Islamic radicalism are funded by money, not sunshine. One of the report’s authors, Faiz Shakir, was immediately invited to come on Keith Olbermann’s show to discuss this amazing discovery.]

    bit more here..


  • Ripped

    You ignorant Neo-Con’s will settle for anything thrown your way, being better than 0bama is a far cry from what this country needs. 0bama has been creating jobs at McDonald’s and you hypocrites have been all over him for it, but when Perry creates like Jobs as Wal-Mart greeters he’s a hero. Is this what the far right has become, nothing but a bunch of insult hurling inbreds that will settle for anything just to get rid of 0bama?

    Rick Perry has a record that should make all Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents cringe.

    He is not the “conservative Republican” that he is trying to claim that he is. He is simply another in a long line of “RINOs” (Republicans in name only).

    Look, the truth is that another four years of Barack Obama would be a complete and total nightmare. But so would four years of Rick Perry. America deserves better than the “lesser of two evils”. Unfortunately, the American people have been dead asleep and have been sending incompetents, con men and charlatans to Washington D.C. for decades.

    Hopefully you clowns will wake up.

  • FurryGuy

    #17 August 29, 2011 at 11:35 am
    Ripped commented:

    Oh yeah, Paulinista, for sure.

    Oooh, you have so wounded us with your foaming at the mouth rant, pejoratively calling us Neo-Cons. How ever will we get by without your imbecilic wisdom?

  • jeremiah lloyd

    Doubtful Perry created minimum wage jobs as number one panic downer claims. Perry’s average and general numbers for good paying jobs will far exceed other states as well.

    Funny how ripped liberal minds never bring facts and will resort to all types of gymnastics if they have to bring actual statistics and facts. What choice do they have? There is never any truth in their claims.

    Perry’s minimum wage jobs are unlike Malibu’s best month for jobs where MacDonalds hired 60k workers?

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Obama is the DUMBO of the YEAR: #1 At least Perry knows there are 50 states versus 57; and least he knows the spelling between corpseman and corpsman…; and he knows how to spell Libya versus LIBYIA; and he can spell Syracuse versus Sycacuse;Obama Misspells “Advice” in Letter to Fan “”Chicago Sun Times–April 21, 2009: After receiving a heart-felt letter from Michael Powers, who criticized the president for his smoking habit, Obama hand-writes a response, “Michael — Thanks so much for the wonderful letter, and the good advise …obama dumbo has to have a teleprompter every friggin place he goes because he is sooooooooooo dumb!
    Jan. 20 to July 20, 2009: Whether it’s brief introductory remarks or drawn-out policy speeches, Obama doesn’t go anywhere without his TelePrompter. On several occasions, his reliance on it results in some embarrassing moments, such as April 27, 2009, when, speaking to scientists at the National Academy of Sciences, Obama’s TelePrompter soars ahead of him and loses the president altogether. To regain his place, he is forced to completely stop his speech until it’s rolled back. On July 13, 2009 his TelePrompter completely falls apart and shatters on the floor as he delivers a speech on the economy at the White House. His continued use of the device prompts some in the media to dub him the “TelePrompter-In-Chief.” Off-camera, of course!April 22, 2009: Obama flies to and from Iowa, making two trips on Air Force One and four trips on Marine One, burning at least 9,000 gallons of fuel on the 895-mile cross-country excursion. The president makes the trip so he can plant a single tree and deliver a speech on the importance of using alternative energy.

  • dlew

    Apparently intellectual curiosity = rigid extreme ideology.

  • jeremiah lloyd

    I agree with ripped on one thing, he’s a RINO. Immigration hawk is needed, Perry will do an amnesty.

  • jj

    Quite the topic on Morning Mika today. Looking forward to her making herself look like an even bigger idiot when Cheeny is on Wednesday.

  • atticcellar

    Perry is another neocon NWO bankster owned puppet. He will continue the policies of Bush and Obama attacking any nation who refuses to hand over control of their economies to the Rothschilds cartel. Once the cartel have control of a contries central bank that county becomes enslaved and at risk of being brought to their knees for noncompiance to the dictates of the evil fiat moneychangers. Ron Paul is the only one willing to stand against the banksters. Perry may parrot Paul, but the proof is in the voting records.. Ron Paul has proved himself as the only true true patriot on the ballot.

  • FurryGuy

    #24 August 29, 2011 at 11:47 am
    atticcellar commented:

    So your solution would be what? To elect Ron Paul?

    Uh yeah, riiiiiight.

  • Barack Odoacer

    I’m not even going to get near this garbage topic. We heard the same slime in 1980 when Ronaldus Magnus was running. The libs couldn’t repeat enough that the drunken, fat-a** moron Tip O’Neill called Ronnie an “amiable dunce”.

    Don’t fall into the libs’ cesspool. When they fear a conservative, they start calling him/her names and making wacko claims. Take their latest insult about Perry as a sign that he’s solid.

    Keep the faith.

  • bg


    Plumbing the rest of the Perry record

    [“The Gardasil debacle is just one of many concerns a wide range of grass-roots conservative activists have about Perry’s record as governor. He’s soft on illegal immigration despite a few recent nods to border enforcement. He’s prone to crony capitalism. And as the vaccine mandate scandal shows, he demonstrated Nanny State tendencies that are anathema to Tea Party core principles.]

    much more @ link..


  • Von Cracker

    Politico’s left-wing?

    Ha! That’s rich! Unless a majority of their commenters are secret liberal operatives 🙂

    Oh, wait! I see…It’s the ol’ standby: “We’re being ganged-up on” victimization narrative.

    Well that’s ok then! By all means, proceed!

  • James

    I will be waiting for their article, “Is barack obama dumb”. Not.

  • FurryGuy

    #28 August 29, 2011 at 12:02 pm
    Von Cracker commented:

    Comments don’t make editorial policy. The articles Politico chooses to publish or not is why they get the Left Wing moniker.

  • retire05

    Let’s put an end to the Ron Paul/Alex Jones crap that Perry was Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager ONCE AND FOR ALL:

    From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (not exactly a Rick Perry fan):

    “Some of the nation’s best newspapers and fact-checkers have reported that Perry was the state chairman for Tennessee Democrat Al Gore’s 1988 presidential run.


    Perry, then 38, and a Democrat representing a Texas House district stretching from west of Fort Worth to Abilene, was coordinators in ddifferent parts of Texas, according to two other Democrats in the campaign.

    read the rest:


    Perry was NOT Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager. He was one of 27 Texas Democrats who came out in support of Al Gore, unlike John Tower who supported Michael Dukakis.

    The article goes on to point out that it was both Ron Paul, currently [again] running for POTUS and Perry’s opponent in the gubernatorial race that have repeated the lie.

  • Sparky

    Doin’ a Palin on Perry!

  • retire05

    I see that bg is posting the same, tired crap he has been posing for weeks. Washington Post? Hell, they made no effort to try to hide the fact that they are a printed mouthpiece for Obama. Michelle Malkin? She jumped the shark with Pam Geller. Politico? Even conservative bloggers who have no dog in the hunt have quit linking to left wing Politico.

    Next thing you know bg will be linking to DailyKos and HuffingtonPost. Oh, wait, he already did.

  • Patty

    Dumb like a Fox. The only thing the left has is this. REALLY? What a screwball way to attack.

    Seems they just don’t get the fact that under Obama we have over 9% unemployment and over 14 trillion in debt. And under Obama in 3 years as out spent Bush in 8 years, already.

    Yes, the liberal, it is crunch time and their little brains keeping spinning and spinning. Possibly, with a little luck they might hit on something. Something stupid like this maybe.

  • jorgen

    Would Perry (or anybody other than Obozo) need two teleprompters to deliver a 3 minutes presentation of a new advisor?


