Lawless Obama Administration Halts Deportation of Illegal Aliens

It’s an Obama world.
No morals. No money. No rules. No borders.


The Obama Administration will halt the deportation proceedings of illegal aliens on a case-by-case basis.
The Washington Times reported:

The Homeland Security Department said Thursday it will halt deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria such as attending school, having family in the military or are primarily responsible for other family members’ care.

The move, announced in letters to Congress, won immediate praise from Hispanic activists and Democrats who had chided President Obama for months for the pace of deportations and had argued he had authority to exempt broad swaths of illegal immigrants from deportation.

“Today’s announcement shows that this president is willing to put muscle behind his words and to use his power to intervene when the lives of good people are being ruined by bad laws,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat.

In the letters to Congress, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said her department and the Justice Department will review all ongoing cases and see who meets the new criteria on a case-by-case basis.

“This case-by-case approach will enhance public safety,” she said. “Immigration judges will be able to more swiftly adjudicate high priority cases, such as those involving convicted felons.”

And, don’t forget… This is the same administration that is suing Arizona for wanting to enforce the national immigration laws.

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  • Molon Labe

    Obama ius lawless. He is destroying this country. What does any of this criteria have to do with whether someone broke the law or not? What would happen if the used this criteria for other crimes like rape?

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  • Highlander

    So, let’s face it. We have a President who has no respect for the law. When will the impeachment proceeding begin?

  • southernsue

    what else does this obama have to do for congress to charge him for treason?

    i don’t care if kicking him out of office would cause riots, i’ve lived through the 60s!

    plus if we know the riots are coming we will be prepared.


  • Vixen

    Still waiting for someone with a spine in the House to bring impeachment to the table. Barky has NOT upheld his Oath of Office. It’s time to freakin’ DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM, for crying out loud!!!!!!

  • mcc

    He’s in a world of hurt. He needs them as much as he needs this to have a prayer for reelection:

    Senate Democrats are increasingly concerned that President Barack Obama’s campaign money machine is sucking up so much cash that it will cut into the party’s aggressive campaign to hold on to the Senate next year, several Democratic sources say.

    Democratic senators have already pressed Obama campaign officials — including campaign manager Jim Messina — not to lock up the richest Democratic donors, but the presidential campaign declined to make such a promise.

    Read more:

    To h3ll with fellow Dems or the security of the nation. It’s me first!!


    what a POS…we need to deport his marxist mooslum A$$ back to kenya…..

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Those people are Democrat voters. How do you think Harry Reid won re-election in Nevada? The illegal immigrant vote put him over the top. Obama is counting on the illegal vote to keep him in the White House for another 4 years.

  • Lisa G in NZ

    you can’t impeach an illegal usurper…

    he can, however, legally be arrested by any county sheriff…

    gotta find a sheriff willing to do it

  • saveus

    impeach now
    who in Congress will get this sarted?

    The repubs don’t have the guts

  • Ipso Facto

    They are probably beginning to realize that they are to all going to be unemployed after the elections in 2012 – and thank God for that.

    At this point they are probably in the early stages of a scorched earth policy. With unemployment so high, very weak GDP growth, foreclosures through the roof, the EPA having deemed CO2 to be a pollutant, regulations up one side and down the other, the GM bailout costing us $1.3 Billion, the mess at the NLRB over Boeing, the Gulf drilling moratorium, Holder’s justice department in tatters over civil rights and gun running, the USDA now touting food stamps as a stimulus program, etc, the Dems can see that their days are numbered. They are thus going for the gusto until they are all thrown out in the streets and 2012 which won’t come soon enough!

  • Rock

    Ah, just in time time to re-energize WTF’s voting base. Who knew?

  • Rock

    Oh should have added, part of his job expansion plan, these folks will have to be paid to vote.

  • Buffalobob

    #8 right on. Harry Ried was elected by the thugs of SEIU, made up of La Raza members, many who are illegals. Wake up people we are being overrun by socialist from Mexico, who left their shi$ hole of a country and are now trying to turn this great country in Mexico norte.

  • Cee

    Those charge with protecting us are going to knowingly permit CRIMINALS to remain in the US. In my community, the number of crimes committed by illegals far exceeds their representation inthe community. The number of murders occurring in a one nice middle class part of town which has become a Little Mexico is terrifying.

  • Major Kong

    No one is going to push for impeaching the “first black president”. Ain’t never gonna happen. No one has the backbone to say ENOUGH! to those on “entitlement” (gimme) programs. We crossed the Rubicon long, long ago in terms of reigning in “social justice” programs. Right now this government is just like a heroin junky looking for his/her next fix of smack. It will eventually implode, what will happen then is anyone’s guess.

  • Multitude

    I’m getting excited about 2013 and all the executive orders the tea party President will issue. Just off the top of the list:

    – Rounding up progressives and sending them to re-education camps
    – Shuttering the Departments of Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Agriculture
    – Disbanding Federal employee unions and making union leadership a felony
    – Imposing a 90% Empathy Tax on anyone registered as a Democrat to help them follow through on their demands for higher taxation
    – Seizing the assets of Buffet, Soros and all their Obama pals
    – Converting Planned Parenthood offices into adoption ministries
    – Requiring liberals learn the Constitution, sign an oath of compliance, and pass a test with high proficiency before being allowed to drive, drink, smoke, get a job, etc.
    – Invade Canada and Mexico and openly declare “it’s just about the oil.” No pussyfooting around trying to please people anymore.

    and we’re just getting started. Why hold back on the State of Exception any longer when Obama’s shown us how unnecessary the other branches are.

  • MaxTruth

    Can an EO supersede a law?

  • USMC Thomas

    There is no such thing as illegal aliens in SØBama’s God Damn Amerika, their properly referred to as undocumented Democrat Party voters.

  • patman

    Civil War Part Deux

    This potus has driven such a wedge in our society that blood will be shed and cities will burn. And before any lib takes this post anywhere, I say what I said because the libs will be the first to shoot and torch and loot.