So, you must think Sarah Palin is thin-skinned then, huh Karl?
FOX News analyst Karl Rove called Sarah Palin thin-skinned in an interview… Three times in two minutes.
We get your point, Karl.

Karl was on with Greta Van Susteren:

FYI: The video was originally a little bit over 2 minutes. I clipped it down some.




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  1. Rove is just jealous, because Palin gets more men to look at her.

  2. If Palin is thin-skinned…then Obama is the “Visible Man”.

  3. Sour grapes have thin skins too Karl. Come on Karl! Let’s see some conservative support, I don’t give a damn whose running at this point. Otherwise take your marbles and go home. I used to have a healthy respect for you, don’t disappoint us Conservatives Karl!

  4. Karl Rove might as well be a statist. Matter of fact, I think he is.

    He sure is on the right show for statists.

  5. FOX is the only network that gives this schmuck a platform to spew from….. if they didn’t he wouldn’t have an audience at all.

  6. Sarah Palin is to William Wallace as Rove and RINOs are to Scottish Nobles

  7. William Wallace is THE MAN. I used to live in Scotland. My mother lived in Doune near Stirling. I’ve been the Wallace monument numerous times.

  8. His WSJ column is boring and unoriginal. I don’t bother reading it anymore.

  9. Karl, learn from Ronald Reagan. Support the conservative.

  10. Granny Jan. Rove helped Bush get elected. Morris helped Clinton get elected. Neither of them ARE BUSH nor CLINTON. They have fragile egos. And they are OUT OF THE GAME now.

  11. Karl ought to get a hobby. Politics is no longer his thang.

  12. Leather, what makes you think Rove is anything more than a HIRED hand.

  13. ++

    i’m Karl Rove.. and i’m jealous of Sarah Palin getting all the attention,
    whaaa.. she’s so thin skinned, whaaa.. why her, why not me, whaaa..


  14. Rove is a douche-bag.

  15. greg,
    i think you are cheerleading for rick perry without knowing his record. rick perry was a HUGE democratic insider and best friend of al gore. he was lockstep with the junk global warming science of al gore, too. he REBRANDED himself as a republican to fit in with the large republican presence in TX. he also has had dinners and accepted money from Muslim brotherhood members. Beware of Rick Perry. I am not a fan of anyone, yet, except maybe Bachmann. She could be a great candidate if she fires the incompetent people on her staff who feed her wrong info so they can sabotage her.

  16. ++

    hey KR..

    “scrutiny she’s GOING TO GET??”

    damn, she’s been more scrutinized than Obama’s BC.

    where are you on that absurdity Karl??


  17. Obviously, “thin-skinned” is just code words for “white.”

    More evidence of Fox and Rove’s racism – somebody call Frederica! Nothing says, “Cut out that darn racism!” like a funny hat.


    Rove’s never been a big fan of Palin or Rick Perry. If you’re looking for blubbering compliments about either of them, don’t listen to Karl.

    It’s not like Fox gives much air time to Palin critics compared to her and her boosters, is it?

    Y’all shouldn’t be so thin-skinned . . .

  18. I will hang my hat on Rick Perry, but if Sarah Palin gets in my mind might change.
    I want the nominee to be a strong Tea Party supporter.

  19. oh, and Karl Rove is a liar and thief. he stole my targeted campaigning strategy when i was helping out the bush campaign in 2004. now all the campaigns are using it. he has No brain, but acts like he is the smartest guy around. he is the one who gave bush terrible ideas that sunk him. take my advice; turn off the tv went that idiot poseur speaks

  20. ++

    Estragon #17 August 24, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    i wouldn’t know, don’t have cable news, ergo, don’t watch the show..

    you sure presume a lot about us’all.. /s/


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