  • atticcellar

    Perry mandated all young women in Texas recieve the potentially deadly, mercury laced Gaurdisol vaccine. Sounds like Obama’s attempted mandate for all americans to recieve a swine flu shot last year. Of course it does. They both work for the same people..

  • retire05

    #28 Yeah, Politico is left wing.

    In 2008, after the Texas primaries, Politic reported that Obama had beat Hillary Clinton by over 100,000 votes. So, knowing the results from the State of Texas website, I emailed them and told Politico they had it backwards and it was Hillary, not Obama that won by over 100,000 votes.

    I got a tacky email back informing me that Politic DID NOT MAKE MISTAKES.

    The next moring Politic changed its Texas primary results to reflect Hillarys edge, AFTER the caucuses in Texas that were so crooked Hillary filed over 20 complaints about caucus goer suppression. Of course, nothing came of those complaints since Obama won the election. The PUMAs wrote extensively about how the Texas caucuses were rigged.

  • Neo

    “Since the merits of the Law Review’s selection policy has been the subject of commentary for the last three issues,” wrote Obama, “I’d like to take the time to clarify exactly how our selection process works.”

    If Obama were as smart as a fifth-grader, he would know, of course, that “merits … have.” Were there such a thing as a literary Darwin Award, Obama could have won it on this on one sentence alone. He had vindicated Chen in his first ten words.

  • FurryGuy

    #36 August 29, 2011 at 12:27 pm
    atticcellar commented:

    You have some actual proof for such a statement? Otherwise you get written off as a Paulinsta that can’t resist in spreading conspiracy lies.

  • lethargic

    #14 Steve White … THANK YOU!

  • bg


    Democrats explain Perry’s true role in Gore’s campaign

    explains a lot right there.. /s/

    Michele Bachmann to Rick Perry:
    Don’t Write That Acceptance Speech Just Yet

    [Bachmann is far the better known quantity. I didn’t say she’s the better quantity, understand, I’m still window shopping. But listen to her. She doesn’t waffle. She’s minimized her once-trademark “misspeaks.” And — with the exception of that first-she-hates-’em-now-she-loves-’em stance on farm subsidies — she doesn’t vary her positions from stump to stump. With the Minnesota congresswoman, pick an issue, think extreme right clear down the line and you’re there — the Bachmann platform.

    Perry, however, has his pros and cons as a known quantity, or as any quantity — the connest being that he’s a former Democrat. He was actually Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager in the 1988 presidential primaries. So, you have to ask yourself, how conservative could a former Al Gore worker be? (To be fair, Perry did switch parties in 1990.)]

    Rick Perry backed an already-climate-crusading Al Gore in ’88

    [Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have forgotten a thing or two about
    the Al Gore presidential campaign he helped lead in 1988.

    In an interview with an Iowa radio station on Monday, the Republican presidential contender explained his role as the Gore campaign’s Texas chairman by saying that “this was Al Gore before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming.”]

    “Governor (Perry), you were a Democrat, having
    worked for Al Gore as his campaign manager…”


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  • atticcellar

    Bachmann was employed as a fedral tax enforcement agent.. Just what the country needs, Another NWO bankster shill who will use Obamas 1600 new agents to redistribute your wealth to the the teat suckers and elitist/militarist.. Ron Paul is the real deal. Don’t settle for a counterfit ..

  • mcc
  • tommy mc donnell

    #1…its better to collect unemployment checks and food stamps like you hero obama has done to so many people. unemployment checks and food stamps, now thats a sustainable economy.

  • Mikey

    Seriously, who reads Politico? 110% Leftie supporting, Obama loving rag. No thanks.

  • bg


    Ripped #17 August 29, 2011 at 11:35 am

    kudos for telling it like it is..

    the “change” is quite noticeable huh..

    just as the “hope” was the last round supporting
    McCain vs all other candidates pre Palin in 2008..

    Perry is the media selected McCain deja vu..

    also seems to me that GP is not as pro
    TEA PARTY as he’d like US to believe.. 🙁


  • Ripped

    #26 Barack Odoacer

    “Don’t fall into the libs’ cesspool. When they fear a conservative, they start calling him/her names and making wacko claims. Take their latest insult about Perry as a sign that he’s solid.”

    Too late the Neo-Cons on this site are bobbing for apples in the cesspool. If you’re correct that must make Ron Paul extremely solid.

  • Patty

    Politics are dirty. Every party will tries to get momentum from anywhere. Seems is has been the Democrats who have been spinning the Governor’s job numbers. Whether they are minimum wage or not they are still jobs and that is more than this administration is doing.

    These workers are happy to work and they are sitting on a couch waiting for another handout from Obama.

  • Patty


  • daryl

    Rick Perry = next prez.
    politico, malkin, fire-dog-lake, dimocrat underground, and the lefties don’t call my shots. better to gauge him by his Republican voting record at ACU (American Conservative Union) than kneejerk opinion from some blogger who is blowing their pick’s horn.

  • atticcellar

    Rick Perry = NWO’s choice for the finishing off of the good ole USA

  • burt

    Anyone who disagrees with the Communist Party is stupid. Same old, Same old. Nothing ever changes. Well, maybe the name chages. Today they prefer to be called progressives.

  • retire05

    Ron Paul is certifiable. Just ask anyone who worked for his campaigns when he was still sane. Somewhere he jumped the shark. Perhaps Dennis Kucinich had more influence on Dr. Paul that was orginally thought.

    but then, his supports will continue to push the same falsehoods they are getting from Ron Paul’s own web site and from Alex Jones.

    These people need to be insititutionalized.

  • daryl

    I heard a strong rumour that Bill Clinton has endorsed Michelle Bachmann. Thought to myself, now that’s very strange……….

  • maraz

    Michelle Malkin and others are sounding the alarm on Perry…

    Plumbing the rest of the Perry record

    VIDEO: Vetting Rick Perry – Race Based Flash Mobs Up Rise – Michelle Malkin – Fox & Friends – 8-18-11

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Are all so called journalist in DC and NY traitors running cover for their banking masters?

    just asking bahahahahaa

  • maraz

    The media is still pushing us to believe that the frontrunners are either Perry or Romney… and the media never mentions Bachmann unless they want to report something negative. Fox News posted a faux outrage story (over the past weekend) on how Bachmann thinks she’s a Rock Star. Didn’t the media say the same about Palin?

    And now this recent media outrage… check out the videos and tell me if this is worth any outrage?

    VIDEO: Fair? Bachmann ridiculed for cracking G-d and natural disaster jokeAs an aside, it should be noted the media is paying no attention to a Detroit Free Press [Lib] columnist who said Martin Luther King, Jr. sent the hurricane because of racism

  • SacTownMan

    Wow, did you know that a RINO was “a Republican in name only”??

    That Ripped fella is sooo smart!!!

    He even tosses out a “Neo-con” every now and then! What does that mean(sorry I ain’t got no book smarts like you)?

    What a douche bag!!!

  • bg


    FurryGuy #39 August 29, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    re: atticcellar #36 August 29, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Perry says the HPV vaccine he mandated would have been optional

    [What we found: On Feb. 2, 2007, Perry issued an executive order — not a piece of legislation, as he said — requiring the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to adopt rules mandating all girls entering sixth grade to receive a vaccination against the types of HPV, a sexually-transmitted virus, that causes most cases of cervical cancer and genital warts.

    The order included an opt-out “in order to protect the right of parents to be the final authority on their children’s health care.” Perry ordered the Department of State Health Services to allow parents dissenting for philosophical or religious reasons to request a conscientious objection affidavit form. That form, which has been available since 2003, enables parents to enroll their children in public school even if they lack state-required immunizations. It’s automatically granted as long as parents provide all required information.

    According to the Department of State Health Service’s 2008-09
    immunization report, which uses data from kindergarten and
    seventh-grade students at 1,300 independent school districts
    and 800 private schools, 0.28 percent of the students filed
    conscientious objection forms.

    Parents must renew exemption affidavits every two years to maintain
    their validity
    , according to Allison Lowery, assistant press officer at the
    Texas Department of State Health Services.

    We rate Perry’s claim Barely True.]

    just because it exists, doesn’t mean parents are dutifully informed.. i’m
    hoping & praying the parents have been informed of the mandated rule
    set in place.. *sigh*

    btw: Ron Paul may be right about financial matters so to
    speak.. but he’s wrong on just about everything else.. 😛


  • Warthog

    @Ripped and atticcellar

    How do you guys do it? I mean, really. The Internet is abso-zark-ing huge and still you Paulians somehow manage to STINK THE WHOLE PLACE UP!

    Here’s your world, guys, you had your shot four years ago and you lost to John McCain. That’s it. Finito! Done! Rail at us blind “Neo-Cons” all you want, vote Ron Paul to the top of all internet polls (Best ice cream? RON PAUL!), but he had his shot four years ago and got 2% in the primaries. I will use my psychic powers to predict he will do even worse this time.

    And another thing, Ron Paul is a Truther without the balls to come completely out of that loony closet. For that he’s forever a loser.

    (The Revo-LOVE-tion will not be televised…)

  • bg


    daryl #55 August 29, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    i can confirm that..

    yes, you are..


  • owl

    As a MSM watcher, this crap made me so angry I only scanned it. Why sure he is. He ranks up there with George W Bush (ignore his IQ and education please) and Sarah Palin (that self-made little momma without Obama’s creds). Dumb?

    Politico ranks up there pretty high in the pure DEM attack machine. It is the sneakers you need to watch. Colin Powell has been shooting arrows at Cheney. Yep, that sneaky, low down snake in the grass Colin. That double dealing, back stabbing forked tongue America’s sweetheart. That Colin Powell that allowed his office and right hand man to keep Bush under the Plame gun for 3 years, with the help of Andrea Mitchell and friends. Politico was knee deep promoting those lies.

    Is Politico dumb? DEM DUMB.

  • daryl

    when you say you can confirm that, are you saying that Clinton actually did endorse her?
    still sounds very strange but no more so than many of you click and scroll directives I don’t suppose.

  • big L

    Michelle Obama thiks she is brill-yant, wants out and want to run for President. If I were BHO, I’d be careful. She did no look happy on MV and flew separately both ways.
    It doesn’t seem that MO spends much family time, with..the family

  • Daphne

    I dont think Perry is dumb… simply because he is smart enough to give all of you prejudice racist right-winged rednecks what you need to continue to justify your “tea-party” stance.. why not just call it what it is… the political white supremacy group. Oh so what he created so many mw jobs… U see that as right of course because it’s like keepin the slaves on the plantation and they should be grateful, huh? Funny! Now I see where all the scary rns are hiding and venting…

    I think the rest well said by Ripped!

    signed: Proud Socialist (& I’m black too)

  • Patty
  • daryl

    Sorry you feel so bitter daphne. Wish there was some way we could help. But there’s some things even obama can’t change and you listed two of those.

  • Nanna1

    Perry has the left scared. They said Reagan was dumb too.
    I’m sure as a human being, and being governor for three terms, there have been some mistakes made. No one is perfect. But Perry is fighting the EPA. He wants drilling for oil to go on at every available place. He is totally against the Global Warming agenda. He is for lowering taxes, and giving companies incentives to set up shop in the united states and not China, and Mexico. He has made a law in Texas, for instance, that gives the rights for Texans to use incandesant light bulbs if they are made in Texas, now he is trying to find someone to make them in Texas. He is for freedom of religion, not from religion.
    Don’t let the left and the media pick our man again. We start believing the trolls and we end up with a Huckabee, or Mc Cain.

  • Warthog

    signed: Proud Socialist (& I’m black too)

    and unemployed.

    (But that’s Barrack’s new economy in action…)

  • bg


    dary #64 August 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    no, i mean you consistently make strange comments and never
    provide a damn thing to back them up, ergo, you are strange..


  • Patty
  • Sandy

    If dropping your G’s makes you dumb than Obama must be retarded. Course he only G drops this when’s he’s trying to be a Populist. Ah the many accents of Obama.

  • daryl

    I just don’t link to my own comments as some do for verification.
    can’t argue with that google search engine. some swear by it’s accuracy. so I “googled”
    “clinton endorses bachmann” and lordy lordy, my oh my, there were 1,440 hits “verifying” the rumour.
    so click and scroll to your hearts content.

    bill clinton announces support for bachmann – Google Search


  • Sandy

    #46 August 29, 2011 at 12:56 pm
    Mikey commented:
    Seriously, who reads Politico? 110% Leftie supporting, Obama loving rag. No thanks

    How smart is Politico to continue to support a man who had destroyed this country? It wasn’t entitlements that did this to us — it was this guy from nowheresville who thought he could part the waters. Does Politico also believe that space aliens are angry with us for not believing in man made Global Warming? NASA has a report stating this. Getting more Twilight Zonish by the minute. Who’d a thunk it?

  • maraz

    @ Nanna1 #69 August 29, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    Trust me… Perry is No Reagan

    Think ObamaCare is bad? Rick “Open Borders” Perry wanted a bi-National plan that would include Mexico

    Does GOP want Perry’s DREAM act too?

    Updated response from Gov. Perry’s Office: Here is an excerpt from a speech Governor Perry gave during the border summit in August of 2001: As a compassionate state, we know that for our children to succeed, they must not only be healthy, but educated. The future leaders of our two nations are learning their fractions and their ABC’s in classrooms all along this border. Immigrants from around the world are being taught in Texas classrooms, and our history is rich with examples of new citizens who have made great contributions. We must say to every Texas child learning in a Texas classroom, “we don’t care where you come from, but where you are going, and we are going to do everything we can to help you get there.” And that vision must include the children of undocumented workers. That’s why Texas took the national lead in allowing such deserving young minds to attend a Texas college at a resident rate. Those young minds are a part of a new generation of leaders, the doors of higher education must be open to them. The message is simple: educacion es el futuro, y si se puede.

    Bachmann is closer to Reagan if you’re looking for true conservatism….

  • maraz

    And then there’s Perry’s Problematic Pals

    Perry has been sucked into the propaganda vortex, and is now wielding his enormous power to influence changes in the schoolrooms and in the curricula to reflect a sharia compliant version of Islam. He is a friend of the Aga Khan, the multimillionaire head of the Ismailis, a Shi’ite sect of Islam that today proclaims its nonviolence but in ages past was the sect that gave rise to the Assassins. Perry has concluded at least two cooperation agreements between the state of Texas and the Ismailis, including a comprehensive program to feed children in Texas public schools and taqiyya nonsense about how Islam is a religion of peace. Another agreement stipulates that Texas officials will work with the Ismailis in the “fields of education, health sciences, natural disaster preparedness and recovery, culture and the environment.” Perry let on that this was all about whitewashing Islam’s bloody historical and modern-day record: “traditional Western education speaks little of the influence of Muslim scientists, scholars, throughout history, and for that matter the cultural treasures that stand today in testament to their wisdom.


    Definitely not a candidate to take seriously — unless you want another McCain-like RINO

  • atticcellar

    For those who rant against the good doctor Ron Paul.. Specifics in your rants please!

  • bg


    daryl #74 August 29, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    hmmm, not only a “rumor”, but a “dirty joke”..

    good going daryl ~ “the obvious misogynist”..


  • USMC Thomas

    How can any candidate compare their intelligence against SØBama’s sealed transcripts.
    Though the transcripts were sealed SØBama’s first day in office didn’t anybody investigate before?

  • SacTownMan

    Ron Paul is a NUT JOB!!

    Is that specific enough??

  • workingclass artist

    I can see 1980 from my ranch…

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • atticcellar

    Once again. Not one single example to give creedance to the words of slander against Ron Paul. Check out his stance on all subjects at ron paul 2012 dot com.. He has a link to all his political stands.. Then you make the call.. Crazy or patriot.. I think you will find the later is the truth..

  • truth about Perry’s “big” job growth = more GOVERNMENT jobs in Texas!!!!!!

    “Total jobs. Texas: Up 0.7 percent since the beginning of 2008. U.S: Down 5.6 percent. Since the recession began, Texas has added about 75,000 jobs, one of the few states with any job creation at all. Overall, the U.S. economy has lost about 5.6 million jobs since then. But net job gains in Texas have come entirely from government hiring, which accounts for 115,000 new jobs over the past three years. The private sector in Texas shed about 40,000 jobs during that time.”

    – from “How Rick Perry Created Jobs in Texas” By Rick Newman at US news

    Yes, Americans were the “stupid” ones to believe all the leftists lies for quite a few decades now…and we’re all desparate to get rid of Obumbles ‘n’ crew… but can we do better than big government, NON t.e.a. party candidate Perry?!?



  • catwoman368

    #66 I get sick and tired of the racism card being played whenever someone is negative about obama. I dont give a rats ass if he is purple, the man is the worst president this Republic has had.The remark about the tea party being white power boogie men is damn right dishonest. The only party of racism is the democrats and they have a long history. Have you looked at the tea party, they are all colors and all they want is stop taxing the hard working citizens to death. The racism comes from those who call black conservatives uncle toms.

  • James

    Rick Perry has my vote.

  • daryl

    Sorry bg. You specifically demanded those links. Is your candidate so thin skinned she can’t stand stand what the leftists are throwing at her? Perry is taking it from the left and from those who should be with him.
    Tell us bg. If he’s nominated are you going to do the “right” thing and vote for him? Or are you going to keep up your “clicking and scrolling” for more dirt? Huh?
    I’ve let it be known I will vote for whomever our nominee might be. Can you do the same?

    Even the liftist CNN sees the writing on the wall.

    New CNN Poll: Perry sits atop GOP field – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs


  • myohmy

    Are our elitist overlord DUMB? Yes.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Ripped is trying to consolidate power for Perry by insulting his supporters so they “circle the wagons” in his defense. WHO is trying this hard to get Perry elected? His record should be FULLY VETTED in terms of his approach to border security, (real) jobs, Islamic encroachment, speaking at the Bildebergers “let’s take over the world our way” yearly meeting, and so on.

    I just don’t get it.

    Rush was going on and on today about Perry, but no one is asking the tough questions.

    It would be just like the One Worlders to put forth a candidate that can produce the “proper” response from conservatives, using the “proper” sound bites. What happens once he gets into office? Don’t know. Maybe he will be accountable to the electorate because of our expectations.

    Still worried about Perry. We are all starving for new leadership and a return to sanity. No bandwagons for me, even so.

    Bachmann creamed herself out of the race this weekend. Paul is a Libertarian. I still like Santorum, but he isn’t getting much play, and everyone knows I still like Romney. Cain seems like a no-go because of his lack of experience.

    My dream ticket(s)? Rubio/West West/Palin Romney/West, Rubio, Palin, Cain (in any order)

    In any case–can people PLEASE stop playing the sound bite game and ask the tough questions? Investigate, because I really don’t want to be taken on another ride.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Not that I voted for Obama . . . it’s just that our country seems like I remember the 80s when I got out of college: NO JOBS, NO JOBS, NO JOBS. The Iranians calling the shots . . . all that stuff.

  • daryl

    Read it and weep lefties.

    Pro-market Perry vaults over Romney in Republican race | Anonymous | Op Eds | San Francisco Examiner


  • Liberals are such cracking smart people.

    ‘The following are the basic principles and axioms upon which all
    public debate must be conducted if you wish to be a true progressive
    and leftist person who cares:

    1. Leftists should be free to call everyone else nasty names, because
    they are so moral, but no one should be permitted to call leftists

    2. For a leftist to call someone nasty names shows social concern and
    awareness. For someone to call a leftist a nasty name back is
    immature and impolite and is avoiding the issues.

    3. When leftists smear others, it is freedom of speech. When critics
    of leftists disagree with the opinions of leftists or question the
    motives of leftists, it is libel.

    4. Leftists need never document their claims All leftist claims are

    5. Whenever a leftist is presented with documentation of facts that
    contradict the leftist’s theology, the leftist must insist that no
    evidence has been presented at all.’…

    The 50 Rules of Leftist Debate


  • daryl

    “In any case–can people PLEASE stop playing the sound bite game and ask the tough questions? Investigate, because I really don’t want to be taken on another ride.”

    Stop the “click and scroll for more” then.

  • MamaGrizzly

    BTW, the media is controlled by a VERY few business owners, and they call the shots. I’m thinking if Perry really was a problem, they’d be digging into all his non-Tea Party actions–borders, immigration, Islamic ties, etc. etc.

    Instead, the whole thing seems orchestrated. My take is that they believe WE ARE dumb. They really do. So are they floating a candidate that “sounds” Right, but will act Left?


    True about Obama’s accent. Always dropping his g’s so he can sound so “of the people.” And if he uses the word “folks” again so he can sound like one of us, I’m going to bang my head on a wall.

  • MamaGrizzly

    daryl: what is the “click and scroll?” sorry


  • MamaGrizzly

    That is great, wolf. LOL

    And now . . . political dissent against the ONE is treason.

    All those pesky terrorist Tea Party people!

  • daryl

    Hey working class!
    Can you see obama picking up jimmuh cahtah’s tool belt and building houses for “Habitatat For Humananity”?

  • MamaGrizzly

    I linked to a link a poster here commented to Michelle Malkin. Is she the only person looking into Perry’s actual record? Pamela Geller had concerns at Atlas–but that’s all I’ve seen.

    Just wondering. I don’t often go to Malkin’s website.

  • MamaGrizzly


    Thanks. Excellent.

  • daryl

    what is the “click and scroll?

    little habit bg picked up. linking to his/her own comments with the instructions to “click and scroll for more”. don’t see how you missed them….. I thought you were bg’s cleanup. thousand pardons if I was wrong.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Man, I must be out of it, and it’s late in the day for more coffee . . .

    bg’s “clean up?

    what is that? : P

  • MamaGrizzly

    #80 August 29, 2011 at 3:20 pm
    USMC Thomas commented:

    How can any candidate compare their intelligence against SØBama’s sealed transcripts.
    Though the transcripts were sealed SØBama’s first day in office didn’t anybody investigate before?


    I SO AGREE with that. I heard a lady on Hugh Hewitt who went to school with Obama–and she said he was a real goof-off. Now? Same. Except he’s a golf-off.

    I want some REAL journalism work done on the candidates. I’m sick of the “show-biz” aspect that is now being peddled as “news.”

    No one knows anything anymore.

    I would hate our side to fall into the same trance.

  • MamaGrizzly

    I think Santorum is actually closer to Reagan. Bachman too, but she wasn’t careful enough. They will smear her to oblivion now.

    Too bad Santorum gets no air time.

  • daryl

    You tell me. You seem to always show up when she tires of linking to her months old comments to bash Perry. Again, if I’m wrong, sorry. Just how it seems.

  • daryl

    #104 in responce to #101

  • daryl

    Kinda like our political primaries huh? Well, I’ve decided.

    Go Rick Perry!!

    The Lovin’ Spoonful- “Did You Ever Have to Make up Your Mind?” (with Lyrics) – YouTube


  • workingclass artist

    @#98 Mama grizzly

    I don’t know if you realize this but as far as “concern trolls” go you sound like those GHWB disappointed supporters admonishing anybody that liked Reagan during the 1980 primary…Cause the rest of us are just too stoopid and immature to read & research for ourselves. You have been down on this candidate since he entered the race.

    Save it.

    You don’t like Perry…Great we get it. Don’t vote for him.

    There are a lot of other people who do like him…or they like the record of Jobs in Texas…Or have their own reasons but your constant condescending screed is getting tiresome.

    As to the other trolls bg,Lisa,maraz & ripped who are spreading the same stooopid liberal smears & you aren’t fooling anybody….you show up at the same sites spewing the same crapola that isn’t dialog…just crap. FAIL

    I haven’t posted any links to smear any candidate in this race…why should I. It’s one thing to vet and discuss and quite another to claim to be a conservative and take down every other candidate but your own….Sheeesh! That’s how the liberals act.

    All Liberals can do is argue emotion and bullshit. If you want a perfect candidate Jesus isn’t running….Sheeesh!

  • workingclass artist

    #97 Daryl

    “Hey working class!
    Can you see obama picking up jimmuh cahtah’s tool belt and building houses for “Habitatat For Humananity”?”

    Howdy. Carter is too cheap to buy Barry a castle burger & nobody lets him near power tools anymore….I see Barry and Meeechelle goin continental on the circuit for failed delusional eurotrash wannabe’s…I mean they’re already doin this on the taxpayer dime..no?

  • workingclass artist

    @#106 Daryl
    “Well, I’ve decided”

    Yeah…commonsense makes things easier doesn’t it? Now he primary can be fun.

    Trolls and Paulbots are out in force.

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • daryl

    working class said

    “I mean they’re already doin this on the taxpayer dime..no?”

    already doing this on the taxpayers dime…. hell yes!

  • workingclass artist

    @#84 LisainNZ

    I really hope your idol Palin jumps in the race…her run will be short but she’ll sell a lot of books.

    Of course I don’t think she’ll run because she looks at the polls and she knows she’s got no traction….in fact she’s losing points in every poll.

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • workingclass artist

    Rick Perry is the only candidate in the race who as beat both a Rove and Axelrod campaign.

    And the media is treating him just like they did Reagan in 1980.

    This race will be about jobs….nuff said

  • workingclass artist

    @103 Mamagrizzly

    “I think Santorum is actually closer to Reagan”

    Except that people don’t really Like Santorum….they just don’t. And now he’s picked up the media whine of Gays are jihading against me…Sheeesh! He’s done.

    People that met Reagan liked him.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #66 daphne…the only political white supremacy group in america is liberal america. keep practicing your selective oppression of white(affirmative action)people to buy the non-white vote strategy. the white liberal is the biggest racist in america. just because you oppress members of your own race doesn’t mean its not racism.

  • bg


    daryl #87 August 29, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    please, jerk off on your own time..

    and stop wasting mine..


  • bg
  • daryl

    nobody wasting your time but yourself bj. “click and scroll up or down that for more” as most of your pathetic tripe directs us to do.. I am on my own time.
    and btw, you’re a filthy minded old sockerdoodle as the line in the play “Our American Cousin”says aren’t you?

  • bg


    daryl #116 August 29, 2011 at 7:35 pm:

    whaaa, whaaa, pay attention to my degrading Bachmann,
    don’t click on bg’s links and maybe learn something, no no
    no, whaaaa!!


  • daryl

    and aren’t you just so sweet to the Paylins? Why shugah, I’ll bet buttuh woudn’t melt in yo little ol’ mouth, now would it?
    recognise that ol’ down south by way of the great state of Texas sarcasm, bg?

  • daryl

    why honey chile, I nevah sed one degrading thang about yo gurl Bachmann. I jus linked to sum stuff on google same way yew do. yew din’ haf tah “click and scroll for more” if’n yew din wan to, now did ye?

  • bg


    East meets West 🙂


  • daryl


    GOP Mall :: Rick Perry for President 2012 – Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Yard Signs, Hoodies & More


  • Craig

    Is Perry dumb? Oh no, he got you all fooled, he is one smart sliky snake. He’s even better than Obama on fooling people. By the way, Al Gore support Perry and will vote for him…lol.
    Good Grief, what will it take to wake you up folks?

  • daryl

    See the kind of support your Perry bashing links attracts bg? the lefty trolls even think like you.

  • maraz

    Rick Perry and Islam


    14 Reasons why Rick Perry would be a really, really bad President

    And BTW… Texas was in better shape before Perry than now… Texas does well despite Perry since it’s a right to work state… and no state taxes… but leave it to Perry to even downgrade it despite those strengths..

  • maraz

    The media won’t mention Bachmann unless they can slam her for something… so the media is telling you who they are really afraid of. Research her record… she votes pure conservatism. Did NOT vote to raise the debt ceiling despite the pressure from her party. She promised her constituents she wouldn’t raise it and she keeps her promises…

    VIDEO: Fair? Bachmann ridiculed for cracking G-d and natural disaster jokeAs an aside, it should be noted the media is paying no attention to a Detroit Free Press columnist who said Martin Luther King, Jr. sent the hurricane because of racism


  • AuntieMadder

    Of course, Rick Perry is dumb. Everyone with a southern accent is dumb. Except for James Carville, that is. Extraterrestrials with southern accents are the exceptions to the rule.

  • daryl

    You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for links to bash him with now mareazz. bg used that at least fourteen times already. get original for god’s sake. don’t you have an opinion of your own.

  • maraz

    @ atticellar #78 August 29, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I’ll let Allen West speak for me on giving explanations about Ron Paul… I agree with the assessment 1000 percent…

    Allen West- Ron Paul not the guy to be President

  • daryl

    and you madder just like to argue. and we cut carville some slack down south because of mary. you evidently like him for his leftist leaning, clinton ass kissing ways.

  • maraz

    @ daryl #127 August 29, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Try reading the ones posted daryl and you might learn something. But I’m guessing you’re one of the paid people to monitor and herd the sheeple towards a choice in which we have no choice. Either way progressivism wins if the Republican candidate offers the lesser of two evils as the choice.

    I happen to believe that their is a choice better than the lesser of two evils, that conservatism can win. Unfortunately, Perry is only conservative during campaigning time. Try researching his history… his record… instead of criticizing those that do the research. What links have you offered to prove he’s a great candidate?

  • AuntieMadder

    daryl, come back when you find your sense of humor, @$$hole.

    Better still, go get your shoeshine kit.

  • AuntieMadder

    By the way, I don’t know who the [email protected] Mary is and I don’t care. Carville is one weird-@$$-looking libturd.

  • Mama Grizzly

    I agree workingclass re: Reagan vs. Santorum. Rick doesn’t have the powerhouse charisma Reagan had. Nobody does.

    If the gays don’t like Santorum, you can bet they’re making war on him and making his life a living hell as much ad they can.

    Good senator though. Plenty of room there.

    But you already know I don’t thinknPerry is close to Reagan I’m the likability realm.

    BTW you Perry guys are way more nutzy over him than the Palin fans. As an observer, it’s just crazy.

    Still favoring Romney here.

  • Mama Grizzly

    The guys coming out for Perry really sound like Moslems to me. Something in the writing. Or maybe just something in the thinking? They’re just SO arrogant. I’ve battled lots of Moslem operatives on other sites and they all sound kind of the same. Same — as in the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz.

  • Mama Grizzly

    I agree with Craig (here), Malkin, Geller and others who are rightly putting Perry under a microscope and who aren’t liking what they see in terms of a conservative platform.

    I also agree that like Obama, Perry is one smart, dangerous man who is exceptionally good at fooling people. like Obama, he has people eating out of his hand before they truly know anything about him.

    There’s fakery out there. Like a website purporting to be pro-life which turns out to be Soros–“pro-lifers for … (you guessed it) Obama!

    It is not at all beyond the Left to run a stealth candidate. So far, all I’ve seen Perry do is give away freebies.

  • maraz

    @ Mama Grizzly #134

    I had the same exact thought. I completely agree…

  • maraz

    @ Mama Grizzly #135

    You nailed it… I like the way you think…

  • Mama Grizzly

    One last thing– when Rush keeps saying “the Left will always tell you who they fear” ( by bashing the conservatives) don’t you think they’ve picked up on that?

    So… if they “bash” Perry, or seem to bash Perry, then all the Tea Party conservatives will think Perry is the ONE they fear.

    What if he’s not who he’s claiming to be. None of his followers here say anything about his ties to Islamic agenda-pushers, borders, Bildeberger speaking, State vaccines etc.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Apologize for the typos. Phone. Doesn’t let me scroll up to check.

    Reagan always said to “Trust, but verify.”

    Extra important this time, methinks.
    Thanks maraz.

  • bg


    Mama Grizzly #138 August 29, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    i think you’re giving Rush way too much credit,
    the Tea Party doesn’t have a god so to speak..

    besides, they aren’t bashing Perry.. well, not yet anyways, and even
    when they do, it couldn’t possibly be any worse tahan what they did
    to Bush for 8 years, and Palin since the first time ever they heard her
    speak (& of all people, sounded like Rachel Maddow may have a crush
    on him)..


  • Mama Grizzly

    Does anyone besides me think first the media was puffing Paul because the thought the Right would go for him — but then they saw they were wrong and they’d be left with Romney against Obama — so then Perry shows up out of the blue? Now it’s all Perry all the time.

    I’m not saying I know–I just find it curious.

    30 years ago we would have had interviews that meant something. Decent debates. I mean people would have been interested in Herman Cain. Now it’s like he doesn’t even exist.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Well that’s the point bg– I think they’re making a pretense of bashing Perry.

  • Mama Grizzly

    daryl & workingclass — can you speak to us re: Islam & Governor Perry?

  • FurryGuy

    Politico asks if Governor Perry is dumb.

    I’m sure Politico would have speculated that Reagan was senile, Bush 41 was clueless about the real world, and Bush 43 was….well we know how Politico regarded GW.

    Just like libdiots declaimed Carter was down-home folksy, Clinton was a political genius and straight arrow, and Barry is the Messiah.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Are you willing to curse the Prophet?

  • maraz

    @ Mama Grizzly #141

    Well — here’s my take on it… I’ve heard Rush say what he says… and I agree with the overall thought… but like bg said… you’re giving the Left way too much credit to think they are smart enough to use reverse psychology on us to that extent. I’m an Occam’s Razor fan which means that usually the simplest explanation is closer to the truth.

    So here’s what I think is going on. I believe the media will bash any Republican candidate. That’s a given… Perry included. But what I find more telling is what the Pundits say… especially the ones that are supposed to be conservative — like Ann Coulter, or Karl Rove, or even Krauthammer. When all of them start telling me that Perry is the only win-able candidate and Michele Bachmann doesn’t have a chance… that’s when I start to apply Rush’s rule. These are the people who are telling us where they want us to go and who they’re most afraid of. These are the representatives and mouth pieces for the Republican establishment (a.k.a. RINO’s Inc.)

    So when they’re constantly citing polls and telling me that Bachmann will soon fade away and that Perry is the rising star… then I get suspicious and that’s when the research tells me who to avoid.

  • bg


    maraz #124 August 29, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    lets also not forget that he’s a ‘prophet’, and
    a Gulen guy amongst yet a few other things..


  • maraz

    @ Mama Grizzly # 141

    Also… one more thought regarding this comment that you wrote:

    Does anyone besides me think first the media was puffing Paul because the thought the Right would go for him — but then they saw they were wrong and they’d be left with Romney against Obama — so then Perry shows up out of the blue? Now it’s all Perry all the time.

    I think you’re right about putting Perry in but again, I don’t think it was because of Paul… I think it was because Michele Bachmann won the Straw Poll in Iowa. And the Republican elite also saw Romney losing his steam. This scared them. She was clearly a favorite and the Republican establishment does not want Bachmann because she has stood up to them in the past. Including standing up to Boehner. She is a true conservative with no progressive bones in her body. They don’t like that.

  • bg


    Mama Grizzly #142 August 29, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    [So… if they “bash” Perry, or seem to bash Perry, then all the
    Tea Party conservatives will think Perry is the ONE they fear.]

    lol, and here i thought you thought the Tea Party could be punked.. 😀


  • Mama Grizzly

    The people behind the scenes on the Left are extremely smart, actually. I’m not talking about the media dolts. But I understand your point.

    I think the Left is running Perry. And we’re all supposed to follow. Everything is just image and hype. Substance? No … the masses are asses and we can win they say, by marketing an image.

    Doing a double-cross is something I would have done as a former Leftist–so I definitelyndon’t put it past them.

    But I generally look for the simplest answer too.

    Still waiting on daryl and working-class to weigh in on my question re: their willingness to curse the Prophet Mohammad.

    Just curious.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Ya lost me bg : )

  • Mama Grizzly

    Agree re: Bachmann. Wish she had watched herself better. She’ll be out within a month.

    You know something funny about me? I actually get really sick of politics and all the intrigue. And I miss Reagan.

    I’m going to get some sleep…

    PS I think the VFW thing is a fake pass too.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Crickets chirping on daryl/workingclass…

  • bg


    re: #140 August 29, 2011 at 9:21 pm bg

    Politico Asks: ‘Is Rick Perry Dumb’, Goes On to Answer, Basically, No

    [I’d look for the following mainstream media narrative on Perry to develop heading into 2012: He’s a whip-smart politician who shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to roping in votes, but that his ideology will stupidly blind him to how there’s undisputable evidence that we need a large and growing federal government to tackle pressing problems.]

    opinions facts do not make.. people really need to be careful of the way
    words are used these days.. talk about taqqiyah!! one pretty damn well
    does need to be a rocket scientist on order to comprehend the depth of
    deception perpetrated upon US via the media et al agenda..


  • maraz

    @ Mama Grizzly # 150

    I wouldn’t put it past the left to do a double-cross either. But I think their strategy is to criticize Perry just enough to tamper down the “likeable” factor – but not to criticize him too harshly so that he doesn’t get elected. I think the left and the Republican RINO’s want Perry elected in the primaries… then in the General… the Left can easily bash him hard… and then they don’t care if the truth about him comes out… so the conservatives won’t have much of a choice at that point.

    So that’s why it’s important to make sure we don’t listen to any of them. But you’ve already seem to be on the same page with that idea.

    And your comments about daryl and working-class to weigh in on cursing the Prophet Mohammad had me laughing. I bet you’re right on that one.

    @ bg…

    good links as always… so I’m gonna repost for those that want to take the direct route instead of the roundabout one… 🙂

    Gov. Perry, Texas Legislators, Gulen-Harmony Schools — by Donna Garner – 6.20.11

    Some lawmakers have second thoughts about Turkey tripsFor Texas legislators, one of the most coveted activities in recent years has been 10-day trips to Turkey, paid for in full or in part by various Turkish American organizations

  • maraz

    @ Mama Grizzly

    Agree re: Bachmann. Wish she had watched herself better. She’ll be out within a month.

    I think you may have misinterpreted my meaning. I don’t think she’ll be out at all… I think she’ll fool them all if people do their homework. The only missteps she’s done are the ones the media has to invent or look for really, really hard. She’s the one they fear.

  • bg


    Mama Grizzly #152 August 29, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    re: VFW

    hmm, like the staged around Iowa event, i’d say, oh what’s
    the word i’m looking for.. ah yes, mighty convenient timing..


  • bg


    maraz #155 August 29, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    thanks, but you forgot to include mcc #119 links..

    FBI Launches Investigation of Gulen and His Movement

    Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools

    Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas

    [posted my own links (some differing) somewhere, but no biggie]

    apologies if any repeats, thank you for your links as well as re-posting
    mine for the crybabies (thought Texans were tough, or maybe they all
    just talk that way).. 😉


  • bg


    re: #158 August 29, 2011 at 10:20 pm bg

    [The secret lay in the meteoric rise and financial clout of the Cosmos Foundation, a charter school operator founded a decade ago by a group of professors and businessmen from Turkey. Operating under the name Harmony Schools, Cosmos has moved quickly to become the largest charter school operator in Texas, with 33 schools receiving more than $100 million a year in taxpayer funds.]

    Texas – Karen Hughes – Gulen/Cosmos Foundation



  • Taxpayer

    The MSM said the same thing about Reagan, and he played them like a fiddle.

  • MamaGrizzly #98

    Perry’s actual record is here.

    Want to know more about Rick Perry?

    James Richard Perry is not perfect but he is nowhere near as bad as some, including conservatives, make him out to be.

    See Reposting: Why Is Pamela Geller Faking Quotes?

  • Also.

    ‘If Senator Rubio becomes the running mate of Governor Perry, which I believe is increasingly likely, President Obama could face his worst electoral nightmare. At the outset, both men are excellent campaigners — articulate, likeable, attractive, and accustomed to winning elections in the diverse and large populations of Texas and Florida. Unlike Republican nominees since Reagan, Rick Perry knows how to work crowds. Perry, like Rubio, has never lost a political race. Although it is a relatively small section of his resume, his time successfully selling Bible reference books door-to-door may be as important as background in running for president.

    Both Perry and Rubio have life stories which demonstrate that the American Dream really works. Perry grew up on a cotton tenant farm in the middle of nowhere and worked hard up every step in his path to success. Rubio’s parents worked in menial jobs so that their son could have a better life. Imagine Rubio campaigning in Las Vegas, where his parents worked like so many Hispanics today, cleaning rooms and tending bars. The greatest impact of these life stories is that the Republican ticket could say just how poor people need not stay poor if government gets out of the way.

    Perry and Rubio are both social and economic conservatives. The left tries to downplay the appeal of social conservatism, but to take just a single social conservative issue, abortion, the latest Rasmussen Poll shows that 55% of Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong while only 30% believe that abortion is morally acceptable and 41% of Americans believe that it is too easy to get an abortion in America while only 14% believe that it is too hard to get an abortion. The vanilla question about whether Americans are “pro-choice” or “pro-life” is meaningless, if Republican candidates have the gumption to ask Obama in a debate whether he believes abortion is moral or immoral — leaving the question of federal policy on abortion aside.’


  • bg


    S. Wolf #161 August 29, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    re: [Want to know more about Rick Perry?]

    please try again for that link..

    unless one of these it is?? 😀


  • JPeden

    Is Obama smart? Well, imagine a pretty good actor in character as a Commie 24/7: great acting but still a Commie pre-Enlightenment Totalitarian failure, and much too boring for anyone with a rational free thought capacity to be able to pull off for more than about an hour. In other words, fun only for the feeble minded.

  • maraz

    @ bg #158

    Thanks for the additional links. I limit myself to posting only two per posting otherwise my comments are in moderation limbo. Haven’t figured out how you manage to post more than 2 links per posting. 🙂

  • LAI

    The question should be “Why are progressives so dumb?” Obama is a progressive genius and Perry is a dumb conservative. Reality shows that Obama is dumb compared to Perry. In other words, a progressive genius is dumber than an dumb conservative. How about the typical progressive? Why are progressives so dumb?

  • LAI

    Some good blogger/writer could have posed questions like:
    Why are progressives so dumb?
    Who are dumb enough to support Obama in 2012?

  • catwoman368

    I was led to this article, Picking at Scabs on the Ship of Fools, at Unified Patriots. I think Kenny Solomon suggested this article. Full disclosure, I am supporting Rick Perry, is he perfect no. The Gardisil issue is like beating a dead dog, it cant get any deader. I refuse to say negative things about the rep candidates because the one that gets the nod has my vote. Go to Unified Patriots and read the article. I never stay home on election day just because my choice isnt the front runner.2008 lots of hissy fit throwing voters stayed home and look what that got us OBAMA.

  • maraz

    @ catwoman368 #168

    So you’re ok with the Gardasil issue… what about the Islamic ties issue, the weakness on borders issue, the softness on illegal immigration issue and granting free tuition to illegals, what about the ObamaCare extended to include Mexico issue? Are those dead dog issues too? Should we give him a pass on those issues as well and just claim they don’t matter? And ignore the fact that we have an option for a great conservative who would support the constitution 1000% in someone like Bachmann?

  • bg

    Sorry. I thought the link was correct. My bad. Here it is. 🙂


  • catwoman368

    My question to you #169 is this. If Perry is the nominee for the gop are you going to stay home on election day? If all your info on Perry comes from alex jones or a Ron Paul supporter believe what you want. Read Picking at Scabs on the Ship of Fools cause I think you are in the rowboat headed for the ship. I get it you dont like Perry, so I guess that means you will stay home on election day, good for you because if obama gets re-elected then you and I need to meet at the OK corral. Perry got his hand slapped with the gardisil issue and I was one of those calling the govs office. Perry is also a friend of Israel. is that a negative with you?*sigh*, *sigh*, *sigh*.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #161 August 29, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    re: Pamela Geller

    Perry and Islam

    of course it’s just another opinion with, thankfully, some facts tossed
    in (and as you already know, there’s much more to be found at links)..

    also an fyi re: Perry & ACORN, bit more here..


  • bg


    why is it ASSumed that anyone who does not favor Perry is going to
    sit on their duff & not vote for him should he be the candidate, we’ve
    a looong ways to go to election day, and i for one REFUSE TO ALLOW
    THE MEDIA TO CHOOSE MY CANDIDATE, like they most certainly did in

    bottom line:

    one would assuredly have to be an idiot not to see that
    the “FIX IS IN FOR PERRY” as it was for McCain.. *sigh*

    until then, i am going to fight for the candidate of my choice..


  • bg


    re: #174

    of my choice = of my choosing


  • bg


    re: #173

    good old career Republicans, including McCain, nearly crapped
    a brick when Sarah Palin took off & almost won it for him.. they,
    along with the dhimmis, have been on her case ever since.. 😛


  • catwoman368

    bg many stayed home in 2008 there was no assuming and yes I get the ASSume but no where have I called anyone an ass on here. You dont care for Perry but Palin is not in yet and I have no problem with others but I know Perry and he is business friendly.and most of all he is not obama. We can pick at scabs and make them bleed but every candidate has issues and have done things we dont agree with. I am simply not going to be negative about them because they are all better than obama. I didnt say you were going to stay home so dont get a hitch in your britches because we probably want the same things for this country and the generations of those still not born. May God have mercy on us all. goodnight

  • maraz

    @ catwoman368 #171 August 30, 2011 at 12:40 am

    I don’t know why you assumed I would sit out the election, but that said, you claim Perry is a friend of Israel. NOT TRUE. Anyone who is a friend of Islam cannot be for Israel.

    I know for a fact that Bachmann is a huge friend of Israel… so don’t understand why you’re stuck on Perry? And as bg stated, I too refuse to let the media dictate that Perry is the best candidate. I happen to be able to think for myself. As a side note – I know a lot of Tea Party people who live in Texas and they are refusing to support Perry.

  • daryl


    TRENDING: New CNN Poll: Perry sits atop GOP field – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs


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  • Militant Conservative

    Geez people, can’t y’all just sit back and

    watch the show? Last person standing gets my vote.

    ABO………anybody but obama.

    Powder is dry

  • daryl

    They are the show.
    Ever see a more politically challenged bunch?
    If their girls don’t get nominated they’ll pick up their toy tea set and go home

  • Ripped

    Militant “WANNABE” Conservative #180

    That statement shows just what an ignorant bunch of sheep you all are. More like the powder is between your ears.

    “ABO………anybody but obama.” Translated=I’ll do whatever my TV tells me to do. Try thinking for yourself for a change!

  • bg #172

    Duly noted. I am from TX so I suppose I support Perry as he is from TX too. At this point I am however not committed to any one candidate, things will shake out before and after the primaries. At least as important an issue as removing Zero from the WH is getting a TEA Party/GOP majority in the Senate. If conservatives control both the House and Senate it matters little who president ABO is.

  • Ripped

    You are obviously a newbie here or you wouldn’t go off on MC like that. Go eat your peas boy and let the adults talk.

  • daryl

    Stick it “ripped” before MC rips out your liver and feeds his dog.
    Just a little internecine squabbling while we decide who best to kick obama’s ass out with isn’t your concern. Hint to the wise should be sufficient.

  • maraz #177

    re you claim Perry is a friend of Israel. NOT TRUE. Anyone who is a friend of Islam cannot be for Israel.


    ‘Believe it or not, Texas Gov. Rick Perry had a hand in preventing those pesky Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotillas” from ever reaching Israeli waters.

    Perry, a devout Christian who loves the Jewish state, has taken many trips to Israel — more than any other Republican candidate, in fact. While on one of those tours, Perry met Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, co-founder of Shurat HaDin, an Israeli law center.

    “I once spoke at a mission that Perry took part in, in Israel,” Darshan-Leitner recently told Commentary’s Alana Goodman. “And he approached me and said, ‘I love what you do. It’s amazing what you do. If you ever need help combating Israel’s enemies, I’m here to assist.’ ”

    Perry made good on that promise in July, when a cohort of liberal activists boarded a Gaza-bound aid boat with the goal of breaching Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza strip.

    Several of the activists aboard the flotilla happened to be Americans, and upon realizing this, Shurat HaDin’s crack lawyers took action, according to Goodman. They charged that the U.S. citizens were in violation of the Neutrality Act, a law that prohibits Americans from participating in hostile acts against allied countries.

    “So we approached the Attorney General of the United States to fix it,” Darshan-Leitner told Goodman. “And we also got Gov. Rick Perry to write a letter to [Attorney General] Eric Holder.”

    Ultimately, nine of the 10 boats that participated in the Israel-bashing exercise never made it to the Jewish state, thanks in part to Gov. Rick Perry.’


  • workingclass artist

    I think bg and Mamagrizzly need med checks.

    I’m not a paid operative for the Perry campaign nor do I worship any political figure (Palin or Paul or Obama)…That’s not a valid Conservative Position.

    I’m a native Texan & Live in Texas. Texas has jobs.

    1. What has Palin,Romney,Gingrich,Cain,Santorum or any of the other candidates done during this economic crisis to help the people of their states?

    Aside from Rep. Bachmann,Rep. Paul and Governor Perry NONE of these candidates have worked within either a state legislature or the federal government on economic policies or legislation to deal with the economic impact or democratic policies on either their states or the nation.

    Cain has worked in the private sector…Romney has been running since 2008. Santorum lost his seat in 2006. Gingrich has been writing books and gong on TV.

    Palin resigned her elective office and walked away to TV Land, Books and celebrity.

    Huntsman has been in China working for Obama.

    Why as a voter should I be interested in anybody with paper plans made on the sidelines?

    Of the three who have been in the thick of it with respect to legislating and planning for their state I’ll go with Gov. Perry because his plan works.


    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

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  • workingclass artist

    #173 bg
    “one would assuredly have to be an idiot not to see that
    the “FIX IS IN FOR PERRY” as it was for McCain.. *sigh*”

    Oh for cryin’ out loud….WHY would both the left and the right be goin after him in this sh*tstorm of media crapola if a “fix” was in?

    Geller has jumped the shark and reasonable conservatives can see the obvious. Geller has a Palin agenda. Palin’s followers are spreading their concern troll tripe and she’s not even a candidate.

    Again….What did Palin do for Alaska as Economic Disaster for this nation loomed…Yeah she BAILED…Palin went on TV to be a cheerleader for the nascent Tea Party Movement and has been doing everything she can to turn that into a personality cult.

    I really hope Palin enters the race because it will be a short race for her and the media distraction can only help the other candidates as Palin implodes… and The Conservative Movement can get rid of this dangerous Personality Cult Agenda driven by Palin & Paul needy idol worshippers…That is for Liberals not Conservatives…It’s embarrassing.

  • workingclass artist

    #177 Maraz
    “As a side note – I know a lot of Tea Party people who live in Texas and they are refusing to support Perry.”

    Big Deal…They are Palin Pod People.

    Perry can win the middle….Palin & Paul cannot. Bachmann is trying to hold onto her base of support & we haven’t elected a rep. since the 19th century.
    Romney can’t win the base yet. Huntsman is a democrat.


  • workingclass artist

    looks like Palin’s people have thrown Christine O’Donnell under the bus…Tisk*Tisk*Tisk


  • mcc

    workingclass artist — you know, you’re coming across as one who might be very afraid – for your candidate – of Palin getting in the race.

    And do you think it was fair to say “Palin’s people” have thrown O’Donnell under the bus? The article you link makes no such assertion.

    You’re discrediting your candidate and your credibility.

  • workingclass artist

    @#192 mcc

    That’s how it looked this morning…O’Donnell is back on the roster by this evening.
    Palin is going to NH after Iowa. Am I scared of Palin running in this race…nah…

    I think it would great if she runs…Why not?

    Do I think she can beat Perry….no

    Palin and Bachmann will tear each other up for 3rd place as Queen of the Tea Party. But we’ll see IF she jumps in the race. I won’t believe it till either FOX tells her to decide or she announces.

  • workingclass artist

    @#192 mcc

    “And do you think it was fair to say “Palin’s people” have thrown O’Donnell under the bus? The article you link makes no such assertion.”

    ehemmmm….vindication. Palin has backed out of the Iowa event. Apparently because O’Donnell has been re-invited.


  • mcc

    #194 – …vindication. Palin has backed out of the Iowa event.

    Not true. Your second link had a correction you failed to note. Here’s a less muddled report, though it still cites unnamed, questionable sources:

    Sarah Palin…will be in Iowa on Saturday, as planned.[…]

    An erroneous report in the Wall Street Journal citing unnamed sources claimed she had canceled an appearance at a Tea Party of America rally…


    I’d go here to find something closer to the truth. The planners were fumbling a few things, security among them. The event is “on” with Sarah keynoting:


    Your first link said nothing you claimed it did. Your second link (WSJ) had a correction you failed to report; instead, you chose to repeat an untruth, thereby misleading the casual reader of this thread.

    As regards the MSM, I’ll leave it to the reader to decide who’s trying to create a tempest in a teapot.

    It’s pretty clear what you’re trying to do. Naughty boy.

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